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some days it’s not worth fighting to get out of bed. #DarkMatterFamily #Whovian #LIT #Trekkie #RespectTheRandom #stargatenow

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@Vaeltaja5 You know when you shout and scream and curse a blue streak? That’s the bjabbers. ☺️🐵🐭#Selfiefail turned awesome pic @Vaeltaja5 Those are very annoying as well. Thankfully I don’t think it’s a extremely common phrase, but oh how I h…
Some have expressed concerns about flashing lights in the new Incredibles 2 movie. If you are among the 3% of peopl…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSo earlier today I heard a woman say to a little girl who had hurt her hand “it’s all right, it’ll heal before you…
Now I can tell my father that disgusting got no votes and laugh since he insisted that would be everyone’s answer
At least the views nice'd like to thank the people who told me I couldn't do all the things I've done. Proving them wrong turned out to be excellent motivation.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymousePeople who hate dogs are jerks at best; serial killers at worst.
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#DarkMatter #When-day When the odds are seemingly stacked against you. Stay cool, reassess You CAN mak…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThe kitten color printer ran out of ink mid job.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI am not a happy monkeymouseSo after #Firefly was cancelled they made #Serenity to give us closure. How about a #Raza movie since @SYFY cancell…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI want the #blinkdrive in order to come to alternate universe and see #DarkMatterseason4 and bring back the show t…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#DarkMatter S02E08 - Stuff to Steal, People to Kill. A reminder of just how Bad-Ass the #WomenofDarkMatter are!Tash…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIf you don’t like Star Wars or the characters understand that there are decisions makers and harassing the actors/…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhat's the difference between @SYFY and death? Death, however unpleasant, still gives an ending to a story.…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseOf course this has led to me falling out/off of many a chair but it keeps life excitingI didn't discover #DarkMatter until 2016, but I enjoyed every second of the two glorious years of #TeamRaza I got.…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseHappy #DarkMatter day to the greatest fans in the universe! We should all rewatch every season to celebrate! The…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @RazaArrows Twitter as a form of time travelFive and a quarter hours left and all I have are green protein bars #DarkMatterFamily @raven_mcbain_K Hey, @raven_mcbain_K the Blink drive does work! Just go through the tweets & you are there with us…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMan I wish I had a blink drive, save me from a 7 1/2 hour drive #DarkMatter #DarkMatterDay sorry I’m lateI miss this family #DarkMatterDay
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThe things we are missing RIGHT NOW! We still celebrate the great memories on #DarkMatterDay & look for #DarkMatter
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @Thogar #DarkMatterDay
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseJust want to SHOUT OUT an enormous THANK YOU to everyone involved in the making of #DarkMatter @BaronDestructo, Pau…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI wish people would stop asking me if I know how to sit in a chair, I know how it’s just boring so I do it my way
@godofbiscuits I usually add bacon and mushrooms to all my burgers (and I I always skip the lettuce) but that sound… @raven_mcbain_K It’s ok. But my people are always about the starches. :) Mustard-related: ever had a cheeseburger…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @Thogar It’s a talent be proud!
Mustard on French fries?
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @Thogar @sprintcare That’s ridiculous, I would’ve given up at 20 mins at the most Vaughn claims he's working on "the first R-rated musical". Matthew, I hate to tell you this, but South Par…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI'm thinking of wearing a red shirt to Dragon*Con and asking everyone I meet where the Star Track convention is.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseDon’t know if y’all are interested but here’s the #WynonnaEarp season 3 trailer.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMustard on French fries?
There are three things that can carry a plot: Surprising twists. Moral dilemmas. And serious stakes.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMe: I’m going to get a ton of revisions done this morning. Computer: I need an update. Me: Ok. I’ll do it tomorro…
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@TrixterNixter @RazaArrows I would sign up to that in a second (and have a few more suggestions for shows too)My brain: Hey remember that thing that happened many years ago that you wanted to forget? Well here it is again wit…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMore #RenewTimeless BTS. The designs we signed off on. As we built, we made more tweaks: lost the support bars, add…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseHow much does it cost to start up a streaming network? I need to create one to bring back #TheLibrarians,…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseDoors and corners, kid. An all-new #TheExpanse starts NOW on @SYFY.
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#DarkMatter #When-day When it was the guys who needed to be saved #RazaCrew #WeCarryEachOther #TeamRaza
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseCountdown to #DarkMatterDay On 12th June 2015 #DarkMatter was first aired. Let's make this our #DarkMatterDay & ce…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseDay 24 of hostage negotiation. The natives are getting restless. @nbc, please #RenewTimeless already, so we can a…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#RenewTimeless #SaveRufus
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @HealingMB Cats will be catsGood .. you to tease them .. there goes a drone .. #Drone #Lions #DontMessAround
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Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIf only there were a franchise, something really popular we all could've grow up watching, about how it's never ok…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @Dean_Devlin Ugh. 🙄🙄🙄
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSad news. After multiple negotiations at several different networks, we’ve been unsuccessful at moving…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @BaronDestructo I always use tinned beans so I’m not sure if any of my bean recipes would help you @KarenDavid You can never have enough Galavant. #bringbackgalavant
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseAlmost home
I have got to be more careful going on my walks, my poor toes can’t handle the constant abuse
With all these tv cancellations it’s time to bring out the flying monkeys
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#DarkMatter Virtual Season 4 - Episode 4.01! In case you were wondering what lay in store for The Raza... Act 1:…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse40 vegetarian versions of classic comfort foods:
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSo I am filled with relief and gratefulness for the fact that the fires are stopped/under control in my immediate a… it’s summertime!
Back Off Rino - I'm Not Letting You Near My Kid! click on the link for more thanks
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseOn #MarauderMonday remember that sometimes people you don't care for at first turn out to be your best friends. Get…
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The highway is still closed due to the fire, dad and I haven’t been given an evacuation warning but we’re paying close attention to the newsEverything smells like smoke it’s pretty scary
#TeamRaza #DarkMatter if you haven't seen this thread then please read it is awesome and shows the respect that…
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@raven_mcbain_K Have a great Birthday🎂🎁🎉
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseHappy *redacted* birthday monkeymouse
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWith all these tv cancellations it’s time to bring out the flying monkeys birthday to me happy birthday to me I look like a monkeymouse happy birthday to meA non-Trek tweet for once, but any Star Trek fan who isn't watching #TheExpanse is missing out on the best space sh…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSo I broke my toe two days before my birthday party life is not fair sometimesSo ... anyone else feel this way about @SYFY or is it just me? #goodgrief
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI miss you mommy #SaveDeception
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseJust because some shows are getting renewed, it's no reason to throw any hate. Let's show some support for those sh…
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