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I have a lovely wife and 5 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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Retweeted by Paul Ryan @BexSaunders7 Leave the creepy asshole where he is @Nicki_Doyle I would be willing to bet it has happened in the time since your tweet.Middle-Aged Man In Gym Locker Room Puts Shirt On Before Underwear via @theonion @pirie @WayeMason I'll concede, but I would like to start a dialogue around the non-documented arse jurisdiction we give our councilors. @huskermould @DarrinSearancke He calls you that because he's from New Zealand. I do because my dad was in the navy for 38 years. @pirie @WayeMason Fair, but I'm sitting in Windsor Junction currently, where I am the self proclaimed keeper of the arse. @huskermould My tweets are a beacon of self deprecation and light hearted cynicism in just about any storm, mate.Just looked outside for a storm update. I would say the arse is finally gone out of 'er.Beyoncé Turned Down "Awful" Chris Martin Song "Hook Up" have a low cost spay and neuter program. Call us to see if you qualify at 902 469-9578. #halifax @HalifaxAgain
Retweeted by Paul RyanWell, @CharmSchoolPub will open at 4, but if you need to stock up early for the storm, the store’s open for awhile as of now. Move it!
Retweeted by Paul RyanThese guys are ridiculous - Metz Perform "Eraser" in Pitchfork and GoPro's Latest GP4K Video via @pitchfork @Gallant64 Yeah, I tend to run with 4 D, but since I've cycling tenders more lately, makes sense to run with 5 right now. @Gallant64 Scrivens wasn't supposed to start yesterday ;) @jeskalala Salutations from a partially caffeinated Windsor Junction.Yup - "It's utterly baffling how Field Music remain such a minor concern in the overall 'arc' of British pop music." the listening week with The Stone Roses' self titled debut album. Such a perfect record.All schools in the Halifax Regional School Board are closed today (Monday, Feb 8) due to the pending forecast. PleaseRT
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
@MaxBetman That's cool. @KristiColleen She would have smiled if I told her she was going to be on Twitter. @shaggysmith My contribution to the evening's proceedings :) @MaxBetman I was a Seahawks fan back then. They weren't very good ;) @KristiColleen and now I'm going to bed to read ;) @KristiColleen Listening to records with my dogs. @MaxBetman Not sure. Haven't watched a Super Bowl since I bailed on NFL football 20 years ago. Permacrete are still the bench mark ;)Not watching the Super Bowl, but I still feel like contacting someone in HRM about having a concrete basement drainage solution put in place @grantisagrant I think many more teams than NY should prepare for that. @pitcherplantnl They were due to get it back together. Jealous you got to see them. Hope you had fun. @grantisagrant Even if it happens they won't see the second round. @grantisagrant And unlike the Habs or the Sens, the Isles are probably going to make the playoffs. @LousyRock Ha. Like how the Habs squeaked out a shoot out win against the Canes.The NY Islanders beat a team 8-1 today, but (a) no one else likes the Islanders, and (b) no one else wants to talk about hockey right now. @huskermould I think you're right @AtomBombshell If I wasn't already sort of shitbagged, I would drive into the city to drink with you.Definitely The Commercial Bowl now
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson @NotWayneCarter #DrinkingBuddies @Miss_Close @ChrisFHFX Boychuk rules. @Miss_Close Jealous. Both fun teams. Enjoy. They're playing the shits right now. Maybe you'll bring them some luck @ChrisFHFXOkay Super Bowl fans. Enjoy yourselves, have lots of fun, and don't do anything an NFL player would do in their spare time. @ChrisFHFX Yeah the whole cheer for Canadian teams thing has never made a lot of sense to me, but to each their own. @RyanMcNutt Probably not, because if you really love hockey, you've been watching all along and probably don't care about the CAD team thing @MaxBetman Fair. I would watch a Coyotes vs. Blue Jackets Stanley Cup, because it's still hockey and shitty hockey is still the best.Super Bowl's not my thing, but lots of people dig it. I'm more concerned about all the half assed hockey fans who are about to re-surface. @KTanPot @ihearthestia Haha. Yeah. Perfectly natural look after a hard day of audit and hand to hand combat. @ihearthestia Navy Seals-esque time management and multi-tasking skills on display there.My wife declined my proposal to install an Acorn Chair Lift. "A pretty chill way to get upstairs" was deemed an insufficient business case.I love how these ads for Chartered Professional Accountants make it look a career in the Navy Seals, flying around in helicopters and shit.
