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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Host of Something to Think About @WestwoodOne, @CNN contributor, @HudsonInstitute fellow, @APPSUSA founder. Former @HouseIntelComm chair @FBI agent @USarmy vet

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What do you think about the new "Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies" trailer? @CNN #STTA for this morning on the ills of socialized medicine in the UK. premieres on June 19 at 10:00 p.m. Set your DVRs! If you can't wait until then watch the trailer here:
Former Michigan @RepMikeRogers set to host @CNN show about the work of American spies via @jonathanoosting
Retweeted by Mike RogersTrailer for my new series on @CNN "Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies" is out! @SXMPOTUS w/@JasonGrumet to discuss challenges/opportunities in a digital economy & #cybersecurity landscape: #STTA for this morning on the death of Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour.
To catch a spy... China has first ever national security day. #STTA little piece of DC in Addis Ababa, Ethi­o­pia:
Pushing back against Putin means strength and action not speeches and reset buttons. #STTA @CNN​ last night to discuss terrorist threats to airliners. Watch the full interview below. #EgyptAir from @ODNIgov Director Clapper's keynote and news from Wednesday's successful cyber forum: #cybersecurity #STTA from this morning on 2016 presidential campaign cyber attacks. the foundation for Obamacare has been thrown into question. #STTA
North Korea is on the brink. #STTA @wolfblitzer on @CNN tonight at 5:10 p.m. to discuss #EgyptAir. Hope you can tune in.Inside look into #ISIS recruiting of Americans from @NBCNews: Cyber threats against presidential campaigns are growing - from my @BPC_Bipartisan cyber forum yest: "is a candidate that is trying to mature" with his meeting with Henry Kissinger, @RepMikeRogers says.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers #STTA for this morning on vending machines, snickers bars and the internet of things. #STTA yesterday on the San Francisco news media's homeless coverage.'s easy to see why we are in so much trouble overseas. #STTA
Without a plan to defeat terrorism from the @WhiteHouse attacks are inevitable. in studio at @BPC_Bipartisan! @JasonGrumet & @RepMikeRogers talk #cybersecurity with @MorningBriefing. Tune in!
Retweeted by Mike RogersThank you to @BPC_Bipartisan, @JasonGrumet, @ODNIgov Clapper, @PennyPritzker & @taralemmey for productive discussions today.Thanks to everyone who made today's Global Digital Challenge Initiative a huge success! Look forward to many more. mom said that ignorance and arrogance are a lethal combination. See @benrhodes #STTA not yet configured to address #digital: harmonization of #regulations is critical. @RepMikeRogers @BPC_Bipartisan #bpclive
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers: U.S. must revamp the education/training of the next generation of cyber defense experts. #BPClive
Retweeted by Mike RogersAlfred Berkeley @taralemmey @RepMikeRogers "Aligning Digital Interests: Industry, Civil Society, & Government"
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers - how can gov support private sector in fending off nation-state #cyber attacks? Gov-certified attribution a start #bpclive
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers discussing need for data protections in trade agreements
Retweeted by Mike RogersJames Clapper and @RepMikeRogers headline Digital Challenge forum at BPC this morning. #BPClive
Retweeted by Mike RogersMike Rogers & Jason Grumet opening "The Global Digital Challenge Initiative: Aligning The Economy & Cybersecurity"
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers, Bipartisan Policy Center team up on industry-government cyber challenges. From @timstarks.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers #STTA yesterday about Brazil's interesting Congress.
Prosperity & security are 2 sides of same digital coin. Digital Challenge is bringing together leaders of tech/gvt. to join @BPC_Bipartisan to host Digital Challenge tomorrow with @ODNIgov Clapper, @NSAGov Dir. Rogers, @PennyPritzker & @taralemmey
Give me some peanuts and cracker jacks. #STTA #STTA for this afternoon. A major setback for Obamacare. are tired of failed Washington promises. #STTA
An American hero makes the ultimate sacrifice. #STTA years ago 276 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram. What it's like to live through this hell: #BringBackOurGirlsWar against #ISIS continues to be a complicated journey.
