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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Author of multiple books. Keynote speaker. Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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Don't try downward counterfactual explanation for this - responds to the Khan family: ‘Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say’ - Con Responds to Khan is the new normal folks- ignore logic and attack the speakers Hillary and Ignorant Obama are resorting to name calling. Sad! - Mike PenceFacebook is in advertising business.$FB could be first trillion dollar company in 3 years. Will there be Facebook 10 years from now? 20? 100?BLS does track discouraged workers. If you include discouraged workers, unemployment rate is still far lower than 40% Donald saysLow unemployment number is a fake made up number, except in the case of Indiana where it is real and low because of Pence
In her defense @megynkelley starts every sentence with "Breaking tonight" is Khan vs. Con (per Bloomberg) no, the days of civil political discourse is coming to an end sounds beyond ridiculous when news anchors say, "be safe", to reporters in crime scene in an American cityAs president on lower GDP, "I didn't run the economy. I am just making it great" used to stand for, "i don't believe in God", now, "I believe in science", stands for "we are killing jobs" @CurtMonash Bayesian refinement or confirmation biasLet's go win this, together.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan @RunnerYogini likely, can you tell me more ? Use contact form in my blog to send a note with context
I wonder who this bully we are hearing about #DemsInPhillyWhat is this thing I am hearing called facts #DemsInPhillyDonald says he would like to 'hit' DNC speakers who disparaged him - More power to him! No wait … to #DemsInPhilly viewing party but leaving my TV and steaming on so it helps best DonaldOn the flip side does Uber encourage drinking more?
"To be honest, my speech was better. Lot of people are saying that." @emeyerson which one?I know words, big beautiful words @JoeBiden fantastic @TSindzinski at least no tip In Uber, otherwise 20% tip ha a become standard as wellStar ratings have become Boolean, anything less than 5 stars is treated as failure needing explanationIf I were a technical trader I would say $FIT will rise near $14 and drop back to its $12 level after it reports earnings Aug 2ndIf Bernie has trouble managing his revolution, what kind of trouble will Donald face when me has to govern? @mims the wise kids who used to callout Emperor is naked found it lucrative to instead be invisible clothes salesman @tonyschwartz he projects his worst on othersBill O'reilly's statement and Donald's statement on Fox women anchors benefiting from Ailes are the same and reflect their core beliefs.No gender gap in this pay for non performance or is there? @lovealaska1105 "but lot of people are saying he is from NJ, the dishonest media lies"True because he only gets to meet his handlers.
Donald: 'I have ZERO investments in Russia' - true because it is the other way around"I hate to say it but my satellite was bigger" -DT #DemsInPhilly"He left out Q" - DT #DemsInPhillyA man is standing in front of the country making a pitch for his wife to be POTUS. That's pretty damn cool. #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIn @Marketplace @kairyssdal boldly calls Don Jr and his old man's claims that BLS numbers are fudged as outright lie.
Wow @MichelleObama !!! #DemsInPhilly Someone try plagiarizing this passion! @chetansharma she might want to skip the parts about bullies and thin skinThis statement had never been more true -"I don't belong to any organized political party, I am a Democrat" #DNCinPHL"Look at that stage. Horrible. We had the best set last week." #donaldSays #DNCinPHL @gerardodada likely true"I don't see sale of Yahoo! at 10th of 2008 valuation as a failure" - Marissa Mayer @mims she believed she could, are you calling her foolish?
@LauraE303B we bring up better children than this @chrislhayes likely his disease is spreading,"Explain how" asks @jdickerson to @POTUS. Wonder if he ever asked the GOP nominee that question on any of his claims.I alone can spend billions of shareholder money to buy companies and write them off. … No wait #verizonYahoo"it's dangerous times Chuck. Other countries want to beat us in Olympics. It's a disaster. We should pull out"Putin is able to use our democracy to realize his autocratic agendaI think progressives don't know how to hold their nose @mydoggigi it appears progressives exaggerate minor differences of self and minimize yuge differences in the other side"Bloomberg is a lightweight anyway. I won't accept his endorsement even if he did."“Air conditioning has become a necessity but not a solution, treating the symptom while leaving untouched the cause” leaders, for example, gave long speeches with orchestrated applause
Library of Congress has 163 million items; - congress doesn't read any for fear of learning's right. No more place that is. sell some merch reads books? What an elitist. Sad.Like #Brexit, Millennials who sit put this election will blame their prey gen. But they should think about world this would create for Gen ZHow nice! @HillaryClinton's opponent is worried about Dem's party unity in picking Kaine.I always took the stairs
#ClintonKaine #ClintonKaine … #ClintonCan get it?@HillaryClinton @emeyerson don't stop himStory from today, not April. Unbelievable.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanI wager he sure will talk about the #TrumpU ruling and make it about Judge Curiel.And … Make America see if caps lock is on again that why they are adding liquor to their product mix? @om over as in our future as a moral civilization? It likely isYou cringe when you hear, "I alone" from a demagogue, but accept someone running two public companies.
Ivanka Trump just said motherhood, rather than gender, is now the driver of the wage gap. That’s an exaggeration.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan @emeyerson no spoilers, I am "taping" it. :)Thiel says, he is gay, Republican, American - in that order @Njeanous :)And within months of inauguration in SOTU address would he say it is strong? for his lawyers to send C and D letter to @jk_rowling ? quarter Fitbit was eager to let us know they sold million devices in 30 days. Not so this time of Throne references are used to describe many parts of #RNCinCLE is reality imitating fiction?
Crowd: Say his name! Say his name! Cruz: one who must not be named #RNCinCLEThey say family is off limits in politics but if the junior makes up things and attacks the other side it he still off limits?19 trillion debt came from just this administration? #RNCinCLE @chetansharma well no call to vote DonaldCruz accepting entire Donald platform without endorsing him #RNCinCLESo @tedcruz, freedom does not mean a woman gets to make decisions about her own health? @RaquelHirsch no we get what the majority picks in a democracyDemocratic convention comes next after #RNCinCLE Why? #becauseAmericaDeservesBetter than this vitriolTrue religious diversity means I don’t have to respect what you believe, but I’ll defend your right to believe it.” of people are saying that. We're going to look into that. We're going to look into lot of things. Zest for Orange in Menswear - No not Trump couture prediction #GOPinCLE - he will speak again today.Disruption in smartphone will happen at low end.
@om technically it can be as high as 90+ because most costs are sunk and not marginalThey say scammers deliberately use worst language to target the most gullible - we see worst mistakes like blatant verifiable plagiarisms @chetansharma Trump U gives degrees?“I wrote my speech from the bottom of my heart” - one of juniors words are common, but when you string them together in a specific way that someone else had already done ...