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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Woow the crowd is amaaazing!!! :) Hope I can go to a show very soon!! #Germany (?;D) @Imaginedragons https://t.co/btLnRRx9mOI love Joey. He's funny, silly and entertaining. But, he has another side to him. One that speaks sense. http://t.co/Vr2DmLNCNO
Retweeted by CarmenWhen someone makes a mean joke about you http://t.co/q3adx90k2l
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@FriendsShow agreed! I love that season, too! :) #Friends #favorite #season8@JoelMadden are you planning on going on tour? Like coming to #Germany maybe? Please? ;) #maddenbrothersPromote love 💯 http://t.co/q1d671CRRR
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow Everytime a girl offers me gum i say "Gum would be perfection"
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @SaraRamirez! #GreysAnatomy http://t.co/zrFCaVhChF
Retweeted by CarmenFriends Fans - If we can get @jimmykimmel and/or @TheEllenShow to have a full Friends reunion on their show, I WILL send them $100.00!
Retweeted by Carmen@Alyssa_Milano this picture is sooo beautiful! ♥ you can see the love all over your face :) Happy birthday to your little boy! :) #truelove
Every girl needs a man like Ross. http://t.co/LsjeGO0Ot7
Retweeted by CarmenIch wünschte, ich könnte alle meine Probleme mit Strg + Alt und Entf beenden.
Retweeted by Carmen@drewfuller I'd like to recommend you #LastNight from @GoodCharlotte ;D #WheresMyClothes hope you found them by know! :DOne of the best scenes ever. http://t.co/1Fq4sRelHp
Retweeted by CarmenI've been awake for 23 hours & 45 minutes now....well, hello weekend!!! I love you so much! :D #happy #weekend #TGIF
Supernatural advertising for Season 8 in Germany !I 'm huge on it! @ProSiebenMAXX @SPNfreaks @SPN_Fandom 😊😊 http://t.co/IxdplDjumV
Retweeted by CarmenA dude at the coffee shop said women in TV aren't as creative or as successful as men so I yelled "SHONDA RHIMES" at him & moonwalked away.
Retweeted by Carmen#throwbackthursday to this beautiful image of @LauraLeighton and @TimmyDaly on the set of #SevenGirlfriends 1999 http://t.co/eq26CMTwcy
Retweeted by Carmen@peopleschoice yes it was!♥& e need more! We need the boys, too! ;) @MatthewPerry #mattleblanc #DavidSchwimmer #friendsreunion @jimmykimmelA mini #Friends reunion happened, and it was amazing: http://t.co/irUpOxyv84
Retweeted by CarmenGood times for a change...
Retweeted by Carmensunrise http://t.co/na0D5pPT6G
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Everyone is freaking out about the #Friends reunion on @JimmyKimmelLive: http://t.co/NkBfcp5yjB http://t.co/JqjMXk6Wcs
Retweeted by Carmen@peopleschoice @JimmyKimmelLive Yes! Cause it's awesome!!!! Sooooo super cool@!!! #friendsreunionUum, is it possible to get that replica of the kitchen? I'd like to have it. Like, really. Please...?! ;) @jimmykimmel #friendsreunionThank you Jimmy for that! Now try to get them all! ;) We miss them!!!! @jimmykimmel https://t.co/ZRWoBqSQFf #friendsreunionThe more times I watch this,the more I love it!Pls give us more of that!! ;) @LisaKudrow @MatthewPerry @CourteneyCox https://t.co/ZRWoBqSQFf@Tatjanasworld @FRIENDSshowsays I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This happens tonight. http://t.co/nUEt0HX30q
Retweeted by CarmenRichtig geschätzt! ;) @sixxTV @Tatjanasworld#TBT @Pink for @Target - Special edition The Truth About Love album. http://t.co/Kv58nTeVNV http://t.co/eNXRSUqsa3
Retweeted by CarmenCan't stop listening to that. Love it sooo much! :) ♥ @SaraBareilles #IChooseYou https://t.co/wjh5oKWVPR@miketcavanaugh This is sooo beautiful! Looove it :) https://t.co/7oQW30Rne6 #Hallelujah"i think its time i let go of the past,live in the present,and look forward to the future"
Retweeted by CarmenEmotionally: I'm done. Mentally: I'm drained. Spiritually: I feel dead. Physically: I smile.
