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My favorite photo of Bill Murray, who's 67 years old today. Guy asked to sign his head. He did. Just not his name.
Retweeted by ФилторTrump a lot tougher on Colin Kaepernick than on Vladimir Putin. Protesting American anthem: bad. Subverting American democracy: no big deal.
Retweeted by ФилторRemember the car we always drew in nursery school? It actually exists! 😂
Retweeted by ФилторHey wait a minute.......
Retweeted by ФилторU bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain't going! So therefore ain't no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!
Retweeted by ФилторIs it a war or an airshow was not a question I had to wonder about during the Obama administration.Winter squash harvest. Shouldn't starve this winter. moment when you realize the Grand Ayatollah of Iran has more humane policies than the US President. 🙍‍♂️
Retweeted by ФилторThank you, John. You have the conscience that I wish very much the rest of the Republican leadership had as well.
Retweeted by ФилторRT if you would turn down an invite to this White House.
Retweeted by ФилторThread. Pay attention. Too many are falsely claiming investigation over, impeachment coming, US all good. In realit…
Retweeted by ФилторGuys, this is how Hamlet starts, I'm just saying.
Retweeted by ФилторKremlin and Russian state TV can't seem to shut up about the excellent Morgan Freeman video. Seriously rattled
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Maine friends - she's close to a solid no vote. Call and encourage this stance. 👇🏻
Retweeted by Филтор @mdekstrand @efliski @BSULibrary So that's why they called it The RAND corporation.This is the most under-reported health care story right now: an obvious, direct sabotage of enrollment in O-Care.
Retweeted by Филтор notion that President thinks our current ICBM defense system works is terrifying. It does not. I really hope…
Retweeted by ФилторI find kneeling during the national anthem very respectful. Even prayerful. This however is a national disgrace.
Retweeted by ФилторRussian op helps Trump win election. Trump says never happened. Trump hits legal trouble. Russian-connected billion…
Retweeted by ФилторPortland Maps The Most Dangerous Places To Be During An Earthquake
Retweeted by ФилторDoes that mean some of them were breached? Which ones? @ZaackHunt So people who eat kosher don't get cancer?#BREAKING: DHS tells 21 states that Russia attempted to hack their election systems before the 2016 election
Retweeted by ФилторBREAKING: The bipartisan Medicaid Directors from all 50 states just issued this negative statement about Graham-Cas…
Retweeted by ФилторOnce again, Senate & House Intel Cmtes, GOP & Dem Congressional leadership, US Intel Agencies, the FBI, and Special…
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So the idea is to buy votes for Trumpcare by promising Senators that their states can keep Obamacare. Irony, meet your definition.
Retweeted by ФилторHa! I completely agree with @jimmykimmel and I'm the NY Medicaid Director.
Retweeted by ФилторEvidently, the way to get @GOP reps to vote to repeal the ACA, is to promise that THEIR state gets to keep the ACA.
Retweeted by ФилторGee, Experian, what's point of a freeze if I can just submit SSN, DoB, address & get someone's PIN emailed 2 me?
Retweeted by ФилторLet's do this for all 50 states and call it a day
Retweeted by ФилторRT to spread the word ➡️ Hearing MONDAY on #GrahamCassidy. You can submit comments for the hearing record to
Retweeted by ФилторLawyer for @Netflix puts an end to @Stranger_Things themed pop-up bar with epic cease & desist letter…
Retweeted by Филторif i fits I nap. no matter where I'm at.
Retweeted by ФилторScoop: Tesla has >50 people on AI chip project, working off AMD IP, they've gotten their first chip back
Retweeted by Филтор @ShaneClaiborne And the Congress @mdekstrand The Columbia Gorge fire has been doused with at least a couple of inches of rain. It's effectively done. @mdekstrand But the fires are out, right?This is not leadership. Fishermen, their communities & businesses, seafood lovers and the fish deserve better.
