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I care about Animals & the 99 Percent. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around the World. We are Legion.

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Sorry for not being on more today...lotsa stuff 2 do offline. Hope your Thor's day is going well. `99@anon99percenter OMG that dude in the window!! http://t.co/o0IWLrw0LB
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter I expect a reply from my bros. In Quebec re this cruelty. @AnonymQuebec @anonime1234 http://t.co/XgokdQtUJm
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousSpeak Out for Foxes at Notorious Fur Farm! http://t.co/5EaVREtmKd http://t.co/oltsNiykVD @anon99percenter @anonime1234 @anonymousquebec
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousPlz RT https://t.co/I6ESwnh3Wq #StopVivisection @anon99percenter @HumAnonymous @HumanRightsAnon @AnonKrauts @AnonymousHessen
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousBeheaded Journalists' Family "Bullied" By Obama Administration http://t.co/hO8TPPcCIVCreepy Racist Man Puts Porn In His Window To Drive Away His Neighbors http://t.co/3WTMsYuRD4Sex Tourist Rush Limbaugh Unclear On Meaning Of Consensual Sex http://t.co/ErcO8MdrdRAnonymous Hacker Revealed, Comes Clean on Hacking Westboro Baptist Church http://t.co/TczPdWCbpt @DoubleJake@SJS1968 @anon99percenter let's see what'll happen if men started to get raped drunk by prison inmates on the loose.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@TheYoungTurks W regard 2 Darrien Nathaniel Hunt..I had heard he was on his way to Panda Express 2 apply 4 a job..carrying sword as a propCop Shoots Kid Carrying Toy Sword 6 Times In The Back http://t.co/gSleORNvd6http://t.co/IoNoHb8gVP NFL's Adrian Peterson Arrested on Brutal Child Abuse Charges; Charles Barkley Defendshttp://t.co/Vvh9s8urCR Attorney Charging Teen with Desecration of Jesus Statue Had Affair in Office, Posted Porn Online“@anon99percenter: One in five Australians believe drunk women 'partly responsible' for rape: survey http://t.co/6Z1YDiapUK” dark ages!!
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousRead " The #WikiLeaks Era " > @MeltemArikan @HeartPowered @wikileaks @hrw @exiledsurfer @Doemela @REDreziztenCIA @anon99percenter #Spots
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Same here :( & I'm in STOCKHOLM #SWEDEN
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/eZ654NoyNr What exactly is ISIS / ISIL / IS ?@anon99percenter Filly (Star) on Love Mutts Rescue FB page & http://t.co/DeQQkKEUvr 💓 http://t.co/pvkeXsAqia
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@djbewy Glad to :)@anon99percenter Thanks for this and RT x
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousAuthorities thwart 'beheading' plot in Australia's biggest ever counter-terrorism raids http://t.co/8cUkEXOw8W@anon99percenter bittersweet..ok'd by vet & now in foster w/group I work w/ she will b spayed nxt wk & up 4 adoption http://t.co/oG4TNy30kO
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousOne in five Australians believe drunk women 'partly responsible' for rape: survey http://t.co/3DiyflEBjLHow to prevent rape: it starts with awkward conversations with our teens http://t.co/LOrtZGdkbv (You wont prevent rape...)Man wrongly imprisoned for rape gets statue in Texas http://t.co/3ASJZf3SPuChinese hacked U.S. military contractors, Senate panel finds http://t.co/5DPO9GHr57David Brin has an insulting & condescending personality & is a fellow Jew, I consider him a "Shanda fur die Goyim"..shames us B4 non-Jews !@LisaWinslow healthcare is a basic human right,like education. The aid needs to start here at home @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousI was shocked that the insufferable guest on last night's C2CAM, David Brin, wrote novel that the movie THE POSTMAN was created from. SMDH@GeorgeNooryC2C George, sorry but that insufferable idiot named David Brin brought your show to its lowest point in years. Had 2 turn it offCompany claims to have developed smartphone that can detect presence of Stingray surveillance: http://t.co/K1sp36CT2k http://t.co/4rbYrUACr1
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Xanthachrome @anon99percenter @HannyMelinn Thank you....to you and yours also. #peace
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousDropping anchor. #MuchLuv2All Have a great evening / morning. G'nite mates..@NotOnTwtr @anon99percenter Did you see Gosztola tweet about smartphone that can detect Stingray? https://t.co/1yYPvTX3rk