Retweeted by CarmenShe's so amazing! Love her! Thinking of her. ♥ http://t.co/sp7CPAZPhq @celinedion #CelineAndRenéThis is why I married him. "@Davidkeoghan: David keoghan ice bucket challenge http://t.co/hljdF4gIhZ" @IMNDA
Retweeted by Carmen"There Was A Mini-“Friends” Reunion And It Was Perfection http://t.co/pdzBqzDS8G via @JarettSays @buzzfeed" ♥♥♥♥♥♥@FriendsComedy @JimmyKimmelLive I loved it! My feelings!! Miss them so much! Thanks Jimmy! Now try & get the rest of them! ;) @jimmykimmelWatch @JimmyKimmelLive tonight for a Mini Friend's Reunion! On ABC @ 11.30pm. http://t.co/MtTyQvbQbf
Retweeted by CarmenEvery girl has felt like this http://t.co/CiJZPYtmaz
Retweeted by CarmenI love @jimmykimmel for that!! :D ♥ We're getting there...step by step! ;) @CourteneyCox @LisaKudrow #FriendsReunion https://t.co/ccBQNdM7uOReal Central Perk in New York! In celebration of #Friends20!!! http://t.co/fhJUblK7nv
Retweeted by CarmenThis week, I was honored to speak at my alma mater @BarnardCollege and be given the "alumna button" treatment... http://t.co/LEoHCjwxE6
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girls cant find their wallets, shoes or car keys but we sure as hell can remember something you said 8 months ago
Retweeted by CarmenI loved the finale!I think it was beautifully made & let's be honest, it had to be Robin! They belong together! ♥ :) @HIMYM_CBS @JoshRadnorDenn es war alles nur wegen ihr. Robin. Genau so sollte es sein! Ich hab bis zum Schluss daran geglaubt! :) ♥ @ProSieben #GoodbyeHIMYM@jarpad um, jahaaaa! :DAnybody wanna see a photo from Episode 200? #Supernatural
Retweeted by Carmen'Für die großen Momente' ♥ @ProSieben #GoodbyeHIMYMMir werden das Blaue Horn, die Roten Cowboystiefel und die Entchen-Krawatte fehlen #GoodbyeHIMYM @ProSieben
Retweeted by CarmenUnd das ist gut so. RT @NikiwebTV Ich gelobe, #HIMYM immer in Ehren zu halten. #GoodbyeHIMYM #HIMYMFinale @ProSieben
Retweeted by CarmenNicht doch. RT @pariserhure: 'Zu Lieben ist das Beste was wir tun können.' Ich fang dann jetzt an heulen. #GoodbyeHIMYM @ProSieben
Retweeted by CarmenNeeein! :'( Das ist zu traurig um wahr zu sein! RT"@ProSieben: Sad, but true. In drei Folgen ist alles vorbei. Finale. Jetzt. #GoodbyeHIMYM"Sad, but true. In drei Folgen ist alles vorbei. Finale. Jetzt. #GoodbyeHIMYM
Retweeted by CarmenMy whole teenage years http://t.co/5ftkdHePJP
Retweeted by Carmen@ProSieben Definitiv! Ich bin jetzt schon am heulen! Ich verkrafte das Ende einer Serie leider ziemlich schlecht.... :/ :D ♥ #GoodbyeHIMYMYou are not alone RT @Tatjanasworld: @ProSieben ich bin einfach noch nicht bereit fürs Finale. #Sad ich werde euch vermissen! #GoodbyeHIMYM
Retweeted by CarmenAlso ich hab jetzt schon Tränen in den Augen! :( Ach #Ted... #Robin #GoodbyeHIMYM @ProSiebenAuf Wiedersehen #HIMYM! Es war eine tolle Zeit! Danke Barney, Ted, Robin, Marshall & Lily!♥ #GoodbyeHIMYM @ProSiebenTwitter-Aktion. Schick uns deinen #HIMYM-Abschiedstweet mit dem Hashtag #GoodbyeHIMYM. Die schönsten Tweets zeigen wir am Abend in #HIMYM
Retweeted by CarmenI guess it's time to say goodbye... :'( Gonna miss these guys!!! @ProSieben @HIMYM_CBS #GoodbyeHIMYM #HIMYM #HIMYMFinale#WeLove RT @Mara_R2D2: @ProSieben Ich kann es nicht fassen jetzt soll alles vorbei sein ?...werde die Serie nie vergessen #GoodbyeHIMYM
Retweeted by CarmenSomit geht heute Abend eine der legendärsten Sendungen vorbei. Es war eine wundervolle Zeit! Danke ♥ @ProSieben #GoodbyeHIMYM
Retweeted by CarmenIt's the @HIMYM_CBS series finale tonight in #Germany!Sooo excited! Expecting many tears streaming down my face!:'( @JoshRadnor @alydenisofFinaltag. Heute. #HIMYM.
