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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Author of multiple books. Keynote speaker. Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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Won't we need far fewer cars? Eliminate parking? That's a lot of jobs.
"if burning down your house and killing your pets anyway offended you, I regret it" - Mark Shields @pbsnewshour on contrived apologyI wonder, like Zika, microbes know the way to conquer us is by giving us such leaders regretting the choice of words?“Trying to think like a statistician, I put my odds at 50-50” to be precise a frequentist statistician @minal_hasan @mims @MikeIsaac wouldn't the auto makers want competition in this space vs a uber powerful monopoly and hence step in?It is ironic to tweet Werner Herzog's take on our internet addiction ? of people are saying Scientists are wrong. The system is rigged."What the hell do you have to lose?" -is that why he is recruiting poll observers? @BestBuy in stock items take far longer than 45 minutes to pick at store @RaquelHirsch can we have him? we give you Donald Is Said to Seek a Buyer - What will our options and #pricing look like when Uber owns it all? @mims my 12yo only prefers print books because, "I like to feel the books"From 4X200 to 2X2 - @MayaDiRado goes starting as #management consultant. of hard earned rights? Besides there is nothing to gain. @JeffreyPfeffer and you will understand @neimanLab @neimanreports take on media and tech companies" it’s not just Trump—or politics—where telling a convincing narrative matters" and why @ScottAdamsSays is a fanIf Apple offers 32GB, 128GB and 256GB for its #iPhone7, that should result in significant ASP increase as more will opt for 256GBWhat technology has done is we get to stream and instagram pedestrianism is not free marketing; freemium is not a strategy; poster boy for freemium shows us love this common sense "Rest of the market ETF" idea by @jasonzweigwsj But sectors outside of your professionDo we need to understand technology to consume it?"After this statement" (sotto voice) that @PlanetFitness offers Tanning as a perk
Competitor fitness bands and lack of any meaningful moat mean Fitbit will see further ASP erosion @wsj this is going too far after @WSJopinion piece on Donald @HillaryClinton "I regret sometimes saying wrong things, but then the feeling quickly passes" @Mediaite did he say crooked media? @jaketapper but most times I don't"I regret saying wrong things, sometimes" - buy then it passes."I regret sometimes saying wrong things"- I wish I can say it all the time#fav7SnakeOil Homeopathy Yoga Juice Cleanse Acupuncture Paleo 7 Habits of Effective People 10,000 hours practice“There are things more important than being right,” @emeyerson i am thinking, as a rational customer there is no point in cheerleading one vs. other rather focus on competitive marketProduct Positioning Comes to iPad Pro Uber own the self-driving cars on its books or find a way to get others to buy it and operate it? do you increase prices? The AT&T way giving away fitness trackers, McD wants us to think obesity is caused by lack of activity and not its Happy Meal. @sriyareddy @fitbit @FitbitIN is this paid tweet?Resting heart rate is all that matters, not step counting or continuous HRM. Sorry #Fitbit thanks @cardiio @mims no, that can't happen about a tech company from valleyFor a country that dislikes girl children, lot to learn from heroes #DipaKarmakar , #SakshiMalik and #PVSindhuI wonder if it is a coordinated wave of attacks by virus -remove our ability to problem solve, then attack big @om now you made me wonder. I am not Luddite is all I can muster :) @om @NiemanLab @NiemanReports I practice healthy skepticismThe tech blogs with no defensible value creation need eyeballs and hence just report company PR without analysis market size is limited, go for profits at the high end. But does Nestle brand extends to premium? @om isn't tech supposed to be different, disruptive and democratized than the rest? @NiemanLab @NiemanReportsI was wondering what would happen if CEOs talked like GOP nominee, @JohnLegere and @marceloclaure show us how it would look like @peterl their valuations are based on them getting monopoly shareWe may perceive them as underdogs but their attitudes are monopolistic the cult like cheerleading for for-profit companies like Uber and Tesla?"We're not winning anymore. We don't win in anything. It's a disaster" New York Times Fixing Pricing Errors“A very small group of people are dominating every conversation,” Are Gunning Down Giraffes Just To Cut Off Their Tails — I heard someone’s kids are on hunting vacation
Don't start "Uber for laundry", start "Uber for closet" - every piece of clothing you need delivered weekly and dirty clothes hauled awayIt appears getting a new $49 Kindle Fire every six months gives you cheaper access to @washingtonpost than paying subscriptionRemember I wrote about @nytimes #pricing wrong? ? they fixed it uses murky world of non-existent evidence to back his claims but consensus data on climate change is made up? #lifecoach still a thing? of people are saying the intelligence officials learned so much from him today“These were some of the first dollars I made,” #ValueCreation #entrepreneurship 2 of price realization: Do now allow for comparisons to your previous generation offerings. #pricing 1 of price realization: remove the lowest tiered product. #pricingThis is happening. sense why Planet Fitness sees Chilis and Uno as completion - attention and wallet share Charts Flash Warning Signs for Fitbit rumors are true, nextgen Fitbit Charge HR will affect Blaze sales, once again pulling back ASP that has separate Opinion sectionFrom DeLorean to Musk - @WSJ - With enough government handouts, a car company never has to break even. many text messages are there to send? $TWLO valuation seems to have no ceiling and growing too fastMy reasoning and prediction is validated with Donald announcing new campaign CEO and manager Monkey book has 84 people on waitlist on 25 copies in my local library @om technology has never been defensible competitive advantage, operational excellence is. In that Toyota and Ford excel @mims drive! don't tweet @om either way I am cheerleading all of them, Ford, Toyota, Tesla … there is so much we stand to gain from fully autonomous vehicles @om May be not Ford, I am betting on Toyota “Our goal is to make sure everyone can move around freely.” @mims time for Apple to give up on charging premium for storage
@om tesla has fallen way short of 20 of its projections,Or is it likely there were no real winner among Plan A or B @Yahel @Kellblog it even cheaper if you consider forgone profits vs. forgone revenueThe truth doesn’t matter if you build a strong brand - @JeffreyPfeffer. Forget platitudes and read this.
That thing where an issue is so complicated you never hear voices from the middle bc they're not keen to get shouted down by partisans.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan @simplifyloan that's a very scary thought"Running Apple is sort of a lonely job" - except for all those columnists giving advice there a favorite 7 favorite 7 hashtag? #favorite7Let us get this right- a candidate who makes all claims as "lot of people are saying", dismisses all polls that may have few sampling error?Base rate says Tesla will miss the next @elonmusk target @ShlomoArgamon of course @ShlomoArgamon no I was born in India which was then good 15-30 years behind in techAs Forecasts Go, You Can Bet on Monte Carlo - For decision making under uncertainty am giving 75% chance Manafort will be out by the end of this weekApple pushing #iPAdPro as laptop, is Macbook Air going to be benched?This is one of those rare times when you want to read the comments. Well done Dipa!
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan @ShlomoArgamon wow same for me, instead of Teco it was x86 assembly
Google and Facebook make Ad dollars from CPG brands. In India they steal revenues from the same CPG brands @LavishTantrums I saw @Trevornoah calling him a stand up comedian. We just mistook him as running for office @make_lemons until you meet their leader @fmanjoo there are other kinds of stories?