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@rlewis3669 of course, but I'm still gonna see you when you get into town on Friday too.Come check out the geektastic @suicidegirls show at #sdcc! I might even do The Roger Rabbit across… http://t.co/2RgxtRn0Mo
I'm replaying Bioshock so, would you kindly flashback to my Beyond the Sea set for @suicidegirls http://t.co/H0ulhOsvKCI am gonna miss you Maverick.
Do you have all your #comiccon #cosplay lined up? 'Cause I just posted a DIY Bob Suicide Mask tutorial: http://t.co/GvYrPk0QO8
@nodgarb where there will be much nerdalation!That awkward moment when you have to explain it's not a sunburn...it's a laptop burn.
@ippaku I made two of the three.In case you were wondering what #cosplay I'd be wearing at #sdcc next week... http://t.co/qpxH3zbVXb@BlasterDarkRen Blastimus Prime is one of those speaker systems you can hook your iPod up to.If Bumblebee got the Matrix of Leadership he'd be Bumblmus Prime and he'd transform into a Volkswagen bus.
@loweyd @ciemnika when you gain enough speed to hit 88mph we'll see some serious shit.@loweyd @ciemnika I like the sound of "something someday."@loweyd Clearly, you've been incased in ice for 100 years with your trusty Air Bison. :P@loweyd they're on the third.@tamster2003 the second season is way better than the first and really makes you wish it was The Legend of Wan.Why am I watching #legendofkorra when what I really want to watch is The Legend of Bumi and Bum-Ju. When's that on?@wilw @midnight CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!@RevengeOfANerd I'll try and swing by, but I can't imagine I'll win.@RattuLedra it's a fossil.@MBiolCalumSmith yea, I'm just curious about the class of the "something."Hey Internet! Tell me what type of bone this is: http://t.co/ffd0AxYQPY
Woot! @suicidegirls can't get enough of my #sdcc #shera #cosplay Check it out: http://t.co/L8x7qv3eYEJust doing my @suicidegirls #sghomework with some #sgbackinblack http://t.co/d7o3UcjGco
@DamonMartin Me neither!!! I've been sewing up costumes all day today! :D@DamonMartin okie dokie. Glad it didn't get lost or anything. Thank you SOOO much!@DamonMartin Yes and yes! I was just gonna email you. But, your shirt wasn't in there. The box was opened, it didn't get taken did it?Epic mailbox day! Special thanks to whoever got the #transformers Shrapnel off my wishlist! http://t.co/jQUQH2ntuJTesting out blue eyebrows. What do you think? http://t.co/iJ0LHwvM7f
#caughtgramming by @cupcakedujour in some sweet new @stormyent apparel! http://t.co/ntLjrdbBbB@optimalwc @SuicideGirls Fixed: A *SEXY* epileptic snake.Me: Trying out for the @SuicideGirls #BlackheartBurlesque Tour http://t.co/fWjcvzELaRMy Mom just cut a significant piece of butter off the stick and fed it to her dog. Because: "they didn't have bacon."
Thunder...thunder...thunder! #thundercats Unfortunately, this #cosplay isn't turning out the way I… http://t.co/VUSNGQ38tg
@ShinMilos I like that dragon dagger, but like the rest of the exclusives this year, I can't justify buying it 'cause I already have one.For the honor of Greyskull! Special thanks to @tamster2003 for the #shera costume. It needs a little… http://t.co/on06AbtAOD@Ellroy1 and I'd eat it in under 3 minutes Liz Lemon style 'cause that's my superpower.@osmikawi only if I can put it on a sandwich :P@Grifftre Oof, that's a tough one. They're all SO good! I like vegan BBQ riblet or an Ike's Captain Kirk: http://t.co/k1ZRZVJA3hI hate it when people comment on my pictures saying "give that model a sandwich!" ...Mostly because no one actually gets me a sandwich.
