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Skye ⛰
Kicking off the Tower Stage in a bit 🎉 honour of Cleveland winning their first game in 2 years, here’s an excellent video on the city’a finest hour CC…🎉🎉🎉
@CeraKhin Forever ❤️If You're Into It, I'm Out of It good crew. @matthewarthurw Love and strength to you ❤️
@MsClaireBiddles @OneWeekOneBand Beautifully written and very many mutual feels. Love to you.x @DJC59335 @richard_nmbrs DO NOT TEMPT FATE CLARK I HAVE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE @DJC59335 @richard_nmbrs Em excuse me u r not invited* @ssofay @richard_nmbrs Iz a dreeeeam @richard_nmbrs Yes! Old Hairdressers excited for Ben Vince/Mark Vernon/Cucina Povera tomorrow night 🥰~music for mountains~ @DJC59335 Put some masking tape over the dash and tell her someone stole the car radio!I’ve never got in a cab with Capital FM on and that “on the day we fell in love” song isn’t playing.
Josh Gordon 😥
SO LOW 19.10.18 💀⚰️🖤 @eclairfifi performs at the opening of @VADundee Broadcast on @bbctwoscot 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎆
Retweeted by Ribeka @RadioDEBONAIR I know right. Was so sad to miss you last week 😔Reminded once again today of the most Glaswegian poetry of all time, uttered in my local Keystore - Man: Got any K… IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED @_suezuki ❤️ @Andrew_Beltran ❤️ can we make it a day trip and go to Largs aftermy good pal amaya has been arrested by paramilitary forces in Nicaragua for her fight against oppression and is bei…
Retweeted by Ribeka @leer_and We sure would!
❤️❤️❤️ 2018's Tower Stage: great music + iconic scenery. On Friday @eclairfifi presents @Big__Miz,…
Retweeted by Ribeka @eclairfifi @mthrmrk OMG Skye. @mthrmrk I nearly got blown into the clyde walking in this morning.It’s barely September and already in thick wool and winter coat 😔We, Room 4 Resistance, are here to bring politics back to the dancefloor, and we stand in solidarity with the Pales…
Retweeted by RibekaReminder! Subcity are doing a tour of some of the best record shops in the city. I’ll be down at Rubadub later shou… @Al_Sundvall @tony_poland OMG @boosterhooch @NTSlive ❤️❤️❤️ @tony_poland @Al_Sundvall This is my favourite thing ever.
@objectblue_ As I think @David_Rudnick said elsewhere this is about as clear a definition of fascism as there is. @hilsmarshall A potato with lipstickReminder of Netanyahu’s words less than two weeks ago. Solidarity with the people of Palestine. #DJsforPalestine statement:
Retweeted by RibekaAs long as the Israeli government continues its brutal and sustained oppression of the Palestinian people we respec…
Retweeted by RibekaJust in case you slept on it. @r_ibeka put together a very special and very personal mix for an exhibition celebra…
Retweeted by RibekaHaving a *very* emo week @iamnightwave YES!I worked on some of the music for this exquisitely bonkers feminist movie by Rachel Maclean, excited to see the pre…
Retweeted by RibekaA special night last night listening to and discussing Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. A few tears shed I won’t lie.… @Gen_Ludd A GOLDEN WONDER @Gen_Ludd GLOWING POTAT @c0NZ Thanks Col. need to get press shots done but I look like a potato in every photo that gets taken of me plz help. @jezrileyfrench @structuresfrom_ Hi! There isn't a full tracklist up but I will compile one and put it in the comments on Soundcloud.Music from Mark Fell, Teresa Winter, Coil, Kymatik @jezrileyfrench @RianTreanor & Grimthorpe Colliery Band (amongst others)
@cunn1ngham_ Lots of love to you ❤️Made a very personal mix inspired by Yorkshire, Wuthering Heights & Mark Fisher. It’s pretty pretentious and defini…
On the way home to play with my love @ssofay @ La Cheetah ❤️ come see us I have lots of emotional post punk bangers birthday @_suezuki ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you had the best party and Hils and Dave treated you.Live on @Balamii for @fantasyinorbit with my lovely pal Elle in an hour! Shout us if you’re listening 🧡 Hey @ADE_NL @LovelandNL @circolocoibiza @nmh_amsterdam and everyone who has critised their methods. The initiator…
Retweeted by Ribeka @plasmatron Are there still tickets Stuart? I want to take my folks cos they love Kathryn!Elle Andrews (Souvenir) elle_andrews.elle and Ribeka (So Low) @r_ibeka are this month’s ‘Mystery Dance’ guests. The…
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Koh-I-Noor, North Street, Glasgow. Opened in 1964.
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@VonKeira @JoseyRebelle Of course 😭 @VonKeira @JoseyRebelle Come home for the Glasgow show! @DJC59335 You should capitalise on this twitter fame by downloading Instagram and becoming the influencer you always hoped to be. @LukeTurnerEsq @Corsica_Studios @theQuietus I am soon to be! Pulling in to kings X in approximately an hour. @LukeTurnerEsq @Corsica_Studios @theQuietus Argh! Is this tonight?!Thank you 🙏 @JDTwitchStill makes me very happy that we reissued this ❤️ @ssofay It’s ongoing too. You can never have too much detail on downtown traffic light phasing. @c0NZ WELL OF COURSE @danhobbs_ Ewan is convincing himself they will get to the SuperBowl by 2020...We’re on our way to London. Ewan is very happily listening to his Cleveland Brown’s Daily podcast and I am going th… @Andrew_Beltran ❤️❤️❤️ great work palTrue story Ewan’s Dad was issued with a note from Strathclyde Police to carry all times stating “This man is not bi…
@___neroli___ AH thank you thank you! @hotgemMGMT He's also just hand washed my jeans for me to make sure they don't get 'streaks' 😭man's a true saint.
@DavidBarbarossa Keeping them gleamies gleaming 👟Ewan is meticulously cleaning his trainers in preparation for our trip to London ☺️ @DJC59335 @JDTwitch Did you get a BAFTA 🙏? @DJC59335 @JDTwitch 🤘 @JDTwitch I will settle for nothing less than a Grierson @Graouhdyna oOoOo thank you for reminder.FYI this did happenI put Scrotum Poles in a BBC documentary. It's still to be signed off but when it is I will be retiring, comfortabl… @___neroli___ Fave highlighters? I’m looking for something liquidy with a cooler pinkish tint and not too shimmery… @illumsphere @eclairfifi Dream team 😍LT#7 @LaCheetahClub 5.10.18 w/ @_suezuki and Emaenuel Artwork by @slouchfeed art things to see in London this weekend?
@Monorail_Music @OptimoMusic ❤️❤️❤️Here's a sneak preview of something we've been preparing with buds @OptimoMusic for you eagle-eyed folk. Robert Ren…
Retweeted by RibekaThe dread that comes when summer is over but you've been working the whole time/haven't been out of the country since this time last year. 🙃
WHAT Mum and Dad are on holiday in Pula and just phoned to say they saw @BenUFO was playing and they almost got ticke…
@iwishyouwoulds @ssofay
@___neroli___ Really ramp up the excitement. @___neroli___ Defo 33. Don’t want pickled ginger flying all over the shot.Gonna use a 1210 as a sushi platter in the club tonight.🦆Quacks🦆 @ssseannn @DJC59335 Should have * that (sorry Dave) @ssseannn @DJC59335 Four sweet months in 1990 AKA Sparky’s pinnacle.