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Posthuman @posthuman London, UK

I Love Acid / Balkan / Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / Tusk Wax / Shipwrec / Chiwax. Half of Altern 8 for live shows..... Posthuman bookings:

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...just back from @BANGFACE Weekender - it's not even April but contender for best party of 2018 already. little b… @DVNT amazing weekend. @NickJTimothy Have you been sniffing glue? You do understand that Ireland is not part of the UK, right? @BBC6Music "You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind." @eddiecointreau Best yet.I have a significant hangover.
Bang my face @FariBrad It's all about being honest with yourself Aaaaaaarghhhhhhhh oh noAbout to open the main stage at Bangface...
I'm having the best weekend ever and it's only Friday night
@tsuinmusic I hear the word is getting out. Uh oh! @robak92 @BANGFACE is the best @tomcentral SouthportSunday.. @timothyclerkin fav clicked :) farewell heretic! @holmesprice @eclairfifi aye, twitter audit isn't always accurate the facebook thing is clearer tho. big round num… @eclairfifi counts bots and accounts that 'appear' as bots. 2000 out of 22k ain't bad. it's when nice round figure… i'm doing a gig directly before Napalm Death tonight. not something i expected to happen in my life!! bangface h… @danielmarkavery "unplayed" discogs vinyl reseller @dannyrampling @dannyrampling good thing we're looking to the future and really pushing soft skills like music, art, drama, and sp… original Roland TR808 TV advert, circa 1980.
Retweeted by Posthumanpre-bangface hangover. ooops.
Farage taking us back 70 years to "when Britain was great"
Retweeted by PosthumanPremiere: Tense yet dreamy and heavy with perfumed sentimentality, No Moon rolls out his icy cognate electro via Cr…
Retweeted by Posthuman @ofblacklanterns @bearmanagement @DispersionPR I can vouch for them - very good company and very good people. @bearmanagement @DispersionPR @ofblacklanterns ... @leeboiacid already packed the 101, 303, 808 and 909 ;) @eddiecointreau not sure. I did message the handful of people who have bought multiples in the past to tell them th… @b_nmrrs all you need is a ticket..., I start a new life in the Off-World Colonies. A chance to begin again in a land of opportunity and adventure... @rodmalmok @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio yet, sadly quite a common theme. even amongst "underground" acts.
@KirkDegiorgio @vincewatson @joemuggs @johnxela @sellbydave @matt_ifonly @hdt_hugh @DLGarber how you gonna do it wi… @holmesprice @sellbydave @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio @joemuggs sending people to buy copies of singles in record sh… @rixtin @joemuggs @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio @johnxela @sellbydave @matt_ifonly @hdt_hugh @DLGarber @TheKingNappy @holmesprice @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio @joemuggs @johnxela @sellbydave @matt_ifonly @hdt_hugh @DLGarber it does appear to work. :/ @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio @joemuggs @johnxela @sellbydave @matt_ifonly @hdt_hugh @DLGarber it'd just humiliate a… @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio thing is, it's not newsworthy. mate of mine this morning said "its just how it is"… @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio yeah. i'm not talking about having a couple hundred weird likes because one of your pos… @BleachingAgent they've been removed from FBI’m tryna book local female DJs onto the same bill as me as much as possible just now. If im coming to your town an…
Retweeted by Posthuman @Alan_Measles a good postie is worth their weight in gold. the guy who does my route always stops to say hello, a… music tip: You don't have to agree to every request.
Retweeted by Posthumangonna be rocking out a bit of hardware action at @BANGFACE this weekend, set time Sunday afternoon/evening @joemuggs that the right to vote should be earned by civic/community duty. a day's volunteering once a year to stay on the electoral role. @Patternburst there's so much in that one tweet. my fave is that of his FAVOURITE all he could find was the low-r… @acid_viking STEVE HARKINGHARK AT THIS TWAT you like a bit of 303 action, then you should get to know about this crew: Pierre has compiled his second edition of "Acid 88" - out soon on double 12" vinyl - features tracks from I <3 A…
Retweeted by Posthuman @joemuggs i have no problem with his hyper-ego, if the drive to grandeur is to be remembered as a man who helped fu… @vincewatson @KirkDegiorgio there are certain ones you can spot which are screamingly obvious though. this is Pegg… to @KirkDegiorgio i am falling down a rabbithole of fake twitter and facebook followers for underground arti…
Retweeted by Posthumanthis is amazing - checking up on the latest hyped-up DJs and artists...pretty obvious find…
Retweeted by Posthumancoming up soon - @djpierreacid presents "Acid 88 part 2" double 12" compilation featuring ourselves, Luke Vibert,… new one from 313 acid queen on Detroit Underground...only 35 copies left on pre-order. *tip* @richard_littler if it gets us a cosy well-paid slot on RT, sure
@JimmyMaheras "I may not be a superstar, but at least i ain't a fakestar" @triplexy @KirkDegiorgio #Goldmine @triplexy @KirkDegiorgio arf! I was thinking of changing my name to "DJ Hot Milf Action" to be fair @b_nmrrs @LDLDN ORLY? damn, there's a track of hers (???) i've been playing out for ages, really like it. @KirkDegiorgio there's so many, some are friends/people i respect...others, i kinda don't want to point out because… @theonlypreslav @KirkDegiorgio i'd be interested to know this @LDLDN sadface emoticon of course, ye olde Twitter Audit just spotted a well known respect undergound DJ, who… is amazing - checking up on the latest hyped-up DJs and artists...pretty obvious find… to @KirkDegiorgio i am falling down a rabbithole of fake twitter and facebook followers for underground arti… @dyLABs It's a soccerball metaphor i think.My new favourite saying; "born on third base, but telling everyone you hit a home run" @eddiecointreau The thing from last year. I offer it out once ecery five releases. Next one will be ILA21-25. ILA20… @eddiecointreau Advance subscribers have had them shipped. Not in shops (yet) Bit disappointed that a subscriber i… @Hull_Trains Will my seat reservations still be kept? Am travelling with a toddler so don't want to end up standing or sitting in the aisle @Hull_Trains will the 12:33 today be running as normal? @paulSDMCR Huh? Why wasn't he credited?
I did this Interview on nightlife. Listening to @CarolineRussell you’d think tourists & public only goal is getting…
Retweeted by Posthuman9:09
This one is moving fast 🤪💨 #vinyl #hardcore #rave #acid #cknowep7
Retweeted by PosthumanMade it to Selby. Fuck knows when the next train to Hull is. Given up on that and found a local pub showing the foo…