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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@trispo You're welcome! Glad that helped. :)@trispo Could you please open the main app, edit that login, and ensure “display” is set to “Always”: http://t.co/QEDlZtP1lE@qnm Glad that helped! Thanks for letting me know. :)@cyrodjohn If you're running Yosemite, please try using my beta too (v4.5). Details: http://t.co/lxaml9H3Zg@ej7_ Could you please email us so we can better assist you: support@ agilebits .com@L1f3Hacker You're welcome! :)
@bethgsanders Deal.@bethgsanders I love you too. I think we make a great team. Let’s never be apart. <3@ej7_ Which platform?@taylortsantles Who’s there? :)@travisboucek <3@JNGold Are you in the beta channel? http://t.co/zUPV0vP74M@DHRoseberry No annual fees here. Data not stored on our servers. Design, usability, and responsive support too. :)@MichaelHyatt Looks like you already got some good replies, and I’m clearly biased. But no annual fees here. Data not on our servers. :)@returnedlast My devs are on the case. Thanks, Ben! :)@gersty :)@MGDominguez Sorry for any confusion. After you change this time it should behave as expected. :)@brianward iCloud Drive for Windows has not been released yet, but we’re certainly exploring all options. Please stay tuned. :)@t0byman Thank you! You must be running @1PasswordBeta. :D@JustinGerock Thanks, Justin! ♥️🔐@JustinGerock The User Guide is a great place to start: http://t.co/SPyR3ycnvS But let me know if there’s anything specific you had in mind.@filmherum We don’t normally pre-announce future sales, but I do always announce them here when we have them. :)@JustinGerock If you’re happy with your experience so far, your support would be greatly appreciated. :)@JustinGerock Have you passed the 30 day mark yet?@JustinGerock If you have fewer than 20 items nothing changes. After 30 days, you can’t add more than 20 items.@JoeBrennan No annual fees for syncing or mobile access here if you ever change your mind. Stay safe out there! ♥️🔐@mavcunha Sincere apologies, Marco. This is on our list for resolution in an update.@L1f3Hacker Great news! Thanks for letting me know that everything is working well. :D@reidmymail Indeed. Partitions and external drives are great for testing pre-release versions of OS X. :D@ya_mike Thanks for your kind words and addiction! :D@JanniProduction Thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :) (Psst… http://t.co/JU0IKnD7fH)@agcottle Sincere apologies for that. Thank you for reporting. It is slated to be resolved in an update.@agcottle Could you provide some details of the behavior including both iOS and app versions?@5minpause Wise to change after patch *and* after updated certs. More under "Update Your Passwords, Phase 1” here: http://t.co/HGtMyc5y5S@5minpause Better late than never. Stay safe out there, and let me know if you end up with any questions. ♥️🔐@iApplenotice ♥️🔐@sonoble If this doesn’t help: http://t.co/tCDWHwJHwt Could you email a Diagnostics Report so we can dig in? http://t.co/GikOH9TYKp@danpalmer Work in progress. http://t.co/lxaml9H3Zg ♥️🔐@sonoble Sound like possible caching issue with preferences. Could you post a screenshot of the notification you are seeing?@iApplenotice Thanks for reporting! My developers are updating me for iOS 8. I’ll be ready when iOS 8 is ready. :D@L1f3Hacker I think this is fixed in beta, but unfortunately we’re not accepting new applicants right now. One thing to try: restart device.@psgamr Should work well, but being beta we can’t offer any guarantees. :)@jlchandler Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. <3@BlackIcers Nosotros no anunciamos por delante las ventas de tiempo. Pero siempre anunciar ventas aquí cuando los tenemos.@jlchandler Please email us a Diagnostics Report so we can better assist you: http://t.co/4m9IjMJmhQ support@ agilebits .com We’ll resolve.@jlchandler First: File > Backup. Then try disabling Dropbox sync with the “Delete data from Dropbox” option. Re-enable Dropbox sync.@BlackIcers Apple no dejes que nadie ofrece descuentos en la App Store.@BlackIcers Sí. https://t.co/kaTxtP6Fzm@eXodes I concur.@maxpowley You’re quite welcome. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with. :D@rwstevenson Always. ♥️🔐@maxpowley If you are using MAS version, updates are handled via MAS. To switch to web store version: http://t.co/Dw0fXVqaKZ@bmn Yes, I believe you do need to install in each profile.