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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Host of Something to Think About @WestwoodOne, @CNN contributor, @HudsonInstitute fellow, @APPSUSA founder. Former @HouseIntelComm chair @FBI agent @USarmy vet

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When we launched @APPSUSA in IA we wanted to move the needle on nat sec during the presidential race. We did it. attacks by nation states are a big threat to U.S. business. Companies shouldn't rely on gvt to protect them:
Okay Iowa, be sure to think #NationalSecurityFirst
Retweeted by Mike RogersIowa voters take their obligation seriously: #iacaucus #STTAIn 75 minutes Iowa, think #NationalSecurityFirst #iacaucus @RepMikeRogers to Iowa Republicans: Put "national security first" when choosing presidential candidate
Retweeted by Mike RogersICYMI my piece from The Iowa Republican: Think #NationalSecurityFirst as you caucus tonight. #iacaucus @IowaGOPerView from the chair @CNN...let the caucusing begin." #iacaucus CNN tonight at 5 p.m. and again at 11 p.m. to discuss the Iowa caucuses. I hope you can tune in! #iacaucusThe next prez will not have the luxury of on-the-job training. When you caucus tonight think #NationalSecurityFirst
Retweeted by Mike RogersIowans: When you are caucusing on Feb 1, think #NationalSecurityFirst. We need a candidate ready to lead from the Oval Office on day one.
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IOWANS: When you are caucusing on February 1, think #NationalSecurityFirst.
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Thanks for having me today @huntsvillealcoc. #alpolitics"We're in Cyber War, nobody knows, & we're losing." @RepMikeRogers shows a sextant to use after global GPS attack.
Retweeted by Mike RogersAt the @huntsvillealcoc @RepMikeRogers says if it fits on a bumper sticker, it's probably not the right solution.
Retweeted by Mike RogersCaucus for a Conservative Leader
Retweeted by Mike RogersGod bless them all. #Challenger
I filled in this week on @wjrradio. Listen to my shows here: I wrote a piece for @thehill on securing our GPS infrastructure:
In again for @fbtalk this morning @RepMikeRogers giving us something to think about from 9-noon.
Retweeted by Mike RogersLive again in for @fbtalk on @wjrradio from 9 am to noon. Listen live on the radio 760 AM in Detroit or online at
Great time filling in for @fbtalk this morning on @wjrradio the Iowa Caucus @RepMikeRogers in for @fbtalk 9:37
Retweeted by Mike RogersTalking #iacaucus in The D. Joining my friend @RepMikeRogers on @WJRradio live on the @fbshow at 9:37a ET.
Retweeted by Mike RogersLive in for @fbtalk on WJR 760 A.M. radio in Detroit all morning. Listen on the radio or live online at
Yr from 2day new cmndr in chief will have 1st classified brief. I saw that info, it’ll be alarming. Let's be sure they're ready - @APPSUSAGod bless these Marines and their families. Our nation is in debt for their service and sacrifice. piece about my friend @RepMikePompeo - one of Congress' foremost experts on national security issues: @marcorubio LIVE from the @APPSUSA NH national security forum NOW:
God bless these Marines and their families. Our nation is in debt for their service and sacrifice. Chairman @RepMikeRogers and moderator @JeanneMeserve before our South Carolina #APPSForum with Ted Cruz
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.@RepMikeRogers: “The No. 1 issue that will affect the next commander-in-chief on Jan. 21, 2017, is nat security.”
Retweeted by Mike RogersFugitive sends police a SELFIE to replace his unflattering mugshot #STTA
Socialism is the equal distribution of misery #STTA harsh reminder the US Mission in Afghanistan is ongoing and still very dangerous #STTA Korea violates UN Security Council Resolutions as often as we might violate speed limits #STTA
Welcome to 2016 where the ACLU finds it offensive for you to God bless anything #STTA
Great news that four Americans are finally being released by Iran. Now, let's see what, and/or whom, we gave in return. #JasonRezaianRussia has changed the rules of war in cyberspace again #STTA at 10:30AM ET APPS is hosting @tedcruz for a South Carolina national security forum. Follow @APPSUSA for a livestream from the event.Oddball the sheep herding dog saves the smallest species of penguins #STTA
@davidaxelrod @CNN @realDonaldTrump you want to know where @tedcruz stands on foreign policy issues, follow @APPSUSA for a livestream from their SC forum with Cruz tomorrow.Nielsen ratings show radio entertainment is here to stay #STTA is an ally anyway? #STTA about pork barrel spending #STTA
Strong @JebBush response on ISIS. Nuanced plan on how to defeat them in Syria. Knocks down @BarackObama's straw man on invasion. #GOPDebateAgree w/ @ChrisChristie on Assad. You can't solve Syria with the 21st Century's worst mass murder in power. He's starving kids. #GOPDebateISIS attacked in San Bernadino, Paris, Istanbul, and Jakarta. Iran captured 10 of our sailors. Let's get back to real issues. #GOPDebateStrong response from @marcorubio. Look forward to hearing his thoughtful nat sec views at an @APPSUSA forum in NH Jan 21. #GOPDebateAgree w/ @tedcruz, our sailors were humiliated by our new so-called friends. Look frwd to hosting him for an @APPSUSA forum Sat. #GOPDebateOur President doesn't play well with others #STTA shot at work or at a concert, blown up visiting a tourist site or stopping at Starbucks is not the new normal we should stand for.Washington is tied up in verbal jiu-jitsu over sending troops to Syria #STTA again the Administration purposely creates a deal that bypasses the oversight of Congress #STTA week radical, Islamic terrorists hit Turkey and a Starbucks in Indonesia with suicide attacks. Now move along, nothing to see here.My thoughts on "Kerry says release of US sailors 'testament' to Iran diplomacy, nuke d..." (via FOX News):
.@davidaxelrod Not public opinion but views of allies. Ask leaders in Ukraine/Israel/Saudi/Egypt/Poland their views of current U.S. policy.
