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Put the emails on hold and take a #FitbitBreak! Can you go 1000 steps in 15 minutes?@auttech22 Hey! - Love the matching sneaks! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/r7OXicU0Z8@mksartin Hey there - Nice shot! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/54lCrXlM4n
Are you taking up our Monday challenge of removing 1 unhealthy thing from your diet? Either way, don't forget to #hydrate!@SkipSugg @MyFitnessPal Nice work, congrats!Try this: a quick & effective outdoor workout with a tennis court or flat outdoor surface! #FitbitSummer http://t.co/4EPqCaeqGW
@OrangeWillow3 I LOVE this. Mind if we share it out to our fans? Click to approve if you're cool with it! http://t.co/EcvqFInySJThis Fitbit-wearing 10-year-old just broke the mile record for his age. So inspiring! http://t.co/seTNVhfQVs@RFalcon74 Hey there - Nice shot! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/RQnMo5Ogy4Don't compare your workout to what others are doing - compare it to what you did last week. #keepmoving@albert_knox Nice work!Love your morning jog? Here are 8 great benefits to exercising outdoors! #FitbitSummer http://t.co/WU5fmlK5OK
@emileefree Hi Emilee - Love the photo! Mind if we share it on our social channels? If it's cool, approve here! http://t.co/5vSYyHZabsFitbit Flex + 4 more tips to supercharge your office job. http://t.co/sm0m24U2cR@ChoicesAddUp Nice photo! We'd love to share it with our fans if you're cool with it. Thx! http://t.co/eKrHEuHQhM@FeliiDeDiana Diana, LOVE this pic. Mind if we share it out to our fans? http://t.co/1d649zFY1UShake up this week by committing to one diet change! Whether you ban added sugar or cut the soda, take a step to a healthier you..@Mashable on #ToryBurchforFitbit: "The Most Fashionable Wearable Accessories Yet" http://t.co/LU1NGOUyHM
Happy #FitbitFriday! This weekend's challenge: shake things up with a new workout routine.Build your body one step at a time. #keepmoving
my new @ToryBurch @fitbit is the jam! #bananajam #walkitout @harleypasternak #thank you http://t.co/YiGyPjbI2G
Retweeted by Fitbit@AKoller13 Hey there - Nice shot! Mind if we reshare this photo on our social channels? http://t.co/kIYfIwY649These 4 essential tips will help you stay cool during your outdoor workouts. #FitbitSummer http://t.co/1wGymYzW8Y
Time for a #FitbitBreak! Take a lap, grab some water, go do squats in the bathroom, or all of the above. Just get up and move!@DeeNatural Nice! Keep up the great work - we're cheering for you.@jarrodgalm We do actually, right from our online store! Although you should check if it's still under warranty: http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6All Tory Burch for Fitbit Accessories are available again online for pre-sale! http://t.co/XlFu1kTAdf
Peep this *amazing* @mashabletech Tory Burch for Fitbit Vine! https://t.co/jJsjaEHdABWhether it takes you 8 minutes or 20 minutes, a mile is a mile. #getmoving@pro_healthcoach Nice shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? http://t.co/lnQOzeVXfyLast night's Colbert Report kicks off with Fitbit & @StephenAtHome's marathon training. Hey, no cheating! http://t.co/3ZpllKsAsOThe @ToryBurch for Fitbit Accessories Collection is now available for pre-sale! http://t.co/iCqD2FOOou
Hiking is one of our absolute favorite ways to get those steps in. Have you done any of these 25? http://t.co/nxKtkamvWN#FitbitFlex powers, activate! (Thanks, @lbf_canada) http://t.co/29scI3ozaiIt's a new week, which means it's time to evaluate your goals for the next 7 days! #keepgoing@norabrennan Let our support team know you found one, and they can help get it to its owner. http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. Thanks!@rubyjnkie But more distance + calories burned in less time. Gotta look at the upside!@emilena Yes, they update in real-time too - so if you pass a friend mid-day it will update your leaderboard then.
If you're behind on your goals this week, we challenge you to hit tomorrow's goals before your head hits the pillow! #FitbitFriday@msquaredtweets Happy to help :)@msquaredtweets Those are just meant to hold the bands in the packaging, not for wear. Switch to your metal clasp!.@wmag's associate editor is staying in shape with the help of Fitbit Flex. http://t.co/gbb5JB5kxk
Now is a great time to take a #FitbitBreak! Stand up, do some laps, and shake it out.@kvhtennis Wow! What'd you do, run a marathon?@WearableTrek Good luck!@adventuresinpic We're working on expanding things to Android, but no ETA yet. Stay tuned!
