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@ssofay I'm going to get this printed on a t-shirt for you. @ssofay Yes Projeqt you HAVE taught me something about sexism. @ssofay This is my fave bit @joemuggs THERE HE ISNo1 hero playing in Glasgow in TWO DAYS. I'm tooooo excited. @tony_poland No one will beat Bam.👏👏👏👏👏 this mix from @ssofay is the greatest <3 poor financial management has reached new levels this month 😫
B2B with DEBONAIR <3 many women out there playing weirdo post punk and industrial music for the dance floor it's a total dream.I am SO excited for @RadioDEBONAIR in Glasgow <3 @DJC59335 Leo Sayer no more!.@DJC59335 New Kubler Ross look?
@_acephale 👏 Down with grim fetishisation @pabsdebussy I do when I’m in house yeh.Just had the greatest news from a friend and my heart is so full ❤️ @adam_oko I no longer have a login which is pretty devastating. @frozenreeds @dalecornish Leave it with me... @frozenreeds @dalecornish I KNOW RIGHT. JUST SITTING THERE ON DIGIBETA. @dalecornish I'm working here at the moment and just round an amazing 3 part series about West Coast music (San Fra…'s nuts that the BBC's entire archive of publicly funded programmes isn't available to the public. @Al_English It's really improved my day. @M_O_I_R_A_ I'm making this as soon as i get home @M_O_I_R_A_ OMG LEVEL UP @klausmuzik @olepbr This is excellent thank you so much!YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR BAKED SNACK BISCUITSTHANK YOU BURTON'S FISH N CHIPS FOR ALL OF THE JOY YOU BRINGSpending my morning with the #goodmorningbam archive thank you @Al_English 🙏
@hotmessdisco Dying to find a good one. My back is being destroyed by shit bags :( @clouds @ssseannn aaaahahaaa @TheSteveAClarke I wanna see Dan's full non-hand-me-down wardrobe if this is the offcuts. @ssseannn To be fair Dan did offer him first dibs and he's decided to leave the Aquascutum jacket (a mistake in my…'s just dropped a bag of charity shop garbs in at RAD. Ryan's raided them and copped 2 Norse jumpers, an APC shi… also welcomeMore clarinet in techno 2k18FINALLY listened to the Call Super album OMG it's so lovely. @choltenc Do! Far too much on all the time. @choltenc Full thing💕 I’m in RAD all day if you wanna come and buy a ticket 🤗ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID RAIN ACID… got a record backpack they would recommend?
@iamnightwave So exhausting :( @sarrawild Ja I was thinking of heading over! I’ll message you :)Constant crises of confidence over music stuff 😔This is super good <3 there anything fun to do in Glasgow today that doesn’t involve spending money?
Ah thank you! I’m so excited to see Elle and Simon.The fear of listening back to recorded club sets in case it ruins good memories of the night. @DJAnnaGram THIS GIFRosalind Nashashib’s Electrical Gaza is a such beautiful piece.MY EYES ARE OPEN hope someone buys me @MuteUK A Visual Document for Christmas ❤️>>>>>>
Retweeted by Ribeka @SarahDawkins23 Miss Marple villain for sure @SarahDawkins23 The terrifying tutor 😰 @SarahDawkins23 Hahaaa. Actually by choice. Going back to some democratic theory 🤓Didn’t think I’d be rereading de Tocqueville in 2017 but there you go.We’re no longer using the language of democracy. We have reverted to the language of monarchy/autocracy/dictatorship.Words like mutiny, treason, rebels are being used on a daily basis in association with those in opposition.We can all blame the ills of society on the tories, Trump, far right, etc or we could question what is wrong with o…
@ssofay Yep 100% i have a photo somewhere.soz Faithfull two LLsFun fact - I once interviewed Marianne Faithful at her flat in Paris and she was drinking from a Celtic FC mug.BOOK SOFAY SHE IS THE BEST @NightSchoolRecs No of work! Your aternoon in BBC Scotland, soundtracked by Gun.Gun have been soundchecking Word Up! in the foyer for the past 1hr. @frozenreeds 👏DJ No BracketsGreggs sausage roll jesus is the highlight of the festive season.😎 @djsycophantasy I give this 5 thumbs up.
100% should not have decided to watch Everest again. Intensely traumatic.BLOOD MUSIC presents TV Peace 1.12.17 @LaCheetahClub w/@LIB_TEC @r_ibeka #Glasgow
Retweeted by RibekaLT#2 - 01.1.17 - @LaCheetahClub w/ @blood_music year I forget how miserable Glasgow winter is and the 3pm darkness comes as a crushing blow..@Aliciacarrera runs @HivernDiscs, and her DJing is lush: long, strange blends of coldwave, psych rock, synth pop,…
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