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Photo: Tonight (4/24) is the Wes Anderson themed @artandflea at Cooke St (across from Fisher Supply in... http://t.co/iCZYH8GmdNTonight (4/24) is the Wes Anderson themed @artandflea at Cooke St (across from Fisher Supply in… http://t.co/VNm41RnEHvPhoto: Delivery. #YKWWS http://t.co/2djq0RnqzxDelivery. #YKWWS http://t.co/pBjyfa6PCOBobby Brown's On Our Own has the same healing power as the original We Are the World
Retweeted by chris kam@nataliejmooney "brain fax" lulz@gingerbanks1 "bye Felicia"@chrissyteigen I wonder if they've ever read the book: A TIGER'S REVENGE by Claude Bawls.On a brighter note, I did secure an outstanding snapchat SN tho.I seriously just woke up after what I thought was a 5min nap to go out. Realized only halfway to my car it was 350A. (,-.-,)Some of those Nike womens lunar wedge sneakers look like those tools used to stoke fires with (bellows). http://t.co/yFtWLfDgGm@landonjumpoff LANDON, I HAD SINCE PUT THIS ENTIRE MOVIE OUT OF MY MEMORY BANKS UNTIL READING TWITTER TONIGHT. THANKS BUDDY. *slits wrists*@landonjumpoff I wanted to walk out of that movie 10 minutes in but I had already invested in over $40 on tix & snacks by then (,-.-,)Nick Young shook off the sign for a fastball to throw his signature slider... SLIDE DER ball right outta mah hands! https://t.co/5bKrCAdmep@landonjumpoff that movie has more holes in its plot than a target at a machine gun firing range point blank.Currently doing this to all of my $5 bills... http://t.co/MJEOKBozV2
Retweeted by chris kam
@jermel_lynn @TheManifest @meanshaka !!!@jermel_lynn omg thank you!! I'm really not but I appreciate it a lot!!@bridgettevuong 😳😳😳The James Franco-Prussian War
Retweeted by chris kamSaddens me to hear Nas in the studio wit Timbaland n Swizz Beatz...both of whom aint never provide him wit nothin but duds
Retweeted by chris kamBut really can we get on that custom Line stickers?
Retweeted by chris kam@devin_brugman you can't take the island out of an island girl!Aloha 'oe you smell like poi! 🌴🍹🍍
Retweeted by chris kam@TheRealKylieK love it. Live it.@TheRealKylieK that's why I followed in the first place.Gonna tell dude to tell his dad "hey dad, I'm gonna be a pirate and if you don't like it go walk the plank!"I am craughing RN BTW. CRYING+LAUGHING....or just pierce his belly button with a copper hoop so he will always be prepared.So far we have told him the best way to rid himself of seasickness is to either tape a copper penny to his belly button with duct tape...@Marikachu yup. Super funny.Attempting to persuade a co-worker to call his dad and tell him that he's dropping out of school to become a pirate. Stay tuned.Haters gonna hate. Ballers gonna ball.
Retweeted by chris kamDEFINITE STINGRAY RESIDUE "RT @BuzzFeedNews: Pineda tossed from the game after umps find a substance on his neck http://t.co/CLUSmAuGWZ"OR MAKEOUT SESH WITH A STINGRAY? "RT @desusnice: When u got a hickie but ur trying to act like you don't http://t.co/Ej4M9H2lui"@N_C_B I damn near forgot about how good his album was.MANIFEST DESTINY'S CHILD.@kanyeftkanye manifest destiny's child.I really like the term "going off script". Its super lulz.Why is the Tiempo the go to shoe for Nike to trot out every World Cup? Mehyou guys are listening to Young Thug, but you don't HEAR Young Thug
Retweeted by chris kamhipsters are gonna ruin Young Thug like they do everything else in music
Retweeted by chris kam@russbengtson those days are loooooong gone. We've turned the corner on that one a while ago unfortunately.I miss when the only questions people asked themselves before they bought clothing or sneakers were "do I like this" and "will I wear this"
Retweeted by chris kamThe drum loop at the end of Gangstarr "Royalty" >SALUTE! "RT @DJClarkKent: "One A Days" @kickshi x @Nike Dunk Low (2004) #UNDSeverything #StayFRESH http://t.co/ynCalaIm55"an e-cig while on an electric skateboard fuck you
Retweeted by chris kam@JulietteLewis you're making a movie about Portishead??ALL I DO IS GET RADICAL
Retweeted by chris kamPhoto: Visually dizzying. Sonic tension. And completed by an outstanding “WTF?!!” scene. Definitely not for... http://t.co/o9ia1e3TdKVisually dizzying. Sonic tension. And completed by an outstanding "WTF?!!" scene. Definitely not for… http://t.co/P8BOzVvqbb@amberlissshh oh it totally is but I see it on my TL ALL THE TIME. Especially around now@XANAXDREAMS whoa. Heavy.When ppl tweet "Who's up?" The replies are never from anyone they want to interact with in the first place.@djsoulnyc yo I stay up mad late. And then I see you tweeting and you're 5-6 hours ahead of me, famo. Lol@TatiOnYourRadio so cool! You know need to make an instavideo now tho, right?@amberlissshh @tittahbyte I always wonder if that makes me smart for recognizing funny stuff or dumb bc I didn't think of it myself.@TeaBlossomNinja @tittahbyte SO REAL.
