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Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India.

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Union Minister @PrakashJavdekar to NDTV | @NDTVDialogues
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarBJP will win if Lok Sabha elections were held today: TOI online poll via NMApp
Modi govt gets high approval rating at three-year mark in TOI online poll
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हर नियुक्ति मेरिट पर हुई है और होगी.हम किसी का रंग देखकर नियुक्ति नहीं करते:#3SaalModiSarkar #Transformingeducation PM @narendramodi know your ideas for this month's #MannKiBaat on 28th May
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarPM Modi’s tourism push pays off! India jumps 16 places in UNWTO rankings. via NMApp
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#MinisterSpeaks : HRD Minister @PrakashJavdekar talks to #PIB in Hindi on #keyinitiatives #3YearsOfGovt
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekarशिक्षा की गुणवत्ता बेहतर बनाना सर्वोपरि लक्ष्य #Qualityeducation #Transformingeducationशिखरसम्मेलन: "Bringing changes in education sector by adding innovation" says @PrakashJavdekar
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarAfter 3 years there is pro incumbency for NDA, generally anti incumbency sets in. We are winning elections @PrakashJavdekar #शिखरसम्मेलन
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekar#शिखरसम्मेलन: 1 crore 25 lakh financially stable people gave up gas subsidies for poor
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekar#शिखरसम्मेलन HRM @PrakashJavdekar LIVE on @abpnewstv
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Anil Madhav Dave ji was a real nature lover , had a vision of protecting environment & ensuring development.Saddened by the sudden demise of my colleague Anil Madhav Dave ji.My heartfelt condolences.
Launched the PG Programme in Leadership Politics and Governance by IIDL @vinay1011 @PMuralidharRao @DrSYQuraishiगुणवत्ता सुधार और सबको शिक्षा, अच्छी शिक्षा हमारा ध्येय : प्रकाश जावड़ेकरसबको शिक्षा दिलाना सरकार का लक्ष्य : जावड़ेकर
#3YearsOfGov की उपलब्धियों पर मीडिया को आज संबोधित किया #Transformingeducation #QualityInitiatives will address a Press Conference on #KeyInitiatives of @HRDMinistry during #3YearsOfGovt #QualityInitiatives #Transformingeducation
Released 'Strategy & Approach Paper of National Teacher Platform’ at Workshop on Innovations & Best Practices.…
Fourth Regional Workshop on Innovations / Best Practices in Education at Bengaluru, Karnataka on 12th-13th May…
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Buddha set to be included in NCERT curriculum : A means to Empower via NMApp tests demonstrated India’s might to the world: Shri Narendra Modi via NMApp
Pleased to be with the future medal winners for India at the Grand Finale of #NYCSGailRaftaar with @PrakashJavdekar
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarIIT Beat MIT in Creating Billion Dollar Startups.#startupindia #IIT #TransformingIndia a #BuddhaPoornima celebration function in New Delhi with my cabinet colleagues @dr_maheshsharma @KirenRijijuबुद्ध पूर्णिमा के पावन पर्व की सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।#BuddhaPurnima
#PresidentMukherjee with the recipients of #PresidentialAwards for Classical Tamil for the years 2014, 15 & 16 at R…
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekarनकल कराने से बेहतर हैं अभिभावक बच्चों को घर पर पढ़ाएं : जावड़ेकर #Transformingeducation #SabkoSikshaAcchiSikshaकेंद्र सरकार तैयार करा रही लर्निंग आउटकम फ्रेमवर्क .#Transformingeducation prototypes from Hackathon to be used. #SmartIndiaHackathon2017 #TransformingIndia seen to become third-biggest solar market in 2017 via NMApp
Sharing my address at Teachers Conf. held @cmslucknow on 'New Model of Edu. in 21st Century' #Transformingeducation लखनऊः हमने स्कूलो को सुधारने का संकल्प लिया है -@PrakashJavdekar @brajeshlive
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarInaugurated teachers' conference on 'New Model of Education in 21st Century' at City Montessori School,#Lucknowप्रसारमाध्यमांनी बदलत्या देशाचे प्रतिनिधित्तव करावेक्या मीडिया बदलते देश का प्रतिनिधित्व कर रहा है ? JNV स्टूडेंट्स देंगे JEE एडवांस्ड.@navodaya @IITJEEExamपं दीनदयाल उपाध्याय जन्म शताब्दी वर्ष पर उन्हें सच्ची श्रद्धांजलि: #MUDRA के अन्तर्गत अब तक 7 करोड़ 57 लाख लोगों को…
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CM Sh @sarbanandsonwal speaking at the Regional Workshop for North-Eastern Region on Innovations and Best Practices…
