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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack Glasgow or a train

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Writing a whisky book Researching it was far more fun

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@Captain_Bhangra I have been thinking about the nature of faith and goodness all day (I should have been writing about Oban and whisky) @Captain_Bhangra I finished it at 4am this morning. OMG it was so so good. I believed in ALL of the characters @kieran_hurley 😂😂😂"100 years ago we knew who owned every inch of land in GB & Ireland. Today we have to pay to know very little" @andywightman at #OurLand
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @Captain_Bhangra have you read the Year of the runaways?The only health and fitness experts in Scotland appear to be men but you can get a stock photo of a walking woman @silverscotland @thoughtland the only health and fitness experts in Scotland are men??? (Looking at front cover) @lucyinglis 😂😂 That I need to get written!! @lucyinglis oh God that would be good. Congrats x @PatrickStrud oh I think there a lot more Nostalgic For A Labour Party That Could Win, than 300. @AngrySalmond @scotsdiaspora I am wondering about mental state TBH. @sweenyness I can't imagine Ness has a variety of home delivery options. So you are screwed. @sweenyness go to your Mum's? @lilwhitemower @simon_brooke @thoughtland so I think you need to create a proper demand rather than impose something to tick a box @lilwhitemower @simon_brooke @thoughtland cycle so much and immigrants see it as a poverty thing. It also made it dangerous for pedestrians @lilwhitemower @simon_brooke @thoughtland which has meant traffic chaos and empty roads for middle class white men to cycle on. Women don't @lilwhitemower @simon_brooke @thoughtland well the cycle track here is hated by cyclists. In Walthamstow they imposed a little HollandMy new book, Simple, is out in a couple of weeks. I've written a bit about it
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @lilwhitemower 😂😂 @lilwhitemower ha ha ha! I think it's more the character is about 15 and rabidly hormonal. @lilwhitemower are they likely to induce orgasms in unsuspecting women?Ouch 🔥 @smithbarryc BorgesIn unrelated news, where can you buy Himalayan cowslips??In When The Apple Ripens Isabel has an orgasm in the middle of the Kirk service at the overwhelming smell of Himalayan cowslips. @unamccormack @kirstylogan she has deleted it. She said she was off for a while @TVsAndyClarke 😂😂😂😂🍸🍾🍷 x @Gary_Bainbridge all I can think about is Gordon Brown singing karaoke @kieran_hurley that’s the British media for you @silverscotland are you sure this isn’t a refugee camp plan that they haven’t mentioned. @thoughtland that they are extending in ways that will cause traffic chaos, closure of small businesses and no increase in cyclists @thoughtland thing is we are even buggering up cycle lanes. The unused one from Canniesburn to Milngavie is a joke#PT from the excellent "The Right Not To Wear the Burkini" by @Nervana_1 h/t @YvettevEechoud
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack"If the advocates of the burkini are really genuine... they should confront the emotional bullying that links women’s bodies with honor"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackUN says MPs fuelled rise in hate crimes during Brexit debate. This is how the Telegraph frames it
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @SarahGPerry (I have no answers to this, I am genuinely concerned that we are in a Catch 22) @SarahGPerry what do we deserve, how do we attack obesity while not fat shaming? Would it be acceptable to have an obese man on? @SarahGPerry weight. Although even if i was underweight I would always be stocky and therefore undesirable. So I don’t know what to think. X @SarahGPerry the fact that it may become part of my job soon to help overcome this in Scotland is the only thing motivating me to lose @SarahGPerry am also aware of the massive threat to health obesity is posing to the population and that it is ticking time bomb. @SarahGPerry I have a lot of self loathing issues due to my weight and have not gone to see friends or gone to the beach due to weight gain. @SarahGPerry ok. I have issues with this. So am not sure what to think.