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Bad boys whatcha wan whatcha wan whatcha gonna do, when shug a jun frun come for you. Get meee whatcha wanna do nobody gah gettin over maids
Retweeted by chris kam@DJMel https://t.co/Q1MUtC9KK6@makanaalia @Magapantha https://t.co/Q1MUtC9KK6
Photo: Thank you to the brethren @omarquiambao @larryincognito @cmonwealth for these ill tees. Gonna buy... http://t.co/mHD3pwm59Q@chrissyteigen check her IG.@sweetl_lychee many backpacks@DJEleven @jessfromcosign CONGRATULATIONS!!!!MISSED CONNECTION: I was a skater boy. You said "see you later, boy." I wasn't good enough for you.
Retweeted by chris kam@RavenFelix she has more accents than I own shoes.If MTV chooses to use Iggy Azalea as the host of "House Of Style", which accent will she use? I would like for her to adopt a British one."Backpack Brad" also sometimes wears thee most uncomfortably shortest shorts. Uncomfortable for his balls and for anyone working those days.This one dude comes into the shop at least once a week to look at backpacks and only backpacks. He is known as "Backpack Brad".Photo: TONIGHT (THURS 7/24) marks the 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of @artandflea! Join the celebration at their... http://t.co/yCyvHaq14LCan't believe I looked at Nicki Minaj's feet first.
Retweeted by chris kamFLEECE. JOHNSON. "RT @cthagod: Beyond The Booty. Fleece Johnson has a great perspective on sagging. https://t.co/sBFnKt6r5w …"Photo: THE LØRD GIVETH AND THE LØRD TAKETH AWAY. (,-.-,) LULZ http://t.co/zQfuMUS86VGOOD LORD! :( "RT @bradbaris: Air Algerie plane carrying 116 disappears from radar http://t.co/eYimtvoXYV via @usatoday"Smoking is disgusting don't do it it's nasty and u smell like my granny's arm chair
Retweeted by chris kamHASHBROWN. SELFIE.Photo: The LED wall is in full effect for #stilettohnl tonight at @itsasafehouse! @jonccc and I are... http://t.co/y10GLfTBse
The homegirl @JosieStingray SNAPPED ALL THE WAY OFF ON THIS ONE: https://t.co/b5jXPxwjKo (free stream/DL). #HNRLmusicAudio: New music posted by @DJDELVE. http://t.co/IgJahUDpyNPhoto: TONIGHT (7/23) I got the bol @jonccc spinning with me at @itsasafehouse from 10P-2A for... http://t.co/jubiX15RYN@Boomshakalakaa hello.@TSSCrew he needs to address that outfit first.Ho breh http://t.co/BFlDdjeenX
Retweeted by chris kam"521?" "542?" "555?" "573?" "586?" - Levi's brainstorming session
Retweeted by chris kam@N_C_B the NYU campus is slowly devouring Manhattan.@ty_boe its a hot male acct.Finally ordered myself some DJ DELVE business cards. First ones ever. Welcome to 2014, guy.MY GOD RT @TrillSmith: jesus christ RT"@imsohideouss: Oh my god there's video http://t.co/mfosKB1WoK http://t.co/hVoETa8qGX
Retweeted by chris kamFor Comic Con, Pizza Hut has built a real-life pizza thrower that hurls pies 30 feet http://t.co/D7r0h5a2Je
Retweeted by chris kamSALUTE! "RT @MicahBanks: @DJDELVE http://t.co/OxyGCzMP7R"@MicahBanks yeah buddy! SaluteThese Mercurial Superfly HTMs are literally a work of art: http://t.co/m8pejhpypk http://t.co/5pgAGkkfhR
Retweeted by chris kamdeconstructed typewriter. photo by Florian Klauer http://t.co/SWUpHhAaIS http://t.co/Hl4Ez8gVje
Retweeted by chris kamOk RT @THESOURCE: Kim & Kanye reportedly paid $500,000 for another baby to pretend to be North sometimes. http://t.co/FlVZu73XBH
Retweeted by chris kam🚫💪 Zone ....🚫💪 Zone ..They Know Betta
Retweeted by chris kamSNOWPIERCER. A great escape from this humidity for the past 2 1/2 hrs, and also: An odd, but oddly good film. Tilda Swinton is a hoot.
And now here is some sashimi that looks like a vagina #yourewelcome http://t.co/EWAkowPb9r
Retweeted by chris kam@bamparmy Disclosure, Duke Dumont, @Fourcolorzack x @HEDSPIN on 4 turntables, Baauer, A-Trak, Just Blaze...Has anyone ever put spam on pizza??
Retweeted by chris kamYou always have to take care of those that take care of you. #StilettoHNL Service Industry Night Wednesdays in... http://t.co/zxkpWbAciI
Retweeted by chris kamIt is 2014. There has been enough time for ppl to understand they should not do that shit. Its not funny at all. We need to do better....like at THEE MOST inopportune time. No time is acceptable, but that time was REALLY BAD.And a big GET THE FUCK ALL THE WAY PUTTA HERE to that chick who thought it would be fantastic to teach over and scratch the record...Yo but really tho, tonight was easily the fourth best #IN so far in 2014. Thank you.Started that last tweet off in all seriousness and ended it with a joke. Can I live?Seriously, thank you everyone who was at our special sauna themed edition of #IN. I hope everyone sweat out all their toxins. Lulz@johnhammmi DO TURTLES LIKE CELERY?
