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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, Views expressed here are my own.

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.@grandmahannah @HillaryClinton My point is that her assets as candidate have been undervalued in the email brouhaha. Town Halls show that.Striking the difference in @hillaryclinton when she's speaking to substantive issues than when she is parrying email and personal questions.Fair enough. Stalled is perhaps the better description. could roil both races. New fuel for lagging @realDonaldTrump to whip up base, flay opponents. Boon for Bernie. Dilemma for HRC, VPOTUS..@Cubs 46-19 in second half. Finished with 8 straight wins. And we have @JArrieta34 Wednesday @Pirates. Damn the curse! #goatbusters
#Cubs starters have posted a 0.20 ERA (1 ER/45.1 IP) over the last seven games. #ThatIsGood
Retweeted by David Axelrod.Ludicrous that @pirates & @cubs, with among the top three records in baseball, will have to play one game to see who gets into playoffs.Congrats to my brother and teammate @JArrieta34 on what should be a Cy Young Award winning season! Now the real work begins! #LetsGo #NVRQT
Retweeted by David AxelrodThe OR shooter: A history of mental illness. Expelled from military after just one month. Yet legally qualified to assemble an arsenal.
How many times have we seen THIS headline?'s been a great warrior for reform, working tirelessly for all of our nation's kids and future. I'm proud to call him my friend.Thanks! my podcast, I spoke with @BernieSanders about his nuanced record on guns, including his no vote on Brady law.
I'm in Charleston, watching news from Oregon, wondering why we're the only country that accepts mass shootings as a fact of life? #madness@davidaxelrod @InvenergyLLC's #GrandRidge is worlds largest wind+solar+storage project. can you help us win #ESNA2015Awards w an RT? thx!
Retweeted by David AxelrodAre Trump & GOP outsiders missing boat on delegate rules? Interesting piece on IL, with process already underway. more note on @BernieSanders: He raised over $2 mil on last day; $26 mil total. Call him socialist, but as of now, he's rolling in dough.Given McCarthy's comments, it would be interesting to see the emails that were exchanged among GOP House leaders about Benghazi hearings.
Sanders fundraising is remarkable. The # to keep an eye on now is cash on hand. Very possible he has more than HRC. is it conundrum? I think the "s" was superfluous. Was it superfluous, or just misplaced? In any case... gig is definitely a Good News-Bad News situation for McCarthy. Seems hard to avoid same conundrums as Boehner. Thanks for giving a listen. Just trying to share good, revealing conversations!.I have to admit, listening to @WTFpod with @POTUS was kind of an inspiration for my new podcast. It was tremendous. Duh! Why didn't I think of that?@davidaxelrod He'll simply build his own polling shop and it will be more beautiful and classy than all the best and we will love him for it
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@MarkLeibovich How does @realDonaldTrump handle it if he slides to middle of pack, given his "mine is bigger than yours" fixation on polls?
ICYMI, here are the findings behind @davidaxelrod's op-ed about @realDonaldTrump featured yesterday on @CNN.
Retweeted by David Axelrod.Weekday @ Bernie's: @SenSanders on selfies, his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers & improbable climb.
Got a first-hand look at the @BernieSanders phenomenon today @UChiPolitics. 2,000 in hall. 500 in overflow. And 2500 couldn't get in.Until recently, I thought a podcast was what you put on a broken foot. Now I have my own! vows to make reversal of the Citizens United ruling a litmus test for SCOTUS nominees. @UChiPolitics.@BernieSanders packs them in @UChiPolitics, filling Rockefeller Chapel at UChicago, from where he graduated in '64. would be true if Horatio Alger's heroes were born to wealth. Not taking anything away from the Donald, but... @realDonaldTrump I'm afraid EVERYONE would be voted off the show!The new path to the presidency. How about a reality show starring a governor or senator?
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@realDonaldTrump has turned GOP race into reality TV. But how much has Apprentice boosted run? New data says A LOT! now @jarrieta34 is a machine--as good as I've seen in yrs. He gives us great chance in one game playoff.
Looking forward to fellowship @UChiPolitics with @JessicaYellin, @reihan, @matthewjdowd, @tomdart, @davidaxelrod @UChicago
Retweeted by David AxelrodHowever you processed her answers, HRC seemed much more at ease in today's MTP interview, and it was effective.
Apparently, not everyone was into the Pope's message. late younger brother had CP. this means so much//Francis saw boy with cerebral palsy. what happened next
Retweeted by David AxelrodConservatives don't know what they want, says @RameshPonnuru. A new House speaker won't…
Retweeted by David Axelrod@SalenaZitoTrib @Pirates @Cubs See you in October, my friend! #hewholaughslast.@BayRidgeBoy1954 @Cubs Haven't been a Mets fan since '77 when they traded Seaver to the Reds!.@Cubs Hammel hammered again. Falls apart in 5th. Hasn't been right since injury before break. Wonder if he's on bubble for playoffs?.Absolutely stunning day to be at Wrigley and watch two PLAYOFF-BOUND teams go at it. @Cubs v. @Pirates. #GoCubsGo American Idea and Today’s G.O.P., via @nytimes. Thoughtful admonition to GOP: Look forward, not back. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders coming to Chicago on Monday.
