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@TomWestgate The orgy scene has a lot of grey pounding.Tonight's film is the embargoed Karl Kennedy thriller Neighbors, called Bad Neighbours over here.What are you up to this Easter weekend? We're watching 24. All of it. Starting tomorrow. At midnight. http://t.co/bztgWD2FyD #BAUERTHON
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@totalfilm Dull clip of contetless action and Mystique walking and changing from trailer. Meh 3D.@petrolhead176 @Big_Pants @jamieandaston @Y2Neildotcom Amazing Spide 2 is that but dark tone no jazz.@ianloring Maybe they're shooting a Rhino fight for it right now. For America only.There is no model of Zod in Forbidden Planet that looks like Michel Shannon.@ianloring Cerebro locks in, then clip, then Fox info with no street date or title.@ianloring No, there's a cut that is part of the sound/visual motif of the film. It happened. In 3D.@ianloring Mid. There's nothing at the end. It's mid scroll though, post main creds.@E_Film_Blog I know but I like to see complete films, satisfying conclusions and 2 hour run time fr mostzDear @MarcW, when will we see Uncle Ben's flooded basement storyline continue/resolve?@Big_Pants @jamieandaston @petrolhead176 Nope, some great stuff in there. Just some weird shit too.@LeahHather I know but for an entire film its a useless strand.@YahooMoviesUK @bexlewis361 MidHmm, @eoinmason iis arguing over what the X-Men clip means for Sony & Fox.Important note, Peter Parker now uses Google. Congratulations.Why was Felicity Jones even in the film? Why waste talent with no strong character building?@bexlewis361 @YahooMoviesUK Yup, Mystique in a barracks.@jamieandaston @petrolhead176 I'm a Spidey fan. I like 3, I'm biased towards them.It opens promising, then gets a light touch of old school spidey, then settles for tedious darkness for 100 minutes. Blah.There's a great 50 minutes in Spidey 2, 40 at the start, 15 in act 3, but the middle is bloated and lacks momentum.So Electro has dubstep powers with the ability to have character motivations sung in battle. Weird mutant.@Mark_Searby All cinemas.Mid-credit sting was a Days Of Future Past clip, what the hell?Hey Spidey, if you promise Giamatti in a rhino suit, 3 minutes before the end in a cock tease is lame.Time to swing with Albert Spiddermen's Great Big Journey.@Swill_i_ams He's not a fan of scarebags (women)@robbiereviews Winner of the day.This week's @LMAMPod also has a plea for crew to help shoot the @DevHellSeries pilot next month. Get in touch! http://t.co/ZY4UMpWKHF@ianmilleruk Have fun?Hannbal S2 begins May 6 on Sky Living. Holding out for UK feed has already meant some unfollowing.@chinstroker Short Term 12Aww, my ipod is playing hits from the first Spiderman 2 soundtrack. A classic compilation.@JFGinDigital3D Kevin Spacey wins every year for playing a kooky alien, no?Transcendence previews all weekend, which is useful since I'm joining an @VODzillaMag 24 marathon all weekend. I'm scared.The closest you get is Archer and at times Always Sunny. And they really aren't good examples for this type of thing.Bizarre. There's potential for one female cast member to recur in a biggish way, but FX networks seem so anti-female protagonist.So they buy the rights to the title Fargo and make a derivative pilot and then strip the film's female protagonist element out entirely.@PatrickDane Bubble starting to burst?Something is amiss in iTunes' selection of 'Classic Romances', but I can't quite place it. http://t.co/I6EcERCWyN
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@JoeScaramanga Nothing beyond the film's announcement: http://t.co/2gQtbybssE@JoeScaramanga The very same.@DavidBedwell Furries, but what good are they?@DavidBedwell Teddy Bear Sean Connery in 1080p?Warner Brothers US announces a Tomb Raider double blu ray set and The Avengers blu ray release for summer. So that's to look out for guys.D-BOXing Spide this lunchtime. It'll be like feeling Paul Giamatti all over my body, just like my recurring nightmare.Trains to work sucky? Make them fun-y with the new @LMAMPod episode! http://t.co/641Z762gMJ@EoinMason tests out new puns as well as @EthanRunt's patience in this week's @LMAMPod http://t.co/i7TVtEtps7
Retweeted by Andrew JonesLouie returns on my birthday, nailed it this year with the good fortune thing, even with no films out that week.Fall in love w/ Louie all over again. FX's critically acclaimed comedy returns for an all new season Monday, May 5th. http://t.co/hmM1aA7lQP
Retweeted by Andrew JonesAlso, I've had the theme song on my iPod since 2009, it is a tune. A genuine tune. A shame it'll never come out.Additional snippets of a lost film: http://t.co/K1pSbQSiKX http://t.co/tqcZgGxV2t@JR_Lives Boom: http://t.co/jIP0YcIksSFound out a friend's computer crashed, lost all his data of a Bond animation I wrote years ago. Here's some footage: http://t.co/fRMiLKUtZx@JR_Lives Everything! (I didn't look at the running, just dove in)close bracket((Like some sort of cinematic Titanic, if you could imagine such a thing)(I'll be in J14 if anyone wants to rock that ship together)Next weekend I'm not missing the MST3K allnighter again, now in Stratford, and with Trace AND TV's Frank in town to boot.@Scruggernaut Why fire running ants?A jukebox musical based on the music of early Electric Six.
