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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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My favorite picture of @wilw at the @LAKings game. http://t.co/XVkmSzSLYeSteven Tyler is a very sweet, kind and funny person. And no, he doesn't smell at all. But he did sing for us and it was AMAZING.Holy hell. This @LAKings game is AWESOME. We're as close as you can get to the ice without a Steven Tyler blocking the view. ;-)@BadAstronomer Not anymore! ;-)What the...HAHA!“@TalkTrekAsh: @AnneWheaton oh please #vandaleyes the back of Steven Tyler's head!!! #GOKINGSGO http://t.co/KeU7iKcHAhTHIS. @LAKings http://t.co/jQbrVlA1IRThat time we sat so close to the ice at the @LAKings game that I had no reception until I got up to pee. http://t.co/7ZoN3Vg0kG(Older woman cashier w/thick accent) "Your total today is $91.19. Ooh! You like number? Like puzzle!" (Me) "You have no idea." #numbernerd@NosmoRex Yep. ;-)@FacesPics I thought you'd like that one. ;-)I am singing at the top of my lungs in my car. I think @DebbieGibson would approve. ;-) http://t.co/B4iepebGshWhatchoo lookin' at? @FacesPics http://t.co/BmeOumcLzn
@bonniegrrl 11:22A bakery for hipsters called "S'up Cakes." #genius@bookoisseur Something like that. ;-)Our evening at the @PHS_SPCA event was a success. And by success, I mean my dogs are barking. #StupidStilettos@greenblank86 They aren't already for your pits? Woops. ;-)Fancy cloth hand towels in a country club are actually meant for patting damp armpits dry, right? #AskingForASweatyFriend #girlytweetThe event we're at is for @PHS_SPCA so naturally, the oil & balsamic vinegar on the bread plate is SO DAMN CUTE. http://t.co/Doqy0mEJ5oNote to self: Wearing stilettos to an event that's mostly on the lawn at a golf course is a bad choice. #ReplaceYourDivots@elibarrington I'm 5'8" so I'm looking like a giraffe here myself. :-)@elibarrington HA!!Putting on heels after two months of wearing Converse everyday makes for some really stupid stilt walking action on my part. #girlytweet@LeahR_Miller @bonniegrrl I love that!@tweetsoutloud :-)@prtndurgoodatit Of course we're tweety buddies!@wilw I searched everywhere in the house for my sunglasses before I left. They were in my hand the whole time. #WheatonFailMonday@cavykatie :-)I don't get to see my friends as often as I like, but I am so grateful to have them in my life. :-)@paulandstorm @SteveMolaro It's subtle, but it's there.@AnneWheaton "I told you I would get us through Easter. Now look into my eyes and follow me into the light." http://t.co/8DHeKYzx9G
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@stealingzen I bet they are. Haha!I may have #VandalEyes'd @SteveMolaro, Executive Producer and show runner of The Big Bang Theory. Maybe. http://t.co/MsJ37bCa8oGoing through pictures on my phone and realized I forgot to post this from Sheldon and Leonard's place. #VandalEyes http://t.co/Cy1pPpDKB8@DrakeyK @wilw THAT. IS. AWESOME.
@NikaHarper My poor plants. They have no idea what's in store for them when they come to live with me.Does cutting off dying leaves on an indoor bamboo plant help it thrive or make it die faster? Did I mention I don't have a green thumb?Do you ever get tweets from people that make absolute zero sense? Yea, me too. http://t.co/z6K16Wq9bY@serenity230 @wilw Aww...@wilw @AnneWheaton Happy Easter... http://t.co/41skCSfPJH
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHappy Easter! https://t.co/pQNGnWw6MMLook of Love https://t.co/GYPgB6jM3sI'm kind of bummed my kids are grown up and not at home anymore because I could really go for a raid of their Easter basket candy about now.I love that multiple people saw this at the same time and sent it to me. THE BEST. #numbernerd http://t.co/Icy27XHTwY@ViolaHalder Obviously doing exercise right. ;-)@hannahmoemoe @wilw HAHA!Brick Bunny. http://t.co/RudAcBF6B2
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@bfmama57 Ooohh. Hello, #numbernerd!@julieverive YAY!!
