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5 ways to build your credibility as a #freelancer. Tips by Rye @GlobalWritings: http://t.co/xAIf3edqK3Great article: RT @SoCalRecruiting: Aligning Our #Career and Our Values http://t.co/xSdcFf4unp#Jobseekers don't forget about G+! RT @JobHuntOrg: Snag Recruiter Interest w/Your G+ Tagline http://t.co/3Cuo5PcSBLDo you know what you're applying for? @amandaabella helps you decipher #job ads: http://t.co/0iS8xLWmdbBrilliant for your #jobsearch RT @SLUCareers: Learn how to write an attention-grabbing opener for your cover letter: http://t.co/Z0Yp4A6GiWLaura from @ondecision explains why you're wasting your time trying to find the perfect #job: http://t.co/lzBogelCAF@AnuBhatnagarDxb Don’t we all! Glad you found the material helpful.Juggle your job and your #jobsearch with these tips from @prepary: http://t.co/Xzovpd6ka3@RecruitingBlogs Thanks for the great content!Get paid what your worth, and use these 6 steps to do so: http://t.co/H55xv4etzX #careerDoes Your GPA Really Matter? Here’s the Truth for College Grads http://t.co/rcyFBLHcXONLx Military Online Career Fair is THIS Thurs, 4/17, 12-3. Register now & pls share w/ anyone who might benefit http://t.co/dU6J9S3z9r #jobs
Retweeted by Brazen CareeristThere is an underrated skill that the best leaders have mastered. @Joe__McCormack dishes it out: http://t.co/hAMLBDqkBo #career@CareerMeh Most definitely. You’ve got some great content that people should see.These are the absolute best questions to ask at your #interview, by @lzhng: http://t.co/AAVEp240rjDo you have a job board or employment site? Learn how to add online career fairs to the mix at this 4/22 webinar! http://t.co/zxBwm7UJQqToday's the day for our free #networking event for marketing professionals. Join in at noon EST: http://t.co/yzlNnWohCm4 MEGA mistakes you do not want to make on your #resume, from @weissroessler: http://t.co/HSnPW10cS3
Mind blown: RT @Worktank: Leave work at 5PM and still get everything done! Here's how http://t.co/OjMgN0WuOO #productivityMT @RealMatch: 67% of active job seekers use job boards as their primary tool for #jobsearch. Learn more http://t.co/zPn3JZcHSzIt's not always a good idea to quit a #job you dislike. @levoleague explains why: http://t.co/Ovdcge1yI0A bit of #workplace fun: RT @Beyond_com: How To Turn Your Office Into A Fortress Of Solitude http://t.co/oIczv0VC2xThe Best Leaders Have Mastered This Underrated Skill http://t.co/T5PhedbASV5 tips to shake off the #Millennial stereotypes from @BlackEnterprise: http://t.co/wJtNAZvzZiWork in #marketing or #communications? Join our free networking event tomorrow at noon EST. http://t.co/OW0swgXkja@YourCareerMttrs Awesome to hear you found it useful!Afraid to Delegate? How to Get Over It and Get More Work Done http://t.co/bwjTgDAU4qFranchising offers the ability to build your own #business within the framework of success. Learn how: http://t.co/oioVkPuxoy5 flexible #jobs that pay well from @FlexJobs: http://t.co/gPMZYC6KO95 ways to promote your #career through conferences without going into debt by @carefulcents: http://t.co/KRdh3R4RUKAsking for a Pay Raise? These Tips Will Help You Negotiate the Salary You Deserve http://t.co/PryKLQMYpA
#Productivity hack: RT @Worktank: In meetings of all kinds, speaker preparation is key! http://t.co/Xef3J1d25cInspiring advice: RT @Worktank: Chuck the "to-do" list and start living with a bucket list! - http://t.co/oPk2SNjoXX #productivity.@RebeccaOtis reveals how “I don’t know” can help you maintain #job credibility: http://t.co/hN866UU3JHRT @Beyond_com: A #Millennial's Version of "The American Dream" http://t.co/fFItAubxe3How Reality TV Can Help You Better Promote Your Brand http://t.co/fAKsddDnOFShake off that #career slump and rediscover your motivation with these 5 tips from @blackenterprise: http://t.co/QsDNhQWho9@GopaljeeJ So grateful that it was helpful for establishing perspective. Those decisions can be super difficult, any and all advice helps.@eventmamaHQ Agreed. Monday is particularly hard sometimes!5 Ways to Build Your Credibility as a Freelancer (and Make More Money!) http://t.co/LFz6aoTwkb@GingerHultinRD Heh. Do you fit any particular one?Franchising can offer a lot to #entrepreneurs, say Ron Holt: http://t.co/XlwJ6NvXYVNo Website? No Problem! Why You Should Start One Today: Does the thought of creating a website ma... http://t.co/wrCeWDwr0m via @jobacle@cevra ::nods:: We know it can be hard to pull back and evaluate what you want to try and master.Infographic by @UndercoverRec on choosing the right #job: http://t.co/zmJSIvfiYpRegister for our FREE networking event for #marketing professionals this Thursday at 12noon EST! http://t.co/9boLdg0IKr5 ways to attend popular #conferences without buying an expensive ticket, from @carefulcents: http://t.co/mG1T0QpOX5How to Juggle a Full-Time Job AND a Successful Job Search http://t.co/GpT1Y5I0ph
