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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Meyers: Chelsea Clinton's Baby Damien Expected To Run in 2055 https://t.co/dnLNz9OhWVLying Jay Carney: The Only Politics Influencing Keystone Are the Politics of Congress https://t.co/hRagkRCIIkTime after time he ignores our laws-Eric Holder Announces that Thousands of Drug Offenders Will Get Out of Jail Free https://t.co/aqKKcBKq13Fire him-Professor: Republicans are 'Racist, Misogynist, Money-Grubbing People' https://t.co/dCBVyCZMslWhy we need priv sector politicians-Chris Christie on Fatherhood: 'It's the Thing I Care Most About in My Life' https://t.co/UEIfRUTDsnNuisance lawsuit filer Erin Brockovich: We Need to 'Stop Giving Corporations a Pass' https://t.co/jPuK3kqTlcStart evaluating on competence not skin color-CNN Legal Analysts SCOTUS Opened Pandora's Box on Rights of Minorities https://t.co/pmYddkI6BQBecause people of your ilk are in power-John Kerry: Dealing W/ Russia in the Cold War 'Was Easier Than it is Today' https://t.co/1wfwZa9FT4LOFL-Abramson: The New York Times' 'News Pages Are Not Ideological,' Just 'Cosmopolitan' https://t.co/n3Arjbp54YAnd mediocrity-Krauthammer: The Left Is Trying to Institutionalize Affirmative Action https://t.co/EB9CzcQFUoThis guy gave us 4 more yrs of bill clinton-Bob Dole Criticizes Ted Cruz; Says He's the Extreme Right Wing https://t.co/uQiTAQsVhRDoes that make it better? Sen. Warren: The Senate Is Changing, We Now Have a Bigger Ladies Room https://t.co/uRFsS1t3IKCongenital Liar Sen. Warren: Let's Make Billionaires Pay as Much Taxes as Their Secretaries https://t.co/KPFVxQRRX8@EDinCali I'd prefer a WH "egg toss" can we do that next time? : )
Retweeted by Ed Why the left works to castrate the military-Veterans Overwhelmingly Disapprove of Obama http://t.co/4FVfh7UWLe via @joewmillerKrauthammer Hails Affirmative Action Decision: ‘Exactly the Way You Want To Do It In a Democracy’ http://t.co/VaxDi8vEuT via @joewmillerGot the most travel miles? Join The Club: State Dept. Unable To Name Single Hillary Accomplishment http://t.co/Siglq1ca4A via @joewmillerU.S. Senate Candidate Joe Miller Draws Large Crowd for Campaign Kickoff (+video) http://t.co/lpy2Ph73QS via @joewmillerWhite House Easter Egg Roll http://t.co/YUsus3oprGLand of Fruits/ Nuts/Moonbeams-Supremes in the Balance http://t.co/AHcv6ThV8YMeet the American Who Won the Boston Marathon http://t.co/mTwoo4Flw9 via @HeritageKilling More Jobs: CA city wants to shut down Asian factory for smelling too spicy http://t.co/1KypQ2dQfu @edincali @hipechik
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@EDinCali The pattern is clear ... sure hope @SharylAttkisson and @RealBenCarson are joined by others intimidated by the Dem/Media Machine.
Retweeted by Ed Media Matters=George Soros@EDinCali Definitly have noticed... Obama's promise to destroy coal and skyrocket electricity prices was very real indeed.
Retweeted by Ed Is he killing the butchering jihadists? Sen. Corker: Killing People with Chemical Weapons ‘Wisest Thing Assad Did’ https://t.co/T5QP95unMQWho cares? 'Morning Joe' Panel Slams Obama's Latest Delay of Keystone XL Pipeline https://t.co/gIIZ38pYdeDont Believe yer own lying eyes/ears-Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The Midterms Are Not a Referendum on Obama https://t.co/8usjBECD7aFollow the Money, who funds Media Matters? Sharyl Attkisson: Media Matters May Have Been Paid to Attack Me https://t.co/MgjB0UBVIFGeorge Will on ObamaCare: Saying 'The Debate Is Over' Is Always Obama's 'Mantra' https://t.co/8lMGtNxmMqDoctor Challenges Obama's Claim That ObamaCare 'Is Working' https://t.co/IKI7AyXVfFWhere's MSM? Obama ridiculed Romney for this-Ukrainian PM: It's Crystal Clear Russia Is the World's Primary Threat https://t.co/Q8jfumZMmh@rodsandguitars If you notice they are making it more expensive to live in a home, once cheap now expensive: Utilities, food, water, taxes@EDinCali Well, Obama has to spit in someone's eye. He's afraid of Russia & China, but Canada seems safe. Maybe Liechtenstein next?