(disclaimer am 3 1/2 stone overweight). Do not like fat shaming @IAmBeckish @bindelj 😂😂😂 @ClaireShrugged so I assume ‘pop’ feminism is like that. I probably need to stop making the whole world into a food analogy. @ClaireShrugged I suppose I think of everything in terms of food, and clean eating bears absolutely no relation to proper nutrition at all @ClaireShrugged that is very true, but I do think that Ei isn’t really doing feminism more content for some nice clicks of famous people @bindelj Princess Di never got her photo taken that dirty #sadDianaeyeddog @ClaireShrugged yeah but it’s Ei. It is to serious feminism what clean eating is to nutrition or The Canary to serious left wing critique. @lauraewaddell there are other places and people in the world than London @lauraewaddell there wasn’t enough room to put “I think you’ll find” 😉 @lauraewaddell you’ll find this says is that I am right and Scotland has to look other than London for cultural recognition #Rachelsplaining @randallwrites oh me too, and I do wonder what it does to your psyche. @randallwrites tbf not all their content is like this,I wonder how deranged you become working in an environment where you write headlines like this? @AndreDang mariachi bands are the new bagpipes, aren’t they? @AndreDang where on earth are you that has a mariachi band? @youngvulgarian @annakcmacleod that is absolutely brilliant!Anyway, back to work and a man with his name tattooed on his knuckles.😂😂😂😂 @ClaireShrugged @KirstyStricklan oh he is a well known anti-choice misogynist. @SarahKate26 @MathewJLyons or “more men who have lost the plot fighting”How much I really believed in all three characters. How much trying to do good and look after others leads to disaster. God it was good.How taking your faith and the idea of doing good so seriously that you lose your faith and your honour.I finished The Year of The Runaways at 4am this morning and I cannot stop thinking about it. @john_self the Spanish way of saying “far fetched” is “over turned” which I like @Jackson_Boxer 😂😂😂😂 @Jackson_Boxer what has he done now? @LeaskyHT which tbh could just be an e-mail to the editor and then printed. @LeaskyHT I think most BTL comments will have to end soon. They contribute nothing. @mattleys it was just funny as I kept double taking to the radio, he has some inflections that are exactly the same as you. @gordonguthrie anywhere else, but I just know this is the best place to live.” @gordonguthrie oh but so many countries are like that. I left Pre crisis Spain “but the best life is here Rachel. I mean i’ve not been> @gordonguthrie @alanferrier it was making me hate men and despair for Scotland. There’s a lot better going on than attention seeking loonies @gordonguthrie @alanferrier I have unfollowed, muted and blocked half of Scottish political twitter @gordonguthrie @alanferrier Wow, what happened? @lucindahawksley my fantasy you stands over him and shouts,”Darwin was wrong!! Look evolution failed!! Neanderthal rudeness exists!” @gordonguthrie @alanferrier at Uni in the US. Not the best place to do that. @gordonguthrie @alanferrier when I found out that the flag allegiance pledging was a real thing I spluttered “But that is PURE facism.” @gordonguthrie @alanferrier oh dear. Mind you Scotland is full of men doing the same, but that is quite spectacular. @alanferrier @gordonguthrie if she has, that is very sad. @alanferrier @gordonguthrie has she really gone that mad?? @DanielNothing yes, but you do have to make the best of elsewhere. It takes about 18 months to adjust once you’ve moved @DanielNothing it’s really not that hard, it is a great place but there ate others places to live a nice life. @jonsbaird oh Jon. @lemnsissay ooooh lucky you @mattleys my God Simon Evans sounds really like you. @nicholasham1 @realDonaldTrump @IrvineWelsh and the success of London based right wing media.The gobsites on Radio Scotland are very good today. No professional controversialists, which makes the discussion quality far better. @Captain_Bhangra wow. Rich fancy colonial Glasgow. . .
@marispiperbingo @razzbingo @alastairi and that is why it is so good. I absolutely loved it. @IAmBeckish and wtf will we do when they stop working because pharma can’t make money off new breeds?? @IAmBeckish nope. A three month course of anti biotics. She’s not happy about the repeat infection. Wtf did we DO before antibiotics @aidanskinner @fergusonelaine yup @lickedspoon @alastairi @NicMillersTale oh God yes. Remember "Doctor" Gillian McKeith? Bet she's still loaded @lickedspoon @NicMillersTale oh I agree but he’s not going to be around long, diet people never are. @lickedspoon @NicMillersTale he’s not going to last more than 18 months, is he? @ScentedForager I do hope you joined him @edballs wow! Congrats! I might know of a literary festival you can go to 😉 @fitzsimple most welcome it was a very good piece @fredhogge @kplunketthogge @HRWright only when you're sober.