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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Writer-artist-raconteuse-musician: jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. Love me or leave me. #RESIST There IS a Mr. deWinter...always

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and's some stardust for you...i'm in desperate need of some dream time...enjoy the circus will defend my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Putin installed Trump with 80,000 votes in three…
Retweeted by RC deWinter @LauraMcDermott3 @KnightIntoDay yay! I am going to forswear the political swamp and just post food porn @scottf6f oinker! @YSMDDOTCOM it's just an envelope... @JimPrice47 @burgessct, my darling man @scottf6f BLACK raspberry @LauraMcDermott3 Please - tell The New Yorker! LOL...hardly...but I keep at it...thank you, Laura @burgessct I'd like to believe it, Chris...*smile*The shards of shattered slippers will be scattered on the floor, the ringmaster will smile as the registers eat mon… nailed it, you know, years ago. The scary thing is that it hasn’t changed one bit. The circus will always be the… I get there I’ll be slipping out of these high-heeled habiliments, tossing off this tube of sleek indigo care…, it’s clear, I won’t even get to see the glass slipper, much less try it on. I’m out the door and going hom… the aging windbag on my left, his dramatic gestures swooping exclamation points out from his pulsing center; hi… legs are tired now, the effort expended being charmingly patient and invisible is taking its toll upon my tolera… to my right an earnest couple sits, silverware clattering, chewing and swallowing, just waiting for the chance…’s eyeing the guy with the perfect ass and long legs armored in denim but he’s oblivious, smoking determinedly… the blonde in black is drinking a White Russian, although what she’d do if she ever met one – a White Russi… the center ring the hopefuls, some clutching sweating mugs of beer, almost swaggering in their nonchalance; oth… metatarsals or the long and elegant toes. Trying to squeeze into a glass slipper too small is a bitch, and you… thing about glass slippers these days – they’re always two sizes two small, unless they’re half a size too b… alone, eyes meeting, then locking in perfect comprehension or turning away in the condescension of the pre… At the Circus Interesting place, the circus, all kinds of alien carneys hanging ‘round waiting to perform… since we're letting it all hang out tonight, I was young once...but just as loud @berkeslaw I drink coffee all day...but this doughnut demanded tea @kittyped @rain0874 @Claire13323 @terri_georgia @afaduln2 @EnigmaNetxx @awelab1956 @MickowskiBob @TheresaDAndria @The_Borg_Queen_ Some days I wonder why I do this, Patrice... face you make when you get almost 100 likes on a tweet about a jelly doughnut... @McGeezer67 OH BLUSH @berkeslaw Tea, actually...I should give up politics more often...smh @bigblkdogg face you make when you get 86 likes on a tweet about a jelly doughnut...
@rain0874 @Claire13323 @terri_georgia @afaduln2 @kittyped @EnigmaNetxx @awelab1956 @MickowskiBob @TheresaDAndria @EndIsraeliEvil deal @EndIsraeliEvil eh...not really my type,.I wouldn't chase him down the street...but then, I'm in love @MediciSusan @EndIsraeliEvil never have,,,, @lazcarr1342 @one4allmankind @EndIsraeliEvil I have no clue, I am out of the loop...I only have eyes for my darling man...but I confess even at… truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them. ~ Galileo @Bonadonnajohn :-) Yes...gotta love those kinds of names... @lazcarr1342 I have two more....I will space them out over the week I am out here in the country @Bonadonnajohn I am adopted myself....a vanilla grrrl...but the adopting family Sicilian on both sides.. @DanielS81590821 *grin* @EndIsraeliEvil @WendySunshine1 @CindyDytle Black raspberry for me...*smile* @scottf6f sure hope so, thanks, Scott @Bonadonnajohn my mother's mother's name was bonadonna... @herrick_a @KathleenAFranck I just like a good jelly doughnut BLUNT!
Retweeted by RC deWinter @SusanDoyle1963 @vanmorrison sounds goodLove feels no burden, thinks nothing of its trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse for impo… @yamane_patricia that....reminds me of my darling man....thank you @crodrig186 @WizardBear1 Merci infiniment, m'sieur @StolenSceptre @maviolet Many thanks, Mary, I appreciate your sharing as well. @Esthermsmithart, EstherHear me read this poem to hypnotize my heart with unalloyed happiness. I wish myself a girl again, a girl again, a girl – again. ©… of winter. Deep in visceral memory hovered the tantalizing hints of carefree childhood, struggling to conscio… besplashed with prism-rainbow blossoms stolen from a Monet palette waved their laden arms of green and reache… butterscotchy sunlight washed the sidewalks, danced on rooftops, played in backyards, and the lavish, broodin… A Girl Again The day was a gift of vernal beauty, the open sky powdered with the cottonfluff of clouds so… @purebredliberal Like that poem, do you? Mwah! Thanks for sharing. @susanishappy12 @tbrockman9 giggling...a terrible rendition but glad you enjoyed...I should re-do it one of these days...Hear me read this poem's a love-em-and-leave-em kind of guy interested only as long as the music plays when you surrender the dance is… hardheaded yankee that i am i do i have words yet to write songs left to sing and miles to go before i sleep mo… leads me a merry dance does my tuxedoed daemon he knows what i like and plays to it perfectly his charm is difficult to resisthe murmurs endearments meant to entice as we glide sinuous as two serpents despite the jangling across a slippery s…