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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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@QuestionAnders @abbiecadabee hmmm.... ;D #JulianSark #AliasCongratulations, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and Marc! Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, 2052! http://t.co/sLxSTWoMpj
Retweeted by CarmenStark. @Elyas_MBarek, #Stromberg und Joey Kelly kommen heute zu @TVtotal
Retweeted by CarmenDeutscher #Ärztetag: #GreysAnatomy startet am 15. Oktober.
Retweeted by CarmenRemember when Dean makes Lisa & Ben forget him? Yeah, that sucked! It's the WORST! :'( #heartbroken #tears @cw_spnStop what you’re doing and watch Noah Ritter at "Walking with Dinosaurs.” Trust me. http://t.co/AStPZJMRkV
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow hahaa 'now it's time for lunch' :D god this kid is hilarious! :DI’m absolutely doing this next time I’m at the beach. http://t.co/8LlfLEGnKI
Retweeted by CarmenICYMI: We're still laughing at this absolutely hilarious rendition of "Let It Go:" http://t.co/iaIrpyRNZy http://t.co/9owH0BmP7N
Retweeted by Carmen“Gotham” premieres tonight! @Ben_Mckenzie told me about the show. He’s adorable. Accident-prone. But adorable. http://t.co/eZzdMj05GX
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow @ben_mckenzie Hahaha I would've been like "Oh, hey Ben it's you, great we crashed into each other" :D God I love him :D@kelly_clarkson That is sooooo beautiful! Wow ♥ @SaraBareilles @cyndilauper #TrulyBrave #goosebumps
I finally saw @IfIStay today. It's so funny, beautiful, sad & overwhelming. Best movie I've seen in a while. Loved it! :)Loving sunny Cali with my best friend :) http://t.co/3zLJjuAEJt
Retweeted by Carmen
Get in the Halloween spirit tomorrow night on @HallmarkChannel with the premiere of my new film, #MidnightMasquerade!
Retweeted by Carmen@autumnreeser @cwhartofdixie aaaw that's so cute! :) I love those reunions ;) You two look beautiful :)How about that Shonda Rhimes huh? #somuchrespect
Retweeted by Carmen14 years ago we released our first album into the world. I'm grateful. Thank you music fans for giving us our livelihood.You changed my life
Retweeted by Carmen#HowToGetAwayWithMurder was amazing. I don't want to spoil it, but when she has to call the guy up to the thing to say you-know-what? OMG.
Retweeted by Carmen
I will miss those mornings! Reading on my balkony, enjoying the sun with a good morning coffe :-) ooh freetime at #home ♡ :)Ok,I definitely found it!My favorite episode of @cw_spn: 6x15! Best idea ever! :D Laughed so hard! :D #Supernatural @JensenAckles @jarpad
Daddy, Alex and Emma Watson. 'Two of my #HeforShe 's'. http://t.co/fWPFG7G917
Retweeted by CarmenThank you @EmWatson , @kathryng , @GallagherMaw and Ma. #HeForShe. It's the only way. #proudtobeafeminist http://t.co/IHNHPihKdV
Retweeted by Carmen20 years of awesome catch phrases #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/BrGvJNne7k
Retweeted by CarmenDavid Schwimmer about Jennifer Aniston ❤#rossandrachel http://t.co/fi8sR5CCmb
Retweeted by CarmenIt is happening and honestly? I do not quite know what to do with myself. But folks? I feel very classically beautiful right now. #TGIT
Retweeted by Carmen
All these dudes holding up #HeForShe signs on @EmWatson's timeline should be made into a sexy calendar
Retweeted by CarmenThe cast of FRIENDS #Friends20th http://t.co/eCNY06Tx8J
Retweeted by CarmenAlright alright, just let me finish my meal ok? ;) @JoelMadden
This song will for ever and always remind me of #Friends ♥ #FRIENDS20TH #Withorwithoutyou http://t.co/XEKI0WlR5ZHe's her lobster!!! http://t.co/pvKULsehlT
Retweeted by Carmen@erinmallorylong Just read your #Friends article @hellogiggles & I loved it! And just so you know,I feel exactly the same way about Jen! ;)♥Turns out #Febreeze works just as well as ant spray -- and smells about 10x better. #whoknew #itsallihad #relectanthousewife #antmassacre
Retweeted by CarmenThe Best Clips! #FRIENDS20th http://t.co/OqXLVXszka
Retweeted by CarmenHeute, 4:29 Uhr war Herbstanfang. Jetzt passt der Kalender endlich zum Wetter.
