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I have nothing to declare but my bewilderment. On the plus side I'm not using Twitter to peddle anything

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I loathe how everything on TV is reduced to a competition with only 1 "winner". As though there's only room in the world for 1 of anything@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Not all. There are places in the world where people are forcibly kept in the dark. Americans are choosing so.@Boothacus This is why cousins should not marry & have kids@Boothacus @gravewriter71 & lol cats and looking for porn.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Because it is easier to mock that to better onesself@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Precisely so.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus In fact, most scorn those who do. Their ignorance therefore is wilful & by choice.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus With respect, most hold phones through which they can access the sum of human knowledge.They choose not to@gravewriter71 @Boothacus What "rote facts" do they teach? Forgive me but with a few exceptions most Americans are crushingly ignorant.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 They would be forced to consider if they are seeking to disprove Darwin through practical example.@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Bugger the founders. Why aren't modern Americans utterly incensed?@Boothacus @gravewriter71 American politics baffles the crap out of me.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 US had 8 years of governance by a Monty Python character then seriously considered electing a porn parody couple.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 And did you misunderestimate him?@Boothacus @gravewriter71 If others had the world might not have become as uncertain as it has.That man & his masters are the bane of us all@Boothacus I get eating animals. I get using their skins for clothes and tools. But this pointless ornamentation is ghastly & morbid.@Boothacus Christ@Boothacus It is one of those times when the human animal baffles and sickens in equal measure.@Boothacus One of the rare incidences where the film outstripped the book.@Boothacus @gravewriter71 Was he the one person who marched on Capitol Hill?Am I the only one who finds An Officer & a Gentleman depressing?Don't buy kitsch animals made of real animal skin. The story behind the fur is hideous! http://t.co/eWXm393CWL
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@Boothacus Why on God's green earth would anyone want this shit?@Boothacus Ooh! Princess Bride flashback!Were it not for Bad Education, the sow would be entitled "Poor Education"@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Hence my original point. Your democracy was subverted & the only complainant was Jon StewartBai Tho Junks, Halong Bay, Viet Nam #photography http://t.co/nJzBlrXVDB
@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Both true and both by choice. Consider the wars being fought so people can have what US considers a punchline@tsetse97 And how does that compare with the same period last month?@MsLGrant More of a slap up spit roast....@MsLGrant depends on the base ingredients.Truism http://t.co/XDpSBP8yuf@JasonLeopold I saw this and thought of you.... http://t.co/UiL3xzL4lX.@Amnesty responds to my story on CIA torture architect James Mitchell, who said hes a big supporter of Amnesty http://t.co/DctOD6M7yq"
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@JasonLeopold Good piece. Pleased to see your work being used over here. Hopefully the first of many. Well done.@DebbJay Our own system is just as crippling, but far more mendacious in that we try to pretend it doesn't exist.@DebbJay I found India to be a very complex & contradictory place that is capable of solving its own terrible problems but chooses not to@TwoPaddocks What's the quotation from one of your most popular films? "Life finds a way..."? [sic]@DebbJay Server overload?@DebbJay That must have been fun. & rewarding. Did you find that kids out there are wide eyed & hungry to be taught? [it was my experience@DebbJay That was the 1 bonus for me. My colleague liked to hang around hotel pools & bars. I'd go walkabout.@DebbJay I toured India in 89. 5 months. When I wasn't working I went into small communities to learn about the real peopleJames Mitchell: 'I'm just a guy who got asked to do something for his country' http://t.co/zhFyvz7fLJ <1st class work from @JasonLeopold@DebbJay Honestly, the last time I saw cabling like that was in the backwaters of Calcutta.There's no excuse for that in 21st century London@DebbJay I doubt a TV company will show it. They won't want to piss off one of their main advertisers but online distribution is good enough@DebbJay Primarily I'm compiling it as means to push HSE, trading Standards & OFCOM into taking action but I may release it online.@DebbJay Bit of a mistake, pissing off someone with their own TV production unit though.@DebbJay I think this stuff is important. Their sole responsibility is the provision of service & upkeep of their infrastructure.@DebbJay &when confronted by it they hide behind a wall of silence. Worse the ombudsman & HSE have both failed to reply. Complicity?Try to understand that today commemorates a savage & brutal public execution so "#HappyGoodFriday" is hardly appropriate. Don't be a moron.