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@RockLeeSmile what the heckFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 102 [The Dream]: via @YouTube#TheMartian was good! Really enjoyable modern day Apollo 13. 8/10 ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@MathasGames yeah real good!@BuffaloBeatles should have hit! I'll check it as soon as I get home - sorry :-/Super Mario Maker - 100 Mario Challenge Attempt: via @YouTube#Narcos on @Netflix - great series ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ”ซ@MathasGames congrats mathaiFallout Shelter Lets Play Episode 123 [The Revolution]: via @YouTube@jellydonutpro @JSmithOTI you just won the Sunday lottery otiGF Blew it today - the girl I wanted you to meet was at State today ๐Ÿ˜
@laura_markus @AlpacaPatrol @JSmithOTI define immatureIrish struggling to hang on to the rock. #CLEMvsND@tyronerodriguez I've been playing afterbirth pre alpha for months now@tyronerodriguez @NorthernlionLP plz Ty@wildbilljvil22 I'd be down to see another @CoachMcElwain win@ericquine won@tyleroakley TySeeing a game live from @ClemsonFB in Death Valley just made it on my Life To Do list. What a great environment for a game!Enjoy the @outback - well deserved ๐Ÿ‘ @CobaltStreak vvFallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 101 [Wrecked]: via @YouTube@jasonthenicest mut@PattyParsonsPat hiCool use of the Oculus Rift! Shelter Lets Play Episode 122 [Under]: via @YouTube@NobodyEpic plz watch 2:37 we turn the corner boys@NobodyEpic up 10 in the shoe, about to go up 13 at I coached on his staff, great guy, when ever I need to tear up I watch this: honestly, the past decade has been incredible...i was there during the JLS era@NobodyEpic done deal@CollegeGameDay @brianj_wagnerMadden 16 Let's Play - Lions Full Season [Game 3 - Broncos]: via @YouTube@elliptic_circus @AlpacaPatrol rob plz@FresheezLP birdie@angela_pitts get it@PeterParmesan its diglet care 101@kaylalott88 :)@Angel64Rizzo @NorthernlionLP kappa dirt@TheDagaku @NorthernlionLP some people dig right, i diglet@michelstafford :)@CollegeGameDay @RytaakIndrellis @jmulligannโ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿˆ
Fallout New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 100 [Friend of Mine]: via @YouTubeListen to @robcesternino's take on the best way to prepare yourself for Reality TV Casting: @AmiiboNews congrats the smell@thegreatgq @AmiiboNews bruh any macs?@TopsinLP @michaelalfox @NorthernlionLP #flashfried@EtihwNeb @AlpacaPatrol he needs that IV of OJ right to the diglet reproduction center@heyeggshen lol@followTachyon @michaelalfox diglet eggs in pulp, i got not pulp @AlpacaPatrol@michaelalfox #broasted@RealFriscoKid the frisco@landonmorgan i try to drink it sans teeth - but thanks for the heads up@P8ntDesk one dayGetting sick so I wanted to share with you how I fight it. Drinking the whole thing always seems to work for me: Shelter Lets Play Episode 121 [Deathmatch]: via @YouTube
@Toetopoop91 Egg nog for all.@GoodJobJack hahah thanks it was fun to just hang out and mess around with the guys ๐Ÿ‘@NorthernlionLP @Banyle banny@randomursahole one?@planetJANEbeats thx its cute@Toetopoop91 its. Not. Real.@coreyjs55 @NorthernlionLP @AlpacaPatrol @RockLeeSmile Photoshopped not realHad fun tonight on the #NLSS thanks to @RockLeeSmile @NorthernlionLP and @AlpacaPatrol for having me! @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile & @AlpacaPatrol right now on the #NLSS - is the biggest change in Reality TV Casting over the past 10 years? New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 99 [Rosie]: via @YouTube@jm_schroeder @robcesternino do they blitz in the cfl or is it called something else@OLookItsChristy hahah thanks ChristyAwesome :) Thank you to you and your wife for her service and sacrifice no salt needed :)@LizStack525 thanks Liz lolFallout Shelter Lets Play Episode 120 [Queen K]: via @YouTube
Had fun tonight thanks for tuning in. Really enjoying MGS5! Going to be a good one.Live with Week 3 of our Lions @EAMaddenNFL season - believe in SB50 Tonight, New Amiibo, Stats: via @YouTubeStreaming @EAMaddenNFL and MGS5 tonight starting at 7:15PM EDT New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 98 [Mastery]: via @YouTubeFallout Shelter Lets Play - Episode 119 [Emmy]: via @YouTube@KevinCwalinski @garbonics BELIEVEListen to @robcesternino talk about the evolution & changes in Reality TV Casting in our 50th episode of the podcast ded@traceychieng rektSo you're saying there's a chance... enjoy!!! Thanks for the kind words@MathasGames Plaid Shirt + Beard + Amiibo = Mathas Halloween Costume - you're welcome@GroverBud @robcesternino thanks it was great having rob on!@ibnAbdarazzaaq hahaha thanks gabe@freytagb good to hear@freytagb you alright?
Coffee in paper cups on TV shows looks like it tastes better than real life. Why?He's just trolling for views now. @RobsFactChecker I think you're closer to the 1000 than this faulty stat tracker@RobsFactChecker @robcesternino Define "many"Metal Gear Solid 5 - Part 1 New Vegas 2015 Modded - Episode 97 [JL Mask]: via @YouTubeRIP USPS? 50 of the How To Get on Reality TV Podcast - featuring @robcesternino's take on the Evolution of Casting:
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