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Muhammad Tughlaq smashed many kingdoms but against Bhanudeva of Orissa, he had to suffer defeat,trans Godavari are…
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Muslim rapist , gangster felled by rival gangs . Mullah gazette terms it 'lynching' .. !! Always the victims's army released images of ISIS terrorists attempting to flee Mosul while dressed in female clothing.This is wh…
Retweeted by P MahapatraMan stuck with swords ? Known gangster with many cases .. maybe an AAPtard "Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb." Nail polish is haraam for "wuzu." Sharia-law "liberals."
Retweeted by P MahapatraI dedicate this to @PChidambaram_IN who was crying "Saffron Terror" :))
Retweeted by P MahapatraItna warm welcome to by god kabhi ghar waalon ne bhi nahi kiya :'). Can't thank you all enough for your love and support 🙏
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#Yazidi sex slave kidnapped by #ISIS vows to 'take revenge' after joining all-female militia to fight in #Syria
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#Hadoop can cost-effectively process large amounts of data. Combine it with SAP systems for limitless possibilities…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra1) For all those demanding a flag for Karnataka, use the Vijayanagara kingdom flag - the defender, Varahaswami (symbol of Vijayanagar)
Retweeted by P MahapatraIt's not okay for Jewish people to form a country on Jewish land but it's okay for Muslims to create a Pakistan in…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra"All Hindus are not victimized. So no Hindus are victimized" "Some Muslims are victimized. So all Muslims are victi…
Retweeted by P MahapatraLet them maintain it from Wakf Money! Why should govt come in only for this & not for regulating madrasas or change…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @RanaAyyub Some more kawariya in bibi's path
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Retweeted by P MahapatraMany warriors like Tanaji are unknown to our kids. Hope the film is realistic and a big success . 🙏👍 to Ahmednagar-Pune road on Eid . People cancel their Shirdi plans n Dist Admin is put on alert. #scums Bangladesh is not safe even for moderately liberal Muslims.
Retweeted by P MahapatraFucker got a padmashree when his ammi was the CBFC chairman . Why would he ? Shahid Siddiqui doesn't suffer Schizophrenia, he enjoys it.
Retweeted by P MahapatraPastor Sazi Joseph is arrested in Kerala for doing Sexuaal Harassment of two boys of 12 yrs. Pope has already pardoned all rapist Pastors.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#Kawariyas blocking roads on #Eid. @RanaAyyub
Retweeted by P MahapatraOonjal, the wooden swing. Beautiful South Indian furniture #traditional
Retweeted by P Mahapatra🙄 they occupied Tibet & Xinjiang, together a Larger Area than post '47 India, in 1949-53. And their economy was in…
Retweeted by P MahapatraAverage guy on Holiday with family raised voice when he saw something wrong. Hats off 🙏🙏 Calcutta’s lecture series will not take place this year due to poor condition of road leading up to Institute
Retweeted by P MahapatraEveryday new drama
Retweeted by P MahapatraAmazing- sitting in the meeting as in what capacity btw?
Retweeted by P MahapatraMeanwhile in #Pune , Pavana and Panshet dam water level rise above 65% 😻
Retweeted by P Mahapatra😂😂 A basic crash course is required to be a puNekar. Not everyone's game. Not all human dreams are fulfilled said P…
Retweeted by P MahapatraDo read this thread...
Retweeted by P MahapatraFormer Chinese diplomat: India has three options at Doklam: "Withdraw, capture, or be killed"
Retweeted by P MahapatraKarnataka facing sever drought, farmer suicides . Regular power failures in B'luru . Congis divert attention with this state flag BSNo situation fraught with danger is without humour. #China tying itself up in Chinese knots is unlimited fun.
Retweeted by P MahapatraUmm... On the day that the Lok Sabha discussed 'agrarian crisis' for hours. Might've been better to have participat…
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UIDAI launches mAadhaar app
Retweeted by P MahapatraGopal Krishna Gandhi has practically spent his entire life getting paychecks from taxpayers. All postings after 198…
Retweeted by P MahapatraI am sure she ll outrage about Saudi woman arrested for wearing short skirt. Moderate Muslim is an oxymoron.
Retweeted by P MahapatraDear Kannada warriors, this temple built by ur Kannada kings in nimma Kannadanadu needs help. Will u fight for it?
