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I'm suffering some serious withdrawals without a show. #musicismydrug #concertweirdosConcert friends also never have a limit to how much/how far back you can talk about a particular show/moment. #concertweirdosNo one can compare to your concert friends. Shows only bring you closer & they understand everything, from the long waits to the feels. #CWWithout a show, I feel lost. #concertweirdos
My kind of workout is going to a concert. #concertweirdos@JackAllTimeLow so why don't you creep on these tweets anymore? We miss your random replies!We all have those favorite go-to places to eat after a show 👍 #concertweirdosSchools almost out and summertime awaits! Who wants to hit up shows in Orlando with me :) @MonicaValentineThe quickest way to my heart is concert tickets. #concertweirdosDefending your band to the end like they're your own family. #dontmesswithus #concertweirdosThe way my heart aches thinking about tour and how much I miss it. 💔 #concertweirdosCelebrating band member birthdays. 🎂 #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos Waiting for your concert tickets to arrive in the mail is like torture. It's so hard to wait.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I do things for concerts I wouldn't normally do. (Drive long distances, get up early, etc) #concertweirdosI swear @ConcertWeirdos is the twitter of my life
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
So this show just ended, but when are you coming back? #concertweirdosStanding outside on the streets of Chicago for 12 hours for @5SOS. #dedication @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Doing everything you can to get to a show may seem ridiculous to others, but the memories last forever and they're yours to keep. #CWSome people spend their money on drugs or brand names. Just give me my music, merch, shows, and vinyl and I'll be happy. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I love looking through my collection of concert tickets and reminiscing. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos When you finally convince someone to go to a concert with you but it's soLD OUT DAMMIT
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The 2 words every #concertweirdo hates when trying to find ticket info: coming soon. #NotSoonEnough @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Post Concert Depression is evil. #takemeback #concertweirdosI'd rather be at a concert. #concertweirdos
When you're talking about bands and concerts and people look at you like you're speaking a foreign language. #concertweirdosWho agrees with this? Credit to @Charissee_ http://t.co/eHi0PUsck3The hardest and worst time of a concert is the end. #concertweirdosThe pain of watching your favorite band perform for the last time is too much to deal with. #concertweirdos
Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/OwG2VxVPwK
all @ConcertWeirdos tweets describe me after concerts
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I can be exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and in pain, but when it's over, I'm like, and on to the next one. #NEVERgetsold #concertweirdosIt doesn't matter how many shows in a tour I go to, I'm always going to crave more. It's an addiction, a passion. #concertweirdos
I don't just stand still at a concert. It's about the interactions with the members, singing my heart out & having an amazing time. #CWThere is nothing in the world like experiencing front row at your favorite band's concert! #concertweirdosThere is nothing like meeting your favorite band. #concertweirdos
"Why are you seeing them more than once? Isn't it the same thing?" It may be the same set list but it's never the same experience. #CWThe day after you've had multiple shows feels so empty. #concertweirdos
If you want to see me at my best, find me at the beginning of a concert. (No guarantee what I'll look like after the show.) #concertweirdos"Your heartbeat changes and mimics the music you listen to." #truefact #concertweirdosSelfies with band members 🙌 #concertweirdos
You aren't truly letting yourself go and feeling the music if you don't have at least a little pain in your body. #concertweirdosIt's always a good time when you also love the opener. #concertweirdosThe morning after a show, my heart is screaming out more more more. #concertweirdosYou know you're a #concertweirdo when your voice is already gone halfway through the first song.
