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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@Cheezweezl @bonniegrrl @dascott_ @blamfantastico That is THE BEST.@RocketJaz You and your mom are awesome. I always enjoy chatting with you both. Thanks for visiting me and @bonniegrrl!@Cheezweezl @RoseCityCC @bonniegrrl @dascott_ Oh god that's awesome! You're right. It is a perfect sand dollar!@Molly23 I am STILL laughing about that sign.I was worried this @SeanAstin guy was going to be another seat kicker but he turned out to be alright. http://t.co/gHmBJiUssY@beckeew AWESOME.THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by @EspionageMakeup to say hi to @AnneWheaton & I at our @RoseCityCC signing! #RCCC http://t.co/RQajFliqpH
Retweeted by Anne WheatonThese portraits of my cats were painted by @dmharada! She paints them with instant coffee! http://t.co/JbfibgZ5BM@ToryBelleci What a dump.@phat_nerd @bonniegrrl Yay! Thanks for stopping by to visit us!Our first visitor at Rose City Comicon! http://t.co/n84qYAqrD6Tweety buddies of @RoseCityCC! I'll be in @EspionageMakeup booth #615 w/ @bonniegrrl from 11am-2pm today. Come say hi!@cavaticat @Jezebel This makes me so incredibly sad that someone could be so unbelievably cruel to a dog this way. :-(Wil is getting gaming dice nail wraps by @espionagemakeup put on. RAD. http://t.co/qFlGvBxZULIf you don't know what the hell I'm talking about with our project, watch this! http://t.co/nrFbCJBWr1Our final outtakes video for http://t.co/ZDyKzvtUnS featuring @TheBloggess, @brubaker, @margaretcho and me w/ @wilw will post tomorrow! YAY!@envythegrnfairy Yea, that is one bonus feature I enjoy. ;-)Between software updates and app updates this weekend it's like I don't even recognize my phone. WHAT IS GOING ON.GAAAAAHHH! #technologyupdates@BrianHuberd @bonniegrrl @RoseCityCC THE BEST.@AndreaBomgaars @wilw PUPPEH!@victoriapower HAHA!!@space_wolverine SWEET. ;-)
@Mel_Ociraptor @bonniegrrl HAHAHAHA!"I'm so upset chlamydia is a disease because it would make a really pretty girls name." -@bonniegrrl dinner conversation.@IzzyandOllie @wilw We loved your dresses! Happy birthday!@Smedette @bonniegrrl Thank you for stopping by! So nice to meet you. :-)@I_Am_Iris_ I don't but if I find out I'll post it for sure!@dumbleao It is!This amazing girl painted portraits of my cats using coffee. Captured their personalities EXACTLY. http://t.co/gTucpMKoP0Adults falling is my kryptonite but adults falling in sign form? Priceless. https://t.co/Dev3qlOLrx@NosmoRex You too, John! :-)Powerllel parking http://t.co/BIOe3U5Pid@wilw SHUT UP THAT IS FUCKING ADORABLESCANDAL AT @RoseCityCC: #VandalEyes caught on tape. http://t.co/odwaj1SdoNMy staff badge got #VandalEyes'd today, thanks to @AnneWheaton & @bonniegrrl! :) http://t.co/h2wOokvt0Y
Retweeted by Anne WheatonThis person had @wilw make a question card but didn't show me until after I made my answer card. PERFECT. http://t.co/r59zjVvtVlStop by the @EspionageMakeup booth today from 1-4PM for a signing with @bonniegrrl & @AnneWheaton! Tomorrow from 11AM-2PM
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHappy seat is happy. http://t.co/0FHqTKM0KAI just found this on my computer that @pixievision took last year of our Marlowe pup. DAT FACE. http://t.co/I4LUUdGnCI@Simoneale1973 @wilw @bonniegrrl Kick ass!!
