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The man behind the button. Le 'Bob Bob' du Bob Bob Ricard de Londres. Never pretentious. Man of simple needs. Beacon of good taste.

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@Clerkenwell_Boy @chocolateguide @implausibleblog PS. You can have all the champagne you want for one of these beauties.@Clerkenwell_Boy @chocolateguide Stop it, you tease, I am having do with a Workshop breakfast.@Clerkenwell_Boy @chocolateguide @implausibleblog I happen to be in Clerkenwell so you better start setting the table.@chocolateguide I feel @Clerkenwell_Boy owes all of us some doughnuts.
@JessLatchford You tease.Inside eccentric London restaurant Bob Bob Ricard's new £3 million club room. http://t.co/PtsI7GalJm http://t.co/WP2wmrZNbQ
Retweeted by Bob Bob Ricard@Londons_Latest Sounds like a perfect match!@eric_lanlard @davidjconstable Every country has its Marmite and this is Sweden's!
Thank you, @Samsie25!@judeinlondon Finally, something worth waking up to.@petshopboys Happy birthday, Neil! xx@ValerievdGraaf No kidding! x@Samphirechicks Oh, you two! x
@The_Gin_Club @gintonicdaily If you like gin in cocktails, the English 75 is lovely!@TooManyTs On the contrary, I quite enjoy a good tut.@PKPR_UK Let me know when you are here, I would love to say hello!@PKPR_UK Is that a promise?@Gastro1 You can never go wrong with a good shine.@AmberAtherton @Prestatchoco A little early in the day for a chocolate tweet?
@donnafitzpatric Use it wisely.@LizBowles1 Have fun!@PKPR_UK So when shall we expect you?@TooManyTs PS. Loved your sound but had to resort to tutting when it got sweary.@instyle_UK Can't wait - putting plenty of pink champagne on ice in anticipation! x
@TooManyTs I hope we are old-school enough for you!@sampsonian My long-lost brother, it would seem.
@snimmuc85 We only take bookings three months in advance, my dear!
There is no other button like it. The home of "Press for Champagne" button in Forbes magazine http://t.co/k3MUq6E298 http://t.co/RCDrxy3amX@HRWright @BonVivantLiving @SamphireSalsify @mranderswhite @AdamMHyman I was going to stop in for a drink but was severely underdressed! x@therealmrhare My iPhone keeps trying to type Mr Hard instead of Mr Hare. It obviously knows something I don't.
@HRWright @MaximusSThomas I suggest you stay on his good side.@AssiaWebster Are you offering?Thank god for champagne and grilled oysters with truffle and parmesan. http://t.co/LBmUm1mzZw@AssiaWebster I hear she blames me for the questionable entertainment! x@kristainlondon The prodigal daughter returns! xx@fredsirieix1 Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Sirieix!
@MinxyMillie If your Twitter description of yourself is anything to go by - you fit right in, my dear.@LaurenHoTravels @wallpapermag Our button in our favourite magazine? This is all the excuse I need to pop a bottle of champagne pre-lunch.
@Glamirati I can't believe I've missed the @TheStyleEditor dining next to me. As always, my excuse is champagne.@ms_organised @EvaMaclaine @Hallmeister Let me get the lease drawn up.@TheProdigalFool Do I detect a hint of irony in your words?Forbes Magazine: Eccentric London Restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard, Opens New £3 Million Club Room http://t.co/k3MUq6E298 via @forbes
@matilda_lowther Or you and @Jamiebower can simply move into one of our booths.@Bianca_BeautyPR And you're our favourite coordinator! xDon't keep us waiting, @MissVickyBall!@GizziErskine I thought you'd never ask! xRT: Forbes Magazine: Eccentric London Restaurant, Bob Bob Ricard, Opens New £3 Million Club Room http://t.co/dINjYeDrCh via @forbes
@Americas_Table Your outfit, for one! It's quite a look! x@Jamiebower @matilda_lowther Tonight, I'll be doing just that over dinner there myself! x@james_sherwood_ @suziekennedy @PeteMolinari It's about time you graced us with your presence, Mr Sherwood.@Jamiebower @matilda_lowther There is no emergency so big that it can not be dealt with by pressing this button enough times.
