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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Married to @1KristiRogers, host of #DECLASSIFIED, @CNN contributor, @APPSUSA founder, and distinguished fellow @CSPC_DC. Former @HouseIntelComm/@FBI/@USarmy.

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I recently joined @aroopmukharji on #Officehours while @BelferCenter in Boston. Check out the series of clips here:
We remember and honor their great sacrifice in the defense of freedom and liberation from tyranny. #DDayOTD 73 years ago, soldiers from the U.S., U.K., & Canada embarked on the invasion of Normandy, beginning the liberation of Europe. #DDay
Congressman Rogers- "We need to arm ourselves with information" #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike Rogers"The Russians took the next step, using social media tactics & be successful" -Congressman Rogers #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike RogersThe president's ability to get things done is hindered because we are arguing about Russia's role in the election" #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike Rogers"Russia used 'internet trolls' and AI bots to spread false stories" #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike Rogers"[Russia] has gotten high marks for their ability to sow discontent" - Congressman Rogers
Retweeted by Mike RogersCongressman Rogers: Putins primary goal was to stop Ukraine from joining NATO #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike RogersCongressman Mike Rogers begins by stressing the importance of media literacy in the face of Russian propaganda #echochambers
Retweeted by Mike RogersVery excited to be speaking @ipdgc #EchoChambers, AI & Bot Driven Disinformation. Watch on @facebook live to be back in the studio filming #WorldWarE for @OraTV and @NYDailyNews - check out the latest episode at…
Today, we remember the sacrifices of our Australian & New Zealand friends & allies on this @anzacday. @DeptDefence @NZDefenceForce
We need a well resourced & staffed, but focused @StateDept to run our foreign policy. Read my @washingtonpost oped:
I hope everyone had a happy, safe, and healthy (candy aside) Easter weekend.
3/3: We must work with our partners and allies around the world to deny ISIS safe havens, wherever we find them.2/3: Yesterday’s use of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) was targeted at ISIS fighters hunkered down in tunnels.1/3: While most attention paid to ISIS is in Syria and Iraq, they have a growing presence in Afghanistan.
The cmte has a lot of work: Russia, ISIS, Syria, cybersecurity. Educating Americans on the issues is critical for an informed citizenry.The committee more broadly can refocus on the intelligence and national security issues facing the United States.Recusal is not punitive; stepping back is an opportunity to allow the cmte to focus its energy on the investigation, not the controversy.This is a disruptive attack: all the emergency sirens in Dallas turned on by a hacker. Cybersecurity is no joke.
Read my latest @CNN op-ed here:
We are Americans first, Republicans or Democrats second. must continue to build a strong national security strategy. Our enemies should fear us & our citizens must know they are safe.
We live in the greatest country in the world. Sometimes it is important to take a deep breath and remember that.I was in the FBI. I have the upmost confidence in their ability to conduct a fair and effective investigation. We must let them do their jobCollaboration should not be a dirty word. It's important for us to work together - this is how we find the best solutions.The changes at the NSC are a positive development. There are big crises facing the administration and it needs clarity and focus.3/3: The conflict serves as a training ground, beacon, and source of inspiration for ISIS and their sympathizers.2/3: We must work with our allies to isolate the Assad regime, prevent further attacks, & work toward resolving this ongoing conflict.1/3: The Assad regime’s chemical attacks against civilians are appalling and horrifying. The international community must condemn them.
@emilymaxima thank you - I appreciate you showing Americans everywhere that we can work together, regardless of political parties.It is important that we don’t let party affiliations get in the way of national security. Lincoln was a smart man. It’s important that we work together to build a safe, strong America. glad to see Daisy was enjoying today’s spring weather this afternoon. She leads a very ruff life… #labradoodle
70% of Americans believe there will be a significant cyber attack on our public infrastructure in the next 5 years is when you want your government to be a lot more like James Bond than Austin Powers. @StephenBattista glad you liked it
Want to know what a National Security Council meeting is like? This video explains many interesting aspects. government must deliver on their promise to the people of the United States."Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them." - John C. Maxwell
I posted the latest episode of my new show, World War E, on Facebook. You can watch it here:'ll be live on @CNN at 9am EST to discuss the State of the Union with @jaketapper
I'll be on @CNN tomorrow morning at 9AM EST. See you there.National security and North Korea are serious matters. It’s important for us to act accordingly.
I believe our country is stronger when we work together, regardless of political affiliation. We must make this a reality.Democrats won't talk to Republicans. Republicans won't talk to Democrats. For a business founded on talking, there isn't much of it going on
Congratulations to @ElonMusk and @SpaceX on their success today. Incredible accomplishment that accelerates the space industry.I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend -Thomas JeffersonCatch my latest episode of World War E on the deep and dark web here at: #WorldWarE4/4: Those that recklessly release information to un-cleared, and unauthorized people, should be punished to the full extent of the law.3/4: Intelligence must be strictly controlled and not disclosed to the public to advance anyone’s partisan agenda.2/4: In our democracy, intelligence should not, and must not, be a political tool regardless of the party in power.1/4: The revelation that a deputy assistant secretary, Evelyn Farkas, pushed classified intelligence info to Hill staff is shocking.
When we are at each other’s throats, the Russians win...again.
@deirdrewalshcnn I’m referring to the current sharp edged partisanship in the national security space...both partiesWe must not allow national security to take a backseat to political affiliations.The US is ill-prepared to counter Russian information warfare. Read my oped in today’s @WSJ and at @WSJopinion
What is ransomware and should you be worried? Find out on this episode of #WorldWarE @NYDailyNews of 4: “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European…kill him in any manner or way.” Abu Mohammed al Adnani, ISIS spokes. Sept. 20143 of 4: “We…encourage the Muslims in the West to join the Lone Jihad caravan.” Inspire Magazine, Sept. 20152 of 4: ISIS & AQ aim to incite this type of violence around the world and have said so.1 of 4: Our thoughts & prayers are with the victims of yesterday’s attack in London. We stand by our British friends & partners.
2/2: Their current focus on the illegal disclosures misses the point – Russian intelligence operations in the US. Real & serious threats.1/2: Both parties are missing the point: Reps. focusing on Obama leaking FISA info; Dems. focus on Trump tweets.
Check out my new program #WorldWarE on @NYDailyNews where we will explore #cybersecurity #cyberwar and if your micr…
3 of 3: Watch our first episode here at: of 3: Today I’m launching World War E, my new show on @nydailynews produced w/ @oratv where I’ll explore these exciting subjects and more.1 of 3: Is your microwave really spying on you? What is ransomware and should you be worried? Curious about cybersecurity and cyberwar?
Good morning all. Just joined @JohnBerman on @CNNnewsroom to discuss today's news.
Busy and exciting week. Had the honor of meeting and speaking with a foreign policy legend, Graham Allison…
Honored to join the distinguished members of the Advisory Board of the National Security Institute @georgemasonlaw - an informative conversation with @AC360 last night discussing the recent Wikileaks disclosure 2nd, Wikileaks released useful information that will give our adversaries new and significant capabilities, increasing the threat.(1/2) The Wikileaks disclosures are concerning for two reasons: 1st - separating fact from fiction & the resulting political fallout.On #InternationalWomensDay I'm celebrating the strong women in my life who accomplish so much and make the world a better place.
On shortly with @DanaBashCNN to discuss the news of the day.Good conversation with @StevenLHall1 and @ChrisCuomo on @NewDay this morning. Looking forward to our next discussion.