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Woman. Senior staff writer at @Upworthy/@good. Married to @KaylaPekkala. Past bylines include NYT, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, etc.

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Friend: did you hear about the government shutdown Me: oh cool so no rules Friend: that's not what that means Me…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyAt this point, we deserve the purge.
Retweeted by Parker MolloyOh my god why? This is basically my dream gig. “Sorry honey I’ll be late for dinner this sex chicken’s outfit isn’t…
Retweeted by Parker MolloyNever forget: Stephen Miller once jumped in to a girl’s high school track race to prove a point about masculinity.…
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @KaylaPekkala The artist: really, really like @KaylaPekkala’s art-related tattoos @StefWilliams25 Maybe just don’t? Just let Talia live her life. She mentioned that you used her letter to boost you… this this this this opportunity to use “power play” puns. “Power (outage) play.” etc. the “I” is here needs to get help like yesterday. (via @brockwilbur)
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @itsa_talia @itsa_talia so fat it takes up two pages
Retweeted by Parker MolloyThis basically the mindset of the entire US over the past year.
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @sampatchmusic Thoughts and prayers for Hot Dog @jaketapper @RickSantorum In fairness, Rick does know a lot about being a loser.Mmmm... liquid-y fairness, if I were foolish enough to spend $100k on a dinner and they busted out the Keebler Toasteds Party Pac… wonder how much staff saliva the average Mar-a-Lago member consumes in a year. is like viral marketing for guillotines. is so gross @KaylaPekkala .@OhMeatball: ready for anything effortlessly beautiful Me: warm garbage feel really bad for the poor graphic designer who had to make this.
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Retweeted by Parker Molloy @azalben In fairness, putting “Do Not Eat” in quotes is basically a dare to eat itoh my god
Retweeted by Parker Molloy @roywoodjr You mean like when my daughter visited a replica?
Retweeted by Parker MolloySleep well, all. Goodnight.
Today, I am thankful for sleep.“Someone’s mad online.” I’m just tired. Anyway, congrats to everyone whose sole purpose online is to “own” others. You win.I tried my best today. I'll do it again tomorrow. 😔I tweeted out a thread as a story unfolded that just looks like terrible optics, and the replies have been just so shitty. @laurelaiissexy @AmyDentata Stop tweeting this at me“Lol, people yelling at you online made you feel upset. This is very funny to me. Lol. I switched the first letters… are people like this? @Comicalbum Goodnight. @Comicalbum I am not responsible for every dumb thing someone says in my replies. @Comicalbum @PaulDanielAsh Because I don’t know what happened. End of story. If you reply to this tweet, I am block… @Comicalbum Yes, I realize that. That’s not the reason I tweeted that interaction. It was the other portion about h… @julesprom I have never ever suggested that I “know the narrative.” All I’ve said is that this was a dumb move from an optics point of view. @TransSalamander What the fuck are you talking about? Where did I so much as hint that I thought she was a “secret fascist?” Jesus Christ. @Comicalbum @PaulDanielAsh I’m not painting anyone as anything. I don’t know what her motivations were tonight, but… @JezebelKat Yeah, I’m not making any judgment on her motivations (people REALLY need to stop calling her a Russian… @PaulDanielAsh @Comicalbum 🙄 okay, both of you move along nowThese will always be (and have always been) the dumbest replies to tweets @julesprom Where’s “proof” that she started a disruption? If she had, you’d think there’d be a lot of people tweeting about it. @TransSalamander Tweeting @MKupperman She was there, in the event. @Comicalbum I’m taking her at her word that she went into the event. It was a dumb thing to do. End of story. @PaulDanielAsh @Comicalbum Yeah, but there aren’t any reports of “face-to-face” confrontations. @SJWMEGATRON @JoshuaGuess This is a photo of her *inside* the event. @SJWMEGATRON @JoshuaGuess Protesting and showing up to the party are two different things. Seems she did both tonight. @julesprom Okay, and? So, she went to the party, took some photos of herself giving a thumbs down and giving the m… @Comicalbum Confirming that she was inside the event? Cool. @julesprom This photo is from inside the event. @red_mccloud “No, I was at the alt-right party getting along with everyone there and being polite ironically!” is a…🤷‍♀️ Chelsea, what are you doing? @AmyDentata I mean, she posted a picture of herself inside the event. @AmyDentata I’m sure Chelsea will confirm or deny what happened within the next day or so @AmyDentata I honestly don’t think Charlie and Joe would both report that without some level of certainty. @AmyDentata It sounds like Manning was there. @BoxingAsylumWhy *yawn* @Comicalbum Check the thread and you’ll see that I’m updating it as new information comes up. @BoxingAsylumWhy Because anyone hanging out with that crew is really gross @BoxingAsylumWhy I didn’t think anything about her. This is a really dumb tweet.Jesus Christ. Disgusting. @hugetinymistake @cwarzel @StelliniTweets I’m sorry, Nick. 😞 @NatsSquid Every “Putin! Russia!” tweet responding to Charlie makes me want to put my head through a pane glass window @NatsSquid @hugetinymistake @cwarzel I don’t get the joke?