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which pink floyd album is this
Retweeted by philtor @Rob_Flaherty But we like Jimmy Carter.Wasn't running for president when he went to Moscow, eh? Then why stop in at Billy Graham's B'day party on the way… records illuminate mystery of Trump's Moscow nights "A reconstruction of events shows the future U.S. presid…"unlimited vacation" is a scam. Much prefer some number of hours of vacation per month tracked on my paystub. Pret… @SethAbramson So when Spanky says he wan't running for president when he went to Russian that's a lie too. @SethAbramson "he attended a birthday tribute to evangelist Billy Graham on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013. " He was defini… A U.S. media outlet has FINALLY published in-depth reporting on the story I began researching 15 months ag…
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Retweeted by philtorJust found out I'm a Google Summer of Code Mentor. The project is to import ONNX models (primarily focusing on Mach…
“Sleepy eyes” is an anti Semitic term that was and is stilled used by neo- nazis groups relating to “how to spot a…
Retweeted by philtor @brouhaha That's South Tabor for ya.
@StevenTDennis Also Comey did not release them. He didn't have custody of the memos "Comey did not have access to…
Retweeted by philtor1. The Comey memos with a few redactions have been declassified pursuant to Executive Order 13526. You might want t…
Retweeted by philtorThe economy is doing great. Just because your car is now a taxi cab, your house is a motel and all the new restau…
Retweeted by philtorRight. So crazy to imagine someone who coined the phrases Sloppy Steve, Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Liddle Marco, Lo…
Retweeted by philtor @vruba It means you should start rapping or doing spoken word or something like that.#CascadeSiskiyou National Monument is an ecological wonder that is treasured by the local community and visitors al…
Retweeted by philtor @nytmike That desk is more than 150 years old
Retweeted by philtor"who I don’t speak to and have nothing to do with.."
Retweeted by philtor @LopezOnSports @moorehn Who is that guy hiding behind the other guy on the right? The Secret Secret Service? @tripphudgins Persecution complex much? The Trumpvangelicals aren't being persecuted, they're being criticized fo… the same three-tweet thread in which Trump touts his relationship with Michael Cohen and his family, he publicly…
Retweeted by philtorMaybe he could stop being president out of respect for the country? he knows he is not welcome in decent society.
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@william_fitz If they're going to give contractors benefits... why don't they just hire them as employees? What's t… @built Swing by the Hudson's Bay Company.The story of Peter Thiel's #Palantir sounds very familiar to anyone who has read @doctorow 's near future dystopian…
Retweeted by philtor @sehurlburt @richgel999 It seems like some of the problems C++11 introduced have been fixed in 14&17 @sehurlburt There are also the C++ Core Guidelines Also, why no modern C++? Lots of good stuff there.Interviews in an alternate universe where the goal is for the interviewee to stump the interviewer with technical q… @yashar @WSJ Kafkaesque @j_f_green @rustlang @shiffman @tomaka17 In the age of arxiv why do we still have paywalled papers? Thanks for the gist. @j_f_green @rustlang @shiffman @tomaka17 Link to the spatial sorting paper?
Spanky always pulls the "Weak" card on his opponents and it's not gonna work in this case - if he tries it'll backfire on him.Ok, I've been trying to come up with a Democrat that could for sure beat Trump in 2020. And at this point Duckwort… @sahilkapur Duckworth 2020 @JulieIsLoud Got some hiking done. @hcpeterson @businessinsider The Amazon of most of the 20th century. @pathofshrines For efficiently packing your data, C & C++'s bit fields are pretty nice. What other languages have b… @richvillodas It would be a much nicer world if we placed The Beatitudes on our courtroom walls. @candeira @jeremyphoward @Smerity @jackclarkSF @doomie Is there a slack channel anyone can recommend?
@fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw Ah, ok. They say Verilog to place n route, but you can also feed it BLIF generated by Yosys. @fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw Looks like a synthesis tool in it's own right. How would you use it with Yosys? @fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw VPR is from University of Toronto, I think? Is it open source? They seem to wa… @fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw Does Yosys use VPR? I thought it used arachne-pnr. @fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw But in general the quality of gcc and clang is on a completely different level… @fpga_dave @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw Yeah, I've heard bad things about Quartus as well. The state of FPGA tools in… @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw @fpga_dave The fact that they didn't even want bug reports really convinced me that they… @mvigliar @ico_TC @oe1cxw @fpga_dave They didn't even want our bug reports. Our company was too small for them to b… @brouhaha @oe1cxw How many more delights are in the 2nd edition? @ico_TC @mvigliar @oe1cxw @fpga_dave At some point 4 or 5 years ago I considered going more in the direction of pro… @mvigliar @oe1cxw @ico_TC @fpga_dave Vivado is some of the buggiest software of any kind that I've ever encountered.Breaking: Atlantic salmon found yesterday 54 miles up the Skagit River by Upper Skagit tribal fishermen. This…
Retweeted by philtor @RuralMissionary @RevJacquiLewis Such as? And don't say Hillary, she's out of the picture. I can't think of any De… @brian__white59 @KitMickey @DanielJCamacho @knightopia @RevJacquiLewis I guess I'm not seeing a direct connection t… @KitMickey @DanielJCamacho @knightopia @RevJacquiLewis I suspect Francis Schaeffer would be appalled at at Evangeli… @HashtagGriswold I don't see how she can stick up for tRump given the things he's said about her fatherBOYCOTT SEAN HANNITY ADVERTISERS. Updated List after 2 removals! AT&T Cigna ExxonMobil Geico IBM Jenny Craig Jo…
Retweeted by philtorMy daughter’s history text book explains that saying “slavery was bad” is too simplistic & many slaves were probabl…
Retweeted by philtorWeird how Trump knows exactly what happened to Stormy Daniels in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011
Retweeted by philtor @BombermanHero America the Ugly.I believe Magellan already did this.
Retweeted by philtor"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth." --George Orwell
Retweeted by philtorDear @realDonaldTrump, You told the Russians a much different tale in the Oval Office. So were you lying to them o…
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He hasn't been hiding it very well, but never thought he'd admit to being a spy. And what kind of spy tells everyo…
Do not miss this story today: US & UK announce joint alert on Russian hackers targeting network infrastructure carr…
Retweeted by philtorOf course he did., so the Trumpists were right, there is a "deep state". And Hannity/Fox is the propaganda arm.
go on, very small hardware. you can do it! @DavidCornDC Imprecatory prayers.New post: Eight bit floating point numbers, IEEE-like vs posit
Retweeted by philtorHow much does Google know about you? It "may take a long time (hours or possibly days) to create"
Retweeted by philtor @Botanygeek So seventies.Talk about deep state. Bunny started going to Coachella 65 years ago (or at least tried).
Retweeted by philtor @princessjodita @jjennajacobs @joshtpm @TPM He looked like the guy they use to do the dirty work (burglary, kneecap… while judge was peeved that Cohen hadn't shown up to yesterday's hearing, he was smoking cigars in public wi…
Retweeted by philtorJerry Rotonda, former CFO of Deutsche Bank, was also at this gathering. They're flaunting for the press. Both brava…
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