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To show solidarity with #KashmiriPandits who were ethnically cleansed by #KashmiriMuslims, Indian Muslims haven't c…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @tavleen_singh Incidentally, ever wondered what's happened to Hindu "jhatka" butchers? The entire trade appears to be "halal" only now.
Retweeted by P MahapatraMore mob attacks on the police in Kerala than in Kashmir, new figures reveal | @kamaljitsandhu @mail_today
Retweeted by P Mahapatraकहने की अब ज़रूरत नहीं ए ख़ातून, तेरी आँखों की चमक बता रही है सुलगा रही है जो तेरे अंदर का बारूद, वो हवा सरहद पार…
Retweeted by P MahapatraYet the media scums are against #AntiRomeoSquad are always ahead of Muslims in education bcoz Muslims teach their kids abt Hijab, Halal , Palestine rather… Everyone knows the enablers - the government & @narendramodi. No one knows the inventors - Bains, Prasad…
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UP govt starts a WhatsApp number (09454404444) for complaints. Action would be taken 'within three hours' of the complaint.
Retweeted by P MahapatraImagine having IQ (?) that finds connect between Poha and Hindutva. No surprise this creature works for
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe irony of THIS Congi saying it .. his driver wd know way she verbally mocks the policeman.. what a sick woman !! the Jackal sentenced to life for 1974 Paris attack
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#Pune roast as mercury lingers at 40 degrees mark: #Summers #India
Retweeted by P MahapatraTypical North Indian तू जानता नहीं मेरा बाप..even the बुढ़िया is not immune -- 3 stars for @PawanKalyan's film triggers violent outrage; TV studio destroyed, angry fan thrashes TV a…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis is excellent argument n will force the coward secular feminists to take a stand : u can't have a la carte Isla… INCREDIBLE success story. Congratulations, not only to @PMOIndia but also to IARI scientists who invented this.
Retweeted by P MahapatraEx naxal Gaddar ditches Mao for Mahadev #Gharwapisi cc @kavita_krishnan - never too late to…
Retweeted by P MahapatraAttn : Those romance with Maoists Maoist idealogue-singer Gaddar turns to spirituality, politics :
Retweeted by P MahapatraWomen should not enter places of worship during menstruation: Congress leader M.M Hassan Read @ANI_news story…
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhen you abandon your roots for a few bags of rice ..!! hasn't heard of Takshashila or Nalanda which was ironically burnt down by Muslim invaders.
Retweeted by P MahapatraRizwan, wearing sacred Hindu thread and faking himself as Rakesh was stalking a X Std girl for long.
Retweeted by P MahapatraDrugs , terrorism , murder by rash driving , hawala .. and the Bollytards like Arshad Warsi outrage over a few twi… shots of grp of Zambian wild dogs chasing a wildebeest ,a grp of sharks hunting baby whale .. breathtaking .. #FeelAlive #bbcearthTo make life easier for liberals with Modi, Trump in power and probably Le Pen on the way ..?? abt the job loss..?? #MeatBan due respect Sir, Muslims have never ever cared for HUMBLE requests . It's strategy of 'in your face' provocati… (somewhere in France) block traffic to say their mid-day prayers. Listen to some irate car drivers honking.
Retweeted by P MahapatraDon't be naïve, Colonel. Use of loudspeaker is to flaunt in-your-face supremacy. Imagine, telling u 5 times a day t…
Retweeted by P MahapatraBan on legal wine shops caused no monetary loss to the exchequer. Ban on illegal slaughterhouses causing loss worth 1000s of Crores, Gajab..
Retweeted by P MahapatraKerala model .. all dis talk of high literacy n high HDI(due to money from 'Gelf') sounds so silly now stories of teasing and harrassment on just one page. What women face in UP everyday
Retweeted by P MahapatraUP Police shld not act agnst eve teasing , so we earn dollars by writing on misogyny, patriarchy,VAW in Hinduism on foreign media #libtardsWhen the Black Night fell, 46 years ago. We were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs. @trunils @Bunibroto @maidros78
Retweeted by P MahapatraCongress Leader Tariq Hamid Karra talks of Jihad. He recently met the Gandhis
Retweeted by P MahapatraTavleen Singh has gone full retard after UP elections .. sad 🙁
If the new Congi govt in Punjab cracks down on drugs , Lakhs of smugglers will lose their jobs ..!!! on anything illegal, criminal ( terrorism, slaughterhouse , Eve teasing ) 👉🏾 attack on Muslims make the figures public. Do explain how would the share of KMs increase by KP men leaving the valley leaving KP…
Retweeted by P MahapatraWho was she questioning??? She was spearheading a dubious 'campaign' by ET with some extremely shoddy journalism. N…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#ThingsILearnOnTwitter Rapes and eve teasing are India's shame but acting against offenders makes us 'moral police' which is worse.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra1) A priest from Fali Nariman's cultural and genetic home 2) A priest from the country which gave refuge to Fali N…
Retweeted by P MahapatraApparently those batting for illegal slaughterhouses are allegedly "Animal-lovers". What a disgusting bunch of hypocrites we have in media.
