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@built right, but the actions needed were towards more regulation, not less (and actually enforcing regulations on the books) @built maybe not dismantled, but SEC seems to be in process of being de-fanged. Pretty much the same outcome....but the populists of 1890 were opposed to the gold standard, while the populists of today want a gold standard....Lots of familiar features in the 1890s including antisemetic, anti-globalisation populists.Reading about The Panic of 1893. It's a pretty fascinating read. The more things change, the more they stay the same @bodil the problem isn't just Trump, it's Trumpism. A lot of people voted for him - how do we change their minds?In case you missed the Trump speech: Country. Blood. Flag. Great. USA. Strong. God. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.
Retweeted by philtor"No man can be an exile if he remembers that all the world is one city." ~#CSLewis, Till We Have Faces
Retweeted by philtorSame conservatives who cheered for the Iraq invasion now booing as Trump complains about "six trillion dollars" spent in the Middle East.
Retweeted by philtorArizona legislators vote in favor of asset forfeiture for people who participate in protests that later turn violent
Retweeted by philtorTrump fans were waving tiny Russian flags until CPAC staff confiscated them rumor I just made up say Vladimir Putin will be keynote speaker at #CPAC next year. That is if he doesn't becom…
Retweeted by philtorThose who think we can fix the "fake news" problem with AI underestimate the depth our current epistemological crisis. @pacoid @deliprao The Fake News problem isn't solveable with a technological fix. There are deep cultural-philosophical divides. @wfaler And yet, even with all of their philosophical fracturing they were able to beat the Democrats.I have expertise on this matter. Push back on an FBI investigation of the White House is better known as a COVER UP:
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So then we will have the same basic response.
Retweeted by philtorOH on OPB: "Efficiency is now the NW's 2nd largest power source." Well, it's not exactly a power source.Ever take a stroll through Christian TV land? That prosperity stuff is weirder than a 3-headed dog. Honestly, Buddhism is closer to Jesus.
Retweeted by philtor @DanielBalcombe @BrianZahnd Are there prosperity Buddhists? @pkedrosky Looks like you're stuck there till June at least.I am very happy to announce that we found the first SHA1 collision - … #security #TLS #SHA1 #SHAttered
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Hello town halls, my old friend.
Retweeted by philtorWait the White House's current defense (!?!?) is that they reorganized the National Security Council by accident?…
Retweeted by philtor @mattg Walden? He's not even doing town halls in Bend.We're missing out on all the town hall fun here in the PDX area because we've got reasonable senators and representatives.We. Don't. Want. To. Make. Healthcare. Choices. We want HEALTHCARE. Why is this so hard to understand?
Retweeted by philtor7-year-old Toby from Arkansas asks his Senator why Trump is defunding PBS kids just to build a wall #toby4president
Retweeted by philtor @grep I kinda figured if it had the Prime check it was sold by Amazon, but apparently not. @grep apparently a lot of things aren't "sold by Amazon" though it can be hard to tell. @grep no, it's good info even shows up on Amazon. Maybe I wasn't finding anything that was meeting the fine print. Tried several items.96 was the year we had the big flood. @grep @slickdeals I could not get this discount code to work.My cousin, a Nebraska-born Harvard grad, is being denied his flight back home from a business trip in Europe because of his Muslim name.
Retweeted by philtorDoesn't get to the diagnosis (I think it is financialization if the economy) but sure nails the symptoms
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How evangelical leaders enabled the rise of Milo Yiannopoulos, from @BenHowe
Retweeted by philtor @built so Trump is some kind of stream-of-unconsciousness oracle? we need to keep an eye on Bowling Green.but... cats don't need night lights.
Excited about OCaml macros: type-safe compile-time metaprogramming integrated with the language
Retweeted by philtorGeorge Soros funds C++ & Java in order to promote DEEP STATEWhen you do OOP you're programming with DEEP STATE.I believe our nation can come together in unity and healing
Retweeted by philtorThe president of Somalia seems super grateful for this "Make Somalia Great Again" baseball cap. How demeaning.
Retweeted by philtorCPAC's for extreme vetting for immigrants, but not very careful about who they invite to speak.
@built also something about Lenin not wanting to kick Assange out of the embassy. Maybe the opponent was promising to do so? @built not sure, but the name was interesting. @Learn_Things @tiffanyshlain very surprised that there's so much human intervention involved. @adropboxspace @tlockney and now that it's out in public they need to act like they give a crap.Exit polls suggest that @lenin has won a sweeping victory in Ecuador.Retweeting on the 75th anniversary of Japanese internment. It's important to remember that not everyone went along… forget. #DayOfRemembrance
Retweeted by philtorDidn't someone make a sticker with a resistor symbol on it with #resist under the symbol?Trump missed this SchoolHouse Rock on the 3 branches of government. They should play it on Morning Joe so he sees: @pwnallthethings Can we start with Schoolhouse Rock "I'm Just a bill" and work up to "Three Branches of Government"?ICYMI: #Arctic sea ice on track to be among smallest winter maximums on record.
Retweeted by philtorNever don't forget
Retweeted by philtorI want to eat meatballs in solidarity. #WeAreAllSweden
Retweeted by philtorTrudeau is explaining quantum computing while our guy is tweeting about news articles.
Retweeted by philtoryow, I'm only like two paragraphs in and already this is quite a story
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Detection of radioactive iodine at trace levels in Europe in January 2017
Retweeted by philtorIn Trump Era, Censorship May Start in the Newsroom -- how a Texas PBS station almost went there, Mediator column
Retweeted by philtorICYMI the House sanctioned killing hibernating bears & wolf pups by passing HJ Res 69, so call your Senators.
Retweeted by philtorThis is a great read.
Retweeted by philtorIn Trump's view people should ignore all the news except what comes directly from him. That is what totalitarianism is all about.
Retweeted by philtor“To announce that there must be no criticism of the president….” -Theodore Roosevelt
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@michaeldexter ...or low res, 8-bit graphics. @dysinger I hear ya.I wish it didn't have to be thus.I miss the days when we had a sane president and we didn't have to worry abt this stuff @dysinger @Kasparov63 has seen this movie before and he's trying to warn us about how it ends.Jewish parents pulling their kids out of Jewish Community Center daycares around USA due to rash of bomb threats.
Retweeted by philtor...pretty accurate, though I'm not too sure about the consciousness part.The NPR top-of-the-hour news just called yesterday's news conf "Trump's stream of consciousness press conference". @BreitbartNews Such a good doggy. Now go get your treat from Bannon. Arf!
Retweeted by philtorErik Prince, who is Betsy DeVos’s brother (!), is setting up a private army for China (!!!) by @AramRoston
Retweeted by philtorWouldn't that require a declaration of martial law?
After this is all over, I never, ever want to hear again about how businessmen would run the government better than politicians.
Retweeted by philtorPeople don't often turn down the chance to be a President's national security advisor.
Retweeted by philtorFox News’ Shepard Smith hammers Trump & sticks up for CNN
Retweeted by philtorI want everyone to know 2yrs ago I made an image of baklava wearing a balaclava while playing a balalaika on black…
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