Retweeted by David Axelrod
.@SalenaZitoTrib @Cubs @Pirates By the skin of your teeth. We'll see you tomorrow, my friend. And on October 7th!!! #GoCubsGoHomecoming! @SenSanders (AB '64), who led protests as student, returns to alma mater Monday as candidate for POTUS. Big day @UChiPolitics!@johnboehner bombshell exposes same fissure between governing conservatives & anti-government zealots that is playing out in presidential.Did @johnboehner, so clearly moved by the Pope's visit, find it hard to square the Pontiff's message with the politics of his caucus?Whoa. An already rocky fall in DC-with budget, debt limit and other issues, just got a lot more challenging.
Adapt or resist? A brilliant piece on the GOP'a dilemma by @RonBrownstein. Well worth a read. in a chamber so often riven by narrow agendas & uncompromising ideologies to witness a message of such transcendent moral force.As Pope Francis references Selma march, colleagues seated near Rep. John Lewis give him an affectionate rub on the shoulder. He was there.
Retweeted by David AxelrodPope Francis: "We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners"
Retweeted by David Axelrod.@Pontifex: We must restore hope, right wrongs and promote solidarity #PopeInDC
Retweeted by David AxelrodBeautiful words on politics, as Pope Francis sees it #PopeInDC
Retweeted by David AxelrodMoving to see @johnboehner and @JoeBiden behind @Pontifex, two devout Catholics, of different parties. A reminder of our common humanity.
@JArrieta34 wins number 20!! #GoCubsGo
Raised in NYC, so I don't have tribal thing. Have season tickets on both end of town. But GOTTA love these @Cubs! absolutely hammering ball v. @brewers. All their promising kids shining. More fun than a @realDonaldTrump call in! #thefutureisnow@SalenaZitoTrib Very perspicacious!As Walker's race died with little in polling bank, the question is where his major donors and Iowa endorsers go when the estate is settled.Walker says he's showing leadership by dropping out to help clear the field. PTalk about leading from behind!An amazing rise & fall for Walker, from spring sensation to asterisk in last @CNN poll. Beware the memes of the moment. Many turns ahead..Important piece fm conservative perspective on @RealBenCarson's muslim comments by @UChiPolitics Fellow @reihan. my take on "Carly Fiorina rockets to No. 2 behind Donald Trump" (via CNN):
.Great @Cubs-@Cards series. It can't end here! We'll have to pick this up in the playoffs. #GoCubsGoKind of a head-scratcher that Carson would invoke the Constitution in explaining his opposition to a Muslim serving as POTUS.
Last time he got in a jam over his Megyn Kelly comments, @realDonaldTrump three out his immigration plan. Today, guns. #shinyobjectsReading Biden Leaning stories this AM, hung on bullish, unnamed backers, I'm reminded that the jockeys are often more eager than the horse.@JoeBiden's nothing if not candid. So when he says he's wrestling w/ emotional toll of race, I believe him more than eager, unnamed sources..@jaketapper soared as the New Boss in the #gopdebate, asserting his authority and making vividly clear his political neutrality.
Retweeted by David Axelrod
My cut on GOP race, debate and dating patterns of voters in presidential campaigns. First piece for @CNNOpinion! be clear, I have max respect 4 great journalists @NBC & @MSNBC. I'm very grateful to have had chance to work w/them. Love my role @CNN.
How can someone who is so hot on borders know absolutely no boundaries? are cooking! Three of four from @pirates. Now just TWO back for top wildcard spot. Bring on the @Cardinals! #herewecome
Bam. Big moment for Christie in rebuking Trump and Fiorina. #CNNDebateA couple of CEOs battling over who was worse. #CNNDebate@realDonaldTrump probably doing himself no harm with his base by pressing deportation and english only. Problem in a general. #CNNDebateCarson signals an open mind on Trump's mass deportation of 11 million. #CNNDebateCarly plays Trump card. #CNNDebateCan't believe this Planned Parenthood defunding debate thrills @Reince as he looks forward to trying to win a general election. #CNNDebateCarly links Iran and Planned Parenthood. Iran Parenthood? #CNNDebateCruz makes case for shutdown of government over defunding of Planned Parenthood, "an ongoing criminal enterprise." #CNNDebateInvoking Reagan in Cold War, @RandPaul goes counter against field on talking to Iran, China and others. #CNNDebateIf @jebbush has backup on casino charge against @realDonaldtrump, it could have legs. #CNNDebate"I will get along, I think, with Putin," said @realDonaldTrump. uh…ok.Katich scores by going counter to pile up between @realDonaldTrump and field, and scores. #CNNDebate@Jebbush takes a pass on Trump, but Walker bears in. Now @realDonaldTrump is giving him full treatment. And Walker fires back. #CNNDebateSo the idea that @realDonaldTrump was going to show a more sober, restrained side has taken an early beating. #CNNDebateDr. Carson is first to play the "welcome Carly" card. #CNNDebateTells you a lot that Rand Paul introduced himself as eye surgeon. Didn't he used to be a senator? #CNNDebateSurprisingly good undercard debate. Lively exchanges. Clear differences. And these guys have three percent between them? #cnndebateJindal pushes Graham for nuclear option-change Senate rules-to block Iran agreement. Making war on DC GOP his recurrent theme.But is a 50 cent increase in the minimum wage really sufficient to undergird low wage workers? #CNNDebateSantorum goes populist. "How are we going to win if 90 percent of Americans think we don't care about them?"Riveting exchange between Pataki and Santorum over Kim Davis. #CNNDebate
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