Retweeted by P MahapatraDisgusting.. This is what mediakhor bastards are trying to save. (Watch it at your own risk)
Retweeted by P MahapatraIslam has NOTHING to do with terrorism. So how could this be true?
Retweeted by P MahapatraWork hard to rebuild it like the Japanese? But that's not an option to an Islamist mind.
Retweeted by P MahapatraIn 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America; it is now among the poorest
Retweeted by P MahapatraAgainst triple talaq, but won't support coz BJP. Against sexual harassment, but won't support coz BJP. ... RW can't match their hatred ever.
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You guessed it right. 'Cleric' is Hafiz Aslam.
Retweeted by P MahapatraMuslim parents' letter to HM,Dhanyakhola school,Nandigram demanding religious dress,Milad-ul-Nabi celebration,break…
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhen asked to bend, the NDA Govt chose to crawl. For some strange reason this Govt is petrified of NDTV. No action…
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Tunday milein ya na milein,Gundein na milein!Will be happy to see No Gunday in UP.All illegal stuff must be stopped.Good moves #UPshouldgoUP
Retweeted by P MahapatraHave asked BuzzFeed to create an article "10 times Kaif lost matches for India". We can't allow such bigots to grow
Retweeted by P MahapatraI'm delighted to share with you that today India has surplus coal and surplus power. Whichever state wants, can get it : @PiyushGoyal
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Err the squads are made of UP *POLICE*, moron.
Retweeted by P MahapatraAll Pseudos criticisin UP's Anti-Romeo Squads non-stop havnt said even a word abt rape accused Brajesh Pandey coz he's a Sr Journo's brother
Retweeted by P MahapatraAppalled at the malnutrition level in UP. I propose pork and pulses in mid day meals in schools and madarsas to sol…
Retweeted by P MahapatraA Hindu student was asked to submit written apology over celebrating #holi at the campus in Sindh University Jamsho…
Retweeted by P MahapatraIslamist terror can only be addressed when Muslims engage in honest assessment. Apologist liberals are part of the…
Retweeted by P MahapatraBreaking : Yogi Adityanath the Hindu Priest Bigot orders release of 1890 criminals from Kerala jails
Retweeted by P MahapatraThere's much more diversity among the victims of terrorism than among the perpetrators.
Retweeted by P MahapatraStop cow vigilantism, moral policing, or face action: Yogi to UP police
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe youngest victim of Islamic Terrorism in Kashmir. 2 year old Manu, who was shot dead by the Local Kashmiri Musli…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe Muslims shot him dead and then Gang raped his wife and Minor daughter, who died while she was being raped .
Retweeted by P MahapatraLocal Kashmiri Muslims entered the house of Sohan Lal Braroo in 1992, a resident of Kralkhud Srinagar. #Never_Forgive #Never_Forget
Retweeted by P Mahapatra.@mvenkaiahnaidu, live telecast of anti-terror op draws just an apology demand from Gov? Nahi hota toh naukri chhodo
Retweeted by P MahapatraAnti terrorism law like POTA becomes anti-Muslim , anti sexual harassment squad also becomes anti-Muslim . What doe… video explains hw Bengal z being converted to a Jihadi Hub wid influx of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants…
Retweeted by P MahapatraOn the issue of crackdown on illegal slaughter houses in UP, why one section of media is deliberately ignoring the term "illegal"?
Retweeted by P MahapatraYogi Adityanath begins massive crackdown on illegal buses in the state
Retweeted by P MahapatraLondon's streets are red with blood. But on a positive note, it's magnificently diverse blood.
Retweeted by P MahapatraTime to give up the fight and get the Aadhar card. Brazen (and successful) backdoor legislation. And the opposition is worried bout kebabs!
Retweeted by P Mahapatrawe thought UP was the glaring example of social justice and social engineering for last 10 years where things like…
Retweeted by P MahapatraMaternity bill makes startups hire men over women.
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhat Brilliance
Retweeted by P MahapatraMany expectations on the VAW front .. keep working n ignore the media has Khajuraho's erotic temples got to do with molestation sexual harassment & stalking ?!?
Retweeted by P MahapatraTunkuji's jibe notwithstanding, my idea if India is, among other things, where neither liberals nor conservatives d…
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