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I have an amazing wife and five wonderful dogs. I eat plants and I collect records. Fan of The Smiths, the NY Islanders, and dressing like a gentleman.

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I guess I can stop emailing Yellow Pages every day to ask when we can expect the new phone books to be delivered. @CBtransplant So if I understand you correctly then, the key is to get so drunk that you are oblivious to how awful camping is?Just drove past a campground and thought "we should go camping this year." Then I remembered camping is 100% the worst thing in the world.My coverage of @CMW_Week, shot for @exclaimdotca. Links to some stellar reviews from @IanGormely and @C_Slingerland
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis is super cute and crafty. don't think O'Leary ever had any intention of going the distance in the leadership race. Just more press and personal brand promotion.Wall: fail China Trade Imbalance: fail Tough on Russia: Ahahahaa Nix Obamacare: fail Trump: “Fuck it, let’s slap Canada around.”
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Peter_Greathead @SurlyHaligonian I dispensed with sarcasm and cynicism for like three hours yesterday and actually… @danielmacdonald Haven't seen that in a while. So great. @CompositionCKDU Joy Division and BauhausNo motivational Eye of The Tiger music today. Back to dreary post-punk and a realist's view on life's futility and the awfulness of humanityWhen enthusiasm meets incompetence there is no limit to what you can't accomplish.
Retweeted by Paul RyanCan’t. Stop. Watching.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#Morrissey #TheSmiths #モリッシー
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis is Zeke. He performs group cheeky wink tutorials. Pawfect execution here. 12/10 would wink back
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@PaulHReporter1 Word upSome day somebody's gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye @jeskalala Congratulations Jess.Join us tonight for our AGM. We will be announcing the recipients of the #2017CommunityInvestmentGrant. All CUA mem…
Retweeted by Paul RyanYahoo's early investment in Snap is now worth about $97.6 million heard Eye Of The Tiger and suddenly I want to run to the top of Citadel Hill and pitch many cannon balls, over hand, across the HarbourStepping up the fancy this week. man this is amazing - Tom Hardy chases moped thief before shouting 'I caught the c**t' - NME via @NME
@KeithElliott @HuffPostPol The tax free status helpsHaha - San Antonio mayor says atheists are one of the deepest causes of poverty via @HuffPostPol#Jesus coming out of the tomb and then getting in your face for the rest of your life like... #Easter
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @fasterbonniekat One more ;) A fave so far this year. Lots of Wire, Joy Division, and Gang of Four influence. Super… @fasterbonniekat Re-discovered these guys recently. NY band. Mid 00's. Post-punk-ish. This is their best. Think you… reading your tweets
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @fasterbonniekat You ever heard Lower Dens? Their last album is a real gem. people talk about guitarists "shredding," they 100% mean Jake E. Lee in Badlands and this filthy opening riff. @jamescdwyer I don't think so. They're getting older. I bought them at the Paul Smith boutique at Heathrow years ag… @devinlockyer @jamescdwyer December kids are the coolest kids. It's science. @sassypants81 Hearing rumblings about a birthday today. Hope it's been fabulous.Wore my favourite cuff links today. Juicero gets publicly shamed, let us not forget that juice itself is a lie @fandrewgervais Ha. Thanks. Day actually got better. @HalifaxReTales and then I'm the arsehole driving on the 102 with a coffee mug stuck to the roof of his car. That would be cool actually.So it's going to be a 'leave your coffee mug on the roof of the car and drive away' type start of the week I guess.#Bananarama to reunite for UK tour
Retweeted by Paul RyanTrump claims the border wall will cost less than $10 billion, but it might be more "if I do a super-duper."
Retweeted by Paul RyanQuora raises $85 million to expand internationally and develop its ads business
That was a hell of a hockey series.Freddie Andersen is playing like a guy who left his favourite pair of shoes in Washington.
Retweeted by Paul RyanThis game is all the supporting evidence you need that 0-0 games can still be insanely fun.
Retweeted by Paul RyanEvery opening montage for all televised hockey games in Canada from now on should use a Sloan song.SLOAN!🚨 BABY BOZAK 🚨
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @TheDrake1001 Indeed. @LindsayLaFosse Yes they shall haha.Complete game for @MStrooo6! #BlueJays win!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @TheDrake1001 Yeah it's going to be a great series. Should be close. Could see that one going 7.Lots of respect from the Bruins for Erik Karlsson in the handshake line.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @huskermould No, their food has meat.The best part of Ottawa moving on is we get to see Karlsson keep playing hockey for at least another round, at that is a thing of beauty.Good stuff Ottawa. Crazy game. Nice to see MacArthur be the one to grab the winner.You wanted a hit, but that's not what we do. ♫ @Oh_Ray_Me Big headphones solve all these situations more quickly ;)Jesus, that's a lot of country music so adjacent to my personal space.The weather in our subdivision is currently too cold for badminton or croquet, but clearly okay for unsolicited public space country music.What It Felt Like to Review OK Computer When It First Came Out via @pitchforkOne of the best signs I've seen today at #sciencemarchdc #Environment #DC
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @im_adam_barrett We've always had good luck and service from the Martinizing over at the Halifax Shop Anex by Papa Mario's. @CoyMoore There are a couple shops that sell old and new records. Not sure there's a few hours to be killed there, but it's something. @huskermould thanks man @rockitdev Yup. Deepest division in the NHL.If you're calling the NYR win an upset, you maybe haven't watched very much hockey for the last few years.Vinyl Music Gives Record Stores a Boost in a Digital World‘Trump will kill America’ etched into vinyl of The Smiths’ Record Store Day single via @slicingeyeballs
@tiggyblog Absolutely agree @PaulHReporter1 Haha, I forgot all about that. So many laughs.So thrilled to announce we raised $1500 for @hopeforwildlife thanks to YOU. #FreeGelatoDay Proud of you, Halifax.
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Retweeted by Paul Ryan @HalifaxTech We're building it buddy. Already have the dogs doing some digging. Thanks for the great idea. @HalifaxTech I don't have may tools, but I do have a pick axe for some reason, as luck would have it. I'm guessing… you heard? @ILOVELOCALHFX is now on Instagram! Give them a follow & tweet how you support local!…
Retweeted by Paul RyanHave you ever said "I don't like beer"? We'll prove you wrong at 4:30 on the #ssx2017 @TasteofNS stage. #NScraftbeer
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Hooberbloob Obviously I'm pretending to be in New Bunswick here today so far, as well. @huskermould If people want to buy things cheap and flip them, they should get into real estate, not records.