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I have an amazing wife and five wonderful dogs. I eat plants and I collect records. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing like a gentleman.

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@JailhouseParker @avantgardevegan Oh cool. Will do. Thanks.Haven't seen any signs for the annual Canal Days event in Fall River yet. Maybe because kids steal the "C" from the signs every year.
Something that we cannot lose sight of is how good the dogs are
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Dallas owner needs to undo that top button. Stat. @BassAnonymous Fair enough @BassAnonymous Pretty sure Pulock's not going anywhere. @BassAnonymous Isles are my fave team and Leafs are my second fave. If he's going anywhere, I'm glad it's there.Pretty sure Travis Hamonic is going to the Leafs tonight. @FindlayH I can take ten before I turtle. @LaissezFlair @RyanMcNutt It was a pivotal moment in the proceedings. @andrewctenor I would move back there.I also love when someone not originally from Halifax tells me I don't seem tough enough to have grown up in Cowie Hill. Fair, but still.I love when people who aren't from Halifax, tell me whether I lived in Armdale or Spryfield for 25 years. @m_brand I thought I would be nice to them because it's Friday, but yeah.311 released their 12th album today. #mathMeet Shadow. In an attempt to reach maximum zooming borkdrive, he tore his ACL. Still 13/10 tho. Help him out below…
Retweeted by Paul RyanThere are 2 stray thirsty dogs and mine wants to be an asshole
Retweeted by Paul RyanVegas, you got a good one. Fleury, you are an incredible netminder, prankster, teammate, and an even better person…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @monochromegod One of these years I'll get an aging post-punk band together and you'll get the album cover gig for sure. @monochromegod That's sharp, mate. @HalifaxEditor Unrelated to realtors, I've been watching that gif for over two minutes straight now, so thanks.There were many great debut albums by UK bands between like '02 and '09. So I made a playlist. It's good. Trust me. doesn't care that I need to leave for work. @robramshaw Probably could have dug a bit deeper, for sure.
@Matthew_Gass Just thinking about it. Pretty sure I like it. Always been a fan of his. Change of scenery could do him and Strome well. @jeskalala @jamescdwyer I haven't met any clients yet today, so I smell like goddamn lilacsI need you to know that I just LOLed so freakin' hard.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jv_ht @jerryleewilson Turquoise Banana 👊🏻The annual Atlantic Film Festival has rebranded to FIN and will take over an entire Halifax theatre marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of the Atlantic Film Festival as we officially announce our new…
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So the NHL awards are just as tremendously awkward as usual. @WindsweptCoast @regdns Haha, jesus, that made me laugh out loud.Client meet up at @BatteryBeerBar - trying the @NorthBrewing and @UpstreetBrewing Holiday Island collaboration IPA.… @MeliMLee Oh man. Montreal skankers. Forgot all about them. @bevanwoodacre I'm thinking of starting a Tower of Power cover band, just to help employ like 4-5 horn players.90s ska bands were really just pop punk bands that had unemployed friends, who owned horns and needed work, so they put them in their bands. @emastaflash @richyule Haha. Nice. That took me a minute. Thanks. No one here at work got me anything for the occasion 😀 @PeterHanes Yeah, except samurai seemed cool and nobleI've never so desperately wanted to set an inanimate object completely on fire. The new Ken doll has a man bun @Peter_Greathead happy birthday, mateOur creative wheels start spinning the moment we get new @tdtomdavies shapes and colors in! 20+ new pieces have bee…
Retweeted by Paul RyanBig banks lobbied officials, MPs, even watchdogs who police them @beaverbanker Haha, indeed. @sassypants81 It was either quit Twitter for a while or go all in. Nothing says renewed commitment to a social netw… & Bears @ihearthestia @Ken_Donnelly Fall River man wants to slaughter inept humans to save deer. There. Fixed it for her. @jjsteeves 100%. Way better, and way less drama.Pro soccer in Halifax sounds kind of cool. I've never seen men flopping around on the grass pretending to be injured at a live venue before.Genealogy website confidentially files for IPO
@Beppy77 @jerryleewilson @MikkiGorman @nickcalder They were Miss Vickie's salt & malt vinegar, but that's over now. @Beppy77 @jerryleewilson @MikkiGorman @nickcalder Do you want the rest of my chips? Apparently I have a gay hetero… @Beppy77 @jerryleewilson @MikkiGorman @nickcalder Looks like my plan to sit in my underwear eating chips for the ni… @NotWayneCarter Yeah. Until that one, it was In The Name of The Father for me. @NotWayneCarter What's your favourite role he's played?Next stop, your sofa
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Retweeted by Paul Ryan @huskermould that's a great story @ihearthestia And people seem more concerned with convincing everyone how loudly they care about things, rather tha… @ihearthestia It is actually now the worst place on the internet if you want to talk about anything important that actually matters.I think Twitter 2017 has officially become Facebook 2010. @seventhsunset $300K of $550M gross is 0.0545%. I would suggest considering the existing franchise brand their risk… @seventhsunset I would say those salaries are proportionately shameful relative to the projected gross as well.Gal Gadot's salary for 'Wonder Woman' was $300K for a film that will gross $700M. That's both shameful and telling. @AllanGates1 Oh shit. That's awesome. @im_adam_barrett @pitchfork If it had come out within 1-2 years of the last one I would have been "pretty excited."… @im_adam_barrett @pitchfork I also think they waited way too long to make another record. @im_adam_barrett @pitchfork Maybe. Definitely a flatness there for me.Well this is overwhelmingly average - Listen to “Little of Your Love” by Haim via @pitchfork @Sultanofmonog That would do way more for her cred than his I suspect.Steve Earle: 'My wife left me for a younger, skinnier, less talented singer' new album, "Shadow Expert" by @palmmlap is ridiculously good. @jeskalala @MelissaMackie9 @happystash My wife asked me to marry her, but if I had pulled this shit she would have… @jeskalala @MelissaMackie9 @happystash Stealing someone's moment like this is fucking obnoxious. What an asshole. @shawn_freeze I don't have nearly enough bandwidth here this afternoon for all the jokes.Having a little mini Rundgren marathon here office this afternoon. @NSLCpunk I was thinking recently how it is so intimately associated with 90s music, yet it sounds nothing like any… have new songs. via @YouTube
Retweeted by Paul RyanKraftwerk's transport rider has leaked and it is glorious - only drivers with "basic hygiene" allowed...…
Retweeted by Paul RyanIt's a sunny 29 degrees in Weatherfield! 😎 It's times like this we really miss Michael's Ice Cream Van #Sun
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