I am not even kidding: WEAR AS LITTLE CLOTHING AS LEGALLY POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE COMING TO #IN at LULUS WAIKIKI TONIGHT! Sauna levels RN!@SSSOLUTION http://t.co/dP2HTV2ziu@jeffmon @Andrewincarnate @johnhammmi why not?!Rocky Barnes is my new Adrienne Ho.@Andrewincarnate @jeffmon @johnhammmi I do not see a single hammock present.@kowaikowaimusic GRAVY ON MY DRUMSTICK, HOE.I would even consider changing my DJ name to either: DJ C2 or DJ DRUMSTICKS or DJ JB GRAVY.Like I would EASILY eat a C2 (all legs, rice & fries w/ a large Pepsi) before and/or during my sets. #gravyHey but for real, how would I go about getting sponsored by Jolibee for DJing?Common said the best Harold's is the one on 87th & State. Someone from the Chi confirm.
Retweeted by chris kamI am back from LA, which means we are going all the way the f-ck #IN at Lulu's Waikiki tonight from… http://t.co/iVFnEL1Hsh@PoserCulture REAL.Koba Commander.
ABB RECORDS SUNDAY: Peven Everett "Testin' Me"ABB RECORDS SUNDAY: Defari "Bionic"Playing that Little Brother x DJ Drama "Separate But Equal" mixtape dumb loud at the shop today.@quintywinties or NaSame Sith, different day
Retweeted by chris kamHere's The Story Of A Wrestler Named Big Swoll And His Reverse Braids http://t.co/0Hd1LPf94R http://t.co/O5HpGbmNlt
Retweeted by chris kamPhoto: #regram from @vforvincent. Me @jonccc @ssswerve_lort got @themanifest extra poppin’ tonight! Thank... http://t.co/5zVhjbys5aPhoto: #regram from @dinerenblanchon. Thank you again for letting me spin! Iolani Palace! My is still... http://t.co/VtUEJtoHr3Photo: My view from the #debhnl stage whilst I was spinning earlier. Thank you to everyone who stuck with... http://t.co/iyV9sIqLaAPhoto: The #debhnl event when I got there at 8PM tonight… So craze. http://t.co/IR6yJGP9H0So @SSSOLUTION is setting a moist dancefloor ablaze... #SUPERHANDSOME
Other than that, that was an incredible party!Note to self: When the crowd is a little older, do not play Cutting Crew "Died In Your Arms Tonight". It hits a little too close to home.@supercw great night! TeamworkPhoto: Currently: enjoying @supercw DJing before I go on… AT IOLANI PALACE! WUT. http://t.co/RCretgL4bJ@amberlissshh nah I'm at Iolani Palace and then The Manifest.@amberlissshh yeah. I'm stuck with this 'fit all night LULZThere is quite possibly the most violent swing dancing happening at this very second.http://t.co/xkrj46m1GbCan someone take a photo of me tonight? I have a feeling no one will believe me if I told them.I feel like I look like I am in a boy band right now... But like a cool one.THIS GIRL JUST ASKED "DO YOU HAVE ANY BOARD GAMES"
Retweeted by chris kamPerception >
Retweeted by chris kamIf Michael Jackson sang ace of base or milli vanilli records y'all consider them classics tho.
Retweeted by chris kamPhoto: Vintage JAMS WORLD shirt from the ’80s with a hangtag still intact. @barriovintage came thru like a... http://t.co/0LtiSMQxHvPhoto: Got it for “leaked employee discount code good on top of sale priced items too” cheap. http://t.co/BP9Q1Prt4IPhoto: Best Chanel window display in recent memory. http://t.co/VE8DkR3JgTPhoto: The ART & FLEA logo installation by CURATE is going to be an eye opener when its completed! Make... http://t.co/BpTrUuQ9XfPhoto: Inquiring minds wanna know! http://t.co/tGGyKa71Jl@Fourcolorzack you got male. uh, mail?Lance Mountain http://t.co/3VK2LROzoI
Retweeted by chris kam@sammybananas they are one ZENU away from ILLUMINATI.LA Galaxy sporting HERBALIFE on their jersey. They should get a SCIENTOLOGY sponsorship next season.
Retweeted by chris kam@JeanGreasy A man walks into a bar. It is a strip bar. He acts like he had a case of temp amnesia when he goes home at 8AM the next morn.A man walks into a bar. It punctures his spleen and he is rushed to the hospital. Watch where you're going, you guys.
Retweeted by chris kamCreatives are crazy
Retweeted by chris kamI'm back with the bols @JON_CCC @SSSOLUTION tonight for #SUPERHANDSOME at @TheManifest.10P-2A. No cover. All 🌊 vibes http://t.co/fZf5X1x654
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