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I care about Animals & the 99 Percent. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around the World. We are Legion.

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@JarrodHazzard @Pittsburgh_j @EricBootie @anon99percenter @AnoNewsNetwork what's up with him?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Sera_Finn @workingshirt @anon99percenter @ASSTnews @AmmerMary signed and shared!! :-)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@workingshirt @anon99percenter @ASSTnews @AmmerMary @OU_rpg @genxgina @ (I took the time, will you. A RT will do! http://t.co/rtX7CheOKx
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@CIconICMC @HumanRightsAnon @xthajuicemanx @BoucherMitch Done with Glee...he's just a fucking loser troll..way 2 many of them in the worldSpam/block @<Pittsburgh_j disrespectful pictures of Anon women @anon99percenter @HumanRightsAnon @xthajuicemanx @BoucherMitch
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.@anon99percenter @Barbi_Twins @Randallsanimals RT! Can we please get some justice for #Isis a 9 yr old Dobe? http://t.co/HHgBZ2PqNa
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#Ireland: Prominent dissident Republican Tommy Crossan shot dead in west #Belfast http://t.co/UMRtlFYNE8 v/ @celliottjones
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#OpLithChild: #Paedophile politicians & judges, murder & a child returned to mother who pimped her http://t.co/kOyJPJuy6c We do not forget
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy Short DM Sis...The Police Raided My Friend's House Over a Parody Twitter Account | http://t.co/m2if3Whf8i
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous65%of US organizations experienced SQL Injection attacks in the last 12 months http://t.co/mTVz7mj0rY
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@pickleslife thank u my friend... Am trying :(Trying hard 2 feel better, but have fever , horrible h/a ... Hurt everywhere there's skin, muscle, bone, cartilage... Cats all coming 2C me@SeraphimNero this post gave me ptsd @pinkonediaries @piddlebuttpants @C4r1n4_n3bul4_ @An0nKn0wledge @an0mie_ @Aim22High
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@yourpositiveNRG thanks Sis...really needing those 2day...feel so bad..going to bed@anon99percenter Sending healing wishes your way. <3 +nrg
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousAvalanche slides down Mt Everest, 12 killed.@anon99percenter Feel better💊. Happy Easter 🐇🐰
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter :( feel better!
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousHappy Friday :) Not feeling well at all. Calling in sick to Twitter. If I feel better later, will return. #MuchLuv2All Anon Pyrate 99@GracieNunyabiz<~~ #OneLove @anon99percenter @MCSPoway @k_m_allan @daleizcrazy @TKrypt
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@zepplin7774 Same here :)@texanstar97 Much Luv back Dear Sister :) Sweet dreams :)@anon99percenter thank you again...sleep tight...much love
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@zepplin7774 Any time U need to talk..via DM, email, whatever..let me know@zepplin7774 Much Luv 2 U and your Cat. sending positive healing energy you way tonight@zepplin7774 I totally understand.-if u can afford it-I would take the baby to the Vet to get checked out. I am always here..but am not Vet@anon99percenter thx for That reminder & have a restful sleep! <3
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@zepplin7774 BTW, your AVI looks exactly like one of my furry babies :)..Russian Blue@zepplin7774 Something one might dismiss easily in a younger cat, often should be taken more seriously at advanced age. I would take 2 Vet@Minx707 thnx sister @anon99percenter @AnonJackAzzz @AnonStarseed @AnonymousUVE
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter damn...that's so sad...but at least and hopfully he'll be takin care of.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter one has to ask, minimally it has been 6 years if progressive demand economics, why is it still getting worse?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#FF "@Minx707 @anon99percenter @AnonJackAzzz @AnonStarseed @AnonymousUVE #truth #anonwarriors"
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousThe Occupied NZ Herald! is out! http://t.co/LS7uIIgPYf Stories via @anon99percenter @oomedia @myron2d
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@zepplin7774 http://t.co/XHX3zlDdbE@zepplin7774 http://t.co/UWGb3qjfhS and https://t.co/eEGQiUVipg Prolly stomach acid...but, never take things 2 lightly@zepplin7774 Ive seen my cats do that...but depends on how viscous the liquid is...other things...do they have any other symptoms ?Dropping anchor. #MuchLuv2All Have a great evening...but last note, count your blessings. There R folks much worse off than U. G'Nite mateshttp://t.co/cxII4XEnGY Too Important for Clever Titles -- Scientific Study Says We Are an Oligarchy (Update)The US is an oligarchy, study concludes http://t.co/YBy04FIvDthttp://t.co/2uelBg2Edg Oligarchy, not democracy: Americans have ‘near-zero’ input on policy – report@Chased2Death @anon99percenter @CityofCleveland Could Of Found Amanda,Gina,Michelle.Neighbors Called. Police Are Known For No Shows! #Fact
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/UweGNGMw3t Glen Campbell - Southern Nights (Glen has been moved 2 a care facility 3 yrs after being diagnosed w Alzheimers)Glen Campbell is being moved N2 a care facility 3 yrs after being diagnosed with Alzheimers. Sad ! http://t.co/xkQcOk6Wjb Gentle on my Mind@JoshTimko @AnonVengeance @ReportAPedo2 @AnonRoughCoitus @Anonchimp I 2nd sending MuchLuv to @AnonChimp, my Brother@AnonVengeance @anon99percenter @ReportAPedo2 @AnonRoughCoitus @Anonchimp can't forget about chimp love you to brother
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter #Google admits it's reading your #emails, tells court #Gmail users shouldn't expect #privacy! More ➜ http://t.co/1sjHm9Ez0b
