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Obama's six-year itch http://t.co/rv0zbnr4Ce http://t.co/QsJSDapGZm
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@stevandrews @reidepstein @pfeiffer44 In political-speak, this is more proof that it's off the table.
@jessicalalley @SpecialReport Thank you!@joeinthejeep @BretBaier @SpecialReport Thanks.BREAKING: Israeli official confirms a 12-hour humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza to start 7 A.M. http://t.co/Rc7m5MO8k1
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSCOOP: Bruce Braley shook up campaign, replaced AKPD and Diane Feldman with Saul Schorr and Geoff Garin http://t.co/TiqfV9yXzp
Retweeted by David M. DruckerThe @GOP has again spoken clearly about Puerto Rico's status. It's time for the US citizens of PR to be heard. Thank you @Reince ! #PR51
Retweeted by David M. DruckerHeaded on @FoxNews' @SpecialReport w/ @BretBaier at 6:35 pm ET. Joining @ChuckLane1 & @krauthammer on the panel to discuss a little newsRT @BillyCrystal: Interview on Nightly News with Brian the rapper Williams for 25th anni. of When Met Sally.. // #IllHaveWhatShesHaving116 Reps send letter to @SpeakerBoehner & @SenatorReid asking to not leave for August recess before VA bill is done: http://t.co/cALhF7S3rJ
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@DCDude1776 It passed w/ overwhelming bipartisan support. He was recently for altering it before pulling back.If Congress fails to send Obama border bill, will be cuz of disagreement over changing 08 law: http://t.co/lMozjfHqzR h/t @susanferrechio@philipaklein @guypbenson @kerpen Also "Speak-O" has been entered into the American lexicon.Kerry Bentivolio = prominent Republican: http://t.co/dNJfTXr3HH h/t @BrianHughesDCPOTUS will continue to consult closely with Congress on Iraq, Susan Rice says in letter to Boehner. http://t.co/enxEb2GSNX
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@HotlineJosh @davidhorovitz @timesofisrael If terms of proposed cease fire R correct as reported, I'm wondering who thot Israel wld accept.RT @davidhorovitz: Just unbelievable.Israel & US openly at odds over Gaza ceasefire terms http://t.co/HtcJjeuHl1 … via @timesofisrael
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @Christine_Habib: #Iran should send its nuclear weapons, if they exist, to #HamasHello from Bozeman, Montana. Just interviewed Sen. John Walsh about his Army War College paper. Story coming soon. http://t.co/HZWRXYvGBx
Retweeted by David M. DruckerThis one time, at OSU band practice...Israel's security cabinet has rejected a Gaza truce plan proposed by Secretary of State John Kerry. More tonight... http://t.co/HyhPu4a4NP
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@guypbenson You note it like there's something wrong with it.RT @ron_fournier: "Hey, where's that "Rebounding With Impeachment" playbook Bill left us?" -- White House comms teamRT @FoxNews: BREAKING NEWS: #Israel rejects Kerry cease-fire plan http://t.co/dFS3Cling6Missed this: @rulajebreal invoked Sheldon Adelson as part of the reason for the pro-Israel "bias" in America. http://t.co/WfSpdfHWT5
Retweeted by David M. DruckerGAFFE! RT @washingtonpost: The psychological reason teen girls scream at boy band concerts http://t.co/X6TPgfOvwqThis statement from American Legion would appear to back House position in battle over #VA bill w/ Senate: http://t.co/KocJgoghqG@ningrim @ericawerner … And at this point, the two sides are at an impasse over the 08 law - Rs want to change, Ds/Obama don't.@ningrim @ericawerner The legislation under discussion has never included such a component...RT @emilyrs My story on the political considerations for each of the Democrats' five '16 convention cities: http://t.co/aDwHSJvWW0
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@_silversmith @reidepstein @pfeiffer44 @randiradio And a majority of congressional Rs also oppose, actually.@_silversmith @reidepstein @pfeiffer44 @randiradio Because there are zero elected leaders that support it & they won't allow it...@_silversmith @reidepstein @pfeiffer44 @randiradio Good politics but not true.@stevandrews @reidepstein @pfeiffer44 Yes, I honestly believe the threat isn't real. 100%.@ningrim @ericawerner Which "amnesty package" did they "allow" to become law?Good politics for Dems 4 him to say so RT @reidepstein: The impeachment threat is real, @pfeiffer44 says http://t.co/nT57iHghpiJERUSALEM (AP) _ Israel says missing soldier whom Hamas claimed to have abducted was killed in battle.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @ericawerner: House GOP talk of stand-alone vote on ending DACA alongside targeted package for border, less than $1billionObama Administration is throwing Israel overboard and Secretary of State John Kerry is bailing Hamas out. http://t.co/LbxqtWFQsM
