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Tom Hardy & Nicolas Refn's best work. "RT @the_blueprint: just realized there's people who haven't seen "bronson". if that's you, fix that."When Customs asks me if I have anything to declare, I'm going to say I still want to lick Kate Moss's boobs.
Retweeted by chris kam@goosey91_ Hasn't been any in a while (,-.-,)
Line: djdelve"RT @MettaWorldPeace: Ways to touch beauty: Making a women cry Ruining fun Killing conversational vibe with arguing"If you are not getting along with a fellow kendama enthusiast, y'all got kenDRAMA. (,-.-,)But most of all, Disclosure in Hawaii needs to happen. And then have them DJ a house party after.@jakeho_ seen it happen. Fights both times.@_YOENEMY @WheresZen Barak Kendama lulz@thatonegirldrea female vocalists are my heart and soul: Sade, Erykah, Aretha, Whitney, Janet, Stevie Nicks, Nina Simone, Mary J, etc.@GetliveRO you already knowI would pay good money to see Grimes do a live performance like her live show on KEXP Seattle.Now I'm listening to Little Dragon "Ritual Union" at ignorant levels. Up next: Siouxie and the Banshees "Cities In The Dust".@jakeho_ or when some dude does some And1 throw the ball of your face type fuckeryI also need to see a @Fourcolorzack x @HEDSPIN 4 turntable set where they can play whatever they want. A true, live DJ SHOW.REAL. "RT @BREKONE: Lost is the art of playing a hip hop song and not have turn into a "twerk" remix."Oh man and fkn Little Dragon at @JoinTheRepublik would be most outstanding. They have one of the best live shows I've ever experienced.Oh yeah I also need to see: Grimes, Banks, Dom Kennedy, a @kutcorners x @DJ_Marvel set with turntables & synths, Kaytranada, and RHYE.@stillillpdx @JoinTheRepublik nah no worries cuz. Always good to know. They have been doing shows like OF, Baths... good variety@alanview its a UFC gym now lol@alanview a while ago@stillillpdx @JoinTheRepublik they are fully staffed for that but in case they do, I will reach out for sure my bradaPeople might not have liked going to Pipeline for shows a decade ago, but we ALL definitely felt it when they closed.Now that HI has @JoinTheRepublik, there are so many shows I think are realistically possible, which is so beneficial for Hawaii in general.Concerts that I need to see in Hawaii: HBK + NhT Boyz, A$AP Rocky+Ferg, Cut Copy, King Krule, Lana Del Rey, DJ Jazzy Jeff...The next De Lux single and video should be "Brighter End Of Dark". That song has had me in a trance for weeks.@someguynamedty as did E-40 did back in the early '90s. The game has been laid out for us for decades.Look. If you live on Date St. and you're single, then you are totally not cashing in on where you reside. #factsonly@tap10 exactly. Keep putting those out please. Btw all that NHT shit knocks so hard!!Been running @tap10 "Late Night Crate" + "Tender Knock" mixes at the shop today. Nice to hear a DJ that still does backspins + cuts. #HNRL@CodesHouse Yeah those are so key. I been had those. The only other thing I can think of is sampling off old R.A.W. mixtapes...The homies @FLOSSTRADAMUS (fresh off their mental performance at Coachella) will be playing at @JoinTheRepublik on SAT 5/17! 18+ #HAWAIIiT DOESNT MATTER iF U HAVE MONEY iT MATTERS iF U ARE HAPPY
Retweeted by chris kamWhen I die clear my browser history
Retweeted by chris kam@NicoleAVelasco @LilihaBakery OMG GIMMIEif violence against women is just a "cost of doing business", then that business needs shut down. period.
Retweeted by chris kamlook, i love football. it's a source of genuine joy in my life. but i love my mom, my sister, and my niece more.
Retweeted by chris kam@CodesHouse gotta find those jungle battle break records from back in the dayBrutal NYT investigation into investigation of Jameis Winston http://t.co/9cAf7PDvfw Not sure it was football favoritism. Just terrible cops
Retweeted by chris kamEverything the cops didn't do in the Jameis Winston rape investigation: http://t.co/VUwsixeVNL
Retweeted by chris kamhonestly think they should revoke winston's heisman & FSU's championship. only way schools will learn is if *football* suffers.
Retweeted by chris kamcan't read that NYT article and not think there was a lack of institutional control. prevent FSU from competing in football for a decade.
Retweeted by chris kambody rolls to miami bass is a must
Retweeted by chris kam@TatiOnYourRadio @ashanti 💨🙊💀💤How many ladies aint scared 2 fart in front of ur man?
Retweeted by chris kam
@JubileeDJ why nick cannon did that to his hair in the first place is beyond me.@kanyeftkanye "hoooy psssst" is the same sound waves make, noel.@JubileeDJ cam flamed dude. There are just ashes. Straight cremated.@kanyeftkanye or the ocean@Wells_P real.@chrissyteigen "cul-de-sac" is an even funnier term when sexing is involved in the same sentence.TWEET OF THE DAY. "RT @PaulCantor: the best music is whatever music you like."Really yo? RT @TacoBell: Thank you based Taco Bell.
