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Vanessa Hurst @DBNess New York, NY

coder, teacher, learner, girl scout. CEO @codemontage. co-founder @girldevelopit & @writespeakcode. ♥ continuous learning, open tech, data, & gratitude.

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.@Kinvolved was featured on @NPR's @Marketplace today! http://t.co/B5DCzzPZvg #education #attendance #data #schooleveryday
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If virtual work groups are well managed, they can outperform teams with common office space http://t.co/zn1NZI6Mo1 http://t.co/8ll0DCjRTD
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Lovely talk by @pamelafox yesterday on how we need to do better – https://t.co/lRv1HRBWLB #VelocityConf
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWatch my talk Open Sourcing Mental Illness from @nodevember Video: http://t.co/y8aKR8q9WN Slides: http://t.co/QmWTXGEayx #nodejs #nodevember
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhat 15 Minutes of Internet Fame Taught Me About #UberGate & Threats to Journalists https://t.co/ZjaRqvhuUy
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstgreat talk from @DBNess about continuous learning, reminds me of https://t.co/ydk0gkReqn #VelocityConf
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@modavive thanks so much! What lovely company :)
Continous learning #VelocityConf @DBNess quotes @dmerr: "I spend about 1/3 of my time coding now" So: schedule & focus your learning
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDunning-Kruger effect: competence is not correlated with confidence (the opposite is true)- @dbness at #VelocityConf http://t.co/jEIBYs3z06
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstJust trended for #velocityconf: "continuous learning, @dbness" (37 tweets and 1 instagrams): http://t.co/9kGNScNAQi
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@teabass met a velocity-er headed to RobotsConf & told him you're great, he found your Ruby Rabbits & Robots talk and understood immediately@jcn yes! Sagrada Familia then hopefully Ignite talks tonight, leaving tomorrow AM@patrickhamann thank you so much! Grateful we got the chance to talk :)@OliverJAsh @patrickhamann thank you for asking! Here's "Cultures of Continuous Learning" http://t.co/OsGU8FDnTkHey Barcelona! @lara_hogan & I are giving our 3rd & final multi-coastal tutorial on How To Build a Device Lab at 2pm! #velocityconf
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@jeffsussna @William_Holroyd @pamelafox me! Re: continuous learning for adults, specifically http://t.co/ovNWnvTIos by @saronyitbarekLove @KhanAcademy's Meet the Professional page highlighting cool careers in Computer Science http://t.co/KGcuxrrIrw via @pamelafoxEverything you need to know about Knowledge and Expertise in one handy graph http://t.co/sigX2000EF
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurstthanks to everyone who came to my #velocityconf session earlier. slides are at https://t.co/TbxChAOtGP
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSo this happened at #velocityconf. /cc @allspaw http://t.co/tquzjZfPM1
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLove this beginner's perspective + tips on getting started with #git: "GitHoo? GitHub." http://t.co/gWZWmqXu8P by @KerryKDiehl #opensource
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstQuoting @skamille! MT @ginablaber: Cultivate “beginner’s mind”, particularly for areas where you consider yourself an expert #velocityconfHearing from @DBNess about "code clubs" - like book clubs, but instead you read open source code snippets together. #VelocityConf
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstOnce you are comfortable learning something, fork a new process and start learning something new. @DBNess Continuous Learning #VelocityConf
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#velocityconf keynote: @DBNess of @girldevelopit & Code Montage on Continuous Learning & learning in chunks http://t.co/4rit0ecenJ
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"In times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future" @DBNess on stage #VelocityConf http://t.co/ZOTRZTSjoS
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#VelocityConf @DBNess: Continous learning, why? http://t.co/xKNHAijv3Q
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstContinuous learning is CI for your brain - @dbness #VelocityConf
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@robtreat2 *beatbox noises*My "What Ops Can Learn From Design" slides are uploaded to slideshare, the #velocity website, and linked on my blog http://t.co/1WqS4gH9PE
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@colinangevine @pamelafox http://t.co/J2UDYBJ6Oc by @saronyitbarek ! :)Looking to organize or join a CodeClub near you? Check out ReadingCodeGood http://t.co/rzcIxrx1y9 by @SaronYitbarek #velocityconfJust spoke at #velocityconf about lowering the barriers to programming for the next gen - TLDR and links are here! http://t.co/V5R4VE9GGp
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstTwo great keynotes this morning at #VelocityConf from @DBNess & @pamelafox. Both work w/ @girldevelopit - cool! http://t.co/BcgPBqVUHx
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLets discuss how our skills can benefit society w/ @DBNess. Join us in #VelocityConf office hours at 11:50 http://t.co/fvMxVpRJjP
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBigQuery UserDefinedFunctions let us put arbitrary JavaScript in our SQL, which is...*silence*...A great idea! ;) @igrigorik #velocityconf@designrDevelopr cool to know! Thank you :)"The power to question is the basis of all human progress" - Indira Ghandi via @igrigorik #velocityconf@designrDevelopr ahh yeah must be Power Point conversion shenanigans - it started in Open Sans."I was raised by computer scientists. I was lucky. But we can't rely on luck anymore." - @pamelafox on teaching kids to code #velocityconf"I was raised by computer scientists. I was lucky. But we can't rely on luck anymore." - @pamelafox on teaching kids to #code@Mrcalzone & @swardley love that visual!! Thank you.@designrDevelopr haha I'd love to learn! do you mean the "'" in Beginner's? In Open Sans font?
