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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Who is the he back up for kapernick? He should start to warm upBuilding a sauna with @GlennVilleneuve! Check out this video extra from last night's #LifeBelowZero! https://t.co/rNocn1U3OP
Retweeted by Ed Surf sounds,air tinted w coconut oil,brine & creosote, warm sun and sweat, bikinis and surf boards...Cali has its pluses in NovemberCan ID w/Dr Krauthammers pool accident, When I was a teenager i jumped into a pool feet 1st thinkng it was deep,electricity shot up my spine@marclamonthill Quoting you Doctor, directly from your cnn video feed...Would you like to modify your statement?@Angelapaints You can have a self contained/energy self sufficient home...if you can afford it. Just dont make the rest of us subsidize you@Angelapaints Of course, but you cannot sink the economy by propping up politically correct/inferior technology@Angelapaints We both want the same things: Illuminated World Peace@Angelapaints :)@Angelapaints I do too, in time we will have a breakthrough in energy generating tech...but it is not here yet@Angelapaints I just said kennedy...is that a bad word? :)@Angelapaints Anybody dumping poison in our drinking water should be shot, no corporate veil of protection@Angelapaints There are enclaves in Mexico that have wind/solar...But always big diesel generators for AC/Refrigeration/cooking etc@Angelapaints Speaking of yachts, how many windmills do the kennedys see from their hyannis compound?@Angelapaints Then there are the coal/natural gas fired power plants that burn so hot all you see coming out of the stacks are water vapor@Angelapaints I absolutely agree with you...You should see the amazingly efficient/clean the new ultra critical coal fired power plants are@Angelapaints Well actions speak louder than words..where there's light there is medicine/refrigeration/air conditioning and lower crime@Angelapaints How do you like the 100K Tesla electric cars you ad i are paying for? #greencronycapitalism@Angelapaints Or perhaps to ebola ridden 3rd world countries w/little or no electricity?@Angelapaints Or Warren Buffet, who profits from transporting dangerously, oil by his trains?@Angelapaints Are you speaking of the green crony capitlists/ principals of solyndra and solar city?@Angelapaints Wait til you flick on your light switch and nothing happens and you dial 911 and there is no answer@Angelapaints Really? I see lifespans increasing everywhere cheap abundant energy is available...Pollution is technically cotrollable@10th_Man Did the shopkeeper he strong armed call him the "gentle giant"?@moss92g That was a mob, we have a republic@Angelapaints You go back to the hunter gatherer ways of life and see how well you fare..windmills are 14th century tech@Angelapaints How did you construe that from what I have been saying?@EDinCali #SpareTheAirDay #NoYuleLogForYou...#Clingers
Retweeted by Ed BINGO! Obama encourages it-Krauthammer on Hagel: Obama Can Tolerate Incompetence and Laziness, but Not Criticism https://t.co/sKJYaLSeuKREALLY?????