Fleas, trains, Titanic and another Kidulthood star in ep 9, A Miracle Milestone. http://t.co/hajioYmQdT #FleaVD
Retweeted by Andrew JonesScanners is a perfect fit for Criterion. A movie you should like but probably don't, will watch once before throwing FAST FIVE back in.
Retweeted by Andrew JonesA new Criterion batch that doesn't offer a single Expendable film?@EmptyScreens Nice. The movie I eternally keep missng due to schedule conflicts.The Simpsons' 550th ep airs, due to time zones, on my birthday. Feels right.Another official #Simpsons - #Lego promo pic! 550th episode, Sun 5/4/14 on FOX! (I've been there for ALL 550!) http://t.co/u79j9e8swE
Retweeted by Andrew Jones. @EoinMason @LMAMPod I was so tempted. Good lord.Listening back to this week's @LMAMPod again. I'm genuinely surprised that @EthanRunt didn't up and murder me at one (or several) point.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@EoinMason Your existence is flea-ting.@CSkinner I thought I'd drench it in so much sarcasm in order to make sure it was impossible to take seriously. I anticipate hidden gems.@CSkinner That sucks, I wanted to hear word on the films that everyone would see anyway, not some films no one would see without this.@PatrickDane None, because you've made up your mind after hearing other opinions, thus my job is done.@PatrickDane Feel pretty right to myself.@PatrickDane I'd place both Wolverine films at the bottom together.@PatrickDane Fucking snoozefest of a middle and an insanely dumb finale. Wants to be a lot and grabs at straws without clutching them.Hello looking for a production assistant for my short with @LOCOFilmFest & Sky Comedy can anyone reccomend? Pls RT http://t.co/U29I5mUp0X
Retweeted by Andrew JonesThis week's (Fortnightly for now) @LMAMPod is a weird on, but the one in 2 weeks time's a doozy. Catch up now! http://t.co/ObHWARqISo@DeusExCinema Fassbender grew that Frank head out and they had to CGI around it for the entire shoot.Ryan Rodney Reynolds is coming to Sundance Londn!!!Just recorded this week's @LMAMPod and almost killed @EoinMason. Find out why tonight!The great @scottEWeinberg reviews SEPARATION, one of several UK exclusives at http://t.co/N9Mg3O4O1n Read it here: http://t.co/5xTrudJZSb
Retweeted by Andrew JonesShort video tutorial on how to put a condom on TV Presenter, Gardener and Author Alan Titchmarsh http://t.co/L01kmC0LH7
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@DavidBedwell @Hannah_Panther We could start our own bum book. Hobo Joe's Quest For Buried Booty.@Hannah_Panther I read that fast and thought it said bum book, which led me to a lot of questions. Less questions for a burn book.Apparently you can now book Wesley Snipes for celebrity golf tournaments, tradeshows and store openings. http://t.co/0liXfrCl9A
Retweeted by Andrew JonesMidnight sees a new @LMAMPod but for now here's robo-Robin Williams http://t.co/1xE9VgQKfM #nanunanubeepboopFincher trailers are getting samey, but some samey isn't bad when it's that good.The first official trailer for David Fincher's "Gone Girl" starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike! https://t.co/6H8ZNz5bXH
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@chrisblohm I made it 15 minutes in.
Maps To The Stars' trailer takes the opposite route to the audacious Cosmopolis trailer it seems.@MsSJH Hopefully not if it all works out well.@MsSJH Research makes you do weird things you never really want to do.Oh snap. SHORT TERM 12 is now streaming on @netflix. @ShortTerm12 @Cinedigm
Retweeted by Andrew Jones2 hours into re-watching Man Of Steel my tivo box turned on demand off to save us all.White House Down is 99p today on @blinkbox with the code MONDAYS114. Why it's worth every penny: http://t.co/3ou5ZY4wNI
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FrankieDaWriter Nice.You can rent HellBaby on blinkbox for 99p today. Thatms the most expensive price anyone should pay for it.Wow, second episode of Silicon Valley brought in the focus just to characters, and what a show that was.
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