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It shows the kind of senseless, insensitive, cowardly thugs they are,butchering an innocent animal,against the law…
Retweeted by P MahapatraWith children witnessing it.
Retweeted by P MahapatraSo #Rampur molestation nothing but ugly face of #LoveJihad? 👉Shah Nawaz arrested 👉FIR agnst Named/Farman/Jahan-e-Al…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra'Peaceful' Jihadis molesting wonen at day light in Rampur, UP.
Retweeted by P MahapatraThere is no temple in Saudi whereas there're more than 300,000 mosques in India. Religious freedom is not about pis…
Retweeted by P MahapatraI'm liking this army chief. He's doing a great job. Mad respect.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @IndiaHistorypic Here are pictures of a 1300yr old temple in #Pune. #Rashtrakuta #temple
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhen an average student touches the marksheet of a topper. #CBSEResults2017
Retweeted by P MahapatraBreaking my cardinal rule of never engaging with vituperative people. How will there be peace when there is so much…
Retweeted by P MahapatraGen Rawat, who had served in J&K, said if people in any country lose fear of the army, then the country is doomed.
Retweeted by P MahapatraFucker wd be the first to run with tails between his legs if pfi goons come in front of him @IndiaSpeaksPR Udaan#VeerSavarkar – A nationalist, a rationalist and a humanist
Retweeted by P Mahapatrakids who failed in 12th need not to worry, look at these two, they failed in 10th and still ruling a state.…
Retweeted by P MahapatraJallikattu is animal cruelty but cow slaughter is freedom. Exasperating farrago of bullshit peddled by Tharoor masq…
Retweeted by P MahapatraNo logic whatsoever, just rhetorics. Btw, do Jews think that Jesus was the greatest Jew born ever, or u are in char…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis is very cruel, Congress pleas don't do it #गउ_हत्यारी_Congress
Retweeted by P MahapatraInglorious Author @ShashiTharoor, Supporting cow slaughter and opposing Jallikattu
Retweeted by P Mahapatra#LawlessUP - Two women molested by 12-14 boys in broad daylight in Rampur, UP. Video goes viral
Retweeted by P Mahapatra100,000 Iranian women march against forced veiling in 1979, Islamist men shouted threats, several women were stabbed
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @Kummanam Iam really sad ,hurt ,angry ,mad and disappointed..our state is called Gods own country ..let's all stand…
Retweeted by P MahapatraMeet Digambar Gaikwad - Man who not only won a false molestation case but also compensation of 10L from lying woman
Retweeted by P MahapatraVeer Savarkar:The Historian Extraordinaire A great view Indian history!why we need to write our history on evidence
Retweeted by P MahapatraThere is Donald Trump & Rahul Easwar on one side & the rest of Twitter on the other side.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @AsYouNotWish @jsaideepak Observation.In FB, army of mallu Josephs, Bobbys, Thomases ,Pauls reacted aggressively to…'ve met both Muslim and Christian converts from Kerala. Trust me, Christian converts are far more bigoted & take pride in mocking Hindus.
Retweeted by P MahapatraPositive news : he didn't go out and bomb a few people ..!!#ITurnedTerrorist guy in black dress eating beef, he's the Devaswom minister who's in control of Kerala temples.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra 24 year old MBA student risked his life to bust kidney racket in delhi. Wow :)
Retweeted by P MahapatraBrave people of Kerala kill dogs, calfs to make a political point ,Hide in rat holes when a profs hands r chopped off #BeefIsOurStateFoodShoiab Malik makes a shameful 'Muslim guy' comment on Mohamamd Sami
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis thread. Every Kashmiri Pandit's angst when they see MSM whitewashing Islamic terrorism.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @IndiaBTL Not all of us but she made a royal fool of MEA, Sushma Swaraj and a few big fans of this govt of jokers w…, which banned cow slaughter in state after state since '47, protests #beefban by openly killing a cow, distributing meat in Kannur
Retweeted by P MahapatraRich of a 3rd rate journo to comment on a true patriot. When people like you were wetting your pants in fear, Gill…
Retweeted by P MahapatraTwo Muslim men catfished a young Hindu girl on FB to meet her, got thrashed when girl raised an alarm. How media re…
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhy is this not headlined - "Three Muslims arrested for abducting and raping Dalit minor girl"? #styleguide
Retweeted by P Mahapatra
Cruelty at its peak.Cattle slaughtering by Kerala Youth Congress leader in broad daylight,in front of public gather…
Retweeted by P MahapatraColorful steps at #Bhubaneswar station,painted by employees of Tech Mahindra who volunteered to partner with us.App…
Retweeted by P MahapatraNiyamgiri. And Tribals , not Dalits . scums do something similar with tribals : Native American children were forced to forget traditions rules at The Hyatt Regency in Mumbai. #Odisha
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @pratikprasenjit IIRC, in this movie , girl's father conspires angst Devgan n foists a false case .The girl doesn't spurn 😀We're done with Headmaster's son, shawl-maker, etc. We're now on the next level of maudlin sentiments -- jilted lov…
Retweeted by P MahapatraCoward beef warriors from Kerala hv found a cause to make their sorry lives seem valuable #beefban#WHO confirms #Zika virus cases in Ahmedabad, the country's first
Retweeted by P MahapatraA civilization that builds even it's simple ponds with peak devotion.. Such beauty.. Blessed I am born here 🙏🙏🙏
Retweeted by P MahapatraPakistani rats have to bring religion into everything..😀😀 irresistible weed meets immovable delusion.
