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“I’ve never had a usb. Magic sticks.” - Ewan BeveridgeHappiest of birthdays to you @matthewarthurw 💕💕💕Hallowe’en 2015, pre PM Theresa May. Little could we imagine the horrors to come.❤️’s so hard not playing Enjoy The Silence in every set.
THIS IS THE ONE TONIGHT <33 @frozenreeds @NtlMuseumsScot No pics allowed 😭 @structuresfrom_ Ah! Will be back ASAP! So sorry.Lots of nice things happening this weekend in Glasgow w/ @BAKEGLA @rubadub_glasgow @huntleyspalmers and lots more bit of @rubadub_glasgow news and not the last tweet you'll see on this matter. @RecordsMIC boss Cherrie Flava…
Retweeted by Ribeka @MsClaireBiddles Yes next weekend ❤️ hope you get some weekend relaxation. Pamper yourself.x
Feeling super happy after the launch of @NtlMuseumsScot Rip It Up exhibition this evening ❤️ Very proud to have had… @pastels_the @NtlMuseumsScot Sad to miss you! It's such a great exhibition. Loved it. @richard_nmbrs @codeinedrums @SpencerNMBRS CRIMES AGAINST MUSIC @GDC1873 @codeinedrums @richard_nmbrs @SpencerNMBRS It sure will. 9pm BBC2 31st July. @MsClaireBiddles Sending you love and strength. You are GREAT. I love your writing and you should be very proud of…❤️🙏 TO GET @codeinedrums @richard_nmbrs & @SpencerNMBRS (amongst others) ON THE TELE 📺 @jackmaster I’m so sorry Jack. Sending love and strength to you and Sean.x
@iamnightwave ❤️❤️❤️ thank you! @vxpowl For sure. My current partner is very very good at this and sensitive in dealing with the ups and downs. I’m… @vxpowl I'd been on a combined pill for some time then recently came off. It has made me realize how cyclical my mo…*looks up PMDD symptoms, realises this has been my entire life*
Retweeted by RibekaMaya is a really great teacher. Birthday @BAKEGLA 🎉
@ssofay Hahaaa @ssofay More clubs should be that sweatyBiggest love to J & K for last night it was really special. Feeling full of love today ❤️ @JDTwitch❤️
@snoutnado ❤️ @ssofay I am his Twitter mouthpieceThere’s a special kind of joy that comes from seeing a person who’s traditionally had rubbish shoes wearing a really good pair of trainers. @M_O_I_R_A_ Kill everyone @dalecornish WorstWill not forget the cunt in The Flying Duck last night who thought it was hilarious to play Firestarter and Ring of… @MissCathO Just very sad. @ssofay Love you. Please text when you're home.xI feel guilty for walking away, and drinking to numb, and moving on to the next party. But I didn't want to stand there and watch again.To walk outside and see a building that means so much aflame again. And feel the heartbreak and dread.5 hours ago we were watching a friend play a wonderful live set in the Art School union, settling into a night. The…
@ProfKAArmstrong We were in the union. Evacuated into a scene of devastation again. Broken.Just heard an EDM version of The Fray - How To Save A Life on Clyde 1 thanks George Bowie<3 @JDTwitch I know 😥 @JDTwitch ps I've gently cajoled him about work stuff and he said to text about a time to come round.x @JDTwitch I think that's fair. Can you get Ewan onto this regime plz? @JDTwitch 4 mile smoking avoidance night walks are the way 🙌 well done!I hope the sun returns 🤞Feeling the pent up rage that comes with not having taken any holidays since Christmas then remembering I have TWO…
@boosterhooch Is it a baby grow?
@ssofay I initially posted a magic mike gif with this but then i remembered my parents are on twitter (sorry mum and dad)Currently employing my bf to do up my flat and every day I come home from work and he's listening to R&B slow jams… maybe we could choose to disregard them, and leave the whole archaic system, with its sticky plaster solutions, behind.So long as Westminster have no obligation to Scotland, we can expect they'll continue to disregard us.Scottish interests will never be adequately represented because Westminster have NO legal obligation to consult the…😍 @lennyqb <3 <3 <3 @SarahDawkins23 ALWAYSToday's BBC lobby sound checks have included covers of Ginuwine - Pony and Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul - Breathe. Th… you book someone for an event should you not be able to write a 200 word bio about them?
@ssofay ME TOOPlaying b2b with your best friend is the one <3Finally had the breakthrough enjoying playing on a xone 92 moment on Sunday w/ @ssofay. It was also the best night.…'m passing on records to good homes at this on Saturday >>>
Salt n Vinegar Squares, glass bottle of Irn Bru.
@MsClaireBiddles Love to you beautiful woman.x @buildanddestroy ❤️🌟🙏 @dnkwn thank yoooou 😍😍😍 @frenchbloke Thank you! xxx @_Mozza_ Thank you <3 @auroramitch 🥳💋❤️Will play this one at @LaCheetahClub later tonight 🥰 bought some real nice records in @rubadub_glasgow + a shirt dress & socks in Cos having a really nice day @olepbr 🙏❤️💕 @elmocrumb @itspeach_ Geminis FTW 💫❤️ @hotgemMGMT ❤️❤️❤️ @iamnightwave Love you ❤️ @vxpowl Thank you 😍