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe plagiarism explains how some Indian journalists have become purveyors of China's psychological war against India
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe 2 cr - 1 lakh = 1 lakh speech via @youtube
Retweeted by P MahapatraIIT Bhubaneswar student turns James Bond to find his stolen phone |JNU PhD Kanhaiya wont be able to find his own a$$😂 .. there is simply no comparison. Pune is way more gentle than UP, Delhi .. will be shocked PM's Spl Assistance Programme, 1986 Total funds: Rs 179.73cr Jammu's share: Rs 15.5cr (8%) Kashmir's: Rs 164.58cr (92%)
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhere is your government that should be taking care of Congress rowdy elements??
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis is very serious. Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav's sources are 100% reliable. A State of Emergency must be declared, if…
Retweeted by P MahapatraMore indication that China's war rhetoric against India ought not to be discounted as mere posturing or empty threat
Retweeted by P MahapatraAll that remains of ancient Vijeshwara temple of Kashmir on the banks of Jhelum. Destroyed by Kashmiriyat of a Suf…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe dissonance between China's daily war-mongering and India playing down China's threats risks becoming a strategic miscalculation by India
Retweeted by P MahapatraIndian justice system >>> After 29-year trial, 2 persons get 5 years in prison for Rs 370 theft -- a third man died
Retweeted by P Mahapatra"Halal Nail Polish" -- that's right -- I did not make that up via @GFarooqi
Retweeted by P MahapatraI wd rather worship cows, idols : Massive Catholic child sexual abuse scandal in Germany, 547 boys suffer abuse they make fun of cow worshiping northies, Jesus worshiping Kerala priest arrested for sexually abusing minors most murky case in the annals of Independence India. Either JJ's ghost is haunting everyone or influential ppl…
Retweeted by P MahapatraNow, a Hindu woman files complaint against Muslim husband 4 forced conversion to Islam in Kozhikode district, Kerala
Retweeted by P MahapatraTWO WORLDS: After live-fire drills, China steps up its threat of war but India is unmoved. It doesn't have even a full-time defense minister
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Virtue signaling maams like Sushmaji should be kept far away from policy decision making process. Too dangerous PoK student to be granted visa to enter India | Looks like Modi sarkar has accepted Pakistani suzerainty in PoK
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis incident happened 5 days ago. ONLY Hindi media has covered it. SHAME on English media.
Retweeted by P MahapatraYogi Aditya Nath demonstrates that NOIDA comes under UP and not under Kejriwal, Mamata or Bangla Desh:
Retweeted by P Mahapatra3 Muslims raped a 13-yr old girl. No mention of their religion in the headline unlike when a Muslim returns a wallet
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#NotInMyName Jamal watched only Mia Khalifa in HD.... 🤣🤣
Retweeted by P MahapatraNoida Authority has razed over three dozen illegal shanties of BD Muslims, who had attacked at Mahagun Society with sticks & stones.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra'Minority' Muslims are so terrified under Yogi-raj that some of them are chopping fingers of 'majority' Hindus to express their fear.
Retweeted by P MahapatraModi knows exactly the minimum required to keep the support base excited 😂😂😂 Key word is of course minimum
Retweeted by P MahapatraPassport of Islamic hate preacher...
Retweeted by P MahapatraInternally, sef-certified intellectuals that used to keep their mouth shut in front of Islamist rats n Chrurch scam… Muslim Noor-ul-Islam(65) is arrested by Jammu police for trafficking girls.He trafficked 20 girls from BD border charging ₹7K each.
Retweeted by P MahapatraMany pro Pak scumbags in India claim we are one people Portal is offering a dashboard with usage analytics for a business site
Retweeted by P MahapatraMicrosoft's new navigation app will help you find your way indoors
Retweeted by P MahapatraHindi is the national language of INDIA & these picture are the steps towards VP. @MVenkaiahNaidu ! @Janamejayan
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhat was the police under 'Nindamama' n 56inch doing ? AAP takes care of its voters , why blame Swati Jaihind ??… Shameful incident happens in Delhi but No outrage,No protest by #DCW & #NotInMyName Gang becoz victim is Hindu.
Retweeted by P MahapatraOne meeting with the Chinese Ambassador and this follows. In any case TMC is transmogrified CPM. Comes naturally to…
Retweeted by P MahapatraIn Muslim dominated Dhubru district of Assam, a Garo tribal village vanished completely, #Bhumiputra son of the soi…
Retweeted by P Mahapatrawar is coming ...I see too many bearded skull caps driving the school buses in Pune. Hope our kids remain safe... that logic all Muslims in POK should be indian visa (bwth let #PakHindus die in Pak - Any way they are destined…
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