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A Peek Inside Google's Efforts to Create a General-Purpose Robot - Bloomberg
Retweeted by Brian S HallI used #samsungpay for the first time at a POS that does not accept Apple Pay, nor support NFC. Worked perfect.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall
A Beats 1 "controversy" matters in the world where Beats 1 matters. That's not our world.@blueredandgold Feds stay out of nothingIf you allow states, cities and communities to have their own restrictions on guns you must do the same for local abortion laws. Ok by please.Is Obama still telling everyone how bad he feels? How disappointed he is in us? Lead or leave, Mr President. Your feels don't matter.LinkedIn Settles Lawsuit, Will Pay $13 Million For Sending Users Too Many Emails
Retweeted by Brian S HallYes. Maryland football is no good. But the stadium and services and operations suck ball hard. Hate to say it but it's just true. Shame.So cool: Nearly complete mammoth skeleton found on Michigan soy farm via @mashable
Retweeted by Brian S HallNothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. - Brian Tracy #quote
Retweeted by Brian S HallBringing out the Brady Hoke offense. No one will be expecting it. Brilliant! #GoBlue5 quarters of offense @umichfootball has scored only 6 Points.6 is more than zero. That's a straight up fact. #MICHvsMD3 is more than zero. That's a straight up fact. #MICHvsMDVive le revolution a businessman, I’m glad to get the inside view on the world of business from BI:
Retweeted by Brian S HallWhy is the Washington Monument still up? He owned slaves!@nhillery1 slow and steady changeParrot's new Hydrofoil takes droning into the water:
Retweeted by Brian S HallYep. Only we call it conservatism. DEATHS SINCE 2001 Terrorism: 3,046 Gun homicide:153,144 Drowning in water: 50,440 Car accidents: 501,462 Aborted pregnancies: 13,000,000
Retweeted by Brian S HallThe Martian is epically terrible. Save your money. I beg you
Retweeted by Brian S HallCall me crazy, but I'm betting my chips that the Peeple app is a hoax.
Retweeted by Brian S HallIs He Psychic or Just Listening to What You’re Saying?
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@fmbutt yes. And so impressive up close.@haymoose love it@haymoose so much great stuff
Void Louisville championship the cheaters. Give it to @UMichAthletics the leaders and best!"I don't think any recruits came because of these women." Came. Get it. Came.Apple Watch. The world's most unused Christmas gift of 2015. Guaranteed.@WhatTheBit @highlandcco its goldarn high end fashion@brianshall Well Target IS Walmart for people who care what people think about where they shop, so you never know.
Retweeted by Brian S HallDang. How crap are Apple Watch sales that Jony Ive has gone from restricted pre orders for the few to sales on QVC, Best Buy and Target.Techies won't get fashion. But Target shoppers totally will. lol. the Air and Space museum. America has so many badasses. We are so the greatest country ever. I'm a Christian.I blame Donald Trump on Obama. Obama has been so across the board awful that I am honestly not at all scared by a Trump presidency.I look at the Californianization of the U.S. House in my new Vox piece.
Retweeted by Brian S HallIf a useless government bureaucrat steps down from his position, does anyone hear him leave?
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@carlosolin brilliant@nhillery1 @piersmorgan if we can't hold the president accountable we don't need one.
Obama has spent more effort taking down confederate flags than curbing mass shootings. Why?@ThaddeusRussell ah. It's not their blackness but our whiteness. Got it.1/2
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@ThaddeusRussell so what about the blackness of the shootings in Chicago last week? Coincidence?Dude packed a lot of stupid into one tweet. @AP: Sheriff says 10 killed, 7 injured in shooting at Oregon community college #OCCshooting
Retweeted by Brian S HallOh my gosh, you guys. Obama feels bad. That's just as good as leadership.The insistence by sycophant lefties to let the President of the United States off the hook is mind boggling.Wow. Palpable frustration. That's even better than actually doing anything. because it's true Obama needs to lead. Whether or not "we" support him or big donors send in big money he needs to take action. he will finally actually do something if big donors agree to send him more money. Maybe. I'm on record. You defenders of his cowardly behavior go find some way to sleep at night.Obama has spent more time courting Wall St and Silicon Valley billionaires than he has towards curbing gun violence. Coward.Obama has done more to raise money for the democrat party than he has to curb gun violence. Coward.@scranecolt no I'm not. I'm happy to also blame them. But he's the leader. I won't let him off the hook. Not sure why everyone else does.Obama has done more to support late term abortions than he has to curb gun violence. Coward.Obama has done more to support gay marriage than he has to curb gun violence. Coward.Obama has done more to get a treaty with Iran than he has done to stop gun violence. Coward.@scranecolt stop. Did he merely "advocate" for obamacare? The Iran treaty? Don't pretend he's powerless. Don't let him off the hook.And what are you doing about this Mr President? What have you done? Lead or get out of the way. stop pretending he is suddenly powerless.Oh. But what can Obama do? The congress will fight him. Stop. Stop making excuses for his cowardly behavior.Did congress want obamacare? The Iran deal? New taxes? Funding for planned parenthood? And yet... Stop letting Obama off the hook on guns.@doubleyewdee let's find out@scranecolt if not the president, who?One of his most cowardly acts. He's done nothing. the entire world becomes connected, Apple builds a guarded, gated community. Most not allowed in. I think this is a very smart strategy.Shame on you, Mr President @BarackObama - in 6yrs, you've done absolutely nothing to stop these gun massacres happening. NOTHING. #oregon
Retweeted by Brian S HallMr President? you let George W off the hook for doing absolutely nothing to curb gun violence? Yet you do repeatedly for Obama. Political cowards.Is there even a scale capable enough of measuring the level of douchebag in a human being wearing an Apple Ring?No, Mr President. Stop with the cowardly "we" nonsense. Lead. Take the heat. Act. society that insists cutting up living fetuses for cash is a "womens health" issue probably won't work too hard on stopping (gun) violenceAmazon bans sale of Apple TV and Chromecast because they don’t offer Prime Video
Retweeted by Brian S HallKickstarter to send the NRA and Planned Parenthood to Mars.Can I just give money to Squarespace and Casper so I never have to listen to their stupid ads again?
Retweeted by Brian S HallMany Americans Are Secretly Hoping The Tech Bubble Bursts It has to do with ripping open living fetuses to sell their parts. Because women's health. that all? Did she actually answer? video doesn't exist. It exists, but it's a hoax. It's not a hoax, but it doesn't show that. It shows that, but who cares.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@jhewitt123 ha. I did."Microsoft Store Answer Desk vs. Apple Genius Bar"
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@charlesarthur ah. Too early. :-) will know soon. But am one of few with chip in card and know no one who has ever even mentioned a pin.@charlesarthur I've had chip in card for year. Most places use swipe only. Few use chip and sign. Never once seen chip and pin here.What a man! Don't stop sharing this!
Retweeted by Brian S HallCan the Internet hear me now? googling anything after midnight is up to no good.
Retweeted by Brian S HallNO excuse for Obama allowing forces aligned w 9/11 terrorists to be stronger and back on offense. That's a national tragedy and disgrace
Retweeted by Brian S Hall
Retweeted by Brian S HallWell you came and you gave without taking.@brianshall Such a flattering tweet - thanks!
Retweeted by Brian S HallI hear "Dignity" by the Heavy and I just gotta move.Dang. My latest post, written from the non-comfort of my Delta airline seat, is blowing up. Always nice to see. Over Hollywood. Silicon Valley Rules Pop Culture. via @forbes used to be anti-immigration.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall
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