"Its pronounced: gor DAUN."@bridgettevuong not their uniforms tho@tittahbyte my daily struggle“@mashable: Brian Williams rapping 'Gin and Juice' is perfection. http://t.co/3oaXUOwVgG http://t.co/TgpkT5oyQf” omigad I die best ever
Retweeted by chris kam@flashee at Kahala. Watched it earlier.@__krys you did good in the RT department todayI stay salty
Retweeted by chris kamAnd few things I do like
Retweeted by chris kamThere's so much shit that I don't like
Retweeted by chris kamI feel like I'm better at RTs and favoriting things than at actual twitter. (,-.-,)my faving reflex v strong
Retweeted by chris kamRappers should stop rapping and just wear street wear and high fashion. That'd be sick.
Retweeted by chris kamI hate when hoes don't know they're hoes.
Retweeted by chris kam@ty_boe @flyingcoffin luv u brounder the skin is the best movie I've seen so far this year. go see that shit.
Retweeted by chris kamTwo more things about "Under The Skin": 1) Scarlett Johansen plays her role as a ??? spot on & 2) the minimal soundtrack is intense.Two things right off tge bat about "Under The Skin": 1) its not for everyone & 2) its fkn awesome.Photo: It was really a great way to send @jami_season off to his next chapter in Vegas. So many of the... http://t.co/lI4snxGH58It was really a great way to send @hi_jami off to his next chapter in Vegas. So many of the homies… http://t.co/K3W7M5SBKu@SergDun he's straight trollingKenny: Shaq, what does MMA Mean? Shaq : For Chuck it means Meals Munchies and Appetizers. Me: Tears
Retweeted by chris kam@J_Stee he could go for 30+ shots a game. They NEED someone to do that@J_Stee that's why I would be ok with them going all out for Melo@J_Stee I mean really tho@J_Stee Chicago offense is an OFFense. So bad (,-.-,)!!! "RT @sabrinaahmed: all I need is U http://t.co/14UcW2iR2D"THIS GUY. "RT @Mike2600: @DJDELVE that wasn't Jay-Z, it was Jay-z."@amberlissshh where they do that at?When asked how he lint rolled his pants at the game, Drake replied "Started From the Bottom"
Retweeted by chris kamWhen you accidentally send a text to the wrong person. http://t.co/7X2j8vNPCU
Retweeted by chris kamguys I'm not sure chrisley knows best
Retweeted by chris kamJust saw a dude with Jay-Z's face but on like Gary Coleman's body..@therealelp that should replace any visual aid in all dictionaries for the word "backfire"hahah oh man that nypd hashtag gate shit is fucking hilarious.
Retweeted by chris kamRUH ROH. "RT @NYMag: The #MyNYPD hashtag did not go so well for the police. http://t.co/c6PuJWR7Yc http://t.co/Twu1gCdFCp"@bustajoanna I WEPT THE DAY COSTCO STOPPED CARRYING THE BLACK TEES@bustajoanna I LIVE IN KIRKLAND WHITE TEESKIRKLAND & ZYRTEC AND I'M GOOD. "RT @bustajoanna: seeking kirkland sponsorship"If Hall & Oates were REALLY smart, they would also own a horse feed company called: HAULIN' OATES.If I'm allergic to cats, am I allergic to jaguars?
Retweeted by chris kamWind blowing cherry blossom petals everywhere. Someone in Seattle could shoot a nice slow motion video for an "ambient trap" song rn
Retweeted by chris kam
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