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I have an amazing wife and six wonderful dogs. I eat plants, collect records, and lend businesses money. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing fancy

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@AmberCadabra I am happy to sign off on that assessment.“We only have one Earth— shouldn’t Earth Day be every day?” - @awellfedworld #loveyourmother #cowspiracy
Retweeted by Paul RyanHappy earth day Don't discuss Titanic with Joe. DiCaprio: Why? Obama: He's still upset. He thinks you could've fit on that d…
Retweeted by Paul RyanStill the most wonderful perfect version
New band name idea: Rene Lancourt’s Eyebrows @rrrubberbiscuit I liked it a lot the first year or two. It was more about celebrating small record stores and reco… trolls, you keep screaming that I need to drink bleach, when the real way to hurt me is to befriend me, be in…
Retweeted by Paul RyanThat’ll keep them out.
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Here it is, I said I’d share when Coffin Skate shop announced its first roller disco
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Hooberbloob Same. I’ve been ready to give up on life for a while now. @jerryleewilson @NSLCpunk Yup @NSLCpunk My new thing is silver linings. I’m still working on it. @NSLCpunk The good news is I can’t think of virtually any female artists who are nearly as boring as most of those bands.🙂It's a battle. It's a grind. There's truly nothing like #StanleyCup Playoff hockey.
Retweeted by Paul RyanGolden Retriever Mauls 5 In Huge Victory For Pitbull Apologists
Retweeted by Paul RyanMake the gas face let's not forget that Seventies global ambassador for ponchos, Laurie Partridge of The Partridge Family…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @nadia_detriment Awesome. I think this is actually my favourite Scissor Sisters song. @culligandave I’m actually starting to think that the rule is to force eye contact @rrrubberbiscuit Considering this is about the fifth time this week someone has shared this with me, I’m going to c… @nickcalder I can't imagine they're any happier to be there than anyone else. @sullmcintyre If I feel old, everyone is feeling old.This magnificent album is 20 years old today. are the rules for eating a banana on an elevator? I feel like so long as there’s no eye contact with other humans, you’re still onside.❗️❗️❗️ @nadia_detriment @NotWayneCarter We tend to over complicate things as a people. I prefer to simplify. Timebomb helps. @NotWayneCarter @nadia_detriment I still listen to Time Bomb once a week.“Big plans this weekend?” Let me think meow. Maybe a silly new movie.There are 14 teams still in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The top player on three of them (Pens/Crosby, Bruins/Marchand…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#Icon #Goddess #Legend Grace Jones' Best Quotes to Live By: “If You are Lonely When You are Alone, You’re in Bad Co…
Retweeted by Paul Ryandogs will seriously do their best to help you with anything lmao.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @NotWayneCarter It has to be the most unnecessary album of the last twenty years.Friday. Dance.
Cake came out in 1990, now we’re going to play it in full every night on our upcoming tour...along with I’ve Seen E…
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis is Kylo. He just had his very first checkpup. Good boy levels off the h*ckin charts. 13/10 would noggin pat
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @merubin Yeah he was an absolute class act. Played with so much heart and respect, for sure. @nadia_detriment Best sports mascot ever. @monochromegod Ha. That timeline feels accurate to me.A little Montreal Expos throwback. I don’t like to make a big deal about it, but the Kid and I were definitely good… @NotWayneCarter Yeah, been loving it as well.Every week, groups meet to tackle projects of all sizes to help better the lives of animals. Committee members & ou…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @jerryleewilson @gingerlove71 @BJessomePR @MLimaBean @NotWayneCarter Same @HollandNeil78 Cool, but not even remotely as good as Window Pane, or anything by The Real People for that matter. @brightwhite Yeah crazy catchy. Liverpool band. Super over looked. They pre-date the 90s Brit Pop thing a bit (this… @shawn_freeze I'm at the point with how and where I source new music, that I pretty much have to go well out of my… best song you will hear today. @shawn_freeze I don't know who that is.Well this is certainly nice music news to wake up to. Black Women listening to Taylor Swift’s cover of “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire is SENDING ME 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
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Mats Sundin in the Leo Vegas commercials looks like a guy who would 100% buy mutual funds from Brian ElliottRough night for Brian Elliott and the Flyers. Additionally, Brian Elliott looks like at least four guys I know who sell mutual funds.There's just ONE week before the deadline to apply for our working board! Send your resume and cover letter to our…
Retweeted by Paul RyanStill their best and still brilliant. @coreythedopest I'm well aware of how well the Raptors are doing mate, and they have my full respect. It was a joke. Let's try to keep up.So Vegas has a hockey team, eh? Next thing you're going to tell me Toronto has soccer and basketball teams. @KDPokay Once saw a guy at the table next to us in a restaurant start clipping his nails. The most foul type of human. @cmandrecyk @TheOnion Haha, we're probably over capacity at this point.On this day in 1994, #Pulp released their fourth studio LP "His 'n' Hers" featuring singles "Babies" "Lipgloss" and…
Retweeted by Paul RyanReport: Everyone Starting New Exciting Stage Of Life Except You via @theonion love when people ask if our dogs are allowed on the furniture. My dogs are allowed to drive the car if they can find the keys.Wonderful weirdos❤️
Been chatting to my wife while twitter was down. She seems nice.
Retweeted by Paul RyanIn fairness, if you wanted to know stuff, you wouldn’t be watching the Hannity program in the first place
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @JtheCanadian Thank you 🙂#UncasualTuesday @SLG2112 Haha, that’s not for me to say, but I like how it sounds 😁Dude, I’m not Paul Ryan the American politician. I’m Paul Ryan the Canadian smart ass. Please stop tagging me in th… have so many amazing volunteers who work closely with our animals ahead of being adopted. Whether its socializin…
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@raymondedwards Yeah, I always feel like pop started gradually taking back over in and around 1996. Spice Girls and… @raymondedwards Definitely as many or more small print bands, and most of the top billers in 99 were enjoying there… 10% off your meal when you order online from Sunday - Wednesday! Perfect for those office lunches.…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @PeterHanes Yeah the whole thing has gotten pretty gross. @passagegal They used to carry a lot more obscure artists that pretty much no one had heard of. Certainly on the bo… @DesignIsabelle It definitely used to be an indie alternative festival at the beginning. Safe to say the promoters… very first Coachella lineup from 1999. Safe to say it’s become a pretty different festival in twenty years. @BuckwheatHull Just broken up tofu.🙂