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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Writer/artist/raconteuse/musician/pagan/witch/justice warrior: jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked-love me or leave me

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#CowardInChief, Twitterverse. #justdoit this August 2016 interview with #Bannon. This man will destroy America as we know it. He has no place in govt. My definition: a dangerous cult of personality built around a delusional megalomaniac. even worse, its own deliberate malevolence., I've had it for the night. Keep fighting the good fight. Because our lives really do depend on it. need a new amendment. clearly hasn't read this book. But then, I'm not really sure he knows how to read. tell #SCOTUS in the last 50 years, anyway. never worry about ISIS. These are the people who scare the hell out of me. should point this out to this Islamophobic administration. a lot like that bloated orange pig in the White House.'t think he won't try it, either. bell's ringing pretty damn loudly. you a lot about most politicians, doesn't it? bet a lot of you are, too. are pedaling backwards furiously. clear and present danger. difference"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." ~ Benjamin Franklin, 1776 of us already know this. The rest will be finding out right quick. up! #DontBuyTheLie it yet? is not on our side. #StandUpAndSpeakOut #RESIST #DemandAccountability, you know, profit. the government doesn't want an educated population. We might catch on to their bullshit. we'll never have solar.'ll tell you: when a mixed-race man became president & the racists in government & elsewhere just couldn't take it. All the mirrors in DC would crack. there, done that. Didn't work then. Won't work now. late, Rod, they've taken over. pretty soon, if the @GOP has its way, it'll be even worse kidding is it those whoring political shills are telling us can't be questioned or criticized? #NotInMyLifetime #RESIST history, always repeating itself.! We are in serious danger of living in a totalitarian dictatorship. hate to think we're going to go back to that point, but if something isn't done - and soon - we will. concept is apparently too difficult for RWNJ to grasp. late now. Bannon's stated intent is to tear America to shreds.! imagine my life without 45, his handlers and sycophants and I despise them all the more. patriotism is not. one's god has any place in government.'ve lost whatever moral authority we ever had as a country. And it's going downhill from there. they're working on it. People are forgetting the lessons of why we fought World War II daily. idiots in DC now aren't quite cutting it, but there are enough stupid gullible people that it doesn't matter. good news. of it, too... we ain't seen nothing yet… now for a quick laugh. good question. is exactly where we're going. Back to the future. But then the war profiteers would be unhappy., I'll bite you. difference. this administration is allowed to continue unchecked, we're all going to regime hell. proved daily. they finish killing the Department of Education it will all be meaningless anyway. to remember. reminder that should be tacked up in the White House & the halls of Congress., DonBoy... @realDonaldTrump we never learn. is a pustulent excrescence. When I use that term to describe the pigs in DC you now know what I'm talking about in the near future... I say every day when I wake up and read the news. only place the right wing is moving us is off a cliff. pyramid of power. of the times. This is just what this gov't wants, b/c stupid people are easier to control. Being proved daily. advice. the Dark Ages ended centuries ago? Wake up! If we don't #resist we'll all be serfs. the cap. Why should those of us who work be penalized for those who are sitting pretty? religious institution should be tax-exempt. Period.