@DebbJay Communications are not optional. In the modern world they are an essential. You can barely function without internet anymore.@DebbJay The biggest mistake of privatisation was selling the cable infrastructure to a single company whose only concern is profitability.@DebbJay Look for the symptoms first. People constantly complaining their phone/internet is down "Again"@DebbJay use BT infrastructure to deliver their services.So they too are paying BT for that shambles in the belief that it's well maintained@DebbJay servicing the OpenReach company often work untrained & produce subpar results. Remember too companies like PlusNet, Post Office etc@DebbJay I have looked at are in this state. The street boxes that distribute to houses are left open & often vandalised. Contract engineers@DebbJay I have no reason to believe not. Don't forget the Olympic site was target for the biggest upgrades first & most of the buildings@DebbJay Fibre optics my arse. Look at the advert small print. They've now changed it to "Fibre optic & copper" for "legal" reasons. Liars@DebbJay Don't forget this is supposed to be the most advanced telecom system in the world & BT charge a premium for Infinity.@DebbJay I found main junction boxes on streets that have been open for so long they are being used as bins.@DebbJay Then have the f*cking audacity to "waive" the charge as though they are being magnanimous instead of fixing their own clusterf*ck@DebbJay I hate the way they make customers financially liable for repairs to tune of £129.99 & constantly threaten with that figure.@DebbJay Wiring is simple. Main cables to distribution points to units. That's how ALL cabling works I went to the distribution points.@DebbJay many in the area have been experiencing constant breakdowns. Common sense tells you there'll be a root cause that's undealt with.@DebbJay I have always detested bullies but corporate bullies infuriate me. Best way to deal with a bully is to beat them to a pulp.@DebbJay I'm now expanding my investigation.@DebbJay @BTCare have been shown this as as Customer services director Warren Buckley & Executive investigtor Carol Joliffe. Silence.@DebbJay I found bunches of barely shielded cables wrapped around water valves, trailing unsecured at neck/head height or spooling the floor@gravewriter71 @Boothacus Qui tacet consentire videtur He served 2 terms with barely a quibble. In other countries there'd have been riots@KateRobbins Presumably to be the driveshaft of the campaign...@DesignCredo @KateRobbins http://t.co/OVNwmaAfhf@Claire_A Whenever I see photos of your dog I feel the urge to hum a song by The Verve@JasonLeopold *Glances at watch* - *huffs*"Happy Good Friday"? It's the day Christ was nailed to a cross, had his legs broken & was then stabbed in the side with a spear. Idiots.@Boothacus Oh shit. George W. Bush. I concede that the US has the advantage when it comes to electing complete wingnuts to high office.@Boothacus And neither can see Russia from their kitchen.@Boothacus Nick Griffin & Godfrey Bloom. though admittedly neither are likely ever to be seriously considered for high office. Or any office@Boothacus Oh trust me we have some choice buffoons on this side of the Pond too@Boothacus @_youhadonejob Makes me wonder if "Obama" may be a cheese made from Yak's milkHappy Easter http://t.co/9saZuvXpa6@driverminnie I saw this and thought of you http://t.co/nZny8lBvvW@Boothacus @_youhadonejob Frankly. We're doomed.@Boothacus @_youhadonejob The champion of Freedom, the home of equality and democracy http://t.co/Wmaan2ApAl@Boothacus @_youhadonejob Murica. Distributor of Microsoft English http://t.co/X4xrALKHJe@Boothacus @_youhadonejob It's no wonder your institutions produce people who mangle language so http://t.co/GAXLtIijvl@Boothacus @_youhadonejob Of course, you have to consider the failings of the educators http://t.co/S6Dao7ZxZS@Boothacus @_youhadonejob The uncropped version is even more amusing http://t.co/4sLL14qPft
There are no #fanficsthatshouldbemovies. The only ones that will ever make it will be sold under plain cover by "special interest" websites@Boothacus oh. i'm sorry. That must have been beyond traumatic.Dark room beckons. Enjoy your evening/night/morning* [*Delete according to time zone]@Boothacus More than 20.Literally from birth to death to death. Putting him to sleep destroyed me.@Boothacus Experience.@Boothacus The cake is a lie.@Boothacus I'm not phobic. Just exceptionally selective. Once more perhaps. Then no more.@JasonLeopold Think of how publicly pissed off you were not so long ago when someone used your material without citing reference."ABC is seeking to take credit for a large body of work that it did not produce." http://t.co/fTkLCkDDXu
Retweeted by Ebenwolfe@JasonLeopold I dunno. A major network hijacking credit would mean those who really deserve it being overshadowed. I can see why it's out.@JasonLeopold Be honest. Are you in any way surprised? [That can be rhetorical if you like]@Boothacus See, that's the bit I couldn't do. I get attached@Boothacus I turn off all that kind of stuff if I can, and I use a disposable account so I can trash the inbox if I need to.
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