I suspect plenty of #velocityconf folks will be interested in our Software Architecture Conference. CFP is open: http://t.co/OoZG5SQm5T
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstI donated 3 hours of cpu time to WCG during the past week http://t.co/rC2tXNh5Eg #wcgrid
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhat happens when you teach 100,000 kids to create change through coding? Find out: http://t.co/OT1yB8EsTd #MBKHack #YesWeCode
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDoing a book signing of Designing for Performance at 15:10 at the O'Reilly booth! #velocityconf http://t.co/i0zGGeikIA
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWatch NOW to hear @LaineVCampbell's brilliant tips on Recruiting for Diversity in Tech http://t.co/9KNw3x5hjB #velocityconf.@allspaw @souders @courtneynash kick off morning keynotes at #VelocityConf. Tune in at http://t.co/bxBPnvhkXV http://t.co/16q1so6Gx0
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMy keynote for #velocityconf will be live at http://t.co/IvFiJMSf6C, at 10:20 am BCN time, or 5:20 am Eastern. Check us all out!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#VelocityConf chair @allspaw is signing his book Web Operations. We're giving away 20 free copies at 6:10pm! http://t.co/SAdUQrmFDE
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGood morning, Barcelona! Pumped to learn the newest in web operations at #velocityconfHuge thanks to our @girldevelopit #gdisummit14 guest speakers who inspired us: @rroumeliotis @lara_hogan @anildash @heif @erinebagwell!
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstNo one better to lead @girldevelopit than @corinnepw. Well done at the #gdisummit14 this weekend!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst&& @Mo_Mack @vlh @CorrinaJo @redhotliz @jewlofthelotus @Roenok! #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHappy to hear from EVERYONE at #gdisummit14. TY to speakers @erinmkidwell @cfarm @myasmine @Kathryn_Ex @pamelafox @juliaelman @MinaMarkham
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstHad a wonderful time w/all of the amazing leaders @girldevelopit during the #gdisummit14! Such an honor to be part of this community <3
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.@girldevelopit has > 29K members and has taught > 16K unique students. We are making a rippling impact on tech representation #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@uchechi_writes A2. I'm passionate about code because its give me the power to create things instead of just consume. #yeswecode
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLook out, these amazing women are changing the world! #GDIsummit14 #WomenInTech @girldevelopit http://t.co/ZDk2UlNEQb
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@divinetechygirl @girldevelopit thanks for spreading the word!Instructor, teaching assistant, volunteer recruitment meetup for @girldevelopit NYC Dec 1st 7-9PM http://t.co/QFSZ5rB3ue
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWhat developers @girldevelopit do with ping pong tables. #gdisummit14 http://t.co/T8SPvUaZQv
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstMissed the last #yeswecode chat? We talked about women, tech & diversity. See it here: http://t.co/hw98Dnc2xA
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThanks IndieWire! http://t.co/6N4i1Bvrim #ASmallSectionoftheWorld #coffee
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLove the Own Your Expertise session by @celiala - concrete steps and mental exercises to combat imposter syndrome #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@arnicas @drewconway @GoldmanSachs @WriteSpeakCode happy to email intro if you'd like!@arnicas @drewconway @GoldmanSachs @WriteSpeakCode I'm not sure she's on Twitter, but one is Olga Oleyarsh (https://t.co/Vg88MGbsvj)@arnicas @drewconway @GoldmanSachs there's an awesome woman behind a bunch of their new opensource efforts, too! She came to @WriteSpeakCodeTears streaming down my face watching video of @6Gems & @BlackGirlsCode with Oprah narrating! Wow! http://t.co/cbxOZg7Jpw
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I’d like to high five my fellow @gdiatx cohort @ClassicallyGeek b/c this weekend we had TWO concurrent classes, both full. #woot
