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I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular.

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Twitter. Because the high school senior in me is still overcompensating for not being voted class clown.
Retweeted by Paul RyanWas Sully nominated for anything? I only ask because my 70 year old parents are going to want to talk to me about that tomorrow, either way. @Nicki_Doyle @ihearthestia Is there any way I can figure out what that means on my own? @rpmartini Very fair. Almost two different bands. Soul has the best parts of Hymns and Storm. Nestles nicely between the two."A Northern Soul" by The Verve is basically almost as good as "Urban Hymns" by The Verve. Now felt like a good time to announce that. @Beppy77 @nickcalder @jerryleewilson Our three way would actually be the equivalent of a new made up hipster music genre. We're "Post-Gay." @huskermould I like to think he's a Big Star fan. Time will tell. @rrrubberbiscuit Yup. That's Oliver🙂Does not care about the Academy Awards or 70s funk records it would seem. you don't win an Oscar it's okay, because every actor tonight wins the award for "Not Being As Cool As Tom Hardy." Congratulations.The Oscars are not my thing, but it's a big deal for a lot of you so enjoy. I'll just be here listening to old funk… sesame grilled tofu + tahini chilli sauce, five spice Moroccan chickpea couscous, & spinach + cashews with a… @RippleMeister I'll share the whole meal with you shortly 😉BBQ fired up. Ginger sesame tofu officially grilled. @ajlburke Yup. We're growing up. Love to see a J Crew, Cole Haan, or Ted Baker, but that's pipe dream stuff at this point.Now this is interesting. to release ‘World Be Gone’ — first new album in 3 years — in May via @slicingeyeballs @megbragg @lifeont1 @elliottkrista Loved it at first, but by 4-5 eps we had enough.Reading political Internet comments makes Me want to flood the planet and kill you all again
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I'm sorry I hosed off your toddler as he walked by my house but I can't afford to get sick right now.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan30 for Matthews. This kid is something else. @ArdathJean Global Pet Foods. Only bought them because they're soft for our oldest and seemed healthy without a lot of garbage in them 🙂 @Marc_G_Lewis there are no winners here, mate @John_Gillis sorry to hear about your cat, mate🙁2 to 3 poops per day in the big yard, multiplied by 6 dogs, multiplied by the 5 days since I last picked up. That's where we're at. #maths
Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie hanging out at Cafe Royal in London, 1973.
Retweeted by Paul RyanThe news is fake but the leeks are real.
Retweeted by Paul RyanDrinking wine by a fire breathing bear, from a stylish bunny glass, and listening to a record with a funky donkey.… @Trudiagogo first time trying them. Seem like they're full of great stuff. Dogs like them. Tell your kid to thank the hippies. @RippleMeister great name @jerryleewilson not super excited about that mate, haha. @gingerlove71 one of the most stylish rock stars of all time imoAt least six dogs agree that dirty smelly hippies at least make pretty great dog treats
Doug Weight is a good coach. #Isles are a good team. Might not be as good as they were last season, but should never have been so bad.
Retweeted by Paul RyanI'm saving up for the @tedleo Kickstarter stretch goal where he covers every Rush album but only the ska parts.
Retweeted by Paul RyanIn honor of Richard Spencer saying Depeche Mode is "the official band of the alt-right," here he is getting punched…
Retweeted by Paul RyanI guess Richard Spencer just skips the "people are people" track when listening to Depeche Mode
Retweeted by Paul RyanHow are Spoon still this good? Another new track from the upcoming album. Ridiculously consistent band. Great track. @jeskalala I am guessing Depeche Mode probably know that haha
My favourite music discovery of the week is Australia's @pvt_official - these lads have their act together. @MaxBetman you're goddamn right he doesSo we all just gonna pretend Colby Rasmus wasn't actually Amish during his time with the Jays. @gingerlove71 for the record....both bought via Columbia House about 35 years ago if memory serves @jerryleewilson @shawn_freeze Jesus that's not on @punisher766 I could be quite content on a deserted island with Reign In Blood as well. @pitcherplantnl Yeah that can be pretty touch and go as well. @punisher766 how about you? @MelissaMackie9 reheated fish makes the whole office smell like reheated fish. @allymich77 That just seems reasonable and considerate @punisher766 The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths. @gingerlove71 @jerryleewilson I actually have no problem with Loverboy. @jerryleewilson @gingerlove71 I can't go for that no can-doexcuse me but are you aware of Lennu, the Finnish president's dog
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @meganfluevog that's brilliantI don't eat fish, but to each their own. That said, even if I did, re-heating a dinner with fish for lunch in a workplace feels well offsideHey gang! This Presidents' Day remember: regardless of your political affiliation, you're closer to death than you've ever been Eat arbys.
Retweeted by Paul RyanCocteau Twins in the a.m. ♫ my spam folder. "Are you competent?" This is either the most insulting or the most brilliant approach to recru…
@Adam_Watts77 Not really a cat person, but I feel like this is what people mean when they say 'spirit animal'Behind the scenes shots from the bloody set of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ via @dangermindsblog @oneredcatmedia You look knowledgeable mate @NSLCpunk @will_hops Actually forgot about Tennis somehow. Thanks for the reminder. Putting them in rotation this afternoon. @nicolesimone We will always have rescues, probably at least five. @nicolesimone They weren't broken, but they needed to find their confidence again. They model each other and learn none of them are perfect @nicolesimone ...Having one non rescue dog has been great for the challenges we had to work through with the other five. @nicolesimone I think you may have. I'm probably going to lose 3 of my seniors in the next couple years... @RyanMcNutt :( @nicolesimone This all feels pretty judgmental tbh. We've been taking in rescue dogs for 20 years. Not for praise. I'm not big on absolutism @nicolesimone we also have three dogs over 10 years old so it was the right time to bring in a fun pup with predictable disposition. @nicolesimone We've found having at least one non-rescue in a house of six dogs brings some balance and stability for the rescues.the smiths released their first album on this day in 1984. and nothing in pop music has ever been the same. #greatestbandofalltime
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Pence defunded PP. Fueled worst HIV outbreak in state history. Used ACA to clean it up. Wants to repeal ACA.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHe must gone crazy 😂
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @sassypants81 The phone placement is clever. The outfit is fabulous. @EPBryn @ihearthestia edgy af, mate @EPBryn @ihearthestia If I had a dollar for every time someone wanted to show me their seed collection. @ihearthestia @EPBryn Same. It actually takes more work than you would think to try and bugger that up. @EPBryn haha, as someone who only eats plants, I should be able to relate to your tweet much better than I am at the moment ;)I feel this struggle. Every day.