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Bails @BailofRights Des Moines, IA

I'm a nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. My opinions on politics are awesome, so I tweet them here for your reading pleasure.

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@GilesMcK open carry cause you're immediately identified as a person whom nobody should mess with. :-)Hmm yea, don't defend Bundy. #protipI'm now catching up with the Bundy stuff....Wow that was pretty racist.@DavidJGarth thanks! And yea, it's been interesting so far.Wow...as of next week, I will have been an RN for 6 months. Where did the time go??Shorter @owillis: I ate a small horse. #caring @DLoesch
Retweeted by BailsHi!
This is one of my favorite songs right now! ---> http://t.co/K7jUbNjVYi@talkradio200 no no, slow clapping is not the same as a golf clap. *sigh* get yer claps straight, man! @oawdixon@oawdixon :-DThis week is going to be awesome. I've just decided. Carry on.
Yes yes YES! ---> Alabama Supreme Court: Unborn Child Has ‘Inalienable’ Right to Life ‘At All Stages of Development’ http://t.co/ALhSxA5Eji@hboulware @BenHowe This pic makes my skin crawl.Fantastic --> http://t.co/BLhGC8vt1OI will be there! RT @ArcticFox2016: #BB4SP: Heals On, Gloves Off Rally with @SarahPalinUSA http://t.co/qqU3H5TvXS@EyeDesertBlog looks like hes doing some siding on the building....but I'd have liked to be warnedUm. There's a man on my balcony.<--- has the sudden urge to chop down a tree.happy #earthday. or as most of us call it, tuesday.
Retweeted by BailsHow embarrassing for you MT @chrislhayes: My essay for the Nation on the parallels between the abolition of slavery & today's climate fight
Retweeted by BailsThis is the single greatest Android app Ive stumbled upon thus far. Lmao!! ---> https://t.co/K5nTZVY57x
#ZachBraffIn4Words horrible human. worse actor.#ZachBraffIn4Words Lives out Scrubs personalityNothing makes me laugh and puke at the same time like a liberal celebrity giving lectures about generosity.Is @ZachBraff ever gonna stop being his Scrubs character? Or is he just resorting to it because he's a liberal robot without a personality?---> @zachbraff <--- RT @SamARosado: Who are we #outraging against this evening? #outrage #clicks#Fixed: @zachbraff: #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words Don't touch my Porsche!
Retweeted by Bails#SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words White people are bad@DLoesch I think he forgot "your" in that sentence. @zachbraffA bloody mary and a popsicle....weird combo? Maybe. But I'm not willing to stop ingesting one or the other.Lol. Dude. Remember DMs?What kind of salesman has trouble selling a mandated subsidized needed product? Answer: A govt salesman! #tcot #obamacare
Retweeted by BailsJudge everything by color! #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words
Retweeted by Bails@lino_and_louie Lol I don't even know what my tag number is yet....or how to find it....I'm lost. Never heard of this site til tonight.I'm following @jonfun, @pjswan, @tonykatz, @GilesMcK, @SackHeads, @erinhaust and 25 others on @spreaker http://t.co/KP9GY65yBj@lino_and_louie bah, actually i just got an account, and it tweeted that automatically :-/ Sorry!I'm on @Spreaker, check me out http://t.co/pRZjGpbQ83@ddfissell no, I still pack in the carbs with other things. Plus, I've tried both.OK, back to gluten free eating. I had lost over 10 lbs last time I stuck to it.#SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words You are a victim.Lol, wow. RT @RBPundit: My latest. Read it -> Vox Hilariously Undermines Its Own Cause http://t.co/k4oZanFwzi via @pocketliberty#SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words I'm tolerant, you dumbass!#SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words Killing babies saves lives!You people who defend #PlannedParenthood with "But they're non-profit!!" I want to kick your face. Here's why. http://t.co/J8wQcfUCteThe #banbossy campaign was based on a completely false premise...a blatant, willful lie. SHOCKER. http://t.co/gBgB3mSIMj via @chicksonrightIf you've ever doubted how bat shit crazy Margaret Sanger, #PlannedParenthood founder was, This is for you: http://t.co/HnDhIN0OinTHIS RT @FreeRadicalNet: #FRN is reading @LarryOConnor on what is really behind more Keystone delays http://t.co/duzQ1XN3pq
Retweeted by BailsNot quite sure I'm scrapping http://t.co/7xGVlzLFzH, but this a work in progress ---> http://t.co/36vvuajJ9j Constructive criticism welcome!@BradEssex Thanks, Brad :)Work in progress: http://t.co/36vvuajJ9j Any constructive criticism?
