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I have an amazing wife and six wonderful dogs. I eat plants, collect records, and lend businesses money. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing fancy

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Joined Twitter 12/17/09 @NotWayneCarter Already ordered one for each of us.Our president can’t spell “border.”
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis guy is about to learn one of hockey's hardest lessons: you don't cheap shot Lemmy.
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Looking!! General Manager of the new John W. Lindsay YMCA !!
Retweeted by Paul RyanWhy plant protein is better for you than animal protein
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Jer_Godfrey 💯Oh right. Asparagus. Never mind.
Everyone who has ever worked for Trump will be unemployable after this is over.
Retweeted by Paul RyanYou’d think that people would’ve had enough of silly love songs of my favourite parts about Father’s Day, is getting to bust out this photo every year of me and the old man in… @BexSaunders7 @bnzmama I have a men's 10 added to my cart. Just trying to find a reason not to pull the trigger. @bnzmama @BexSaunders7 Check out the ones for Technique remember this song? The Puppets were a NY band signed to a Canadian label. My wife says they played this son…
@nadia_detriment @TeamAdam76 Haha Larry. I wonder if there’s a gif for Greedy Gretchen. @bnzmama Tremendous record. I think P0rnography and Faith are still my faves. I prefer their gothy period. Disintegration is flawless. @bnzmama Indeed. I’ve only seen them once but my wife has seen them like 6-7 times. She saw on the Black Celebratio… @bnzmama Love it. Great live record. Black Celebration is my favourite Mode album. So amazing.Happy birthday to my favourite album of all time @jerryleewilson Yeah. We’re doing that.Radio x playing I am the resurrection in full good to know there is still some good people in the world as you were LG x
Retweeted by Paul Ryanif you didn’t want me to order a treadmill on Amazon, you shouldn’t have left your laptop open, katie.
Retweeted by Paul RyanDear people citing The Bible: It’s a cool book with some wonderful passages but it also has ghost sex & giants & s…
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis is what you want…this is what you get. @HollandNeil78 What about The Mighty Lemon Drops?I don’t mind kids birthday parties as long as there’s beer and no kids at them.
Retweeted by Paul RyanPerfect song
Retweeted by Paul RyanDelicious and refreshing, the Kombucha Mule is our spin on a standard Moscow Mule with @Ironworks_NS vodka, lime ju…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson @NotWayneCarter Yeah sorry Jerry, that’s awful, mate. @RyanMcNutt Haha I feel like every year we both point out the anniversary and at least one of us busts out that gif.The Echo & The Bunnymen comparisons were always fair, but these cats were still a pretty wonderful band during thei… birthday you wonderfully dreary and miserable bit of brilliance. swear as he gets older, Elliott is looking more and more like Falkor from The Neverending Story. know this pain. Why do you lock yourself up in these chains? @NotWayneCarter @neworder I have. They're absolutely fantastic.Lots of wonderful fun rainbows on me and around my cubicle here at BDC right now. @Stilwell_NS Haha there's a Family Guy bit for everything. @fandrewgervais Pretty short fuse clearly. @MagStewart @JailhouseParker Jesus that’s fierce. @MagStewart @JailhouseParker Yeah that was it. I remember the announcer saying it was terribly out of character for Zidane. @JailhouseParker Let’s go with face 👍🏻Whenever the World Cup happens I’m reminded of the time the star player on France headbutted an opponent in the che… @Hepburn01 Awesome @huskermould I made the move to team Marr recentlyWith every solo album, Johnny sounds more confident and comfortable on his own. I think this (his third) is his str… @rrrubberbiscuit @labradorrose Indeed. Cheers :)
But my emails.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson Yeah it’s getting a whole lot of buzz and apparently it’s the first charting hit they’ve had in yearsI am likely in the minority of people who have gone out of their way to not hear a cover of Africa by Weezer. Somet… @jerryleewilson Hahaha so good @im_adam_barrett @jerryleewilson @jv_ht Absolutely, and this is easily the most I've ever talked to anyone about Ro… @im_adam_barrett @jerryleewilson @jv_ht Obviously I'm just taking the piss. He has a great voice, he's cheeky, he's… @im_adam_barrett @jerryleewilson @jv_ht I liked Millennium well enough, and that was in fact 20 years ago. @im_adam_barrett @jerryleewilson @jv_ht Haha 18 @im_adam_barrett @jv_ht @jerryleewilson @jv_ht @im_adam_barrett @jerryleewilson Yeah but you guys both like Third Eye Blind, so there's a trend here @im_adam_barrett @jv_ht @jerryleewilson Absolutely. If someone wanted to give me that much money for writing glorio… @jv_ht @jerryleewilson Sony signed him to a $80M contract in 2002 and he’s made like six albums since then. There i… @jerryleewilson I wonder if it’s because someone told him how average his music is? @RyanMcNutt I mostly was a catcher and rotated through short and first often. The only time I pitched was on the te… @regdns Yup hahaI plan on celebrating the commencement of the World Cup by heading out to Citadel Hill at lunch time and rolling ar… @pryan2112 your inspirational spirit of fashion still lives within our halls at @CUAbanking #TheBetterWayToDress
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @MrJMBrewer @CUAbanking Nice. Looking sharp JMB 👌Mother: can you please fix my computer Me: *leans back in chair* well... well ... well ... if it isn’t Miss ‘Get…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Oh_Ray_Me It’s embarrassing. I’ve seen it written on things for what is your occupation. So weird.It’s funny still hearing people say things like “businessman.” It always reminds me of old timey people in black an… is Calvin. He thinks he can fly. 12/10 nobody tell him otherwise
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@Mark_Fraser "Cowie Hill Flow" seems like it could also sub in nicely for Copperhead Road. @cmandrecyk That just feels like a way to accidentally make yourself a Project Manager. @cmandrecyk I hope this ruling comes back favourably. @jerryleewilson @Beppy77 Sunburn on the wang doesn't feel like one of those times. @Beppy77 @jerryleewilson Also fair. Been a bit chilly for dancing around with your hog out. @Beppy77 @jerryleewilson Fair, but I was working from the assumption this isn't the first time Jerry's wang has bee… @jerryleewilson Atta boy. Probably want to go SPF 50 on the wang, mate. @jerryleewilson I trust you were in the raw and listening to T Rex? @Jer_Godfrey Yeah, it really is a good idea to get away from it for a bit, especially to get some sunshine. @jv_ht You're not a hippie. You don't wear enough moss and soil coloured clothing :)