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Raven monkeymouse @raven_mcbain_K wherever the words take me

Just a girl living creatively. I'm writing, acting, reading, cooking, playing and trying to make a living at it.

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NBC Vs Timeless fans If timeless is cancelled! #RenewTimeless @malcolmbarrett @sakinajaff @abigailspencer
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"U wear whatever makes u feel beautiful & brave. Not necessarily in that order."- E.H.N. @realjoybryant @GoodGirlsRevolt #DressLikeAWoman
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Never be afraid to help others in their time of need. You never know when you may need that shoulder to lean on…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWell they do get better every week love #timeless so much and that was an awesome episode #RenewTimelessKeeping #Timeless would be one of the smartest things @nbc will have done. Amazing show! #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhat? How? That ending, woah! I'm excited the gang is back and they are going to fight back. Yes! #Timeless #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse"I'm meant to protect the both of you. I see that now. And I will." #Timeless
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Ok I was sobbing at the scene between Coulson and May #AgentsofSHIELD #RenewAgentsofSHIELDWow, for once a Koenig not played by @pattonoswalt. #AgentsofSHIELD #RenewAgentsofSHIELD
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#RenewAgentsofSHIELD because we need representation! @YOSOYCORDOVA #AgentsofSHIELD #MackElena
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse“Where’s my puppy? Who took my puppy?” –Agent Koenig #AgentsofSHIELD
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThese wings are bigger than Niko's hair. #TeamLove is my fav tonight. #FaceOff
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#CrazyExGirlfriend's Rachel Bloom Wrote A Song For #TheFlash / #Supergirl Musical Ep via…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI LOVE Niko and Cat's makeup #faceoffRETWEET if you caught that shout out to the #TimeTeam. #Timeless
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I KNEW something was gonna go wrong. Wyatt, YOU are the reason they got together! Whoops! #Timeless #RenewTimeless @NBC @Sony @NBCTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymousethis 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 why 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 don't 👏🏼 go 👏🏼 rogue 👏🏼 #timeless #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThat's one of the problems with time travel you can cause the very problem your trying to fix #timeless't trust Connor Mason.....especially if it's the apocalypse #Timeless #RenewTimeless #YouMeAndtheApocolypse
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWOW! I should have seen that coming, what else would Rittenhouse want with a time machine #RenewTimelessBut... what if Wyatt succeeds and when he comes back, his wife is still dead? Or she never met him??? 😢 #Scared #Timeless #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseArgh I really hate when characters learn vital details and don't tell us I really hope we find out what Rittenhouse is up too #RenewTimelessOh, #Timeless how you have captured my heart! Love this show, the acting, the writing, the history! #RenewTimeless @NBCTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseLol #Timeless #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWanna #RenewTimeless? 1) Mostly, watch LIVE at 10pm. 2) Please RT. 3) Please tell @nbc what you think of the show.…
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That moment when Booth left the hospital to save Brennan... #Bones
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThe emperor not only has no clothes, he keeps tweeting about how we're the naked ones. "I'M WEARING TREMENDOUS CLOT…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis is a great photo! She will be missed. #bellletstalk
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseYou fools… it’s a sentence. The Force Awakens The Last Jedi For A Full Day Of Fun.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @BrushYourTeeth @ChuckWendig Just wait until Episode IX: With Hot Black Coffee
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhat if these new Star Wars titles form a sentence? The Force awakens the last Jedi... ...from what? For What?
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseEveryone was there to help @loganladdie & @acivicdilemma get back on track. #FaceOff puts the "friend" in "friendl…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThis flying gurnard alien earned @feralworks & @KeaghlanAshley immunity. Looks great, but we wouldn't want to swi…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMy interview with #FaceOffAllStars executive producer @DwightDSmith about this season's changes and a lot more.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIt's Bell Lets Talk Day! Keep fighting, keep loving and let's all keep listening! You Are Loved #BellLetsTalk
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIt's #BellLetsTalk Day! Here are all the ways you can join the conversation: #MentalHealth
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#BellLetsTalk because no one deserves to feel alone and broken like I did for so long#BellLetsTalk about the weight that's lifted when someone you care about tells you that your illness is not a burden
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#BellLetsTalk because it's socially acceptable to get help for a broken leg, but not a broken mind or heart
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseFor every retweet of this, Bell will donate 5 cents to Canadian Mental Health Programs, and I think that’s amazing. #BellLetsTalk
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseIt’s #BellLetsTalk Day! Help end the stigma surrounding #mentalillness. Here's how:
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#renewtimeless #Kripke To increase viewers and fans, get cartoonist to draw #Timeless comic books..already 12 plots. Teachers want em!
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseJiya is a freaking badass, I need her in the show more! #Timeless #RenewTimeless
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I was shocked #RenewTimeless @NBCTimeless Please don't be cruel to us passionate, loyal fans. We need a second season of this outstanding show! #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThey always are on #timeless #RenewTimeless show gets better and better each week! #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI love #timeless so much I think it's in my top five fave shows #RenewTimelessNBC dontcha dare touch #timeless. 💁#RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseDo NOT mess with Lucy when she has had enough! #RenewTimeless #Timeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSlippery slope there, Wyatt. @MattLanter @NBCTimeless Next week looks awesome!! #Timeless #RenewTimeless
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMade these for the #timeless #RenewTimeless project @NBCTimeless @MattLanter @therealKripke @abigailspencer
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Very thankful I rose from my sickbed to watch #TheLibrarians#TheLibrarians Ready for the spin-off where Eve Baird and General Rockwell hit the road to help the helpless in #UglyDOSA.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse#TheLibrarians Texting in movies isn't second-rate evil, it's first rate evil, Flynn :))
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseMagic is fickle so the team must be, too. #TheLibrarians
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseSaw the promo for next week, so I'll say it again: I really question the security of the Library. #TheLibrarians
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse @LibrariansTNT @Dean_Devlin You just ripped my heart out. #TheLibrarians
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWho else is nervous? #TheLibrarians #TheCandleRoom
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Here's your first listen of @EmmaWatson singing "Something There" from #BeautyAndTheBeast:
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Walkin in a winter wonderland
Who is dis imposter? #TheCatChannel #catsofvine #budsies #petsies (Vine by Charlie The Kitty)
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It sucks we've lost all these icons this year. But these were people who bucked conventions and chose to live free. That's all you can do.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseI can't wait until Jan 1. These last minute 2016 deaths of extraordinary people has got to stop. RIP Carrie Fisher.…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseLove that there's not one but two pictures of Carrie Fisher in garbage cans making the rounds. Never felt closer to…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseRT to& tell @RadioDisney THANK YOU for playing @whitneywoerz #GhostStory & sharing #MentalIllness isn't something…
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseWhen I was a kid, she made me want to be tough and smart. When I was an adult, she made me want to be sober. RIP Carrie Fisher.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseFirst the Prince and now the Princess. Posting this one more time.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseA princess, a general, an icon. RIP Carrie Fisher.
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseRIP Carrie Fisher, may the force always be with you
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Same goes for #doctorwhochristmasNo tv to watch #TheLibrarians but thankfully I had it pvrd back home#TheLibrarians is my favorite series right now.And if someone doesn't like it...😏 @ChristianKane01
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouse"You are completely out of your mind!" "How is that news to anyone?" #DoctorWho
Retweeted by Raven monkeymouseThere is growing evidence that Monkeys have vocal tools, but not brains, to talk like humans.
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In case you were waiting around for gum balls to fall out...
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