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The “Only Son of God” and the “Final Prophet” are the two biggest scams on the planet. But people brainwashed to “…
Retweeted by P MahapatraYears from now, when they ask what was Modi's BIGGEST blunder, tell them: not inducting Swamy in the cabinet.
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@abadhuta117 @ANINewsUP Odia😀 bilkul theek kahila ..!Or the donkey that carried God's messenger to God... slowdown, layoffs at HDFC and other banks- barring an emotional issue- Modi will find 2019 tough
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @ANINewsUP @_Mauna_ HIPO- Hindu In Photos Only #JumlaMe: I lost tupperware Mom:
Retweeted by P MahapatraRSS assholes, Fake Patriots @nailainayat Mawra is much more beautiful.IMHOKerala girl who got influenced by friends and changed religion, does ghar waapasi. Note PFI/SDPI's involvement.
Retweeted by P MahapatraPakistan 1 India 0 😂
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @drharshvardhan Dear @BJP4India @narendramodi @PMOIndia this Hindi rashtrabasha claim is grating. Please stop! It a…
Retweeted by P MahapatraIt's no longer innocuous that BJP folks keep saying Hindi is our national language when they know it's not the case…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @singh_sabhajit @livemint One of the many Official languages, NOT national language. Basic GK @livemint there is NOTHING called the national language 😄 a very bright gal I am afraid if she was convinced by Zakir Naik videos and the BS abt worshipping one God . We… after exposing Church's sex abuse in Canada, Indian doctor is hunted by various cases against him there
Retweeted by P MahapatraSomeone rode a donkey to heaven... Myth or true? Hahahhaa
Retweeted by P MahapatraEspecially bitter gourd
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe international reform monkeys sold us #GST. So far: increases capital requirements manyfold, net tax impact 1.5 - 2 times.
Retweeted by P Mahapatra"But today, the government is not ready. The systems are not ready" #GSTForNewIndia #GSTFailed of the strongest language against the govt’s failures you will hear from a major corporate via @Bodhisatvaa
Retweeted by P MahapatraA litre of Petrol in Pune is rupees 80 . Cuckendra Fadnavis not helpful at all Slumps 400 Points, Rupee Rebounds After Falling To 6-Month Low
Retweeted by P Mahapatra😂
Retweeted by P MahapatraStauch Modi supporterts ("Bhakts") running small biz r sharing disaster stories post #GST, RSS bojos may never get another chance to ruleModi Ji making some major announcement on Monday. Ghar me pada 1-1 paisa pehle hi bank me jama karwa deta hoon
Retweeted by P MahapatraIncome tax efiling registration of more than 80% will have to be done again due to new schema. Around 3 cr. Creating new jobs finmin style.😜
Retweeted by P MahapatraChanakya serial? Had answers to everything 😂
Retweeted by P MahapatraDon't know why so many celebrating NDTV being sold, basically means Prannoy Roy got Big Money & is home free.
Retweeted by P MahapatraPanic among exporters and SMEs. Which world does this man live in ? @Outlookindia Why bring in 'throat slit' into a political discussion on administration? Too much time spent with jaahil mullahs ?Hamid Ansari's scums are so afraid, feeling so uneasy we won't remove 'MFN' and IWT .. Karo pls 🙏🙏 haraamis like 👇🏾 need not post fake photos when team Modi is self-destructing. Arab masters can't wait ? what is the problem with worshipping “idols”?
Retweeted by P MahapatraKhilji's daughter Furuzan "Hindus know how to enjoy good things . I will never marry a Muslim" Dear Bollywood, make…
Retweeted by P MahapatraShame @TheOfficialSBI-at AlangulamTN-an old lady pensioner-out of rs1000-rs350 deductedfor not keeping 3k min bal-given 650 @suchetadalal RT
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Peaceful Mullah wants us Indians to raise abv Hindu-Muslim division to help Rohingyas,otherwise he'll ensure elimin…
Retweeted by P MahapatraSHOCKING : Funds given to Islamic Madrassas by @narendramodi Govt is used to help & settle #Rohingya Muslims in Jam…
Retweeted by P MahapatraAnd here's another amazing illustrated series from Raj on the Legend of Durga Puja
Retweeted by P MahapatraA Paki Mullah got eye operated in Delhi by Hindu lady doc. Was profusely thanking only allah , not d doctor .! Auka… your Advocate General to say this to HC.....and file affidavit...rather than street bravado....😂😂
Retweeted by P MahapatraI cannot believe this. Politicians are working overtime to save the qazis and the pedophile Arab sheikhs at Hyderab…
Retweeted by P MahapatraA friend' client got notice from GST dpt for non filing.Friend gives proof of filing,dept says not reflecting in ou…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @iMac_too was no Trojan,was open abt his criticism of Modi. Never praised him after joining his team.Why blame him… like these occupied the highest bureaucratic/diplomatic posts under UPA
Retweeted by P MahapatraDisguise himself as an IT professional? Was he carrying Old Monk and chhota goldflake?
