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Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #28 [Peter Venkman]: http://t.co/3F0m442MRF via @YouTube@iAmKelseyx Hey Kelsey! Happy Birthday!
@itsBiiTTERSWEET Rich Dad Poor Dad@banditloaf Yes.@NorthernlionLP plz@morganblake92 I have it for X1 but haven't played it. You?@Squarepainter @MAGFest When you decide let me know!@Squarepainter How much?@JahovasWitniss I just ordered a PS4. Xbox has been letting me down lately@CareySpratt Honestly, no.Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #27 [Eve Jeffers-Cooper]: http://t.co/RxgIF1S0FD via @YouTubeWith all the turmoil going on right now, regardless of what "side" you are on, we are all Americans and need to take care of each other.@spunkygirl2773 :)
@ValerieAnne0829 @tstacey1205 You guys should have came!Going live with some @EAMaddenNFL in about 15 minutes! Tune in here: http://t.co/aiVCUqCk7J@MEB_21 Why didn't you say hi??@garyvee @davidrocknyc DROCKIf you're in SE Michigan & looking for dinner tonight go to Social House in Novi. % of sales benefit the @GoodGirlCB tonight! I'll be there!@NorthernlionLP @lovelykaitkim plz@heyeggshen I had two but one broke :-/ Other is for PC@heyeggshen Only thing I'm going to miss is my @turtlebeach headset.Well...there's that. http://t.co/bo8nuLoLDo@MathasGames A "tub."@JohnnyT_77 lol@tcaufield322 Still lagged when sending PMs?@TwinsMommy Hahahaha@Tarpo @kevinbrokeit I miss the controller and the trophies.@KasonAllTimeLow I'd finish that out for sure.@KaitMcKethan @kevinbrokeit I turned my back, shouldnt ahve done it@DrewM987 Yeah only wish you could change your PSN name@LaurenBridges21 @kevinbrokeit ya!So my friend @kevinbrokeit is trying to talk me into getting a PS4 & get rid of my X1. It's working...anyone else make the switch?Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #26 [Bill Nye]: http://t.co/OZMNnm6qJd via @YouTube@denali1 Good pointShort work week if you're in the US! Have a good one!
No Madden stream tonight - rescheduled for tomorrow. Have a great night!I thought Rick only pointed his silver peacemaker with the gun barrel aimed down. I was wrong. #TheWalkingDead@JKsSherripaiva I try not to spoil...much :)@IrrelevantAnth Hahahah that's what I would do - Morgan Freeman@RowanJohnson4 very literal@TerriT I guess it's understandable?Rarely am I against Rick but I like the prisoner swap. More cloak and dagger. What would you do? #TheWalkingDead@SirScoots Gold NovaFr. Gabriel is clearly off his rocker. #TheWalkingDead@RockBabe17 Too kind!@clintp74 lol@CPat11 disagree@krystlelite hope it helped@KasonAllTimeLow thx@jbamberger21 👎@TestOfPower need itIf you're tweeting about the #AMAs and not getting ready to watch @WalkingDead_AMC - you should go pay a visit to Terminus.@MathasGames You're tearing up my heart.@KevinCwalinski ha@Jessica_adams24 Seems OK, there are better deals out there. http://t.co/v57JfTEWaq@Jessica_adams24 What are you going to use it for@Jessica_adams24 link?@FamilyJules7x I'll keep a lookout for announcements on your new projects! Also my wife is concerned for my <3 for you@FamilyJules7x Makes sense. Was on the road for the past 2 weeks and listened to your stuff 100% of the time! Still loving it!@familyjules7x Serious question: How much would you need to raise to create a 10-12 song album?Barring any technical difficulties I'll be streaming @EAMaddenNFL Lions season later tonight on http://t.co/aiVCUqCk7J Need a win.@DavidBrownTV Good to hear! Yes I'm planning on it - if you're going let's make sure to grab a beer@DavidBrownTV I'm sold just need to influence @cgheesling a bit. Hoping for Christmas! How's things with your channel been? Saw the update v@WhenChukAttacks brasso hype@BaerTaffy not a word from you@DavidBrownTV Been thinking about getting one - DB endorsed?Congrats to the Pats fans - excuse me I'm currently eating crow.@MathasGames plz MathasLions will win this game vs Pats and move one step closer to the Super Bowl. #DETvsNE@mbermani1 This was scheduled automatically 👍@NorthernlionLP I'm glad my obscure NFL reference is appreciated http://t.co/CTmCraXf9eLet's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #25 [Gus Ferotte]: http://t.co/dGUVIUlHYd via @YouTube@RyanMahan8 You shouldn't be
So it's cgheesling's surprise party. Lots of faces. http://t.co/TJcn5CiQZ7@WhenChukAttacks so gooddd@WhenChukAttacks pics or it's not real@Theromantics1 @Rogueforce Why do prefer the Cat@CollegeGameDay @FSU_Football Is this for real @MemphisGarrett?@Mirandakp @Skywise316 Sprite hype@banditloaf Are you piloting my @Delta flight right now? On the intercom he sounds identical to you!@koontzie_2 Hey Brandon! Sure you just need to apply to be one of my Student Ambassadors: http://t.co/TnAwTq0QGc@Lions @buffalobills @nyjets @FlashSeats ---> @garyvee@kendradw Great meeting you Kendra!@cgheesling @DanGheesling the WiiU is scientifically proven to increase ones responsibility and good looks. I hear you also smell better.
Retweeted by Dan Gheesling@djWHEAT @cgheesling That's pretty convincing. Isn't it also proven to increase the efficiency and speed in completing the "honey-do" list?Let's Play - The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth - EP #24 [Alex Trabek]: http://t.co/bRaaoZnjdp via @YouTube@KatyWellhousen @utulsa @okstate @UofOklahoma Would love to come visit. Hope all is well Katy!@KatyWellhousen It all depends on bookings and if we have a Student Ambassador in the area :)@Thee_AR15 Good luck Allen@mozzareli :)@blairrr_bearrr Tweet me the pic of your classroom when it happens! :)Leaving Maryland as the final stop in the 2 week speaking tour. Thank you to everyone who came out & the colleges/universities for having me@KimAutumn_06 hahah no :)@austinwilson96 dead tho@GrubHub Used this thanks!@_AHOHL It was open to all!@Nicola_K :)@TwinsMommy Prison Architect life@TheBmoreGamer THANKS I USED THIS@givntofly_76 what is that? :D
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