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Bails @BailofRights Des Moines, IA

Conservative/libertarian vlogger. Registered Nurse. I might hurt your feelings, but unfortunately that can't change until we #BanWords! #BanBans #BanAwareness

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My family can turn *anything* into an argument. Today's topic? The speed of light. Its an honest to God shouting match.
Am I the only chick who downloaded the My Fitness Pal app, used it for a week, and then abandoned it once we had a slice of pizza?
The worst part about my Netflix binge? It was Gossip girl. I watched all 6 seasons in a weeks time. I'm ashamed.. But it was Sooo addicting!http://t.co/ZrALt0Bf04 this just popped up in my notifications.. I've never seen 'so-and-so joined twitter' notification.Okay....I think I'm done with my Netflix binge for awhile. Whew. What month is it??
@WorldOfStu weird they worry about us wanting to abort black children...do "Margaret Sanger" and "eugenics" ring a bell for them?
I just spotted a youtuber while shopping in does Moines. This is bizarre!
Finally home....just worked yet another 14 hr shift for the third day in a row. And today without a lunch break. This hospital is CRAAAY!
So @Elliottcmorgan may be my all time favorite youtuber. Guys...I watch **a lot** of freaking @youtube. Watch: http://t.co/DyKVhLCbV8All I want right now is cool ranch doritos dipped in synthetic cheese.I'm having an i-hate-people kind of day.K. These 14 hour work days need to stop. I can't. I just can't.Seriously may be another 14 hour day. Gjdnfvdgijbfyhvdyjjoopqfvd.
I think Mozilla should require a loyalty oath before downloads, so that users don't violate the sacred Mozilla corporate values code.
Retweeted by Bails@EmEvans87 lol yes, exactly!@hailee_c_ lol that's an excellent comparisonMy face when someone texts me "k" http://t.co/VVaTHQNqgO
Retweeted by Bails@BradEssex Haha thanks.Finally home. 14 hr day. Had to transfuse a guy. a patient yelled at *me* cause *the doctor* decided to keep him another night.....bedtime.Day. From. Hell. #atleastnobodydiedHaving the sex talk via text with a stranger? Apparently @BHCHD had a Worst Idea Ever contest. Clearly this won. https://t.co/9YA2ZSveeL
Bob Costas is dumber than he looks. And that's saying a lot. http://t.co/goTITQPxhc
Omg. Smelling candles in the candle aisle is making me want to bake.... http://t.co/qkxMSxUA8DOh no, David Letterman is retiring. How will we ever find another late night lefty to shill for the Democrats?
Retweeted by BailsI like Sarah Palin, but the tonight show skit was pretty bad, lol@SoonerCubby lol no. I spent my time outside already when I went for my run!Well it's all drizzly out. I think its a Hobby Lobby kinda day :-)"History is written by the victors." ...I like this quote.Al Gore is putting out a sequel? Will he call it, "An Inconvenient Apology"? http://t.co/beJbuIOe6xSo. Its sposed to thunderstorm. I'm going running anyway.I love writing with new pens. :-DUrghh. I slept too late :-(
Just made quinoa and tried It for the first time. #anticlimactic.@NorCal_RN nice! I really like it so far.Downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. Alright. Losing this damn weight once and for all.Pretty sure if you're gay, your chances at landing a role on TV are 70% better than that of your straight counterpart. 90% if it's a musical@JSmithAD41 I know! Its insane!Rush Limbaugh once punched a 4 year old square in the face, just because he looked at him funny. #ObamaForADayStudies say 54% of those who identify as Republican have committed murder. #ObamaforADayI'm just going to tweet a bunch of non-facts today, just to see who buys them. #ObamaForADayWatching Obama's "7.1 million" speech. If I had his conscience I'd win every argument ever because I could make up facts to back up my pointWait. Wait wait wait. Ceasar Chavez Day is a thing? Not only a thing, but a thing in Texas? :-| um.@oawdixon indeedy.@talkradio200 no. No I don't.You know it's gonna be a good day when your bacon was cooked *just* right. :-)Mornin'. Coffee time.@JasonBWhitman you totally should! Im thinkin hot pink should be your color :-) @ElissaRobersonWould you trust a nurse who had some teal coloring in a section of her hair? :-D@ElissaRoberson I personally think its a cool look if you find the perfect color and put it in the right spot!Why am I getting the urge to put a crazy color in my hair? :-|
@AiPolitics it's like "ew" but i get some weird satisfaction from watching it....i don't understand these feelings!omg i can't get enough of cyst popping videos! http://t.co/TLIBgcOt16@AnxietyMisfit lol no. just a random thought.For the record: I still don't feel like an adult.I hate that I'm getting to the age where I can't eat my favorite junk food without my insides getting angry at me :-(Wooot! Im home! And Today was my Friday :-)@RwnGingrRavnArt lol! It would be more fitting if it said on the back, "...which says a lot!"
