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Digital ads sell candidates and causes, in 15-second bursts. via @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerYep. The good ad makers get it. But many do not... Snapchat ads and digital spots: Welcome to 2016. rise of the 15-second ad: Coming to a mobile device near you. 2016 QUERIES: “If we didn’t win, why do you deserve to get paid?" Correct. This was the school (at least when I was there) where students proudly sported "Not Penn State" shirts. Cc: @mattflegI love this correction for so many reasons. Donald Trump is the one blitzing TV airwaves, Marco Rubio is the one playing hard to get.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerSanders displays “counterintuitive” charm at meeting of alt-weekly publishers:
Retweeted by Ashley Parker.@USChamber quickly up w/ web ad calling @Maggie_Hassan another 'Washington liberal' vote. #nhsen #nhpolitics via
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe perks and perils if Jeb! unleashes George. @jmartnyt and @mattfleg w your Monday Must-read:'s his brother -- and he IS heavy, politically. Jeb camp considers leaning more on W., @JMartNYT & @Mattfleg report
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerTweeter extraordinaire @realDonaldTrump has mastered the 140-character art. @mikiebarb reports: City. Baltimore, MD.
Jeb camp has begun initial conversations about bringing George W onto the trail. Some in SC already pushing >
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerI wrote an ode to Bitmoji — AND THE NYT PUBLISHED IT! In today's Sunday Styles: that slogan on a T-shirt! Cc: @RAYGUNshirts
In which @jmartNYT and @maggieNYT explain it all...“Bitmoji avatars are like your id, and that can take any form.”
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe problem with faux-leather pants is the faux-squeaking when you walk. #ProTipOH in the DC Buro: "This is an absinthe cocktail called the Green Beast." #FoodClub@michael_steel @Phil_Mattingly @BrendanBuck @hillhulse Smart man... @JesseLehrich @NickMerrill @rebeccachalif Or, in other words... @Phil_Mattingly @BrendanBuck Bonus points if you can guess which colleague "helped" lead to the kicker scene...@seungminkim Tho admittedly not an advisable thing... @arogDC That is CORRECT! Impressive guess... Tho also pretty obvious if you've ever seen his Bitmoji.@GarrettHaake I'm glad someone remembers that (very fun) party... wrote about Bitmoji!!
Today’s shooting in Oregon marks the 45th school shooting this year
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"Washington — it's a strip club." Interesting new ad by Mike Huckabee.
Hillary Clinton camp begins to fear run by Joe Biden @amychozick @maggienyt
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIt’s Saturday afternoon. Hillary is halfway down Long Island, can’t find NPR on the dial. Her aides aren’t helping.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerMaestro of the media... it sounds like @realDonaldTrump is going to LOVE the next season of @serial... Romney... political pundit? @philiprucker reports. not, listen to the man and read it! Woah if true.@ShanicaJohnson Thanks!“Avuncular” is a good word that I feel I’m learning a little late in the game...Cc: @justinesparker under the Michael Kinsley definition of a "gaffe" in DC — Telling the truth. Kevin McCarthy on Benghazi. @NYTnickc piece on how the Internet makes candidate-super PAC coordination waaay easier:
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerAnyone reading this profile of Marco Rubio would never vote for him. Never made ten cents & is totally controlled!
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIt's official! #FF latest members of NYT 2016 team: @IanTrontz @thomaskaplan @mattfleg and @NYTnickcPresident of Telemundo: "One thing is certain — immigration is not the defining issue."Good @BresPolitico @apalmerdc on the GOP glass ceiling.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerOutsized egos and complaints galore: The brave new world of donor maintenance.