SHUT. UP. That is too cute. “@CatFoodBreath: Kitten photobomb. (https://t.co/ga0XCCeVIw) http://t.co/EDLTrn70sz@CheesyG ;-)@muskrat_john HAHA! I don't see cheese OR beer in that picture. Clearly, she is doing exercise all wrong.@educatorob *Rawr*So, basically, we're doing exercise right.Went on 4 mile walk w/Wil. He stopped & got a sandwich to eat on the way, I came home & ate a giant slab of cheese & washed it down w/beer.@AshleyEsqueda Don't answer the door. Works for me every time. :-)@Theremina JUST like that. :-)I just took a three hour nap. Apparently I was tired. Also, I kept dreaming I did infomercials and had bad hair and skin, so that was fun.@Quoylette They are! Before I did the video, I took a picture of them with edible googly eyes on them. Ended up being my background pic. :-)I made this a year ago. HA! Happy Zombie Easter Bunny Day!: http://t.co/8FEhpcBIow via @YouTube@TheAshleyClem I saw that this morning and thought the same thing. :-)@mrsprucieboy @wilw @sirwheaton @KoppNolan There will be!
@sw_dad Yes ;-)You like my toy? I LIKE MY TOY. http://t.co/mrgXQtVkgL@AnneWheaton If at first you don't succeed, try at least two more times, so that your failure becomes a valid data point. :-P
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try a little fucking harder next time." -An Updated Proverb By Anne Wheaton@D_Shabam @bonniegrrl That's adorable. :-)WOO! TableTop Season 3 is at $650k! Still going to do a video of me & Wil doing Marlowe style zoomies when its $750k! http://t.co/OXKdo8IJh0@jonahray HAHAHA!I accidentally read this pamphlet as "Latter Say Taints." Now THAT would be a religion people could really get behind.
@bonniegrrl @wilw @KeahuKahuanui 11:1damnDefinition-To follow RUH. See also: Scooby Doo. #Scrabble http://t.co/E3HhuQ5bn8@wilw @LAKings Lordy on fire, help us all.@wilw Hopefully the people in the studio you're at won't mind. *bow chicka bow wow*I wonder if @wilw would approve of the replacement glasses I got from my optometrist. http://t.co/JTeLcRd707Table 5, Table 5. https://t.co/bcbaSBdTXR@GeekyLyndsay HAHA!I'm not sure if these paintings in my vet office are meant to make my cat feel at ease or judged by her peers. http://t.co/og6utpitI7@akctyger From @archiestore!@ladyenigma @AnimalLeague @bonniegrrl Rescue pets are the best. :-)@TallysTreasury I thought so too. ;-)@erikmjung They did!@DebbieGibson Jeez, lady. That is scary. I'm so glad they figured out what it is so you can start feeling better. :-)@Bayesianist They're not flannel, they're cotton. :-)@BackpackingDad That would require going outside. I can't do that yet because none of my neighbors are out to catch me in jammies. :-)@BackpackingDad As you can see, I am a classy gal.@NotJoeCreighton HAHAHA!@cindyreddeer Ooh. Make up ready is pretty impressive. :-)Nothing says "Good morning, internet!" quite like a selfie in pajamas, no make up, bed head and googly eye glasses. Nice one, Wheaton. Nice.I think I found the perfect size glasses. They really compliment my face, don't you think? http://t.co/WPzdxhgkqaGoing to get new glasses today because I need bigger frames to accommodate my multi-focal lenses. #ThrowUpThursday@doolbneerg @BethMantey @mediocrefilms Regret?! They're AMAZING. :-)
@justjenn @LATimescitybeat HA!!OHMYGODTHISISINTHEGAME. #CAH http://t.co/E7QTqs3G7gI win. #CAH http://t.co/ue65MtzMT6@mediocrefilms I like to think they made this because of us. :-) http://t.co/lwADSZyAY4@kronda Aww...@BackpackingDad YIPES!@ChristinaBeeWho @wilw Wow, that's cool too! Bonus!Age progression of our nephew (3 months up to 21 months) is more apparent in the same pose with his aunt and uncle! http://t.co/pkJE10nk68
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