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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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@EDinCali 20 years later, why #GOP and America now need another #ContractWithAmerica. Please RT http://t.co/rNyQ6XzeX2
Retweeted by Ed @eponine1949 @JoeWMiller purveyor of the great lieI remember their key role in launching our navy/marine corps-Obama:Muslims Built Fabric of Our Nation http://t.co/OHTfv9Yyaq via @joewmillerMore Ric Grenell brilliant analysis-Memo to the White House: Stop talking and act | http://t.co/Y8u9hiPi6dBorder Agents: ‘Violent MS-13 Recruiting at Arizona Facility’ http://t.co/spSZlRilvo via @teapartyorg@EDinCali I ask a lot of people why they voted for him & false news was & still is the main reason for their beliefs about Obama
Retweeted by Ed Obama: False Hope, False Messiah-https://t.co/UIiz1gROs8No more tingles-Chuck Todd: People Are ‘Fatigued’ from Obama https://t.co/SCwhBHGUlJTrump: US Marine Tahmooressi Is the Only One in Mexico Who Can’t Get Into America https://t.co/pui7PIf5VxTells it like it is-Donald Trump: ‘The President Is Doing a Terrible Job; He’s a Terrible President’ https://t.co/R3BK8ahrBYHe is not a friend of Israel-Rogers: Always Been a Bit of Friction Between Obama Admin and Israel https://t.co/ExONw1EipgMSM troubling double standard-‘Morning Joe’: Cuomo Corruption Would Lead Newscasts Every Night if it Were Christie https://t.co/aFcuDEZGwfObamas crown jewel of foreign policy-Andrea Mitchell to Susan Rice: ‘Libya Is Looking Like a Failed State’ https://t.co/F6saUnoMuHHuzzah! Sessions to Congress: Block Obama’s Executive Orders on Amnesty, or Face Cantor’s Fate https://t.co/oszRqZlbZjJesse Jackson pushing Silicon Valley to hire more minorities...How about hiring more Americans?Ignorant masses-O’Reilly: Obama Won Election Twice Because of ‘the Machines’ https://t.co/4sdczNJ6zxHow often President Obama actually talks about himself http://t.co/6KA6rQ8rxS via @washingtonpost@TomTwiljr Yeah those guys with the beardsPurveyor of the Big Lie-Pelosi: Qataris Have Told Me ‘Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization’ http://t.co/qzbC3vr6vR via @joewmillerFeds Quietly Dump Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in Tennessee http://t.co/3n4jyCM1bY via @joewmiller@heatpacker @politico In the meantime, our forests that have been managed by eco fascists are diseased tinderboxes going up in flames@EDinCali @politico Meanwhile, in the Arctic.. http://t.co/K08KkRjtmZ Mother Nature is proving the Ecofascists wrong.
Retweeted by Ed Remember how Obama kept vts out? Illegal Immigrants Protest Outside White House, w/no Fear http://t.co/ZWYsxznC7W via @joewmillerI remember their key role at the Battle of Bunker Hill-Obama: Muslims Built The Fabric of Our Nation’ http://t.co/OHTfv9Yyaq via @joewmillerFox asked a panel who they thought were biggest threats to America: My answer would be the Obama administrationTrying desperately to buffalo the uninformed-White House: Climate costs will jump without action http://t.co/spjPk3qEHm via @POLITICOHamas on the ropes; Obama and Kerry to the rescue | Human Events: http://t.co/jUtnhJeMG4The Jerry/Willie Brown Bridge-Calif. Senator Calls For Criminal Probe of Bay Bridge Const Problems http://t.co/ufblAinRNs via @nbcbayareaExclusive Interview: Rick Perry Says Deploying Troops to Border Sends a ‘Powerful Message’ http://t.co/TftFkUVcZH @DailySignal
@mattcampbell14 @1Dimitri @JoeWMiller That and those who profit from his presidency and democrat controlWhy do we need a "thorough investigation" into the shot down jet over the Ukraine? We already know what happened.@cam78745 @unicornmajik Very little of this truth is disseminated to the American public who are far removed from this unnecessary crisis@EDinCali @JoeWMiller That would be the RINO spin regarding the poll data. What most are saying is they would NOT vote for the president.
