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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@KellyHrudey Something made you really mad 30 years ago... do you remember what it was?
Retweeted by Paul RyanThree #Isles prospects named to @HockeyCanada's World Junior Selection Camp roster:
Retweeted by Paul RyanRogers acquires Internetworking Atlantic Santa. #lazy if Superman unmasks Batman to reveal his identity in the new movie, does Batman have to put glasses on Superman in order to reveal his?Public Enemy hitch a ride from a fan to their concert after taxi fails to show up via @coslive@ajlburke you may want to start at the other end ;)@RyanMcNutt Excited to see your list (as always). We always have overlap, but I suspect some of your picks will be outside my wheelhouse :)@gogglesford so great eh? Maybe the most underrated of the golden age of 80s Brit post rockers.@gogglesford That's cool. They're one of a hand full of new semi-popular Brit art rock bands that are doing very cool things right now.@gavinanderegg My pleasure mate. It's a fun project for me. Hope you find some things you enjoy. Thanks for the RT.@ihearthestia I'll probably hate the whole list by then, and have deleted it, so take your time.@gogglesford So you were a fan of the Everything Everything record eh?@im_adam_barrett Sort of tested myself this year to see if I could bring it in at 50. There were some unfortunate casualties along the way.@RyanMcNutt Thanks man. I thought it was an odd year to be honest. A lot of really solid records, but not many knock outs for me.@bitdepth That's cool. Love to hear if there are some new things you end up enjoying.@brightwhite I feel like I have at least some music taste overlap with just about all the cool people I know :)The 50 Best Albums of 2015. Or at least the 50 I thought were best :)
#Isles win!! 5-3 over the #Avs at Barclays Center!🎉 #YesYesYes #OnToTheNextOne
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Nicki_Doyle @MatthewHalliday @brightwhite Still love Gish.@hpxjosh Same. I still throw the net pretty wide every year (not as wide as I used to) but I get a read quickly if it's my thing or not.@NatalieBorden1 @ChrisFHFX Jen and I just sit and drink wine, while not bothering with a tree. I feel like we're the winners here.@hpxjosh I usually play 3 albums every day, new or old before I even head to work ;)@hpxjosh Goes in waves. Revert back to old stuff when I get tired of new stuff. Have music playing almost 12-16 hours a day at work or home.@MathieuLLF Sadly no. One of the biggest advantages you have living in Toronto, is getting a chance to see pretty much every great band :)@MathieuLLF Yeah they've been on cruise control for a while. Their first 4 albums are basically almost flawless in my book.@oneredcatmedia @brightwhite @Nicki_Doyle I love Plaskett as a dude and a writer, but these days I really only care about the Hermit albums.@MathieuLLF Yeah. I used to quite like Get Ready, but find it harder to enjoy now. Siren's call was better than in got credit for imo.@brightwhite That album with three seperate records he did was completely unnecessary @Nicki_Doyle@Nicki_Doyle Yeah, that's why I'm thinking 50. Usually 50-100 ends up being stuff I just "kind of like". I can rank 50 reasonably.@MathieuLLF two of the most pleasant surprises! I was a passing Swervedriver fan during their heyday, but I love this new one so much.@ihearthestia I sense that you and I are close in age, so I was probably reading your 1250s era blog.@BruceFraser I usually do 100, but I didn't like 100 albums this year. Was trying for 50, but it might end up being like 70.@ihearthestia Love that album. It will be up there for sure @Nicki_Doyle@MathieuLLF Hoping to post it on my music blog tomorrow :)@Nicki_Doyle An annual tradition for about 8 years running now ;) Started with the top 50. Grew to a top 100. Back to 50 this year I think.Tonight I decide on my favourite albums of 2015. This might not be exciting to most people, but it's a whole lot of fun for this music nerd.A new Animal Collective album dropping in February. They have released the song Floridada, and it is pretty great. Thanks, will do@huskermould Was just reading that. I believe you are correct.
@harrison3 I believe it was. Think I paid $10 CAD. Would have paid more if I had know how brilliant it was going to be.@WayneCarterRad @jerryleewilson Rough weekend here at our place. Sticking to some wine with dinner. Back to heavyweight status next Sunday.@jessicaeburke what a beautyWe are hiring for our Dartmouth shop. Send a resume to #nscraftbeer
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@JenEWright Spotify seems better than most of what's out there that isn't Rdio. Try soundiiz for playlist transfer @huskermould @free_cream@wcburns @monochromegod Battles were better than the Steins.@monochromegod Exactly. Don't lump me in with the rest of you dirty fucking hippies.@monochromegod what is the 60s?Finally spent some time listening to the new Battles album. Love it. Their strongest release to date imo.I refuse to commence the Xmas season until I see a new Kenny G compilation of holiday classics has been released.