Retweeted by chris kamI hope Kiwami Ramen survives at this location. Its really good and even more convenient.TRUE. "RT @Wells_P: Last girl I dated was a vegan. That was doomed from the beginning. I love bacon, Not Fakon, I like chicken, not Chikn."If you don't take your #outfitgrid photo on a hardwood floor, does it exist?Australians don't have sex. Australians mate.
Retweeted by chris kamDead RT @COol_1ne: Nigga behind him got a thorn of flowers around his head and still judgin him http://t.co/Y04MONHd4p
Retweeted by chris kamWHOA DERE. "RT @tsscrew: Iman Shumpert Went All And-1 Against Paul Pierce With This Crossover http://t.co/KnhOybCpXl http://t.co/bAbZRh7x5l"Now I wish Ron Harper cld get in a time machine and play for the new Clippers ... He wlda been silky smooth out here man
Retweeted by chris kam@DeePhunk yes and it fkn good!!@_YOENEMY @WheresZen @kanyeftkanye santouka tonight?@kanyeftkanye bring it on, madafakla@kanyeftkanye *utters 3 words to u*Photo: Big brother @een_g did an incredible job with this Riccardo Tisci AF1 SP capsule. Next level AF1... http://t.co/52b6FpvyOmBig brother een_g did an incredible job with this Riccardo Tisci AF1 SP capsule. Next level AF1… http://t.co/WFyBlvAoX7Photo: The international homie @mastalee reppin’ that @saintalfred x @stussy “WINDAY CITY TRIBE” pack. Nuff... http://t.co/Of4Z3wiIL1The international homie @djmastalee reppin' that @saintalfred x @stussy "WINDAY CITY TRIBE" pack. Nuff… http://t.co/NyyQNd2ah4me: i'm just going to rest my eyes for 5 minutes me: wakes up march 27th, 2098
Retweeted by chris kam@nataliejmooney what kind of shoes would an emu wear? A gazelle? A komodo dragon????@FrankTheButcher its gonna be an emotional day, my man. One love. Never forget. Boston strong.When I was younger, $20 felt like $100.. Now $20 feels like $1
Retweeted by chris kam#IN was super live tonight. Thank you to all the ladies in the building who made it v interesting.
@kickshi + @stussy "ALOHA VIBES" capsule got some love in Japan... 2 page spread! #hawaii #hi #stussyhttp://t.co/svRNScqeMhPhoto: @kickshawaii + @stussy “ALOHA VIBES” capsule got some love in Japan… #hawaii #hi #stussy #kickshi... http://t.co/o5kMrb559j@kickshi + @stussy "ALOHA VIBES" capsule got some love in Japan... #hawaii #hi #stussy #kickshihttp://t.co/LhiQJv1087Look at this purebread puppy http://t.co/ha5Gaw3Mb9
Retweeted by chris kamFact: Aaliyah wore menswear better than everyone. http://t.co/GFLFeYpsSX http://t.co/RAhQhys3K8
Retweeted by chris kamHOW DID I NOT SEE THIS @HanniElKhatib "PAY NO MIND" VIDEO B4?? https://t.co/IodWdTFT3Y@tittahbyte noooooo but now I will thanks!@tittahbyte they are v excellent live@tittahbyte its really the best.Been playing @DeLuxBand debut "Voyage" in the shop on repeat for a couple weeks straight now. Its my favorite album so far this year.Can’t wait for @DeLuxBand concert in May with @DJDELVE + @WEAREALTAIR + @djseeko at @nextdoorhi!
Retweeted by chris kam@nicoleforever no, YOUFUN STUFF: http://t.co/LjNmmCDvkO@caaaaaitlyn not soon enoughPhoto: With @jami_season still somewhere on his asia tour, join me + @debin at Lulu’s Waikiki for another... http://t.co/Mfzgi8KiYGWith @hi_jami still somewhere on his asia tour, join me + debin at Lulu's Waikiki for another extra… http://t.co/diYc3lK0arToday: Nike "Vintage" Vandals from '08. #hawaii #hi #fromwhereistand #wiwt #igsneakercommunity #nikehttp://t.co/V6gnnmD6aoPhoto: Today: Nike “Vintage” Vandals from ‘08. #hawaii #hi #fromwhereistand #wiwt #igsneakercommunity #nike... http://t.co/qD874Hx3dM@caaaaaitlyn welcome to my daily struggle (,-.-,)...AAAAND SCENE. "@mdotbrown: So that doesn't count as a terroristic threat? Technically, that woman was trying to make a plane disappear.".@KICKSHI x @Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer Collection http://t.co/nx4vgkDyDs http://t.co/gZz99IWsqY
Retweeted by chris kam. @Stussy & @KICKSHI deliver "Aloha Vibes" for their latest collaboration | http://t.co/WbGsmzOpD0
Retweeted by chris kamStussy x KICKS/HI - "Aloha Vibes" Collection http://t.co/kzQrkzYE57 @Stussy @KICKSHI
Retweeted by chris kamPistons Kyle Singler Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Jump With DeMar DeRozan http://t.co/Z0ayTUUM9k via @TSSCrew
Retweeted by chris kam@kianto how is Divergent? Grand Budapest is all time.
@djsoulnyc yeah mon fml@kanyeftkanye can. Swing on by lulz
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