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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Writer, artist, musician, pagan, witch, warrior for justice; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked. Love me or leave me.

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Now THIS is noteworthy for #ValentinesDay isn't about gifts. Love is about caring and honesty and respect. EVERY day should be #ValentinesDay. #SCOTUS Pay attention, @SenateMajLdr yes...I am sooo Aquarius
Tape this to your mirror. Read daily. how I feel about most feelgood memes... Rafael...’s face it, @SenTedCruz @realDonaldTrump could form their own ticket: #WingnutsFromHellAhem, asshats... @TerraMarQue you use Angie's list? Shame on you @Tacitus2013 @Indomitable69 @inqusitiontime @RCdeWinter @BarackObama instead of patriot, I suggest you say you are "Colonial". More truthy
Retweeted by RC deWinterNow there's a plan. wind spins me in a frigid cylinder i need your warm arms tonight is my imagination up to it? ~ RC deWinter smokes pot @RCdeWinter @SenatorReid treason
Retweeted by RC deWinterGo sit on a sharp stick & rotate, you ignorant Reaganite #troll. openly declaring their intent to block a nomination, the #GOP prove themselves traitors to their elected offices. Dave off, #troll off, #troll off, ignorant #troll @thewritelady TY :-)Dear Heidi-that's like gasoline on fire. Thanks for the warning ☠💩☠💩👀
Retweeted by RC deWinterHe would...the #GOP is a disgusting collection of traitors to our founding principles, #ValentinesDay thoughts on #ValentinesDay love wild roses "Glorious Tangle" #art #SupportIndependentArtists #SupportTheArts we swim? "Celestial Sea" #art #SupportTheArts #SupportIndependentArtists'll see you in the city "Gotham Winter" #SupportIndependentArtists #SupportTheArts the wind cries Mary..."The Passion of Autumn" #art #SupportTheArts I am not harsh enough to rejoice at #Scalia's death, now @BarackObama will be able to appoint a replacement. And that's good news.Supreme Court Justice Antonin #Scalia found dead in resort ranch in Cibolo Creek, Texas at 79 via @breaking message from the president... Justin Bieber? This might change your mind. (Do.Not.Laugh.) @hue2c phbbbbttt….😈 @hue2c oh, you ARE a grinch *grin* @brokenwing2005 at sixes and sevens…I need a vacation to somewhere that’s not here, and that’s not going to happenWhich would you choose? #Cruz: Ted's presidency will be a combination of law & religion #AmericanTaliban #NotMyAmerica #FirstAmendment't be fooled, #Kasich is no moderate. @polsapart2 nopeWhich would you choose? yeah yeah…lol @TheKingOfHB @wildthing404 I’ve always wanted to be 6ft instead of 5’10” 🙃
Name me a politician who doesn’t.'d say Regina tells the! Men!!! when you believe bombing strangers will make them love your policies & respect your country.
Retweeted by RC deWinterAre you talking to the aliens? LMFAO doubt it smokes pot @wildthing404 I'm just saying!!!! @eolevsky @wildthing404 I see your point @VerbleGherulous I couldn't possibly choose a favorite book, from that list or anywhere else. @wildthing404 lmfao!!!! @StephenSyncox does this work? @StephenSyncox that’s odd .. It shows up for meLMFAO @Eaglefly124 LOL- probably to my house, where he knows I'll feed him. @wildthing404 @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @MrsEeyoreBooks rule! 350 Books to Read at Some Point in Your Life"Fuck me running backwards in my grandmother's dress!" - to quote my witchsis @wildthing404✰*•❤•*✰ Happy Valentine’s Day to #TheWitchesofTweetwick @wildthing404 @Eaglefly124 @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @MrsEeyore & magick to #TheWitchesOfTweetwick @wildthing404 @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @Eaglefly124 @MrsEeyore @LindaCollins11 💖I don’t get it @wildthing404 My 19th Nervous Breakdown Ask @RCdeWinter ...she'd know why! Hahahaha 'Here It Comes' offend anyone with a brain, #troll @Ms1Scs Useless leftist rag; I’d use it to clean out the litter box, but afraid I’d offend my catCharming RT @brokenwing2005 Just put the finishing touches on my #starry #night #sky #watercolor #landscape this really the face America wants to present to the world? I don't THINK so! #NotMyAmerica @GalwayDi I appreciate your sharing my art, wishing you a wonderful weekend. all soft and girly i am entertaining that slippery devil the ghost of love ~ RC deWinter #Cruz: Ted's presidency will be a combination of law & religion #AmericanTaliban #NotMyAmerica #FirstAmendment @thesfgresearch @brokenwing2005 @rrussell32 I appreciate your sharing my art, wishing you a wonderful weekend. into "The Peach Room" - my latest #art #SupportTheArts #SupportIndependentArtists would be me
.@RCdeWinter are violators going to be forced 2 drink #water from #Flint river too? #FlintWaterCrisis
Retweeted by RC deWinterWhat kind of douchebag are you? @Myraceisamerica @NooneOfan @RCdeWinter Get used to it Jill. That is the face of our next president. #Trump @olson_hill hi tweetheart, you’re keeping warm, thanks for sharing the snippet💖Don't be fooled, #Kasich is no moderate. all politics is LOCAL. Pay attention! this really the face America wants to present to the world? I don't THINK so! #NotMyAmerica is an embarrassment to America
Retweeted by RC deWinter @SkipHatos @graceslick77 @89Channel89 @tartantom1314 I appreciate your sharing my art, have a lovely evening. #SupportTheArts "Wind Tunnel" It had been a wretched day, full of petty annoyances that had me chasing...'s bitter wind has nothing on the coldness of that sly trickster love ~ RC deWinter good to me: Morning Mix Manslaughter charges possible in #Flint water crisis, says top investigator from the past "Leaning a Little" #SupportTheArts #SupportIndependentArtists about a snack, Impressionist style? "Grapes on the Half Shell" #art #SupportTheArts becomes of the brokenhearted? "The Tree of Hearts" #art #SupportTheArts really ARE one world. "Living in the Global Village" #art #SupportIndependentArtists a little beauty for a cold afternoon "Autumn Antiqua" #art #SupportTheArts you...yeah, YOU! And you and you and you and... is what true friends do. first sports bra was made from two jockstraps - and 99 other things we didn’t know last year. are amazing, even if the #GOP HAS co-opted them for far too long. 14 #elephant facts you may not know. are stretching a very thin point. this really the face America wants to present to the world? I don't THINK so! #NotMyAmerica all politics is LOCAL. Pay attention! bet.'t be fooled, #Kasich is no moderate. to go, Kasich! John #Kasich in 2016? Good luck with that.
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