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I just watched THE DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES for the 2nd time in less than a couple of days, and it was even better this time around.Perception is reality. Especially in rap life. I would never believe you if you told me Rich Homie Quan is dirt poor.And then they have to opt for a name with an underscore involved and no one can find them. Like ever.Its funny when businesses are late to the twitter/IG party and someone has already taken their straightforward handle...Bonsai is the veal of trees. #fb
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEDMX, please release this video of you screaming on an amusement-park ride as your new single. http://t.co/kBxZLhCQKv
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE
@hippieturtles happy birthday cuh@CFUCKINK @LyanRau @alohavisuals those reviews made my day.REAL. "RT @lovettbrianna: Lol hi Bow Flex @DJDELVE http://t.co/ssevbNYwpL"Thank you to everyone who came thru #IN last night. I could not ask for a better/weirder party. And its on a Monday night...We've been building a fun, R&B driven party every Wednesday night at @itsasafehouse from 10P-2A called… http://t.co/e6DnY00jfhBeing up this early is stupid
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEHAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI!! "RT @lovettbrianna: @DJDELVE killin it🙌"
Photo: So I FINALLY made myself some business cards. In hindsight, they should have just read: PATRICK... http://t.co/7u4VZnxqcp#FreeMeekMill but keep his outside voice inside
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEPhoto: Today: @publishbrand bandana print joggers + @reebokreserve x Palace CL. http://t.co/c5pQgSKs7RPhoto: TONIGHT (MON 7/28) I got @ssswerve_lort spinning with me at Lulu’s Waikiki for #IN from 10P-2A! Hit... http://t.co/XZr090bljuPhoto: 'LO LIFE. http://t.co/AouXjhfgnDPhoto: "Finally, a label about the streets run by some cats from the streets…" #itstheROC http://t.co/95uQnjG8O1
Photo: BOW FLEX ZONE… 💪 BOW FLEX ZONE… 💪 THEY KNOOOOOW BETTER… http://t.co/BLAuOCKtKk"They sleep, we grind" - teeth
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEDon't date someone if their best idea for dinner is fucking CARROTS.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEGET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' is rider music forever.Photo: I don’t think Nike meant to design this KD7 off Patrick Star… OR DID THEY?!! http://t.co/RcY0LsW9rp#NP 50 CENT "back down"Thug prayer ⚠️ http://t.co/tzHwUf1Xsd
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEMe - *cleaning a mirror* Me - *sneeze on mirror* Me - (・_・; Me - *walks away*
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@softest_hard WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?@SergDun because they cannot escape their hippie tendencies.Why do white men have to keep the athletic sandal industry alive?
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@sabrinaahmed happiest birthday!!Here is a video of said headbanger. 🎥 @kristiesagara http://t.co/QHyrwHtFlkPhoto: Whippin’. There was a dude going so buckwild with his headbanging antics during Poncho’s performance... http://t.co/gh4e4rEcqG@N_C_B and there's a Retna piece that's pretty prominent for a scene. And holy shit that movie is horrible lolthey were white. RT @MeWeFree: @the_blueprint I have no idea how dudes played ball in Chucks...
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@robdelaney are you tweeting from a pool of black ooze?It's a nail salon RT“@Yes_l_Want: Boeing 747-400 owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal - $220 million http://t.co/BycdSgKLAm
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEI love profanity but only if you have a vocabulary.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@anntieup I am so glad Michelle Beadle immediately spoke up in disgust over his comments. That was very brave of her.@1800GG BOWFLEX™ ZONE. -___- http://t.co/DaSomI4Uq7@anntieup the fact he had to preface his comments already told me it was gonna be something ignorant.@anntieup oh totally. Its all bad.@anntieup Stephen A Smith on ESPN was completely out of line yesterday. His comments had me heated.@anntieup its frustratingly sad. There is video evidence. You cannot deny it. Provoked or not. There is no excuse.@anntieup I also don't like how the team handled the situation either.@anntieup I thought he would be suspended for at least half the season. At least.@anntieup I know but I feel like I should be losing sleep over Gaza.I don't know why this Ray Rice 2 game suspension is still bugging me at 415 in the morning, but it is.#SUPERHANDSOME "RT @kristiesagara: So fun http://t.co/kuUuhZLCY2"@kristiesagara @Alyyyygator botox. They all have botox injections.No one on earth is listening to "the booya tribe" at this moment.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@amberlissshh I shall return soon@amberlissshh I spun first so I could check out some bands at Dragon Upstairs.THANK U BROTHER #SUPERHANDSOME "RT @mattbruening: @Alyyyygator @DJDELVE @TheManifest so fricken funnnnnnnnnn"
SIX CALLERS AHEAD OF US, JIMMY!IF YOU ARE THE DANCING TYPE OF INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE, UNIQUE, STYLISH, SELF CONFIDENT LADY, YOU NOW… http://t.co/JlL3KD0dxyPhoto: Herbie’s evil twin. http://t.co/y3kqhILU09Photo: They were out of vanilla ice cream and azuki beans today but this mango with condensed milk from the... http://t.co/xuMc2Uy0RVPhoto: Thank you Nori san and the @pioneersaloonhawaii staff for always the best food! Anytime they have... http://t.co/yBCmKhDaiCPhoto: Thank you to everyone who lined up to purchase our @kickshawaii KANAGAWA 🌊 tee today! It is pretty... http://t.co/gYpXuBCFvuMY SADDLE... IS WAITING... #SUPERHANDSOME at @themanifest tonight (SAT 7/26) from 10P-2A w/ myself… http://t.co/3CZzCnhvFMNO FLAX… ZONE, NO FLAX… ZONE! 🙅
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEI also just played one of my best hour-long sets ever. Personal goals-n-thangs.Its exxxtra poppin' at @TheManifest RN! @SSSOLUTION & @JON_CCC are sending the dancefloor into a frenzy!@amberlissshh thats one of my brst friends' family. She is the smartest, nicest kid too.