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @BarackObama: Why you should care about "inversions": http://t.co/xRLlh8EFKx#Typical RT @Jamie_Weinstein: From @EliLake: Europe's Jews Blamed For Israel's War http://t.co/AjRmITIlfoTwo #Colorado #fracking initiatives have enough signatures for the November ballot: http://t.co/IBphTr9wMZ via @dcexaminer
Retweeted by David M. DruckerTX GOP Rep Carter predicts gop will rally enough votes to pass further scaled down border bill - less than $1b with change to 2008 law
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @JimPethokoukis: Really? | How high should tax rates go? Obama: ‘I don’t have a particular number in mind’ http://t.co/1qGSWauAjBRT @seungminkim: Moderate GOP Rep Charlie Dent says he supports ending DACA as part of border crisis planRT @rickklein: .@pfeiffer44 on whether he'd rather face Cruz or Perry in '16: "Would you rather eat ice cream or cake?"RT @ChadPergram: Rep Charlie Dent (R-PA) says GOP will probably drop level of funding for border/supplemental below $1.5b.@pfeiffer44 also predicted that Obama's upcoming actions on immigration will "up the likelihood" of GOP impeaching http://t.co/LwQfoiLeS0
Retweeted by David M. Drucker…Because if Ds/Obama won't support changes 08 trafficking law, no need to try & pass border bill designed to clear Senate & get Obama's sig.If House Rs pass border bill B4 Aug -& I'm hearing some surprising optimism-look 4 it to be a bill designed strictly to attract R votes...
Kudos to @pacificbiznews: Abercrombie’s cab ad was shot in Miami. Will voters care? http://t.co/MCYdiXVhYH http://t.co/wrJPp802HI
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@conncarroll @PhilHecken @sbnuniforms Trojie unies are awful as a rule.Make it easier to deport unaccompanied kids who entered US illegally Favor/Oppose D 44% / 54% R 81% / 18% I 64% / 33% http://t.co/U1BxV8uBEL
Retweeted by David M. DruckerHuge gender, age, race, party gaps in Gallup poll on Israel's actions http://t.co/fO1twVXBu0 #Gaza ht @daveweigel
Retweeted by David M. DruckerPOTUS: "we are still well below what the marginal tax rates were under Dwight Eisenhower or all the way up even through Ronald Reagan"
Retweeted by David M. DruckerGetting reports from friends in West Bank that PA has called for Third Intifada, will organize buses to try to enter Jerusalem tomorrow.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerFeds have relocated 30,000 immigrant kids (amid border crisis) to families in US since January. Maryland took 2,205. West Virginia took...10
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @TIMEPolitics: Obama eyes major immigration move | http://t.co/GbDoexOOu1 by @aaltman82Gang of 8 Rs feel the need to state that they won't attach their #CIR bill to border-crisis legislation. http://t.co/YQtxkkw8Dm
Retweeted by David M. DruckerMcCain, Flake, Graham and Rubio (Gang of 8 Rs) put out a statement saying that bill shouldn’t be attached to border crisis funding.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @brianjameswalsh: Mississippi Supreme Court rejects McDaniel's request for rehearing http://t.co/uNhwGIkEuQRT @KenSherrill: France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue http://t.co/vmUaMVMbPI via @HuffPostUKi asked @SenatorDurbin if wh expected such Dem oppo to 2008 law change"I don’t know what they expected but there’s quite a bit of pushback”
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @ZekeJMiller: Obama in year six of his presidency: "The hardest thing in politics is to change a stubborn status quo"RT @BarackObama: "I'm here because I am listening ...I'm listening to Americans all across the country." —President Obama #OpportunityForAllRT @secupp: Canada eases gun restrictions in favor of 'common sense' gun laws. http://t.co/4HTtwbnGXt via @SunNewsNetworkRT @dcexaminer: Donor to Obama and father of FCC commissioner gets profitable telecom waiver from group http://t.co/SXuzyG77tyRT @ZekeJMiller: Senior White House official says the admin has "concerns" about the Cuellar-Cornyn bill to amend 2008 trafficking lawRT @RameshPonnuru: Rand Paul says, "Live and let live." Good idea. http://t.co/qUBbyLZYxmPartisan fighting over #VA bill devolves into a twitter battle: http://t.co/i7IXAgws9m h/t @susanferrechioRT @foxnewsalert: BREAKING NEWS: Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military targets http://t.co/JkzcjoTbUbGood read RT @hughhewitt: From @victorhanson: George Patton’s Summer of 1944 http://t.co/0yes4wWoV1 via @NRORs challenge: How to be family-friendly w/out leaving unmarried voters w/ impression they don't care about them http://t.co/4N0M2NbrP4
