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Retweeted by Earl BlumenauerWe did it! Resistance works, derailing the destruction of the ACA, at least for now. Keep it up!Here's my take on where we are and how we got here: #resist
Who wants insurance without these services? They are called "essential" for a reason. the health care vote today to try to figure out what a woman is.
Retweeted by Earl BlumenauerFunny how people don't like it when you take away their healthcare or make it more expensive. Who knew! #TrumpCare CBO score is out. Same coverage losses. Same increased premiums for older Americans. Same devastation for working Americans.
Retweeted by Earl BlumenauerTrue, or we could do #MedicareForAll. is what I keep telling my colleagues:
That makes two of us! didn't need another reason for why we need an independent investigation on Russia, but Nunes just gave us one.On #worldwaterday & in the face of Trump budget cuts, we must fight for what we hold dear - like access to clean water at home & abroad.Smart kid!
Welcoming @purpleDACA to Capitol Hill. Glad they're bringing their & Oregon #DREAMers stories to our nation's capit… plan will cut Medicare, charge elderly more, take care away from sick & buy NY votes w/ special deal. Fails bas… @JaredHuffman thanks for the wine (even though it's not an Oregon pinot!) More importantly, thanks for supporting the No TRUMP Act
Trump policy hits home at PSU: Intl students bring new & innovative perspectives to our classrooms - we need them!
Defense & wall proposals come at expense of clean H2O & air, diplomacy, helping most vulnerable. It's wrong & will fail if we all do our jobA new assignment for us all: rejecting Trump's reckless budget that slashes funding for critical programs working families need & hold dear.
We should all stand up to Nazis and hate. Great job, Lucky Lab. Still a Muslim and refugee ban. Still a reckless idea. Looks like another judge agrees.
After Scott Pruitt's claims on CO2, I'd say he needs some education on basic science. We're here to help. read. We must fix exploitable vulnerabilities--including cyber--instead of modernizing/developing new nukes! presidency should not be a get-rich-quick scheme. Trump should not be able to exploit the Oval Office to become…
Amen. King's remarks are disgraceful. Just when you think he says it all, he starts talking again. When will the people of Iowa learn?So much for the Trump "promise": better insurance, lower cost, everyone covered....NOTCBO confirms what we already knew: GOP health plan is less coverage at higher costs. No wonder they tried to jam it thru without CBO score.
Donald Trump should not be allowed to make money off the presidency. 4 am, after 15 1/2 hour hearing, its clear GOP ACA repeal means worse insurance that will cost more, especially for seniors & the poor.
Standing as an ally because women's rights are human rights. #InternationalWomensDay are rushing the process. We don't have a CBO score. There ought to be a full & complete process. Where's the regular order??I offered amdt that would prevent GOP plan from going into effect until Trump's false promises on health care are fulfilled. Rs blocked it.Trump said "insurance for everybody" & “much less expensive and much better” healthcare... GOP healthcare bill just doesn't add up.All the while taking from hard working American families… hid health bill for months. Now we know why -- it's reckless and will leave millions in the lurch w/o insurance.
I condemn these abhorrent threats. They are wrong and must stop. #JCC
No wonder the GOP hid their health care plan: higher costs, less coverage. #resist @rob_mcmonigal
My legislation to refine and reform the 25th amendment becomes more relevant by the tweet...Mr. President: If there was a wiretap at Trump Tower, that means a fed judge found probable cause of crime which me…
Retweeted by Earl Blumenauer
5-1 #RCTID @brendanbrad Eyes on Broadway @SandyStahle1 Sat. April 15th #BAONPDXAn hour in line with the Timbers Army makes up for a week of negativity in DC #RCTID #lineculture
Recusal is not enough! Sessions should resign. Special prosecutor needed, as well as Independent Commission to investigate Russia ties..@realdonaldtrump I have total confidence your campaign has illegal ties to Russia. Special counsel now! helping out @RandPaul. #ReleaseTheHounds #WheresTheBill
Retweeted by Earl BlumenauerThey won't let me view it either. What are they hiding?? should resign. He is unfit to serve. Latest reports settle it. Administration's Russia ties beyond troubling-we need investigation.
Public media is more important than ever. It's most trusted & funding supported by most Trump voters. Ending federa… Club of America: a powerful group of women w/ deep OR ties & doing all the right things to save the world, f…
Resist. #JointSessionHow long does it take to tweet an 80 minute speech? #JointSessionWatch the livestream of the #ResolutionofInquiry markup here:
Retweeted by Earl BlumenauerGreat mtg w/OR @jstreetdotorg. Share their grave concerns w/cuts to int'l affairs budget, Israeli Amb. nom, & 45's…
If Trump wants budget cuts, start by looking at trillion dollars of unnecessary nukes spending. You only have to destroy the world once.Trump proposes to increase defense spending by $54B by cutting programs that invest in American families?!?! So much for 'America first'... @pdxindivisible Proud to have Wajdi Said, Muslim Educational Trust Pres & Co-founder as my guest for Trump's speech tomorrow.Joined @BillPascrell demanding House request Trump's tax returns. We lost tonight but won't stop until we get answers. #CongressCanRequest @rootie2shoes I am in original cosponsor. @RepJerryNadler RepJerryNadler and I've been tweeting about it today.I'm one of them b/c too many questions remain unanswered. This will be an uphill battle, but I'm ready for the figh… Proud to join you @RepJerryNadler in demanding Americans get the answers they deserve re: Trump-Russia tie… is no place for hate or discrimination in our America. I want Trump to know we stand with Muslims & ALL communities now under attack.Proud to have Wajdi Said, Muslim Educational Trust (@MET_PDX) President & Co-founder, as my guest for Trump's address to Congress tomorrow.Trump has done nothing but push a hateful, discriminatory, xenophobic agenda. We must ALL continue to stand up & speak out!
@Kleinekatze1234 I don't have a vote at the DNC but I have endorsed my friend Keith EllisonGreat song!
@GregNerese I can do more than one thing at a time. Sent this out as well today @TyrannoToes here's what I sent today! "This is not an optional situation. We need Keith Ellison."
Retweeted by Earl Blumenauer @NOWOregon I am strongly opposed to this billTrump's harsh cmts at CPAC leave no surprise when WH bars NYTimes, CNN, and Politico. Assault on free press MUST stop. #NotTheEnemy
Spicer threat of "greater enforcement" against adult use cannabis totally wrong. Cannabis prohibition a failure. Sessions: even worse than we thought. Despicable!
Trump's "states should decide" is a cop-out. No room for discrimination in our America. #ProtectTransKids now have to face reality, not just their Lie of the Year.
Religious freedom isn't up for debate in our America. Bomb threats & vandalism targeting Jewish community are disturbing & hateful. #JCC
Support the Immigration Protection Project to help defend the rights, liberty and dignity of #immigrant Oregonians.