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Part of the reason we end up with more national chain stores and less local mom-and-pop shops. is a staggering read. I'm in disbelief about all of it.
Retweeted by ФилторDarth Vapor Strikes Again (And Again)
Retweeted by ФилторMake no mistake, rolling back strong #netneutrality protections turns this principle on its head.
Retweeted by ФилторThis has allowed the internet to be a platform for speech, commerce & education. For the little guy, not just big corporations.
Retweeted by ФилторA founding principle of the open internet is that bits are bits & one bit isn’t preferred over another.
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Interesting - using multiple divide-by-zero errors to enable a hidden CPU backdoor.
Retweeted by ФилторJust got 2 questions for you: 1) Where are the moderate white leaders to condemn this white supremacy? 2) Where was…
Retweeted by ФилторThis is the sort of groundwork official Washington lays down as they gear up for war.
Retweeted by Филтор$3,000 on average new home.
Retweeted by ФилторInsys bribed doctors to prescribe opioids while funding anti-weed campaigns
Retweeted by Филтор @znmeb @dakami what about those of us who have a more nuanced, jaded view of technology?Wait, so engaging in mathematical criticism in Oregon without a license is a $500 fine? that's no way to hold a cat. know what was worse? Slavery
Retweeted by ФилторAge difference between Emmanuel Macron & Brigitte= 25 years. Difference between Donald & Melania= 24 years. What a difference a year makes
Retweeted by ФилторJimmy Carter's first 100 days.. Laws passed: 22 Executive orders: 16 Approval rating: 63 percent
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A Trump adviser left an event after students questioned his Naziism links — via @TPM
Retweeted by Филтор @rssenior make it into a raft you can use to float down the Willamette if it ever warms up this year.Myth: Open offices result in massive collaboration. Reality: 2 people loudly collaborate; 30 must wear headphones to get any work done.
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Silicon Valley still a funny place. I'm a table over at a bar from people pitching to angels UNIX commands that show txt ads before results.
Retweeted by ФилторHere you have a panel of clocks, which together form a clock
Retweeted by ФилторWe are not being taken over by robots. We are being taken over by the people who own the robots.
Retweeted by ФилторOakland has passed a marijuana equity program to provide reparations for those affected by the Drug War.…
Retweeted by Филтор"The time has come to ratify our free-trade agreement with the natural world thro' Public-Planet Partnerships"...
Retweeted by ФилторDecentralizing ownership & control of the means of production would help rural economies.
Retweeted by ФилторThis is highly unusual -- President will have dinner with the Justices of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to the White House
Retweeted by ФилторMy Daughter Is Not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy.
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ARM way ahead of Intel in this regard. Late April Precipitation Pattern I Have Never Seen Before
Retweeted by ФилторThis is batshit crazy.
Retweeted by ФилторC syntax is magical programmer catnip. You sprinkle it on anything and it suddenly becomes "practical" and "readable".
Retweeted by ФилторToday's google doodle looks like it was drawn by _why the luck stiffEarth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. Mahatma Gandhi #EarthDay
Retweeted by ФилторSoylent is such a microcosm of modernity. "I'm tired of experiencing the most natural and varied pleasure in the world, nutrient sludge plz"
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What a clever little guy😂
Retweeted by ФилторThis is true.
Retweeted by ФилторThe U.K. is experiencing its first day without coal power since the Industrial Revolution
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60,000 retail jobs wiped out in three months -- more than the entire job force in the coal industry
Retweeted by ФилторAP: Pesticide-maker Dow Chemical urging Trump admin to scrap risk study showing widely used pesticides as harmful
Retweeted by Филтор @ZaackHunt thanks. I'm one of those culturally unaware who thinks 'kid rock' must be a Disney radio station for kids. @ZaackHunt only recognize Palin and Trump. Who are the others?AWS EC2 FPGA Hardware and Software Development Kit
Retweeted by ФилторI'd been struggling for MONTHS to figure out who "Angry Spice" reminded me of, til this weekend when I flipped thru…
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Your daily reminder that there's a 10-alarm full-blown ecological crisis unfolding & most of your elected reps are…
Retweeted by ФилторHorses were the first autonomous vehicle.
Retweeted by ФилторAt first I thought those were bones.
Retweeted by ФилторFederal Express gave Donald Trump's inauguration at least $500,000 in free delivery services (per FEC filing).
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Monsanto stands charged with human rights violations for spreading cancer around the world with RoundUp.
Retweeted by ФилторMonsanto is defending itself in international tribunal at The Hague but you don't know that because news is terrible.
Retweeted by ФилторWe've suspected this was the case: Cognitive Scientist Says All Human Beings Are Ignorant
My favourite part of this is the caption saying the President (left)
Retweeted by Филторthis... does not sound like a feature i want in my stove
Retweeted by ФилторGuys. Guys. I don’t think Trump knows who’s the leader of North Korea.
Retweeted by Филторtired: MAD wired: our leader is crazier than yours!Sometimes Breaking News comes at exactly the perfect moment:
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For what purpose would a president attack Americans demanding transparency of those who lead them?
Retweeted by Филтор*whispers into the air* …the final patents on MP3 technology expired today…
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Retweeted by Филтор @znmeb err, make that oust Bannon. @znmeb if Ivanka is the Lisa Simpson of the Trump family (and who knows, really) then it might be good that she's in the West Wing. @znmeb internal battle where Ivanka tries to just Bannon may be about all we can hope for in this administration.Is Ivanka the Lisa Simpson of the Trump family?Barney has got a lot darker.
Retweeted by ФилторAnd he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha
Retweeted by ФилторReally enjoying this time-travel thriller, where a man stuck in 2013 tweets desperate warnings to his 2017 self, wh…
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In a single day, White House reverses on: • Janet Yellen • Ex-Im Bank • China • NATO • Federal debt • Hiring freeze
Retweeted by ФилторNo one could have known!
Retweeted by ФилторWhy #Golang was designed to suck.
Retweeted by ФилторThe 'Charging Bull' artist put his sculpture there without a permit in '87. Now upset about 'Fearless Girl' ruining… is this video going round of a red panda being totally taken aback by seeing an insect on a rock and it is ma…
Retweeted by ФилторUnited Airlines updates its safety card
Retweeted by ФилторBreaking News: Massive coal spill at Adani's #GreatBarrierReef port.
Retweeted by ФилторFrost on your car but the temperature is above freezing. How can that be?
Retweeted by ФилторSteve Bannon has been seen as an inspirational leader for President Trump — populist, nativist and anti-globalist.
Retweeted by ФилторDebullshitifying the news reports on United's "removal" of Dr. David Dao
Retweeted by ФилторBeautiful new species of snapping shrimp with a pink claw named after @pinkfloyd!
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