Retweeted by CarmenLove taking my girl out for a date in my old truck
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Friends Fans - Please check out @sharma_kanishk's Friends Facebook page! https://t.co/beZEnIpIZp
Retweeted by Carmen#GeorgStults ist unser neuer, extrem gut aussehender Kerl am Dienstag. #TheFinder. Serienstart. 21:10
Retweeted by CarmenGood spot ;) RT @Continuum9112: There's a human in the other.
Retweeted by CarmenThe videoletter for René is picked up by the press! It's published today by Hello Magazine!... http://t.co/r4167BNNxD
Retweeted by Carmen@HelloCanada @cdipnl @celinedion I really hope they'll see this! :).@CelineDion fans around the world come together in an emotional video http://t.co/ZacGFncNmU http://t.co/ugKQwT4gXD
Retweeted by Carmen:D #DryShampoo @TheEllenShow https://t.co/pVXNrDz2YW @Tatjanasworld:D :D :D @Tatjanasworld https://t.co/IQAezWzxRBEllen, the world is a better place because of you! :) ♥ Thank you for all that you do! :) @TheEllenShow http://t.co/Z8WD56U7X5Hahahaaa those #Crack videos are the best! :D Can't stop laughing! :D @vampirediaries http://t.co/uu0j1GoljxThis is soooo beautiful.♥ You've done an amazing job @SaraBareilles :) https://t.co/qPj7FXh3Lk #Emmys2014
I accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge. Let’s all donate and help find a cure. http://t.co/u24nMnxMbm
Retweeted by CarmenOoh. Oooh! I LOVE that song! What year is this from? And WHY haven't I heard it before!? :D Thanks @Operation_Pink! :) @Pink #GunsAndRosesThese writers for #TVD are like Oprah: YOU GET A DOPPELGANGER! AND YOU! AND YOU! EVERYBODY GETS A DOPPELGANGER! #doppelpalooza
Retweeted by CarmenGod I love this woman ♥ @celinedion https://t.co/VoXSH8Jf4QThis is amazig. http://t.co/MEV5HEUeXd@FRIENDSshowsays @CourteneyCox sooooo cool! :) that video is super cute! ♥ #JenniferAniston #IceBucketChallengeJennifer Aniston accepted #IceBucketChallenge and nominate bff @courteneycox :) https://t.co/cVpgxjtvAI
Retweeted by Carmen#ShakeItOff, @taylorswift13. Shake it off. https://t.co/j5ZPqHiDsG #vma
Retweeted by Carmen:(( mtv #vmas #robinwilliams http://t.co/Gp72fltvU5
Retweeted by Carmen
First thing on my mind: #Friends ;) RT "@kevwilliamson: Just a man and his lobster. georgekotsi http://t.co/26tRRzy6VD"Seeing my alarm clock set at 5 am, that's just...wow. Naaaaah don't like that. Really. Not. Ouch. So, good (short) night! :DYou don't like 'Friends'? http://t.co/MaeRISzwn3
Retweeted by CarmenHihii that's a cute interview :) http://t.co/AGdtAzFodU @Alyssa_MilanoAnd once again I'm a total mess! :D #ThePatriot - this movie kills me every time! #MelGibson #HeathLedger
@swr3 Dem Hellseher muss ich da tatsächlich zustimmen! :D Das ist meine Theorie seit 2005! :D ;) #JenniferAniston #TeamAnistonPLEASE WATCH THIS ENTIRE VIDEO: http://t.co/kPc0CdRzZ2
Retweeted by CarmenI wish I was more like Joey. http://t.co/DiP8qpL8mt
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Cumberbatch bests Jackman's, which was pretty great. This is like a movie. https://t.co/Qqdw3MemwJ
Retweeted by CarmenNo no - one of the awards :) RT @CharlesOsmont: @KatieHeigl @TelevisionAcad The whole show???
Retweeted by Carmen"Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday." –Steve Jobs
Retweeted by Carmen@TheAcademy @TheEllenShow @Myspace she's the best! :-) she should do it every year... ;) #justsaying
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