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Flatcap @phjils Bristol, UK

Fixer of things & maker of stuff. Photo/graphic freelancer. Mac admin. Utility bicyclist. Hopeless coffee addict.

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People that listen to shit music should have headphones stitched to their ears.Someone's editing a sports video behind me. If I hear this generic Eurotrance shit track one more time, their imac is going out the window. @JimmyDiResta @damienleclerc From extensive research and analysis, you're looking for see-concept type C frames. Mine are arriving this week
@sueperkins Hi sue, just wondered if you'd seen this yet?
Retweeted by FlatcapOut for delivery, then four hours later back at the depot. Did you forget something @parcelforce ? Perhaps to deliver something today?
@FastCoDesign Android needs a quick, one button "I want nothing but calls, texts and emails" option, and more granular control.
Van or pickup? That's the question. Landcruiser or Transit?Speedy! liked it then, and I like it now. I like it. @TheCooperative
@JimmyDiResta you must repost the picture of you & your palds. Don't be intimidated by people you haven't met and don't factor in your life.
I don't really care who did what with whom with paddling pools & olive oil. Their choices don't impact on me whatsoever. What's your excuse?
Yep, Windows phone just keeps waving the white flag, but no one cares.
@FeatherCycles Those supermarket ones are grown quickly in forced nitrogen tents. Once out they starve. Seeds, light and lots of water.
Went out for lunch at some chain pub. It wasn't good. @iliketomakestuf yeah you do... you do need a drone. Mmmm... Dronie dronie drone drone.
Surrounded by morons. #Surrounded_by_morons.Hey, it's not his fault he can't afford to pay for the thing he agreed to buy. I shouldn't even be selling it, tempting him to spend money.Even if you've been fucked about by non-paying eBay scum, you can't leave negative reviews any more. Welcome to the no-blame society.
@verge soon you will be able to register bobloblawlaw.blogHad I composed that properly, I should have added #ReleaseTheBeast @MagnumUK @KendallJenner @MarkLabbett The Beast.
All the hipsters who allegedly sit in an eames dining chair at minimal desks clearly don't sit long enough for the backache to set in.People that win eBay auctions and then don't pay and never heard from again, should be removed from society, painfully.
@laurenlaverne Because London
Still haven't seen any Star Wars films.Twitter needs to create a filter for mothers day, because mothers day is in march, and in bored of hearing about this made up festival.
Now that's an interesting propersition...
California Soul! @CCfunkandsoul is playing one of my all time favourite songs... Of All Time. Dancing about the kitchen.How radical creativity connects @tom_sachs with 'makers' across the globe.
Retweeted by FlatcapGoodbye George. It wasn't fun.I assume the angry birds film will be as good as Street Fighter was.
I'm going to have to see this. Friday off, so this is my last day of the working week. Sorry (not at all sorry).Don't forget to vote today. Apathy lets the idiots win.
@Morrisons Cribbs Causeway Bristol. Less and less staff in that place. Seems like it's getting run down.Reliable @Morrisons... Stood at the butchery counter for almost 15 mins, and despite two calls, no one came. Top quality service again.When Remote Desktop starts freaking out and there's nothing you can do about it. America, you disappoint us. #Trump #Really?
Someone should do some reading on Intellectual Property and Design Rights... #they_knicked_that_didnt_they really is an idiot isn't he? Yes, clamp down on idiots that think the law doesn't apply to them - but insurance? there anything left in #Bristol city centre? @FeatherCycles the conclusion I have come to is no, someone always wants something from you urgently, right now. It must be now.I'm dealing with a company that wants an order faxed to them. FAXED. IT'S 2016.
So it turns out that kangaroos are what nightmares are made of
Retweeted by Flatcap @JimmyDiResta Thank you. Found them, and unlike some frames they don't cost a fortune! Very refreshing. Looking forward to the next video.Hey @JimmyDiResta . Who makes your glasses - the ones you wear in your newest videos, with the black frames?
Er... when did Arnolfini become a museum? I currently feel. #toomuchcoffeeI am literally selling the family silver, and it seems that all it's worth is scrap weight. Brilliant!Bins, recycling, washing up, cleaning... all this must be done before anything else. Absolutely no Daredevil before this. None.