Retweeted by Ed Pathological liars have no problem-Trump: 'Amazing' Debbie Schultz Can Claim Politics Didn't Affect Keystone Delay https://t.co/ReN1zqNQ1APeters on Ukraine Failure: 'That's What America Gets For Electing a Symbol' https://t.co/Mp8yHN8Pq3The real truth-Politico's Ben White: Keystone Delay Done Out of Fear of Losing Dem Billionaire Support https://t.co/uurUQw6of8Krauthammer: Obama's Keystone XL Pipeline Delay Is a 'Spit in the Eye to Canada' https://t.co/Wt5GFVTiolThe much bigger question is why is Bundy the last rancher left in this area? Why has the govt been systematically squeezing them out?Will he be named Damien? Fallon: If Chelsea Has a Boy, He'll Get Hand-Me-Downs from Hillary https://t.co/DOy2Z1huSoWhy is PG&E spending millions of our $ on promotional pieces in the media? They have NO competition, why are they brainwashing us?What about lib grps? IRS Revokes Conservative Group’s Tax-Exempt Status Over Anti-Clinton Statements http://t.co/pYVZOKOaWM via @joewmillerDem Congressman on Obamacare: The Worst Is Yet to Come (+video) http://t.co/kfAZQWddtB via @joewmillerWhat socialists do: Obama Calls for Highest Sustained Taxation in U.S. History http://t.co/wRR334THGC via @joewmillerWhat a wasteful fuel-Study Shows Ethanol Produces Worse ‘Global Warming’ Pollution Than Gasoline http://t.co/hWVeZAZke0 via @joewmillerObama’s America: where 50/60-year-olds are moving back in with their parents http://t.co/ijs9l4nhEC http://t.co/KD62Y5ifLj via @joewmillerLive From Bundy Ranch: Assemblywoman Destroys MSNBC Host On The Air http://t.co/1Ylmv11yRC via @po_stWhat's Actually Good for the Environment May Surprise You http://t.co/F7zwUSjieh via @Heritage
Obamacare has gutted Medicare but the cuts are backended and won't be felt for a couple of years...
Retweeted by Ed So Obama sends the guy to Ukraine who wanted to partition Iraq into 3 parts. This should help Ukrainians feel supported #Not
Retweeted by Ed It's a great day when the #racecard doesn't silence good people of ANY color. @MichaelBerrySho #Beaumont
Retweeted by Ed You absolutely must get to know John Paul II—he helped Ronald Reagan a lot… http://t.co/3941540MX8 #tcot #p2 #ccot #pjnet via @Gabby_Hoffman
Retweeted by Ed Masked men trying to take over eastern Ukraine, Biden talking government reform and waving like it's a victory tour #HeadInTheSand #Weak
Retweeted by Ed @kgoradio Of course you don't mention what a huge breach of security this is...What are we paying TSA for?@JohnEMichel @davidwebbshow @AngelaMaiers @fritzmt @MJKlintworth You look like a slow moving target@RichardGrenell @HuffPostPol We can all breathe a sigh of relief...Joe's on it :)This piece shows why pol reporters shouldn't do foreign policy @HuffPostPol: Biden in Ukraine http://t.co/D545ueZksv http://t.co/yW55biIlgA
Retweeted by Ed @littlebytesnews Not according to Larry @larryelderHarry Reid-Cliven Bundy a terrorist. What is Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 Americans at the Ft.Hood after yelling “Allahu Akbar!?
