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Posthuman @posthuman London, UK

I Love Acid / Balkan / Dixon Avenue Basement Jams / Tusk Wax / Shipwrec / Chiwax / Polybius Trax ...bookings please email:

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watch / listen back - last night's I LOVE ACID Radio show on @Hoxton_FM @datassette @JaredWilson7777 @TheForsh4000 @Nehuen @datassette @JaredWilson7777 @TheForsh4000 @Nehuen stamp colours...Important decision made.... @Hoxton_FM listen back & full tracklist here:
Live 9-11pm @iheartacid // @Posthumanmusic watch here -
Retweeted by PosthumanLive 9-11pm @iheartacid // @Posthumanmusic on @Hoxton_FM
Retweeted by Posthuman @Hoxton_FM Live in 10mins @stephane_ulrich perhaps they could put an addendum: "we speak from personal experience" @stephane_ulrich right message, wrong people. it just gives simplistic ammunition to Brexiters, bit like when Ton… on the airwaves tonight. I Love Acid Radio on @Hoxton_FM streamed live on Periscope / YouTube / Web / Faceboo…
Retweeted by Posthuman @thomasragsmusic @Jozef_K_DJ i'd quite like to hear an instrumental of that album actuallyTune in for a taste of what @posthuman will bring to the intimate settings of The Old Red Bus Station 24.11.17. ACI…
Retweeted by Posthuman @chalravens PLEASE MASTER BEFORE YOU SEND OUT PROMOS, EVERYONEback on the airwaves tonight. I Love Acid Radio on @Hoxton_FM streamed live on Periscope / YouTube / Web / Faceboo… is the best synthemasizer in the world? @teamsatan @tiifrecords i get so many terrible demos (a LOT of Italian tech-house, and US post-rock bands) that I'v… on the airwaves tonight. I Love Acid Radio on @Hoxton_FM streamed live on Periscope / YouTube / Web / Faceboo…
Retweeted by Posthumangot the festive drinks in
Retweeted by Posthumanlatest Mr Robot. FUUUCK.2017 @Hoxton_FM 2 hour long show. 4 hours of new music to play.150,000 accounts @DeanMuhsin still waiting for ANYONE to do some acid disco as good as this on the airwaves tonight. I Love Acid Radio on @Hoxton_FM streamed live on Periscope / YouTube / Web / Faceboo…
@bovaflux @actual_anna @Bandcamp it's weird just how many American Industrial Grunge Metal bands tag themselves as… for tomorrows Mugabe puntastic headlines in the tabloids. Zim-bye-bwe! Mu-gone-be! etc @actual_anna @Bandcamp oooh secret tags, that sounds interesting. didn't know about them. got 35 wicked new tracks… @SCsupport nope. doesnt work for tracks that used to be downloadable (when it was a pro account) and are now over t… my regular @bandcamp digging...always some proper hidden gems i do love it but fuck me, i wish the genre tag… we wait for our delayed vinyl pressings...some industrial acid techno to see us out for 2017: Out Dec 11th -…
Retweeted by Posthuman @clash_music @reefband @terrorvision @TheWildhearts this feed about Reef's one hit wonder sales never ceases to ama… @lobstertheremin UTTU @mikeservito @PatternsBTN @rhythm_sister @RadioDEBONAIR great flyer that @MrAaronSwainEsq @SCsupport that and pissing all their VC cash on swanky offices etc. i have sympathy for the code… @GrahamJ81609846 @davidw954 @cath1957 @ChukaUmunna @ShelaghFogarty Yedinaya Rossiya Party, right?
@MrAaronSwainEsq @SCsupport i just had to use a third party tool. shit like this why i stopped paying for a pro account - and the adverts.lost an old track of mine, only place i have the wav is uploaded to soundcloud. won't let me download my own file,… @Hyponik @ShyOneBeats @DJTashLC @Naina_LDN @residentadvisor 18 years! you're finally legal. mental. and i remember… @tommypalm Back with a little of bit of Detoxing Beats!What's your favourite thing about techno in 2017?
Retweeted by PosthumanWhat's your favourite thing about techno in 2017?
@ransomnoted most passive aggressive instragram ever @mutablejoe @joemuggs celebrity pic on twitter. first reaction - dead, or sexpest?
#TakingBackControl #TakingAreCuntryBack #Brexit #Democracy
@DeanMuhsin @MATRiXXMAN he does seem to be rather passionately angry about DJing. @timelessmixes you seem really quite worked up about it. @timelessmixes can't please everyone @timelessmixes i wonder what you'd make of my drunken mixing. i'm all over the fucking shop most nights @timelessmixes sorry - i meant maya, as in maya medvesek aka nightwave. not maya jane coles, jeez @timelessmixes yeah our last 12" is on DABJ, came out a few weeks back. @timelessmixes heh heh. we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. i think she's ace. track of hers on upcoming… @DeanMuhsin @MATRiXXMAN "the Jeremy Beadle of Techno" ? @timelessmixes I've seen Maya play a bunch of times (and booked here several times myself, incl. back when she was… ghost writers nailing the tracks for their clients at the moment, good work 🥊
Retweeted by Posthuman @clash_music Good. Sick of filling in those bullshit forms.tune in! Mike plays on the internet radio this afternoon at 12:15 EST...
Retweeted by Posthuman @terrystuckshop Is that a new tech-house subgenre?Understanding 2017 politics, lesson 1.
Retweeted by Posthuman
@riblamat48 nope. 3rd thurs monthly @British_Airways it also keeps asking me for a "are you a robot" captcha - even when logged in with my BA account @British_Airways yep. same issue, chrome and IE, regardless if logged in, not logged in, incognito...keeps coming up. ISP is Sky Fibre. @Lone @Lone have you heard claustrophobic sting slowed down? immense @British_Airways been trying to book return flights, london-malta, weekend of 10th feb 2018. every search results in this error. @British_Airways 90 mins now had this issue.... @British_Airways it's been an hour now @British_Airways still not working and no response from you @British_Airways @TheOTown "We haven't had any other problems reported today." it's not working for me either, thi… flight search & bookings website not working ...known issue? / ETA on fix?RELEASE REVIEW @posthuman feat. @JoshCaffe on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams "...a real protein shake of a track"
Retweeted by Posthuman @BalkanVinyl @posthuman such bollocks. ''fuck the guys who keep us in business all year round let's get the major l…
Retweeted by Posthumanwe were expecting to be releasing I Love Acid 17, Metro Jaxx One, and "It's a House Thing" repress in 2017 but th…
Retweeted by PosthumanHi everyone. Sorry to announce, we've also been affected my MPO's disgraceful "majors first, indies last" policy. W…
Retweeted by Posthuman @DeanMuhsin yes, it is.
@stephane_ulrich must be excruciating being made to fall on your sword to save face for someone who themselves is so obviously doomed @PyeCornerAudio love it. probably my fave of the boutiquesi think i have 280 character twitter now.and there it is @uandiplc Not sure which is uglier - the buildings or the price tag.