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Freelance technology journalist & Forbes contributor. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/tF5ip8HMAa

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"@adamclat: Great piece @GordonKelly If you already have an iPhone 5 or 5s, is the upgrade to an iPhone 6 worth it? http://t.co/KJcztnZnz4"@TheNextWoods @spode good man. I used to love off roading as a kid.@TheNextWoods @spode Ah not sure. Off roading isn't really my thing (though I would love to try it!)@TheNextWoods @spode off roading in London? No, not that I've heard. The only off road would be public parks!@TheNextWoods @spode plenty of motorcycle bays with ground anchors as well for securing it over night. Don't just use a break disc lock!@TheNextWoods @spode motorbike riding in central London? V early morn or late at night are good, but I'd head south to Guildford & Box Hill
@HugoKessler @Forbes physically impossible I'm afraid. When perfectly horizontal the bulge has to be visible. Regardless, clearly deceptive.iPhone 6 Design Shame? Marketing Shots Show Apple Has Removed Ugly Protruding Camera @Forbes http://t.co/JgXUm2kRaM@ChrisScott__ @NeilCameron5 ta, will try that again as well. Was enjoying it when it stopped!@IMrMark @Forbes @Motorola I know, crazy!Motorola Moto 360 Review...Think he probably nailed it. http://t.co/e0DIVvF6RH via @forbes @GordonKelly - whats with that TI chip @Motorola
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@ChrisScott__ @NeilCameron5 l get 15 mins 59 seconds on the latest one.@NeilCameron5 @ChronicleNUFC won't end after exactly 10 minutes like the last one, will it?
@TaylorandBesty @helloIamBesty oh, of course.... ;)@TaylorandBesty @helloIamBesty like peas in a pod... http://t.co/pQkN3qEanCApple Watch: Everything you need to know http://t.co/9xSWNm3cVQ @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@BeyondVisionUK not enough info or detail in the video to say I'm afraid. Cut shots of old laces in half & show yours actually being 'tied'.New Windows 9 leaks show massive improvements over Windows 8 http://t.co/u4VwDo2oHi @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiPhone 6: Apple confirms record 4 million pre-orders and supply shortage http://t.co/jtFhpG3jM5 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMotorola Moto 360 review: Google's biggest Apple watch rival http://t.co/mtTTGR4vrZ @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyiPhone 6 Supply Shortage: Apple Confirms Record 4 Million Pre-Orders @Forbes http://t.co/LXQFaS2HE0@madkadist *nothing official - typo!New Windows 9 Leaks Show Massive Improvements Over Windows 8 @Forbes http://t.co/lqiOcPIVnuMotorola Moto 360 Review: Google's Biggest Apple Watch Rival @Forbes http://t.co/eIot918Oyp@madkadist morning official surprisingly, but we are expected to hear more soon.@rubrnek @umanoapp thanks!"right now either Apple or Google is wrong about how we will want to use our wearables." http://t.co/AoZFKAQ71s
Retweeted by Gordon KellyGood article: Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know https://t.co/GmzWObJtHT by @gordonkelly @umanoapp
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The days of small #iPhone will soon be over. But why? by @gordonkelly via @Forbes http://t.co/YYw2JsDjuB #tech #apple http://t.co/ev88rY5aF0
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@kidintheriot90 @NUFC_Stats and 2 of those were just sent out on loan
@erikkain @PaulTassi @Forbes @parmy @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @maxrogo @kashhill next week... Destiny awaits the iPhone 6!
@CMRLee thanks matey! Big iPhone week.@CMRLee oops!Congrats all "@Forbes: This week's most popular writers: @gordonkelly @paultassi @parmy @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @erikkain @maxrogo @kashhill"This week's most popular writers: @gordonkelly @paultassi @parmy @Ewan @susanadamsnyc @erikkain @maxrogo @kashhill #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @PaulTassi @Parmy @maxrogo @ewan @alexrkonrad @erikkain @_jaymcgregor @kashhill @jaezenlim
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@AdamRhodes nooooooo! Nexus@AdamRhodes personally neither. But the 6 Plus is far superior if you can handle the size. http://t.co/KoDTburYn0@unfalse thanks. All could be avoided if Apple simply added a back button like Android/WP beside the home button.Curious about Apple Watch? Here's everything you need to know: http://t.co/8EWF1dEGMV by @GordonKelly #AppleWatch http://t.co/Apsd07CQqk
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Tim_Lovell writing up today, unsure whether it will publish today or not. In short: looks great, out of date chipset, Android Wear v beta
@NathanStrum pleasureOne of the better comparisons I've seen on the #iPhone6 and #iPhone6plus http://t.co/9jazkYIGWc Thanks for the rundown, @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@Sci_FY funny you should ask! http://t.co/2KllzV9XTb@umanoapp @Forbes strange hearing my words read aloud, but surprisingly coherent! Impressive stuff.The days of small #iPhone will soon be over. But why? by @gordonkelly via @Forbes http://t.co/as6LIibtQs #tech #apple http://t.co/qHLSiQ0SPP
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Everything you need to know about the Apple Watch: http://t.co/DtxoNI48MZ http://t.co/jF7VLSzHyY
