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Rags Srinivasan @rags San Francisco, CA

Launched amazing Datacenter products. Wrote book on Groupon. I can help you with Strategy, Products, Marketing and Pricing.

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Donald Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Ally of Fossil Fuel Industry, to Lead E.P.A. As Obama said, elections=consequences!
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanCharging for overhead bin space is double charging since they already charge higher price for the ticket for boardi… @anshublog @mims his point is the really big impact life-changing innovations are lacking. do we really count iphone as life changing? @mims "each rabbit would show respect to me. And the chipmunks would genuflect to me"
@kurteichenwald @Kellblog and when they reveal real low price he can claim all the creditInstagram will soon let you like comments — and @grep_ip says we are out of big innovations @anshublog @WSJ the article makes a point about impact of innovation. I give kudos to @greg_ip @RaquelHirsch view from my hotel in Boulder inversion- bits priced more than atoms- if you understood pricing is based on value and not costs, no surprise lower hanging fruits are all gone Apple Watch give enough reason for customers to part with their disposable income? you are asking - what qualifications does new HUD appointee has? - he has shifted focus from his own qualification @mims @mcwm at #sjc - that's why the robot is made to look like a child to avoid those questions. car on 237 near 101S exit - is it safe for @Uber car to pass it given risk of gas tank explosion?It's a diversion from making us ask - what makes a reality TV twitter addict from running a country
Look around, there are many Holmes around us with those baseless rosy revenue projections pricing is delivering something customer values lot more at premium prices but only takes little cost to deli… @emeyerson i blame it on leadership and incompetence, especially feel letdown after spending all my weekends for past 4 months working 4 herNo cashiers. No checkouts. So no price tags too? Will we even know what we are spending? Incredible move to increas… @emeyerson where are leaders like this in Dem."It isn’t just wealthy consumers who might be willing to pay more for coffee marketed as a more gourmet product"…"Previously, the average base price of a Mac laptop was $1,266. Now it is $1,613" #pricing"I've a feeling I have to go to bathroom" of Apple Watch is not a reason to celebrate for Fitbit - it simply points to ceiling on ASP. watches are failing as products because brands failed to understand customer job to be done #jtbd @mims they are the best, of course. @mims so the only service economy is we giving each other $500 haircuts? @HirokoTabuchi @Fahrenthold do you know if Ivanka is stuck on a China business deal, hence his China stance @HirokoTabuchi @Fahrenthold every act designed to enrich self @samsteinhp @Fahrenthold hard to care with head stuck deep inside sandAre there any pending building permits in China for his real estate business? Democracy, @SpeakerRyan
Appreciate the congrats on winning Italy referendum- Prez Elect be you can ask citizens to keep a portrait of you in our homes and ban any mocking of your majesty @RaquelHirsch on the other hand I sure wish to have parents so powerful and rich @AmberBenson i did read about that and seems better cumulative way than silly step countingFitbit pivots to healthcare products but its claims of benefits are questionable at best @RaquelHirsch @nytimes how how an earth that can sustain life“creating wealth” forum described as free but sought to enlist attendees for expensive courses on how to get rich… humor the first thing to go in an autocracy? @emeyerson I am ready to stand up and fight! None of those staying quiet like those train passengers or Delta passengers“The novelty for fitness trackers is not there any more,” - now @WSj catchs uo with my thesis, @automatic or with any other continuous measurement IoTs, once you get baseline measurement their value drops significantly.“It is, of course, an advantage to be my father’s daughter” You don't say Ms.Trump. @mims omg, I made the cut. but if I were you I wouldn't follow myselfBluetooth speakers are the new USB sticks - as chotzke @MarionDebruyne where we became the laughing stock for rest of the world
I agree. I donated and signed up to volunteer advice in buying clothes I got from @ivandotcom - if you like it but 2 or 3 of the same.Because you don't look geeky enough @AngryBlackLady the weak excuse has been, but he is the PEOTUS, we have to cover. I expect this from all but not @TheFix @RaquelHirsch one step at a time (pun intended)I successfully convinced someone to return the "fitness" band they bought over #BlackFriday. Winning.“This mismatch of supply and demand has translated into varying, and unprecedented, dollar-to-dollar exchange rates… @putt1ck i forgot the latter quote. this administration has already got to me"Four legs good. Two legs bad" @mims whom told you that? @mims in India many years ago, local language magazines filled their pages with tip from readers - we are doing just that can call it HacksWe need a twitter handle "really, Donald Trump?"
Flys in the face of Endowment Effect of China vs. PRC @emeyerson she found out she is not getting DoEOr is it more likely that those with higher levels of mental and physical functioning are more optimistic @RaquelHirsch accounting shenanigan to push cost below the line - no strategy hereEarth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans long will people keep showing up for rallies?"Empathy distorts our reasoning" cc: @om just want a competent press @rshevlin nice random sampling :) @CaseySoftware @om @kcoleman @jack @adam_messinger well it's like pharma execs need not be patientsI am vegetarian, take 3min showers, set thermostat at 61/winter-85/summer, walk to avoid driving. I think I am better than Tesla owners.Why are there so many apologists for Uber and Tesla?Nearly half of obese Americans don’t realize they’re overweight - Fit not one bit the article says, as long as we can walk or take the bus, Uber can't achieve monopoly. how do we handle 8 years of prosperity? BLS quoting wrong unemployment numbers, it is really 46%. When I take over this will change. - PEOTUS"I'm a millennial, I don't like labels" - said without irony by a guest on @TheDailyShow
@RaquelHirsch and I keep doing t despite your Pence retweets :)I follow the fewest folks but feels like my TL is filled with ProductHunt acquisition. I think I am in a bubble.