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I have a lovely wife and 5 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@NatalieBorden1 @TeamAdam76 She was so great in that role.Finland Tourism 🤘
Retweeted by Paul RyanWeekly vinyl album sales outstrip digital downloads for the first time @NatalieBorden1 I shouldn't have poked the bear. I actually should know better. That said, I didn't losr a lot of sleep either. @skivels polident, haha @wcburns you're goddamn rightI promise, today, I will not antagonize old people on Twitter or deliberately bait senior citizens into blocking me for shits and giggles.Clearly learned his humility from Ovechkin you realize that the Spice Girls have more foreign policy experience than Donald Trump
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Because you're a racist?
Retweeted by Paul RyanFont really does make all the difference. @Nicki_Doyle @MaxBetman Still listen to those guys @Nicki_Doyle @MaxBetman @SmoggyRandall I'm going to have the Possum Kingdom riff in my head all night now. @HalifaxTech hahaha, lots of honesty on the twitter tonight. @HalifaxTech That's amazing. @SmoggyRandall Haha. Nah, they've found a way to co-exist. @HalifaxTech Felt right to take some pressure back off you, although we're in this together really. @AllanGates1 Haha, I had to google that. Jesus. @HalifaxTech Did you play in front of pretty girls with your fly down? Because I may need to borrow that gif back from you. @Nicki_Doyle @SmoggyRandall If I had to listen to one of theirs I would go Rain King for some reason. @SmoggyRandall Everyone was doing it. I need you to believe me. @Nicki_Doyle Yeah there has never been anything wrong with his voice. I thought he really sounded best on Down On The Upside. @AllanGates1 @Nicki_Doyle I would way rather hear My Bloody Valentine at this point for instance, than Soundgarden. @Nicki_Doyle I love a lot of the crunchy indie guitar stuff of the 90s. I'm losing interest in a lot of the big label faux alt 90s stuff tbh @Nicki_Doyle What I was doing, was decidedly not shredding, I can assure you. @hannahbennettNS Guys who hit on girls at the beach @hannahbennettNS So unnecessary. @RyanMcNutt Definitely a song I'm fine to file under "at quota." @hannahbennettNS I have had the same wish, trust me. @hannahbennettNS And I was one year old in 1972. I don't understand the question. @RyanMcNutt A lot of Better Man and Mr. Jones if memory serves.Just remembered a time in '94 when I was that guy who showed up a party with a guitar. None of you were there, but I'm still sorry about it.In 2000 there weren't many albums I recall my music nerd friends and I raving about as much as The Hour of Bewilderbeast By Badly Drawn Boy.If you want beautiful skin, buy my stuff, it really works!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @MaxBetman Love Junk is one of my 5 favourite Canadian albums of all time. Great call. @RemoZaccagna Ha. I actually have a weird respect for the fact that he seems completely fine to stay the course with that hair. @RemoZaccagna Holding out for the Islanders head coach gig. Keep saying it's gotta be any day now. Keep wondering why it hasn't opened up. @RemoZaccagna Let's go with the Habs. I at least used to actually like U2 😜 @jamescdwyer @jernalist @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @hpstrawberries @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @sassypants81 I call metrosexual abuse @sassypants81 I'm also "ugly" now too. Need to update my resume. @Adam_Watts77 haha, thanks mate @libraryal @SarahSawler @NamesPeoplePlay @hpstrawberries @jernalist @jeskalala @regdns @sassypants81 there are no winners here today @sassypants81 The irony being that after all that, I'm the one who needs a nap. @jernalist @hpstrawberries @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 Let's wrap this up old fella. Blocking? @jernalist @hpstrawberries @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 So is that a no on the block then? @sassypants81 @jernalist @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay I'm trying here, seriously @jernalist @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 yeah yeah, can we move this along to the blocking part @jernalist @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 Dude, I just wanted to get blocked like everyone else.Please stop saying an agreement was reached re:safety. There were no talks with @NSTeachersUnion. Info cited today came out on wknd #nspoli
Retweeted by Paul RyanLiette Doucet says this list was sent to gov't Friday evening. Says events since Saturday completely unnecessary. @CTVAtlantic
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @Nicki_Doyle That seems about right. @aldelory @Nicki_Doyle Unlikely I would say. They're too far under water right now. @Nicki_Doyle I can't actually tell if she has the keys to the bus, or if she's under it.This is really uncomfortable to watch.Casey just admitted that the union guaranteed safety on Friday, *a day before* she locked students out of school. #NSTeachers #nspoli
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @cmandrecyk ha, clearlyWho is giving this government advice on messaging? @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 @jernalist whoa, he seems old as fuck @RemoZaccagna I actually tried to hack your account to block me. @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 @SarahSawler @jeskalala @libraryal @regdns @NamesPeoplePlay @sassypants81 Don't know what any of this is about, but I want to be blocked too @zwoodford I would plan on there not being time for questions, mate ;)#ReadytoTeach
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @AJCrowley This would have been better if you texted me to tell me you tweeted me, to tell me you emailed me, to tell me voice mailed me.Cool vid. Great shirt. Lamar Challenges President Obama to Basketball Game via @pitchforkHaha - Premier Stephen McNeil locks out everyone in Nova Scotia via @TheManateeMag @rrrubberbiscuit @HalifaxReTales The Wire is on Crave, and PB is on US Netflix, which isn't helpful, but they're both brilliant shows.Any chance the Liberals can table legislation eliminating the use of voice mail in all Nova Scotia constituencies?Missing the most important players. #Act4Ed #ReadyToTeach #NSTUnited
Retweeted by Paul Ryan @gradontripp and so it begins best guess: There is dissension in the NS Liberal caucus, which would come out in open if House went in at 10 as scheduled. #nspoli
Retweeted by Paul RyanFilling up those carts with toys for children at local hospitals. #Isles players will deliver the toys the later…
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#ReadyToTeach is trending nationally.Virtually no traffic this morning. Maybe the Liberals are onto something after all. @krisp131 @Hooberbloob "Jesus kid, amortization gets added back to available cash flow. I thought you said you knew this. Man, 6 year olds."Any Halifax parents still looking for last minute child care? I have a bunch of financial analysis that needs doing. Free raw almonds.