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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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Listen: Dallas Green (@cityandcolour) opens up to @BookieAtNight about new project with @pink - @youplusmeoffcl. http://t.co/qyNP9Jo1PG
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Oh I missed her so much! Good to see her again :) ♥ http://t.co/x8wYRw4VPh @youplusmeoffcl @Pink oh and btw, I LOVE her hair!!! ;)
Kein Grund zum Verzweifeln. Sie sind ja wieder da! #DesperateHousewives Jetzt...
Retweeted by Carmen#Supernatural. Neue Folgen. 20:15 Uhr. #allesgesagt
Retweeted by Carmen@ProSiebenMAXX kann man die Folgen nach Ausstrahlung auch auf eurer Homepage anschauen? #SupernaturalKann man die neuen #Supernatural Folgen nach Ausstrahlung auch bei euch auf der Homepage anschauen? @ProSiebenMAXXBeautiful. http://t.co/Byxnn3dWx6 #RobinWilliams'I'm pretty sure that's a guy in a costume' :D Damn that kid is smart! ;D https://t.co/6uLVrKxXxP @TheEllenShow@sixxTV OH MEIN GOTT ICH LIEBE EUCH! Vor kurzem noch das Verlangen gehabt die Serie nochmal zu sehen 😍🙏
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV yippiii yaaay!!!! :) Mir ist kürzlich erst wieder aufgefallen wie sehr ich es vermisse! :) #DesperateHousewivesI am so in love with this song ♥ Counting the days until I can hear the whole album! @youplusmeoffcl @Pink http://t.co/FybWeTPLDj #YouAndMe
She’s the one. #GreysAnatomy http://t.co/dJMK9EFFw8
Retweeted by CarmenCongratulations to The @MaddenBrothers . Their album "Greetings from California " debuts at #1 on iTunes Australia this morning!
Retweeted by CarmenMy sweet SPN, happy anniversary, honey. (You're still as pretty as the day we met.) #9yearsofSPN
Retweeted by CarmenI love coming back to Los Angeles! Loving the ocean, great food, fabulous coffee, great people and my son! Just enjoying California today!
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@Pink I'm happy to read that so many people are open-minded to new music. A lot of acts in the past were scorned if they dared "change."
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/D3jLkeFCxC
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Petition to change "I DO" to "I'LL TRY" at weddings.
Retweeted by CarmenOne song(?)....How about a whole album?!! @cityandcolour @Pink @youplusmeoffcl http://t.co/t1DpL9MJa4
Retweeted by CarmenI want to do this 🌏 http://t.co/FAxg3feigy
Retweeted by CarmenSend a little extra love into the world today, and remember why we need it. #NeverForget #911Anniversary
Retweeted by CarmenUnd jetzt: Klappe! @paulwesley's Regiedebüt. #TVD http://t.co/kYYBXreat1
Retweeted by CarmenOrlando Bloom might be on board for "Pirates of the Caribbean 5!" http://t.co/V5RyaXB8h2 http://t.co/Bty2kK937R
Retweeted by CarmenRemembering those who lost their lives on that tragic day 13 years ago. #NeverForget #September11
Retweeted by CarmenBullying Must Stop! Please share ... Dear Bully, http://t.co/Z714C0KgJG By Marala Scott #bullying #inspiration http://t.co/w1cFsll1hi
Retweeted by CarmenIf you spend all of your time looking backwards, you will inevitably miss all that life has to offer. –Aaron Lamont
Retweeted by Carmen@sixxTV juhuuuuuuuuu!!! Kanns kaum erwarten, freu mich riesig darauf! :) #AHS #CovenWrapped!The drive home- If you see a guy not very Clean and ready for work but covered in blood&makeup, that's me... Ahhh, Showbizzzzzzzz ;)
Retweeted by Carmen😂😂😂 http://t.co/QGaXrJzPoU
Retweeted by Carmen13 years later #NeverForget 🇺🇸 http://t.co/ikkcUSCX4y
Retweeted by CarmenUum yeah, I just fell in love with him all over again! ;) @zach_roerig @vampirediaries https://t.co/QUhiBb4KauI can't stop listening. ♥ http://t.co/FybWeTPLDj #YouAndMe @youplusmeoffcl @Pink.@thelaurengraham plays Luann Mitchler, Boyd’s fun wife who tries to keep him from getting carried away. http://t.co/Cxq00yik17
Retweeted by Carmen"23 Jump Street" is officially happening: http://t.co/Dmaxz6oD3u http://t.co/JhjAyZPsHA
Retweeted by CarmenPotterheads are all wonderful, but YOU are the best. Yes, you, reading this. X
Retweeted by CarmenI wish I had more time to do nothing.
