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I have an amazing wife and five wonderful dogs. I eat plants and I collect records. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing fancy.

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@oneredcatmedia Haha. Enjoy your trip, mate.Halifax beer a finalist in national competition @NotWayneCarter @YouTube Brilliant
Register at #bluenose #halifax #dartmouth #running
Retweeted by Paul Ryan13 NHL seasons, 20+ wins in each... The King, @HLundqvist30. 👏
Retweeted by Paul Ryan2018 Economic Outlook I travel to a city, I try their local beer and listen to their bands while I’m there. Hilotrons are my fave Ot…
Does Ottawa have any businesses that deliver Doritos to your hotel room? If so, put Pat down for a bag of sweet chilli heat. Family size. @_ashleyluxe Months ago @grantisagrant S3 was definitely the weak link so far, but hearing any of the seasons described as meh is weird to… you need to re-home your cat or dog? Bide Awhile may be able to help! Phone 902-469-9578 to see if we can help y…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @missveinot Balmy Ryan ftwThis reminds me of the water tower in New Minas that reads A Good Place to Live not miss this one! Hits the market tomorrow! Oh, and feel feel to RT for all to see! Virtual tour of 137 Beechc…
Retweeted by Paul RyanI was never interested in having children, until just now, when I realized you can name them Stormy. @nickcalder Twitter used be a laugh. A cool distraction from all the experts in our lives. I miss it. @Peter_Greathead Great song. It can’t be pretentious Brit art rock all the time.🤷🏻‍♂️Let’s all have a bit more curiosity and a bit less “expert” shall we?
Retweeted by Paul RyanSome day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye @jerryleewilson Outrage is pretty much the standard setting on Twitter these days..@Barzal_97 meet Mike Bossy. 🤝 #Isles legend Mike Bossy dropped by morning skate at Bell Centre.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @ihearthestia @huskermould Had no idea he was still alive.Just drove to the airport. The roads were a little tricky, so be careful out there Halifaxians. Remember, a lot of…
Indeed @RemoZaccagna @iancfairclough Don’t worry. We have a knack for buggering these things up, as you can see. Barzal though, man. @Fisticuffhockey @RemoZaccagna @iancfairclough I actually think the Habs might be one of the teams with enough cap… @iancfairclough @RemoZaccagna I hope so. I just can't seem him opting for any team with an even longer potential road to success. @RemoZaccagna @Sportsnet @iancfairclough Yeah, I can see why he would want to leave a playoff bubble team for one t… the various projects conclude in downtown Halifax, the one thing we'll always be able to count on, is the Scotia… @Sultanofmonog @jerryleewilson @sarahabriel Have seen Danko Jones there a couple times. Always a great live show. @HollandNeil78 @jv_ht Yeah it's crazyChildren of The Corn @jv_ht Love that song @RyanMcNutt Holy crap!Not one of the places in the Scotia Square food court offers Tide pod side dishes. So bush league.Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List saw a few minutes of the Price is Right for the first time in years. I can't recall the last time I saw so man…’re just gonna leave this here. 😂 @jeberle_7 @Barzal_97
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow to get a business loan – Free eBook tie and square. Gifts from my nephews, who clearly have good taste. Monday @Marc_G_Lewis I read it. I was pointing out the trolling.
Trump loves Norway because we grow his hair.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @grantisagrant Happiness is what other tv shows are for. @Greg_Beau I know, but the tweet doesn't read that way. @grantisagrant I like the bleakness. It's what made the first two seasons so perfect.Should a Halifax councillor be offering “tricks & tips to beat speeding tickets”? @grantisagrant I far prefer the dark and uncomfortable side of Black Mirror, but it was still a pretty respectable season I guess. @grantisagrant I thought Crocodile and Metalhead were the best episodes this season. @NotWayneCarter Such an important song in the evolution of electronic music. Glad it didn’t make the PSBs pack it in🙂 @NotWayneCarter Nothing sounded like this song, and then suddenly everything sounded like this song.😁 @jv_ht @SkipStartsHere Yeah. They're both super overrated imo as well. @MaxBetman Probably the greatest stadium band of all time. @MaxBetman 100%. Epic show. @halfcup_awesome You are a tremendous parent🙂 @Mtl_T6O @HugOfThunder Twitter is way worse than FB right now.I have all of Queen’s records, and generally I’m not much for greatest hit compilations, but every once in a while… word “shithole” is being projected onto Trump’s DC hotel.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @nickcalder @jerryleewilson Keeping it about 75% sexy. Like to hold some in reserve until spring.
Every song is perfect. Their best album by a bunch imo. great album of the year so far: "Songs of Praise" by @shamebanduk - Nice work lads. Very nice.🙌RY!! #Isles win 7-2 over the Rangers! ☝️☝️☝️ #YesYesYes
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @HugOfThunder It's the worst place on the internet right now.This kid is foolishly good. friends, what's your plan for our anniversary weekend? January 27th, we're dropping a whole bunch of beers to c…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
*shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shithole* *shit…
Retweeted by Paul RyanLive life to the fullest. Walk away from those who would imprison you; strike fear in their hearts, simply by boldl…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @huskermould Nice one, mate.Peter Murphy’s voice still gives me goose bumps. @HarryLime39 @gingerlove71 Picked up where you left off from like 84-88...Iron Maiden, The Cult, Rush, Guns N Roses, etc 🙂 @HarryLime39 @gingerlove71 That’s very coolTHERE IS A GIF
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Just_JeffN True, but I never want to hear it again😁 @Just_JeffN Haha fair game. That won’t happen. @sullmcintyre $600 is foolishAt this point in time I would far rather listen to my Robert Plant records than my Led Zeppelin records. super long week ends now. start-up financing sources