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Tech writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse.

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'SuperPlus' and its determination to be small! Good read... *piece even.@MarkWilsonWords I'd simply consider it a peace of theatre! Planning my wedding-minus-God atm.@andynormancx hah, brilliant. Loved my time in Colchester. I'll have a look at those sites - gives me warm feelings of nostalgia!
@Elaine_Sneds @FitbitUK I have Flex, partner has Charge HR. Latter is clearly better, but HR not waterproof. I swim so that's a deal breaker@andynormancx PS though a greatly enjoyed my 3 years in Colchester during my BA! Wivenhoe FTW :)@andynormancx either way, reader comments on the article overwhelmingly agree it is newsworthy so odd to call me out on Twitter.@andynormancx I agree, but there's no super stable build of iOS 9 yet so cutting off downgrades to iOS 8.4.1 is premature.@BonusFPL nothing beats the week this guy just had!?! @BonusFPL ouch! Including bonus? 90 here.@Ajayarsenal @Squawka because David James played until he was about 50!@andynormancx I'm guessing you're a Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch kinda guy.@andynormancx you see no evidence? OTHER THAN the 2 updates from Apple in a week which do nothing but address bugs?! Kool Aid.@KIWIE999 @ponsaeIius other than the goal and assist, true!@MarcJobling ditto on Aguero (c) and Sanchez, though total failure elsewhere means I'm not remotely close to 100 points still!@andynormancx @RibbonFishTeam is most certainly is given ongoing issues with iOS 9. Not changing policy in face of these bugs is reckless@NUFC_9 @NUFC_Online in a match we will never forget...........
@La1aBr0wni3 @fplhints @FPL_Fly in fairness if you are still captaining Wilson this week you aren't really playing.@KHeneage he can get lazier than last year?!@TheToonNetwork @NUFC_Index @NUFC360 they haven't bought leaders as they challenge managers and boards. They bought Yes Men everywhere.@ramsey_ian @NUFC_Index Abeid was a better bet than these two. Still feeling positive about the Thauvin?!@ramsey_ian @NUFC_Index they need a dedicated CDM. Simple as that. Colback and Anita are continuity players - not defensive or creative.@HanoiToon @MarcSDuffy yep, but they're 'continuity players' - get and give. Made for 3 man MF. Together = no DEF or attack!@wonky_donky @SCharitonos Just click the pic! Yep, 66 points from Aguero before inevitable 3 (=9) bonus. Also has KDB and Payet.@HanoiToon @MarcSDuffy well we're not playing with a real CDM which is suicide for a team with no heart.@SpaceMonkeysFPL still a circa £1M+/yr job! Trouble is Ashley wants followers not leaders (no speaking out), why team so mentally fragile.@__Stiva @Iwantcurlyhair2 physique like a lion, heart like a pea.@MarcSDuffy @HanoiToon Aguero had gone, but game calmed after he came on.@MarcSDuffy @HanoiToon he was CM last year not #10 but presumably played with a specialist DM beside him. Tiote perhaps a necessary evil.@wonky_donky yikes! that'd be a bad investment, he'd only sell with them in the PL so qu is if he'll finally splash cash on a decent MANAGER.@HanoiToon we need a team with leaders - so well done #NUFC for splashing the 'commanding CB' cash on Thauvin!?!@ponsaeIius we don't buy leaders because they speak up. That's the problem. Thauvin just the latest wet blanket example.@SpaceMonkeysFPL NUFC should've been 3-0 up at half time... still time there, but they've both been a disgrace for years. NUFC since Ashley.@TaylorandBesty @SouthShieldsFC I see what you did there.@Cheeto377 @Squawka for some context! never should've been appointed - yet we tried 4x! Howe or Neal for me, but will probably go Pearson #cheaproute@MsiDouglas good thing we spent the new central defensive leader money on Thauvin. He looks to have the bottle for a fight!@wonky_donky @markpinsent bigger issue is about 700,000 captained him this week apparently. Anyone use the triple captain button?!@tegidsion13 @OptaJoe you could, but it wouldn't be relevant to Halloween month.@wonky_donky @markpinsent it was SO predictable, I captained Aguero...@ponsaeIius they were playing us... of course he is! Only consolation for his inevitable goal(S).@Iwantcurlyhair2 ALL your fault! ;)@Iwantcurlyhair2 cursed it!@FPLPlayer @fplhints think yourself lucky, I went Berahino!@tegidsion13 @OptaJoe Halloween is in October.