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I have a lovely wife and 5 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@Sean_GMC @PinkPunkRebel There's always piranhas @shortymcsnorty I will say it sounds better than Ariana Venti or Ariana Tall. @PinkPunkRebel Now that's funny. @PinkPunkRebel Tripping Daisy. Very cool :) @DarrinSearancke Cool shoes too mateSo just to confirm, it's not actually a font after all then? Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When They Reached Their Breaking Point. some wonderful local veggies from the valley for our #MeatlessMonday Isaiah's creating something yummy today!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!” -- Bill Hicks.
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe cat is out of the bag! Chase the Ace is back!
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow Stand by Me Became a Timeless Coming-of-Age Movie via @coslive @SerAspen Gotta be. Either that or they eat metal popcorn. @im_adam_barrett @pirie Yeah, that one's a gem. @pirie I think the songs that have held up best from that record are the ones that were never released as singles. I love "Think About You." @jeskalala It will be even more awesome when it starts raining and she says "oh look mom, the arse is right out of 'er now." @huskermould Just when you're thinking things over @fmlsux I would plan on not getting another tweet out before it happens, let's put it that way.I missed the MTV awards again this year, because like last year and every year before that, I actually listen to good music.Front End Engineer Job in Canada - Halifax, Technology - Software Development Career, Jobs in Salesforce
😀👊🏻. #Respect #ForTheW
Retweeted by Paul RyanGuarding the Eastern perimeter. hatty JD.Donaldson is so ridiculous @oneredcatmedia so his roles in the first two Ritchie movies weren't a stretch 😉 @oneredcatmedia you get red cards for being a dick, right? @oneredcatmedia a bit…thought he was Aussie rules or rugby guy to be honest @DiscoElitist @huskermould semi-related, this is the best thread I'm in, where all three participants are music nerds with b & w prof pics.First time I watched soccer, a player head butted another player in the chest. Apparently that doesn't happen every game, and that's too bad @huskermould @DiscoElitist Good question. I would say the majority of people don't even realize they were British. @jeskalala yeah that should help, ffsMake the ultimate end of summer statement in Ted's floral suit
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@hannahbennettNS @NamesPeoplePlay Oops. Missed. Cool to think of me, but I'm not sure this is quite my wheelhouse :) Some of it for sure. @Paisley_Life Haha. @PinkPunkRebel Thank you :) @rozinck Thanks :) @monochromegod Okay, I'll be there. Bring some ribs too though. It's been a while. @monochromegod Next week, but there's a better than average chance I'll cancel.Thanks to my favourite stylist Kelly at @LifeSalonSpa for the solid cut today. Birthday to the one and only #AlexLifeson !
Retweeted by Paul Ryan"There are facts that seem banal in the face of Grace Jones. Like the fact she's a genius."
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @IanBezanson yeah 430am 😉Chat with my dogs. "Alright squad. 5am is way early to wake me up on a Saturday, and not where we need to be as a family. Let's do better."
@m_brand forgot about this scene … genius @Paisley_Life Oh cool. Right up our alley. @shawn_freeze haha, just remembered funky finger productions Bam! @shawn_freeze Handiman would not play well on tv today. At all. @shawn_freeze @RemoZaccagna That's cool. Love to hear what you think as you make your way through. @Sean_GMC It's dark and worthy of the first two. Cilian Murphy is giving the best performance on tv right now. @shawn_freeze do you remember the sketch with Carey doing a parody of the juice tiger guy? Still gold.FEATURE FRAME FRIDAY! #classic cool and fierce style is what you get with the #Audrey by Oliver Goldsmith! #Halifax
Retweeted by Paul RyanHappy National Dog Day from Sunshine who is still looking for her forever home!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Paisley_Life not familiar with that one. I'll take a look. @shawn_freeze certain sketches and characters maybe, but yeah. @shawn_freeze That show was great for like 3-4 years @BJessomePR @Sean_GMC @saraschaefer1 put the kid on Kijiji. That's what people do with dogs. @Sean_GMC Breaking Bad is my number two without question and Peaky Blinders has taken number three handily. @vickibowe Honestly we started it, but got distracted and never got back to it. Everyone I know who likes cool stuff loves it. @CoyMoore Can't believe how well it's held up. @m_brand Well said. I was really worried it would seem dated and it doesn't at all. @bitterbarbie @MegBlumenthal Maybe the best season, but easily the hardest to watch at times.We watched The Wire back in like 2008, and have called it the best show ever since then. Started re-watching it last night. Still the best.Lean back. #NationalDogDay @Ketchum_All @sassypants81 that is the safest assumption you will probably make today😉 @Ketchum_All @sassypants81 The only colour I wear more often than pink is probably purple.I have a bunch of new grey hairs I didn't have at the start of the week, and a bunch of people who I hold personally responsible. @BJessomePR It needs to be a repeating podcast that people on the 102 can listen to every morning as they head to work @meganfluevog holy shit that's amazingStop driving slow in the left lane, because science - Why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the left lane via @voxdotcom @danielmacdonald Republic was a bit of a hit and miss record, but Regret is them firing on all New Order cylinders imo. @Trudiagogo my guys are going to be looking for a royalty @meganfluevog more like a cross between Roger and the drummer from Def Leppard.Since it's #NationalDogDay it feels right to throw one back to when I matched up my dogs with members of Duran Duran @BruceFraser @monochromegod Well good luck. Maybe they'll throw in the snip as a bonus. @monochromegod @BruceFraser Is this the one where you have to put frozen peas on your balls for a couple days, or something else?My squad #NationalDogDay
Someone called me "doll" today and they weren't using a 1940s Brooklyn accent @cmandrecyk If these are the keepers, I can only imagine. @cmandrecyk "They're all so wide and soft and shiny" @cmandrecyk Haha. My eyes!Have a website you need built? Need some killer content? Not sure how to run a social campaign? We're currently taking on clients for Sept.
Retweeted by Paul Ryando people running at 6am know about not running at 6am
Retweeted by Paul RyanTired of working for someone else? Murphy Business can help you buy a business or franchise. Call us at (902) 701-1334.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @HalifaxTech I don't buy a lot of new pressed vinyl, but I'll be picking these up.Riddle of Steel IPA returns tomorrow at noon at the store and @CharmSchoolPub. Don't piss off the Cimmerian! Drink!
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe're hiring!! Please spread the word #Halifax!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @nickcalder @brightwhite see that's the kind of clear thinking I was hoping someone would bring to this whole project @brightwhite The same way he almost makes me want to buy dolce and Gabbana cologne @hpstrawberries but he knows everything about killing people with a sword and that's enough for me @brightwhite Game of Thrones @brightwhite I don't care about cars, I care about Jon Snow.I have never really thought about buying an Infiniti, but seeing Jon Snow drive one absolutely makes me want an Infiniti.Radiohead to reissue Kid A, Amnesiac as double LPs
@DinnRyan so for the record then, I'm not bothering to peel the stickers off anymore.Just eating price tags. That's how my day is going in case anyone was curious. art I've done and other #PeakyBlinders fans. Hope you like ... Pls RT I just love the show so unique!
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@HalifaxTech In Violet Light is pretty underrated imo. @SynthXndrHarris yesStop spoiling children! You gotta give'em a rough time, it builds character. Look at My Kid! I let him get crucified. World famous!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#AFF2016 Full Program Launch starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow when we reveal #movies & shorts from national & international storytellers.
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