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I have an amazing wife and five wonderful dogs. I eat plants and I collect records. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing like a gentleman.

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I don't want to delete my account, for a bunch of reasons, but other than DMs with close friends, I need to be away from Twitter for a while @LanaBananaLana Kirk's impression of old Fred was gold. @LanaBananaLana Hockey and Corrie are the only reasons we watch CBC.Norris and Mary in full Star Wars costumes on Corrie. Oh shit😁
@Just_JeffN I don't think I do anymore, but I'm pretty sure I did. Nice one. @Mattzors I'm trying to find my new balance with logging in and participating. I also don't want to leave but latel… years ago: FB is people you went to high school with. Twitter is people you wish you went to high school with Now: Twitter is high school"I've never heard The Smiths before." @gahanlebon It was okay, but that bit was great."We know that most people are rotten to the core, but some are good, and proceed accordingly." Generation X philosophy captured perfectly🙂Hang the blessed DJ. Because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life. Preach
All ages need good homes. #adoptdontshop #halifax #dartmouth #hrm #cats
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @gingerlove71 ever since you said all BMW drivers are adulterers, it makes me laugh really hard when I see one in my rearview mirror. @thesaltyfog And even during that stretch they could have used some quality control :) @thesaltyfog I jumped in, like many, at Bee Thousand and the window from there through Earthquake Glue is their stu… @thesaltyfog That's pretty fair. I love that they work quick, but it just starts blending together. The new one has… @shawn_freeze @sassypants81 @gingerlove71 @NamesPeoplePlay Hahaha. Pretty sure the first time I ever dropped an F b… @shawn_freeze @sassypants81 @gingerlove71 @NamesPeoplePlay Oh shit! That stuff used to sting. @jerryleewilson Guided By Voices fan up to and including 2003's "Earthquake Glue." Since then, apparently, they have released a new album every hour.Surprise: Scientists confirm Alex Jones’ supplements are worthless via @TheAVClubAs a Gen Xer I'll be completely unsurprised if a nuclear war is started by a Boomer and Millennial arguing over who's more important.
Retweeted by Paul RyanCross the street from your storefront cemetery. No one is in denial of America’s Aug 21 total solar eclipse. Like Climate Change, methods & tools of science predict it.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @HeyItsKod Battery Park is actually great. Been there a bunch of times. Ended up there yesterday. Cool spot. @gingerlove71 @BJessomePR I feel like eventually you will be communicating exclusively with Rhianna gifs. @jerryleewilson haha, those guys are awesome. @privacylawyer @sassypants81 I love how they're advertising and positioning the "5 inch inseam" as a positive feature. @sassypants81 @happystash Not harsh. Fair and reasonable. @sassypants81 I need time. Just a bit of time. @sassypants81 cargo shorts @BJessomePR not okayImpending nuclear apocalypse, eh? Well, here at arbys we're gonna do what we always do: wait for our inevitable deaths Enjoy arbys
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jessrawk and this tweet makes me want to listen to the Beta BandAll aboard #TallShipSilva networking event with @isans_ca & @HfxPartnership #Halifax
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"I just tweeted how that pisses me off" "It's a real social issue, for sure. Then what did you do?" "I cracked a Fresca and watched Suits" @NatalieErb Welcome home!
@jv_ht Seven beers in eh? Sounds like I have some catching up to do😉 @jv_ht Good eveningHe bought me a soda… he bought me a soda… he bought me a soda… @ihearthestia @huskermould I almost bought this, but my hoarding auditor suggested we already have all the albums a… @trmull77 "Where does he even put his keys or his velcro wallet?" @BatteryBeerBar @pie_humble @DarrenFisherNS @bretonbrewing Thanks gang. See you shortly :) @Peter_Greathead @andreamdonald Saw that. I'm a fan of their beers. @DarrenFisherNS because I was looking for a beer place @andreamdonald Oh cool. I don't like to be that guy in places where it's not appreciated. @DarrenFisherNS Thanks. Probably not the best place a plant eater :) @Adoranble That's what I was thinking. @andreamdonald That was my first thought. Not sure if they have wi-fi.Best place in Dartmouth to have a couple beers while doing some laptop work, without camo dudes giving me dirty looks for being stylish?When Tony Wilson interviewed The Smiths for Granada Reports via @postpunkzineStop desensitizing future generations & creating hollow, un-empathetic little beings that grow into sadists #OpRodeo
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @SmoggyRandall You had one job Simon. Get your shit together. @pirie Haha 'free range parenting'. Had not heard that before.Something strange is brewing at @HfxPublicGarden... Don't miss our MEATBALLS and STRANGE BREW Double Feature TOMORR…
Retweeted by Paul RyanPeople seem to think outrage tweets actually solve problems. Like Willy's sign to keep folks from falling in the we… to peak twitter 🍿
Retweeted by Paul RyanSaw an article earlier that referenced some activity in The Knife camp. Great reason to bust out this track. Canada hikes prices as streaming competition heats up @Just_JeffN A bunch of kids just googled Lawrence Welk @NotWayneCarter @pitchfork Love it by the way. They still sound fantastic. @NotWayneCarter @pitchfork Haha. I was just sharing the track as this notification showed up. Great minds ;)Another brand new @cutcopy track. Just wonderful.! Cut Copy Announce New Album Haiku From Zero, Share New Song: Listen via @pitchfork @robertclarkey Have not, but I will :) Thanks.Heinz Introduces New Quick-Recovery Sports Ketchup via @theonionThe first two singles from the upcoming album by The Horrors have been tremendous, especially "Machine" @HugOfThunder @TheAVClub It was probably my number two in 1997 behind the Radiohead recordI clearly have not started today with my normal sunny disposition @Machzy They had an understanding @HugOfThunder @TheAVClub Indeed. I don't believe the article even mentions Urban HymnsDid 1997 contain the worst two weeks in music history? via @TheAVClub
The 3 dragons in Game of Thrones are called Stephen, Greg & Spicy Colin
Retweeted by Paul RyanS1 & S2 of @ThePeakyBlinder now on CAD Netflix. Best show on tv. Get it.If all the animals we've ever killed were somehow able to reanimate and come back to kill every human on the planet, we would deserve it. @jv_ht Oh cool. I'll give it a spin. Thanks🙂 @jv_ht Wasn't fussy on them when they first showed up, so I haven't heard it. Worth a listen? @huskermould I do not believe that will be the case, but here's hoping. @AllanGates1 Might be the best thing she's done in years. Knew you were also a fan :)