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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Author of multiple books. Keynote speaker. Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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Chrysler's #dontyoudare ad get like univ of Phoenix ad"Lot of people are saying ..." -by now you should be aware this is a baseless argument ploy.Someone asked me a question about Trump. I said lot of people are saying he is a conman. Someone should investigate. @inafried @chetansharma one wonders who do they talk to all day when we leave them in parking lotGot snapchat just now. Wow the ux feels it is from another world#BernieTrumpDebate looking more likely Bernie will run 3rd party. @mims considering snapchat and their ilk depend on ad dollars from CPG and the restThis is no big deal. In valley a t-shirt is seen as #startup geography, science, math, logic, ethics, ... around, there are more Holmes amongst us. After all Apple is just Theranos with better luck.State Department days @HillaryClinton should've printed and saved emails. She didn't because of the signature
Things like grit and 10,000 hours are mindsets that are very misleading because they are consequences not causes
Hidden in today's Twitter change announcement is, "RTs do mean endorsements"Will the Echo customer with higher willingness to pay please step forward this is going to make a difference wants recount of basic math"I am not going to speak to or read all the text on this slide" - so why did you make us see that word vomit?Instead of prepaying and waiting for $99 device, I will wait for $69 xiaomi watch @mims it isn't mainstream as long as it remains in KickstarterIf you are sitting on #teamwork or #dataScience articles using #Warriors as example, the shelf life may be limitedXfinity #pricing: We are going to get you to pay $100 a month, whether it is just 1, 2 or 3 products.
Why the Virtual-Reality Hype is About to Come Crashing Down - Is @mims switching sides after gushing over AR? Thomas: ‘World Has Gone Mad with Political Correctness’ - That’s why voted YES today to uphold execution @scranecolt @planetmoney economics isn't there, is it?Fitbit plays up the stories where its devices " saved life" while claiming these are not medical
@RaquelHirsch time to stop paying for design elegance i don't valueApple has made enough profit from charging for more capacity - time to introduce SD slot.I am ready to move out of Apple devices.Yes the market accurately values stocks based on future income @RaquelHirsch you're seriousThere is only one reason to be here to build echo chamber. @emeyerson wake me up when it is over, if Trump wins it is over but don't wake me up. @witheiler @mims is the proponent of the thesis wiling to sell short?Vanderbilt makes a convincing argument about the tyranny of popularity in determining our choices. have so many people with so little knowledge made so many consequential decisions for the rest of us. having nutty ideas is of very little importance except when those ideas begin to affect their actions. @wsj subscription paid off big with just this one article Amazon, please make Fire phone again. This time in the mold of $49 tablet and at similar price points.
I refuse to pay for internal storage in phone. I refuse to pay premium for design. What can I get for <$300?Make America Great Again- none of your businessWhat's going to happen when we write completely with emojis? @mims how else we make our PowerPoint presentations look lovely and interesting?Seeing @sundarpichai keynote I am convinced the age of device innovation is over. All cool things are going to happen in cloud.Susan Jacoby bemoaned the use of "folks" in political discourse. What will she say now? learning, humans not.Actually @ATTCares #NOT @ATTCares i was told in Chat i won't be charged to get activated at store after the online tool failed, but I was. Sad! Can't wait to moveit appears fees seem to be the only way banks and mobile service providers can make money @RaquelHirsch JFYI @emeyerson have you seen the movie Idiocracy, one of Wilson brothers set in future where the humanity is all idiots?When I first came to this country I thought malls were the VR @RaquelHirsch SANE
When you list the four letters personality classification in Twitter bio you're saying - people told me I'm gullible, I believed them.Owing $FIT is like the device - you invest thinking it's value stock while stuck in value trap like you count steps thinking you are fit.Next time you pick up an hindsight bias ridden life history of a successful leader are close to perfect price discrimination - bye, bye posted price tags @dcancel @PradSam what is best?What I need is a Fitbit to count how many times I look at Fitbit steps during the day#Pricing is share of value delivered. Fees on the other hand are not about value but about taking advantage of information imbalance.
“ fact-checking doesn’t reach those who need it most” is the difference between Hannity's interview and @megynkelly's interview with Trump?You know what @nytimes, the wall went just 10 feet higher you look at the data what seems obvious turns out it isn't - seems like before and after category puzzle at the general distaste for paying for content Trump can stop .........Nonsense. Our friends were petty jerks long before Venmo came around.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanAfter all she did have a backup plan
Is it journalism, let alone objective, when they ask questions like, "did you feel god was with you at that moment?"? @putt1ck nothing is remote anymoreWhy are products adding "beautiful" as a feature (or is it benefit)?The Theranos story by the @WSJ @JohnCarreyrou @ScottMAustin is the best embodiment of business journalism. Literally saved lives
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIn what scenario will Mexico pay for the wall? Sad!“that unleashing of popular passions would lead not to greater democracy but to the arrival of a tyrant,” is a Dino?Omg Bernie - @mims don't they say the same about gambling and other addictions ?With everything we order in and control without getting out of couch the dystopian future portrayed in Wall-E - blob human- is here
Democratic Groundhog Day - Sanders could end all of this at any point. threat of violence at Convention, Bernie is now the Trump?Time for McKinsey to trade 2X2 for 6X8 @hpalan @productboard fragmentation in undifferentiated marketWhen making estimations make many small estimates that add up to total. Sum of errors in parts is less than error in total. #measure"Marketers should take an "Outside-In" approach" #marketingCreating value and taking your fair share of it - perfect example here"did you feel irritated?" - @megynkelly to Trump son on how press is treating his father. Journalistic excellence!
@mims what data? If we take out celebrities how effective are shorter tweets?Stores all private label, so why is it a surprise Amazon decided to do it?
"Who cares—it doesn’t matter." - this is Why we are where we are$HQY has the worst possible fee structure - $4 monthly fee just to keep your money and $25 to close account.If you are going to charge for paper statement you should default to electronic and ask to change. Not other way.#HealthEquity #fail$50 Fire I got for $35 came with 6 month WaPo subscription and offered me to renew it for another 6 months for just $1. #disruptionMore like snake oil is now going to have billable hours
A tech columnist expressing displeasure with logo change … the same one who expressed displeasure with strategy.Oh yes, you can help it. You must help it.
If you have read Influence by @RobertCialdini you'll see John Miller is one of influence nudges @rshevlin @pascalbouvier there is no Sherlock, it is all Watson who pretended as Sherlock for PRI see "Faking it" and "John Miller" are in too 10 Twitter tending topicsLot of people tell me they have talked to John Miller. It is sad media can't see this.
@zachdillon what makes no sense is you thinking politicos listen to us