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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Married to @1KristiRogers, host Something to Think About @WestwoodOne & #DECLASSIFIED, @CNN contributor, @APPSUSA founder. Former @HouseIntelComm/@FBI/@USarmy

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Siren song of isolationism gets loud every few years but Pearl Harbor reminds us we can’t hide from the world. #STTA Obama counterterrorism legacy is mixed at best and he forgot to mention San Bernardino or Orlando. #STTA
Nothing says communism like a screwed up funeral. #STTA ISIS and the President's final foreign policy speech North Korea's cyberattack against South Korea and threat to U.S. have seen the fruits of those policies of division and big government and they didn’t like either. #STTA’m not sure the media was paying attention. Isn’t breaking norms Trump’s whole point? #STTA
You have to wonder whether these liberal leaders are smoking something other than Cuban cigars. #STTA voters are looking for change and it’s a desire that’s starting to look awfully familiar. #STTA you had concerns that Mattis wouldn’t speak his mind to the new administration, fear not. #STTA
Two more reasons to believe that hard work won’t kill you. #STTA calls are getting louder and from their southern neighbors, a heavy sigh: We’ve seen this before. #STTA Putin has stepped up his spy vs spy activities. Best we pay close attention. #STTA has changed our view of espionage. The low cost of products could mean a high cost on our security. #STTA
Let’s prove that Sn Chief Petty Officer Scott Dayton’s live was not taken in vain by destroying ISIS’ capitol. #STTA better the Trump team understands the options to deal with national security problems, the safer we’ll be. #STTA latest Op-Ed: U.S. must not overlook North Korea threat’m waiting for outrage on efforts to deny results of free and fair election. Maybe shouldn't hold my breath. #STTA tragedy has us commending police’s quick action and thinking carefully about a refugee program. #STTA
They might realize that California didn’t really do it all on their own after all. #STTA little overseas travel might do a college student from Hampshire College some good. #STTA all, why shouldn’t the rest of us suffer under heavy tax and regulations like California does? #STTA Canadian left-leaning leader glossed over the sheer brutality of Castro, leaving many to say “Oh, Canada”. #STTA
Congratulations to my friend General Jim Mattis - a patriot, scholar, and one of America's finest military leaders.Proud of my friend @repgregwalden He'll be a phenomenal Energy and Commerce Chair. P.S. Radio guys rock.We found another thing the government isn’t good at: investment banking. #STTA.'m addressing @CSIS on security priorities for our gov to tackle #GSF2016 has to ask a hard question: Was this election about her or about America? Let’s move forward together. #STTA to my great friend @RepFredUpton for incredible work passing his CURES legislation. He has always put the service in public serviceFake news debases the conversation and confuses an already confusing world. #STTA
Calling him names is bad but getting nuclear weapons? That’s far worse. #STTA has bent over backwards to help Iran comply with a bad nuclear deal, which won’t happen in a Trump adm. #STTA of new regulation didn’t help one business get started or job created – unless you work for the govt. #STTA has a team of outsiders and committed insiders to execute his change agenda in DC. Sounds right to me. #STTA
Retailers took another approach: it wasn’t black for the violence; it was black for the ink. #STTA my family of 7 would say: Grace the kitchen and grace the hall but please don’t let them get it all. #STTA’s hope we see more civil shopping across the country. Good deals are hardly worth a few days in jail. #STTA’s give thanks to friends, family and religious freedom. Without that, we might not be here at all. #STTA the military is preparing for war in space:
Shop till you drop but leave your aggression at home! Here’s to lots of black ink. #STTA times officers go the extra mile to bring a dose of good will for Thanksgiving. #STTA true Pence fashion, as he told his kids as they walked out, that’s what freedom sounds like. #STTA mom would say, be grateful for your friends, family and job and your life will improve. Happy Thanksgiving. #STTA Trump Adviser @RepMikeRogers: He will listen to advice.
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Congrats to fellow Michigander @BetsyDeVos on nomination as Ed. Secretary. Betsy has spent her life empowering students to achieve potentialI recently talked national security appointments and interrogation with @wolfblitzer Sunday I was on @CNNSotu talking Romney, ISIS, and Hamilton you’ve met Gen. Mattis you know he has a presence as a leader, on @AC360: joined @NewDay to talk Gen. Mattis as SecDef:
A vibrant and free media can have a profound impact in a country like Afghanistan and the Taliban know it. #STTA China willing to pay the steep price for being a leader on the world stage? The benefits are substantial. #STTA like the Democrats missed the whole change messaging sent from voters. #STTA’m confident, after many conversations, including Vice President-Elect, that the effort is squarely on track. #STTA
From two hardworking, family oriented and relative newcomers to the US: Mr. Trump, good luck. #STTA we ask these women to come out of their homes and risk their lives, we must live up to our promises. #STTA or worst, I tried to do what was best for the country. At the end of the day, that worked out. #STTA another long-time ally turns away. Mr. President, leadership matters. #STTA
Doing drugs is a victimless crime? Tell that to some of these families. #STTA to me the Obama Administration hasn’t gotten the message that groups hugs don’t work. #STTA
Quoting Jefferson sends a message you’re not inclusive? Sounds like someone is trying hard to be offended. #STTA seems that one more former Soviet republic has caught the eye of Putin. Kleptocracy appeals to him. #STTA new Dem narrative: Americans should blame Republicans for high costs. So much for taking responsibility. #STTA and the mob seem like two peas in a pod to me. As they say in Chicago, “whaddya gonna do about it?” #STTA
Nuclear weapons are serious business but messing with people’s movies? That’s a whole other matter. #STTA on #CNNSOTU @RepDianeBlack @RepMikeRogers @Bakari_Sellers and @RepAdamSchiff join @jaketapper to discuss tra…
Retweeted by Mike RogersNow the US is dealing with a leader who is powerful internally and growing more so externally by the day. #STTA the will of the British people is cast aside, you might have a public outcry not heard since the 13th Cen. #STTA on the Selection of @RepMikePompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency uncertainty of the transition is a perfect time for mischief and Putin isn’t the only one who notices. #STTA
Well, Your Highness, you’ll have to ask the pronoun committee. #STTA @GOPLeader @osssociety The right call! These guys are heroes. @AlexMarlow @patrick_caddell Response: of Col Mustard did it in the library with a candlestick, it’s Russia did it in Ukraine with a missile. #STTA @ZekeJMiller @Philip_Elliott @TIME Didn't happen.The typical Washington response will be: Let’s create an advisory committee to examine the advisory committee. #STTA look forward to continuing to provide advice and counsel as needed to the incoming Trump administration. #STTA
@JudicialWatch @micah_morrison Response: is a gr8 American. Trump admin will be fine w its nat sec team My comment in @WashTimes @dsherfinski
Retweeted by Mike RogersGoes to show you how much taxes bug everybody. #STTA