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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Wrote a book. Specialize in Product, Marketing and Pricing Strategy. How can I help your business?

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@hpalan stories are distorted and specter versions of the past. Absence of data is not a reason to accept them@hpalan that is confirmation bias the you se it as aligned. what is the base rate is the bigger questionAnother case study for narcissism in leaders discussed by @JeffreyPfeffer - $3M for CEO to parade in designer dress in the category if #LeadershipBS. Where is the data, not selective stories? is how luxury watch makers position their product. How is Apple Watch positioned?"the data-driven approach she honed at Google seemed to give way to snap judgments"
"Mama, doesn't anybody ever sell anything for what it is worth?"“Con­sumers have the where-withal to spend, they just don’t want to,” i am running out go non-fiction books to read at this rate“Sounds plausible, unless you know something about the subject”
It's odd that Cal Academy of science has Santa event
With @StephenCurry30's @warriors 16-0 while @kobebryant and @Lakers struggling there are way too many #LeadershipBS lessons to tellThe very friendly stranger who reaches out to you in coffee shops or events is highly likely a financial plannerDear @potus please pardon both the turkeys and the 250 million #thanksgiving #TurkeyPardon2015The day after big sporting event is the most cliche and platitude filled day at work with everyone teaching leadership and team lessons.@tom_peters @Bhawnavij @JeffreyPfeffer there is little data on servant leadership and its reproducibility is highly quesitionabeStartups Vie to Deliver Turkeys, Wine in 1 Hour- This changes everything. #awesome, VW, GM and other corporate scandals are not result of bad apples. It is the system and culture. on Gates Foundation - instead of evidence during her conclusions, advocacy drives her analysis- cc:@KeHay they are journos?As @JeffreyPfeffer said, "Hierarchy is not the problem, people in the hierarchy are"
I will be standing outside in lines starting tonight for those deals #BlackFriday"There's not much of a connection between actually knowing something about leadership and being a successful leadership guru" #LeadershipBSA @WSj commenter asks, “why not do 40% off on Friday? why make people stand in line on Holiday?” Tricky Math of Black Friday Bargains. #pricing #wrong @cssasha true. Besides if there's significant confusion about what product management is
"Zuck is CEO and he still codes. Why can't a product manager code?" - I heard this argument today. #prodmgmt@RaquelHirsch ok I googles and found why you said less than 3:)Give yourself the best possible career Christmas Gift, get your boss a copy of @JeffreyPfeffer's #LeadershipBS ouch@RaquelHirsch been out for 3+ years.Excellent read - "Demarketing- Six Reasons For Turning Away Customers" from @rags
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasantracking activity is a week and fleeting use case. Wearables including Apple Watch need to find new customer #jtbd"Let’s Translate This into Tech Terms" is what #superforecasting's @PTetlock @dgardner call as hedgehog thinking to think a tech blogger would be more nuanced than @wsj reporter ...
TV chefs getting non cooking shows. Actors getting cooking shows. Net is, the customer job to be done is entertainment. #prodmgmtGoPro remains a one trick pony if I get $200 consumer surplus from $20K Prius and $85K tesla - I prefer firstIs the $1 consumer surplus we get on $100 purchase same as that we get in $10 purchase?“submitting to a myth without reflection, debate or real understanding”, but enough about #LeadershipBS there will never be a scarcity for such articles.@wimrampen while i want this to be true, i didn't see data. The conclusion is also abrupt and without evidence to back upIn the past 9 months stock buybacks have totaled half trillion dollars
Use cases for $49.99 Kindle Fire are far too manyThe Complete Wodehouse: The Best Possible Present - for me body burns energy 10X the rate of Sun per pound - yet we have have obesity epidemic on someone else's smarts doesn't exempt you from doing your own thinking no one ever dreamed up a product intending to fail."A breeder Top serving 10 hens will sire around 1050 poults" good question. the parking limit in front of @23andMe office in Mountain View is, 23 minutesCan intuition ever fill the data void?
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanI do not understand the customer who would pay $269 for a #iPadPro keyboard. What kind of rationalization they give?On price sensitive. Apple as example. Statistics matters: via @rags
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan
Facts tend to be the friends of progress -> RT @ianbremmer: The Economist with a little common sense.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWhich wine is it going to be for #ThanksGiving Answer this one question.“Where we differ is with your attitude towards the exploitation of an endangered species for profit,”
@emeyerson no relation to Rick writes contemporary Greek myth?Yellow Bananas and Black Model Ts: via @rags"A students are A in everything" anyone done scenario analysis of taking all past NFL scores, changing all PAT to expected value of 2-point and saw how results changed?#SayItToMyFaceBookPage Is what Ted Cruz meant to say, after all isn't that how we keep in touch?@mims if i funded one, cal I add Investor to my twitter bio?The predominant reason, most likely, someone funds kickstarter is not the product.
Until Election Day politicos will do everything to divide us then after winning they'll talk about healingThis #thanksgiving beware of container shapes to catch yourself from overeating #nudge @r_thaler is filled with fables do TV anchors ask focus groups to raise their hands for specific political issue? That's not polling or data. #MRXYou recently paid full price for 128GB iPhone6s+. Unfortunately it broke and costs $250 to fix Would you pay to fix?You recently won a 128GB iPhone6s+ in a raffle. Unfortunately it broke and costs $250 to fix. Would you pay to fix?#JeSuisHashtagActivistFirst step in de-marketing ivory is to find what job are the customers hiring it for #jtbd't confuse optics with well thought out strategy
I am pleasantly surprised @ShepNewsTeam took a measured approach to what our reaction to the Paris attacks should be.#lurkingVariable #yoga's @WSJopinion calls for trading off little bit of freedom for security.New Hindu Republican Group Aims to Build Conservative Hindus’ Influence - #CountMeOut with a platform is a strategist now in business and government, posturing and acting are seen as leadership over measured approach to decision making.Strategy is about making choices - in a business or in waging war
@Kellblog @levie or Box really selling one? That one I et won't happen.Which girl on a train? is valued more than strategy. Those asking for a war should let System 2 a chance@emeyerson I cannot watch TV news anymore, this is getting crazy.4 SaaS Pricing Lessons: 4. Your entry level pricing may be giving away too much value. we consider the possibility what we revere as fundamental principles of good design was just a streak of luck? you have 90% of dollar share of marker the concerns are market dynamics and growth can you learn about #pivot from Snooki @rubinafillion and how many of those 8 are self made, friends and family"Six Survey Errors You Should Know and Avoid" #MRX #survey #prodmgmt
"Way too early to go for it" says #snf, but time to take risk is when you can afford it not when it is the only option.Bluetooth Ducky - surely it needed disruption volume is down and selling price is down, what lever do you pull? #prodmgmt@Uday_A right, surely we share id at homeThe @nytimes pricing page also serves as what not to do. There is no reason for this itemization's why it makes sense to not obsess about customer loyalty but manage acceptable customer promiscuity
#DemDebate can our economy afford to take on another massive troop deployment and a war that drains out budget?In 5 min I heard more substantive content in #DemDebate than in all other debates combined@Kellblog clergy they are just getting started, it's a platform. Next pay someone to form the relationA TED talk on how to be skeptical? That's funny what it needs is, "this is a review from friends and family" for books :)
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