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5 reasons you SHOULD work for free, by @MindyCrary: http://t.co/vwCEtNDFIsIf You Want to Land a Career You’ll Love, Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes http://t.co/lx0iCUZJz5
6 ways to reinvigorate your #career or #jobsearch this Fall, by @KathrynDill: http://t.co/LjTyvPzO6wHow Social Media Can Make or Break Your #JobSearch, from @MonicaZent: http://t.co/p48lvYaCiZHow to love the job you have right now... focus on one thing. Awesome post by @PenelopeTrunk: http://t.co/O5LmACGwFuDon't ask this question. It could seriously hurt your #jobsearch: http://t.co/knh5UXQX3w by @emmiemartin4 smart tricks to writing an #MBA application about failure, from Ryan Hicker over @Petersons: http://t.co/6iVEB6Epdb@YohCorporate Truly was.For Your Small Business: 10 Types of Barcode Symbologies: If you are new to the world of barcodes... http://t.co/Jt0gYEb4MF via @jobacleThe Brutal Truth About Why You’re Not Getting What You Want http://t.co/D1yHHLQZuc"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau #career #QOTD@CareerBuilder Thanks for that!8 Tips for Launching Your #SideHustle Like a Rock Star http://t.co/CWnOMhhAPc*Gasp* Work for free? Yeah. We went there. http://t.co/SgctZ2P0MLNetworking in Portland: 7 Events to Expand Your Professional Circle http://t.co/XanwENab62
5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Mentor, by @nicolefallon90: http://t.co/Jxswx5Krr8 #careerA fascinating read on navigating your #career through breast cancer, by @STisdale1: http://t.co/h63kcLZfVfDon't let losing out on the #job make you a loser. Learn to deal with your losses: http://t.co/912OHvs4L6The Proactive Job Search: 3 Ways To Turn Your #Networking Meetings Into A Job Offer, by @FeistySideFifty http://t.co/g6its0QzQbCongrats, unemployed graduate! #Career doors are open and it’s up to you to walk through them: http://t.co/ajWd5Y2crT by @AJeanHanson@jonmahony Feeling inspired, we hope!@laquandaMfields This article by @GoOverseas is pretty useful. Just make sure to include and highlight it! http://t.co/DKyP2SIPp5How to Manage Productive and Happy Interns — and Make the Most of Them http://t.co/IqKQPRte7BRT @vinmccaffrey: @GameTheoryGroup 1st virtual career fair-feels like we should be getting ready to run on the court http://t.co/lNy9WIIHBwLast Chance! Chat NOW with recruiters at Dell, @TWC, New York Life, and more! Login Here >> http://t.co/WgPukJC1ILRT @GeorgetownCSIC: Happening today @GeorgetownACS hosts Alumni Virtual Career Fair for Startups. Register here: http://t.co/6ubjmJL6X7Sometimes an excellent #resume doesn’t cut it. You've gotta be bold in these 5 ways: http://t.co/dOTuEuhsmo@ResumeTarget Thanks for the feedback. Absolutely—personal branding is an undervalued art in most people's careers.Questions you should be prepared to answer during a #job #interview: http://t.co/9wGhgt65LAWhat are some of your favorite #career blogs?4 Smart Tricks to Writing an MBA Application Essay About Failure http://t.co/rSRKVevAQ4
Here's what an #MBA from a top 10 school is worth, from @JohnAByrne: http://t.co/xYsoHjmIOD8 Reasons This Is An Excellent #Résumé For Someone With A Lot Of Work Experience, from @jacquelynvsmith: http://t.co/OZGgP8iYftFeel like it's impossible to survive the emotional transition from #college to work? @David_Shindler has some tips: http://t.co/STyzaW7SAtHow your #jobsearch could threaten your identity, an article from @YahooFinance http://t.co/BvF2sCCHvhRecent grad? #Unemployed? We got you: http://t.co/ajWd5Y2crT@GrahamAtHelp 'Twas great to have you write for us, Graham!@KaplanGMATPrep Thanks Kaplan! Hope your students found it relevant.Stand out. Land your #dreamjob. Here's how: http://t.co/dOTuEuhsmo@writer_babe Oh man! That's a bummer to hear :-(Your Complete Guide to Serving on a Board of Directors http://t.co/G7q4CB7AZe #careerWhat's on your #career agenda this week?HOW TO STAY AWAKE AT WORK: Let’s face it. Work can become so boring that the plush leather chair ... http://t.co/NlkyhTEc5E via @jobacle5 Reasons You Should Work for Free http://t.co/DzfZW7wLlb