Retweeted by Carmen#Supernatural weiter stark: 1,5 und 1.6% MA (14-49) für die neuen Folgen
Retweeted by Carmen♡ #FRIENDS20TH #love #thankyou♡ RT "@LisaKudrow: 20 years ago..."Celebrate 20 years of #Friends by going behind the scenes with the cast back in 1994! http://t.co/Bb43LGqojm #FRIENDS20TH
Retweeted by Carmen20 years ago...
Retweeted by CarmenThis was my #heforshe speech. http://t.co/b2qzm7h0mS
Retweeted by CarmenWatch this, rewatch this, retweet this. I applaud @EmWatson http://t.co/Ww52Ttab1K 👏👏 #HeForShe x
Retweeted by Carmenegal wie gut du fährst, züge fahren güter.
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow RT @peoplemag: Today is the day! #Friends is officially 20 http://t.co/sYTsUfHyRf #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/tSGMnr2uod
Retweeted by Carmen
I feel like there was something I forgot to tweet earlier... Oh yeah. @Gotham #Gotham http://t.co/pOSNhMSujJ
Retweeted by CarmenIn honor of #Friends20thanniversary ♥ the very first episode- it was love at first sight ♡ :) #bestshow #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/GiZs5dFkMmI'm crying, @JoshHollowayFF @EvangelineLilly @DomsWildThings @emiliederavin @jorgegarcia. http://t.co/vWiWdr51zH
Retweeted by CarmenPreviously On Lost... http://t.co/WqAcA2zw4p #Lost #10YearsOfLost @EvangelineLilly @DomsWildThings @jorgegarcia @OQuinnTerry @danieldaekim
Retweeted by CarmenI consider myself a Feminist & I wanna know what #Feminism means to you. Watch+Contribute: http://t.co/IuNphYG8Nq http://t.co/fLWkz81eMy
Retweeted by CarmenLittle darling...don't you cry...even California's cold sometimes. #GreetingsFromCalifornia
Retweeted by CarmenFriends 20th anniversary: Best moments from the show as chosen by you http://t.co/fa4CH9f7H7
Retweeted by CarmenListen to You+Me 's second single "Break the cycle" by clicking on the link. http://t.co/F2P7iuSJ6S
Retweeted by Carmen@TheEllenShow @McConaughey ooh my god this is hilarious! :DHere’s the original version of my commercial with Matthew @McConaughey. Apparently, I was cut out. This is bull. http://t.co/nj6eXmpd5r
Retweeted by CarmenThanks to entertainmentweekly I'll be crying in the corner now. #popwatchconfessional #gotham http://t.co/5uEq5pEOLy
Retweeted by CarmenRoss is FINE #Friends20th http://t.co/d80sPuxPqi
Retweeted by CarmenOn @TheEllenShow today, I perform some moves from my high school drill team. Why yes, pom-poms ARE involved! #dorky
Retweeted by Carmen@HuffPostEnt @youplusmeoffcl god I love this whole #YouPlusMe thing! ♡ #youandme @Pink.@youplusmeoffcl's "Break The Cycle" is a love song to Pink's mom in disguise http://t.co/TL87Dllq2A
Retweeted by CarmenHappy 20th Anniversary to the show that changed my life .. thanks for all the laughs #FRIENDS20TH 🎉 http://t.co/br5KbPBn6l
Retweeted by CarmenThank you for all these moments ! #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/XYGz8pTy6S
Retweeted by CarmenExactly 20 years ago today, the very first episode of Friends was aired for the first time ever. #Friends20th http://t.co/ucHfYZOwR4
Retweeted by CarmenThe very first episode of "Friends" aired 20 years ago today! #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/MWXNsUbiGK
Retweeted by CarmenToday is the day! #Friends is officially 20 http://t.co/EfdLKHPVS3 #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/e3J0NorGTt
Retweeted by Carmen"Winter is coming." #ThoseThreeWords
Retweeted by CarmenThank you for amazing 10 years of being #Friends:)♥#FRIENDS20TH RT "@CourteneyCox Friends premiered 20 years ago today. How time does fly!"Friends premiered 20 years ago today. How time does fly!
Retweeted by CarmenBest quotes from the #BestShowEver! #FRIENDS20th http://t.co/OCQNf8QJXv
Retweeted by CarmenPlay with my hair instead of my feelings thank you.