Monday dose of inspiration! RT @LeaderChat: 16 #Leadership Quotes To Inspire You To Greatness http://t.co/2T3i8s5I7C By @ilyaNeverSleepsAnd for #newgrads RT @AlisonDoyle: Top 15 Part Time Jobs for College Students http://t.co/qWfUxVJQ82RT @UOPX: If you’re afraid to fail, @FastCompany suggests asking yourself these 6 questions: http://t.co/SBwd7tOz9p #careerJoin our #networking event this Thursday, April 17 at noon EST. We're focusing on those in #marketing and comms! http://t.co/yacN00ywHn@uoduckcareer Take that as you enjoyed it (hopefully)?!The Secret to Happiness: 5 Habits of Successful People http://t.co/Ceh9MXulTS@ImpactInterview No problem. You've got some really great material. Keep it coming ;-) !Part 2 of @betterinterview's 'Cure for #Career Anxiety' series. Their focus is now on passion: http://t.co/NPyxaqIMF55 ways to promote your business through conferences without going into debt: http://t.co/UuosrZONOn from @carefulcents@AlexSwallow Thanks for sharing! Will definitely take a look at that.Why You’re Wasting Your Time Searching for the Perfect Job http://t.co/1pyn38UmIV
#Jobsearch tips RT @phyllismufson: Talking yourself into a job http://t.co/BU3WQmsIxl by @WorkingGirlEQ is the new IQ! RT @TalentCulture: Seeing Emotional Cues Makes Great #Leadership http://t.co/vNSdsvh0YE @MeghanMBiro #BusinessLearn how to transfer your skills from your field to your next dream #job, from @businessbeecom: http://t.co/5rktydjUxbBrilliant webinar! RT @DUcollege: Need to know how to build your #career opportunities on LinkedIn? http://t.co/omOJVS5hqi3 tips to help you avoid comparing yourself to others from @levoleague: http://t.co/CDwgJH7tMn #career@_this_me Thanks for the support! Hope to keep delivering great advice.@PayPalCareers Much obliged :-) The article is really great. Know our following enjoyed it as well.Be aware of these 5 differences between men and women at the negotiation table: http://t.co/sRx2MZllwE via @classycareerWhy trying too hard on your #resume will backfire, from @CareerMeh: http://t.co/3gcGME4VTE@RecruitingBlogs Our pleasure! Hoping to RT more in the future.7 tips to optimize performance review meetings as a first-time manager, from @GAIA_Insights: http://t.co/AAxADS4FDH #career
Do we talk enough about purpose and passion when it comes to #career? RT @skooloflife: The Art of Living With Purpose http://t.co/iHMHoiZdk2Calling all #freelancers! RT @99u: How to Raise Your Hourly Rate (Politely) http://t.co/q28pZeuSbjAn oldie but a goodie: 5 Creative Side Hustles That Make Good Money from @alphaconsumer: http://t.co/KNiEGkBQx5 #entrepreneurRT @UOPX: Be sure to use a few variations of key words in your #resume, says @youtern: http://t.co/K7I9nNyVgmMaster #recruiting advertising with @mboverell: http://t.co/TVvTC4HN3J@BrittPipp That's a really interesting take. Check out GTD by David Allen if you get a chance!@Sixlikethenumbr Awesome. What was your favorite 'golden' part?Prep for your 20s with this handy list of truths from @heidinazarudin: http://t.co/pW7iSlLfhs.@CAREEREALISM reveals how to maximize your phone #interview voice: http://t.co/BA5Mx2kRCZEarning an MBA? Use these tips from @mwecker to help your #jobsearch: http://t.co/2J4nD18o4D
Succinct resource for #newgrads RT @ColumbiaCCE: Seniors, get started on your job search with these six steps: http://t.co/ZYiDnoLQX0These are so cool RT @jacobshare: 5 Creative #Resumes That Landed Internships http://t.co/B4AIaN3MXf via @heatherhuhmanBe generous. Get noticed. Here's how: http://t.co/x1BUrf4B4d #Jobsearch tips by @danasitarBack to the basics... RT @betterjobsearch: #Career Advice: Basic Tips On How To Get A #Job http://t.co/2jeHRaiBgqWHY YOU’RE NOT GETTING INTERVIEWS http://t.co/g2ReyC8DBE via @BoredomtoBoardr5 tools that help boost your personal #brand, from @Jon__Jackson: http://t.co/7Oi0fNRzIo #careerAck! Performance review time. Get the most out of them with these #career tips from @GAIA_Insights: http://t.co/PPXIaA2e93Guess what? Your #job ads are terrible. @mboverell shows you how to fix 'em: http://t.co/vhaIDvjSt6 #recruiting4 Mega-Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make On Your Resume http://t.co/QbVCmd01Vh@YouTernMark Good "Hmmmm" or bad "Hmmmm"?8 online #education tools from @TechVoid to help you pick up some new skills: http://t.co/0DjSVjHWjJKnow the differences between men and women negotiations, from @classycareer: http://t.co/clxyMN6Qf7 #careerJoin us on Thursday, April 17th, at noon EST for a FREE networking event for the Brazen community! http://t.co/fosH7dCbMP@DebashishDs No time like the present to start! Hope our resources/blog posts are helpful for you in your hustle.@SimoneBrown_SCI So true—and we're hoping that these topics help fix the no-fun workplace. Glad you enjoyed.Promote your #career without going into debt! @carefulcents distills all: http://t.co/rOyykvlrm7Fun infographic showing the best and worst #internship candidates, from @UndercoverRec http://t.co/IUyJXjoisbUse these tips by @jessesostrin to cut back on collaboration and increase #productivity: http://t.co/dn0xObfIdU #career@beginningHR So happy that you enjoyed it. What did you find most helpful?How to Shake Off That Career Slump and Rediscover Your Motivation http://t.co/VmoiOGLc6p
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