Staggering stats for website visits and phone calls? Yeah, that happens when you tell people who don't enroll that they are criminals.
Retweeted by BailsThe amount of stupid coming from the liberal side of twitter tonight is outstanding!I love a good debate & discussion, but if you go IT'S THE LAW that's when I tune out.
Retweeted by BailsEvenin' gov'nahs;Inadvertantly let slip my YouTube channel to a liberal co worker. #regrets
@candicanelane lol fair enough!@candicanelane you know, I don't think so. I have lots of things I want to accomplish in my life. I could fill the time!You know what? If I won a ridiculous amount of money and never had to work again, I would probably accomplish some awesome shit in my life.Don't get me wrong, I like my job. But Holy stressballz, man.
@not2lateshow lol no no not as gifts. Never as a gift. I just mean as decoration@LunaticRex yeah, I'd say real ones for gifts, definitely haha@jacigreggs nice! That's not a half bad idea@jacigreggs my dining room: http://t.co/PjPMGxJJRN@oawdixon lol decoration. I put some in my dining room: http://t.co/WXwy7D4aepFake flowers: tacky or awesome?@BailofRights well, she's stupid....but really, probly not :-/i made another video, but I'm starting to think I shouldn't put it up..I was kind of unnecessarily mean towards a college student writer :-/Slept 14 hours. Weeeird dreams
What happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me"? Now it's "#banbossy because your words define me!"---> https://t.co/i0V2bZ75hv … cc: @dloesch RT @PiersMorgan: It's a wrap.Sick and tired of this, #banwords, #cancelcolbert, #stoprush culture we've become. It's fucking lame.@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn lol what are you trying to prove with that?people are very loose with the term "racist" and it annoys the living crap out of me. Grow up, get a sense of humor, and live your life. SMH@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn lol OK.@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn you are dim, and I'm sorry for that. Good luck with life.@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn do you honest to God, think that colbert actually has a problem with asians??? I cannot believe you don't get it@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn honestly this is what cracks me up. there is a HUGE FUNDAMENTAL difference between chris rock and colbert.@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn he wasn't making fun of asians. can't believe u can't see this. he was mocking how terrible people are at racism@ConserveTruth13 @Verachinn But Chris Rock is cool, right? cause whites are totally fair game.idiots will be idiots. I give up. *throws hands up in exasperation*I need a tylenol and a chill pill. Pretty sure I'm on my 6th or 7th wind by now...the internet is so addicting....You know what? Can we #CancelChrisRock?? Because ---> http://t.co/D9mJKeZ2H9---> https://t.co/i0V2bZ75hv <--- RT @PiersMorgan: It's a wrap.@emaleroland ugh. what do you know, anyway? Nothing. That's what!Why do I still follow @Slate? Every time I think "...okay, I'll read this article, maybe they'll redeem themselves." Nope. They never do.I think sleep deprivation makes me cooler.@tarawhite161 Thanks! Just checked out a couple of her songs, I like her so far!a co-worker introduced me to ZZ Ward's music last night, and I am happy as a clam right now, with 'Put the Gun Down' on repeat. AWE. SOME!@AuntiEstblshmnt It's sad when you think you turned something around on me when you're still very very unaware of what you're talking about<---is addressed as "white girl" and told off for being a racist....all in the same breathe by @AuntiEstblshmnt. I'm dying over here....@AuntiEstblshmnt "white girl"?? Now who's the racist? Who the hell do you think you are?@AuntiEstblshmnt It's hard watching you not get the point this badly. It's painful.@AuntiEstblshmnt lmao. my white privilege? #headdesk. Satire means he was MAKING FUN OF RACISM.
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