@nickcalder @Ken_Donnelly Three CFL teams. Halifax, Dartmouth, and Enfield.@Ken_Donnelly @nickcalder Ruff Ryders@nickcalder it's really our only hope@Greg_Beau @SmoggyRandall @LyneBrun I thought, some kid's piss poor grade 3 art project.@jv_ht First I saw them was playing Subway to Venus on a late night music show, and I was blown away. Had never heard anything quite like it@jv_ht Mothers Milk is my favourite. Bought it on vinyl the year it came out and fell in love with them.@jv_ht Haha. Okay, but full transparency, I stopped liking them after Blood Sugar, so you might unfollow me ;)@jv_ht Wanna talk about RHCP albums? Because I'm going to be up for a long while.@LyneBrun Cool that they know they need to do something to attract new fans. Not sure this will help.Just saw the new CFL logo. I may not watch football much anymore, but I do the same thing. I think it's the time between albums. They are never yet always top of mind for me at the same time. Weird.@MegBlumenthal @RyanMcNutt It's the RH album where everyone perked their ears up and said "well these guys are a special band aren't they?"@RyanMcNutt All fair. Good stuff on the Coltrane btw. I grabbed the NIN, Eric's Trip and Dead Kennedys too. Price was too good not to.@RyanMcNutt I moved it up to first place this year. Currently I have The Bends at 2 and Computer at 3, subject to change after this bottle.I listen to a whole lot of new music. I buy lots of records, but usually pre 1990. Except today because In Rainbows. The second one eh? Catch up.@danielmacdonald That's really cool. Have never seen them. Have only heard how great they are live.@danielmacdonald brilliant bandI don't actually find the videos of Black Friday fights and madness funny at all. Sad and unfortunate perhaps.@Chaf Animals deserve this planet more than we do. Certainly the planet it would have been without us.@murph194 Yeah, I always had a sense they had a strong foothold in Canada because they were here before Spotify.@TheSandyWalsh @JailhouseParker Mostly lost me after Long After Dark.@JailhouseParker I have a love hate relationship with Petty. The high points are fantastic. The low points are atrocious.@im_adam_barrett all of that said, I am in a much more favorable and agreeable place with all this than I was last week ;)@im_adam_barrett it might actually be the only desktop app I use right now anymore for anything@im_adam_barrett Still getting used to how much emphasis there is on the desktop application. The Rdio browser player + mobile is all I use."We've got a new version of Spotify ready to go. Re-start and it's yours" Perfect. Is the new version Rdio by any chance.@mattnx2k @joelkelly @nickcalder @brightwhite No time to go back through this thread for context, but thanks for the shout out...I think.The new Tame Impala video for The Less I Know The Better is brilliant, and nsfw. My favourite track on this record. to @triranocyclist and the team at Halifax's SecureReset on their being acquired by Atlanta's @Courion love that Paul Weller is his source for finding new music - Noel Gallagher predicts end of vinyl revival by 2020 MacGowan with new teeth is still hilarious
Retweeted by Paul RyanBlack Friday shoppers are the worst customers
@Nicki_Doyle @Farleson @EPBryn I wouldn't eat my dogs so I wouldn't eat a horse or a chicken or a pig or a cow. I try to keep life simple :)@Nicki_Doyle I love when people discard animals they've committed to when life gets busier. Maybe keep the pony and not have a kid?BBC's Black Mirror is the craziest and most fascinating show on television. So brilliant.Coldplay have a new song featuring Gwyneth Paltrow called "Everglow" which will probably make me want to set myself on fire. #IronyIf you have tabouleh for lunch and upon completion, neglect to check your teeth for parsley then you deserve every weird look you get.'Poor Moz' The Smiths in Derby 1983
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@TeamAdam76 Yeah, it looks promising.For you arseholes who have issues with refugees, please consider the desperation of a people who want to move to a country this goddamn coldThe 7 Most Surprising Findings From the State of Inbound 2015
Retweeted by Paul RyanCheck it out, surprise #CodSighting in today's Metro
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@monochromegod haha@ihearthestia I wish everyday was Blue Monday.To my knowledge, I have never had a bad day when the first band I listen to after waking up is New Order. Don't prove me a liar Thursday.The AndyVent Calendar will feature 24 items in 24 days, donated by local businesses. All proceeds go to Feed NS.
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Who put the M in Manchester? #Morrissey #Moz"Who sucks at sports now?" I shout as I burst into my dad's room at the retirement home and throw a football at his face.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHolly Holm Met Jay Z and Beyoncé and It Was the Greatest Awkward Moment Ever | GQ
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