Retweeted by Ed @GeriatricPsych LOL, YES!!!!!Already was-Sen. Graham: United Nations Becoming Anti-Semitic https://t.co/nh5Q7LcSyPCall the men in the white coats-Nancy Pelosi on International Crises: ‘The President’s Leadership Has Been Strong’ https://t.co/0xww3ZS6xIIt's about the money honey.."Consultants" rake in millions-GOP’s black market: Anti-incumbent campaigns http://t.co/LpoNHyrgW9 via @POLITICOThis is America, you can sue anybody-Can the House Sue Obama for Not Executing the Law? http://t.co/cpQB2DdJm7 via @EHSlattery @DailySignalAmericans Really Really Wish They Had Elected Mitt Romney Instead of Obama http://t.co/X2Imf4FrWS via @joewmillerLives in DC bubble-George Will Says U.S. Shd Welcome Illegal Children Mocks Supporters Of Deportation http://t.co/w7hKByVZ6l via @joewmillerWe could use a miracle here-Iraq: End Very Near for Christianity after Isis Takeover, Says Bishop http://t.co/bShx7iSkF5 via @joewmillerWillful/purposeful flooding of our borders-‘Obama Will Take Care Of Us’ http://t.co/POV4PeD6lg via @joewmillerDecades of mismanagement have left our forests vulnerable to terrorism http://t.co/mZEdTFdMdWIsraeli embassy warns Ireland will fall under Islamic influence http://t.co/YBU5he3Om9
@RedStateBlonde bush put the fear of Allah in him---he was cooperating w us and an allyFYI: Libya was NOT a state sponsor of terror before Obama decided to kill its president moammar ghadaffiShould the children of Chicago be given refugee status due to the gang violence there Juan Williams?ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: Homeless Maryland Man Murdered by 6 Illegal MS-13 Gang Members #ClashDaily http://t.co/qa76rHeXhb via @Doug_Giles@EDinCali TY -I enjoy your Tweets but those Blaze & Other Links Burn Some Hefty Data on a Mobile esp when Overseas
Retweeted by Ed @KCS624 @EDinCali that's why I am no longer retweeting their articlesWhile all eyes are on Gaza....“@kohnadeh: @simonevans117 & this: http://t.co/FEI9M1H0Dk
Retweeted by Ed All of our US territories have dropped Obamacare, it has made their healthcare premiums so expensive no one can afford it..coming soon hereI am going to stop tweeting from Glen Becks avaricious Blaze, because it overloads my computer w/ads, puts peanut butter in my hard driveBoston 'Teeming With Protesters' in Giant Rally Against Housing Illegal Immigra... http://t.co/63x8awvNYb via @theblaze@TJSharky @jimgeraghty @MarkRMatthews Travel sitting, standing or horizontallyExposed for what he is-Embarrassing: John Kerry Skewered over Cease-fire Talks and Compared to an ‘A... http://t.co/GFBi1ctwze via @theblaze@IndependntChron @Doug_Giles Just like the dems use irs/epa/justice dept as a weapon against their political foes@EDinCali @Doug_Giles Not exactly accurate she implies she believes anything anti-Clinton is libel and slander and should not be printed.
