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Apple DRM, Automatic Forecasting, Conversation API, and API Idempotency Links via @gnat on scaling & integrating databases w/'s Greg Meddles that cause chaos > @timhwang chats about automating “psyops” with AI-driven bots machine learning solutions that can withstand adversarial attacks Data Show:…"there's going to be a lot more need for accountability" > @smwat on optimizing personalized experiences…
RT @mikeloukides: Generating SHA1 collisions: this is a big deal for security. out of trouble w/ big data > Kristi Wolff explains the FTC’s role in policing analy… & Pi Bundle, Encryption Primer, Travel Mode, & API Design Links via @gnat there alternate natural sweeteners that could be safe for our health? Yes: sweet proteins… @mikeloukides: DeepCoder: AI that solves programming problems web performance anti-patterns @firt walks through 7 common mistakes @WIRED: Inside the race to build the battery of tomorrow to get practical results from design thinking "you can’t stop when you’re finished with…
Why you need a data strategy, & what happens if you don’t have one @JerryAOverton offers a… to apply design thinking in your organization "design thinking is a tool for unlocking… intelligence: Cooperation vs. aggression "You wouldn't expect an AI to have a cr… about data science at @OReillyMedia? Get the scoop from @pacoid in our latest episode!…
Retweeted by O'Reilly RadarDelayed Feedback, Post-Human World, APL in R, and Demand-Driven Digitized Markets Links via… do I use the slice notation in Python? Learn how to extract data from a structure, step… you don’t want your AI to shoot, don’t give it a gun: new O’Reilly ideas post:
Retweeted by O'Reilly RadarArtificial sweeteners be damned; these naturally occurring, safe proteins are thousands of times sweeter than sugar…
Retweeted by O'Reilly Radar
Why you should standardize your microservices @susanthesquark on building the best services… Resurgence of C Programming "C is most definitely alive and well" Checking, Simulated Universes, Radio Hacking, and Fly Brain Hackathon links via @gnat to drive shareholder value w/ AI > developing a corporate road map for AI & machine lea… What you need to know A look at recent advances in AI, user interface, & communication
Robot Governance, Emotional Labour, Predicting Personality, & Music History links via @gnatDesigning in an arms race of high-tech materials @kkingfool on Allbirds, strategy, & the ma…"Project Jupyter aims to create an ecosystem of open source tools" @fperez_org & @ellisonbg you containerize your Go code? @lizrice explores the reasons why and why not to use…"start w/ the parts of your infrastructure that could benefit most" > @dougbarth & @evan2645 on Zero Trust networks…
New Bots Podcast: @ashevat on what bots can bring to #Slack channels to build—& grow—a strong design practice > @aarron on shaping products, growing teams & managing through change… Javascript, Taobao Villages, Drone Simulation, and Bio Bots links via @gnat"it’s paramount that software architects become change agents" > here are key insights for necessary skills:… @mikeloukides: Faster machine learning with Bayes: learn more with less data things to watch in Python in 2017 > improved asyncio module, Pyjion for speed, Python 3 +…
New Security Podcast: @dougbarth & @evan2645 discuss Zero Trust networks Data, Smart Broadcasting, Open Source, and Cellphone Spy Tools < links via @gnat"you can start a basic algorithmic trading operation w/ fewer than 100 lines of Python code"… you need a data strategy (& what happens if you don’t have one) @JerryAOverton helps yo… quantified security @senorarroz on inviting hackers to find vulnerabilities in your…
RT @mikeloukides: BigDL for Apache Spark: we will be seeing a lot of Intel in the AI world. learning for Apache Spark Jason Dai chats w/ @bigdata about #BigDL Neural Network, H1B Research, Quantifying Controversy, Social Media Research Tools @mikeloukides: IBM Watson on security: the solar correlation map > @daebwae & Christopher Kraushaar explain how to create your own… @sinanaral: Intelligent Machines are Teaching Themselves Quantum Physics as code How to make compliance an integral part of how your DevOps team works @arstechnica: Humans must become cyborgs to survive, says Elon Musk by @mrseb"Think about what is it that humans bring to the party." > @tdav on mitigating AI's impact on jobs and business…
Urban Attractors, Millimetre-Scale Computing, Ship Small Code, and C++ Big Data links via… dirty secret of machine learning @dbeyer123 on AI adoption challenges, who will benefit & what's missingRT @mikeloukides: .@b0rk plays with neural network art. The content/style distinction in AI is fascinating. trading in less than 100 lines of Python code > @dyjh walks through the steps @backchnnl: Biotech startups have come a long way from their roots as geeky offshoots of academic labs. state of Jupyter @fperez_org & @ellisonbg on how we got here & where we're headed essential skills software architects need, but often don’t have > be a better leader, neg…
Doomsday Prep, Printing Skin, Autonomous Skepticism, and Slow Wifi > links via @gnat on the myth of human error > humans are critical to making our systems res… we got Linux on Windows @bjepson > From "Linux is a cancer" to Windows Subsystem for Li… @mikeloukides: Some seriously useful Git/SSH magic: How I manage my work and personal GitHub accounts Resurgence of C Programming "the venerable C language isn't going away" @timoreilly: Rich survivalists: don't try to escape. Make the world work better, so no one needs to fear! the science back in data science @dwhitena > making data science reproducible
Designing Bots, Security Priorities, Generating Chorales, and Why Podcast: @bradknox on #AI, @botsalive & problematic assumptions of human-taught reinforcement learning… to know the out-of-the-box Java 8 functional interfaces > incl. Consumer, Predicate, &… principles for designing voice user interfaces @cpearl42 on creating great conversati… programming vs. Reactive systems "reactive is a set of design principles"
How I detect fake news @timoreilly traces a fake meme and looks at how algorithms could do… guide to Elasticsearch 5.0 and the ELK/Elastic Stack @radu0gheorghe > how to ship, parse,…'s links via @gnat > Whiplash Book, Haptic Chair, Go Mix, and Out of Copyright Works @mikeloukides: VR to interact with your investments? Here's How Fidelity Is Experimenting With Virtual Reality survey of 30 Python web frameworks - w/ a deep dive into 6 of the most widely used @timoreilly: Good thinking here: "In the public service, jobs are, by their nature, part of a long-term mission." and the future of design: Will machines take your job? @RobGirling on how AI has raised… @MaryTreseler: Rhode Island School of Design works with NASA on Mars suit via @physorg_com"I’m coming at this from a human-centered design perspective" - @ameellio on designing security…