Retweeted by CarmenWho else gets cute texts like this 😍😩💕 http://t.co/Q4S1kcoUPz
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Aniston, @MatthewPerry @DavidSchwimmer @CourteneyCox @LisaKudrow Matt LeBlanc #FRIENDS20th http://t.co/i9YnqWosbk
Retweeted by CarmenToday marks 20 years since the first episode aired! #FRIENDS20th http://t.co/RhaUaVBYWM
Retweeted by Carmenholy shit dude http://t.co/ZwP4WzmCnU
Retweeted by Carmen@PinkFans_ Finally watched #ThanksForSharing last night and @pink was amazing!! This scene in particular; https://t.co/xJLPTTExZ9
Retweeted by CarmenI wish this was real! 😩😩😩 #Friends20th http://t.co/IaM7dgXgqq
Retweeted by CarmenSummer job - done. First day off today. Now all the tidying up and cleaning can start! Yay! :D@TheEllenShow hoping we get to see @Pink on your show soon!! :o)
Retweeted by Carmen@LucyKingHandbag @FriendsTV @FriendsShow ooh I know what you mean! Can't describe the feeling when I entered the set and sat on that couch ♡@FriendsTV @FriendsShow One of the greatest moments of my life! Happy Birthday, Friends! #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/Z7nUA6kcCn
Retweeted by Carmen20 years ago today we heard for the first time - "There's nothing to tell. Just some guy I work with." #FRIENDS20TH #Friends20thanniversary
Retweeted by CarmenToday is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Friends! Anyone feels the same? #Friends20th http://t.co/pIcmHqHuEA http://t.co/KwCf7EE8fV
Retweeted by CarmenThis time 20 years ago. #20YearsOfFriends #Friends20thAnniversary #FRIENDS20TH http://t.co/9vbNVWIsGD
Retweeted by Carmen20 years ago today Friends first aired on TV #friends #Friends20thanniversary #FRIENDS20TH
Retweeted by CarmenHAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY FRIENDS! #FRIENDS20TH #Friends20thanniversary
Retweeted by CarmenFor love, do whatever you have to do.
Retweeted by CarmenSome people wants a new season, some wants a new episode.. This is all I want... #FRIENDS20th #FRIENDSreunion http://t.co/ak3id9jt1J
Retweeted by CarmenHere's to the #BestShowEver! #FRIENDS20th 👏👏👏👏 http://t.co/vpUNguOBDp
Retweeted by CarmenHappy birthday @autumnreeser! Glad you had a great day! :) Wishing you all the best! ♡ from Germany! :)@kelly_clarkson hahaa :D Reminds me of Ross & Rachel singing #babygotback to little Emma! :D epic! #Friends #FRIENDS20TH@HuffingtonPost amazing speech! We're so proud of you @EmWatson! :)Emma Watson fights for gender equality with powerful UN speech http://t.co/XdGyUuyRWD
Retweeted by Carmen@FriendsShow @CourteneyCox @JimmyKimmelLive uuuuuuh sounds exciting!!!! Okay, I try not to expect anything. I'll try!!! ;D #FRIENDS20THLove this! Friendly Reminder - @CourteneyCox will be on @JimmyKimmelLive on Monday, September 22 (tomorrow) 11:35pm.
Retweeted by Carmen20 years tomorrow ❤️ #FRIENDS20TH my favourite programme ever http://t.co/w36wclOp5Q
Retweeted by CarmenIt'd be kick-you-in the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic if you sent me to Central Perk in New York @ComedyCentralUK :) #Friends20th
Retweeted by Carmen#FRIENDS20TH My wife, the love of my life, is Friends mad! My 2 year old sings the theme and my 5 year old repeats all the funny lines!
Retweeted by Carmenthis is literally the only monday I am excited for #FRIENDS20TH
Retweeted by Carmen'I'm sorry, who should be along in a what now?' #friends20th
Retweeted by CarmenRT ♡ "@FriendsShow:FRIENDS! 20 years ago today, you created tv history! #FRIENDS20th Happy Anniversary Friends. Thank you Marta and David!"Here's to FRIENDS! 20 years ago today, you created tv history! #FRIENDS20th Happy Anniversary Friends. Thank you Marta and David!
Retweeted by CarmenRT if Friends is your favorite show! http://t.co/Sdij27s7CI
Retweeted by Carmen
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