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A password manager and secure wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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@hoopc This should help. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@okimotor Yes, in order to take on Touch ID, and Safari and App Extensions, we needed to go to 8 only.@martymankins It should auto unlock, if not, this should help: https://t.co/KIQG8zQPDl@justinburlie Seems like everyone is having success if they reinstall from App Store on the device. https://t.co/KIQG8zQPDl@conradstoll @pws Usually just need to nudge some settings. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@notagolfer Hm, yes, it is. I don't normally wear my keyboard on my head. Kind of embarrassing.@comedyfilmguy Do you have Settings > Advanced > Use iOS keychain active? Other tips here. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@mattlathrop Welcome aboard!@dzaffrann That error happens when the app has yet to have been launched. Just launch it and the extension should hook up. :)@MuteQ Aw, shucks. You're going to make my icon turn red. Thanks! :D@noelrap Try this please: https://t.co/KIQG8zQPDl@RossPoulton As long as I always have a place in your heart, that's the only home I need. ❤️🔐@oldpatricka  I love you too. <3@PJLess Good thing I go great with sliced bread. http://t.co/3UiGRZDm1Z@InactivePhoenix Please try to install directly from the App Store on the device.@jirihelmich Not at all! Extension uses your security settings, whether Master Password only, or quick access tools like PIN or Touch ID.@ocell Love transcends word. ❤️🔐@runsammrun I have generosity built into my core. Enjoy, and spread the love. :)@sprynmr That error happens if the app has not yet been launched before using extension. Launch the app and all should be well.@mrgalen Glad that is sorted out!@shark_speak Life simplification is one of my strong suits.Upgraded from v4 for iOS to v5 for iOS and not seeing the Pro features unlocked? Here's a solution: https://t.co/KIQG8zQPDl@DonnyBenfield Perhaps our video will help put things in perspective. http://t.co/qcDinIgJIO@DBot It's pretty great, if I say so myself.@mattyven Who knew we shared the same dream?@AbnerRavenwood That error means the app has not yet been launched at all. Launch it and the extension can connect.@Tony3Chow Sounds like some settings need to be nudged. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@technorav Glad you found the fix!@rbmichae As for this error, it typically means that the app has not yet been launched at all on the device. Launch so extension can connect@rbmichae @AdamVanPelt (That link applies for PIN for the most part, too).@rbmichae @AdamVanPelt There are times the Master Password cannot be avoided, but tweaking settings can help a lot. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@russfee Nicely done!@twittlik We're looking into possibilities, but we really don't know right now.@logical_low iCloud went through a big change in iOS 8. Mac won't catch up until OS X Yosemite is out. Please use Dropbox or Wi-Fi for now.@prasannag You likely just need to nudge a couple settings, particularly timeouts. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@daclements 2/2 If yes, then try reinstalling from App Store on device itself. That should give you a valid restore for the Pro features.@daclements How long ago? Did you have version 4 for iOS? Only that gets the free upgrade to Pro. 1/2@jasongjohnson iCloud may not work properly until OS X Yosemite is out for Mac. Suggest Dropbox or Wi-Fi sync. https://t.co/Ki6iK0yd7j@KromiX I'm sorry, my crystal ball for sales is a little foggy right now. The future is uncertain.@geminiscotty Glad you like it!@epogue You likely just need to nudge a few settings, particularly timeouts. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@jimmy_kl Touch ID on Mac would be great, but Apple hasn't made any Touch ID capable Macs yet.@FakeScottYoung Just launch the app at least once then the extension should connect.@jackbrannen Yes. You may need to nudge some settings. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@superbotnik At this time you can't, but I will let the developers know you'd like an option for it. No promises.@bendall Sorry, no news on the Mac front for a bit. We're working on a nice update to Yosemite for it.@DimitryJacobs I gave a few replies to @curtclifton's tweet that you replied to here that may interest you.@curtclifton I'll admit I am not having great success. If it is Squarespace 5, that always gave us trouble.@curtclifton …designate the password field as a password type. See this: http://t.co/ochwr49imF@curtclifton Is this a Squarespace 5 site? Do you also have Mac or Windows version? If so, edit item, show web form details, and…@AmrMagdyy Thanks!@GAJBP Eek. No, it is not. Poking the developers. Thanks for the heads up.@_DannyHernandez The iCloud situation is unfortunate. Dropbox ro Wi-Fi will work in the meantime until Yosemite and our update for it is out@tinyblueorange All v4 for iOS owners get the Pro features unlocked for free. Pro features are the same price you paid. :)@Snapguide That's great!@gepeto42 Thanks for the feedback. I'll let the right folks know.@dliggat Thanks! Glad you like it!@jeremyjewitt You need to launch the app at least once for the extension to make a connection. That should put that error to rest.@TimCrockfordAU Me too.@mpal1 Yes, you should, as long as you use the same Apple ID in the App Store.@vicryabov Thanks for the offer! I will let the right people know of your interests.@waitingallday Glad you like it!@SLichtenthal925 Much appreciated!@joshyboy40 You may need to adjust a few settings. https://t.co/sS7Cnl88qj@mattalco Thanks for the feedback!@rbiagini You may have to tweak a few settings. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@ronguest I think it's nifty.@ddlevine When using PIN we store the Master Password in iOS Keychain. Setting a device PIN keeps that extra secure.@ammusk iCloud Drive activation happens to your iCloud *account* on *all* devices for *all* apps. All or nothing. :(@zachvat Glad to here that cleared it up!@JohnDunnington It's okay. We just have to hang in there. We're here for each other.@JohnDunnington @reneritchie That bug is irking me, too.@liquiddigital Yep, extensions need their app to be launched in order to register a connection.@gccostabr …our company is built upon generosity, so *please* enjoy the Pro features.  *hug*@gccostabr We put Settings > Advanced > Remove Purchase in there for our testing for user issues (so we can revert to Core to test) BUT…@QianqiShen Screenshot?@truemarmalade Glad you're all set! ❤️🔐@baespinosa__ If an app integrates my extension, I can *unlock* it.@davemcnally Whenever Chrome adopts my extension.@pau1thor @mithical I recommend any app that has me integrated. http://t.co/YOofAp0TKm@saturngod Great to hear!@skumms My vault is sealed on other platforms' future versions. 🙊@fet Glad you are enjoying everything! ❤️🔐@SeanLindo It's pretty snazzy, eh?@JeanFrancoisF Glad you found the workaround. Wi-Fi works too. I can't wait for Yosemite either.@wardo_ed You likely need to nudge a few security settings. Particularly the Master Password timeout length. https://t.co/Ve55fj6exT@superbetsy Glad you like it!@Costryme And I am looking forward to keeping them safe.@tbraun1551 Thank you very much!@mrcscln Not at all, you just need to sync via Dropbox or Wi-Fi until Yosemite is released. You definitely have options still.@brentontaylor Glad that is sorted out!@b_fitnik Yesterday. :) http://t.co/n7xQ1nrGGM@spltngheadache If there were a kleenex emoji, I'd give you one.@johncarneyau That error means the app needs to be launched at least once so the extension can connect. :)@JokerEh That's my mission!@headchem Thanks for the heads up, should be fixed. We were launching a fresh site. :)@stickpin And then please let me know the Ticket ID you get so I can prioritize you, as we're super swamped.@stickpin That should not have happened if you had 1Password 4 for iOS on the same Apple ID. Mind emailing support@ agilebits .com ?@kewlfocus May need to nudge a few settings, particularly timeout for Master Password. https://t.co/sS7Cnl88qj@darylwatkins Use our importers on the Mac or Windows version. https://t.co/Hq01CJWfNt
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