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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack London, Glasgow or a train

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett on R4 Kitchen Cabinet Researching* a whisky book *honestly

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@AileenMcHarg @PeatWorrier if Superman can fly me, yes. @AileenMcHarg @PeatWorrier Did Superman have rates? Did Wonder Woman?? one does not sell a superpower. One simply has it. @clairestrickett @foodwithmustard @Ellis_Samizdat yeah but we're all food wankers in London @AileenMcHarg @PeatWorrier I can turn vegetarians into meat eaters. Not the superpower I would have chosen but beggars etcAntonin Scalia, dead. Saw him speak once in Edinburgh. He was gratuitously rude to a photographer, and patronised Neil MacCormick.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack"Let's call the electorate stupid, that's a sure vote winner"
@maroonajambo BBC 4 trappedYes I am on a time delayDo Icelandic policeman just not wear hats and gloves in winter? @BribedwithFood where are you? @mynameisgill faces and eyes @jennylandreth let's see what contacts I can dig upIcelandic men look really Scottish @jennylandreth cruise ship? (Bagsy not being chopped up and frozen ) @jennylandreth can you canoe to it? @jennylandreth *phones embassy* @jennylandreth do they make any whisky in Iceland? Can we justify it that way? @mePadraigReidy that’s what we always think tbf @mePadraigReidy true though, we are Scottish after all. @billykayscot very Scottish then. . .The Scotland rugby team finds new ways every week to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. They are becoming serial losers.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackIt seems the rugby is confirming that Scotland is still Scottish. @DasGiftBerlin I look forward to it.One in five GP surgeries in London may close within three years
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @HRWright @cmccrudden that is none of my concern nor business dear. @HRWright @cmccrudden I always knew that you two would get on @pearcafe huge congrats!! But please leave some fino for me xxEven pubs in Auchintarry have gin menus and Fevertree tonic"Scots developed a nose for claret at an early date. . . and appear to have loved wine more than sense." @anyabike the pensioners have abandoned their walk and we are now in the pub watching a blizzard @anyabike oh it is nowWee bit of snow @trewloy I think people have a soft spot for the incomprehensible ramblings of 80s pop stars @trewloy they’re struggling if they’re selling at 60p, aren’t they?
@DineHard and apparently he has lots of fans @qmulbioethics and also he got through it, the moments in his life the fog cleared he did amazing things, the fog didn’t need to disappear. @DineHard and there are people who find Andrew Laurence funny. . . @qmulbioethics I am most definitely allowed to do things despite not being perfect. @qmulbioethics from a selfish point of view I find it comforting. If that is what he went through and still look at what he did then @DineHard is she a very well rehearsed stand up/comic actress who doesn’t do spontaneity? @qmulbioethics have you read this? I found it really comforting @thebeatcroft yeah but the only place you hear a variety of Scottish accents is on Outdoors on radio ScotlandDon't answer it Craig - it'll be one of those automated PPI calls! #Shetland
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @WullieTalksPish I think he's a lot more settled this series.The News Quiz’s lack of women is painfully obvious with a male host. @Jose_Pizarro oh that looks fabulous @HRWright @DrAnnieGray @Penandspoon @lickedspoon bloody genius. @sarahditum @jennylandreth the things I do for literature. And comedy. @djhenshall aww shit I was hoping to work tonight, nae chance now. @sarahditum maybe before @jennylandreth and I go canoeing down the Spey and never speak to each other again. . . @sarahditum yes we have to have the Humourless Radical Feminsits Sobriety Lunch soon. @sarahditum I can’t drink and write so am drinking so much less I can no longer cope with the same amounts, . . @Penandspoon @lickedspoon @HRWright @DrAnnieGray ask her if she has a photo. It was amazing to see. @Penandspoon @lickedspoon @HRWright our own @DrAnnieGray reduces It until It is a sòlid disc, old preserving method. It’s hard as metal. @japster2008 and the wee education journo next to her in an ill fitting blue suit and clashing brown tie. . . @japster2008 Sally Magnusson is on the telly and you are right, it’s like a blonde Mary Marquis.Apparently this episode of Flog It is very excitingThere's £278 million for (yet another) concert hall in London, but nothing for the figure who (arguably) created English identity. I despair
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackAnother example of major sites/heritage centres falling prey to Not-Being-In-London?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackBede's World as a victim of funding cuts.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @trewloy and Michael Portillo @trewloy just like they hate Quentin Lettshere's my old poem about the Andrew Lawrence
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @trewloy oh that’s that cowardly wee boy that wouldn’t actually say boo to a goose in real life, isn’t it? @SouthLondonGirl may it ascend to fine wine and cognac as soon as is humanly possible.#ValentinesDay ode c.1850- Anonymous, it reads as though potentially penned by mid-19thC equivalent of #TaylorSwift
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @lisamarkwell xxxMy proudest professional achievement has been to preside over the brilliant, brave @IndyOnSunday team for 3 years.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @domkippin @jemgilbert bet that freaked you out!Ready to pre-order... Bag of brownies (3 pr bag) £4.50, box 2 cupcakes £5, box 4 cupcakes £9 and mini cakes £12
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack
I shall leave you all to watch that programme for me. @ShirleySkye3 seriously Shirley lets just drop it. @ShirleySkye3 they are already working long unsociable hours. Let’s just drop this now @ShirleySkye3 that a large number of English junior doctors are now considering applying for jobs in Scotland says it all, @ShirleySkye3 it seems to be very obvious from your phrasing. @ShirleySkye3 well don’t insult and patronise England’s junior doctors then. @ShirleySkye3 find out what this is actually about before you decide they have to “get real” @ShirleySkye3 and they already have, you are being insulting saying that they have to “get real” implying they have a cushy life. @ShirleySkye3 no, but that is not what this is about, find out what it is actually about and then insult them If you like. @ShirleySkye3 Shirley, that is load of utter nonsense. Junior Docs already work 24/7 far more hours than they get paid for @WTF_EEK she knows where the bodies are buried.You too can go have canapés with Jeremy Hunt tomorrow @kirstininnes (change your gender on FB, I now get offered Russian brides and yacht purchases as opposed to guilt and plastic surgery)Hey NHS pals, look what was promoted into my Facebook timeline. Anyone fancy a jaunt?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @Southsidegrrrl let’s go to Oban then. @Southsidegrrrl there is a whole range, it’s up in Perthshire near Crieff @Southsidegrrrl or we could try and find him in Oban? @Southsidegrrrl we could go to Famous Grouse then? @Southsidegrrrl bit further south.Librarians being removed from schools. Doctors under threat from government. Footballers grooming children. I am done with the news today.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack @Southsidegrrrl oh I LIKE THIS @Southsidegrrrl there are two distilleries in Girvan I need to visit. Or he might be hiding behind Famous Grouse? @Southsidegrrrl we can eat and drink our way round Scotland in pursuit. @Southsidegrrrl let’s make him a distillery manager or restaurant manager that we need to track down. @Southsidegrrrl we could just pretend he’s somewhere nice with a distillery? @Southsidegrrrl yes I am, the thing is it’s Ardrossan. could he not have been somewhere nicer and with a distillery? @Southsidegrrrl I mean all the Scotsmen have lost their dignity over this, it's time we wummin did too. @Southsidegrrrl we should on a day trip and wander round screaming Spanner, oh Spanner, or where are you? @Jackson_Boxer I hope they warned you before they arrived. @Southsidegrrrl then you have been to Ardrossan, or at least passed through.
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