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@AcidBrainWash @EconReTweets what a shame, I wrote quite a critical evaluation!@AudioDescriber 1. Probably. 2. Surely. 3. Thanks!@Detroit_Al *thanks! (bloody autocorrect)@Detroit_Al tusks Alex!Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know @Forbes http://t.co/i2n882OF9B@dmcgloin thanks. Wow, shocked the 5S was so far behind the times here.iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: The Difference Between The New Apple iPhones @Forbes http://t.co/Yoi1fs8FJX
@Sam_P4U yep, that's going to be a key market. Suspect it doesn't shrink down well atm, but looks the part.@ErnestDoku will do!@ErnestDoku Forbes review be up in the next few days.l ;) Battery life meh, Android Wear great but intentionally limited, hardware gorgeous.@oliverwaters shaping up to be about a day. Curious to see if Apple does any better later today. Sector needs 2-3 days minimum.Looking gooood Moto 360... http://t.co/09UrepWEkZ@KatieTombs exactly
@ALA_Group haha, ta! Your original tweet is what I think others will say :)@ALA_Group thanks, but not what I said at all!@KatieTombs the great media consumption potential, but concerned about iOS 8 one handed usage. Back button position in particular.iPhone 6: Why Apple Has Super Sized The iPhone @Forbes http://t.co/XoNnTyIal1
Wasn't the millionth finisher but a very happy no. 10895 :). Thanks to all my supporters http://t.co/T0YYKoLzjt! #GNR http://t.co/H9HhguM2Xz
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Wonderful cause "@ehaaramo: Why @CharityDEBRA's work is so important http://t.co/pT4hiaEtVn. Help me to support them http://t.co/jkEpvWt7F1"@ericschiffer @Forbes @ScottMendelson @JosephSteinberg @PaulTassi @Ewan @susanadamsnyc and to you Alpha Wolf@DHEdomains you're very welcome
This week's top writers: @ScottMendelson @JosephSteinberg @GordonKelly @ericschiffer @PaulTassi @Ewan @Clare_OC @susanadamsnyc #FF
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@erikkain @PaulTassi @Ewan @ForbesTech @_JayMcgregor @kashhill @maxrogo via the it's-better-than-Xbox PlayStation Now. Naturally :)@PaulTassi @Ewan @ForbesTech @_JayMcgregor @kashhill @maxrogo @erikkain haha! Going to be epic Forbes traffic :)@PaulTassi @Ewan @ForbesTech @_JayMcgregor @kashhill @maxrogo haha, you've nailed many podiums Paul :)#FF the most read in Tech this week: @gordonkelly @_JayMcgregor @ewan @paultassi @kashhill @maxrogo @SteveBertoni @erikkain @alexrkonrad
Retweeted by Gordon KellyBy me for "@ForbesTech: Motorola launches its new line of products, including its smartwatch: http://t.co/eZnrbwZQbS http://t.co/uw8HwQYTro"Motorola Launches Moto 360 Smartwatch, New 5.2-Inch Moto X, 5-Inch Moto G And Mysterious Moto Hint @Forbes http://t.co/wZ9MR9qohp
#GNRMillion amazing scenes at Newcastle Quayside tonight @Great_Run @GNRCulture pics by @northnews @paulkingstonnnp http://t.co/DTIOnHAQzX
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThere with @ehaaramo & @AndrewDKelly! "@RaoulDixonNNP: Amazing Fireworks #GNRMillion Newcastle Quayside http://t.co/VrsUtuyboa"Me for "@ForbesEurope: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5: 2014's biggest Android phones http://t.co/T0DIMCJLvL @GordonKelly"Bring. It. On.! "@ehaaramo: Nokia looking to build 5G test network in north Finland http://t.co/sqW8KZgIjv by me for @ZDNet"@edwinksl thanks. Certainly bow to your bio :)@edwinksl funnily enough Yi read the post and didn't mention it!@edwinksl thanks. Conduct was the term that should be there.
Thanks for the inbox tsunami Sony! http://t.co/wcDPCAVjNU@BetterDoctor should be fixed.It's the (Danny) Blind leading the (Daley) Blind.@NUFC_Stats I really, really hate these 'hero' posters. Gutless all season then made to look like supermen.Just brilliant! "@ChaseFailey: Ebdon, poetry in motion https://t.co/OCrYF0gMd2"@Seatwave_Help you have to follow back for this to be possible...
@mikebutcher traveling a lot this month, but next month let's grab a beer and complain about things :)@mikebutcher hah! Yes the one thing we cannot modify is the human skeleton. Btw not seen you in ages.@mikebutcher yeah. Not just the ditching of shallow pocket trousers, but the steps and bending over gets really annoying. Also the stopping!@mikebutcher with does risk potential product line cannibalism.@mikebutcher could prove a little small for full on productivity and battery won't match an iPad, but possible. The iPad will be used less.Thanks Joe! "@joebraidwood: A great piece from @GordonKelly on how iPhone 6 users must adapt http://t.co/2KllzV9XTb"In reference to the last RT, yes. Will be different for others, but I ended up ditching my iPad after 6 months..@GordonKelly great post iPhone 6: Owners Must Adapt To 5 Big Changes http://t.co/ul1mKvKWFS < Did you find it replaces a Tablet eventually?
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@mikebutcher Thanks. For me yes, I actually sold my iPad after 6 months.@Seatwave no payment for concert tickets sold by you in mid July and no response to 3 customer support emails. Please explain!@dissimile @RiyadEmeran @Auto_Journals #cinephilephoto... and I nominate @ehaaramo http://t.co/D2mcySmYOqMany thanks to @GordonKelly for the heads-up. As for the heads-up on what, well that's between us.
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