RT @EricUnderwood1: Had a boogie with the performer and finished with glowing nipples. <= There's a line you don't hear often.@frontlinechef Having the foie gras with sweet peaches at the Smokehouse. You are officially a god.@christina_lydon @cadielisejones You seem to be more focused on working up a thirst than an appetite, Ms @KateGlennie?@pfitzherbert @HRWright @AdamMHyman @BonVivantLiving There will be no naughtiness, @mranderswhite. Or I'll take you down like a domino.@EricUnderwood1 Why are your guest's nipples glowing?
@Elysion_Events That's "your", of course. I have been on champagne since lunch.@Elysion_Events You don't waste any time getting you Friday night started.@clairemelwani @burnssara @BlanchMonica @xo_livs It will hardly be the same, my dear.@coopslondon Can't blame you.@BettyMagazine Oh Betty, you gorgeous thing! x@Ashleydaviesj I will pass that on and happy birthday! x
@thunderhearts @hayleyjfell I'll go put champagne on ice.@thunderhearts @hayleyjfell I could not possibly object.@thunderhearts @hayleyjfell Ahem. I am not that sort of man.@thunderhearts @hayleyjfell What is all this hullabaloo?@ateliertally @uncommonclient @ChadLDN All good in my books.@LawrenceOfArb Give Martin my regards!@ateliertally @uncommonclient @ChadLDN You self imposer.@runawaykiwi The only way, surely?
@ateliertally @uncommonclient @ChadLDN We do like to enforce.@rinaendo I had to kick start my week with a bit of vintage vodka with dinner myself.@mattcooke_uk That's what you say, but I can only see Ms @galgal84 pressing it.Happy birthday, @LornieK's mum! x
@mrchrisaddison I feel your pain@Esme_Willis Thank you! x
@fawnjames Ahh, you are getting an extra big hug next time you are in! x
@AGirlAStyle And a lovely nail polish colour choice to match our powder pink! x@amberlebon I am shocked and appalled that Mr @JadeCalliva would allow such gross mis-use of the champagne button.@marthaward2 @JadeCalliva As if we would ever run out! x
@TheProdigalFool @BonVivantLiving Too late, that Bremont is going down.@TheProdigalFool @BonVivantLiving Ah, the master of the put-down complement is here.Love the look of the new 16-seater private dining room at @BobBobRicard http://t.co/baxrW8vb3g http://t.co/PTlqoLqcoU
Retweeted by Bob Bob Ricard@fiftyshadesUK Should we not be taking it slow?@jayrayner1 Back pocket or front pocket?
@E_L_James May be you have not been frequenting the right establishments.@TweetyNatalieH @E_L_James @selina_walker @charlottebush2 And who got the lonely little gold truffle?@E_L_James You can press my button any time, my dear.You are making me blush, @fiftyshadesUK!@TheProdigalFool That's very bold of you. Or are you away from the watchful eye of your employer?@judeinlondon Only if you will work for champagne.@ginandting My thinking as well. Until the restraining order.This is clearly "champagne at breakfast" sort of weather. There may not be much work done today.
@josephcant Has someone been drinking champagne all day again?@thebakingagent The smallest table size in the Club Room is a four - it is meant to be lively dining!@DanielJohnLynch Ha, saves us having to cook.@misscharb Your timeline suggests they have begun quite a bit earlier today! xOnline bookings now open for tables of 4 in our new Club Room for "lively dining, music and champagne". http://t.co/QWSdk8eQtI
@MrsHound I tried to be the voice of reason and moderation but there was no stopping you.@Mikespencer1 We were all waiting for you to mount that mirror ball.
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