Retweeted by CarmenEveryone you meet http://t.co/3BfD2gQmqJ
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink @stjohns2 I would be there in a second! But since I live in Germany that's kinda imposibble :( I hope to see you again very soon! :) ♡
'We can be flawed enough but perfect for a person' ♡ #favoriteline #YouAndMe #RoseAve @PinkPreordered #RoseAve by #YouAndMe tofay. ♡ Let the waiting begin! ... ;) #cantwait #excited #love @Pink
I miss the fun we used to have together.
Retweeted by Carmen'Friends' recreated for 'The Sims 4' Saw this on @9GAG. Thought you'd appreciate it. @FriendsShow http://t.co/0OrPS9pRC5
Retweeted by Carmen@aortizparamo @FriendsShow @9GAG oh woow I love that! Makes me want to play sims again! :D and do just the same :D@sixxTV nach #VampireDiaries vielleicht? ;) #AHS #Coven@thebriankrause beautiful! :)@christinaperri pretty good life you have there ;) ♡
This new @Pink song is amazing ! Love it ! http://t.co/iweHYmx3m0 #YouAndMe #ThankYouPink
Retweeted by CarmenStunningly beautiful new track from @cityandcolour & @Pink. Love this. http://t.co/5P74zHtSMR #uhubofficial #newmusic #YouAndMe #music #new
Retweeted by CarmenYou+Me - You and Me (Lyric): http://t.co/9nZuROGbSR What an AMAZING song! Music. Lyrics. Perfection! #YouAndMe @Pink
Retweeted by CarmenI mean, have you heard it? You just gotta love this. So beautiful! ♡ @Pink #YouAndMe http://t.co/FybWeTPLDjAnd I still can't get over the fact that she surprised us with a new album!Can't wait to hear it,I'm already so in love with #YouAndMe @PinkDear @Pink, happy birthday to you!Hope you have a great one & feel the love from your family, friends and your fans all over the world! :) ♡@ProSiebenMAXX und schon allein dafür liebe ich euch! ;) #Supernatural#Supernatural Staffel 8 zum ersten Mal im Free TV und ab 15.9. so früh wie nie. 20:15 Uhr. #nurmalso
Retweeted by CarmenHappy birthday, @Pink! I’m celebrating your birthday on my show today! The signs say “Season 12 Premiere Show," but that’s just a typo.
Retweeted by Carmen#WhenIWakeUp I don't even turn on the lights&go to the bathroom in the dark.You know,light's just too bright in the morning! @TheEllenShowI'm very happy to hear that Neil Patrick Harris got married! He's a wonderful gay.
Retweeted by CarmenLook what I found! First page of PS I Love You from 12 years ago. Had decided the 10th letter from the start... http://t.co/SMqp0BYgIK
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink this song comes just at the right time when a lot of people are lost for love!! thanks to the both of you @cityandcolour
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink HELP. I feel like you've given US a birthday present. I'm beyond excited! Have an amazing birthday with Carey and Willow. 💕
Retweeted by Carmen“@Pink: Here's my new baby!!!! http://t.co/1JKZac7xZp” OH MY GOD!
