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America's We Are Your Friends release is DVD and Digital only. That's insane in this day and age. No matter the supposed 'flop'.@TheChewDefense Yes, it must suck to have character building.@MattGourley Maybe if you had a Michael Myers plushie to cuddle up to things would be a little less spooky?
If studios like my taste in directors so badly, why don't they just let me produce some of their movies?
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RobGirvan The beers on the table will be Coors Lights :(Seth Grahame-Smith just nabbed the Fast 8 gig. And is making an all-female remake of Goodfellas. And has destroyed the O-Zone layer forever.@AntBit Tom@Hardy's iconic first role, some 2015 years ago.@AntBit The entirety of Prometheus I was sure as shit Hardy was in it.@EDouglasWW A Comedy You Must Never Forget@EDouglasWW Friedberg and Seltzer just need another big budget studio Holocaust film to be made to cash in with Lolocaust.@EthanRunt I did not die. Nor can you tell how many people I hit due to the already-red paintwork. I call that a success. And music.First time driving in both rain and darkness. And in my driving nemisis of Essex, a place so full of mean drivers I quit for 7 years.Always maintained The Last of the Summer Wine sounded like an arthouse film. This is a missed opportunity.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones26 years later, dream accomplished!!!
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis time tomorrow I shall be seeing @TickingPlay which I still know nothing about in the best way.@RobGirvan @jramjee Are they just a mix of David Cross' Sics and Eugene Levy in La Cario?@LondonMovieLoon I love the IFC comedy series "Boredom Now!"I wonder if the Mexican studios renamed Sicario to Hitman so they could write on the poster in Spanish "In America, Hitman means Sicario".
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@eliothochberg Big fan of the favourite-to-reply-later style.Channel 4 are airing the Herzog Simpsons episode. Animated shows sure like making Werner say "penis".@Big_Pants 'Ey, ehm ehr ehrurur rurur aba rurrr Logan, reeeeeer hhhhheeeeerrrrr, laaaaahr, cyclops'@AntBit Well take a trip there. Use a cloud atlas if you get lost.@Big_Pants As usual.@AntBit I will, but if you don't fall in love with me I become a Peruvian bear.@AntBit What are they gonna do, lock my account? I'm in every 'ome, I'm 'alf the population.Man, them Suffragettes were so racist, why'd they get a movie? Privellaged white folk...@bloodonthedice HOORAY! Hope that clears up soon. Sounds truly icky.X-Men got their shapeshifting game on Mystique@IGNUK "It's like that feeling of hope slowly being crushed by reality's need to conform to standards over new ideas"?@EDouglasWW Finally another fun Holocaust movie, the genre is returning.@chrisblohm The guy with the Ethan Hawke face from Four Lions?@scott_tobias *Cue a crowd of Lost Boys singing The Who for no clear reason*@ChrisHewitt VAMPIRE HUNTER WAS 2012's MISS MARCH!@Big_Pants Would watch that movie. At home. At night. Drunk.@Screenjabber @TheGMcConnachie @teriwolfpants @Truly_Defective But Grant Gustin just isn't Ezra Miller.Seth Grahame-Smith.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FilmClickbait THANK YOU@ChrisHewitt I mean, if you have a freebie (And one for the Bean too)...@sebpatrick Good joke. A pound won't get you that bottle, unless it's on a discount.Jacob's got that vineyard on Creek.@evilguii The tail end of the season kinda lacked the higher points, but as you said there's been moments. But don't fret, they saved it.@evilguii I saw that second tweet after I shipped my tweet, thinking you had. Well, fuck.@evilguii Great use of a Johnny Cash cover...Rick And Morty's season finale was just superb. The show has perfectly continued that genius and emotional heft this season.@ianloring Very much doubt there's any transfer alterations, that would imply effort.Digitally released for your...Convenience. One of the funniest films in years. Check it out. Now. What's making him limp? Is it the voting rights?Comedians wake up to find themselves stuck within a one note premise, and have to continue it to survive. The Bit RunnerWhen you're writing for a TV show and there's already a show bible you have to adhere to every word, lest you be stoned to death.For clarification...TOMORROW me and @woodelijah will be at The Apple Store at 6pm and then @ThePCCLondon for COOTIES @Film4FrightFest at 7pm
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@patmonger There's been awful episodes for sure, the majority these days, but gems still get made.@mattselman An unknown character model is just a beloved character we haven't yet met.@RobLowe Your lifetime is one year?I think Brooklyn 9-9 just found a new notch to go up on, potential for an even stronger season than the last 2.A mint episode of The Simpsons tonight. Hugely funny stuff.@rejectedjokes So, career highlight? Ooh, what else do white people be?@stephenfalk 'This is a movie? But it doesn't dare concern itself with an act structure, or plot in any way' #TellDontShow@mattselman Please reply in a nine-page essay maintaining the science and fan-theory-created worlds of the show.@mattselman what does it mean that Doctor Doolittle exists within The Simpsons' world, but their skin colour is peach rather than yellow?Two weeks exactly between me seeing Robin Thicke perform Blurred Lines, and 'Weird Al' Yankovic perform Word Crimes.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesIt's available peeps. Cinema, DVD & on iTunes (link below)! Be one of the first to catch & let us know what u think!