To say that the foreign policy is going well and it's about 4 guys in the back of a pick up ruck is fantasy and it's dangerous. @CNN #SOTUThis was a great speech, for 2009. #SOTU @CNNIran should release our sailors immediately. This notion that it can’t be done at night is absolute hooey.A look behind the camera @CNN #SOTU @CNN's coverage of the president's final State of the Union starting at 8pm. I hope you can tune in! #SOTU
I joined @wolfblitzer on @CNNSitRoom to discuss the Iran and Saudi Arabia proxy conflict. VID here:
Mike Rogers on how US policy has helped cause the Saudi-Iran tensions.
Retweeted by Mike RogersMonkey see; Monkey sue. #STTA
This is what happens when the USA is MIA. #STTA diplomacy is as dangerous as no diplomacy at all. #STTA
Here’s my take (& @GloriaBorger 's take on my take) on how to #StopGunViolence from @CNN w @wolfblitzer — WATCH: I imagine he does; that's the point. Start there & build out. Instead, R's offering those solutions are mocked as insincere.Thanks @GloriaBorger for re-enforcing mental health point. Both sides agree on ways to #StopGunViolence. Start there first! cc @JohnJHarwoodAs I told @wolfblitzer there are 4-5 things POTUS proposed we can get consensus on to #StopGunViolence. Need to stop rhetoric & start there.Obama redline 2.0: threat and backdown. #STTA you hear the president attack "the gun lobby" it's designed to be inflammatory - rather than build consensus behind a serious problem.I'm on @CNN with @wolfblitzer right now discussing President Obama's speech - tune in!It's good to remember, there is always time to do the right thing. #STTA
I hope 2016 is your best year yet! I'm making a resolution to stop making resolutions. #STTA
I hope 2016 ushers in a more statesmen like approach to becoming the leader of the free world. #STTA
I've got a New Year's resolution for the country. Find out what it is here: #STTA
Thanks to the Santa at Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville, MI, for reminding us what Christmas is about. #STTA and I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
Twas the night before Christmas & all through the house, not a creature was stirring ... except tax committee staff. just love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. is a time to spend with family. Let's remember those fighting overseas to protect our families.
Great move @TerryBranstad!
.@dwallbank Bush/Christie/Cruz/Fiorina/Rubio displayed understanding of issues. Encouraged by level of detail on cyber/plans to defeat ISIS.
Great story! @RepMikeRogers would be proud! #Veteren
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I'm glad to hear .@ChrisChristie and .@JebBush cover cyber and the threat posed by Chinese hacking. #GOPDebate.@JebBush is right, we do need to secure the border. And border security is national security as .@tedcruz said. #GOPDebateStay tuned to @CNN after tonight's debate for my live reaction to the candidates' performances. #CNNGOPDebate.@JohnKasich, good follow up to Fiorina on encryption. We need to get gov. and tech community together on this. #GOPDebateWe do need to get Silicon Valley and the government together to tackle issues relating to terrorism. Well said .@CarlyFiorina #GOPDebate.@JebBush is right. We need to give our law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to keep us safe. #GOPDebateI agree with .@marcorubio regarding delays in intelligence gathering. I wrote on this in @USATODAY #GOPDebate.@marcorubio Just gave a pointed and accurate around-the-world on the growth of ISIS. #GOPDebate.@RealBenCarson I agree, Congress should vote on an AUMF against ISIS #GOPDebate @StuPolitics Thanks Stu!My kinda debate! All national security thus far. Go @CNNI joined @NewDay to discuss why Americans are looking for a candidate strong on nat sec. Full interview here: issue facing all presidential candidates on January 21, 2017 will be national security. #CNNGOPDebate
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