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Iowanian. Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way.

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Well that didn't last long. Helluva touchdown for the Saints.Lol WOW what a field goal for the saints to miss! #overtime #goCOWBOYS!@monnerb that's too scary...I never dress up for Halloween anymore, but if I did, what should I be?Watching the Giants vs. Bills today. Dont know who to root for...I can't get the Bears game today. It'd just depress me anyway, I'm sure.I officially own my first pair of knee high boots. (#fall #basicbitch #obligatoryhashtags #FML)Good morning. B^] #NowPlaying The Bell Curve by The J. Davis Trio ♫ goodbye cruel world :-(Just caw a centipede crawl under my bed and now I can't find it and I need to kill it omg omg omg.
#plannedparenthood is not the be all end all of womens health. Lets #TakeBackPink. come cook for me.@Trunthepaige coffee didn't sound good to me today, weirdly@wrightdlca what about iowa....Is it too early for wine?Trying not to cave and turn on the heat :-(Cheering on the #Hawkeyes against Wisconsin today :-)Gonna make a smoothie and watch football all day in my jammies. :-)I don't know what to do with my day@Plaidypus07 oh that's cool!@Plaidypus07 No I haven't. I'm Catholic, haha.@Plaidypus07 that's awesome :-)@jerrywilson_7 ha, thanks!@Plaidypus07 haha nice!! That sucks...what does he do that he has to be up on sat. Mornings for meetings?@evangie @PPact THANK you!!@Plaidypus07 haha good! What are you up to?@Plaidypus07 How are you, lady?Holy fuzz. I'm tired of people. I hate being in this mood. I am in desperate need of socializing with people who aren't idiots. Dude.#Stuffhappens <---guess what? It DOES. Moar government doesn't fix that fact. You all are stupid.I dont' give a shit if you don't like Jeb, but don't take shit out of context. Get your shit together, #liberals.Is this a dumb idea? #takebackpink@BailofRights You should stop shaving and go as a feminist.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellWhat's the coolest halloween costume you've ever seen?@Oc1013 I'm going to punch you.@tarawhite161 I'm no good at costume ideas....@Oc1013 Get out of here.Currently drinking a vodka/crystal light mixture because I'm out of beer. *sigh*Should I dress up for halloween for once?@AmericnElephant @KemberleeKaye @GayPatriot @KevinNR D-:I have 6 nights off of work. I need something exciting to do.@ddfissell Well thank goodness for thatNo? that's cool. I'll just tweet to the cosmos.So. What's up?@SooperMexican I'm working on it :)
Welp. Or not.@TX_Reaganista Thanks for the RT :)Bailing Out America Ep. 2: #TakeBackPINK!! Please share, participate, & give pro-life pregnancy centers some love!!Video is rendering...been up for 24 hours. can't decide if I need food, a nap, caffeine, or to go for a run :-| I've never been so confusedCurrently editing this weeks episode of #BailingOutAmerica, and I am SO EXCITED to share it!! Get ready to #TakeBackPink!!Bobby Jindal Encourages Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to De-Fund Planned Parenthood @iowartl @bailofrights @iowagoper
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@backinthestacks you've been hacked.
@BailofRights @SurlyNYCon @TheAlaskan1 @BeccaJLower #TuneInTuesday as this week's show promises to be YUUUUUUUGE! We go live @ 9:00 EST.
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Retweeted by BaileyConnell@Junebug1952 well I gotta admit that's a pretty sweet streetlamp!Wonder how many people were so focused on their camera that they got a super awesome pic of a streetlamp. #SuperBloodMoon#superbloodmoon is trippy to watch.Need weight loss help? Watch 'What I Ate Today' videos on YouTube til you're shamed into eating only salads & drinking tea til you die!
Marky Mark. Now that's a holy man. #PopeInPhillyWow...uh. I would not want to be wearing a leotard in front of the pope...Ha! #prolife was really windy yesterday. It was wasn't very windy today. Should I be alarmed? #globalcoolingwarming
Retweeted by BaileyConnellTime for margaritas, Old Chicago, and then the casino with mom, dad, and my brother Nate (@MagicBucket)!
I'm following @WI4Palin on #spreaker'm following @AltConRadio on #spreaker'm following @AACONS, @CHOWSTL, @e2pilot, @verytari, @goodwyne, @izzyjsmom and 24 others on #spreaker as he should be.Huckabee, however, is still on my shitlist.Yah know, I'm starting to like @marcorubio quite a bit more than I used to.Woo! Can't wait! in to #GettingHammered tonight at 10 ET! They should have plenty of Popey & Boehnery things to discuss! mass by @Pontifex. It just breaks my heart that he barely even paid lip service to abortion in front of congress. #prolifeMan I don't know what @Pontifex did but it must be SUPER-BAD to have to ask millions of people to pray for him. Sheesh.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellFirst tweet from my new galaxy s6 :-)#boehner is leaving! That's a step in the right direction.
Thinking of starting a fundraiser for a worthy crisis pregnancy center that supports women through pregnancy instead of encouraging abortionWhat presidential candidate should I do my next Bailing Out America video on?I'm really excited to hang out with my parents. I'm having one of those "I need my mom" kind of weeks.
@DavidJBohm man...I don't even know!Apparently I'm a liberal because I don't like Donald Trump. My whole world is upside down right now!@USAPatriotSC liberal?? Ummm....I liked a @YouTube video from @bailofrights Bailing Out America Ep. 1: TRUMP is ANTI-WOMAN!
Retweeted by BaileyConnellICYMI: My 1st video of Bailing Out America went up last night. This one is about Trump! I wonder if the secret of life lies in a somewhat normal sleep schedule.... #RandomPanicAttacksAt3am
@BOOB_level And thank ya's!@BOOB_level Dude you are ALL THE INFLUENCE!@BOOB_level thx! but @IJKyleBecker suggested the name. That being said, I tried out doing a show a long time ago called just "Bailing Out."@rowangingeraven I am amused :DLOL I just got accused of being a #feminist in the comments of my video!! Now THAT's a first!! *Dying* ----> Lol that's fine@michaelparks11 :) Thanks dude!Episode 1 of Bailing Out America is up! Like & Share if you are so inclined. listen to Titan the Screws with @BOOB_level on #VigilantLibertyRadio! @ 10pm ET: #RoEL: Zero Tolerance For Stupidity with me, @allanbourdius, @crousselle, @hboulware & @CrankyTRex
Retweeted by BaileyConnellI've been singing "Bitch better have my latte" all day. @NumbuhOne @CrankyTRex @allanbourdius @crousselle @hboulware
Retweeted by BaileyConnellHmmmm.... lots of my haters got real quiet....Planned Parenthood does *not* offer mammograms, despite many claims of "my friend totes got a mammogram there!" #lies. Website even says it.For all you tweeting from your iPhone. I say #ShoutYourAdoption and be thankful. Steve Jobs was adopted
Retweeted by BaileyConnell#ShoutYourAdoption I adopted a teenager. Children need loving homes at any age.
Retweeted by BaileyConnellMy mom planned to abort me but decided adoption would be best. You say #ShoutYourAbortion but I say #ShoutYourAdoption Why celebrate murder?
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We need to start shedding more light on amazing pro-life pregnancy centers that care more about women than a profit. #Birthright@RebeccahLouise @Legal_Citizen Women w/ unwanted pregnancies should b supported, but encouraging kill their baby & be proud of it is wrong
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