loved this. http://t.co/UEOgAM3wyG from @misfitpolitics @MissRuth1021ROFL!!!! RT @Tierno158: Happy Monday! http://t.co/PhE7fhjVZq
Retweeted by BailsFinishing Easter off right by watching Thor with the gingers :)Interested in this Joni Ernst character...not about to start a fan club over her yet. But she's definitely amusing! "Let's make 'em squeal!"Excited to be going to the Heels On, Gloves Off rally held by @She_PAC next week! I need this so bad. So, should I plan on wearing heels??@scottymastel lol been on both ends of that situation too many times to count!@scottymastel For real... PS. was just watched the video of you dancing linked in your bio....I was cracking up.@DefendWallSt OK sure, but I'd still be pissed cause she's bound to have her own agenda.If it were me, I'd be SO pissed if the First Lady decided to come steal my show at my graduation! It's like she can't get enough spotlight!Haha I love this: 1,200 students petition AGAINST @MichelleObama speaking at their high school graduation. http://t.co/JqgFW8RxekConnell family argument of the night: whether animals have souls. ....I just can't.Happy Easter, everyone :-)
My family can turn *anything* into an argument. Today's topic? The speed of light. Its an honest to God shouting match.
Am I the only chick who downloaded the My Fitness Pal app, used it for a week, and then abandoned it once we had a slice of pizza?
The worst part about my Netflix binge? It was Gossip girl. I watched all 6 seasons in a weeks time. I'm ashamed.. But it was Sooo addicting!http://t.co/ZrALt0Bf04 this just popped up in my notifications.. I've never seen 'so-and-so joined twitter' notification.Okay....I think I'm done with my Netflix binge for awhile. Whew. What month is it??
@WorldOfStu weird they worry about us wanting to abort black children...do "Margaret Sanger" and "eugenics" ring a bell for them?
I just spotted a youtuber while shopping in does Moines. This is bizarre!
Finally home....just worked yet another 14 hr shift for the third day in a row. And today without a lunch break. This hospital is CRAAAY!
So @Elliottcmorgan may be my all time favorite youtuber. Guys...I watch **a lot** of freaking @youtube. Watch: http://t.co/DyKVhLCbV8All I want right now is cool ranch doritos dipped in synthetic cheese.I'm having an i-hate-people kind of day.K. These 14 hour work days need to stop. I can't. I just can't.Seriously may be another 14 hour day. Gjdnfvdgijbfyhvdyjjoopqfvd.
I think Mozilla should require a loyalty oath before downloads, so that users don't violate the sacred Mozilla corporate values code.
Retweeted by Bails@EmEvans87 lol yes, exactly!@hailee_c_ lol that's an excellent comparisonMy face when someone texts me "k" http://t.co/VVaTHQNqgO
Retweeted by Bails@BradEssex Haha thanks.Finally home. 14 hr day. Had to transfuse a guy. a patient yelled at *me* cause *the doctor* decided to keep him another night.....bedtime.Day. From. Hell. #atleastnobodydiedHaving the sex talk via text with a stranger? Apparently @BHCHD had a Worst Idea Ever contest. Clearly this won. https://t.co/9YA2ZSveeL
Bob Costas is dumber than he looks. And that's saying a lot. http://t.co/goTITQPxhc
Omg. Smelling candles in the candle aisle is making me want to bake.... http://t.co/qkxMSxUA8DOh no, David Letterman is retiring. How will we ever find another late night lefty to shill for the Democrats?
Retweeted by BailsI like Sarah Palin, but the tonight show skit was pretty bad, lol@SoonerCubby lol no. I spent my time outside already when I went for my run!Well it's all drizzly out. I think its a Hobby Lobby kinda day :-)"History is written by the victors." ...I like this quote.Al Gore is putting out a sequel? Will he call it, "An Inconvenient Apology"? http://t.co/beJbuIOe6xSo. Its sposed to thunderstorm. I'm going running anyway.I love writing with new pens. :-DUrghh. I slept too late :-(
Just made quinoa and tried It for the first time. #anticlimactic.@NorCal_RN nice! I really like it so far.Downloaded the My Fitness Pal app. Alright. Losing this damn weight once and for all.Pretty sure if you're gay, your chances at landing a role on TV are 70% better than that of your straight counterpart. 90% if it's a musical@JSmithAD41 I know! Its insane!Rush Limbaugh once punched a 4 year old square in the face, just because he looked at him funny. #ObamaForADay
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