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter I'm not to familiar with rand but check it RDML Snyder asks Sailors to take the RAND Militar…: http://t.co/io66MVYGNp
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@ttank66 His lawyer said "he never fired her,ever"...then said she can return to work when shes ready...hmmm...is it "Lawyer" or "Liar"..@anon99percenter He needs reeducation on the benefits of caring for humanity. #humanitariandegree
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousThe people I know are having a harder and harder time making ends meet. Surely its not just my little corner of Texas with economic probs@OlsenVet Thanks for posting the link to @HeavenLeeOps GoFundMe...also, thank you for your service 2 our country overseas & n Occupy OaklandI'm raising money for The remainder of my legal fees. Click to Donate: http://t.co/ldMLElTUNR @anon99percenter @Scary155 @OlsenVet
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Wow.... what a dirtbag!
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousI wonder if anyone has set up a GoFundMe site 2 help that terminal cancer patient, Carol Jumper, whose boss fired her when he found out.@amyl12 @anon99percenter A small photo/graphic company image tech solutions. It was just one of many things they used to let me go
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Ever heard of " light duty" The benefits won't equal her regular pay, wonder if she had insurance through her employer.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter I want the real reason...maybe her insurance coverage would have been to high. #heartless
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousRT @Gypsi_fw: Texas Landowner home flooded with sewage by TransCanada http://t.co/WizGl8clQt @anon99percenter @TXsharon @frackfreedenton
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousIf anyone wanted to become a patient of this Oral Surgeon who layed off a woman w terminal cancer,heres contact info http://t.co/0sAKeVyh6Ahttp://t.co/xtg2tgxqzE Doctor caught in social media storm defends laying off employee with cancer.@LisaWinslow @anon99percenter care to share the company that did it?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @AngrySummit U ROCK but I ROLL! Marvin Gaye What's Going On: http://t.co/odCPdXFXri #ISIS WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER!@maddow
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@LisaWinslow Geez,,,perhaps this shouldn't anger me..but as a caring human, it DOES anger me@anon99percenter I had same thing happen to me. I was told that I had "an attendance problem that wasnt going to get better" bc of cancer
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousDr George Visnich, Jr tried 2 make his letter firing woman w terminal cancer as caring...its not...wrap a turd in icing..its still a turdClick with PLUS cursor to enlarge pic http://t.co/Tv30syG4ZN Handwritten note from Dr George Visnich, Jr firing terminal cancer patientHandwritten letter 2 lady w/ terminal cancer laying her off w/out pay from her boss,oral surgeon George Vishnich,Jr http://t.co/JK9b68mBWX@cke5 Ill be OK dear Colleen...just lots of pain with this middle ear infection...@anon99percenter Yu'l concern for your health dear friend. Would you let me know?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@HannyMelinn @anon99percenter That is so true...family is everything. That bond of love last forever. #blessed
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/5mvm2hpWyy Woman gets fired without pay after telling her boss, Dr. George Visnich Jr, that she has cancer...This Oral Douchebag's name is Dr. George Visnich Jr Oral Surgeon Fires Employee For Having Cancer http://t.co/nPCAea7I5t@anon99percenter MAKE them watch it everytime there is a livestream! they will soon question their Govt about this and demand it STOPS!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@LydiaBloms I know that less Japanese are eating dolphin, and ultimately, hitting them iin pocketbook I think will be the key@LydiaBloms Youtube has videos of it..the news is reporting it..I think those Japanese who really care have seen it...still, a great idea@LydiaBloms Its a great idea...but, do you think that most Japanese would find it as horrible as we do ?“@anon99percenter: I cant bear to watch the livestream from SeaShepherd' @CoveGuardians ..its too horrible.” Me too I've seen too much.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter this epidemic has become 100% outrageous