Retweeted by Ed Who watches CBS? BASICALLY, THEY’RE TOOLS: Sharyl Attkisson: CBS News too “ideologically entrenched” to air stor… http://t.co/PQEVmfPNRt
Retweeted by Ed Overtaxed? Sign our petition to repeal the 16th amendment! http://t.co/K7ignLUEjC #teaparty
Retweeted by Ed @RayThomas101 You don't even have to be a good liar, just a liarSeems pretty easy to breach security at San Jose's International airport...A kid hopped the fence and stowed away in a jets wheel wellWhy? They're both incompetent-Ignatius: After Kerry's Time at State Dept. Hillary Will Look Worse by Comparison https://t.co/6UyvvsO0J0Perpetual Liar Donna Brazile Likens Cliven Bundy to Timothy McVeigh https://t.co/WkQ3l9FLW6@EDinCali @JoeWMiller MAKES NO SENSE NOT TO GET THE KETSTONE PIPE LINE. Why would anyone buy oil from the MIDEAST WHO HATE US.
Retweeted by Ed China On Course to Become ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’ Within 15 Years http://t.co/Ssdtj2q9fy via @joewmillerOuch: New York Times Columnist Says Obama Has a ‘Manhood Problem’ in the Middle East http://t.co/Cwjvb1Id4k via @joewmillerIf she moves her lips, she lies-DNC Chairwoman: Politics Didn’t Factor in Obama Keystone Pipel Delay http://t.co/KaGK2QPtxN via @joewmillerDo as the Romans did-Latest Trick for Illegal Immigrants: Grant Amnesty in Return for Military Service http://t.co/v8OzQ8S6ge via @Heritage
Chicago shootings since Friday: 8 dead, 27 injured... http://t.co/qvuZXII3yu via @sharethis
Retweeted by Ed @andilinks @BigFatDave :)@PatDollard You should take a look at what is going on south of our border@Nan_Imburgia @Hilary_Farr @sunlorrie @RDSimper This one will make the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon pale@andilinks @BigFatDave Whoever drew that picture doesn't know how bullets actually work@CraigR3521 He was drunk the day his mamma got out of prison...But before he could see her she was run over by a train (a damned ole train)@PaulSmithTO @sunlorrie @RDSimper I always have a friendship w/the sparrows, larks, ravens, gulls, doves, falcons, hawks, pigeons that visitAs I watch NBA playoffs, remember not long ago the refs were throwing games in order to win their bets/ point spreads. Is it happening now?@Hilary_Farr :) Always appreciate my friends in the north@mistervermin @sunlorrie @RDSimper How do those spotted owls taste?@EDinCali @sunlorrie @RDSimper On Bright Side, live near Wind Farm & get free Bird Parts for Stews & Pies #onpoli
Retweeted by Ed @exposeliberals Even worse are bird deaths from wind turbines/solarWSJ: More Than $1 Billion in Superstorm Sandy Aid Could Be Spent Around the Country http://t.co/Gedw3XH2K5
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @RDSimper Nope. "Do as I say, not as I do" is their official motto.
Retweeted by Ed Here in Calif, after years of whacko rule by the left.The breadbasket of the US, now in our markets much of the food is from other countries@sunlorrie @RDSimper :) Never a lack of hypocrisy from the left and that clan@EDinCali @RDSimper I think it's finally getting underway despite fierce opposition from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Which is hilarious.
Retweeted by Ed @sunlorrie @RDSimper I hope they can hear the familiar whump whump of the turbines as they chop up the indigenous bird populationPaycheck Fairness Act-Affordable Care Act...What do they have in common? Both purposely misnamed-Both do the opposite of what they claimThe Paycheck Fairness Act Will Harm, Not Help, Women http://t.co/Bh10pNqK3h via @Heritage@gretawire @SharylAttkisson Yr not too shabby yourself Greta :).@WestWingReport the federal excise tax of 18.4 cents per gallon is roughly double what any oil firm makes off a gallon of gas in profit.
Retweeted by Ed @gretawire @SharylAttkisson I'll 2nd that!@SharylAttkisson it is true. I call it like I see it. I would not have said that if I did not think you earned all our respect.
Retweeted by Ed @BarbaraLedeen @RosieGray @BuzzFeed Sid Vicious@JBrenn @dcexaminer The big union push is to get all govt employees unionized..The final goal is to unionize the armed forces@JBrenn @dcexaminer LOL!@RDSimper @sunlorrie What happened to that wind turbine complex slated to be installed near the kennedy compound?@sunlorrie Not one of al gores Inconvenient truthsThe ONLY diversity that needs to be accomplished in our schools/ universities:Political Diversity. The left has a stranglehold on education
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