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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I build teams that are customer obsessed and build most amazing products. #prodmgmt #marketing

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@arieldistefano that's because you have great taste Ariel :)@brosandprose @mims I guess moment feed will meld into timeline then for viewsProduct Searching for Customer Job To be Done - #jtbd #positioning Setters Vs. Price Takers. Which one are you? #pricing #strategy #value
4 Brands that can confidently do price hikes found today that anyone can run for speaker. I am filing to run@rjweeks70 2/ is there another service than @awscloud with lower downtime per user, per TB, given its scale?@rjweeks70 1/ you may not like @awscloud but what the article says is, it is fit for any type of workloads ...@cvanek @SurveyGizmo you are awesome Christian, I will send you email.@emeyerson just be there and be ignored by all and it would complete the costume.@SurveyGizmo Pricing done right Wonder if @cvanek would talk to me again as he did 3y ago.SurveyGizmo- Free Version Done Right. No Freemium is not Back. Twitter moments logo?@mims let me know when so I can put a vacation stop :)" every possible computing workload can run @awscloud" #cloud product #positioning helps set its price and define competition | Iterative Path @rags #marketing #pricing
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@asymco @chetansharma if this implies Tesla is competing in luxury segment with TAM of $400B, it makes sense. its valuation however is not3 things that didn't change with current @netflix price increase am looking closer at the new @SurveyGizmo pricing and I am becoming more certain this is a good one. Look for my article on this.Here is hot costume idea for your Halloween - Twitter's moment's icon!I am not sure of @SurveyGizmo #pricing change but I am just a bystanderMicrosoft will not break out Surface Book sales numbers in its income statement. We can model that based on its COGS increase.@mims still correlation and we don't know the initial hypothesis and limitations of the study.Linkedin shares: 110 Twitter: 4 From this single stat I am declaring twitter is losing to LinkedInNetflix Price Increase – It is like Starbucks't consumption a pillar of economic growth? Alibaba seems to muddle things for shareholders Netflix increasing prices to cover increasing content cost or because it its demand is inelastic? as @JeffreyPfeffer said in @HuffingtonPost interview - hierarchy is not the problem, people in it are the problem
"Minimum Viable Product: Let us Make Stuff Up" #MVP didn't run correlation test but it appears no correlation you jump from asking is there correlation to asking is that the driver. we can find the correlation with data from CDC and NWSYoga guru stretched the law too far. I bet @wsj intended the pun cover features DraftKing and Robins is blowing up $15B market - now you know yes and likely doesn't need the book@alexpozin @MaxMckeown given this is a $40 billion market I wonderWhen we talk #cloud scale #convergedinfrastructure has to be different - Infographic Lycra to look ft is the #LeadershipBS we adopt instead of real data driven changes will make more money by writing a made up #Leadership book than from a data driven on. My #Bayesian reasoning for #LeadershipBSSo we Indians are equally distributed among greatness and criminals @WIRED my regression model says it is priced at least $281 over what it should be. I expect price drop I Posit Surface Book Pricing is Wrong – Regression Analysis
@Kellblog @wef @Pontifex I think @JeffreyPfeffer will say not to look for inspirationWith @JeffreyPfeffer @sonalbee does an excellent job discussing #LeadershipBS packed #surfacebook with features so it deserves its price"Anybody can be a leadership expert and everybody is" #LeadershipBS. Just like coroners don't need to know biology The Top Predictor Of Success - Or is it? @alexpozin points to my rebuttal in the comments section"Minimum Viable Product - What about its quality?" #MVP is true. Be aware we see things that aren't, get data to fit our preconceptions, see it as we want to call it. you surprised a blog that takes stories from real newspapers get valuations bigger than newspapers?"Never underestimate the bandwidth of AWS Snowball on a truck hurtling down the highway" Surface Book Priced Right? you disagree with anything i say? :).@rags Agreed. The fault, dear Brutus, isn't in our stars, but in ourselves. We must keep in mind data/tech 'ld always be in serv of society
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"Had Fiorina survived she wouldn't have been fired" - we have new Yogi folks think there should be another button between Favorite and RT so @om and @mims can click that for my tweetsWith such a skew in revenue mix, anyone still thinks freemium is alive and right for you? shouldn’t have to buy software built to do everything for everybody - how Microsoft got segmentation wrong correlations? Are there any other kind? #statDeception is not in data as @alexismadrigal says it's us seeing Madagascar as San Diego With $50 membership gone, hence the known business model, is ready for #unicorn valuations on growth fetishI don't think deception is in data. We lack the curiosity to not be satisfied when data fits one hypothesis"INFOGRAPHIC - Converged Infrastructure for Cloud" #cloud #datacenter is twitter's responsibility to position 'moments' for the users job to be done.
Wish I get to complete all 25. 3 down so far. I thought it was huffington postI am very impressed by @canva and its business model. Good luck on growth with new funding is a 75% chance we have seen the last of MacBook Air. Not due to #SurfaceBook but because Apple decided so.Metrics on how much a business makes per employee are pointless.'s oldest woman, 116, days eating bacon daily is the reason -- Yes please all of you eat bacon daily. I am adding, " companies are not going to values for data or algorithm but what they do with them"My regression model showed screen size and capacity explain 80% of variations in price. #SurfaceBook setting higher price for memory and CPU#SurfaceBook models #pricing in same chart as MacBook family and iPad Pro. Priced at premium to Apple. Looks wrong. is highly likely #SurfaceBook is priced wrong, from an inside-out view than customer driven using selective evidence? :)Yes all book recommendations suffer from many biases. I make one anyway has a seven page ad in @wsj on cognitive business. Is it to counter AWS Space Needle launch? you think the Analyst ecosystem is ripe for disruption?Can I Make Book Recommendations? industry used to be about value based pricing before the ad model destroyed it, Disney points the way back
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanPriced right for the customer segment, willingness and wherewithal to pay. In Sand Hill coffee is not just coffee? saw @avinash on @WiselikeHQ answering questions. I thought I will give it a try #AskMeAnythingMarket Sizing Done Right
Can you explain this pricing? how can I help @DanielleMorrill, thanks PradheepMagical Pricing From Disney, @jack 's kids will say: "My dad had to work two jobs to support us."
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"unless user growth ramps up again, Jack's presence at Twitter could simply be a signal that not much has changed" do you call those who express outrage in twitter on Disneyland price changes? Not the target segment.Million dollar question! "Where do you start when you build a product?"
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIBM acquiring cleversafe an object storage vendor - @hnshah isn't blogging is all about rewriting, recycling with pretty pictures added ?@miriamgottfried correct, the market, competition, the stage in lifecycle and who exactly is the customer have all changed@MaxMckeown @SimonWierny likely more wanted to give 5 stars to make it about themselves :)@rshevlin be awesome RonToday, because we use a product we act as strategist for the business that produces it.@rshevlin you have something against us valley folks?AWS adds analytics as service - logical next move strengthens cloud leadership. you have limited and expiring capacity, dynamic #pricing is indeed a right strategy"Truth is not necessarily in the facts, it's in the feel" - what applies for business non-fiction applies to fiction a Suspect’s Name - this addresses the wrong problem
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