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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack Glasgow or a train

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett On R4, mostly Kitchen Cabinet book Chasing The Dram out nearly now

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@MsABurnside @hvasspastrychef I like your plan better tbh. I'm making tomato tartar and hazelnut meringue @hvasspastrychef Done, except they want aubergine fried and with honey like in Nerja. I have a list. . .Brexit: Japanese bank Nomura leaves London and chooses Frankfurt for EU headquarters after UK's withdrawal
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @maroonajambo They are nowIt's all go here for the pensioners' party this true? Or wishful thinking? Genuine qs, Scotland is a different political world ATM. @moutet Because the alternative is Boris Johnson. And the whole party knows it.I see the historians are still fighting. . . @FernRiddell Middle aged over privilaged white men trying to fight back is highly entertaining.How about backing not leaving at all?
@JanPatience @guardian Ha ha ha ha! @Louiestowell Ooooh very nice @AileenMcHarg We can pretend to be Mexicans @AileenMcHarg why does piñata = children? @rocketandsquash I was thinking today about adding sumac to hazelnut meringue and wondering if it would be nice, I… @Michex69 @WeeRascal Replace with ham @shauntranslates @quantick Which is a shame as Ruth has at least four different opinions on Brexit depending on the day.He's too old for us to blame it on the SNP and declining standards so where did we go so wrong as a country?I really do wonder about our education system. @randallwrites Thing is passion and inspiration can be a part of duende, but aren't duende. @randallwrites It's a goblin like spirit or a completely indefinable quality, best described by Lorca @carolinesweetie Talisker gives it a peaty edge, but any whisky would be good. @randallwrites It's a Spanish word and it never meant that. People write entire essays on it in English that are pure bollixExcept that's not what duende means. training has paid off once again a fab photo from @WeeRascal is my Mother's recipe for making on a camper gas after coming down off a mountain @DasGiftBerlin back, even @DasGiftBerlin I'll need to go vack@ @AileenMcHarg can you bring a piñata to my party?Watching Mark Zuckerberg try to casually sidle into politics is like watching a very drunk person try to shoplift a…
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @DasGiftBerlin yeah it'll be proper old fashioned @DasGiftBerlin long long time ago. But it id known that proper Greek food is just beautiful @DasGiftBerlin Mediterranean food is just like that. . . @samatlounge awwww so cuteA bit chuffed about our #packaging for @Arranwhisky’s Smugglers’ Vol. 3 - released 12/07/17. #whisky #design
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackTomorrow Matthew this will be leek, manchego and hazelnut croquetas @sophiemichell Ask Boqueria or someone in the Cambio de Tercio group if they do one? @japster2008 That sounds very dangerous to be flying up Portobello market @CorrigansFood Do they still work Richard? @stephenkb I didn't mean you were rubbish btw, I'm just not a fan of "journo" Stephen to put it mildly. @jamesofputney oh he is very good. It's just my feminist patriotic duty to point out how rubbish some Scottish journos are. @andywightman @gordonguthrie which is fine if he invites us to a BBQ @andywightman @gordonguthrie he'll just go and build one on the beach you know @japster2008 I wonder how many end up brokenThe journalists of London discover "journo" Stephen's pish. (He can both own it and be it grammatically) including Gaelic is somehow incompatible with bringing across the ‘full pan-European context’. Really…
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @iamamro not mine either tbfDrinking gin, eating Pringles, making food for a Sunday garden party while singing a Van Morrison song in my head. I've just become yer Da. @kenarmstrong1 I have a gin, Pringles and I am making pensioners' party food, so all is well. Hope all is well your end. X @AileenMcHarg Yes I'm sure, we need to ask @AbernethyButter where we can their butter in Glasgow. @kenarmstrong1 I know what you mean though, "look at me and my important thoughts for 55 tweets" is *slightly* self-indulgent. @jammach absolutely @kenarmstrong1 or you could just be telling some daft wee stories @R_McCormack party someone broke a window pane in the door. Fortunately there are no chandeliers to swing from. @R_McCormack I am making shopping lists as it's her birthday tomorrow and there's a pensioners' party. Last time there was a pensioners' @R_McCormack nope. She's moved on to the moderator of the general assembly of the Church of Scotland. No idea what he's done. @R_McCormack better use of resources. Am waiting for the "of course this multi council nonsense was Thatcher's work" @R_McCormack retired was also head of social work and housing and knew nothing about education and how seven education authorities is a much @R_McCormack she is now treating me to a rant about how this should have been done years ago and how her head of education before sheMy Mother has just discovered that education is being taken out of council hands and put into seven authorities on the education side @jammach @HelloLeo But they don't. Although last BBC election special had more woken in it due to the pelters they… listening to Kitchen Cabinet #bbctkc I should have also said cucumber sorbet, Sorry, I have now. @JustinJerez The audience loved that, very very weird. @jammach @HelloLeo *lead @jammach @HelloLeo But fear of women is endemic in Scottish public life. We else parties and that should be enough to keep us happy. @jammach @HelloLeo Me neither, but I don't buy it or subscribe anymore for those reasons, @jammach @HelloLeo Also herald has to be more Yoon as National is fur Nats, @jammach @HelloLeo He's an arrogant sexist bullying bastard, but he is a good columnist, he can write a good sentence.Scottish journalism . . . (Yes they'd both middle aged, middle class white men, just in case you were wondering)'m on your Radio at 10.30am today with #bbctkc talking about smoked butter and other things from NewtonArds in Nrn Irn.
@GlennyRodge He's not clever enough for even bad ones. @DrStephenMullen You'll be fine. @GlennyRodge It's got him the attention he was seeking.Has Dan Hodges left the Labour Party again? @GlennyRodge He's an amoral tantrum throwing over grown toddler and should be treated as such.Young English people have discovered politics. Which is very nice, but they weren't the first. . . @SparkleyTwinkle And me.EXACTLY