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#ExGOP as of May 3, 2016. Harangues that just make sense. Senior Contributor at RedState. I speak for myself and not my office.

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So his doctor is willing to lie for him just like everyone else in government. @physicsgeek Same here. I had to log out to see what he had said.No, you're not. But you rarely get anything right, so there's that. this is parody, make clearer that it is parody. @CivicCritic Saying it's real but deserves less coverage is different from saying it's "99% fake news" or decrying… is why you don’t pardon or commute sentences of attention-seeking gadflies. They don’t go away and live happy…
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@CivicCritic It's a real gang but I guess you know best @realJeffreyLord You have no idea what my “ideology” is. I’ve never taken a position on taxes or military spending…
Retweeted by PattericoThose of us on the right held @jaketapper up as ‘the MSM bravest journalist alive” just three years ago. He was on…
Retweeted by Patterico @MeiLiCruz88 OK then @iLLWiLLTHEMiCK Sorry I don't talk to children @MeiLiCruz88 There you have it then. No need to actually read the post when you can conveniently pigeonhole it with… @a_parham Agree. @zozimus @a_parham Help me push for an end to affirmative action and we'll go farther.Too busy to read my post, but not too busy to criticize it for things it doesn't say. #Twitter out that one totalitarian-style act is similar to what an actual totalitarian did is not equating the actor to the totalitarian. @zozimus Maybe read the post @MeiLiCruz88 You know nothing about me and obviously didn't even read the post. @a_parham Of course I didn't blame black kids, so your whole comment is outrage over something I never said, but carry onThe New York Times List of Donald Trump's "Racist" Quotes Is Garbage Graham: My Memory Has Not "Evolved" on Whether Trump Said "Sh*tholes"
Breaking News: Doctors at Walter Reed Hospital were initially concerned when they found a large mass during Presid…
Retweeted by PattericoModern feminism: 1. Go on awful date with awkward/gross/aggressive famous person, but lack the agency to get up and…
Retweeted by PattericoEverybody who can read knows the nature of their relationship.
Retweeted by PattericoTrying to get this straight. So Dick Durbin fabricated a conversation which Lindsey Graham verified as true to Tim…
Retweeted by PattericoImportant: Sec. Nielsen is likely the only attendee in the “shithole” meeting who has to testify — under oath — abo…
Retweeted by PattericoLesson from the Aziz Ansari Story: Casual Sex Isn't Without Consequences @crtune @jonathanvswan Correct. All I was saying is that Swan mixed them up.Hey @jonathanvswan it's "loath" and not "loathe" when you're using it as an adjective. @ContentedIndie Thanks. As for joining up, email me and I'll look into it. patterico AT gmail DOT com. @ContentedIndie It's another possibility. It would explain a lot of the weaselly non-denial denials.This is probably why Cotton, Perdue, and Nielsen got all Clintonian and cute, saying they didn't remember that exac… Aziz Ansari story is deeply irresponsible journalism.
Retweeted by PattericoI'm glad you like them! today's Gospel reading, Nathanael asks: “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” John 1:46. A timely remin… @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit (I'm obviously talking about *voluntarily* doing that, of course. It can be forced.) @kusk1111 @pinkhoody @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit Of course, you can be forced to do that t… price that must be paid to remain loyal to Trump is to go on national TV and pretend you're so bad at your job…
Retweeted by PattericoWeird, but do we 100% trust that they understand the time stamps on the records and how they interface with time zo…
Retweeted by Patterico @lilpochaco @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit You've already characterized a tweet of mine as th… @lilpochaco @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit That is the precise opposite of what I just said. @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit I'm not saying that aggression cannot follow that, but the ent… @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit Giving a guy oral sex tends to undercut your message that you are rejecting him.What letter follows the c? OK then. @LNSmithee Frankly, some of the James Franco stories sounded that way too. @Zigmanfreud @TianaTheFirst @azizansari @allahpundit That was my impression too: it's near parody.We're getting to the point where women will say "we were kissing and then he touched my breast!" and we will be exp… sent me this. I laughed. You can too. Hahaha.
Retweeted by PattericoChances that Trump's medical report also includes each of these categories, especially BMI: 0%
Retweeted by Patterico @Acosta Should we be concerned that, in one short year, his health has declined from "unequivocally" the "healthies…
Retweeted by Patterico @dgryski @Popehat I linked that at the time, but this is the first one where we can see his face and we know 100% i… Interview with Defendant in Deadly SWATting Case Is Incredibly Damning @ellewoodsruns @CalFreiburger @RedState Shithole way to block someone
@ellewoodsruns @CalFreiburger @RedState Y'all blocked I garr-on-teeThere's still some good in the world
Retweeted by Patterico @rcjparry No, they included plenty of outlandish statements from other people. He has a characteristic childlike style.I recently took one of those "did Trump say it" quizzes. I got 100%: 13 out of 13. His "style" (such as it is) is n… wrote this? It wasn't you. @CalFreiburger @RedState K, bye. #kablockaThe hair? Day 1: DAMN RIGHT HE SAID THAT IT’S TRUE IT’S WHAT REAL MURKINS THINK Trumpalos Day 2: HE DIDN’T SAY IT LYING PRESS FAKE NEWS
Retweeted by PattericoSen. Dick Durbin now knocking down Trump's denial: "It's not true. He said those hateful things, and he said them repeatedly."
Retweeted by PattericoHe denied insulting Haitians, as opposed to criticizing Haiti the country. He specifically denied using the words "take them out." That's itI see some folks saying Trump denied calling Haiti and African countries "shithole countries." I don't think he did.
Fantastic! I noticed a distinct improvement in the intro and outro music as well! @ron_tennant @CalebHowe @Science_George @bdragon74 @CalFreiburger @RedState Good one. @CalFreiburger @RedState You're also attacking an entire Web site with numerous writers for the opinion of one or t… @CalFreiburger @RedState Was I wrong to infer from your tweet that you were calling my opinion "dishonest"? @CalFreiburger @RedState That's a silly thing to say.Trying to imagine the most racist thing Trump could say that would not be instantly supported by a large group of Internet commenters.Here is my statement on the President’s comments today:
Retweeted by PattericoSomeone needs to ask him about the gypsies
Retweeted by PattericoPresident Donald J. Trump on “Shithole Countries.” @Sac_Flys @ThomasHCrown So you think he'll be re-elected? :)"There are tens or hundreds of thousands of con artists out there, and they frequently escape detection." They can… a Google search has two equally promising articles and one is from Forbes, I'm clicking on the other one. I can't be the only one.