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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Wrote book on Groupon. I can help you with Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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@mims did a Donald supporter took over your account? @jbarro so she won't have them watch the tapes he asked us to watch @MariaTCardona @peonyspring and calling battleground states which I am doing from Dem volunteer offices @peonyspring conspiracy theory ? :) @ABCPolitics @peonyspring the same DNA of blaming the victim @KatyTurNBC I thought he hired the best people, looking at these mistakes one doesn't get that impressionDefinition of disruption. One edit, not inferior but less fully featured @BeverleeHughes3 it sure does stink though @ryanngastwirth everything about him is yugeFile this with the other #LeadershipBS on power poses Come to Fitbit’s Defense - the yoyo stock wants in on commerce - Ad market is $600B vs. 22 trillion for retail will be trending higher today? #NobelPrize or #KimKardashian getting robbed?How many of these will still remain relevant in one year? Base rate says not one. @mims it is not a monopoly (yet) as you point out there are other options. It is stickiness, buyer apathy, convenience and info imbalance
@brianstelter @peonyspring DDoS Attack - Don's Denial of SanityIf prices were allowed to be set by the market, where do you think it will settle? 190 bolivares fixed by governmen… @blakehounshell @wpjenna it should be because it shows he is not a winner as he claimsWe are going to pump you with sugar, with coke or coffee drinks of voting dangerously? #Brexit #ColombiaDecide #Decision2016 I won't call it irrational, just dangerous @rags 2016 not 2012 @laserlauren Donald did say one should surround oneself with not so smart peopleBrexit, Colombia peace treaty, 2012 election? Year of non-rational voting @Only4RM one can't make this up. So bad. @NimbleNavgater exactly, he just failed miserably in running businesses @kurteichenwald they don't, I was working phone bank calling Nevada, so many of his supporters used B word to describe her, today @jaynordlinger as the saying about genius goes -he is sweating 99% and just has 1% inspiration leftNeed double blind method in information we seek @Cernovich not full yet, Rudy not in the room @JeffLoveness thank you and for first time ever I started two weeks ago @DineshDSouza like losing billion dollars? @lilybatch that's right, this should be framed as his business incompetence and not as tax issue @AdarAyiraViews and a billion dollar loser @aparnapkin or found a way to lose billion dollars @TemiaBrinson may be but by losing billion dollars he showed he clearly is not a good businessman @realDonaldTrump #failing is losing billion dollarsYou know who else got stamina? Lance Armstrong, let us make him president. @Spacekatgal genius to lose billion dollars because of sheer incompetence @seanmcarroll so he really the "vice" presidential candidate @isaaccp as he says, he will do for country what he did for his business, "believe me"In this topsy turvy election, @glennbeck is the sanest conservative who is actually applying lot more critical thinking than @SpeakerRyan @anshublog i don't think so, running a country is far different from running a business @anshublog right, i would focus on his incompetence running a businessHearing Giuliani speak on @MeetThePress i feel like shimmying like @HillaryClinton did @peonyspring bigger bombshells in them @emeyerson this should be framed as how bad a business man he is losing close to billion dollars than as tax evasionA guy from Florida got to play weekend puzzler on @npr, clearly i should have gone to Florida last week and submitted the responseI think all comedians should quit their jobs, they can't top this. Never grow up Donald! @mitchellvii yes"Look what you made me do", is the classic abuser behavior towards victim. @mike_pence you call him, "a decent man", he asks us to, "watch the sex tape", is that what decent men would say or do? Did you watch it?I cracked the qualifier @npr weekend puzzler in 10sec but happy I wasn't picked to play on air today as Will Shortz would have stumped me. @DavidCayJ @peonyspring @eintdave this explanation by middle schooler should help"Donald is not a politician"- you know what else he is not? Competent, Qualified or Honest
Rumsfeld support for Donald fits with his support for Iraq war. He ignores knowable knowns @peonyspring he lots of energy and excitement at phone bank for #Hillary, signing up more volunteers. @peonyspring main stream media3rd time making calls for @HillaryClinton I found my inner sales rep - time to move from #prodmgmt to salesOne day when they erect memorials for his presidency, imagine all his tweets inscribed on the walls @emeyerson set your alarm @peonyspring it doesn't matter to them, they'll call it as MSM conspiracy @emeyerson he is Mahatma, didn't you know?Is Donald really Professor Lockhart and not Voldemort? Maybe you add extreme revenge mindset to Lockhart. @RaquelHirsch :), on that joke you think Donald's campaign has people with names, "Someone" and "Lot of people"?Because you know, saving the world should be left only to men, more precisely to her father! Sad! people are incompetent because they lack the very skills needed to know they are: Dunning-Kruger @kurteichenwald the rest have willfully suspended any curiosity @kurteichenwald the very definition of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Besides they will call it elitism to quote thatSo if there comes time for Presidential library, will they have to keep these tapes? @RaquelHirsch u said seriallyWorking phonebank, signing up volunteers for @HillaryClintonHey #TrumpTrain, when @realDonaldTrump wins which one of these is more likely to happen to #CrookedHillary. cc: @R_Thaler
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIt's almost like making any money will stop you from becoming unicorn @geoffreydgraham look at all those Inc/Forbes columnists teaching business lessons from everyday eventsLack of credentials is a plus - be it Youtube Education videos or Presidential campaigns #TrumpTrain, when @realDonaldTrump wins which one of these is more likely to happen to #CrookedHillary. cc: @R_ThalerIf he owes someone something, you know how it turns out. is your competition?
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"The most important job any women can have is being a mother," Ivanka Trump. No. No. No. So wrong.