-Mike Brown’s Mom: Darren Wilson ‘Wanted To Kill Someone’ https://t.co/2ilbqIrok6Dr. Carson: Race Relations Were Better Before Obama, He Manipulates Minorities https://t.co/6h1aZnSVTuBut, but...the left declared a "no burn day"-Raw: After Ferguson, Looting in Oakland https://t.co/wcc9LLb05AReally? Marc Lamont Hill on Ferguson Riots: ‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’ https://t.co/xb5bpCmmbTHmm, what do you know, the free mkt works-MSNBC: A Healthy Econ Lower Gas Prices Have Given a Real Boost to Travel https://t.co/XdbaPeJaiBMLK III: As a Reminder, My Father Favored Non-Violent Protests https://t.co/yMxjvsxA7uAnd Islam is a religion of peace-NAACP President: ‘Burn this Bi*** Down’ Not ‘a Call for Violence’ https://t.co/nlHtyKNjmfDenial is not a river in Egypt-Mike Brown’s Mom: ‘I Don’t Believe a Word’ of Wilson’s Story https://t.co/TJZDCknsfYWhy give them a free pass? Giuliani: Prosecute Grand Jury Witnesses for Perjury https://t.co/mM4GrZE7DO@Angelapaints See how many get killed when electricity rates quadruple/ or electricity is rationed/blacked out@Angelapaints Take a look at Germany and Spain who lead the way in "renewables"...They are backing away@Angelapaints You don't dismantle/cripple our power structure in favor of tech that will bankrupt/impoverish millions@Angelapaints I agree...but there is NOTHING in "green"power generation technology that can replace nuke/fossil fuel/hydro/thermalJust go to remote parts of the world and where there is civilization you can hear the hum of a fossil fueled generator in the background@Angelapaints Where there is no cheap plentiful energy there is poverty/disease/high infant mortality rates60 cups will cure La Tourettes-Just Three Cups of Coffee a Day Could Slash Risk of Alzheimer’s http://t.co/itx9ODtCdU via @joewmiller@Angelapaints and studies show life expectancy in 3rd world countries where there is little fossil fuel/nuke power..is dramaticaly lower"Coexist"-They Even Cut Throats of Babies Yazidi Survivors Share How they Lost their Families to ISIS http://t.co/9Q9wQDjvwd via @joewmillerNo strings attached-Nearly 1 in 5 Households Will Celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps http://t.co/kk3av68Elg via @joewmillerISIS Reaches out to Ferguson Protesters, Offer Help In Exchange for Oath of Allegiance to Baghdadi http://t.co/9zfAAoPwej via @joewmiller& dem party registration?-Illegal Aliens Eligible for Social Security, Medicare Under Obama’s Plan http://t.co/ymClDS4dkr via @joewmillerWE just sit by-WATCH: Obama’s Thanksgiving Confession — “I Just Took an Action to Change the Law” http://t.co/BNxIjuMddY via @joewmiller@EDinCali No, they force the scam of #globalwarming down their throats and vilify the real power producers.
Retweeted by Ed @gt500cws Just turn the wipers on :)God Bless Him-NFL Player’s Take On Ferguson Goes VIRAL – Touches Millions - Eagle Rising http://t.co/pdUB577w9f via @theEagleiRisingDo any elementary schools take kids to local power plants to teach them how the electricity is created that lights their classrooms?Having a president like obama appoint his personal guardian as attorney general, is letting the fox guard the fox robbing the chicken coop@rgeis20 Perhaps he just read about it in the paperAfter 6 years of corruption/scandal, we should take the appointment of attorney general out of the hands of the presidentNot only do pilots need to look out for bird strikes, now drone strikes are added to the mix@EDinCali If we let the free market determine energy cost, the power is taken from the hands of political power seekers wishing to be kings!
Retweeted by Ed Figure when Obama says something like "not even a smidgeon"...for certainty it is just the oppositeBest idea? Equip all of our cops with cameras that record every interaction with the public...will stop cold frivolous lawsuits crippling usReport: Yes, Congress Can Stop Obama’s Immigration Moves With ‘Power of Purse’ http://t.co/ZRx79tsdLt via @JoshDailySignal @DailySignal@EDinCali @EPA_Abuse Our Education Industry into indoctrinating into their ideology & not educating intelligent thinking! Gruber stupidity!