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@stevandrews @SpeakerBoehner @SeanLengell This isn't happening because of House Rs, it's because whole process stymied in Senate.Much of hold up w/ spending that's forcing House to move CR in Sept is due to breakdown in Approps process in Senate: http://t.co/ueQ0FrneowPer @SpeakerBoehner, House will move in Sept 2 pass CR spending bill 2 get govt past elex: http://t.co/ueQ0Frneow h/t @SeanLengellVery good piece from @JonathanMessing on what appears at times to be selective moral outrage from Israel’s critics http://t.co/qyb5o2UiBV
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @ShannonBream: NYT now reporting - US considering plan to accept Honduran children directly - as refugeesMT @samrhall: FEC filing contradicts McDaniel campaign that they had no relationship w/ Liberty Action Center http://t.co/VIhzlEjEML #MSSen
Retweeted by David M. Drucker#StopTalking RT @TheFix: "He's not a classroom academic." -- John Walsh spokeswoman. Um, no kidding.RT @zcolman: Colorado #fracking restriction ballot initiatives have enough signatures, according to group backing them. #copoliticsAugust Recess Cometh RT @RebeccaShabad: Summeritis RT @kasie: The Senate will not hold any more roll call votes this week. #jetfumesIsrael split on when to stop Gaza op. Channel 2 poll: 41% say stop after dealing with tunnels, 46% say don't stop until Hamas is toppled.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerIsrael firmly behind Netanyahu. Channel 2 poll: 82% are satisfied with Netanyahu's performance during crisis, 10% not. (Last week 57%-35%)
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSalvadoran Amb: #bordersurge sign of 'upward mobility' of migrants who can $$$ to bring their kids to USA http://t.co/Qs3dvivWzb via @SFGate
Retweeted by David M. DruckerExclusive: Israel sends message through Hamas leader's mouth as psychological battle deepens http://t.co/50ybuEB106
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @benpershing: The great Josh Kurtz is the talk of the town (more specifically: Rockville) http://t.co/J8APrWXUyqSenator @MarcoRubio Again Calls On Obama To Impose Targeted Sanctions On Human Rights Violators In #Venezuela: http://t.co/OL0Hxmwpux
Retweeted by David M. DruckerRT @CBSPolitics: Is there room for Joe Manchin among Democrats in 2016? http://t.co/2LcgYSoQjZ via @cbsnews#Winner RT @Neil_Irwin: I swear this place opened up on 14th Street just last week. http://t.co/ghsHrleuEEThe #Senate today will confirm nominees for Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary of Transportation, and for Deputy Secretary of Commerce.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerSenate Veterans Affairs Cmte Chair Sanders to hold presser at 1:30 pm et about #VA bill
Retweeted by David M. Drucker@ron_fournier I'm razzing your critics. Just having a little fun.@kornegay_danna @marykissel @RepPaulRyan I'm marking the day & time you agreed w/ a member of Congress on something.#MoralEquivalenceOutrage RT @ron_fournier: Journalists needs to stop groveling for news, and start fighting. http://t.co/W5VPcYWLKQRT @aburnspolitico: AM radio pitch: drive-time show hosted by Rob Astorino and Frank Caprio. "Take This Endorsement and Shove It."Last night, we told Red Cross to evacuate civilians from UNRWA's shelter in Beit Hanoun btw 10 am & 2 pm. UNRWA & Red Cross got the message.
Retweeted by David M. DruckerFriday at 9 a.m., House Republicans scheduled to hold special conference meeting to discuss border crisis legislation, per source.RT @ForecasterEnten: Every time I go back in a polling database and see Research 2000, a little part of me dies. So much junk.RT @cnnbrk: U.N's Ban Ki-moon calls strike on Gaza shelter "appalling." Says "circumstances are still unclear." http://t.co/6IdBI6CHya
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