Interesting look into Russian propaganda from @washingtonpost, “56 hours with the Russian army in Syria”: to target practice news from Yemen? Yes, you read that right! #STTA
2016 #STTA for today. A new race for space is on. you really care about equal opportunity in America it begins with reading, writing and arithmetic. #STTA shouldn't be slashing budgets at the expense of our nation's security. computer hack and bong cost a young man millions. #STTA
Don't do that or else... Secretary Kerry has now gotten into the #redline business with Syria. #STTA won't release docs relating to Clinton's email security until AFTER the election. president's NATO general says Russia is a problem, maybe now he will pay attention. #STTA
2016 #STTA this morn on Puerto Rico. Maybe the Feds need a budget control board.
A #TBT in honor of #MothersDay and one of the best women in my life, my mom, who raised FIVE boys. Love you mom! guess even in San Francisco liberal drug policies have consequences too. #STTA #STTA for this morning on Secretary Kerry's new ultimatum in Syria.
The year of the election and how depressing. #STTA #STTA from this morning. And then there was one. #Trump to @CNN for excellent coverage of 2016 election: "CNN Enjoys Outsize Ratings Boost From Presidential Race"
Remember when the era of big government was dead? Apparently it's just getting started. #STTA dose of cute from @TheEllenShow, President G. W. Bush and a big fan: @AC360 on @CNN to discuss today's #IndianaPrimary. like the Hunt for Red October but in real life. #STTA
Joining @AC360 & @andersoncooper for a look back on the successful raid that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden. Hope you can tune in!The crazy internet generation. #STTA #STTA this morn on protesters' violence at Trump rallies: it's the only way to be heard? Cuba sure looks a lot like the old one. #STTA
Soon we will pay more in interest on our debt than on our nat security. Time to get serious about our debt. #STTA to the best in the business @DanaBashCNN! was no 'illegal' program and it was debated. Just not on newspapers' front page for Russia/China and ISIS to read. (2/2).@RLHeinrichs is exactly right. The premise of the question isn't though. (1/2) covered my warnings on the long standing damage of the Snowden leaks. Listen to @WTOP podcast here: intelligence officials warn #ISIL can still strike U.S. with little or no warning
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As @BarackObama has learned, admonishing your friends in public is a hard way to keep a friend. #STTA of @ODNIgov James Clapper with an important warning on the spread of #ISIS throughout Europe. on to your horses, this race isn't over just yet. #STTA
On with @woflblitzer on @CNN NOW to discuss Donald Trump's foreign policy speech today. Hope you can tune in!The longer we try to defeat terrorism w/begrudging incrementalism, the longer we will have weeks like this one. Something to think about.3) In E. Africa, #ISIS released a video of a training camp in Somalia. The video also claimed their 1st terrorist attack inside of Somalia.2) Al-Qaeda-aligned fighters in Bangladesh were behind a brutal killing of a gay rights activist and USAID employee and his friend.They say things happen in threes. This week is no exception. 1) The ISIS branch in the Philippines executed a Canadian mining executive.Operation Dangerous Love. #STTA
Congress requested 917 reports from @DeptofDefense in '15. I would rather them work on just 1: how to defeat ISIS."Guess what's 'easily hacked'? Yes, that's right: Smart city transport infrastructure" Add it to the list. @MaryBonoUSAHealth insurers are saying thanks but no thanks to #Obamacare. #STTA @MaryBonoUSA!
2016 #STTA for this afternoon. The Chinese President dons a military uniform.
It's not your grandpa's democrat party anymore. #STTA Cold War comes to life. #STTA #STTA for this afternoon. The world has a new debtor nation. thrilla in Manilla indeed. #STTA
Rules matter, except when they don't. #STTA it way back to my @FBI training. They say fashion is cyclical right? #TBT Rogers and Jane Harman kick off #GoverningIntelligence @NYU_CLS @TheWilsonCenter
Retweeted by Mike RogersObama in Saudi: Looking for Gulf leaders to step up @RepMikeRogers weighs in at 6:50amET.
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@POTUS initial Cairo speech did little to change US relationships w/Muslim world & region has devolved into chaos."Get people in the same room sharing intelligence" to help prevent terrorist attacks: @RepMikeRogers #GoverningIntelligence
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