Here's another #FitbitSummer tip to help you bounce back after a vacation: 5 Sane Ways to Recover from Vacation http://t.co/P08KcWoAOVThe week is half over; are you half-way to your step goals? If not, time for a walk! #getmoving
@jeff_stern No ETA yet, but it's definitely in the works!@WashingtonKatie #EveryStepCounts@kendyloo Funny you should mention it... https://t.co/5Ej1XlxrB4@kareneacash Sorry you miss it! We're working hard on getting a new version out ASAP - we'll announce something as soon as we can!@clm910 Check back soon! We'll be sending out an email as soon as we're ready to start selling them.@screamr Start here: http://t.co/SV1pN8rfvQ Let our support team know if there's any issues with international pricing/shipping.@TrueAggieFan That's what friends are for :)@LezliShelander Happy stepping!@mellydal Good one! But don't forget to replace it with water to stay hydrated!@buzzfromiz @dailydot That's awesome, go Jordan!@LifeinaSack If you go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6, our support team can help reunite it with its owner. Thanks for letting us know!Need a pick-me-up? Working out can improve your mood & help you sleep! #getmoving@MarianaMicolta Probably, just go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6 and let support know what happened. They can help!Earth, air & sun have can have a positive impact on your workout. Here's how to maximize your activity. #FitbitSummer http://t.co/k9sdRj0Nrm
Turns out getting active *can* make you smarter! But just how much? http://t.co/FWdPBqpIlcHere's a challenge to start your week off right: Remove one unhealthy thing from your lifestyle for one week! #fitspiration@Kido79 Hi again! Would love to repost this pic if you're cool with it. Thanks! http://t.co/seXHTUbtkX
Happy #FitbitFriday! Start your weekend off right by getting in a workout tonight!Cheers to a fun, fit & festive #4thofJuly! http://t.co/paln4KYNHX
@lbf_canada Awesome shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? If so, click through to approve! http://t.co/BzM9UkzUu6Eat well, feel well. #fitspiration
"We like to think about scales as our friends.” Do you? #FitbitAria http://t.co/nOxLTwiEuQIf you do 50 squats right now, you'll burn ~20 calories. It all adds up. #keepgoing
Ready for a Fitbit Break? Take 15 minutes to go for a walk! If you can't get away from the desk, try some desk yoga: http://t.co/fKkrnJu2eVToday we’re officially introducing 2 brand new features to the Fitbit mobile app: MobileRun & enhanced food logging! http://t.co/YxYJrcNpIH@ReallyAMiracle Nice, let us know how the run went!@JennJDana Not yet, but it should be coming soon!@LizRichardson1 Just go to http://t.co/MoC9qZLaE6. They'll help you out!@katrinawarner For now it's only for iOS.@morgannyny You're very welcome!
What's your motivation to work out today? #keepgoing@matt__coin Hey Matt - Love the pic! Mind if we share it on our social channels? http://t.co/FL5Qmflh8M
Congratulations on another week down! How will you spend your second summer weekend? #FitbitFridayWhat happens when you stop sitting for an entire month? Spoiler: you lose 5 pounds and gain muscle. http://t.co/pffbQhgFAt
Did you do *all* 30 days to summer fit? Here's the entire interactive calendar to keep the momentum going! http://t.co/WQ9R1ctNwCCommit to doing something today that you wish you did every day. #keepmoving
Ready for another #FitbitBreak? Take 15 minutes and see if you can take another 1,500 steps. We believe in you!@fullermj Just to BE the Fitbitter who walked 1000 MILES...@kelseyshaw1221 Thanks, glad you like it!
@byandmarge Woohoo, congrats! Mind if we share this pic on our social channels? If it's cool, approve here: http://t.co/T02UCMS8Qy@SpicyPerspectiv Awesome shot! Mind if we share it on our social channels? If so, click through to approve! http://t.co/F2UAggf1oUStop wishing, start moving. #fitspiration@Bazyli_D Thanks, glad to hear you're loving it!
Welcome to summer! What are your workout plans for the season? #keepmoving@jacquelinesg Good luck with your training!David Sedaris: "I look back on the days I averaged only 30K steps, and think, Honestly, how lazy can you get?" http://t.co/1rykOCX4YB
@MandiLizz & @Clarissa_xplain. You each scored a new @HTC One (M8)! Please DM us your mailing address. Congrats!
Last day for a shot at 4 @HTC Ones (M8). How would you take fitness to the nxt level? Tweet #FitbitHTC. Plus save $50 http://t.co/ETXGdOYzD6Let's finish strong with one last challenge: Complete this final workout! #30DaysToSummerFit http://t.co/ycAOknxFzz http://t.co/eXjZuDs9l1
Today’s challenge is: Find your motivation to run! What keeps you going? #30DaysToSummerFit http://t.co/1s5LdoiJLP http://t.co/vygA2zOTTv
Win @Fitbit Flex at #FitnessTechTips w/ @DeanKarnazes #Sprint Store, 499 University, Palo Alto 11am 6/21 http://t.co/KRsvhlXOw8
Retweeted by FitbitWe’ll randomly pick winners on Friday. Go! #FitbitHTC
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