@shanenickerson FRAME IT.@yzimin I called this morning. Going to a specialist on Oct. 17th. :-)@birdeenmcdaniel THE FUCK.@MissMarissaMae So weird.@KeahuKahuanui HA!!@Gerard2327 That makes sense. I'm in Portland and I have a mold allergy. Inhaling those spores!My thyroid itches. Is that a thing? Is that possible? Because that keeps happening. I think. Or it's aliens. It could go either way.@ClareKramer @rosecitycomicon @EspionageMakeup @bonniegrrl Hooray!!Wooly Bear https://t.co/dpR1XXFQ4cIf you're attending Rose City Comicon, I'll be in @EspionageMakeup booth #615 w/@bonniegrrl Saturday 1-4pm and Sunday 11am-2pm. Come say hi!@florajl I hear ya.Cold brew nitro coffee from Stumptown and a Voodoo donut. Portland tourist achievement unlocked. http://t.co/Sd6WgqhuM3@laina622 I'm thinking maybe it's not such a good look though. http://t.co/c4TLowC4NY@Noahsturdevant HA!!Well, alrighty then. http://t.co/pcJjSuTJIe@laina622 Rotten.Well, it's a darn good thing this zit popped up on my face overnight. -said no one, ever ESPECIALLY WHEN TRAVELING GODDAMMIT WHAT THE HELL@F2CMaDMaXX ;-)@Stellaphent_V2 We have no desire for baby fixes either, but thanks. :-)@j_h_bentley We've been together for 19 years. This is a joint decision. No need to practice any speeches. :-)@F2CMaDMaXX She got arrested. Police talked to us because we witnessed it. She was attempting to play victim and that was not the case.
@bandmouse123 People ask us all the time if we're going to have more kids. Even more when we post nephew pics. No starting over for us! :-)@vikke064 People ask that all the time. Always comes up more often when I post pics of our nephew.My kids will make their own choice on whether they want kids or not. It's their choice, not mine, and that's all that matters. :-)Listen, I love my 2 year old nephew but have no desire to have more babies of my own. My babies are 25 and 23. ARE YOU NUTS?!@bandmouse123 My babies are 25 and 23 years old. Starting over would be the opposite of enjoyable for us. :-)@dashingDORY @wilw Mine. :-)@midnight Booty and the Beast #PirateTVShows"Excuse me. I believe we are ready to order now." http://t.co/9HHJfOkVPB@WilliamShatner OH MY GOD THAT'S MY FAVORITE. Ok, I will celebrate. :-)Teaching our 2 year old nephew that if given the opportunity, always choose to be Batman. http://t.co/VzpJQN4qhlThanks, Portland! http://t.co/UVSh5Cwak0Here's a dog's eyeview our #WiggleWaggleWalk coming next Sunday, Sept.28 featuring PHS alum @MarloweWheaton http://t.co/EFi2ZB28pC
Retweeted by Anne WheatonIf Powell's is going to put it on display, I have no choice but to #VandalEyes it. http://t.co/Gm1VEOWslH@aishatyler Happy birthday, pretty lady! We will toast your day with Portland beers o'plenty. ;-)Ahh...that's better.PORTLAND I AM IN YOU!I need a do-over on this day....doze off before receiving 5 cocktails ordered, spend entire flight getting kicked in seat back by a toddler.@yobeav One behind me who kicked my seat the whole time. Argh.Race back to airport, go through security who decides to inspect my bag, run to gate, board plane, doors close behind me. Order 5 cocktails.Check bag at airport, can't find phone, run to car and speed home to get phone, can't find anywhere, run back to car and see phone on seat..Queen of the Bathtub would like her breakfast now. Chop chop! http://t.co/DOFV7JBf0W@HardcoreLemur Cute!
@jonahray @WilliamShatner HA! I was just about to say I needed to defer to you on this. :-)@WilliamShatner I'm starting to think these aren't real holidays.Alright, I'm packed. So long as the wardrobe for all events at Rose City Comicon only involve socks, underwear, and pajamas, I'm packed.@Fiberific It's a teeny hair dryer. ;-)@paulandstorm @wilw YES.@DrProximo Try @thinkgeek!@wilw QUIET YOU.@jessihud STOP IT.So what I'm saying is I've packed the important stuff and I'll figure out the rest in the morning. http://t.co/FqrTTZaNNnVine video-1 Packing-0@BradWillis My youngest child is the age @wilw was when I met him. Someone's getting old in this scenario, I'm just not sure who.This guy. https://t.co/8skvELvpCJ@wilw Oh, Lordy on fire.@kmcgivney Because your husband totally helped me pick them out. ;-)@backseatsurfer9 Yarp. :-)
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