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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Writer/artist/raconteuse/musician/pagan/witch/justice warrior: jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close. I only bite if asked-love me or leave me

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Fact: You can't have Bernie. If you don't support Hillary you'll have Trump. So go ahead and set fire to your head.'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. you notice the beautiful rainbow of humanity at the #DNC? Contrast that with the 99.8% white GOP convention. What does that tell you?#ShesWithUs @HillaryClinton will be the next president of the United States.
Retweeted by RC deWinterHATE is killing this country! GUNS are killing us. Racism, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny! Fear, stoked by the #GOP. dragon's eating Trump grrls @wildthing404 @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @Eaglefly124 @MrsEeyore #TheWitchesOfTweetwick Breitbart? You're already on the dark side. You may as well roll over and vote for Herr Trump. Dragon 2 get rid of Trumpsterites! (for Bug too!) @RCdeWinter @tspj22 @Olivia_Emisar @Eaglefly124 @MrsEeyore
Retweeted by RC deWinterIf you think I'm not going to vote to keep moronic megalomaniac Trump out of office you're living in a dream world. @FactualRevolt @TuxcedoCat I did not. Stop hearing what you want to hear. @TallGrrl @RCdeWinter @BernieWestCoast @zumikiss @mkaee where's Jill been all along? She only shows up when it's over for her "15 min"
Retweeted by RC deWinter @MarkITGeek I just watched that last week. Sagan was and still is brilliant.Truth. RT @DonnieDrumpf2 The "Race" is "Human" Color, height, eye characteristics & hair are just variations. See past it.Misconduct charges filed against 6 #MI state employees re lead contamination in #Flint water And what about #Snyder?A better slogan."We are all of the same stardust." #StopTheHate - because bombastic bullying bigotry, racism, xenophobia & misogyny just doesn't work for me. #VoteBlue @BernieWestCoast @zumikiss @RCdeWinter @mkaee Jill will win...*what*, exactly? A new car? A washer-dryer? Not the Presidency.
Retweeted by RC deWinter @FactualRevolt @TuxcedoCat noCheck @MAK7591 I would like to share a media project my daughter collaborated on "Snacks for the Mausoleum" thanksThank ya, baby 😘 @Jenasummerlin @igorb4662Yep. When you see fake Dems throwing votes away instead of coming together all you can do is shake your head. you're the perfect jerk who will turn the election over to Trump. Thank you. @ilovemymanalot Has it been that long? Time flies when you're having fun or not! 😉Absolutely, we have to turn as much of the House & Senate blue as we can. As well as put Hillary in the White House. @ilovemymanalot I realized that after a couple of minutes, I'm old and slow. Yes you're absolutely right. 👍 @BernieWestCoast @RCdeWinter @mkaee nope. We love her too much. #LoveTrumpsHate
Retweeted by RC deWinter @MarkITGeek I supported Bernie, I voted for him in the primary. Now it's time to defeat Trump - period, the end. @RCdeWinter bottom line. Trump vs. Clinton, on election day... it simply has to be her.
Retweeted by RC deWinterA lovely self portrait dear, I hope you love Prez Trump. @Spencilular @citizengatsby that's right! O #BernieOrBust you're a flaming fool. If Hillary loses you'll be living with Trump. I hope your conscience will be happy. is worth pointing out time and again. What Chuck is doing is against the spirit of the Constitution. #spineless
Retweeted by RC deWinterHere's your conscience vote. If you want a sane America you'll stop hunting for unicorns.