Retweeted by P MahapatraMajor breakthrough in #GauriLankesh murder case, killer disguised himself as IT professional For more:…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra"Urdu Mushaira 4 Kannada naadu's Hindu festival Mysore Dasara" FAKES who fought against few lines of Hindi in Metro…
Retweeted by P MahapatraTeacher: "Give some examples of rhyming words" Bobby Deol:
Retweeted by P MahapatraThere's no history in rationalism about a chutia having direct contact with any God. So why not reject all prophets?
Retweeted by P MahapatraGoons of the sanctimonious and preachy @SitaramYechury - led CPI(M). Understandably, #MSM loves him, so does…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThe "secular" state in India is designed to assault #HinduHumanRights. It does this well.
Retweeted by P MahapatraModerate Jihad? There were no Masjids in #VedicTimes. So, why not demolish all Masjids?
Retweeted by P MahapatraUndecipherable inscriptions used as river steps. Legacy lost in time. How much more should be lost before we wake u…
Retweeted by P MahapatraIt will be fascinating to see @narendramodi trying to win 2019 through tax terrorism and Sarkari Babus. Don't think it can be done, lets see
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @thenewsminute Yeah, saw Kamal fight the Islamists stopping his Vaishwaropam release !! He bent over .."Drama meets drama," say Instagram users
Retweeted by P MahapatraWhether it's 40, 50 or 60% is immaterial. The Govt literally is providing no extra service than it did 4 years ago…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @India_Progress 1)51k to Muslim girls on marriage 2) UP. Assam govt to help victims of triple talaqOnly way Congi will look better in 2019 is if we go to polls with a disappointing governance, anti corruption and weak Hindutva record.
Retweeted by P MahapatraVictory- Sunanda Pushkar Murder in @Swamy39 & my petition HC records FINAL REPORT/CHARGESHEET be filed in max 8 weeks. Justice be Served.
Retweeted by P MahapatraBlockbuster quarterfinal tomorrow. Newly crowned World Champion Victor Axelsen vs our own Sri Kidambi. H2H Ambi trails 2-3. #JapanSS
Retweeted by P MahapatraUnlike Padmini who is not recorded in contemporary sources, Khilji's love affair with his male sexual slave Malik Kafur is well attested
Retweeted by P MahapatraFirst time Rajpath ji 🙏 Petrol taxes se roads banane ke chakkar me 19 me Modi ko sadak par le aayega🥂Interns, don't protest 2 much.Let them self destruct😜
Retweeted by P MahapatraWho has stopped u from taking the Rohingyas? After all PAK was created for that purpose! Why hasn't PAK offered to…
Retweeted by P MahapatraFlying to Rourkela for a memorial service, had to turn back due bad weather. These pics show how stunningly beautif…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @BDUTT I was taught in school to see Mohandas Gandhi as a hero. Then I got to read what he did in Noakhali ,with un… is Hindu culture to protect anyone. Even perverted 60 year old Arab paedophiles. Secularism is more important th…
Retweeted by P Mahapatra @ANI Voters of Amritsar were smart . Easily saw through d incompetence. Only a equally incompetent Modi sees competence in this guyThat is entirely your fault, that you created an image of Suu Kyi that suited you. For me, she's doing perfectly we…
Retweeted by P MahapatraJab tak India main hain IAS, India Nahin badlega
Retweeted by P MahapatraWe DANCE with M's who wage Jihad & drive out Hindus from Kashmir. We SHAME Buddhists who stops M's from making Rak…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis so-called editor doesn't even know the name of "young journalist". Because #ShantanuBhowmik is not…
Retweeted by P MahapatraThis dumbass lives in a country that is trying to put a man in jail for a video of a pug Nazi saluting and wants me…
Retweeted by P MahapatraSome of the Cars owned by Sambia Sohrab, son of Trianmmol Neta Md Sohrab he had no cars till 2006
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