Retweeted by Ed @jeanniemcbride He gets a free pass on all of it...His race is his free get out of jail cardObama transparencies..... . http://t.co/MAX6By3YSO
Retweeted by Ed @jimgeraghty @MarkRMatthews Which airline will pioneer the concept of "dense pack" of passengers in order to maximize the bottom line?@jeanniemcbride Nobel prize was established by the man who put explosives on steroidsIs there anything more disgusting than to claim being a minority, when you are not in order to game the affirmative action system?Of course the bureaucrat in the midst of the criminal epa, has sudden;y developed the new virus affecting the left: computer crashShe lied...Real Indians died-RUN, LIZ, RUN? Elizabeth Warren…Dances With Lies #ClashDaily http://t.co/xrw5DxkA0v via @Doug_GilesOversight Dems to America: ‘You don’t have the right to know’ what White House does wrong http://t.co/ZGA3JAaTjP via @BizPacReviewSILENCE, OR ELSE: Hillary’s Team Wants Media Blackout of Anti-Clinton Books #ClashDaily http://t.co/ayKREDDKFn via @Doug_Giles@RussOnPolitics @tensing334455 @CNNsotu It reflects the face of the left/self loathers@weatherchannel @Wake_up_service @reedtimmerTVN @TheMattPhelps Aircraft should keep a wide berthMeet The Intersection With No Stop Lights http://t.co/mUL1m2fJ2KGo after the individuals-Awesome: Investors Suing EPA Over Veto Of Pebble Mine In Alaska http://t.co/GaOpgtdW7T via @EPA_AbuseHe has a phone/pen-Mark Levin Plans To Hit The Obama Administration Where It Hurts With This Lawsuit http://t.co/5nvk3APPjx via @EPA_Abuse@VRWCTexan John F Kerry front and center, reporting for duty@AHMalcolm That's why the dems desire to put elizabeth warren in charge...The injun of change@BlogsofWar So Hamas can restock their missile supplyIt is bad that we have Obama,pelosi, reid, dw schultz, etc setting course for our country...What is worse is an electorate who votes them inThe roster from an insane asylum-Democrat National Spokesperson Has No Idea What’s Going On http://t.co/CUyRRCxAMR via @theEagleiRisingThe enemy is within the gates-Martial Law and a Would Be King http://t.co/BSY95UvXHb via @townhallcomAnother liar-Busted: Obamacare Architect Caught in Epic Lie, Confirming Opponents' Argument http://t.co/CqIW9pKlkK via @townhallcomWhy public is dumbed down-NY Times Decries ISIS's Crackdown on Iraqi Christians; Big 3 Networks Yawn http://t.co/6y9MYsaZAm via @sharethisNot an act of love? Jeb Bush: US Must Send Border Children Back Home http://t.co/Q33BRCgdVs via @Newsmax_MediaLeaked document confirms US ceasefire bid ignores Israel’s security demands http://t.co/rReR88UUxk
Retweeted by Ed
@arkyhawg @Po_st at that point it wasn't known he was a deserter
@DJM1968 @EDinCali @ 1000 yards@ph4um I think obama has boehners fbi filesWhere's the outrage?-Cowan: ISIS Christian Genocide Is a Glimpse at What They Want to Do to the West https://t.co/eLvWNkRGU3Are we a country, or a territory?-Rep. Duffy: If We Don’t Deport Illegal Children Now, the Flow Will Increase https://t.co/ARoMFXFITuState of paralysis due to over analysis-Kinzinger: Obama Admin Is ‘Paralyzed and Doesn’t Know What to Do’ in Iraq https://t.co/NesKc6pbHiHead Hurt!!!-EPA Chief: ‘This Is Not About Pollution Control ... It’s an Investment Strategy’ https://t.co/FismxRVWyF@DJM1968 What you do is get 10 marksmen, but put a blank in one of their riflesIn other words sit there and die quietly-Rep. Slaughter: Suing President ‘Will Upset the Delicate Balance of Powers’ https://t.co/u0XpRGUgyRReminiscent of the old USSR big lie-Hillary: The ‘Reset Worked’ with Russia https://t.co/rfEXOw5LEZLOL and how much does Apple give you? Obama Calls Companies Seeking Lower Taxes in Foreign Countries ‘Deserters’ https://t.co/umhLzctfX9Really? How about Ukraine? Afghanistan? Obama: ‘The FAA Took Some Prudent Action’ Stopping Flights to Israel https://t.co/dwMtyBjEWTHoward Stern: If You’re Anti-Israel, then You’re Anti-America https://t.co/xfBSXMKwCVJust another democrat-Stewart Blasts Gov. Cuomo for Blocking Corruption Investigation on His Office https://t.co/OTjPKS0yy6If you're anti Israel, you're anti American-Boston Islamist: The Jews Better Learn How to Swim, Moses Ain’t Coming https://t.co/olKLpEqIKIBiden/Walsh...What difference does it make? Fallon on Walsh’s Plagiarism: ‘Ask What You Can Do for Your Country’ https://t.co/QzTajVBwWnBut dares not mention Obama-Letterman on de Blasio: We Have a Mayor Who’s Essentially Invisible https://t.co/4Y0dR1y6Y0Firing squads more humane for death penalty-Doctor ‘Saved Lives’ By Shooting Hospital Gunman http://t.co/b3kAWzhLw7 via @joewmiller
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