@gahanlebon People who know that most sports fans like shitty music ;) @Nicki_Doyle Many MTL fans aren't generally known for their sense of class or decorum. @Nicki_Doyle Ha. I can imagine that would be all types of weird and distracting. @Nicki_Doyle They're sitting in a playoff spot again. Like to see them at least get to the quarters this year. @Nicki_Doyle They had a long rough stretch. Probably one of the best young teams in the NHL now if they can stay focused. @k4rv0x It's sort of amazing how they have always been boring. Like, always. I dislike them too.I don't think I know any knowledgeable hockey fans who love or hate the NJ Devils for any good reasons.Any Discogs users? This is my collection if anyone wants to connect on their. Music nerd warned ;) @rockitdev I warmed back up to baseball this year, admittedly thanks to the Jays. It's slow, but there are some cool subtleties I quite like @LyneBrun Yeah he's okay. Still not enough to make me watch. I'll probably find an NHL game to watch instead ;) @jerryleewilson Good bands are actually wasted on the SB. Plus most football fans like terrible music. A generalization I realize, but still @rockitdev I don't watch it or love it, but I've grown to respect soccer over the last few years. No fat out of shape guys out there. @rockitdev I actually stopped watching because I think it's just about the most boring and overrated sport imaginable. @jerryleewilson I love you split their name into two words ... Cold Play ... fuck those guys @rockitdev I'm guessing all the really classy criminal behaviour the players engage in all year long is for non fans as well. @pryan2112 nothing says "let's get this place rocking" like the scientist
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson Haha. Yeah that one shreds.There are some things that would maybe make me start watching the NFL again. Coldplay and Beyonce are not two of those things.Halifax, you drank 2000 pints of APA in 9 days, making it our fastest selling beer yet. In other news, gym membership sales at a record low.
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew and notable on a Saturday afternoon! #tastetherainbow 🌈 🍻@spindriftbrewing @unfilteredbrewing @bigsprucebrewing
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Hepburn01 Yeah, except for the most recent season. Another great one. @grantisagrant Textbook BBC crime drama, but with some really unique story bits. @ludditelynch We've had it on our list for ages. Finally got to it. As strong as just about anything I've watched in the last few years.Just finished watching BBC's River. So well written and acted, and beautifully shot and scored. Stellan Skarsgård is a tremendous actor.
Wonderful surprise on a Friday. A brand new Trashcan Sinatras single, "Ain't That Something." I adore this band. @birdiebent Turning off Twitter for the rest of the day. No way I'm seeing a better headline than that one.Maybe movies should end whenever a character says the title out loud via @TheAVClubOn the #podcast this week chatting with @rankinthomas about pivoting @DashHudson #instagram
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @NotWayneCarter Yes! Thought I saw that they had resurfaced. @kconwayAAPRO glad you're digging those guys...great groupLooking for somewhere to watch the Super Bowl? Keep fucking looking.
Retweeted by Paul RyanBake sale day at @CUAbanking supporting @NSSPCA - I've had 9 rescue dogs over the years. The make the best friends. @MaybeWendi it's an evil convenience. @LTDesroches haha, boom. @Nicest_Girl_Evr @sack_vegas Interesting, but then I wouldn't have anything to tweet about ;) @sack_vegas it usually all goes sideways before you get even close to applying the cling wrap to the actual shit you're trying to wrap. @StephaniePelley that's so punkJust had a cling wrap induced tantrum.
@TeresaBasich what an awful year so far.:( how beautiful was Karen Carpenter’s voice? Listen to her isolated vocal tracks via @DangerMindsBlog @frenchfries1970 eggplantWhy Donald Trump when you can Trump Donald? #TrumpDonaldNot big fans of being outside in the rain. @CitizenWilliams good for you mate…best of luck!
It's actually really unsettling when Habs fans start self deprecating. I think I prefer the blind irrational arrogance thing.Vegetarian Meals You Can Cook in Less Than 30 Minutes #NYTCookingI enjoy making playlists. Been tinkering with this 60s British Invasion one for a while, if anyone's interested. @skivels So sad that I deleted it due to bad grammar and couldn't be arsed to send out a new sad plea. @joelkelly It would certainly explain why so many people have suddenly stopped talking to me. @UnrivenApparel @dearambellina My pleasure ... good luck gang!Clif Bars and coffee y'all...Clif Bars and coffee.
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