Retweeted by P MahapatraThings that offend Islamist minds : statues, idols , not terrorism, sex slaves ..!! @MaanKhider God blessGovernment appointed 69 liaison officers with GST ministerial teams in Srinagar. At No. 51 is Assabah A Khan, terro…
Retweeted by P MahapatraIIT 7th Rank Holder, Pride of Odisha must get support from state govt. @Naveen_Odisha @PandaJay
Retweeted by P MahapatraYour average Islamist next door : mallu tea stalls are capable of doing this What a way to make a Cold Coffee May be you've never seen Cold Coff…
Retweeted by P MahapatraTakia Kalam on Kashmir *Alienation of youth *Political solution *Complex issues *Its not about Islam 😂😂 *Out of the box thinking
Retweeted by P MahapatraI first met #KPSGill in Assam '81. Our careers then ran in parallel from NE to Punjab. He was among our best, warts…
Retweeted by P MahapatraHope the govt is not stupid enuf to hand the body to his family to create more opportunities for violence Ahmad Bhat does not deserve a burial that becomes a spectacle. Hope Indian authorities won't make mistake they made with Burhan Wani
Retweeted by P MahapatraWithout 370 LS seats, Ram Mandir & Article 370 issue can't be taken- Amit Shah Then why did they ask for 272+ seats?
Retweeted by P MahapatraBcoz he could foresee AAP dalliance with Khalistanis n warned against it ??, Hindus record it in Courts. Sharia courts do not
Retweeted by P MahapatraStone pelting at 5 locations after Hizbul commander's killing
Retweeted by P MahapatraB'desh's PM bow down 2Islamic fanatics& remove statues as statues r unislamic.Soon they'll remove her frm powr as femle leadership unislamic
Retweeted by P MahapatraHeadmaster's son's friend, Sabzaar Bhat (right), killed in an encounter with security forces. Crucial inputs provid…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra👍👍 also supported Khilafat jehadis , denied penicillin to his wife , slept naked with his grand nieces.. was studying in school in Patiala, when KPS Gill brought us back the freedom to not be afraid. RIP Lion Of Punjab..what a man,what a life.
Retweeted by P MahapatraHow Nehru, Menon conspired against army chief Thimayya
Retweeted by P MahapatraEven after attending Dawood family wedding ? : BJP fails to make inroads in Muslim pockets #3yearsofModiGovt Khan, Shakeel and Saddam why Erdogan's wife is looking pissed as fuck
Retweeted by P Mahapatra
Hazi, Munna, Wahim arrested.
Retweeted by P MahapatraBy 2019 , Robert Vadra will be honest farmer n Hurriyat will be patriots #3YearsOfModiGovt analysis by @Rita_Katz on how ISIS evades YouTube's censors through a unit called The Upload Knights
Retweeted by P MahapatraIndia not yet ready for electric cars: Honda Cars India CEO
Retweeted by P MahapatraOdisha BJD MP Bhartruhari Mahtab among 9 MPs to be conferred with Sansad Ratna awards
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis kalyani (pond) is in Hulikere near Halebidu Hassan Built during : 12th century CE
Retweeted by P Mahapatra