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I have a lovely wife and 5 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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We're thrilled to announce our first wave of acts for #HPX2016! Our HPX & @halcon_scificon bundle is ON SALE NOW!
Retweeted by Paul RyanMan Worried About Drug Dealer Who's Not Picking Up Phone via @theonion'Peaky Blinders' to return for two more series. BBC renews for fourth and fifth outings. via @NMEWhy You Can’t Ignore Social Video Anymore
New playlist. Almost all of Morrissey's solo b-sides and non-album singles. Some brilliant hidden gems in here. ♫ @jeskalala @jerryleewilson haha @ChrisFHFX @jerryleewilson @jeskalala #squadgoals @jerryleewilson @ChrisFHFX @jeskalala this reminds me of when you assholes talked about brunch in Sackville for way longer than necessary @ChrisFHFX @jerryleewilson @jeskalala that's because you're fucking old @jerryleewilson @jeskalala I barely remember it @jerryleewilson @jeskalala "ask Fish or Wojciehowicz" @jeskalala he could probably beat the crap out of me, but it doesn't look like he's used the internet since 2014 @EastCoastKnits highly probable @Bobby_OK @RWJBoon pretty sure he didn't even know he won last time.Not sure if our councillor is offering for re-election in the next election, but I am sure he was on Barney Miller. had complaints RE one of our Robots wearing crop tops. So this Fri, we all wear them. Crop Top Tolerant: #crototo
Retweeted by Paul Ryantodays sandwich board #thehip ^aa
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @shawn_freeze The Rockin' Rodeo = Our Whiskey A Go GoTV Budgets Shifting to Social? Yes, It's Time to Worry
Retweeted by Paul RyanJoin us in an hour for a @HubSpot Partner Spotlight webinar & learn how to go #agile and increase profit:
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @skivels I would rather swim in shark waters than be within a mile of the closest June bug.
At times when the Lightning are struggling, and they show Yzerman, it looks like he wants to suit up and show all of them how to play hockeyI hear June Bugs bouncing off the living room window. Super. @Nicki_Doyle 3 Libras is one of my favourite songs that Maynard sings. @EPBryn @hannahbennettNS Forks is cool, but the data isn't quite as solid or compelling. The sustainability slant with Cowspiracy is great. @DartmouthDerek Guy is still a big baby. Retaliates always. @EPBryn CowspiracyThere is no way Malkin should still be playing with the same signature lack of discipline at this point in his career. @jerryleewilson I meant that particular drink @jerryleewilson told yaListening to the brand new Wild Beasts song again, because they're the best band making music now. via @YouTube @jeskalala @BJessomePR When you're driving fast and shooting at shit, having the right music is pretty much the most important thing. @jeskalala @BJessomePR So shooting is covered. What about driving fast through tiny, yet densely populated European cobbleways? @TeamAdam76 A throwing star I should think. @bitdepth Pretty sure that's what Moore did. @ChrisFHFX If I end up being Bond, I'll talk to my people. @bitdepth Oh right that. Maybe more of stretch than planned. @bitdepth Fair. I assume Craig didn't have "sniper" or "formula 1 driver" on his resume prior to getting the gig.I want to be the next Bond. I have wardrobe covered. Might need help with pretending to shoot guns and drive fancy cars down staircases.One of my favourite bands on earth just released a new song. The return of Wild Beasts in 2016 is wonderful news. @jeskalala @BJessomePR @NotWayneCarter @jerryleewilson That's today's gif winner. @BJessomePR @jerryleewilson The Wire might be the only show that will consistently break your heart more than GOT.Thinking about all the ways Gord Downie makes us smile. @andreamdonald @lifeont1 Make sure to clear your browser history when you have a moment.New pocket square, because I'm fancy. the week with a friendly little Dartmouth chirp from the archive. Could also have read Spryfield to be fair
