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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack Glasgow or a train or London

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Writing a whisky book Researching it was more fun

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@ijclark it is just too depressing.
Thanks for lovely messages. Sirens are constant & it's jittery but Munich's too cool and inclusive to be intimidated by wankers.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThis Boris thing, is it true? Did he actually say this and the FO let him??“@roxanakhazai: Enjoy the weekend ;-)” my kind of outdoors @mattleys @Gary_Bainbridge I got Ed Balls to sing karaoke once. @carrozo it’s not. I think Trump might winRather concerned that this kumbaya circle jerk isn't going to win the election.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @sharonGOONer @DanielNothing @AndreaSomewhere *waves in a southerly direction* @sharonGOONer @DanielNothing @AndreaSomewhere exactly. I am on a new start up here and it is scary but doable. @The_Lady_Sybil God for her but crap for our international reputation. (Although good for Scotland’s )Boris so out of his depth that he may soon be unable to tred water @japster2008 love her nails @DanielNothing where are you going?Las mezquitas de #Munich abren sus puertas a personas sin lugar para pernoctar tras tiroteó n esa ciudad d #Alemania
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackUnless the Democrats can understand that winning the arguments is not the same as facing down this post-truth onslaught they could lose.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackLiberal sneerers claim to care about people, while simultaneously being unable to tolerate them
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @DianaHenryFood @bryony_gordon it’s a middle aged Scottish (mostly) male obsession since Sep ‘14. On both sides @DianaHenryFood @bryony_gordon you just watch how many start howling at the moon from sheds during Brexit @DianaHenryFood @bryony_gordon I think I have grown immune to it since #indyref. @Adagis croquetas, meatballs, pAtatas bravasIndoor bbq hardened vegetable oils (w/ trans fats) Proposed by Keys/AHA as solution to heart disease.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @Sheriffbrody ach Andrew @carolinesweetie I was reading someone who I think is one of the best essayist around but who has never impressed my greatly with novels @carolinesweetie it’s unfortunately not the same skill set @carolinesweetie she is good At her day job tbf, I once bought a great journo’s novel and was really really disappointed @mcalpena si. Es como el 98 en España. Por finThe @PolizeiMuenchen social media work is totally on it. Object lesson for how it's done.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @food_writer indeed. The world still spins and as long as we are here, us with it @carolinesweetie It didn’t seem that interesting to me @kplunketthogge ha ha ha!! @kplunketthogge that was a DM, wasn’t it @mcalpena yo estoy halucinada y muy triste @mcalpena y tienes que venir. Hay vuelo directo @mcalpena ha ha ha ha ha!!! Por cierto post Brexit me quedo aquí y me he apuntado (tristemente) al movimiento independentista escocès @mcalpena but yo hago CALÇOTADES Mar. De repente hago whisky!!That and ranting. It’s a close call which I am better at TBHI am still not exactly sure how this happened. I do mostly Spanish food in my headEvery single day of my life next week involves working with whisky in some shape or fashion @Theuniondivvie @IrvineWelsh and a few women #notallmen @Theuniondivvie @IrvineWelsh there is also that, and it’s a lot of snark and a lot of men in sheds screaming at the moon @MirandaFrance1 top of their game atm @IrvineWelsh I like the idea of engagement of different views, but this place descends into abuse so quickly it puts possible Yes voters off @IrvineWelsh but that is just me and my latest opinion. Now i’ve joined a fucking movement against all my immediate instincts @IrvineWelsh also when we engage we sadly attract abusers towards them which is very counter productive as a vote win (look at Corbynistas) @IrvineWelsh we will never convince them (I’ve ever been an ‘us’ this is novel) and it’s best to leave them to their own kind. @IrvineWelsh I think we should have a pact in #indyref2 to deliberately ignore all accusations and nae Sayers on here @StokeyLitFest take care xxxx @JamieRoss7 tbf there is a shortage of everything except heroin and Buckie in small post-industrial Scottish towns @debsa top of their game. All of them @chrispople I know he is REALLY good. @food_writer that is all you can think about now when you look at it though, isn’t it? @chrispople I think they have some new people as well, the guy who does Boris is a Scots guy and the singular best Boris impression everDead Ringers has definitely got some new writers who have injected some amazing new life into it.Whisky and marmalade marinade for ribs @lauraewaddell @williamsonkev Billy Kay and Jenny Brown on culture, Derek Cooper and Catherine Brown on food. @lauraewaddell @williamsonkev we deserve better than this, we really do. Youtube has some great STV archive @williamsonkev @HadjMDahou then they'd have to leave their shedsJesus. No. rucksacks in sight @samatlounge all those tourist kiosks used to sell stuff like flowers, newspapers, birds and pet food. @samatlounge no as it's nothing but tourists nowadays @randallwrites like all good people Lee. Like all good people @DrapersArms uS is very misogynist though @DrapersArms I was convinced Brexit wouldn't . . .My, Andrew O'Hagan can write a FINE essay.Trump is going to win, isn't he? 😔 @food_writer mostly appeals to people trapped in Athena posters @lickedspoon @DrAnnieGray I convinced myself I could learn Italian watching Italian telly. I was slightly* over optimistic *veryOld friend, one of the first I made when I came back from Spain is visiting tomorrow. #worldstillspinning @DrAnnieGray @lickedspoon I think you can watch some French TV online easilyThat moment when I heard the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister say that women should not laugh in public....
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @darbydorras @Brays_Cottage @metoffice @PeterGWeather so, D your new name is Stormboy then? @winematcher yes ask @weerascal about some impressive new gins, he knows of a few. @Sheriffbrody but, writer, did you marry her? @timhayward wow. That is good @hvasspastrychef I think I sadly, remember what the food was like. @hvasspastrychef neither can I tbh @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge anyway can we stop this now, i’m not even in Labour or a Labour Voter. @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge you are allowed to join the mob, but the you have to expect to be treated like the mob. @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge throwing the stones and who is waving their fingers. It’s a mob. @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge you probably were to him at the time. When you are being attacked by a mob you don’t notice who is @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge he is answerable to his constituents not a fucking Twitter mob. @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge FFS why should he listen to a load of arseholes on here screaming abuse??Anyway, I had cheese on toast for lunch. But not whisky.Because everyone who is a well known campaigner for Unionism/Indy has had their minds changed by economic policy explained on Twitter 😳When the Scotsmen on Twitter argue about Scottish economic policy picking bits matching their ideology while pretending to be objective 😳 @LFBarfe he’d do planes. . . @chickenprincess @Gary_Bainbridge and that is why he blocked youomg kublai Khans is still open!! It’s the worst BBQ experience in the world! (Well in Scotlsnd at least) @japster2008 I shall wait and savor the experience myself as I’ll be there in Novemeber @jessbrammar the first food demo I ever did I thought, “hold on, why isn’t Jay Rayner here to ask me questions and to tell me to shut up?” @chickenprincess his was probably yours X thousands. Go and look at his mentions @jessbrammar sorry I was being sarcastic. 😝 @chickenprincess most people will be being abusive. And his nerves are probably already in tatters. How would you deal with it? @chickenprincess you were probably one of thousands @japster2008 can you get the old lady apron dresses for us??It’s like watching the Spanish Republican movement tear itself apart in real time. Very educational.Not sure if massive left wing schism was in the plan for the UK commemorations of the start of the Spanish Civil War, but it’s convincing @AdamRamsay it’s nearly as bad as the Republicans in the Spanish Civil war