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#ExGOP as of May 3, 2016. All statements are made in my private capacity and not on behalf of my employer.

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@SideshowJon36 I don't hear Rubio opposing the Senate bill. What does that tell you?We also need to get rid of Trump, who calls bills "mean" when they barely chip away at big government. you want to understand the extent of statistical illiteracy, tweet that significant ACA impact on mortality rates is unproven.
Retweeted by PattericoFrom each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Recipe for utopia! people with money to burn, duh @BruceThompson51 "politically hard" = "impossible"
Remedial civics for you*Sorry, you have already said this.* @charles_gaba Passing this bill, from my perspective, would be worse than doing nothing.
Retweeted by Patterico @justkarl Only if it saved it @_KJKelly literally then the answer is about 10 charactersBrings it in under 140 characters. I don't care who it's for, myself. Government should stay out of it. I got the stupid phony name of it backwards. GOP plans are so good. So good. And ObamaCare? A disaster. It's gotta go, folks. It does. It has to. #nocharge, to be exceedingly clear, it does not do. Else it would not take 142 pages. Is my point."it officially reconciles [GOP] to the idea that the government should provide support insurance" AARGH pages is a lot to say "The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act is hereby repealed." best evidence shows Medicaid enrollment is associated with zero improvement in physical health.
Retweeted by PattericoALL JOKES ABOUT MILO ARE BAD JOKES fans: I luv him he is so edgy and trolls the libtards so well Also Milo fans: THAT JOKE ABOUT MILO IS OFFENSIVE AND BENEATH YOU, SIR
Retweeted by PattericoLATimes printed my letter in response to that dumpster-fire pro-censorship column (second letter)
Retweeted by PattericoIf we do not repeal ObamaCare now, we will never repeal ObamaCare.There's a video of the tuning? ;) @sdresser32 I do not favor TrumpCare, and my tweet was not a defense of it.OK @Popehat has caused me to (reluctantly) rethink this., I did see the name Cernovich in one of the replies... @CTMay3 Fake but accurateDon't forget to name Mark Potok personally. beat me to it
@DickDago You were staying at sociopaths' homes and didn't swing by? @karol @kdrum Is that two-word statement your entire argument? @kdrum OK... @dansblog1 Doesn't strike me as a job requiring competence. Just a loyal force willing to do what you say.YOU MEAN SHOVED rose faster in states that expanded Medicaid than in states that did not. has not saved American lives, mainly because Medicaid is a failure. @bdragon74 Or the facts, evidence, or logical arguments.I wonder if the explanation could lie in the fact that this particular "service" does not improve health outcomes. thesis is that people who have studied authoritarian regimes are especially bothered by him. all seriousness, though, I know what you mean. In 800 words you either say little or prove little. easier. (If you lack facts and citations.) the best people say opposing Trump is "boring." I believe you were on the teevee with such a person recently. the best people act like clods on social media. beeeee... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤫
Retweeted by PattericoI thought you buried her. But my reaction might also have been because I disagreed with what she was arguing so much cannot stress enough how important it is you watch this gorilla bathe-dancing to maniac. By @bobhagh
Retweeted by PattericoIn audio recording, Nebraska Democratic party official says of Rep. Scalise, "I'm glad he got shot."
Retweeted by Patterico @ChenZhen Yeah, I think I get it now. @AllenADBI OK, ha ha, D'Souza'a tweet was stupid, ha ha. Now don't touch my stuff. @AllenADBI Being the subject of a criminal prosecution does not entitle one to make dumb pronouncements without pushback. @ATGinCT Occam'a Razor says an idiot acted like an idiot. I am now bored arguing the point with you. @ChenZhen Gotcha. @ATGinCT I am not "Never Trump" and my views are not cultish but rather based on evidence and logic. @morganwarstler I read his book and enjoyed it. Your point? @morganwarstler Look up "literal." @ChenZhen Is your spin that Trump is a truth teller and/or genius? I am genuinely not understanding you. @morganwarstler My "feels" have nothing to do with it. He does not share my values and principles. Also he is a garbage human. @morganwarstler Trump is a garbage human. That fact has nothing to do with the often unfair media portrayal of him.I sense that Trump has no respect for people who believe in liberty, free markets, or limited government. @morganwarstler So that's a no on sentience, basic civic awareness, or common sense. @ATGinCT I can't see it because I am not a cult member.If you argue that rolling back Obamacare will kill people, you need to face the data that it hasn't saved lives:
Retweeted by Patterico @morganwarstler Being a sentient human familiar with his history provides all the basis I need to judge.He obviously knows how to convince (some) people that he obviously knows how to make deals. please"The gov't will pay companies so you can afford the product and this will not cause prices to increase." -- economic illiterates everywhereA ghostwriter wrote it. @honestpolitics1 I guess we'll find out. I am not as sanguine.Same here. People I thought were allies cast aside limited gov't & freedom for a flawed person. Fascinating indeed. @Melvin_Udall_ I see no sense in dwelling on whether unrealistic scenarios are "possible."This Is a poor negotiating stance. It signals to all the world that he is going to swallow any gruel they feed him. he didn't. The article does not substantiate your clickbait headline. @Melvin_Udall_ Never attribute to secret genius a Trump action that can be adequately explained by stupidity and a lack of impulse control.
If you contend Trump is a Secret Super Genius for implying he had Comey tapes and now claiming he doesn't, I have probably unfollowed you.Trump: I have tapes. Scared? Comey: You win. Here's my time-stamped notes. Trump: I was bluffing. Comey: Oh. Trump: You weren't? Comey: ...
Retweeted by PattericoImpressive. @bdragon74 Trumpers appear contemptuous of principles. I'm not. If someone is going to mock me for believing in principles, I'll respond."This nasty tactic is good when we do it!" from the universe where insurers haven't been "bolting" for years. Earth 3? 4?
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