@nblanco_fr Yes, only the stock keyboard can be used for Secure Input (password) fields.@chrissalmon Cheers! Let me know if there is ever anything else I can help with. Stay safe out there. ♥️🔐@rwstevenson It’s the resolution of all our fruitless searches. http://t.co/ctyGbKmA2iThings to know about beta testing OS X Yosemite: http://t.co/zUPV0vP74M http://t.co/CcL6PPSnV8@rwstevenson http://t.co/8rv9mKc0zq@dannyrodri @HabibCham http://t.co/UbMqxkuvov@MrRooni @fraserspeirs Perhaps we will have more in the future. :) For now: http://t.co/PO7YOxIz9s Including: http://t.co/obRQLmkI1x@bmn Extension should be available and functional in all profiles. Or did you mean something else?@chrissalmon We have tips for making strong, memorable Master Passwords: http://t.co/Z8OiTYxWaX And more on security: http://t.co/hhuHAfg5bz@chrissalmon You may be interested to read: http://t.co/gfk9pc5DBZ (especially the last section “Baskets are inevitable”).@EdVoncken We’re planning to work around this in an update, but for now you should be able to work around it by unlocking in main not mini.@EdVoncken Very sadly, pre-2011 MBPs have a known display driver issue which triggers discrete graphics in cases where it ought not.@nblanco_fr On iOS Apple does not allow custom keyboards on Secure Input fields (i.e. password entry).@tpdorsey @prasincs There are a few different ways including using tags; folders; and the notes field with Smart Folders.@amahnke @_amitsbajaj And don’t forget ⌘\ (without the ⌥ key) which will fill directly if you have only one Login for a site. ♥️🔐@qnm Does the issue persist after restarting your Mac? Can you confirm the version number shown in About? http://t.co/2iqB12auqV@ya_mike We don’t normally discuss future plans, but thank you for letting me know you are interested in this! :)@matthewbarram Thanks! One of the lovely humans here will reply as soon as possible. <3@loic84 We don’t normally discuss future plans, but thank you for letting me know you are interested in this!@A_waleed211 ⌘\ shortcut to fill in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera is a huge one. Watchtower: http://t.co/nKycwCoOrJ And more. :)@conorporter Sorry for the trouble, Conor. I’ve filed this for resolution in an update. For now, if it helps: ⌥⌘\ then ⇧⌘C to copy password.@djspiewak Thanks, Daniel! I've passed this along to my developers.@matthewbarram Sorry about the trouble, Matthew! Could you please send us an email so we can better assist: support@ agilebits .com@A_waleed211 Login item is used to fill in browser (ex: webmail). Email account item is for storing info like IMAP server, SMTP server, etc.@L1f3Hacker Hi, there. I'm sorry for the trouble. Which version of the app are you using in iOS 8?@squidgypelvis You're welcome! Glad to hear that fixed it. :)@squidgypelvis Thanks, Andrew! A reply is now in your inbox. :)@edupr You're welcome! At the moment, I'm not sure if 1Password 3 will work on Yosemite — we haven't done any testing on it yet.@squidgypelvis Yep, exactly! :)@edupr Could you please give this a try and see if it helps: http://t.co/RFy38HsU0A@WarWraith *highfive* http://t.co/eZ2BHEpgwH@WarWraith You’re welcome! :)@GoTechHaven Mostly, yes, but expect some problems (especially with iCloud sync). http://t.co/lxaml9H3Zg // @chartier@edupr Sorry to hear about the trouble! What version of OS X are you using?@WarWraith This: - Favorites, exact domain - Alphabetical, exact domain - Favorites, different subdomain - Alphabetical, different subdomain
@madlep 😢@BrendanLiamT I should already be able to hold SSH keys. Happy to help if you're having trouble. :)@alenavarro_net Does saving a new login following those instructions fix it?@alenavarro_net Does saving a new login manually help? http://t.co/hKzGzN5cCa@JoeBrennan I'm clearly a bit biased, but please let me know if you have any questions! :)@swissspidy Thanks for the feedback, Pascal! ⇧⌘C already copies the password, but I'll let my devs know you're interested in username too.@lokinpl Sorry, Adam. Nothing more to report on this at the moment. Thanks for the reminder though!@daveg65 Thanks! :)@Robot_Cloud Enjoy! :D@D_Love <3@djspiewak Thanks. I’ll mention this to my developers so they can evaluate. Do you have a link to the bug you filed?@D_Love @jiadarola I’ll securely generate, store, & fill passwords for you so you don’t have to. Use your brain for more interesting things.
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