RT @mashable: The most common miscommunications between recruiters and job seekers in one handy infographic http://t.co/e1PZXNzhc4RT @georgetownacs: One week until our VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR! Connect w/ startup employers via online chat: http://t.co/tWPKsjoEis #dc #jobsRT @AskAManager: how to answer “what do you do?” when you’re unemployed, employer restricts and more http://t.co/naMrTNUqW9RT @tonyrestell: The 140 Character Job Search http://t.co/NXCaKubYKq @EliteResumes #socialmediaDoes using social media for #recruitment actually work? Hard Rock Cafe may have proved it does: http://t.co/xZEYR6bo0o@lashaug That just made our day!Recent Grad? How to Start Your Career Even If You’re Unemployed http://t.co/CfFmyg8QqZDon't be THAT person at your #office: http://t.co/yixugs4aqX@jinkfenn We host a networking event each month, the 3rd Thursday. Stay tuned! Hope to catch you next time.We've got a handful of networking #events in Austin, including @athh, @techranch, @AtxStartupWeek, and more! http://t.co/aRkSLi8w0i5 Bold Ways to Stand Out and Land Your Dream Job http://t.co/YWwTdjUYRS
RT @CAREEREALISM: Employment Branding Pricing http://t.co/YSptE6DXxu http://t.co/gKSQumNA9pRT @Barry_at_IMPACT: Is there a bigger universe of great candidates out there? http://t.co/elAO8iawL4 #leadership #hiring9 reasons you're not getting #promoted (and what to do about it): http://t.co/4dwEFcE6V6RT @tonyrestell: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out What it Means to Candidates http://t.co/lRYrwF5Z3F #recruitingHard Rock Cafe used #socialmedia to hire 120 people in 1 month. Here's how: http://t.co/Z8dkJdgYhm@MsTechGroup Thanks for RTing to your audience. Hope some Chicagoians found it useful.No more schmoozing, #MBA students! @BudgetBlonde has got some #networking tips: http://t.co/4rwFW1AEIL@bselected_uk It's so important and yet so often overlooked.Unusual and dangerous #career? @UndercoverRec has got you covered with this infographic: http://t.co/4LwRe7j9IxBased in Austin? Check out #networking events from @YMBL, @NAPWAustin, @AustinYC, and more! http://t.co/8YGFH6bQXd
RT @MNHeadhunter: Getting an early start to the work week... becuase being #2 sucks #RecruiterLife http://t.co/NuIL5EHLiDRT @MeghanMBiro: Happy Work Folk Are Huggers, Not Walkers http://t.co/NiOq1PxUkuThe single most important #interview question and how to answer it: http://t.co/Yq0XJZ3LxQRT @NewCareerGuru: 40pluscareerguru: How a blog will explode your work opportunities http://t.co/xRZRaXI8ZOAvoid being the person that no one wants to #work with. @LizSeasholtz dishes: http://t.co/W64SwbOvPW@pdxnicolle Love that you love it.@NewsToLiveBy Nothing's planned just yet, but stay tuned. We'll promote it heavily so you won't miss it.Smart #networking for #MBA students: http://t.co/nqVP2Wu4AI@AU_SIScareers Appreciate the support.
RT @phyllismufson: To Give or Take? The Surprising Science Behind #Success http://t.co/7ssCG31b4z by @farnamstreetRT @GayleHoward: How Will We Approach Our Careers in the Future?: How will we approach our… http://t.co/zeb0Ly9uiq #JobseekersFace it: you need young #talent. Here's 4 ways to get it: http://t.co/Fsh3D6i0XmRT @humanworkplace: Just How Essential IS Your Job? http://t.co/DLYhaOwkBGThe #career perks of being multilingual: http://t.co/rbCING0ujy@_era Hope that's a good "Hmmm"@anamaria_cv Thanks, Ana!“If you can DREAM it, you can DO it.” – Walt Disney@Social_Hire Same to you!5 NON-business books that will help shape your #career, from @M_HEFFERNAN: http://t.co/cslsCsYPujAre you a millennial with a tip about interviewing for #jobs? Check this out: http://t.co/VsdzLNMXI35 Types of People You Don’t Want to Become at the Office http://t.co/HDOX1hf9J9
RT @GayleHoward: #Jobseekers: Some interviewers like to talk about themselves. Let them.RT @mypromotion: 5 Common Mistakes That Will Ensure Your Resume Gets Tossed http://t.co/FJrt3qLSSj#Millennials + #socialmedia = #career wins: http://t.co/bM9CSUaxhLWhy learning languages makes you a worthier #job applicant, from @mishkatolentino: http://t.co/RT4pKbPrdy@adamontherun Interesting premise! We'll try to introduce it to our audience.@YeomanSoccer Awesome! Where's your new work digs?How Hard Rock Cafe Hired 120 People in 30 Days Using Facebook http://t.co/Up15C34Ok0Did you know we have a weekly newsletter summing up Brazen's weekly content? Come register! http://t.co/JdjYK9xFzg@farah_m_sari Great quote!How to be a more valuable #mentor, from @CAREEREALISM: http://t.co/nEzoHLcIhECalling all #Millennials! @GrahamAtHelp will help you nail your next job #interview: http://t.co/xFVjPWdzyfSmart Networking for MBA Students: How to Schmooze Your Way to Success http://t.co/Im1EEL8SfM
RT @naomitimperley: How to Hunt for a Job Using Social Media http://t.co/YFTC3Y2klDRT @InterviewIQ: How to make a career change, when you're stuck on how to start http://t.co/R7GiNmBwGs
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