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Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner. HAM radio: KG7ULQ

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In third grade, I asked the teacher why we pledged allegiance to a flag--flags don't care. I had to clean the blackboard.
Retweeted by philtorKardashev Type 2?
Retweeted by philtorColorful scarlet runner beans. I didn't grow enough to make refried beans, but plenty to plant more next year.!
Retweeted by philtor Amazon experimenting with 30 hr work week. Hopefully this catches on at more companies.I've talked with 4 programmers going on mental health leave in the last 6 months & dealt with 1 suicide on my team & nobody talks about it
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wait what
Retweeted by philtorA display of living pot plants is on view at the Oregon State Fair, a first for any state fair in the nation.
Retweeted by philtor @lindsey do you have a gist that shows an example of this?The "alt-right" has been in the news a lot in recent days. Here's what it is and who calls themselves members.
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Banned for life from the startup community for naming my high capacity ride sharing app Van Hailin'
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Donald Trump, father of five children with three women, says black communities have "broken homes all over the place, at record levels."
Retweeted by philtorI read programmer job ads and think "I would trade all the ping pong tables, beer nights and catered lunches for a quiet office with a door"
Retweeted by philtor @JonGraySwag @mjambon this video is being seen by Muslims all over the world. I'm not Muslim, but I can't blame them for being angry. @mjambon Also going to guess that someone wearing a cross necklace on the same beach wouldn't be told to remove it. @mjambon also, video like this could cause some moderate Muslims to consider "radicalism". The policy is counterproductive. @mjambon forcing women remove clothing doesn't seem secular. More like it's vindictive.Can't get over the absurdity. A powerful, frightening image of armed French police forcing a woman to remove clothes
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There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy's job.
Retweeted by philtor @built is it Polka... or is it Ranchero? Sometimes hard to tell.This is just brilliant; explaining Monte Carlo with raindrops:
Retweeted by philtorYou know who else patrols the way women dress? ISIS and the Taliban.
Retweeted by philtor“Some questions for those who are cheering @Gawker's demise.” @trevortimm of @FreedomofPress at @boingboing today
Retweeted by philtorThe patents on Epi-Pens expired years ago. Why isn't a generic maker effectively undercutting that market?
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The phrase "humane and efficient" has a distinctly terrible connotation
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Retweeted by philtor3 of 5 stars to The Sabbath World by Judith Shulevitz
@tlockney laying on the couch with a fan pointed in my direction and a good book is what I'm doing on this too-hot day.I like this pic of a SpaceX rocket with people next to it because it's hard to get a sense of scale in landing vids
Retweeted by philtorEggplant and cantaloupe from garden this morning.
Record high temperatures were broken across most NW Oregon and SW Washington on Friday.
Retweeted by philtorThe nervous system of the forest:
A Nearly Ice-Free Northwest Passage #NASA
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when the user uses your feature.. but not quite how you intended
Retweeted by philtorTrump is bringing someone who openly works with Putin's propaganda channel Russia Today to get his first classified intel briefing. Amazing.
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This is like some crazy doomesday cult. @built and not just us, apparently: bots? "Beyond AI Winter" by @pacoid
Retweeted by philtor @built My wife says she remembers it not being cool to say "cool" then either. She was in N. CA. Maybe it was age related? I was 20 in '83.I’VE HAD AN IDEA WE’LL TAKE ALL THE BAD CODE BUNDLE IT TOGETHER AND SELL IT TO VCS AS A COLLATERALIZED TECHNICAL DEBT OBLIGATION
Retweeted by philtor @built Could be. Fashion was more regional then too. In Seattle flair pants were in circa '81, but Phoenix would have none of it.Stunning blue swimming shrimp 1280m possibly new species? #Okeanos unnamed guyot #WakeIsland
Retweeted by philtorIIRC it wasn't cool to say "cool" in 1983 #StrangerThingsJuly 2016 was absolutely the hottest month since the instrumental records began.
Retweeted by philtorDick Van Dyke breaks out in song to surprised Denny's diners
Retweeted by philtorNASA: Earth’s hottest month on record was last month. Of all months in history. When will we fix this?
Retweeted by philtorSo when surgeons are interviewing are they asked to do whiteboard surgeries? @ChiefScientist @built was referring to the East-West positioning of the two countries.#FirstSevenLanguages English BASIC (took years to unlearn) assembly (6502, Z80,68K, 8051) Pascal C Perl C++
Even has the same floating seeds or snow or whatever that is in Stranger Things. I think I've discovered an obscure cinematic quote.The telekinesis girl in Stranger Things reminds me of the last scene of Tarkovsky's Stalker:
To everyone moving to Oregon, please read this to understand how Oregon became the magical land.
