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I have an amazing wife and five wonderful dogs. I eat plants and I collect records. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing like a gentleman.

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Brand new album by 2-Tone ska legends The Selecter. More traditional reggae than 2-tone, but not bad. #NowPlaying @missveinot I forgot my dad’s birthday a few years back. I wasn’t popular, but it’s really easy to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself.Oliver is always close by.🙂
@MeliMLee Aww. Just saw this. Thank you so much 😊 @realTomMurray Like to see the Habs take a similar rebuilding approach. It would be cool to see both teams be young… @realTomMurray They have a great fun young hockey team. I can see why people are excited. 2-6 might also be drivi…’s like, sup. can't remember a time since the internet began when Habs fans have been this quiet.Walking tonight with the "Nance's Light Forward" team. Would love some additional last minute support if you're able @im_adam_barrett I could get behind this without too much resistance.
@scotestabrooks Yeah it was wonderfully shot and edited. Such grace and humility from such an iconic band. @OceanOptometry Absolutely. There were just fewer artists pushing their luck the same way in the 70s imo.Of the handful of artists who were way ahead of their time in the 70’s, very few pushed musical boundaries quite li…'m so sorry, everyone
Retweeted by Paul RyanVisit for all things Bide Awhile!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @sofipapamarko YesssRealizing how many people still had not seen Long Time Running before tonight. Reliving the smiles and tears of the film from your tweets. @jeskalala @VICE Hahaha. Somehow, by perhaps the slimmest of margins, I’m glad my name is Paul Ryan and not Richard… the first Clash album, Strummer sounds pissed. On a lot of modern “punk” albums, the singers sound like they’re… @Just_JeffN A couple albums later, on Heaven Tonight. Brilliant song. @mattjkendall Love that era of power pop. Cheap Trick, Big Star, The Records, The Raspberries, Artful Dodger, Dwigh… @mattjkendall They were not :) I like Duke and Abacab. I just don't love them as Genesis albums. After that I don't care at all.For me Cheap Trick’s debut record has always had way more to do with quirky power pop and alternative than most bor… @mattjkendall I feel like you and I could actually listen to a lot of music together without too many incidents. That's rare for me :) @mattjkendall All fair. I would go Ruts for 4th, but I wouldn't expect anyone to ever share that view. I think ever… @mattjkendall Rocks is my overall fave. Always has been. Love Toys too. First two are okay. @mattjkendall I like how sloppy things were starting to get on this one. I love Night In The Ruts for the same reas… @Nicki_Doyle May have been two singles from it. Nothing big compared to their other 70s hits. I feel like they were… to and including maybe like Permanent Vacation they admittedly were pretty great. After that less so. This one i… @tdduker That's cool. We did it gradually. Way easier than cutting everything. We still do cheese here and there. @tdduker Awesome. I wish I was one of our dogs too haha. @tdduker It's Sammi's world and we all just live in it ;)Sammi is settling in for a relaxing night of listening to old records, after a long week of being a dog with no str… @Machzy I wish, mate.The youths seem especially outraged about everything on Twitter this week. I recommend a big glass of apathy and re… @punisher766 Oh shit. I've seen that 😂 @grantisagrant I think it's the third best, but there are some pretty brilliant moments. Darker in some ways.Best album cover ever. @huskermould Maybe if they count to 300 it won't suck. @punisher766 Pretty much :)BBC keeps posting about the new season of Peaky Blinders on Facebook, except the actual date, and British people keep losing their shit hahaThank you to Fever Ray for keeping the alternative in alternative music. So weird and wonderful. haven't been very good for a while, but 37 years ago today when they released "Boy" they were pretty wonderful cool piece by @HfxPartnership on @VERBInteractive A Global Business Based in Halifax: VERB Interactive Finds Owning Cool Leather Jacket More Rewarding Than Raising Children via @theonion @huskermould a classic
@PinkPunkSlut Better not let Elliott the golden doodle see this @PinkPunkSlut Oh shit!Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes @nickcalder @oneredcatmedia @mandersoncooper @PinkPunkSlut Wear the right fucking shoes, mate. How many times? @oneredcatmedia As soon as someone endorses me for Bunking on LinkedIn, we'll know I've arrived, mate. @oneredcatmedia my bunking skills aren't as strong as my banking skillsSo silly. As a result, I feel like I should submit my bid to be the corporate banker of record for Amazon and Bezos @PinkPunkSlut I also acknowledge that I index reasonably high with natural unearned privilege in multiple categorie… @PinkPunkSlut @CaffeinatedMatt Indeed. There is no preferred age bracket for cloud yelling and fist shaking. @PinkPunkSlut Realizing I used up all my angry old man days prematurely about 5 years ago. I'm not mad about anythi…’s Taco Thursday! Tasty Korean fusion deliciousness! Vegan option available.
Retweeted by Paul RyanRemember that time when Nico sang with Bauhaus? via @postpunkzineTest prints to help determine optimal print speeds on our #BigRepONE - #PushingTheLimits
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @mattjkendall It’s a sneaky good album. Took me a while to warm up to it. @mattjkendall Agreed. That stretch of three is them at their best imo. @mattjkendall Oh man, pressure😉 The Dire Wolf, perhaps? Feels like classic Hip that could have been on any of the more popular albums. @mattjkendall Henhouse is my fave and Day For Night is my number two. They were firing on all cylinders and briefly… @mattjkendall I think there are really neat off kilter melodies and different tunings for them. I lean to the few a… think In Violet Light is the most underrated Hip album
@mattjkendall @HalifaxTech 1. Grace, Too 2. Don't Wake Daddy 3. Three Pistols That was hard #3FaveHipSongs😢 @MsJoyFG @DartmouthDogs She's a special pup :) @DartmouthDogs @MsJoyFG This is Sammi-Bear @MsJoyFG @DartmouthDogs More a little mixed rescue with corgi characteristics 🙂 @DartmouthDogs That’s her🙂 @DartmouthDogs Four spaces in the collage. Sammi would be Roger🙂If anyone ever asks about my greatest life accomplishment, I will likely point to the time I matched up my dogs to… just want to look through the junk drawer in your kitchen it doesn’t have to be a big thing
Retweeted by Paul RyanYou had- AT MOST- a Sum 41 CD.
Retweeted by Paul RyanAn Islander for the day, but forever a part of our hockey family. 💙 Keep fighting Brandon! #HockeyWithAHeart
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If men are so afraid of "witch hunts" they probably should have thought of that before they literally invented witch hunts
Retweeted by Paul RyanA Perfect Circle unleash "The Doomed" from their first album in 14 years: Stream via @alexyoung @labradorrose That is so good