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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack Glasgow or a train

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett R4 Kitchen Cabinet Chasing The Dram, finding the spirit of whisky out in Spring 2017

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@murdoness @SlocGorm doesn’t make it Gaelic though, could have been one of the other many strands of Celtic languages.Labour should be flooding UKIP strong holds with adverts reminding people Farage snubbed the cenotaph ceremony. Bet they won't though.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @MrKenShabby @PaulFrame85 @UKIP if you are against Farage and Trump it is time to take them seriously...
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @PaulFrame85 @UKIP Trump's Chief Of Staff has reached out Marine Le Pen, Farage gets a visit before any EU leader - this stuff matters
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackSuggestion that the FM shushes for trade is predicated on the notion that misogyny and racism are personal peccadil…
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @CalJamieson it would be worth at least expressing some concern for the women and non whites faced with this fascist Presidency. @hwallop and a photo of half naked Putin on the wall.Connie still has her job. Mensch doesn't. I think they call that karma.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackMensch started a brutal dogpile on Connie St Louis during the #timhunt episode. Then gloated when St Louis had one of her uni courses cut>
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @hwallop the Whitehouse is going to look like a Turkish brothel by mid 2017I'm struggling to understand this but Farage is definitely getting more time with the president of the USA than the British prime minister.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @CalJamieson well they just would have unbelieved it. Sorry but that is just games.
@CalJamieson I am not a great fan of the political press, I see what London writes about Scotland, but this is not starting well. @CalJamieson and look at what he is doing now. @CalJamieson and now Putin can just invade Ukraine, bomb Syria even more to fuck than it already is and invade the Baltic states, yippee. @CalJamieson the people in the Baltics aren’t so sure. @CalJamieson not sure what Sanders has to do with this, we have a misogynist racist fascist as President elect of the US. @CalJamieson with Trump Russia is more likely to invade the Baltic states and we’ll have to do something and there’ll be a new world war @CalJamieson no and neither did Franco. Or Mussolini. And he is like a combo of both. @SimonNRicketts @mattleys @IanMartin the planned campaign has come to an end. @CalJamieson and is failing their graduate children. @CalJamieson not in a fuckjng million years. But I do think capitalism is failing people who used to have no qualifications and steady jobs @CalJamieson and Putin and Assange and similar types supported him. So no. @CalJamieson Trump is a racist misognyist fascist. @SimonNRicketts @mattleys yeah @IanMartin and I are thinking the same @CalJamieson but just because I don’t like people doesn’t mean I think that voting in fascism and their own destruction is fine. @CalJamieson I am very left wing but also a total misanthropist.The media once again not mentioning themselves as Trump's major enabler, constantly rubber necking that car crash.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @TheYellowBrolly almost everyone needs help with itIf anyone doubts that @wikileaks were key to getting a fascist into the White House, this stat confirms it.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackOMG 😍😍😍 @presentsqueen ooooh did you have fun?? @TheYellowBrolly I’ll do it for you once I’ve finished my book if you want @TheYellowBrolly get someone else to do it for you then just use their format if you need to change it. @CharlotteMende1 why? What do you watch on it? @Linda_Marric @StokeyLitFest online on next time @Linda_Marric @StokeyLitFest it’s too late now. I voted for the three of us, three times @StokeyLitFest it was brilliant!This is precisely the rhetoric the Kremlin and its media lackeys uses against human rights organisations in Russia.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @danhancox that is just wonderful @SlocGorm that is brilliant @SlocGorm well I imagine if you have one cow but no way to make cheese, then milk and its froth and freshness becomes important @SlocGorm you used to have about 15 words for milk @R_McCormack let's face facts: Trump is president so we all need to spend next 4 years getting blootered while binge watching Kimme Schmidt
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @SlocGorm aye but you had crowdie so you must have some word for cheese like stuff @SlocGorm oh come on! You have no word for cake or the word for cheese? @SlocGorm that is brilliant! When you drop something in Spanish it falls from you. @DianaHenryFood @NethertonNews @AndreDang he has just pissed off all the EU AGAIN. England needs to take a serious look at its class system @StokeyLitFest and his partner, my GAWD the choreography! 😍😍😍😍 Her, @StokeyLitFest absolutely AMAZING @SlocGorm even I used to scream that there was no way that the Gaelic for lemon cheesecake was lemon cheesecake @DianaHenryFood @NethertonNews @AndreDang he is Foreign Secretary. Not failure by anyone else’s standards. @SlocGorm it just made me laugh. The worst one was the Gaelic Ready Steady Cook @DianaHenryFood @NethertonNews @AndreDang I think politics is hard game if you’re not playing parlour games like Boris and Cameron. @DianaHenryFood @NethertonNews @AndreDang massively so. And if you look at how hard he is working at it. He’s no daft @NethertonNews @DianaHenryFood @AndreDang you watch how much easier it is when Yvette runs for leader again. @ChamberlainSI I used to reserve things then never watch them @NethertonNews @DianaHenryFood @AndreDang lots of lifts and he has learned them. @NethertonNews @DianaHenryFood @AndreDang oh no. Gives a BIG hoot. Knows his strengths. They did almost no salsa as he couldn’t do it @lornamhughes I might do, my Mother might like it.Well.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @CherylMcGeachan wasn’t it just the bestTHIS woman. The BOSS @lornamhughes thing is I sometimes watch Spanish and Catalan telly too. That’s a LOT of telly. @Amanda_Vickery The Thorn Birds* *maybe not but I bet you everyone had read itAnd Torcuil the poet is trying to get his poetry in the Fraochy Bay Baguette. @lornamhughes why? @unamccormack I had it before and never watched it.The teacher on Fraochy Bay is having issues with her car. And the Gaelic for car, is car. @joycemcm Absolutely agree. As usual, white men speaking on behalf of everyone else. And not realising they're doing it.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @IainR0bertson @JYoolz @matthaig1 @Chitgrrl that’s because Boris is okay with it.If one more white man says we need to calm down or move forward or stop going on about racism or misogyny... #callitout #sotired
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @IainR0bertson @matthaig1 @JYoolz fuck it, there are at least 5 more episodes of Fraochy Bay to watch @Scriblit the man on the zip wire is Foreign Secretary and the man who should be Chancellor is dancing Ganggam style on the telly.Three yes and one no. I need details. I had it before but I never watched anything.Should I get Netflix? @DianaHenryFood @AndreDang well there is that. @AndreDang and his partner is AMAZING. Such a good choreographer