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Posthuman @posthuman London, UK

I Love Acid / Balkan / Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / Tusk Wax / Shipwrec / Acid Avengers / Chiwax..... DJ / live bookings:

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@BleachingAgent @eclairfifi "throw momma from the tram" @tsuinmusic pretty much more of the same.
"This Is How It Ends" I couldn't wait for it to end, to be honest. Who knew the Apocalypse would be so boring. @ClashMagazine @PaulSimonMusic @bbclaurak WHAT A MASSIVE FUCKING SURPRISE oh wait no it's not @acid_viking HE SHOT MALALA WHILE DRESSED AS AN UZBEK HOMEPATH ON ORDERS FROM THE CIA #truth @barneyfarmer life comes at you pretty fast @acid_viking SHUTTUP YOUR A BOT #FAKENEWSACID CAN'T MELT STEEL BEAMS Chemtrail rave music for cleansing your chakras of BigPharma… in a nutshell 😅
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Retweeted by PosthumanMetro Jaxx repress & t-shirts available NOW details:
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Oh dear, @elonmusk doesn't know when to just walk away, does he. Doubling down dumb.If you had told me, when I was a teenager just starting off in electronic music - that one day I'd be playing a sun… is unfortunately the only photo/vid I took of the set, about halfway through..., massive shout out to @Beatherder all the crew at the Fortress last night and all the ravers. @jondasilva &… recording of @nevillecwatson & myself, hardware jam session
@MellaDee_ @LoveboxFestival Me & @jondasilva sat backstage at Fortress now. Already on the red. See you in a bit manthere's a percent of people who won't like you or will be intimidated by you bc of the things you say. fuck em with all ur heart.
Retweeted by Posthuman @paulSDMCR @Easternbloc1985 @jondasilva @Jozef_K_DJ @OliFurness @TheRefugeMcr @Beatherder Just passing through today mateGotta love Manchester in the sunshine Stop for a quick beer in @Easternbloc1985 with @jondasilva , bump into… @Paul303 I think @inn8media added it to the article?Myself and @nevillecwatson did an improvised hardware live show together at @Corsica_Studios last month, as part of…
@b_nmrrs Huh.It's no longer hyperbole, just reserved for the loud & un-nuanced - it's bang up this simple: we are watching a fascist coup.Tower of secrets: the Russian money behind a Donald Trump skyscraper - An amazing 10 month long FT investigation -…
Retweeted by Posthuman @b_nmrrs What is it advertising? Out of office?Chiwax Week 10. Posthuman - Five Mile Burn. Heavy duty stomping Acid. One for team Acid. @posthuman
Retweeted by PosthumanPolite reminder. Trump & Brexit are not 2 different things. They are the same thing. Same companies. Same data. Sam…
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everyone in the trump family is Very Bad At Standing but donald jr is easily the worst
Retweeted by Posthuman @bengomori A Bridge Too FarageWell, shit.
Retweeted by Posthuman @TheRealSecretDJ @PrivateEyeNews LOL no, i enjoyed the book! and other stuff you've written too. :) @TheRealSecretDJ @PrivateEyeNews u wrote for them a bit, didn't you...?worth a read @MellaDee_ @Big__Miz wise move. I once had to buy one of my own releases back off discogs for like £40 @MellaDee_ me and @jondasilva confirmed to be sticking about til the early hours, we'll be there for your set mate :) @catnip @Bandcamp it's an excruciatingly limited and inconvenient UI ... surely wouldn't be difficult to add some m… @catnip @Bandcamp i wish - WISH - @bandcamp would provide better options for postal labels, i still have to manual… @glengineered @musicboxradiouk Just waiting for the recording from the station @djmachv @nathan_jonson_ that's an extremely niche fetish, Mark....I've kinda retired the moniker now, but my mate @nathan_jonson_ asked me for my remix of Freak by LFO and I ende… used to do a daft old-skool mashup DJ thing called 'AGT Rave Cru' and even wrote a bunch of tracks & some unoffic… will we beckon in the apocalypse in 2018? @DannyMoodymanc @blucu flying non-budget "...what, this 180ml can of warm beer is FREE??!...look Mum, I've made it! Superstar DJ!" @antonydaly "for you, no" @samvoltek @easyJet @easyJetCustHelp @easyJet_press [[Generic Twitter Response]] @grimesadhesif Voodoo was one of my first *proper* clubbing experiences. @djbillynasty and @DJDaveClarke, sometime…
@joemuggs @iamnightwave Brexit's coming homeWell, at least we have Brexit to look forward to. #CROvENG
Retweeted by PosthumanMeanwhile, on Tyneside't worry lads, we've still got Belgium to lose to #4thPlaceWe're going home We're going home We're going England's going homePut Shelvey on for Henderson now...ohRoy Keane looks fucking weird.WAKE UP @MellaDee_ i was genuinely gutted when i found out they discontinued their worcester sauce flavour.808 state?
Retweeted by Posthuman @manueky My parody detector appears to be brokenI need to do bigger gaps on my vinyl labels...can just about fit the 001-303 in fine but on the overs, not nearly e… @djchloeharris Donated. xToo busy seeing if we 'could' to think about if we 'should' state? @joeeuropemusic @ambivalent Thought they were a duo? @joeeuropemusic @ambivalent How fragile are DJs testicles?Briefly worked for Jeremy Hunt's company HotCourses. Management called a meeting to reward an underresourced team t…
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@orbitalband Does this count? @b_nmrrs 'thnx' 3/5 @eddiecointreau @theQuietus looking at Rotten Tomatoes it's the same story from a lot of reviewers: the movie is a dehumanising violent mess @theQuietus completely missing the point of the first movie. no surprises 12" - previews up now! out August 13th @SpitandRoast many a truth told in jest. Branson is a fucking predator.What's your favourite fantasy scenario? Please RT for more accurate sample base. @SpitandRoast too busy cosying up to the new Heath Secretary on the lookout for bits of the NHS he can buy probably @SpitandRoast they're all out? fantastic news THANKYOU ELON MUSK oh wait...Brexiters are like my dog Stan. He spent 15 years chasing neighbour's cats. One day he cornered one and didn't hav…
Retweeted by Posthuman @tommypalm THAT'S TRAITOR TALK