Jeb makes a pickup from the Walker campaign detritus: @Scaramucci on board.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker#Duh But I did ask the campaign for comment. And it confirmed the existence of the app, but would not say anything else.@michaelriley5 The password would not be particularly useful, since we don’t have access to the app itself.Also, there is such thing as the “Food Poison Journal.” Cc: Anyone considering eating at @FIGandOLIVE_USA Salmonella PSA: Perhaps avoid @FIGandOLIVE_USA, which has now brought food poisoning to folks in both DC and LA. story, Hansel. (aka @MarkLeibovich) Surprising. Thing. Ever. I’m just stunned she didn’t also offer her (or solicit) food recs... maintenance 101: Jeb hand writes thank you notes, and Rubio sometimes responds personally w texts or emails: Rubio gives donors a password protected mobile app — complete w talking points: outsized egos, the constant phone calls, the endless concerns: Donors in 2016. best is when donors want to play advance guy for a day. #fml
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerI heard about this guy, and wrote about him // Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerStroking donor egos and assuaging their concerns: Welcome to 2016."I gave $2,700. I'm entitled to 2,700 opinions." The rise of the mega-donor:
And... it’s back on: Trump to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night. Collins on Kevin McCarthy: "Some say he’s a little dim, but there are worse things in the world.” is shouting along with her
Retweeted by Ashley Parkerkirchner’s UN translator is giving the performance of his goddamn life right now
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerGlad to be a part of Team @JebBush
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@igorbobic Ha. I’m going to choose to take that as a compliment, Igor.BOOM. NYT speaks TRUTH to power. Or something. probably the most hated man in Washington right now, and that's saying something
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerNice @amychozick look at how Carly Fiorina is prompting schizophrenia among liberal feminists: CNN, Joe Biden will qualify for the first Democratic debate, as long as he announces by the day of the debate:
NEW with @mateagold: It's make or break time for @JebBush: Donors warn he has to perform better - and soon
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerPope Francis Delivers Eucharist Philly Style
Retweeted by Ashley Parker
This city has the @wmata it deserves: Bureaucratic, inefficient, and utterly incompetent. @unsuckdcmetroToday's farmers market rec: The unexpectedly delicious Kiwi Berry.
I saw a nun vaping today. #PopeInPhiily
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFrom Trattoria Alberto's to Pete's Diner to cases of Blue Moon... The POLITICO (culinary) tic toc of Boehner: and Telemundo have spent more time on Trump than ABC, NBC, and CBS News COMBINED
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerBut, to be clear, the Pope’s willingness to tolerate said selfies makes me love him even more.Something about people taking selfies with the Pope makes me unexpectedly and deeply sad.On the stump, Fiorina delivery seems meant more for a television camera than a room of rapturous supporters.
Retweeted by Ashley Parker"You mean the nice tanned gentleman I met yesterday? Oh, too bad, he was nice. I liked his green tie."
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerIf not @SpeakerBoehner than who? @cahulse on a dilemma that will not end anytime soon.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerReal talk: Pete's Diner is the Kenny's BBQ of Hill breakfast joints.
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerFrom the WashPost: "The shocking move, first reported by The New York Times..." Re @jestei apparently breaking Speaker news first. Nice work
Retweeted by Ashley Parker@jamespmanley Coming soon to Sidewire.But who will sing the Birthday Song now?And the full @jestei must-read here: @costareports scene from Boehner’s final moments, as he mulled his resignation:
@reedgalen That is the question we’ll find out this cycle, isn’t it — the power (or limits) of super PACs...On Fox News, when asked why he wasn’t doing better, Jeb Bush said his super PAC had just now started advertising: comes the air war over early voting states as super PACs hope to reshape the landscape. With @AshleyRParker
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerComing soon to airwaves near you: An onslaught of super PAC ads. @tripgabriel and I report: your daily dose of Fox News v Donald Trump déjà vu... Fox News… Roger Ailes and Trump spoke this morning, and plan to meet next week to discuss their “differences of opinion."What I heard from the Pope's speech: " Don't shut down the government." Just sayin' ..... @pkcapitol @frankthorpNBC @APAndrewTaylor
Retweeted by Ashley ParkerThe Daisy ad, updated for a bilingual (and nuclear Iran) world and coming to attack Sen. Michael Bennet:
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