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarStating knowledge as power, CM @sarbanandsonwal said Govt is committed to provide quality education even to the poo…
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekarशिक्षा को बेहतर बनाने के लिए कई बदलाव किए to restart class X board exam, favours detention policy in schools has been made better : Govt changes made to improve education
'Budget advancement helps speedy release of funds' Ministry fund release to States till April 30 increases six times
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarInaugurated the 3rd North-Eastern Workshop on Innovations / Best Practices in Education alongwith Sec, V.K Pipersen…केंद्रीय विवि में आधुनिक शोध प्रयोगशालाएं बनेंगीनवाचार से ही आ सकती है सतत खुशहाली : जावड़ेकरकक्षा की दीवारों पर लगेंगे लर्निंग आउटकम के पोस्टर
ISRO team has led from the front in developing the South Asia Satellite as per the regions' requirements and flawlessly launching it: PM
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarThrough this we will achieve effective communication, better governance, better banking services & better education in remote areas: PM
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarGrateful to fellow leaders from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives & Sri Lanka for joining me to celebrate this launch: PM
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarWith this launch we have started a journey to build the most advanced frontier of our partnership: PM @narendramodi
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarThe historic occasion has been made better with a surprise- we have leaders of South Asian nations joining us in celebrating this launch.
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarOur PM @narendramodi gift to the neighboring countries. Congratulations to @ISRO team for successful launch of… Regional Workshop on Innovations / Best Practices in Education at Guwahati, Assam on 6th-7th May…
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarHelp students finish projects in class, says Javadekar
@PrakashJavdekar Union HRD Minister addressing 'Rashtra Kavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar's Vyakhyanmala' at Nehru Memoria…
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekar.@PrakashJavdekar People are supreme in #democracy & our privileges are only for better representation for people's…
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarUnion Minister @PrakashJavdekar congratulates #UP assembly members, says mandate shows that people have faith in ou…
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarGovt OKs 2 engg colleges and 7 girls' hostels for J&K students to get more scholarships
Sanctioned 2 engineering colleges, 7 girls hostels among others for Jammu & Kashmir a meeting with J&K Education Minister Altaf Bukhari ,MoS Ms. Priya Sethi along with senior officials & took sev… today's day & age, social media has emerged as an active medium of engagement & has added more vigour to press freedom.
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarWorld Press Freedom Day is a day to reiterate our unwavering support towards a free & vibrant press, which is vital in a democracy.
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekarकॉलेजों विश्वविद्यालयों में होगा शूरवीरों का सम्मान। #VidyaVeertaAbhiyaan #Students4soldiers Veerta Abhiyaan launched to pump patriotic zeal among youths. #VidyaVeertaAbhiyaan #Students4soldiers
Reforming to transform...moving towards a new India.
Retweeted by Prakash Javadekarविश्वविद्यालयों में शौर्य दिवार पर सभी परमवीर चक्र विजेताओं के चित्र लगेंगे।#Students4Soldiers #VidyaVeertaAbhiyaan HRD Minister @PrakashJavdekar addressing at launch of #VidyaVeertaAbhiyan
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarHRD Minister @PrakashJavdekar and MoS Defence @DrSubhashMoS honour the #ParamVeerChakra heroes at the…
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarLIVE: VCs of universities receiving portraits of Param Veer Chakra heroes, from HRD Minister #VidyaVeertaAbhiyan
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarImages from the launch function of #VidyaVeertaAbhiyaan Watch LIVE:
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarLIVE: HRD Min. @PrakashJavdekar and MoS, Defence @DrSubhashMoS at the launch of #VidyaVeertaAbhiyan, in New Delhi
Retweeted by Prakash JavadekarWill Launch #Students4soldiers #VidyaVeertaAbhiyaan with MoS Defence @DrSubhashMoS. A campaign to have 'Wall of Her…