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@philiplord So you DID get my fan script?@mocfilms ShoahWhat I'm saying is, I've had @alyankovic's arse ridiculously close to my face. Go back in time and tell that to me as an eight year old old.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesGreat moment at the @alyankovic gig where he walked into the audience and tried to seduce the girls in seats G12 and I12 - with me in H11.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesGreat of Weird Al to alter Foil's Aluminium pronunciation for the UK, and to excise the use of 'spastic' in Word Crimes too.
@chrizmillr Chris Lord is Phil Miller's real name?!?@ChrisHewitt Had to pull the plug? Remove the inputs?@DStraker90 Now let's all simmer down and watch @Stonewall_Movie@DStraker90 Woah woah woah, we gotta let an animated win Best Pic before a doc gets nominated. #Diversity #Equality@BrettRedacted He's already shot a BFG movie, they just gave him a big budget before Bridge even premiered. This industry...@BrianWCollins Just with him? One man shows?@TheChewDefense Is that in the imdb trivia?Seeing Comedy Bang Bang clips in a crowd of 1000s was neat, 1 person yelled out "What's Up, Hotdog?"The level of fun and energy Weird Al and his band put into the shows are truly spectacular.@Geniusbastard Has their dynamic been reverted back to the stocky, script with no cross talk again? By season's end they found sparks.The new Bug Prentice album, out Nov 23. That's my cat on the cover. Preview / pre-order here:
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe Martian lands with excellent UK debut of around £6.8m, including previews, for Ridley Scott's best-ever opening.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DavidHughesTwit Nope. Germany had one though. #ShinyAndChromeBuilding a month of Improv4Humans then binging has been a real coup of recent times, hours of improv at a time.Heading to Hammersmith for 'Weird Al' Yankovic. Still have a spare ticket so if anyone can meet me there you can have it for less than face.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@squat_betty "Hey bud, how about an answer? Don't worry if it's wrong, it feels so right."@TheCaterjillar I get ya. And muchos samesies. I just like to believe the thoughts make people better so I feel better to be this way.@TheCaterjillar Sure, but you have to walk the line between that and bragging.@TheCaterjillar Yeah, but that's how douchebags live.@TheCaterjillar Is there any other way?@JonathanHatfull The news is shocking and intense.Off to see The Vicar Of Yanks, excited to hear Mission Statement live.#Convenience is on iTunes, Blinkbox, Sony, X-box, Amazon, Googleplay, Filmflex, Wuaki & Sky Store from 2mor! Pls RT
Retweeted by Andrew JonesWill character names change? Yes. “Emmett” is not a great name. This reboot is for EVERYONE not just obsessives. And it will be! #B2TFReboot
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThe flashback Biff scenes with George McFly are straight up hilarious. A crisp updating of a classic dynamic. SO FUNNY. #B2TFReboot
Retweeted by Andrew JonesPhometrica is now available on VOD via VHX for $1.99:
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@24FPSUK I love all things SNL-nostalgic, even if it's not deep it's still energizing to me.@24FPSUK @E_Film_Blog I already have a ticket.Hulu hasn't got the new SNL up but the documentary I'm catching next week on the big screen is there. Temptation is dangerous.@JuddApatow Did you catch Big Time In Hollywood, FL?@JFGinDigital3D Gotham goes to hell when the mayor's Cousin, Larry David, comes in and menaces the town with his irritations.@JFGinDigital3D Dandy Bachelorette?@JFGinDigital3D Demi Lovatosprichle
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