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I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular.

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I like bbq'ing plants @gahanlebon I haven't paid attention to college basketball since some time after Mike Jordan was with NC, but your point is taken."Don't you dare poop on this deck again" Might be something that was just said to Oliver Ryan. @wilroache Greis has been a top 10 goalie this year in the NHL based on numbers, but completely agree on the Ladd thing. @RyanMcNutt Sounds perfect. Let me look at the stupidness that is my calendar and I'll message you. @wilroache The Isles were disappointing this year, after getting to the 2nd round last year. They started playing in January. A bit late. @wilroache Haha. I'm not good at sports arguments because I look at stats and facts rather than rivalries and all that. @wilroache Tell me how the Isles suck? @wilroache Habs fans are the worst, mate. The worst. @RyanMcNutt I've been an Islanders fan for almost 40 years. Rational & realistic fandom tempered with self deprecation is a core competency @PaulHReporter1 Indeed. To be fair, I wouldn't have money on any of those three teams to make it past second round at best. @RyanMcNutt present company always excluded of course @RyanMcNutt haha, I'll stop tweeting it every year when it ceases to be trueHabs fans who show up in March and start chirping, after not watching a single game all year are the most obnoxious sports fans I'm aware of @huskermould they should talk to them about how mailed in their new album is.Hey @JamieBaillie - will you be featuring Matt Whitman’s “Chinese Firedrill” video on the @nspc social accounts?
Retweeted by Paul RyanIf there's one thing. i want you to really understand. it's that dogs. are so good
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@MathieuLLF Indeed. Not amazing and not awful. Entertaining enough. @TriRanoCyclist @ajlburke think I'll just stay the course 😉"I'm a meat & potatoes kind of guy" "Cool, so you like a traditional North American diet" "Hold on now! I put salt and pepper on my steak!"People take pride in describing things they value as "traditional" until you compare it with trying new things, then they get hurt feelings.Started watching BBC's Misfits, which is good fun, but also makes me want to dig out my "Echoes" cd by The Rapture. should probably get comfortable being being associated with this horse's arse for a while I guess. @ajlburke Thankfully my follower count hasn't gone up a whole lot.Haha. Looks like I made the Washington Post. @RyanMcNutt He's going to have to share the day with his younger bro soon enough.Taking the boy Elliott to get his hairs cut. reminder that Donald Trump’s core competency is not dealmaking with powerful counter-parties. It is duping gullible victims.
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Who'd have thought that a man with multiple failed businesses, bankruptcies & marriages'd also botch his signature legislative initiative?
Retweeted by Paul Ryan7 minutes into the third, #Isles maintain a 3-2 lead over the Pens.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @gogglesford could work, but probably solid pattern and pastel-ish @gogglesford Question for the ages. I used to say no, but done the right way it's fine.The same copy of H20 a friend gave me for my 11th birthday in '82. So Not only am I old as shit, but so is this won… @gogglesford That's awesome. Pretty normal now. Seems less fringe all the time. Love that you guys are onside with it there. @gogglesford unrelated, picked up a 'Manchester' on the way home...good stuff as always @gogglesford Pretty cool eh? Haven't lost a step. @bitterbarbie @nickcalder I wanted to go looking for that gif, so thank you @nickcalder Poor people need to get their shit together. I'm tired of carrying this continent in my back. @fandrewgervais beautyMy fave H & O record. Sophisticated pop rooted in their trademark blue eyed soul, with such warm production. They c… some time with Hall & Oates' "Beauty on A Backstreet" (1977) for the first time in a while. Such a strange… @DinnRyan that seems like a good idea on paper @GeriatricPunkNS @WindsweptCoast he's not setting the bar especially high for Paul Ryan's 😁 @WindsweptCoast Haha. Man, I hope people like me better than that guy. @jeskalala it's a recurring theme @pirie @jeskalala Not as strong as his classic material, admittedly, but I thought his delivery was still impeccable and signature Dave. @jeskalala Crushed them both the other night. Laughed out loud a lot.Friend Of Bruce Springsteen Has Been Thinking Of Excuses To Avoid Checking Out His Band For 50 Years via @theonionPeople need to cut this kid some slack - Mario Lemieux on Josh Ho-Sang’s No. 66: ‘I’m fine with it’ @Sportsnet @fasterbonniekat not conducive to proper hair fixing, no question @fasterbonniekat if someone hit me because they were fixing their hair, I would probably say "no big deal, all good." @jerryleewilson I didn't like what my hair was doing and I didn't feeling like waiting for a red light. @jerryleewilson almost haha @EatThisTown @BJessomePR @StephaniePelley I've had a version of it before on their regular menu and quite liked it."Were you on your phone when you rear ended that car?" "No, I was checking my hair in the rearview mirror and I would goddamn do it again" @corylrich @BJessomePR @StephaniePelley @EatThisTown The burger at @TheFoggyGoggle is vegan and it looks delicious.… @BJessomePR @EatThisTown It also lets a lot more people participate in the week rather than just meat eaters so that's pretty cool right? :) @BJessomePR @EatThisTown The places doing veg burgers are using really interesting ingredients and making some of the most creative burgers. @Mattzors If you liked any of the early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club stuff (as an example), you should dig this. @Mattzors Absolutely. They're the masters or fuzzed out jangly stuff with snotty vocals and great hooks. This one has all that.The Jesus & Mary Chain put out a new record to remind everyone they're better than all the bands ripping them off. ♫ new @runjewels video for "Legend Has it" - yes yes yes can complain all you want about women taking selfies; we aren't the ones naming our children our own exact fucking names.
Retweeted by Paul RyanNew one from Rae - The Wild by Raekwon ♫'s keep our expectations for greatness tempered as we close out this work week, gang. @regdns That's awesomeThe Ace takeaway counter is officially open and our lunch service is up and rolling! Add to that Burger Week...
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @regdns I like this kid. @beccawhite1984 what a beauty
@CarolyneA @LanaBananaLana Pretty sure we're going to start rescuing pigs too, so this could get interesting.Delaying the health care vote today to try to figure out what a woman is.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson you better be holding a puppy while you're wearing one, or blocked. @LanaBananaLana I acted hastily. I probably should have said animal pics ;) @EastCoastKnits That would probably make more sense actually @EastCoastKnits Haha. I've never actually blocked anyone on Twitter in 8 years :)From now on I'm going to tweet pics of dogs exclusively, and I'm going to block everyone who doesn't tweet pics of dogs exclusively.Adrien Brody Joins ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 4; First Story Elements Revealed via @deadline(2/2) #NationalPuppyDay