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstPower Posing at the #gdisummit14 http://t.co/WxxWa66xF2
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstVery awesome teaching 2nd year @scripted students how to use an API today :) All amazing programmers in the making!!!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#gdisummit14 executive director @corinnepw speaks on how she got started. I remember when she worked at WHYY. http://t.co/vPv4bnMdyH
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@Kathryn_Ex @girldevelopit @corinnepw <3++@girldevelopit #gdisummit14 Over 16,000 students have been through GDI! WOW! http://t.co/RAqQIIzb1y
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst#gdisummit14 in NYC! http://t.co/tZix1eWah1
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstThanks to @girldevelopit for the chance to talk with so many of your chapter leaders today. You should support GDI: http://t.co/wmZMp4NClR
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@anildash @girldevelopit thank you x1000000 <3 for inspiring us! #gdisummit14Amazing day of learning, connecting & sharing. Here are our incredible community leaders from 45 cities #gdisummit14 http://t.co/qXaNbye6XL
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBright lights. Big city. View from dinner.#gdisummit14 @ Connolly's http://t.co/drBgA8ci6Z
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstWestern NY takes on NYC! @GDIROC @gdiBuffalo #gdisummit14 http://t.co/psIPFMl9OF
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@girldevelopit @MinaMarkham @gdiDFW @staceyyturnage Texas representing! #gdisummit2014 http://t.co/aD2iEDnua9
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst.@erinebagwell just sold me on her new feminist documentary @dreamgirlfilm #gdisummit14 http://t.co/XkUQqQjZHe
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLearning to overcome imposter syndrome with @WriteSpeakCode #gdisummit14 http://t.co/VovjaKTiWK
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstDream, Girl Director @erinebagwell is in the building w @girldevelopit #dreambig #girlboss #changetheratio http://t.co/MDySsT72sr
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstGrateful to have @CeliaLa lead an #OwnUrExpertise session inspired by @WriteSpeakCode for @GirlDevelopIt chapter leaders #gdisummit14RT @rachelsklar: 100,000 kids to making change through coding. #YesWeCode sound incredible. http://t.co/X7QTauHMuw #MBKHack #mbkhack
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst@divinetechygirl thanks so much! @girldevelopitExcited to meet @erinebagwell of @FeministWed at #gdisummit14 http://t.co/gtfi8m6WDk
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstSouth Jersey & Houston changing the world @gdisnj @girldevelopit #gdisummit2014 http://t.co/wjoDNj6U7i
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstLara Hogan spoke about her path into tech management & writing her book. Speaking + networking were key for her #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstRefreshing perspective from @AnilDash. So awesome to see him speak at #gdisummit14 http://t.co/cyJN4eQyMo
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstBig thanks to our sponsors @pivotalnyc @esri @mandrillapp for supporting @girldevelopit at the #gdisummit14 today!
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst'Big companies who claim to care about diversity but fail to hire a diverse workforce are lying' -@anildash #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"There are things we know to be true that the world doesn't know yet." -@anildash #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"Let people be wrong. Just don't let them take your time" -@anildash #gdisummit14
Retweeted by Vanessa Hurst"I'd like to see more of you submitting to speak about what you are doing,leading in tech!"@rroumeliotis #gdisummit14 http://t.co/u98iuhirvN
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstPretty thrilled to hear @anildash at #gdisummit14 today. He does great work as an ally to women in tech. http://t.co/vYCg5q6qpa
Retweeted by Vanessa HurstFrom @anildash: "animosity from men in tech towards women-they have imposter syndrome too"...hmmm #gdisummit14 http://t.co/6IbDQ45wvV
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