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Designing Bots, Security Priorities, Generating Chorales, and Why Podcast: @bradknox on #AI, @botsalive & problematic assumptions of human-taught reinforcement learning… to know the out-of-the-box Java 8 functional interfaces > incl. Consumer, Predicate, &… principles for designing voice user interfaces @cpearl42 on creating great conversati… programming vs. Reactive systems "reactive is a set of design principles"
How I detect fake news @timoreilly traces a fake meme and looks at how algorithms could do… guide to Elasticsearch 5.0 and the ELK/Elastic Stack @radu0gheorghe > how to ship, parse,…'s links via @gnat > Whiplash Book, Haptic Chair, Go Mix, and Out of Copyright Works @mikeloukides: VR to interact with your investments? Here's How Fidelity Is Experimenting With Virtual Reality survey of 30 Python web frameworks - w/ a deep dive into 6 of the most widely used @timoreilly: Good thinking here: "In the public service, jobs are, by their nature, part of a long-term mission." and the future of design: Will machines take your job? @RobGirling on how AI has raised… @MaryTreseler: Rhode Island School of Design works with NASA on Mars suit via @physorg_com"I’m coming at this from a human-centered design perspective" - @ameellio on designing security…
5 Qs for @peterme on getting the most from your design team"If they are evolving, we need to evolve" > Fang Yu on new methods to catch fraudsters @mikeloukides: Pylint looks good. : Improving your python: using pylint and flake8 in emacs Lambda, Manufacturing Startups, Walled Wonderland, and Future Shopping Links via @gnat"CSS is a lot like an avocado" > Steve Lindstrom w/ 3 warning signs to help save your CSS @doctorow: Whiplash: Joi Ito's nine principles of the Media Lab in book form @Joi beyond basics: @arungupta shares 5 tips for building your first Docker image w/ Java @mikeloukides: Important. We need the ability to audit algorithms to ensure they are fair: Holding AI to account another MNIST tutorial with TensorFlow > Interactive tutorial w/ @wagonhelm
Facebook Censorship, Regulating Security, A/B Testing, and Spying Headphones Links via @gnat ethics of artificial intelligence @mikeloukides offers a framework for thinking about AI to get superior text processing in Python with Pynini hard thing about deep learning @Reza_Zadeh on optimizing neural networks 5.0 and the ELK/Elastic Stack > @radu0gheorghe shares a step-by-step guide principles for designing voice user interfaces w/ @cpearl42 It's "not just about craf…
Information Cartography, Fighting Sexism, RPC History, and Reproducible Data Science Links… for mobile poets w/ @petewarden do you put a web server onto a tiny $10 Wi-Fi module? John Shovic walks through the steps… tools for overcoming information overload > Dafna Shahaf w/ @bigdata on the Data Show + bonus w/ @SamWangPhD"Being hands on is where the magic happens." > Ryan Noon on building great designers
WAN-Replicated Data, NoSQL Modeling, Sharing Roadmaps, and Shopping Statistics via @gnat step-by-step introduction to SVG animation w/ @sarah_edo on Android > @wagonhelm takes deep learning mobile @mikeloukides: Genetic algorithms to model... genetics. Flatworms in your computer. Ramakrishnan answers 5 Qs on securing your multi-tenant CI/CD platform
Data & Democracy > how political data science helps to drive everything @therriaultphd an NIH for the security industry > Security Podcast w/ @dakami Allies, Learning Maps, Machine Learning Biology, and "The Attention Merchants" @mikeloukides: A must-read: Basic Operations for Everyone O'Reilly Bots Podcast: @jlatif talks about workplace bots @RWW: White House wants the nation to get ready for AI #Tech #News #IoT #AI the ransomware challenge How to minimize attack risks and maximize productivity
Data Show: Shaoshan Liu chats w/ @bigdata about the tech behind self-driving vehicles Podcast: Globalization, power of people, & making it in America w/ John Bassett of @Vaughanbassett @mikeloukides: Important: .@anildash on disrupting tech so it will work for us. Time for reform. Eyes, Product Aikido, Disrupt Distrust, and Cultural Advice links via @gnat Whirlwind Tour of Python w/ @jakevdp essential syntax, semantics, built-in data types, st… AI means now: @hmason @jsfour & @rgrchen on this week's O'Reilly Bots Podcast introduction to autonomous driving technologies > Shaoshan Liu reviews the tech & integr…
How to build a robot that “sees” with $100 & TensorFlow > step by step w/ @l2k the right problem @mshron & @SashaLaundy on putting investments in data to profitab… @mikeloukides: Great interview on security w/ @zanelackey & @allspaw. O’Reilly Bots Podcast: @lilich talks about Microsoft’s experimental bots & designing good dialogue… from engineer to manager > @justzeros chats w/ @macslocum about navigating the path
Analysis without boundaries > a look at Apache Arrow use cases reasons why the company you want to work for won’t hire telecommuters (and 4 ways to get hired anyway)… DevOps approach to PCI compliance 5 Qs for John Bullard & Benji Taylor of @DISTIL
Deep-Fried Data, Myth History, Shadow Regulation, & Inside an AI Startup via @gnat Podcast w/ @joshcorman on securing safety-critical health care systems Podcast w/ @tomgreever on the IDEAL framework & articulating design decisions for Java developers @christianposta on how to build scalable, adaptive, compl… web design > standards can help make the Internet more environmentally friendly the CTO: Defeat micromanagement @skamille w/practical advice @mikeloukides: Combining human & machine intelligence for playlists, recommendations > human gatekeeper is back big data to human-level artificial intelligence + more > highlights from Strata + Hadoop World NY
Voice user interfaces for bots @cpearl42 on applying the principles reactive microservices @myfear on creation & implementation manipulation is broken > @clurr on UX challenges in the IoT court rules that making a link can be copyright infringement via @doctorowChinese Hardware Startups, Cognitive Biases, Sweet Hardware & Blameful Postmortem via @gnat @ aallan: The very first fully #3dprinted camera. Yes, including the lens. current state & future potential of bots w/ @peteskomoroch @ mikeloukides: Burritos by drone. Yes. importance of emotion in AI systems @kaliouby chats w/ @bigdata @ Souders: "Cognitive bias cheat sheet" - I'd love to hear case studies on how these affect tech decisions