Retweeted by philtorPro-tip: Only ask for a *finite* amount of tape.
Retweeted by philtorAn Oregon county might get ranked-choice voting! // @CPsolver
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How Americans watch swimming. #Olympics #Rio2016 #Phelps
Retweeted by philtorCan't wrap my head around 12 years for this.
Retweeted by philtor @built 12 years for "planning" but not actually carrying it out. That's crazy. Probably somehow related to the so-called "Patriot" act? @built I'm gonna guess it's not so easy to retire there if you're American (vs. people from other EU countries) @built Spain's Portugal has lower cost of living than Idaho's Portugal. @mjambon Also lots of cars with California plates showing up. Ca$h buyers. @mjambon Average rent for a 1BR apt in Portland just hit $1400. @mjambon Houses in my very humble neighborhood in the 'burbs going for $360K. In Portland add a couple hundred K to that. @built I'm starting to think I should sell the houses and retire to Portugal.Please read my forthcoming novel, "Buckman and the Thousand Cranes"
Retweeted by philtor @mjambon a few years back we kept saying companies should move their engineering to Portland... now they it's getting crazy here too. @mjambon aren't houses crazy expensive in pretty much the whole Bay area?I compiled the OCaml compiler libs (parser, checker, codegen) to a node.js bundle and made a little repl frontend:
Retweeted by philtorLiquidsoap is a must for webradios and is written in OCaml. Learn OCaml, register now at !
Retweeted by philtor @built other differences: the artists seem intelligent, industrious and not drug addicted? @built I've gotta wonder, though, how the Canadian & BC government entities feel about the artist island? @built give it 24 years? @built @built Isn't this happening around Portland, homeless colony in a slough somewhere (last week's Willamette week had a cover story abt this)New post: Windowless percentile tracking algorithm
Retweeted by philtorOff the Grid on a Homemade Island seems idyllic, but if a lot of people started doing this?This Shark Is the Vertebrate Methuselah
Retweeted by philtor#tbt to this @dsipress @NewYorker cartoon from years ago that feels incredibly current now
Retweeted by philtorJeebus. Planning commissioner in Palo Alto is leaving town bc she can't afford to live in Silicon Valley
Retweeted by philtorApparently there's a World Domination Summit happening in Portland this week. Be careful out there Portlanders.
@OPB Uhh.... I think you got your stories mixed up there. I don't think there's Zika at Rockaway Beach or Seal Rock. @mjambon flax seed oil would have a much better omega3/omega6 ratio (more omega 3, less omega 6). Similar for hemp or walnut oil. @mjambon probably healthier with olive oil or even better hemp oil for omega 3s. @NPRGoatsandSoda @PeterHotez @sabinvaccine @bcmhouston @PLOSNTDs @JohnsHopkinsCCP @LancetGH @togetherforall What about Jimmy Carter?Newt Gingrich has said that Trump will be "at least as reliable" as Andrew Jackson as Pres. A historian responds:
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The overlap of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department is grotesque.
Retweeted by philtorTired of silly terminator stories? My summary of the top 9 myths about advanced future AI:
Retweeted by philtorThe Secret Service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon.
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Feels kinda like Fall out there today.2 0 1 6 EVERYONE
Retweeted by philtorCatnip is a bizarre phenomenon. Here's how it works. #InternationalCatDay
Retweeted by philtorYou thought it was a dependency, but apparently it wasn't.
Retweeted by philtorIf you ever feel useless just remember that someone is a lifeguard at the olympics swimming event
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There’s so much money in SF that the restaurants can barely survive. Got that?
Retweeted by philtor @built steam 'em & serve with olive oil & garlic. Going to try to lacto ferment some of them. @built I didn't name 'em. Apparently called Preacher beans in the South.Tomatoes, pepper & rattlesnake beans from the garden today. 2-step plan to fight Zika: 1. Block Obama's Zika plan. 2. Blame Obama for not doing anything about Zika.
Retweeted by philtorThe cover my dad commissioned from Drew Friedman for the @observer's "The Kingdom of New York" back in 2009. Spooky.
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Biden with some lead-by-example advice for bosses everywhere. (From this month's @esquire) #Fatherhood #Parenting
Retweeted by philtorThe Federal Reserve will from now on be known as The Department of Bubbles.