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I have a lovely wife and 5 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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"I've enjoyed being here from day one...I'd love for that to continue for the long haul."
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@heretodestroy @BruceFraser @jerryleewilson They okay.I'm wearing the best shirt on Twitter tonight. Don't argue with me. #Morrissey @scientology_ldn @Sean_GMC @oneredcatmedia @danielmacdonald It was worth talking about Tom Cruise earlier, just so that tweet could happen. @jerryleewilson @BruceFraser I would be game for VoiVodOf all the UK bands who should be more popular in North America, I think Kasabian's nominal success over here is most puzzling. @ChrisFHFX @NatalieBorden1 Saw it. Decent film. @NatalieBorden1 He don't even got his license, Lisa. @NatalieBorden1 @ChrisFHFX The scene where Anthony Michael Hall is drunk in the blues bar is solid gold. @NatalieBorden1 @ChrisFHFX Good Fellas. @ChrisFHFX @NatalieBorden1 I actually do want to see Collateral. I like almost all Michael Mann's films, especially Heat of course. @NatalieBorden1 When I was a kid I wanted to be Soda Pop from The Outsiders. @NatalieBorden1 Tom boy's character was the only thing I liked about Tropic Thunder. I thought it was garbage otherwise. @NatalieBorden1 He ruins everything. Except for Tropic Thunder and The Outsiders. Nothing can ruin The Outsiders. @Hooberbloob last week at Ela!A flow chart to help you decide whether to go out tonight or not.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Sean_GMC @oneredcatmedia @danielmacdonald Rock of Ages happened. @Sean_GMC @oneredcatmedia @danielmacdonald Fair enough, but mostly Les Grossman. @danielmacdonald @oneredcatmedia I liked Valkyrie. Oh, and The Outsiders. @danielmacdonald To be fair, I've not seen Collateral because my objectivity with Cruise is terrible. I do like Michael Mann's work though. @danielmacdonald Or a spin off film for his Les Grossman character from Tropic Thunder.That new Reacher movie looks like a good bit of fun. You know, except for the whole part where Tom Cruise is in it. @DarrinSearancke Needs a solid in there to break it up…too much pattern on pattern. I would wear most of those bits. Just not all together 😉 @TheDrake1001 if you dig British art rock stuff you should like them. Admittedly they're not for everyone 😉 @tiggyblog everything they have released has been a bit different, but they're basically Brit art rock/pop. This album seems to be more pop.And yet another great new track by @WildBeasts - "Tough Guy" - best band on the planet as I type this. @gogglesford One of my favourite scenes in any movie ever.Until someone brings out a crazy old man who talks to an empty chair, I think we can call both US party conventions massively disappointing.PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife? THE MACHINE: I do PRIEST: Does anyone have anything- RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS
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After vacation when I head back to work, I plan on shaving my head and changing my name to Eleven. Oh, and learning cool new telepathy shit.
@huskermould Not sure. Still haven't watched S2. Lost interest in that one a bit.Current Brit crime drama obsession = Spotless @jeskalala We are the Dub-J Beaverbank Wine Alliance.'s all fun and games until someone in Windsor Junction gets eaten by a Demogorgon whilst taking his dogs outside to pee. @matthaldane I plan on saying "7 shades of shit" 7 times this week. @jeskalala indeed, as is the wine.Today I have only listened to The Smiths, Morrissey, Outkast, The Cure, T. Rex, Roxy Music, and Pavement. Today was a good day.Sammi-Bear. Hyphenated. ass plant based brunch.
@rrrubberbiscuit yeah that's a classicThunder storm means all five dogs are in the bed right now. Going to be a crowded and restless night me thinks.Always a bit of an adventure when Dickie's on the mound.Take car. Go to Mum's. Kill Phil. Grab Liz. Go to the Winchester. Have a nice cold pint. And wait for all of this to blow over.If "not liberal enough" is your reason to not vote for Hillary when the alternative is *actual fascism*, your liberalism is just narcissism
Retweeted by Paul Ryanfrom @halifaxpride — 29th Annual Halifax Pride parade about to start!!!!! . (Old photo pre…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @hannahbennettNS ours totally do thatLocal artist John O'Mara lays down some #pride on Ochterloney St #Dartmouth
Retweeted by Paul RyanSpring Garden Rd - Queen to South Park Street closed every night from Sunday - Thursday, 9pm - 7am starting Sunday for 8 weeks. #halifax
Retweeted by Paul RyanSitting alone in a room listening to Charlotte Sometimes. Great start to a vacation. @JailhouseParker he was pretty committed to this project @lifeont1 If it was, I would have torn it open myself.We released some new stuffed animals into the wild. This poor koala never stood a chance.