And then right after I'm done at NextDoor, its over to @TheManifest for #GOODfridays til 2A! No cover! http://t.co/ZqbS60UDKzI start up the party in less than an hour! Right before Shwayze hits the stage at NextDoor! Tix still available! http://t.co/0oGTfPtDQwCUTE OVERLOAD!! "RT @Fourcolorzack: YOU GUYS!!! http://t.co/sBrrnzLnQP !!!! IT LIVES!!! @cutieandbeast"If somebody made the OLD @SoundCloud app they'd be a millionaire
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@MarleneKieu exactly. Oh there will be photos, please believe!@MarleneKieu yeah its not real to me yet!I will be DJing a coupe of NYFW parties & then otherwise, I want to see my friends @djlindsey @DJMyles @notshirt @kalgrande etc.NEW YORK FASHION WEEK IN SEPTEMBER WITH THE @FLUXhawaii CREW!If you know enough to yell "WORLDSTAR" while filming a fight, then you know enough to hold your damn phone HORIZONTALLY.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONEPhoto: Let’s get it extra poppin’ in Chinatown tonight (FRI 7/25)! I will be opening for Shwayze at... http://t.co/Nroisq9kVgPhoto: The next @artandflea is THURSDAY AUGUST 28 at their new Ward location. The theme is: HOUSE PARTY! http://t.co/t0MwQQg4tjPhoto: After the show, its the after party… The “after party” being a chicken katsu curry rice. http://t.co/N5yzNLentf@Wells_P headbutting her, nonetheless.@Wells_P its really mind blowing in the worst way.@Wells_P he about to get the hate mail curve for that. And rightfully so.@Wells_P two game suspension?!! GTFOH with that!! SMHPhoto: What took a week and countless hours to conceptualize, prep and execute… all came down in less than... http://t.co/GU33Z1wJ8e@Suberashiuk @deathwaltzrecs @MTeddTC @TakuBeats @djmastalee @MykeForte nuff respectPhoto: A backside view of the @curate_decoranddesign A+F logo installation and the new interior space. Last... http://t.co/iMtvRMO5syPhoto: I have like 2,564 photos of this @artandflea logo installation, which consists of 4 rows of hand... http://t.co/ngxfWCN0bqPhoto: This is how the 4 year anniversary @artandflea event looked when I rolled up around 830P last night.... http://t.co/qBNZfsz04LBad boys whatcha wan whatcha wan whatcha gonna do, when shug a jun frun come for you. Get meee whatcha wanna do nobody gah gettin over maids
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@DJMel https://t.co/Q1MUtC9KK6@makanaalia @Magapantha https://t.co/Q1MUtC9KK6
Photo: Thank you to the brethren @omarquiambao @larryincognito @cmonwealth for these ill tees. Gonna buy... http://t.co/mHD3pwm59Q@chrissyteigen check her IG.@sweetl_lychee many backpacks@DJEleven @jessfromcosign CONGRATULATIONS!!!!MISSED CONNECTION: I was a skater boy. You said "see you later, boy." I wasn't good enough for you.
Retweeted by BOW FLEX ZONE@RavenFelix she has more accents than I own shoes.If MTV chooses to use Iggy Azalea as the host of "House Of Style", which accent will she use? I would like for her to adopt a British one."Backpack Brad" also sometimes wears thee most uncomfortably shortest shorts. Uncomfortable for his balls and for anyone working those days.
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