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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Wrote book on Groupon. I can help you with Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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Next up, he will introduce Patriot Score to measure each citizen leave the comfort of herd and do it alone? Diets: Fact or Fad? TLDR: Fad and it affects brain functionWisdom of the Crowds
@anshublog i am always the guy who people at Starbucks approach to ask if I was such and such they are supposed to meet“This Weekend, Protest Moved From Radical to Sensible” Alexa waking up on every mention, the device is now "One who must not be named" #alexa #AmazonEchoHey 45! (crowd) size doesn't matter. Spend time reading the #PdB or ConstitutionBringing coal jobs back Voices Flood U.S. Cities as Women Rally for Rights, via @nytimes you don't love or know someone who protested Trump today, you live in a bubble.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanRight at the entrance @Costco has stacks of hard liquor. What are they saying? Don't use his words, tone, or style to get back at him. @anshublog then people found a little man, now a man with little handsPeople were long for a leader who'd give them their identify, they found a man with little hands, Graham say they will support Tillerson -- Did you expect something else? discover that white rhino dung has a lot in common with a Facebook post - this'd object a Fish and Chips restaurant being named as Moby Dick because whales are mammals species, ours, is responsible for so many extinctions @realDonaldTrump lot of people out there @henrygoldman @emeyerson our #caltrain had similar shoutout to the packed trainEverything he says and does fake fake fake't take long @alternatefactsDrowning truth in sea of irrelevance, presidents are measured on their TV ratings! Such a narcissist. didn't write this much will he lie about jobs created? “we created billion jobs” would like twitter to set my number of followers to 1.5 million please don't play their accessvame and hold them accountable
@CNNPolitics clearly he had more people right?so in a month in #SOTUAddress he'd say we are strong after a bleak reading?All his life he has been lying about sizes, naturally he has to do it about crowd size.Stop using Make, America, Great, Again, Trump in what you think as smart quips to get back at him. You already lost if you use his words. @RaquelHirsch the message is don't fear or treat differently just because she looks different. I don't support forcing women to wear hijab @JoyAnnReid and it is styrofoam @mviser @Fahrenthold lying about size has been his full time job"to the victor belong the spoils,” - what he says about Iraq is what he'd apply to America is born #WomensMarch @VivianHo proud to be there with women in my family #WomensMarch #womensmarchSF#WomensMarch #womensmarchSF remarks by President Trump's press secretary ring of McCarthyism and will lead to losing legal battles. Our res…
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanOn our way to #SanFrancisco #WomensMarch boss like minion the gentleman who gave me his placard that says "2.8m votes" on #Caltrain #435 thank you.Every #Caltrain station to San Francisco is as crowded as weekday peak hour trafficFinally #WomensMarch emoji thanks @jackCaltrain to San Francisco #WomensMarch is very crowded“Kiss any women because I’m a star” - enough about @Potus this is a youtube star from India. @anshublog going to City rally and march? will be thereGo Denver! #WomensMarch we're seeing the beginnings of Kombucha Tea PartyMillions of protesters around the country vow to resist autocracy, kleptocracy, Kakistocracy @realDonaldTrump loses ratings to a woman - 2X of crowd yesterday #womensmarch @emeyerson @newtgingrich never stop objectifying women Newt.I am with 👧👩👵👼👸🙋💆👰🙎🙍💁🙅#WomensMarch#WomensMarch people are attending the Women's March on Washington, in their own words
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasanit's hard to tell the difference where is the emoji @twitter and @jack? @wimrampen no but they now have Android app support, if there is Office365 for Android then it would work
How long before a GOP congressman wants to repeal 22nd Amendment? @Fahrenthold @jefftabaco @NewsHour @WmBrangham may be like India he could ask for playing national anthem in movie theatersWhat Heston said at end of Planet if the Apes who'd voted for him called on me to check how I am feeling today and asked me to apologize for riots that happened on K streetYes it is! @emeyerson same @emeyerson I will be at women's match in the city tomorrow. Hope you are going @emeyerson did this happen? @emeyerson that's because those who voted don't want to say it aloud @PostGraphics @Fahrenthold doesn't matter, only shows those who voted for O were not ashamed and came out to show their pride. @wimrampen ditch Macbook and go chromebook. definitely don't pay the $300 @mims and this is the party for interpreting the constitution as the framers intended it @mims @anshublog we are intelligent life? Single species that's causing Sixth Extinction and buy Juicero? @chetansharma wait till the next one before saying thatI listen to @npr on morning drives even during pledge drives. #NotTodayHe is unpresidented Has Pretty Much Been Declared Dead - why the long delay to announce earnings? @Fahrenthold @chetansharmaso so about those contracters hired to build the wall