@jeskalala @BruceFraser Mostly it's really goddamn good. @jeskalala @BruceFraser So much 80s stuff. Poltergeist, Firestarter, Christine, It. Even some ET, Stand By Me and Goonies stuff in there. @BruceFraser @jeskalala was just thinking the exact same thing @Sean_GMC indeed he was disproportionately snarly for how pretty they were @Sean_GMC I told the guy at the record store they were as successful as they deserved to be, for as long as they deserved to be.Guessing not many people remember Bros at this point, but I found one of their albums at Select Sounds just now. Yes @milanvrekic you're in @RyanMcNutt Haha. Let's save that one for our Rock Trivia get together. @m_brand I feel like we're one chance meeting away from starting a Gary Numan cover band. @m_brand We can always find a place for a dude with delay pedals in any band worth its weight. @RyanMcNutt Suddenly I have the lyrics "practice my T. Rex moves and make the scene" in my head from REM's The Wake-Up Bomb. @RyanMcNutt I need you on guitar, so I'm free to sing and show off my awesome mic stand moves without being encumbered."Hey Paul, why do all your band's songs have handclaps?" "Well we have a person just for handclaps, so it's important to keep them busy." @shawn_freeze Haha. I see them like the Bosstones dancing guy, but with more clapping, and definitely more influence on lighting.If I start another band, there will be one member for "Handclaps." They'll even have their own mic so people can hear the magnificent claps.It's new release Friday. Post-punk from New Zealand to start the day. Very cool record: "Double Bind" by Trust Punk…
@ChrisFHFX @WineCharlatan It was the best show on American tv for a while imo, but it's fallen off for me. S1 is brilliant. @ChrisFHFX @WineCharlatan It rivals Peaky Blinders and The Americans for the best soundtracking right now. @jeskalala The placement of Atmosphere by Joy Division gave me chills.Also, it's a pretty great show in addition to its amazing soundtrack and score.Five episodes into Stranger Things and they've dropped songs by The Clash, The Cure, Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Modern English. @dexterdyne Thanks for the shout out mate. @stickbyatlas @punksteez Always happy to have a chat. Let me know if we can help cc @CUAbanking @HalifaxTech Nah. Tieless day. I would accepted being set on fire though.Listen up, yo! “5 Things to Know About Dreamforce ’16” by @salesforce
Retweeted by Paul Ryanstars dont actually twinkle, thats just the earth's turbulent atmosphere. everything you know is a lie.
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe will be at Cat Fest! Stop by and say hi! #CatFest2016
Retweeted by Paul RyanNot enough syndicated "Hee Haw" in 2016.
Retweeted by Paul RyanLast one left at the office. I am also out of Clif Bars. If someone could drop by for a visit to punch me in the face, that would be cool.Grandma Kessel chugs champagne from the Stanley Cup via @BarDown @shawn_freeze I think the NHL should make all players attach gymnastic length ribbons to their gloves.Could Donald Trump Pass a Sanity Test? @RemoZaccagna @iancfairclough Not that surprising. There seems to have been buzz about another move almost since they landed in Brooklyn.It's only been four years since we last got to see Olympic Shot Put, and I don't know about you guys, but waiting has felt like an eternity.happy @halifaxpride. Every day is Pride Day (artwork by kumud) ^aa
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @SerAspen Yeah man. You should check out more of the @SynthXndrHarris stuff on Spotify when you have some time. All quality. @joelkelly I have a guess, that my guess is the same as your guess.I really don't get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome.
Retweeted by Paul RyanIn Memory of Neville Gilfoy Democrat Party Intern Selfie Is Dramatically Different From Paul Ryan's via @MicNew track, "Buckle Bunny" by the man @SynthXndrHarris - dark synth with wonderful melodies. You need to hear this. you should be listening to right now. @SynthXndrHarris
Retweeted by Paul RyanIf you haven't seen @ThePeakyBlinder you are seriously missing out on life. Easily the best show I've ever watched.
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Stranger Things. The Clash. Basically a scene directly from my childhood, but without a little brother. @gahanlebon @jerryleewilson Lots of fun lads. Feels like a new tradition in the making. The 5 Album Rule is a real thing. @Highly_Touted @RyanMcNutt Both those guys also play ball like hockey players. @RyanMcNutt Big fan of McCutchen and Trout too. Same style of ball player. @RyanMcNutt @BringerOfRain20 plays baseball the way the baseball was meant to be played. Best player in the league.I walked the entire length of the Halifax waterfront for a client meeting. I only spoke with one human but I said hi to all the dogs.