If you don't realize one show is NOT enough, you will by the end of the show. #concertweirdosThe hour before the show starts goes so slow, and yet, the show goes by in the blink of an eye. #wtf #concertweirdosFront row = statue mode. Don't move for anything (unless you get called on stage) #concertweirdosNothing can bring me down on show day!!! #concertweirdos
I think my new favourite account is @ConcertWeirdos 😁
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@ConcertWeirdos but then it sells out and you can't go http://t.co/hPZLsJoNpO
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Concert Weirdos Weekly is out! http://t.co/OwG2VxVPwKDreaming of two (or more) artists touring together, and then it finally happens. #concertweirdos http://t.co/YqGUVhoFm5There's always that one song you hear live that hits you deeper than the others. #concertweirdos
Concerts > everything. #concertweirdosI hate when school falls on concert nights. @ConcertWeirdos #asianprobs
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Life. @ConcertWeirdos http://t.co/u4mOppfhOr http://t.co/T5RN2k98Vd
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
I'd rather be broke with unforgettable memories. #concertweirdosGetting up on a regular day: 😫😞😴 Getting up for a concert: 🎉😎😝 #concertweirdos
My heart fills with joy when I buy concert tickets. My wallet, however, sobs. #concertweirdos
One show turns into two shows turns into three shows turns into four shows... #concertweirdos
Wanting the show to start but not wanting it to be over. #thestruggle #concertweirdos
@ConcertWeirdos just found this :) it's sooo true! http://t.co/wUl0hVZmef
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
"Russell, what do you love about music?" "To begin with...everything." #almostfamous #concertweirdos
I turn to music for everything. I don't know who I'd be without it. #concertweirdosReally though, what's life without boy bands? #concertweirdosRealizing that years have passed and you still have that same love for a musician is amazing. #concertweirdosSchool sucks. I need a concert. #concertweirdos#Concertweirdos can fill up a wall (or 2 or 3) of pictures of us with musicians. Yes, we're that awesome.I think I can relate to enough @ConcertWeirdos tweets to be a fully fledged #ConcertWeirdo :p haha
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Be aware that if you ask me how the show was, you're required to listen to me babble on for hours. #Concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos going to a concert that features music or a band you don't normally listen to and leaving a changed person.
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™The day before a show is the slowest day ever. #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos meeting people who have never been to a concert and it's like wtf are you doing with your life? #concertweirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
No sleep. Lack of food. Lack of constant showers. Lack of comfort. Lots of waiting = best shows ever. #concertweirdosobsessed with @ConcertWeirdos ✌️
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Catching yourself head banging while listening to music because it's the closest thing to being at a concert. @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Concerts: finally a place where everyone around you knows the lyrics and can sing along with you. #concertweirdos@CapnDesDes @AhoyNateo hey hey look how stupid we look http://t.co/LxYhrjxngl@lexi0611 haha yup! :)Singing the live version of songs instead of the recorded version. #concertweirdosRT this if you ever grabbed your friends arm & dragged them through the crowd, with hopes you'll make it out alive.🎶🎶🎶 Feeling drunk off happiness when you're at a show. 🎶🎶🎶 #concertweirdos@ConcertWeirdos is the best account ever
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™Isn't that right? Grab one at @shopjawbreaking http://t.co/fFNAba5KGQ@ConcertWeirdos when opening acts say 3 more songs and you just really want them to get off the stage ASAP
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™It was love at first note. #concertweirdosHey @ConcertWeirdos - @sgallman defines ticket anxiety. She just told me she has ticket anxiety for a show she already has other tickets to
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™That moment when you receive a concert ticket and you're acting like if the ticket was Simba in "The Circle of Life" .... @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™I learn more from concerts than at school... State locations, counting money, how to get attention, and of course running. 😂 @ConcertWeirdos
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™
Being the one who gets the setlist makes me feel special. #concertweirdos
@Ddawwwwg we're all about music :) not just concerts but hey! You'll go to one and you can tell me how it goes!When someone says they love the "new" song on the radio and you're like: I had this album 3 months ago. http://t.co/HL32FJJZAc@ConcertWeirdos that moment someone who just arrived at the venue thinks they can push to the front where you have been stood for 5 hours!😡
Retweeted by Concert Weirdos™@AprilDiamond28 I already do! :D“@meaganbiebsgirl: @ConcertWeirdos you accidentally unfollowed me, can you follow me back again?♡” yes! Pls tell me if it did guys!Wearing bright ass things to get noticed in the crowd when the lights go down. #concertweirdos
http://t.co/BOPCpjTsAO@woahjones I have this app that unfollows everyone who unfollows us! Weird! Sorry about that.Ok that poster looks damn awesome not gonna lie. -free signed @WeAreTheInCrowd posters here! http://t.co/jTB1rUWrxGAndrew, who photographs for #CW is giving away free signed @WeAreTheInCrowd posters here! http://t.co/jTB1rUWrxG
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