@KwesiV @BonusFPL no worries! Game on :)@BonusFPL @KwesiV @premierleague exactly@KwesiV @BonusFPL lol - you realise that's a tweet from the official Premier League account? Happily it was wrong!@NUFC_Index Fernandinho... Silva... easily confused ;)@KwesiV @BonusFPL so far back I HAD to go differential... and picked Berahino!@CaulkinTheTimes that's not a *remotely* premature thing to say ;)@MarcJobling let's just see him finish the 90 without getting sent off first!@thesummerof76 @ChronicleNUFC splitting how? There are supporters?!@MarcSDuffy Nearly always inside the top 30k, this year only just broke inside top million - though could be back out of this this GW!@MarcSDuffy I captained Wilson last week! Desperation!@MarcSDuffy I think Pardew has even Pardewed NUFC fans!@nohrix @HanoiToon @889BrilaFM lol. Amazing!@MarcSDuffy and that was my FF gamble over Vardy!@fplhints went with Bera gamble over Vardy as so far back this season... #seasoninanutshell@xGrinchh @CalledItFPL and THERE it is... #facepalm@xGrinchh @CalledItFPL that'd be my season in a nutshell! Was him or Sakho to counter the masses with Vardy. #prayforsaido@ChrisDHWaugh Thanks! Given their history it seems odd he's been mentioned so little. Would love Gini in CM but needs a proper DM alongside.@CalledItFPL 2 in 2 with 5 BPs and Palace are bad at home with multiple defensive injuries... worked last GW (Mata over Aguero) but yep, hmn@MsiDouglas @ChrisDHWaugh what on earth is happening with Tiote? Yes he's had THAT dip, but a specialist DM is needed.@CalledItFPL so far back I gambled Berahino over Vardy... #stilltime !@PJSarian the fact it keeps signing older versions is Apple's acknowledgement that it allows downgrades for a period of time.@PJSarian you can officially downgrade. Apple makes iOS files available & there are many simple guides, eg:
@aarora17 it's not great, get the hardware signal booster if you can. But it's useful in a worst case scenario.@PJSarian you act like taking away options is a good thing and people are too stupid to learn how to help themselves. That's awful.@reubenjesset @zacharye @APPLEOFFIClAL glad you solved it!Apple iOS 9.0.2 Release Has A Nasty Surprise - not what was needed... @ThreeUK get the 3 signal boost app which is free and connects to your WiFi. IF VM if working correctly, of course!@aarora17 @virginmedia no BT fibre in Earls Court (!?!) so I'm stuck with VM.@aarora17 @virginmedia life on VM for the last 2 years... @virginmedia I get 100Mbit in the day, but struggle to steam YouTube videos at night. It's grossly irresponsible.@virginmedia no. They promise capacity (not speed increases) but they never happen. Getting worse. Would leave but no BT fibre here!?!@aarora17 @virginmedia they increase maximum speed regularly to attract new customers, but not the capacity needed for a consistent service@virginmedia my last two years in detail on VM: daytime vs evening... had it fit the last 9 years. Endless calls, simply not the capacity at peak hours and never addressed.@buildandbalance @Forbes thanks Michael! It looks really exciting to me :)@virginmedia there were none. It's simply the terrible performance regularly delivered during peak hours.
@TimSuttonC @virginmedia thanks. Wikipedia please!@blkhks haha! And now here's iOS 9.0.2 - two bug fixes in a week in never a good sign!Great stuff @VirginMedia - my 150Mbit connection reflects your price increases nicely... #speedtestApple iOS 9 Has Fourth Big Problem - yep, we're now at 4! 6P Vs Nexus 5X: What's The Difference? @Forbes, @ThreeUK has it moments... #makeitright it's not listed in afraid. But if you're suffering right now there's no harm in trying the update.
Apple iOS 9.0.1: Should You Upgrade? - Hint: actually maybe not... @PaulTassi go to know! ;)#Google events feel low key and less polished compared to #Apple, but the lack of whooping and cheering at every/anything is so much better.
Sell the movie rights, already!!! haha! Wish I could start this twice :) (iPhone/iOS launch month)@WunderlistHelp thanks. I did ask it during the MS takeover & got the same response, so action would be great! Shouldn't be rocket science.@Wunderlist @WunderlistHelp can you please, please make the Android widget wide-resizable. Total waste of space! @Forbes hmmmn. Definitely not been the smoothest of starts for iOS 9...
@merlinsscience @Forbes sadly yeo, third. All explained in the first sentence ;) Good news is fixes also explained! #fingerscrossedApple Admits iOS 9 Has Third Problem @Forbes
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