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Disruptor. Ingenue. A Third Thing. Writer for You're The Worst on FXX @YTWFXX.

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Can Biden give trump one solid uppercut? Just one. Clooney goes off on Trump criticizing "Hollywood elites":
Retweeted by philippe iujvidin @InternetHippo My man @adamfasullo Very flat. Flat big hands.The saddest thing is you could show this to trump and he wouldnt understand. wait a minute.......
Retweeted by philippe iujvidinPeople in the stands should do it too. We should all do it. is how every NFL player should play tomorrow. mistake was not going after soccer.Out of Nordstrom. Doing a lap around the mall. FUN @AlisonLeiby The best @AllenWSnyder SomehowAt the mall with my wife. Im a life-streamer now. cool that the president picked a fight with sports. @TheToddWilliams No it was me @TheToddWilliams Smart peopleI mean a lot of those actors and horses are dead, so yeah. cool thing about waking up at 5am for no reason is
@bennettleigh Firmly on brand.Dont be cute with me MY CAT IS SICK @Petco help my cat is acting really weird @elle91 Good thing to be good at @MarkAgee Hey thanks man. Jack FM is basically a supporting character this season.For Halloween this year Im going as a sexy covfefe.Update on my failed stream. @Flora__Flora NoMy real friends wouldve watched. Im going back to bed. @Ian_Lord Son of a bitchWell this was a massive failure.Building the Lego ghostbusters set. Hell yeah. @usedwigs Original BOY ghostbustersIf I were to live stream me building the Ghostbusters Lego set would that be awesome or really dumb? Leaning toward awesome.
I feel like the only thing we talked about in middle school was how Marilyn Manson allegedly removed two ribs so he could blow himself.
Retweeted by philippe iujvidin @bromanconsul Its a dunk.Alternate Suggestion: shut it down. @bromanconsul No thats not why @stephenfalk Yes. @stephenfalk I think you mean soccer.Dont mind if I do is good today (so far)
Retweeted by philippe iujvidinLooking forward to Old Sheldon in 2021 and Senile Sheldon in 2030.I have a chronic case of Lego Thumb.
Its super cool that the alt-rights hero is a farting drug addict. Good choice guys. @JulieFroolie HahahaAlso the entire Blitzkrieg was powered by govt sanctioned crystal meth and Hitler was a cocaine and opioid addict.The best thing I learned in this book is that Hitler has chronic debilitating gas.
@bennettleigh YesLIVE on #Periscope: Lego marathon build marathon build
I didnt feel the earthquake. Guess the HGH is working. @SnoopMikey Did not feel @alexblagg Not helpful. @KSkeletor Not at all.Any lego fans? Message me. @SnStell Despite the Judaism. @notacroc I think they did the best version possible given the constraints of having to make one movie. But I missed a lot of stuff.Completely forgot Aya Cash & Kether D in my list of comedy women who didn't even get mentioned in the Emmies. Like
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Sounds like a drum machine is in charge of playing people off this year. Sick. #EmmysHes never gonna stop talking about hillary is he?I think wed all benefit from doing less fidget spinning and more fidget praying. @bondsnood Great thanks for that too @bondsnood ThanksNSFW I think Ive finally mastered the squiggle brow.$10 says it was movie night at the White House yesterday. @nickwiger Yeah that sounds rightHe keeps doing this. Its almost like, and just stay with me here he agrees with these people. @evafay @nickwiger Eva色.good point @nickwiger That would be better. Do you think its a bad gay joke? Elton John reference? @nickwiger Its not even a remotely clever insult. Its not derogatory in the least.
This is the funniest thing Ive seen in a while. 10/10 highly recommended. @davechensky They Benjamin Buttoned it.I wasted so much time watching Win Ben Steins Money I wish we knew he sucks so much back then.
@grantpa The hero Gorham deserves.I have a theoretical legal question. Any criminal attorneys out there that can help? ITS HYPOTHETICAL IM NOT IN TROUBLE.I found him. when it wasnt a ban? you walk into a room and your wife is just sitting there listening to Lemonade leave quickly. @UD_j1mb0 This could work.