Need Dragonzord power, now? Check out the new #PowerRangers Legacy Dragon Dagger on my latest #toytuesday . http://t.co/bK5zgRRomr
@SuicideGirls #SGHomeWork the sexy @bobsuicide did her homework and posted this photo! What a good girl! http://t.co/7wKsDQ8EXg
@lokified Yup. It plays 3 songs.I need Dragonzord power! http://t.co/iFoZE50yIO@mikehwins I'm being sarcastic with all this too. :) It's what the founding fathers would have wanted us to do to honor today.@mikehwins Only the first Matrix. I took the blue pill and the other two films didn't happen. :P@mikehwins Computer nerds deserve a blockbuster hero to look up to.@mikehwins So, he flew a plane that was already flying, unmanned. He could fly to the Mothership like a Blue Angel, but without the virus...@mikehwins It's true. All those wisecracks are really what demoralized the alien forces enough to explode. :PIndependence Day: a time to reflect on the majesty of our country and thank Jeff Goldblum for saving us from those aliens.Happee birfdae 'Muerica! http://t.co/rgGgJhHQTs
@cherryrae don't worry. The'll get theirs in the end. All that popcorn'll get stuck in their teeth.@EnochPhotos I don't. The damn dogs ate my one and only pair of shorts. :/@guilledark Seriously! The dogs ate my one & only pair of shorts. They're $60 to replace but, all I can hear is Nelson Muntz saying "ha ha!"Damn The Simpsons for putting quite a damper on the serious situation of my shorts getting eaten.Verily! Thanks to Jonathan for getting this #shakespeare's #starwars book off my wishlist. http://t.co/3y4l9GbYL7When people ask if I've seen the new #Transformers movie I'm going to say "fuck yeah" and direct them to this: http://t.co/MI4ah8I5ZF
@Fate_510 I shoot them every other week. :)@Kriptinamos nah, I've done about 4 or 5 Star Wars shoots, so it's a valid assumption.I found information vital to the survival of the Rebellion in the memory systems of this R2 unit...… http://t.co/82cM8cizGa@wilw thank you! :)@wilw Just a pool at a friend's house in Santa Margarita. The address is: 4 8 15 16 23 42 :PWhat do you think of yesterday's shoot? http://t.co/AxWgd2v4uSTALK NERDY TO ME PODCAST- Our Official Guide on How to Survive San Diego @Comic_Con - http://t.co/hLASagHaYB #SDCC @BobSuicide @SD_Comic_Con
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@bobsuicide is set of the day today on http://t.co/KPHzeJF6Kq! http://t.co/7EOQ5NgfrX
Retweeted by Bob SuicideI'm set of the day on @suicidegirls! What better way to celebrate than shooting another? @ Santa… http://t.co/SAEMBRv657@pntaylor Thank you! :)
All that DDR payed off! Check out my sweet dance moves and nunchuck skills. @ Loma Grande Ranch http://t.co/5v5pKhu8rX
@DamonMartin @NerdCoreMOV I've got your review, no actual viewing necessary: "utter, utter, utter cock."@acarboni @LisaFoiles @HerUniverse MY KINGDOM (or Lord Starscream's 2-second kingdom) FOR SOME DECEPTICON MERCH!@tamster2003 I'll be at the @suicidegirls booth throughout the con. So, be sure to stop by and say hai! :DCountdown to #sdcc with a #flashbackfriday to my old friend the #suicidegirls speedsuit designed by… http://t.co/C7tvyQQc9F
@unkle_matt that explains why I'm a svelte 6.8 tons.Why do women lie about their age by saying they're younger than they are? I'm gonna start saying I'm 90. I look damn good for 90.
The biggest lie I ever told: "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions."@DamonMartin “@MENACE: @ThatKevinSmith now filling in for Greg this morning! Tune in and text us 22987 or stream at http://t.co/jU9KddThf6@BradSabbath My mom says I'm cool.
@Grifftre unfortunately, my phone auto-corrected.“@rlewis3669: What? No mention about how good looking this friend was that picked that up for you?” RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING! :DIt's morphine' time! Today's #toytuesday is all about the 20th Anniversary #PowerRangers Green/White Ranger Morpher. https://t.co/CqDVOjxxWY
@DamonMartin Yeah! I'll wait for my red phone to ring.@DamonMartin Always down. Plus, the SDCC review we've been promising!@DamonMartin And there was much rejoicing!Clerk: I saw #trueblood once. There were boobs everywhere Me: That's a normal day for me Him: How do I get in on that? Me: Become a womanMom: "Don't ask me to help you move a dead body." Me: "I don't even clean my room. You think I'm gonna move a body?"
@Bod247 I appreciate the offer, but I'm so metal that's past my bedtime.Bakana koto iuna yo! My fiendorfauxx #Akira shirt looks just as good on as off. Check it out on @zivity http://t.co/Gkrk3Escts
If I ever lose a foot and someone asks what happened; I'm gonna say, "stepped on a #lego brick."Here Comes A New Challenger! The countdown to #sdcc begins thanks to Mugs4000 for getting me this… http://t.co/yoKbd7Tk7Z
Be sure to wish @cupcakedujour a happee birfdae today! And, eat a cupcake, obviously. http://t.co/oAwPVgI3MZ
I think I my knee hurts, but it's difficult to be sure 'cause my Pip-Boy is broken.@iamdooom you can see part of it in this one too: http://t.co/17ZjDQBFZN :D
My new set #BadWolfBay just hit @suicidegirls MR. Login, check it out, & let SG know you wanna see more of me https://t.co/hY0j86moGj
@bobojojo yea, I thought the DeLorean promo was cool.Just finished editing a new set shot by @tmronin http://t.co/ASzWyWtZqn
Happy Father/Uncle Day! #GameOfThrones.@MatSymbol @Bobsuicide @tmronin There are perks to being "Bob boob height" 👍👍👍
Retweeted by Bob SuicideI've shot a lot of #dirtypolaroids with @tmronin, but this one with @cupcakedujour is my favorite http://t.co/zxyVHVdHiD
#ispyadime @cupcakedujour and I are rockin' the kick-ass new #dimesbrand apparel keep a lookout for… http://t.co/85PVAaJXLlMy new solution for all my minor and possibly nonexistent problems: kill the younglings. #starwars
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