Retweeted by ФилторThis is a lie. A horrible knowing fabrication. The bill is intentionally constructed to force states to drop this p…
Retweeted by ФилторA quarter of all Atlantic Cat 5 landfalls on record have occurred in the last two weeks. A horrific, ominous month:
Retweeted by ФилторThe year is 2023. I kiss my family goodbye as I leave under cover of dark to help President Kimmel stop Kid Rock's encroaching paramilitary.
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Excellent summary of early stages of the Magnitsky affair and Russian crooks behind it. Part 2 in a 6 part series
Retweeted by ФилторKimmel is killing it. most dangerous places in Portland when #Cascadia earthquake strikes? Massive data-mining went into this
Retweeted by ФилторBudgets are moral documents.
Retweeted by ФилторMolecular bots Price’s travel last week included 5 charter flights that charter operators estimated would cost at least $60,00…
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Jimmy Kimmel: "This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face."
Retweeted by ФилторI mean this almost literally: all of the funding runs out in 2026. Poof! Gone! Then what? WHO TF KNOWS ?!?!
Retweeted by Филтор @bluetucker @chrislhayes Wonder no more. The Koch donor network will give GOP $400M for 2018 *only if ACA is repeal…
Retweeted by ФилторBLUE STATERS: Yes you too can fight TrumpCare in key red states. Use @IndivisibleTeam's new tool to amp up pressure.
Retweeted by ФилторEighteen months ago, this would have been a career-destroying scandal that dominated a week's news
Retweeted by ФилторFun Fact: Secret Service agents can be forced to testify against the people they protect. (Thank Starr for that pre…
Retweeted by Филтор! Erdogan says Trump called him last week to say *he* was sorry about incident where Erdogan guards beat protesters:
Retweeted by Филтор @rickasaurus @carnivorous8008 Oft times it's nerves. @carnivorous8008 Also good from the candidate's perspective. images from Mexico City.
Retweeted by ФилторMexico City after earthquake.
Retweeted by ФилторNEW: RNC spent $230,000+ to cover @realDonaldTrump's legal fees tied to Russia probe. $131,250 to Sekulow. $100K to Dowd, per RNC official
Retweeted by ФилторTrump just threatened to exterminate a nation of 25 million people but don't worry, our pundits have roundly condemned Antifa violence
Retweeted by ФилторUnder this bill, pregnancy will cost you an extra 17K. Metastatic cancer 172K. Autism 5K. Asthma 4K. This isn't a healthcare bill.
Retweeted by Филтор @built Who is doing subscription editors?White House Chief of Staff John Kelly during #Trump's UN speech
Retweeted by ФилторHuge earthquake near Mexico City. Alive but very shaken up.
Retweeted by ФилторConcurrent Programming with Effect Handlers in OCaml (cufp 2017)
Retweeted by ФилторFinally captured a picture of the @github octocat in its natural habitat.
Retweeted by Филторgood morning
Retweeted by ФилторOur new paper on breeding pygmy #seahorses in an #aquarium @calacademy has just been published:…
Retweeted by ФилторNot a single journalist that works at any Serious Outlet is programmed to react here "how do we pay for this"
Retweeted by ФилторDonald Trump says Universal Healthcare is necessary to make America Great Again @SenSanders #MedicareForAll Retweet…
Retweeted by Филтор should stage some kind of mass dance-in where they play Elton John's RocketMan on thousands of accordions.
@travelinglens @AP Esp. when we already spend MORE on MILITARY than next 7 countries COMBINED! We had almost NO MIL…
Retweeted by ФилторHow is it we can afford this but they say we can't afford healthcare? thread. 1. I didn't realize how badly Trump has eviscerated access to federal #climate data, so I went and looked at the USGS site.
Retweeted by ФилторI can't possibly stress this enough: If you have friends or family in Puerto Rico, please get in touch. Maria will…
Retweeted by ФилторI'm looking for someone to work with me at @lowRISC. Please help spread the word
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