I love that #Republicans were on stage at the #DNC saying they plan to support Hillary. They're smarter than you whiny supposed Dems.Fact. You can't have Bernie. If you don't support Hillary you'll have Trump. So go ahead and set fire to your head. @ilovemymanalot I think I misinterpreted you, but I still meant what I said, but don't take it personallyYou're wrong, dear. I'm saying I have no respect for people who will screw the rest of the country w/a useless vote., bottom line: If you want a bigoted, racist idiot & his #RWNJ tool running the country keep bashing the Dems. Otherwise STFU & #VoteBlueDear #Trumptrolls... #Trump's more than just stupid, he's the barbarian at the gate. We must unite to keep him OUT.'s time to get real. Those of us opposed to racism, bigotry, homophobia & misogyny must unite. #RememberInNovember"Wait, I have to DEBATE her? Fuck this I'm out." -- Donald Trump. #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by RC deWinterSeussical @realDonaldTrump @GovPenceIN and your mob of disgraceful camp followers... go ahead and vote your conscience. And when hatred & bigotry, sexism & racism are the rule of the day I hope you enjoy it. Grow up!#Trump is unfit for office. Period. "Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy" says @washingtonpost better slogan. to get real, no time for a temper tantrum in November-unless of course you want a fascist in the White House"We are all of the same stardust." #StopTheHate man left the #GOP & told why. "My thirty-year tenure as a Republican is over." #NeverTrumpTY, Bernie! #Sanders shuts down third party talk and booers in his ranks: Our choice is either #Clinton or #Trump @rbrown715 Merci encore#ImWithThem - because bombastic bullying bigotry, racism, xenophobia & misogyny just doesn't work for me. #VoteBlue @rbrown715 Waving hi, hope you're having a lovely evening, thanks for sharing my words.Sounds like the truth to me. #Trump is an unbalanced, unstable, untrustworthy megalomaniac. CLINTON AND TIM KAINE 2016 STRONGER TOGETHER BLUEWAVE2016 VOTEBLUE2016 UNITEBLUE2016 PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRACY🇺🇸
Retweeted by RC deWinterYou go, Hillary: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons." #TrumpIsUnfitin the clutches of july i melt with desire i despair not because i lack a lover because i still want one RC deWinter @RCdeWinter Agreed - 2016 is a crazy year to roll the dice for America's future. Our dangerous choices are upon us. Think ahead!
Retweeted by RC deWinter @jibbjab #Trump is a pustulent excrescence on the ass of America. @RCdeWinter @BlueTeam007 #DumpTrump
Retweeted by RC deWinter @VerbleGherulous Selfish is as selfish does.Braindead speaks #Trump Fails and #Clinton Passes the Commander-in-Chief Test Let's face it, Trump fails the test for being human'm glad someone finally said it: Madeleine Albright on PBS: I think #Trump's invitation to Russia to hack Hillary's emails is seditious.True then, true now. Those who cannot to remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I hope those of you planning to use your vote as a protest consider the fate of the poor, of children, of women, under #Trump. @SchleppoMarx smdh @Vetivera24 😟Lying sack of shit: #Trump Claims He’s Never Spoken to Putin. In This 2014 Video, Trump Says He Did. is what it is. will not be releasing his tax returns, says Paul "PutinPuppet" Manafort out Helen's #art, it's lovely we make history tonight, Eleanor will never know limits on what she can achieve in our country. We're with her!
Retweeted by RC deWinter @Davhansen2163 shame on you 👻 @snowbird42 @lawnav shame on his ignorance @JohnLofty2 no kidding @RCdeWinter @ginacanadiangrl Hang Dirty Donald @realDonaldTrump for treason.
Retweeted by RC deWinterDo.Not.Laugh. We are raising generations of serfs who can't even sign their own names. activist Tom Steyer expands agenda in bid to defeat 'dangerous #Trump' via @Reuters#TRUMP QUIETLY PETITIONS TO FILL HIS RESORTS WITH MORE FOREIGN WORKERS So much for bringing #jobs back to America. powerful.
Retweeted by RC deWinter @RCdeWinter Many of these not voting for HRC are of sufficient economic status, they figure they won't be hurt by Trump disaster. Piss on em
Retweeted by RC deWinterWow - How perfect can it get
Retweeted by RC deWinter @RCdeWinter Notice how the Trump convention the mob seemed to howl rather than cheer? Many mouth breathing
Retweeted by RC deWinterBraindead @DocAimster I'm just curious, I do the same thing sometimes.Merci encore @kmcbrd2 @apachegirl29 Beautiful words are meant to be shared :)Donald #Trump Calls on Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton’s Emails #treason #sedition have a question, and this is not motivated by self-interest. If you like a tweet enough to ❤️it, why don't you RT it? #justwonderingThe Other 98%
Retweeted by RC deWinter"ONE OF THE FINEST PRESIDENTS WE HAVE EVER HAD" Preach it, Joe! #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by RC deWinterHow true this is. @mad1nola True, self-righteous people are afflicted with tunnel vision.#WiseAndWonderful @howcrazy @laerts1185 @perfectpen @HotVogue @TheGemGals @alisonjardine @neonblaze72 @Labedzki_Art @OnlineBy_DesignAnd not just a disgrace to America. You're a disgrace to humanity worldwide. Maybe try thinking, shitforbrains.
Retweeted by RC deWinterBeing a woman, a minority, disabled, a child, poor is dangerous. If Dems don't win. Spare me your condescension
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