A Facebook survey just asked if I would consider drinking Budweiser. I should ask if they would consider hosting their site on Geocities.The old fart turned 57 yesterday, so we've been listening to a lot of Mozzer for the last couple days. @IanBezanson Yeah just as weird and uncomfortable as ever. Those guys were way ahead of their time imo."Roxy gets two carrots and the rest of you only get one." Is something you might say when the other 4 dogs who aren't Roxy are being jerks. @ChrisFHFX @jerryleewilson Atta boy. Get it in ya. @skivels There may have been squeeing over here as well.The @CBC is streaming all 5 seasons of Kids In The Hall. That's a whole lot of wonderful strangeness to re-watch. the morning making a Spotify playlist with most of Morrissey's b-sides and non album singles. Spending the afternoon listening to it.Nice review of the new @TheTrashCans album, "Wild Pendulum" here via @Under_Radar_Mag. Such a lovely record. in its right place @monochromegod Oh cool. Hope you dig it. Still need to tweak and balance it out a bit, but pretty happy with how it plays. @m_brand it is nowWe've some news arriving tomorrow morning. 11.30am, @BBC6Music with @laurenlaverne.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @m_brand Guilty. Because I prefer being confused with Paul Ryan the U.S. House Speaker rather than Rand Paul the U.S. Senator. @m_brand I feel like Ryan was a last name before it became a first name, and Paul was a first name before it became a last name.New playlist. Post-Punk Revival. 8 Hours of some of the coolest post-punk from the last 16 years. ♫
@ChrisFHFX @NotWayneCarter @jerryleewilson my fave summer drink :) @NotWayneCarter @jerryleewilson tequila with soda and limes over in Windsor Junction #DrinkingBuddies #sundaydrinks @huskermould Laying around sleeping apatheticallyHappy birthday Moz
@huskermould Blues look good tonightThat first save by Jones before the Blues goal was ridiculous.Strombo's bright blue double breasted suit is the sharpest outfit he's worn since Rogers ruined Hockey Night in Canada. @jerryleewilson that looks cool @jerryleewilson Great. Low flame. Keep it moving. Brush on some oil mixed with lemon and crushed garlic. Throw on salt & pepper. Tasty stuffGrilling kale and listening to Tame Impala. Basically closing in on Level 3 Dirty Hippy status. @bideawhile is at the Active Living Expo #BlueNose2016. Drop by Booth #1031 @todoinhalifax @halifaxtweeter #Halifax
Retweeted by Paul RyanIt's going to be warm! Get on the Daytimer. 3.4% kettle-soured Berliner Weisse. Delicious, refreshing, and suitable for bulk consumption.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson @gaylegirl Is your yard in 1978? @jerryleewilson @gaylegirl It's irritating me as well @sarahabriel great outfit … have funIn the name of Satan I curse your rotten souls.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#SummerJams Tribulations by LCD Soundsystem ♫
@Nicki_Doyle Clarification: One glass. Much fruit. Many refills. @Nicki_Doyle I went the single serve route. As long as there's fancy somewhere ;) @Nicki_Doyle my sangria is a combination of versions I have tried and subsequently stolen over the years, with an emphasis on fancyFriday night Sangria with an Elliott photo bomb. someone walks into a public washroom while you're struggling with your button fly, there is no way they think that's what you're doing. @gogglesford Manic Monday is particularly derogatory toward Mondays, but that's probably Prince's fault for writing it. @NotWayneCarter "The Pop Kids buy a studio for $16M"Hey @notwaynecarter, you have $8M? Want to go 50/50? - DFA Records’ HQ/studio is on the market for $16 million @halifaxunbeard @MikeGormanHFX Lived on the peninsula for 30 years. Moved here because peninsula by-law requires you to hate 10 things/day. @MikeGormanHFX @halifaxunbeard Fall River by-laws state that I can't leave for work until I hate at least five things everyday. @SmoggyRandall @JailhouseParker we really don't say frig enough, as a people.So Moz, how do we feel about Fridays mate?
@Nicki_Doyle I get it. They have their act together.Just saw a live @NPR feed on FB of Explosions In The Sky playing a show. Now I need to attend one of their concerts, badly. @shawn_freeze Also, the only thing on my screen when I click notifications right now, is your big pic of Pat Falloon. Haha, it's weird. @shawn_freeze I have that card. @shawn_freeze I forgot he was with them. @shawn_freeze Haha, Falloon. Nice. Loved that guy.If there is one thing that might make me delete all my social accounts it's outdated blind party loyalty and partisan politics. Embarrassing @BJessomePR Haha. I wish, although I saw it the other day and thought WJ was about the last place I would expect to see something like that