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#ExGOP as of May 3, 2016. All statements are made in my private capacity and not on behalf of my employer.

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Thank God we finally heard from the Treasury Secretary on this topic. @bigredliberty There are too many to list in a tweet.OMG ARE PEOPLE TAKING A KNEE OR NOT IT'S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUTThe First to Stop Applauding
@lalakrey Depends on what you mean by "we." I sense I don't share your politics. But I hear he's a nice guy and I s… @soncharm Putin creates chaos. Obviously this meeting, when revealed, caused Trump problems. How deep those problems are remains to be seen. @soncharm There is material in the posts that was not in Red Notice as you know since you read them. But yes, summa… @soncharm She got a face-to-face meeting with the campaign manager for the next President LOL. Who knows what else she has done LOL. @soncharm Fortunately sophisticated intelligence operations always reveal themselves as such to the targets and all onlookers. @soncharm Not sure why you bothered to read "Red Notice" when a news story could probably sum it up in a sentence.… @soncharm Then I guess you're highly placed in the Kremlin, because that's the only way you could know for sure. @soncharm Well many people have told me they learned a lot and these people seem smart to me but I guess they're no… @soncharm I don't know that it wasn't part of a sophisticated operation and I suspect you don't either. @soncharm How could he get it wrong when everybody knows everything I wrote about in these six posts? @soncharm I'm not claiming my posts are comparable of course but the question is relevant to the "I could express t… @soncharm We'll just have to agree to disagree as to whether knowing all the details matters. It matters to me. I t… @soncharm I am reading "Gulag Archipelago" right now. But I already know Russia took political prisoners and mistre… @soncharm Did you watch the Brit Hume video in the last post? How could anyone know what is discussed in the whole… @soncharm And I just think that the details deepen one's understanding of how tied she is to the Kremlin and Magnitsky opponents. @soncharm Well then you are good at assuming but most people are not and do not have your depth of knowledge. @soncharm Do you think every reader of RedState or my blog has read "Red Notice"? @soncharm So you knew she had represented people accused of profiting from the fraud? That she had made inexplicable property purchases? @allahpundit What is Allahpundit's drink of choice when he has a lot to drink? @soncharm Many didn't know that, or how deep her ties to fraudsters/Kremlin are. Are you claiming 1) you read the s… @cane4 "None of this means that Donald Trump collaborated with Russia" -- quote from the series that you didn't rea… @WaynesterAtl It would be hard for there to be an ObamaCare before Obama was elected... @cane4 #kablocka. Ummmm...... @cane4 Having reviewed your timeline I'm guessing you don't understand. You get one chance to show you do. @cane4 No. That is the point of the post. Do you understand that or not? I cannot tell from your tweet. @kylenabecker What does that mean: "will not tolerate"? Does it mean "dislike"? Does it mean "will exact retributio… at you There's literally a tweet for everything.
Retweeted by Patterico @GregLay1 In English, please.Yes. "Needles." refuse to be drawn into Trump's latest bullshit distraction.Steve Bannon Needles Trump by Agreeing to Headline Rally for Roy Moore key to understanding Trump: He likes people who like him. He hates people who don't like him. That's it.
Retweeted by PattericoThe Woman Who Met with Trump Jr., and Her Crusade Against Russian Hero Sergei Magnitsky cc: @BillBrowder @Kasparov63 says the fake news media won't show the crowd at his rally — while CNN is literally running a split screen of…
Retweeted by PattericoRiotously funny. The Photoshop is genius. @itsjeremym Yes my feed says I side with Kim! Tell you what. You seem like the kinda guy who brags about being blocked. Be proud! #kablocka
@itsjeremym Your irony detector is broken.This is top notch, A+. Ten out of ten.
Retweeted by PattericoIf there's anything Trump stands for, it's unswerving loyalty. much of an ass as O'Donnell often is on television, I hear from many that he is very nice in person. Not on this… your unpopular opinion: I watched the Lawrence O'Donnell tape and sympathized with him. It sounds like his show is run by idiots.Choose wisely
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I cringed the second I first read that. These are the people we elect. falsely accused me of making up a quote once. When audio proved him wrong, he didn't apologize & blocked me
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Not credible enough to appear on, say, Brian Williams' news hour?
Retweeted by PattericoI remember writing about Weiner's escapades with an underage girl in 2011 and being mocked by some. then revealed a $54 billion government program to deal with postpartum depression. (I'm guessing here.) Weiner deserves jail time.
Retweeted by PattericoAnd James Clapper would never lie. you don't want to be caught on a wiretap talking to your ex-campaign manager, maybe don't hire the shadiest guy you can find.
Retweeted by PattericoThere is an old saying about laying down with dogs and catching fleas. Trump caught fleas like a dog! Sad!
Retweeted by PattericoA family member called the trapped person. Her ringtone played back from inside the pile. Her name is Lorna. She lived on the second floor.
Retweeted by PattericoOh my god someone is yelling back from the rubble pile. Workers keep calling for silence. The voice is incomprehensible but it's there.
Retweeted by PattericoI don't know, I feel like that was the day that Happy Days . . . oh never mind. They do. Pretty often.
Retweeted by PattericoI generally do not retweet compliments but this one was special. Thank you, Mr. Browder, for "Red Notice" and for f… Terrible Price Sergei Magnitsky Paid for Reporting Fraud in Putin's Russia (Part 3 of a series)
What if the transcript ends up on Wikileaks? Will he be mad then?
Retweeted by Patterico @patecs I know. That's what others will say. @benshapiroBad when Obama did it, good when Trump does it. Magnitsky Act and the Woman Who Met with Trump Jr.: Part Two
Apparently Amazon has not lowered the prices at Whole Foods as much as reported. Magnitsky Act and the Woman Who Met with Trump Jr.: Part One of a Six-Part Series cc: @BillBrowder @Kasparov63I will never watch the Emmys -- even if not watching them pleases Kellyanne Conway.'s adopted Trump's "we're looking at that" all-purpose answer for when he has no idea.
Retweeted by Patterico.@charlesmurray calls Milo Yiannopoulos a "despicable asshole." Another reason to love Charles Murray. you are truly an idiot
lol investigative reporting by @michaeldweiss exposing Natalia Veselnitskaya's past sketchy property deals
Retweeted by PattericoMeet on the Ledge with Iain.
Retweeted by PattericoSchuette. because we all remember operating a power mower at age 11.
Retweeted by PattericoClay Travis / First Amendment / Boobs
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