Retweeted by Ed @Badnikl @Po_st Just 1 of many of our laws being ignored by this corrupt (chicago way) whitehouse@EDinCali @Po_st There is a Law preventing any interaction between WH and IRS, Hillary put it there after NIXON. 2nd articles of Impeachment
Retweeted by Ed "Wind turbines iced up/solar panels covered in seven feet of snow don’t generate electricity" http://t.co/JQNmetyi5N via @EPA_AbuseWell indoctrinated/ignorant College Students Believe “Global Warming” Is Biggest Threat World Faces http://t.co/sSPwAVFoT3 via @EPA_AbuseLet the free market determine the cost of energy, not crony capitalist politicians"More than a smidgeon"-New Documents Connect White House To IRS Scandal http://t.co/dVK5gCzy9d via @po_stWhat Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out | Human Events http://t.co/zArkDEsP8SSure!-"Obama considering a number of well-qualified candidates" Defense Secretary pick will be a challenge for Obama http://t.co/9FFjXYUKNmObama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans http://t.co/LLC50EIel4 via @dailycallerAustralia embraces the less government-free trade model - we should too | Human Events http://t.co/r92FU82mOQThe Two Things NFL Superstar J.J. Watt Delivered to Every Police and Fire Stati... http://t.co/TU3Yp3Yr80 via @theblaze@ott_deb ty very much....and same to you
What happens to the fabric of a society when martial law bends before looters law #FergusonE Tu HHS Secretary: Enroll in ObamaCare; ‘No Questions Will Be Asked’ About Your Legal Status https://t.co/9keXO3dG7NObamaCare Architect Jonathan Gruber To Testify Before Congress https://t.co/ZiTk61UVQdInvoke Dr Moreaus law? Fmr. NYPD Commish: We Can’t Let People Act Like ‘Savages’ and ‘Animals’ https://t.co/KO100PQ9DV@Badnikl He'll take it out of our petty cash....the dem wayLump obama/holder/sharpton together...Nothing happens unless it is planned that way. sharpton a frequent guest of White HouseCockroach Schumer Admits Dems Were Wrong To Pass ObamaCare Instead of Trying To Fix Economy https://t.co/D0poiO21GWOh? & during work/school hours better? Rosie: Waiting Until 9 PM To Release Non-Indictment Designed to Incite Riots https://t.co/oCO8uoKkFNFine, now lets enforce rule of law, not allow thugocracy-Brown’s Attorney Proposes Police Body Camera Law https://t.co/RYc4dFEQThOr should he have let himself be killed Georgie?Darren Wilson Tells ABC News He Would Do it Again https://t.co/A4p4WCLypODid holder/obama tell gov nixon to let the hoodlums have 1 free night of wilding to get it out of their system? Lets get them under oath@Hoardnot @JoeWMiller :)Ferguson Mayor: Failure To Deploy National Guard ‘Deeply Concerning’ https://t.co/GrwQEI9gs7W/O rule of law there is anarchy-Ferguson Pastor We Want To Let our Police Officers Also Know We’re on the Same Side https://t.co/wNY8RIJtjfI blame joggers-Don Lemon Blames Bloggers for Unrest in Ferguson https://t.co/AzrYZJSsbaCloses barn door after it burned down-Gov. Nixon: Ferguson ‘in Ruins,’ ‘We Must Do Better and We Will’ https://t.co/AFTuFnePY3GOP Rep. Peter King: Obama Should Invite Darren Wilson to White House https://t.co/gWK15MRjVmWhen do we investigate holder? Holder: Despite Grand Jury Decision, I’m Still Investigating Daniel Wilson https://t.co/JiKmZCsHifA clear thinking dem-Dem Rep. Defends Ferguson Prosecutor: Protesters Chose To Be Violent https://t.co/plbaHAAHAoInteresting chain of events-Bill O’Reilly Discusses His Book ‘Killing Patton’: Stalin Killed Gen. Patton https://t.co/hxXiWROJ2nWhen the nights are hot and sultry-Shocking Question: Is it Now OK to Have Sex with Animals? http://t.co/aOOe370Mmk via @joewmillerKerry-obama-rice-biden-hillary=5 Problems with the Nuclear Talks with Iran http://t.co/q9WB6ugknD via @joewmillerNot my president Obama: Americans Have No Right To Favor Americans http://t.co/ryElYYLs5N via @joewmillerSTAND DOWN: Did The White House Stop The National Guard From Intervening in Ferguson? http://t.co/0hChx4i1jK via @joewmiller
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