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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Wrote book on Groupon. I can help you with Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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I never said I will make America great again. I never said I will do it in 8 years. Marketing people refusing to learn about the product. Sad.There exists a segment that perceives value in paying $5/m for @medium #pricing. is tweeting to cheer up his number one fan - himself @Starbucks Caramel Macchiato has 50% less sugar than can of @coke @pepsi @sprite. #addedSugar #health to the inauguration day picture of @SpeakerRyan I really like the picture from yesterday 3AM outbursts means he doesn't think legislative failure on AHCA affects him
When you see the amount of added sugar in drinks the fight between people who wanted to kill us vs those who just wanted to maim us, we are saved. #TrumpcareFail @emeyerson how do you take on trolls?omg, all that winning, I got so tired. thank you Mr.Prez for this AHCA one, a win on that one would've overloaded me @mims impeachment?naan-sequitor a frugal life. It's good for the planet too. @danprimack has he read history? Way back in early 1800s a simple sewing machines took away jobs for many. @mims if at some point you are looking to write a piece on housing crisis in valley I can make intro to some who works with diff cities @KeHay Dunning-Kruger
@Fahrenthold @washingtonpost if you don't let him win he is taking the ball and going home @JohnJHarwood @Fahrenthold 50-50 really means we don't know. @KatyTurNBC @AlexNBCNews if y'all don't let him win he is taking the ball and go homeI think parents will think twice letting their children take pictures In those prop trucks in children's museums I only had a spine #speakerRyan you slice and dice risks, eventually you don’t have a risk pool at all, & the whole idea of insurance falls apart @chetansharma did their H stand for Halfass or Heartless?#RepealAndReplace @SpeakerRyanIrony is, to not lose some rights to people the #FreedomCaucus that wants all rights to be gone needs to succeedI'm president you are not #MakeSexAwkwardIn5WordsI agree. @pilo_urbnplnr just needed one more place to stand in slow moving line :) @MelanieLisa good, it leaves some for some of us who hit the line lateSo many fans for #virginamerica yet it was struggling and had to be sold to @AlaskaAir
@JoyAnnReid he is born with it. @avinash as fellow #datanerd I'd say if the data doesn't add new information why collect it? @avinash if a tree falls In a forest and no one did Instagram story on it ...If judges are automatons according to Gorsuch why not replace them with rule based automatons.To Sen Graham bemoaning partisanship in scotus process, let me introduce Judge GarlandAs long as you say your product uses #MachineLearning you can be pre-revenue and negative profit
Would you rather take away a women's right to decide on her health or deny voting rights for many? Gorsuch: why cho… letting slide 8 years of #birtherism, @wsjopinion wakes up to his falsehoods to Gorsuch, I felt he was arrogant and Scalia like for sure @JoyAnnReid this morning @NPR interviewed his supporters outside rally, one said - "he is a smart man, he won't tweet what he can't back up"Stories of fake news, insults, protectionism, demonization ... seem always been with us. History repeats itself, ju… @rshevlin you should talk to folks in coffee shops in valley, @peonyspring sadly it doesn't matter to his base. nothing seems to matter.Wouldn't it be better to buy a $200 phone every year than pay $1000 for a phone every 2 years? Maybe @JoannaStern can make suggestions.Someone who runs their own business that burns cash to acquire users and makes loss is revered more than someone who works for someone elseApple dropped price on #ipad - Did they squeeze suppliers enough to keep same margin as before? #pricingYes, #iPhone7RED is available only for 128GB and up - price realization includes not tempting customers with low priced option. #pricing @emeyerson @foxandfriends is the safe zone for the snowflake @anshublog simply amazing all these Ad based social media companies with valuations that is bigger that sum of valuations of their customers
In 1800s hand sewers unionized and convinced government to ban use of sewing machines in large factories to protect jobs. #automationA dating app biz pitching on #sharktank said they have negative profit - #awesome #changingTheWorldDon't people know LinkedIn is for puzzles, inspiring soppy stories, exit letters, pic of goodies doled out and not for sharing politics? @AriMelber @Kellblog it would serve us all well when the media ignores his next 100 tweets aimed at shifting focusHis subject changing tweets in 3 2 1
To #maga Pence should resign so Prez can appoint another CEO, Ivanka as VP. #resignPenceDeficits Are a Flawed Guide to Unfair Trade would anyone believe continuously measuring heart rate is useful and actionable? @gerardodada by value creation metric Groupon is perfefr example - it destroyed value @activist360 I could do something about our apathy, but you knowOf course the ball isnin @BarackObama's court - he can easily clear this by releasing long form of the FISA warrant @Fahrenthold @washingtonpost of course Obama can easily clear this up by releasing his long form birth certificate @gerardodada getting people to drive for hire likely created economic activities that count under GDP @gerardodada spurious argument I would say - they could loss value for investors but could distribute or create value for others 1/Ignore the Snobs, Drink the Cheap, Delicious Wine
If I only had the nerve to shake hands with the leader of the free world #cowardlyLion
Ah, an intruder to our democracy is going to be in WH for far longer than 16 minutes @emeyerson if you can find exact opposite of Vanita GuptaYour Sec of State goes to one country and falls to fatigue.Price one pays for investigating Tom, let us get them to apologize to @BarackObama @GlennKesslerWP @Kellblog how is Trump going to take this low energy guy @mims or is it likely some savvy speculators betting on the cult like followers
@BenedictEvans a philosopher, messenger and son of god run into a VC
Those who benefited the most from ACA decided to vote out the government that gave them ACA realization that your tweets don't matter ...
Hmm. @SpeakerRyan Das he worked hand in glove with Trump. So he is complicit in grabbing?When Edsel flopped, marketing research took unfair hit. They really didn't use any of the research that was commiss… the 4th be with you. No wait, what day is jt?