Retweeted by CarmenHere's my new baby!!!! http://t.co/ECGrumidwo
Retweeted by CarmenI have no words for how happy this is making me! ♡ so beautiful! :) RT"@Pink: Here's my new baby!!!! http://t.co/FybWeTPLDj"@Pink This made my day!!!Thanks for making us happy on your birthday!:) have a beautiful day with all your loved ones around you! Love you♡Attitude is more important than skill or giftedness. It can make or break you. ~@Kim #in | RT @FarrukhSiddiqui @nelsonwee @2morrowknight
Retweeted by Carmen
The concept of love is fascinating, yet we will never truly understand it. –Aaron Lamont
Retweeted by CarmenWhen someone insults you http://t.co/79rAjtow4w
Retweeted by Carmen
Followed directly by #IJustWannaLive :D they seem to like you;) @GoodCharlotte @JoelMadden @benjaminmadden #WeAreDone @Maddenbrothers #radio
#WeLove RT @GreysProSieben: #GreysAnatomy: @ProSieben setzt 10. Staffel im Oktober fort :)) http://t.co/ldqMNp7S6v http://t.co/24pSnjxc9n
Retweeted by CarmenI am so sad. May I live my life as full as #JoanRivers did. Today is a sad day, but I will try and laugh to honor her #CanWeTalk #RIPJoan
Retweeted by CarmenWe'll never laugh quite as hard again #RIP #Legends http://t.co/oRKG6RtRW0
Retweeted by Carmen
Yeeees, I'm suuure that #Brangelina will donate all the money they get from the magazines for their wedding photos... #not"Love is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction" Thank you all for the anniversary well wishes
Retweeted by CarmenGood morning all. Thanks for the love from S&Me! Enjoy ur holiday. If you dont live here, make up ur own holiday! #wewonttell
Retweeted by Carmen@mathstimejoy @kim never! ♡Aw, go do this... RT @wbpictures: Because it cures all. @Janefonda @batemanjason #TIWILY http://t.co/C0jDlWZRKU
Retweeted by CarmenIn other news...my new fave words are "schmicki micki" & "genau"
Retweeted by Carmen@JoelMadden Germany! Germany! Pleease come to Germany! ;) #WeAreDoneEven worse than seeing women's privacy violated on social media is reading the accompanying comments that show such a lack of empathy.
Retweeted by Carmen@DanaDelany yaay, happy you enjoyed your time in Germany! :)Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.
Retweeted by Carmen
Woow the crowd is amaaazing!!! :) Hope I can go to a show very soon!! #Germany (?;D) @Imaginedragons https://t.co/btLnRRx9mOI love Joey. He's funny, silly and entertaining. But, he has another side to him. One that speaks sense. http://t.co/Vr2DmLNCNO
Retweeted by CarmenWhen someone makes a mean joke about you http://t.co/q3adx90k2l
Retweeted by Carmen
@FriendsShow agreed! I love that season, too! :) #Friends #favorite #season8@JoelMadden are you planning on going on tour? Like coming to #Germany maybe? Please? ;) #maddenbrothersPromote love 💯 http://t.co/q1d671CRRR
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow Everytime a girl offers me gum i say "Gum would be perfection"
Retweeted by CarmenHappy Birthday @SaraRamirez! #GreysAnatomy http://t.co/zrFCaVhChF
Retweeted by CarmenFriends Fans - If we can get @jimmykimmel and/or @TheEllenShow to have a full Friends reunion on their show, I WILL send them $100.00!
Retweeted by Carmen@Alyssa_Milano this picture is sooo beautiful! ♥ you can see the love all over your face :) Happy birthday to your little boy! :) #truelove
Every girl needs a man like Ross. http://t.co/LsjeGO0Ot7
Retweeted by CarmenIch wünschte, ich könnte alle meine Probleme mit Strg + Alt und Entf beenden.
Retweeted by Carmen@drewfuller I'd like to recommend you #LastNight from @GoodCharlotte ;D #WheresMyClothes hope you found them by know! :DOne of the best scenes ever. http://t.co/1Fq4sRelHp
Retweeted by CarmenI've been awake for 23 hours & 45 minutes now....well, hello weekend!!! I love you so much! :D #happy #weekend #TGIF
Supernatural advertising for Season 8 in Germany !I 'm huge on it! @ProSiebenMAXX @SPNfreaks @SPN_Fandom 😊😊 http://t.co/IxdplDjumV
Retweeted by CarmenA dude at the coffee shop said women in TV aren't as creative or as successful as men so I yelled "SHONDA RHIMES" at him & moonwalked away.
Retweeted by Carmen#throwbackthursday to this beautiful image of @LauraLeighton and @TimmyDaly on the set of #SevenGirlfriends 1999 http://t.co/eq26CMTwcy
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