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The Penguin English Library: 100 of the best novels ever written in the English language, holdable, shareable, classic books, from Austen to Wells.

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RT @libertylondon: The lovely @alexa_chung is here signing copies of her new book #AlexaIT - join us until 7pm
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Head on over to our Tumblr to see how our Penguin is celebrating all 100 books being out -
@VirginiaLW @EurostarUK We've made Eurostar aware of this. Thanks for letting us know.Christmas has come early! 50% off books today with @PenguinUKBooks when you use the code PenguinTreat50 at the checkout. #PenguinTreat50
@AbigailLucy_ Which one did you get? Send us a picture!Just bought my first @PenguinEngLib book. It's so pretttttty
Retweeted by Penguin Eng LibFancy winning a trip to Paris, Brussels or Lille plus lots of lovely books? Enter our competition with @EurostarUK
Seeing #LiberalArtsFilm this weekend? Check your seat for a beautiful @penguinenglib book at selected @Picturehouses:
Retweeted by Penguin Eng LibAdore Penguin Classics? Then you'll love this job:
An amusing modernist take on #rereadingJaneAusten via @guardianJust finished creating some backgrounds for @PenguinEngLib based on their beautiful covers. Download them free here:
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@BrightMeadow Then simply send your work to and we'll see what we can do! @BrightMeadow Check out the winning submission at our FB page: Anything that celebrates the Penguin English Library!
@A122009 Afraid we were only blown away by our winning submission! So there are still two more wooden penguins up for grabs!
Neither should you let your friends lead their lives without reading your favourite book! Here's how you persuade them: There's nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature
@topaintsunlight VERY impressive! And oh so beautiful!THERE'S A NEW PENGUIN ENGLISH LIBRARY COMPETITION! We're giving away 50 books on Facebook, or in fact, you are: @topaintsunlight Excellent use of time! We presume you've already seen our beautiful full list on Facebook?
@cayayofm You're too kind, thanks!Possibly the cutest job advert you've ever seen? Penguin Books UK are looking for a new community manager in London: @KazzyStallwood We're kind of dreaming of having our house wallpapered with the design! @mrsjelly Scroll down to the end for some suggestions (these are really books anyone would really enjoy!) @KazzyStallwood Yes! This is absolutely the way to go! As you can see, we love The War of the Worlds background too.
Top 10 sociable drinking in the Penguin English Library:
Top 5 heaviest reads (literally) in the Penguin English Library so far:
Top 10 weirdest reads in the Penguin English Library:
@_AnnabelleH_ Thanks, Annabelle! We're so happy you say that. They are to-die-for though, aren't they?There are famous lists, like Santa's list, the A-list and bucket lists. And now, the Penguin English Library list: @mrsjelly It's so good, isn't it! Our editor Simon called it ''a marvellously atmospheric and lurid romance''. I'm sure you'd agree?
@MrinmoyeeRoy Five is an amazing start! And that is an excellent plan #worlddomination @MrinmoyeeRoy They're gorgeous, aren't they? Send us a picture! We've seen 50 on one bookshelf and can report that the sight is spectacular.So, which cover have you settled on for your digital wallpapers and backgrounds? #allohsopretty #decisiondecisions @Scarletbanner13 That's a fabulous Twitter background you have there, by the way. @Scarletbanner13 Thanks, Zohra! We're so happy you love them. Think we should all make a Penguin English Library cake and eat it too! #yum @EmmaHogan7 Thanks for letting us know! All fixed now. Happy downloading!Amazing! Can anyone beat this? RT @MrScottGalloway Twenty-nine, so far! #bookcount And I have more arriving this week #unbearableexcitementLike our new Twitter background? Then download it! We've created beautiful Twitter backgrounds on three of our covers:
@cayayofm Got it, thanks!
The Four Commandments of Holiday Reading by Penguin English Library editor Simon Winder:
@PenguinEngLib Ten in my collection #BookCount
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @WordsofMercury That's the highest so far! You did have quite the piles there in the picture #imagineatowerof100 @PenguinEngLib Fifteen I believe. #bookcount
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @pausetowonder You're very welcome. Hope you like it! @InderjitDeogun We'll cheer you on! #stopatnothing @grantsuperbus Completely agree. And those definitely count! #BookCount @InderjitDeogun Yes! Now that's an admirable goal! @PenguinEngLib My Penguin English Library #BookCount is 5. I plan to get the whole set.