Personally, I'm not asking anything of them. I prefer to talk to squishy humans, not googles death machines. can't be that popular that short supply bumps the price on a daily basis.Every time I consider a SKX007, the prices of them go up. I'm bloody cursed. Up buy £40 at least this week. Out of stock in most places.
There are 7 billion humans on earth, and were excited about chatbots. Can't we just talk to each other? Don't we have big problems to solve?Second Life? Is that even still going?All art is a rehash of what has gone before.
Worth a 2nd Look. A Tumblr dedicated to VHS packaging.
Retweeted by FlatcapOnce the Illuminati reduce global population to 500m, there will be jobs for all. Google helps the plan.'ve now got a text from @ThreeUK telling me I have reached my credit limit. Current balance on my account. £0.00. WFT?That's more than 10 items, isn't it? #till_shaming @YPLAC If you're not using two spaces, you're not cuntish enough. else think that indeed needs a slightly more modern UI? It's like looking into the eye of AltaVista
@Ella_Marshkins @AngryBritain George Michael crashing his Range Rover into a branch of, above.What's the point of promoting an article in a tweet, only to be hit with a pay wall. Sorry, I'm not biting.
Issue #1 of @read_forerunner flopped through the letterbox this morning. Looks glorious, smells amazing. Let's have a look at it...
@ThreeUKSupport France, used my phone there many times before and not been charged. Didn't buy a pass, didn't need to.No jobs, no affordable homes and politicians are going to get us all killed. @ThreeUKSupport Why have I been charged over £30 for Euro internet pass when it's a three at home area?Until it can sync 10 years of carefully crafted bookmarks to several machines, its a no from me. sad day for music.
This weekend I'm going to root and boot my moto g with cyanogen. Becuase it can be done.- Guys, we need a poster for the new Matt Damon film, any ideas? - Erm... How about his face with some writing on?
Retweeted by FlatcapOrdered issue 1 of forerunner. Let's see what it's all about eh?Just issued "its an ID-10-t error" to a senior manager's face. Think I got away with it. #tinywinsApparently editing /etc/sudoers isn't desirable, but it works perfectly. So I did it. I can now apt-get through the corporate proxy. Nice!
Andrew is conspicuously absent from this @SkyNews special report.I'm going to have to find a decent local seller of printed matter, as W H Smith seems to have given up stocking anything of interest.I got a letter from @ThreeUK with the good news that they're putting the price of my plan up so they can take over O2 and please the CMA.Only fire would separate me from my 2012, last of the you-can-fix-it MBPs. Iron see the point in these at all.
Its a TV show. I love it. Been watching it since S1. I'd like to know too, but I will wait for S7E1. It's a TV show.
I'd like to thank EDF for providing us with their finest electricity. It must be the best stuff, seeing as they charge so much for it.
I can believe things like this are happening in real life. Picard holding Lucille?! Thanks @hardwick !!
Retweeted by FlatcapJust palmed off my Jersey 5p in the canteen. #Rebellion
Gate closes. 5 mins. Shit!
So I fly 600 miles, get the hire car, drive another 200... and they're not in. Brilliant. #mightaswellstayedathome
Security my arse. It's a monopoly sold on a climate of fear.You can't take water through airline security any more, but you're welcome to pay a king's ransom for a bottle the other side. #conspiricy @AmazonHelp the failed attempt was Wednesday. Spoke to a rep and arranged for today. Still no joy. @AmazonHelp I did, yesterday to Amazon Logistics who didn't attempt a delivery at my address. Re-arranged for today. Still no stuff.First time @AmazonUK have failed me. They've 'attempted delivery' (they didn't) and has been 'out for delivery' for four days. Time critialAnd that's another reason to stop using it, as if you needed one.'s always that one machine that will just not take the profile like all the others. Spending too much time on this pissy snag list.
Ah. @MrJamesMay repairing a lawnmower. That's my kind of telly...I need to win some cash on the lottery. Not a lot, just enough to pack in the day job and start my own, and get a van. Yeah, vans are cool.The new #Twitter #algorithm that determines what it thinks I want to read first is just dreadful. I'd like real time back please.It would only beat the Mac if it ran OSX. love ads that state "cheap easy repair", which means is neither cheap or easy to repair, or they would and double the price.
The thing about Daredevil is, knowing that it's a work day tomorrow and I really ought to got to bed... just one more episode. Or two.Greek statues dressed as hipsters.
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