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@HannyMelinn @ttank66 The vast majority (80% or so) of caretakers are unpaid..if this changes..there will be a financial crisis@ttank66 @anon99percenter Aw, Its so sad. It's a terrible illness to endure, for those afflicted and those of us caretakers/ family.... :(
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousI cant bear to watch the livestream from SeaShepherd' @CoveGuardians ..its too horrible.http://t.co/ikP8fRla8P FBI to Investigate Missouri Police after Tasered Teen Ends-Up In Coma [Video]#Journalist #Held by #ISIS #Reveals why #Beheading #Victims #Appeared so #Calm ... - http://t.co/xvMmyGAq2Q
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@RockyjSquirrel2 @AngrySummit Very true my friend@marpierce65 Its a mess here in the States@AngrySummit We react out of FEAR we Become fools & tools 2 what these VERY LITTLE PRICKS called #ISIS want! WTFU America! @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@marpierce65 You're a good lady Marlene...I am proud to know you and call you friend.@marpierce65 Does the Government health care pay for the care of the residents?@anon99percenter yes I work 8 n ltc n I am paid a fair wage but I there for the residents they give me more joy than the pay cheque
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@ttank66 I describe it as if the loved one is moving into dark woods,.you can see them but they disappear more daily..@anon99percenter That's heartbreaking.. she owned her own beauty salon and was so vibrant...the good thing is she still knows who I am.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@marpierce65 Do you work in long term care ?@marpierce65 excellent advice :) and my respect to you for what you do for a living...I know it is probably difficult job w not enuf pay@ttank66 I remember the first time my Mom asked me who I am...like being kicked in solar plexus@twrAKAZhehZhi Yah..my Mom was the only key I have to my own history and family history@anon99percenter I'm so sorry. My granma is and the missing key, the forgotten names, the repeated stories...its heart beaking
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousAm at Moms on my laptop...put NAKED AND AFRAID on TV..explained 2 her premise of show,...her words were "Oh My"...my words too I guess..lulz@ttank66 So sorry for your her loss and yours...Your grandmother is so lucky to have you@ttank66 My Mom occasionally forgets Dad\s dead...asks me 2 take him something,...& I have 2 tell her he's dead...its like losing him again@anon99percenter So sorry my friend, my grandmother also has the disease,she believes my grandfather came back from the deadbreaksmyheart
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter she tells me she sees him all the time..there where sweethearts since second grade. #lostmemories
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@marpierce65 We have something in common..both are followed by Aaron Goodwin, cool member of Ghost Adventures Team@scytheanon @anon99percenter I support this nomination. Let's draft them to the front line. #WarmongeringChickenhawks vs USGov-made #ISIS
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@2complex2know It'll get rid of two piles of poop for the price of one! @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@marpierce65 This is so true...her eyes are more articulate than her mouth...the spirit and memories are thereTexas was founded by illegal immigrants on Mexican territory...the Founding Fathers were breaking English laws 2 wage the Revolution,.I view DD0S like I view the first shots fired by founding fathers' troops in American Revolution. Sometimes ya gotta break laws of tyrants.I nominate Ted "Chicken Nuggets" Nugent 2 lead Limbaugh & others to head an expeditionary force to fight ISIS. I figure its a Win / Win 4 us@anon99percenter So true!!!
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousWas talking 2 my Mom tonight...her eyes still bright blue, glistening...and she is still in there somewhere, imprisoned by the Alzheimers...I can't believe the U.S. is sending 3000 troops to W. Africa to fight eBola. When I had the Flu last year they let me suffer.
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