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @jaediasrantpage Nice! That's a tenth right there!How many Penguin English Library books do you own? Out of our current 50? What's your #BookCount? @cineastesview Beautiful. Thanks to you Meaghan, the legend of #PenguinActsOut lives on and on! #importantculturalheritageOur team read Hard Times from Dickens and found it not hard at all: ''This felt much more like a short story''
@WordsofMercury @PenguinUKBooks Love the fact that reading and writing the blog feel like a holiday to you, that's how it should be! Enjoy! @WordsofMercury @john_self @CBickfordSmith This is correct: you're holding a first edition! @WaterstonesEC3 It's like Christmas every month, no? #weloveittoo
Game on! We book-sprinted, book-hurdled and book-spoon raced in Embankment Gardens. For photographic evidence: @JasonHermens Ah, that's nostalgic. Hope you enjoy it! @KazzyStallwood It is the perfect ending to the series, isn't it? We can barely wait until December - finally one can own the full hundred! @JasonHermens How lovely! But you should have a look at our edition, too: all that beauty for £5.99! Day. Ever. @PenguinEngLib @PenguinUKBooks @DalyCommaS
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Ruth Stimson, Editorial Manager for the Penguin English Library, talks about her job and the ever important pedantry:
@EmzFinn Such gorgeous things! Hope you're enjoying them in an appropriately beautiful Vienna café. @cineastesview This is flawless, Meaghan. #amazed @bellfable There is! Have a look at this PDF:
@_KellyDaniels Haha! Brutal.
Have 3:57 minutes to spare? Oh yes, yes you do. Have a listen to this clip from Austen's Emma, read by Fiona Shaw:
@PenguinEngLib #TeamBronte for sure. Those weird sisters have something elemental about them. HOWL!
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @PenguinEngLib #TeamBrontë I'm only 17 but Wuthering Heights had a huge impact on me. More of the next generation need to read it!
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @PenguinEngLib ‘In Austen, sex is just a kiss on the hand. In the Brontës, everything happens’ - reason enough for #TeamBrontë :-)
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @PenguinEngLib I'm #TeamAusten because didn't shy away from discussing what women of the time had to face.
Retweeted by Penguin Eng LibThe best comments will be rewarded with our limited edition Penguin English Library canvas bags! #nowthatsincentiveAre you #TeamAusten or #TeamBrontë? Battle it out, either here on Twitter or on our Facebook page at
@qaminaq Yes, you're in for a treat! We're publishing it in December. Before then, there are plenty of other Austens for you to devour too. @matthewoyoung It's all part of the charm!Possibly the most beautiful window in town? (At Waterstone's Piccadilly, Jermyn Street) @MillyWebster1 What a delight, Milly - that's shaping up to be quite an impressive collection! #impressedpenguin
@lois_bennett Afraid not. But we'll be back with more competitions very soon, so watch this space!
@lois_bennett Your Evelina picture was beautiful, but unfortunately not the first one submitted for the book! @lois_bennett Oh, there were many! You can find the full list if you scroll down a few days on our Twitter feed.Now that's a collection! MT The winner of @BlackwellCXR Treasure Hunt sent in a photo of her with her pile of books:
@cayayofm It's a wonderful place to work. Best of luck, fellow penguin in the making!#PenguinObjects A chandelier with Great Expectations (see what I did thar?)
Retweeted by Penguin Eng Lib @MTw1tter Not to worry! The wings are still flapping somewhere on a glacier in colder climes than Singapore. @MTw1tter What Penguin Pic might this be, sir? Our avatar? We've found it doesn't work with all clients - iPads are especially tricky.
@AuthoriseBlog Thank you! Feel free to make your additions. Are there any other playlists you'd like to see on Spotify? @cineastesview This is possibly the best news ever.Our new, collaborative Spotify playlists have just gone live on Facebook. Listen in at #groovy @b9AcE We will keep mothers in mind in all future biography-writing though. @b9AcE The omission wasn’t meant to be rude, either to Mary Wollstonecraft or to mothers generally! @b9AcE The book is Frankenstein and it’s the short biographical note at the front that (sadly) didn’t have space to mention @1759MaryWol1797Complete and utter euphoria RT @JoannaHarker Well, @PenguinEngLib I don't normally do penguins, but as it's for you...
Awkward... MT @1759MaryWol1797: Is it true, @PenguinEngLib? @aliwye says my daughter's bio mentions Wm, but not me! Surely mothers count?What is it like to hug a penguin? #sopopularithurts @Aliwye /to leave out a lot! I think Godwin only got a mention to lead into Mary and PB Shelley’s relationship... @Aliwye Oh! No disrespect at all was meant to Mary Wollstonecraft I’m sure, it’s just that all the biographies are so brief they have/
Photographs of fictitious dishes: @grantsuperbus Oh no! Save the glaciers! We're incompatible with water! #onkindleandinprint @maopanalo Guilty as charged. #noregrets @JoannaHarker Yes! You can see all our 100 titles here:! We almost wish this amazing Moby-Dick origami by @JoannaHarker was of our penguin. #animalenvy #PenguinObjects
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