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Chronically wearing the wrong coat for this weather.

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keanu reeves calling carly rae jepsen the most talented musician he's listened to in his lifetime is a huge complem…
Retweeted by Michelle C @piacars @CandicePeak @DJ_Bean I missed Haim?!?!?!
@HotelFoxtrot @JosieGL My dad called him a "drip" forever after but he was super nice to my blubbering teen self! @HotelFoxtrot @JosieGL He was so nice when I stage doored a play he was in a long time ago! I present baby Michelle…
Rt if your dog is an 11/10
Retweeted by Michelle CNothing in 2018 has made me angrier than this - "Nassar had submitted a six-page letter to the court saying he was… who wants to see @HAIMtheband on tour with me in May?That spin class was so good I just want to eat a large bagel and take a long nap but instead I have to go to work.
@adamihasegawa I maybe get not understanding what it is but just assuming it's a "big quarter?" lol
@miss_sequential "if gronk says it's dumb your know it's really bad. don't eat tide pods kids"I feel like in the insane breakneck news cycle it got lost that Tide had to hire Gronk to tell teens not to eat laundry detergent for fun.[buying a dog] hi yes i want to be absolutely devastated in like 11 years or so
Retweeted by Michelle C @JosieGL @jlmeds @Iappinic Yes! ❤@jlmeds @JosieGL and @Iappinic with the final push to hit my fundraising goal proving #hbfam really is the best! @Iappinic !!!! ❤❤ that was such an amazing suprise this morning! THANK YOU!
@JosieGL You have already done so much! I appreciate the boosts as well as the donations! @JosieGL Omg you are such a wonderful angel! ❤❤ thank youuuuu! @DerekMichaelL Oh man season 1 of that and jessica jones are the best.Omg @jlmeds!!! ❤❤ thank you for your SECOND donation lady. Beyond nice of you! @HotelFoxtrot I'm so sorry. ❤ @whoweekly How is 23 to 36 a 24 year age gap? 🤔I'm a little under two weeks and 130 dollars from my goal of raising 1,000 dollars to kick cancer's butt. I'd love…
@NEAQ such a great experience with the harbor seals today! The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming! (Amelia… someone who looks at you the way I look at Amelia the harbor… Mountian Between Us really proving i'll watch anything till the end if you put Idris Elba and a dog in it.
@jlmeds Agreed! @instagram I never want reccomended posts in my timeline please. I can deal with sponsored posts but the algorithm… @JosieGL @netflix Hope you like it! @piacars Almond butter issues. @piacars Haha sorry! I crushed 1/2 my bagel in the car while driving that class was such a beast. (PSA: Dont eat almomd butter and drive)At Bagelsauraus after spin but where's @piacars ? @themodernageorg I should! I would love to see Denver!Misery Buisness in last night's class, Limp Bizkit in this am's class not mad about this early 00's resurgence.Happiest Birthday to my favorite magical unicorn friend @lindsfrances! ❤❤❤
@themodernageorg ❤ this was a super good read. I'm glad to hear you're so happy!
I think the height of boring office problems is webex freaking out and having to run your huge meeting in a state o… @LisaWeidenfeld
Bless the internet. I can't wait for the Olympics! is a very, very good Toyna Harding piece.'s warmer now! But I'm still fundraising! (a million thanks to everyone who has already contributed!)
@HotelFoxtrot I tell everyone to start with episode 3 or season 2 episode 1. Pig fucking is one of the worst episodes! @JosieGL @CandicePeak @Elise_P_Memmo haha. the picture honestly gave me anxiety just looking at it.Sarah Sanders hates bread probably. out to the girl in the @whoweekly FB group with the chemistry degree walking everyone through The Ordinary an…
@piacars Veggie Galaxy is AMAZING. and it was roasted cauliflower, garlic and cashews mostly! It good but a little… @piacars Talula must have ate it before it got to me! Mac and "cheese" was edible actually though! @kdschumacher 😘 that's the nicest thing! Thank you!Making vegan mac and cheese for dinner so check in later to see how the pizza I inevitably order tasted.
Lady Bird was so good and Greta was totally snubbed. #GoldenGlobesA super freeing moment in my life was when I realized I loved Tom Haverford and not Aziz Ansari. @lindsfrances I've never ever gotten it to gel properly!Joseph Finnes is doing his best Jared Leto impersonation tonight. #GoldenGlobes"Hi Oprah" #GoldenGlobesPut a humidifier in the living room and the puppy keeps chasing and biting at the smoke and its so cute and pure I want to cry.
@miss_sequential @LisaWeidenfeld Omg so good! See it!Lounging around an Italian villa is my 2018 summer asthetic. #CallMeByYourName @miss_sequential @LisaWeidenfeld Miss you as well! Call me by your name!It's stupid cold outside but I really like @LisaWeidenfeld, food and the movies so into the Tundra I go.
Fell on the ice and my rib injury from last year started hurting again so thats fun...I shoveled for 3+ hours yesterday and today I feel like hot death. #old @pilea @lindsfrances @melskepko Yaaaay @pilea @lindsfrances You gotta show me how to map to the color printer! (Or print me one?)
@LisaWeidenfeld Snowpiercer: DumpsterThis thread.... is just lovely.
Retweeted by Michelle C @kciccolini I am CRYING! @kciccolini Luckily we can work from home! I'm just annoyed we're open at all and being a brat about it. 🙃Company emailed three times this AM to remind us the offices are open and frankly that seems like rubbing it in.'what's for dinner tonight?' 'stair artichoke and four zoodles'
Retweeted by Michelle C
@CandicePeak @The_Handle_Bar Same. 😔 @CandicePeak @The_Handle_Bar Ahhhh parking ban in cambridge starts at 6am. I gotta cancel 😭 @chrissyteigen Only episode I couldn't even finish!Snow starts at 7am tomorrow which is just enough time for me to get all my energy out at @CandicePeak class before… I see one more news story of a dog freezing to death because their moron human left them outside I’m gonna crack…
Retweeted by Michelle CIm dead
Retweeted by Michelle C
@JosieGL @CandicePeak 21!!!! Omg. @JosieGL @CandicePeak Omg. 😍 Also roommates ancient dog who came in bad health had 8 teeth pulled and lived 5-6 more years! @CandicePeak @JosieGL Yes! Meant to chime in on this the other day too! Mutts plus im pretty sure you take fantastic care of them! @HotelFoxtrot I like his stuff with Pharell but everything after that + his personality is insufferable. @HotelFoxtrot Omg noooo that is not what the world needs right now.