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Amanda Todd’s mom: ‘This is truly a day that we’ve been waiting for’ http://t.co/dEva7v1Gm5
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Keep Monsanto out of there! #honeybee
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@EdnasDoor @Okie_Anon @Cultiv8Hope @EdShadid @anon99percenter I just want Anne found. This is awful.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Minx707 @AnonJackAzzz @AnonStarseed @AnonymousKenya1 @AnonymousUVE Thank you Minx...honored to be among these great Anons :)#FF FAVORITES @anon99percenter @AnonJackAzzz @AnonStarseed @AnonymousKenya1 @AnonymousUVE #truth #anonwarriors
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/V8g1zryz7f Gap Between Executive & Worker Wages Continues to GrowAL Woman Guns Down Son's Boyfriend at Truck Stop http://t.co/pGAAV8a15B (Just the recounting of this qualifies as a Country song.. )Honeybees in East Africa Resist Deadly Pathogens http://t.co/cl6I1JgQFNCop Tries to Shoot Dog, Misses and Strikes Himself http://t.co/MmpX61r3w6
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousJust 4 changes turned a benign bacterium N2 one that causes "Galloping Gangrene"" http://t.co/Gy2X9JlfHFHow Harmless Bacteria Quickly Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Monster http://t.co/Gy2X9JlfHFartist rendering of most Earth like planet they found... http://t.co/lVE6Pjnhji Kepler 186f http://t.co/yVBAv3rmSL@TruthIzSexy #SailStrong Sis. #MuchLuv #Respect@anon99percenter Ok Bro, on it <3
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy DMing U@anon99percenter A wh0l3 bunch3s 0v Dm's b4ck 4t u
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter I hear you, that same time I read your tweet, my son called to say he loves me.So I'll keep fightin the good fight for him.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@texanstar97 @anakaona I have the best followers anywhere :)@anakaona @anon99percenter thank you Ana. Truly thank you, funny how strangers care more than family...much love to you.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TruthIzSexy Sis,,,u out there somewhere ?Drunken Off-Duty Cop Assaults Soldier on Video.... http://t.co/13HWEHpwCe
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#SJSharks SALE! #SanJose US Marshal Benny Martinez on http://t.co/r0jA36da4m for 2 yrs. Lies re: salary, work, kids. http://t.co/EBkwffTDw4
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#SanJoseSharks During playoffs,SJ US Marshal BennyMartinez is on FIRE SALE. Left on http://t.co/r0jA36da4m for 2 yrs. http://t.co/r4k2zL9xCD
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@ApplesRBlue DM Bro@ApplesRBlue Learned something I didn't know. Good 2 see you Brother. Hoping the seas are calm Bro@anon99percenter Little Steven during that era went by Miami Steve, I know I was there.. :P
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/FGowjiiotn Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - Hearts of Stone (Johnny's given name, is John Lyon )@rebwithacorse Great quote..thank you my friend :)@anon99percenter http://t.co/Y3WBbtalzE
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/J4DKnHz30G FEVER / Southside Johnny , Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen #JerseyRock #NewJerseySoulhttp://t.co/TE54ClzbCz Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - Soul's On Fire (poor vocal definition...mic is drowned out)Posted this earlier 2day...new tune I like.... http://t.co/L4QLCwdX5u Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa - Close To My Fire@sarah_wardlaw @anon99percenter Their life sucks through no fault of their own.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousI simply can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery & death..I think.. peace & tranquillity will return again. ~Anne Frank@texanstar97 @anon99percenter Pls dont give up...just take a break...,♥♥♥ God Bless You All ♥♥♥
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousNever deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.Hope is the dream of a waking man. ~AristotleI find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. ~Dalai LamaNone are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe@texanstar97 Except for those I love who depend on me....life would not be worth continuing...so, am lucky I have them around me :)@texanstar97 We have to hold each other up...I wish I had a dollar for every time daily I felt like giving up...but I keep going....@anon99percenter I really needed to read that today...felt like just giving up...
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@WhiteOrch1d White..gonna DM U if u R aroundI know I play this 2 much...but I am ready for wars in general, to be over. http://t.co/9yxPcvnFI9 Cold Chisel- When The War Is Over@MCSPoway @GracieNunyabiz @k_m_allan @daleizcrazy @TKrypt Rich people..if they are well 2 do for a while, often just don't give a damn...@GracieNunyabiz @anon99percenter @k_m_allan @daleizcrazy @TKrypt Git it girl ♥♥♥
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@sarah_wardlaw Hi Sarah :) Good 2 see you. Yeah, I am finding more & more ppl who are becoming homeless, with children...its hard.@anon99percenter I can totally understand why people turn to drink and drugs.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@ReportAPedo2 @JoshTimko @AnonVengeance @AnonRoughCoitus Thank you. I sincerely respect everyone trying 2 protect children & animals.@anon99percenter You are pretty busy yourself, so I have noticed LOL :) @JoshTimko @AnonVengeance @AnonRoughCoitus
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@GracieNunyabiz @JennyMcCarthy I take my hat off to you Grace. I know you are fighting hard just to stay alive, take care of your child.#TheView plz have @JennyMcCarthy try my #HardestJob - Survive #Homeless day wrking keep kid in warm bed!! @anon99percenter @hardlynormal
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous
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