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Raven monkeymouse @raven_mcbain_K wherever the words take me

Just a girl living creatively. I'm writing, acting, reading, cooking, playing and trying to make a living at it.

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Chances are you know someone who is alive b/c of an #EpiPen. SIGN HERE:
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Doctor Who: Family of Blood - SF Debris - now on CA.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#62MillionGirls around the world are not in school. Thank you @JohnKerry for supporting #LetGirlsLearn in Nigeria.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseCourgettes (American: 'zucchini') have attractive flowers.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseShout-out to @JaimieAlexander for being a badass! #wcw @whohahadotcom:
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseRepeatable actions become easy, when easy to do you gain confidence, with confidence you continue, when you continue you can win.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseOntario to review water-taking permits for Nestle #onpoli
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse"You can't claim to fight #climate change but allow pipelines like #DakotaAccess." @joshfoxfilm on #NoDAPL in DC!
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @Lesdoggg's Website Hacked, Personal Info & Nude Pics Revealed, Because #Racism and #Sexism
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI miss the Olympics. I didn’t watch them, mind you, but they kept lots of people away from the parks by providing alternative entertainment.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhen I retire I want to go to Narnia. #fantasy #knowyoureafantasyreaderwhen
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseyou gotta keep tweetin it's the only way people will know you're alive
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSpotted! Cineplex is getting creative with popcorn and a lightning rod in its #WeatherOrNot campaign finale
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseGiant Bag Of Popcorn Near Tilbury -
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis would just feed brother & @CindyMSampson's #PrivateEyes renewed for a second season on @globaltv
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Why thank you was beautiful...upside made a wonderful OW balladDownside Had an ow day today...Me currently watching @JuliaScotti4 😂😂😂😂 #AGT
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseRT IF YOU LOVE #SUPERGIRLCW @TheCWSupergirl @chy_leigh @MelissaBenoist #Kara #Alex #DANVERSISTERS
Retweeted by Raven monkeymousePower up your fiction: WRITING DEEP POINT OF VIEW (a blue Writer's Craft guide)
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThat moment when you realize the person singing along to the street musician's cover of the Eagles' "Take It Easy" is you
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis is anything but comic. Christian Group Is Handing Out Awful...
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Here Is Tom Hiddleston Cuddling Baby Leopards to Make Your Day
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseImprove Kidney Function and Safeguard Your Kidneys From Further Damage #KidneyDisease #KidneyCare
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And I didn't fall once cheer for me! I went for a walk! Outside!
#DarkMatter hate being sick... I do however draw the line at greasy hair, acne, bad breath, brittle nails and smelling vile! body dizziness, nausea, vomiting, foot pain, migraines, stomach pain I accept all of that...Had one of my homemade pickled eggs for breakfast, not my best workI'm paying for my little jaunt yesterday but still worth itHorrifying increase in incidence of kidney disease due to unclean water 95%of Gaza's water isn't suitable 4domestic
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis is what a kidney stone looks like under a scanning electron microscope.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhat do Olympic swimmer, cyclist, runner, triathlete have in common? Same Winnipeg high sc…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse"Try Not To Fall In Love With Winnipeg After Watching This" via @AOLOn
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhat's your favourite coffee shop? Fully caffeinated in Winnipeg, Manitoba: #exploremb
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseErnest Hemingway might tweet this. :-) #books #hemingway #literature
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThat #FridayFeeling!
Retweeted by Raven monkeymousePrintable Guuide: Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthier #letsreconnect #health
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI loved that game, too! What the hell was I thinking?
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseGot leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving? Make Spicy Chipotle Cranberry Hummus! It's…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseLove watermelon? Check out this healthy watermelon #recipe roundup!
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Melissa and her stunt double
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThe "chork," chopsticks and fork combo, could be making its way to your local @PandaExpress.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMarvels 'Doctor Strange' Seventeen Stills in High Resolution $DIS
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseDark Matter Exclusive Clip
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseNew #Killjoys this Friday! A picture preview of "Full Metal Monk" #Cdntv @Killjoys @SpaceChannel #Syfy
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWithout the dark, we'd never see the stars ... #mindfulness
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse... Well I have mastered leaning against the wallAhha I have mastered standing... @AllisonRaskin @MissDahlELama well, they all believe the boy the first couple times which would be completely unrealistic with a female lead
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIt's weird we say "the boy who cried wolf" when we always accuses girls of lying. I guess we didn't want to give the lead role to a woman.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI am also no longer allowed cups without lids @reading_angel it was a very elegant face plant if I do say so myself... And of course by went well I actually mean I face planted when I tried to standTrying to prove that I'm alright to leave my bed went well..."Canada from Eh to Zed" Kidney Foundation convenes group to identify solutions to reduce the number of discarded kidneys
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis is a sign being stuck in bed for so long is starting to get to me. the ceiling was being painted a piece of tape was painted over It’s right above my bed and I’m starring at it and it’s bugging me...
2016 (no order) Who framed roger rabbit Galaxy quest Mystery men Labrynth Return to Oz Zootopia The biggest little ticketYou can't have fantasy without magic. Construct a magic system that works. #writing #fantasy
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseEpisodes of #TheFlash #DarkMatter #TheLibrarians #Killjoys and #Limitless really helping me get through annoying bedrest and hospital staysHow many Bothans died to bring us that new Rogue One trailer last night?
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LIVE on #Periscope: Electrical water pageant #disneyperiscope
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseHaving trouble typing with a broken thumbMay all your weeds be wildflowers 🌻
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseReally bad weather is no 'way' to happiness. HAPPINESS is the way! #WayneDyer
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#writetip #writingtip #writing
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWe seem to be having a lil bit of bad weather on our drive back home"Writing About Magic" - techniques for fantasy fiction - ebook or paperback
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseLookout @mckenziewestmor someone is after your job and she has some support behind her #FaceOff
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#indiepub #selfpublishing #indiepubtip Interviews
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse is judging you of the Week From #Killjoys, #Zoo and More
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @SSIPOS In this moment in France 🇫🇷 #DarkMatter
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThat is why I have moved all of mine to my hat the end just as entertaining cool with a DIY refrigerator that traps Han Solo in carbonite! My @CNET article cc @kim
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseQuote of the day by the one and only @Simone_Biles 👏👏 #USA #ArtisticGymnastics Individual All-Around #Gold medallist
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWANT! I want it all! I may have a slight Halloween problem a fellow cat owner I can tell you that's why we love them! Mine likes to hide my slippers swear our fans are more talented than us
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse"C" is for cookie, that's good enough for Five. (Bite, ponder, bite) @jodellemicah #DarkMatter
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The good people don't waste time in attacking others who are different from them in any way or any shape
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse*sigh* 12 shows and only three plates and of course the plate must be smashed every show! #productionproblemsMake mistakes, take chances, be silly, be imperfect, trust yourself and follow your heart. #EnjoyLife #PositiveMind
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseEvery voice deserves to be heard. #FlorenceFosterJenkins in theatres August 12!
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseRIP Kenny Baker best known as R2D2 in the Star Wars movies. Loved him in Time Bandits.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseA Mysterious Object Beyond Neptune, Is Traveling In The Wrong Direction @RichardGarriott #NotSayingItsAliens
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIt could just be orbital wobble. ... Well it COULD.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI do have a theory, uneducated though it might be. The planetoid might have been propelled here from somewhere else at great speed.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseA collision or whatever. It traveled at an angle to our own solar system until it passed close enough to the gravity wells of Jupiter & sun.
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