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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Writer/artist/raconteuse/musician/pagan/witch/justice warrior: jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked-love me or leave me

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Tape this to your mirror. Read daily.! @HillaryClinton @RCdeWinter love trumps hate but Trump loves hate.
Retweeted by RC deWinterTake your Kool-Aid and get the hell out of my timeline, #troll @PAINSCOURT Sad how uninformed you choose to be the numbers...we can't afford another Republican White House. No other comment necessary., you obstructionist hypocrites.... @Senate_GOPs @HouseGOP all the bullshit the GOP spews about the economy, they haven't done jackshit except hurt us little people. takers? #SupportTheArts “Words Until Then” How much I want to write of deathless love, To sing desire’s (cont) God said, "Let there be #Republicans." the CEOs of these companies and their families had to fight on the front lines I wonder what would happen? #NoWar was right. zone ahead the well-dressed #TrumpTroll will wear... #tilapia? DON'T! STOP EATING TILAPIA FISH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE #SupportTheArts "anybody home?" i'm knocking on the door to your heart just a gentle tap #Republican? You might want to reconsider: 7 facts the #GOP hopes you won't remember up, self-anointed "patriots" of the right wing...
We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. We VOTE. #PussiesAgainstTrump & the #GOP must be galling for @realDonaldTrump, who regards women only as pink parts to be grabbed, to have his ass kicked by @HillaryClinton#ImWithHer #LoveTrumpsHate strong performance by Clinton. She is the clear winner tonight. 20 days until a HRC election victory and a victory for our Nation. #debate
Retweeted by RC deWinterThat's a wrap. 3 debates. 3 wins. A hat trick for @HillaryClinton 🎩. Donald outclassed, outmaneuvered, undone. #Debate
Retweeted by RC deWinter.@HillaryClinton proved tonight: She has brains, guts, thick skin, steady hands, & most of all: basic decency.…
Retweeted by RC deWinter20 days left. Let's win this. Make your custom video to show the world why you believe that #LoveTrumpsHate:
Retweeted by RC deWinterShow Donald that love will always come out on top, including on Election Day. Create your own #LoveTrumpsHate video…
Retweeted by RC deWinterHillary Clinton eviscerated Trump on abortion during the debate
Retweeted by RC deWinterThis will get lost in the Trump news but Hillary Clinton's debate performance was close to flawless.
Retweeted by RC deWinterWomen have the power to stop Trump.
Retweeted by RC deWinterWhat a jackass. When we vote you to oblivion you have no choice: #Trump won't say if he'll accept election results are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. We VOTE. #PussiesAgainstTrump & the #GOP have become a nation of domestic terrorists, preying on our own citizens. #StopTheMadess #hypocrisy of the #GOP is mind-boggling. much for #Stein #GOP Dreams Shattered As 91% Of #Sanders Backers Support #Clinton via @politicususa hilariously true. this doesn't make you laugh there's no fucking hope for you… for #Trump? The line forms here. He's got a point. for-profit healthcare system is a death penalty by definition. ~ RC deWinterThere's a grain of truth there. up, America! The poor, the sick, the old & young are NOT your enemies. #DontBuyTheLie #NotMyAmerica's called compassion. would never happen today. It's all about the money. this really the face America wants to present to the world? I don't THINK so! #NotMyAmerica things you wonder why #Koch is buying up the media? can't hurt to spread this around. You might save a life. you turn your face away from wrongdoing and say nothing you are giving silent approbation to that evil. ~ RC deWinterPreach, Mr. President! "Homegrown demagogues will always fail in the end." ~ @BarackObamaSeussical be an ironing board. kidding. It's long past time to #EndCorporateWelfare - because despite #SCOTUS, corporations are not people. history & culture buffs: 5 Myths about The Middle Ages purists: if Trump wins because you vote for an unelectable, unqualified candidate like #NeverJillStein I hope enjoy living under #TrumpI'm going to hell, and all my friends will be there patriotism is not. It shouldn't even be an issue. @Blak_Icz Merci encore @RCdeWinter
Retweeted by RC deWinterthe sweetness of summer i've stored in my veins is ready to be tapped by one who knows late love is burnt sugar RCdW . Are . Not . A . Patriot . You . Are . A . Racist . Bigot . #NotMyAmerica #LiveAndLetLive #NeverTrump
Retweeted by RC deWinter @thustellmemore 👍 @thustellmemore *grin*Get in line, grrrrls...pussies gonna vote! #PussiesAgainstTrump’ve said this all along, most of the Hillary haters are just misogynists of both sexes: 2016’S MANIFEST MISOGYNY Exactly! bet many of you are too., they're all in it together. Stupid is as stupid says - and does. - for all our sakes. dissonance. for #Trump? You're in bed w/the #KKK. Be very proud. And don't tell me how #Christian you are. #NotMyAmerica"Artists are here to disturb the peace. " ~ James Baldwin "Human Resources" #streetart in Paris by French artist L… AND #noshitsherlock people need these signs.!