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Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength." — Sigmund Freud I'm counting on it. Thanks, @dailyzen@hijproductions That looks very promising! And a place to get things done.Thanks for sharing!My rant for the day.And you can't buy silver impregnated paper for B&W photos, no, not for love nor money. It's what gave even modest snapshots so many grays.I miss vinyl as well. Layers and depth of sound, the rich complexity of the bow digging across cello strings. Digital music is... numbers.A film photograph is a thick thing, dense with information. It is a chemical process in an emulsion- layers,in a sense. Not an ink surface.@JeffGelberg forecast for LA? Today? I don't see that.What the Hell? I'm COLD now....@JanvierNoir scorpios are good. Capricorns are a superior lot. At least, they tend to think so...@KarenDernie not enough of them and not that good either. Don't care for digital, not do I like prints which are INK, not emulsion.@RCJackson0045 nup. Haven't even set up my 5, which sits in a drawer. I get better battery life than 5's do.
@HollandTaylor Consistently everyone in a scene with you looks good. (I'll stop fangurling now....)
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@drnancythaler @chrismurphys @leisa @Gary_Chandler @bustersdah big creature.@PizzeriailFico oh, pleeeze, a steaming tattered wreck! But thank you. Thanks for libations!@noblegraces ha ha!TOLSTOY: My new one's called Anna Karenina. FRANZEN: Cool name for a ship! TOLSTOY: It's not about a ship FRANZEN: that's a weird man's name
Retweeted by Holland Taylorooops, sorry, meant as a DM.@HollandTaylor SOS needed to close #puppymill in NY PLZ sign&share petition to #FREETHEKEES http://t.co/sjyj0JiayN http://t.co/nLb0Vnp7ut
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@LilyinLDN ah, well- who else ?@LilyinLDN Oh, so good!@CtLMN @LizSmth I like film best, was much more interested in photography and did it much more when I used film. Now the B&W paper is shit.here's link to @LizSmth's column. You should subscribe for wonderful show biz insights. http://t.co/fANAxyOa3nToday @LizSmth posts her picture with Téa Leoni, now in Mme Secretary. I took it at my fireplace 19? years ago. B&W! http://t.co/7qSnX7eWrn@grenouilleXXX @jenniferbeals Qua, alors? Fawn?
@montrealbbfan Non. Absolument. Pas.@PepysPeep Muriel outstrips us all.@PepysPeep Gosh. Perhaps resume another time...@PepysPeep hmmmm. Keen observation. Who ARE you? Should we lnow one another? Do we?@RhyminSimonGR my goodness, you're easy. Hardly smoldering. Maybe-- just simmering.Well, I know I didn't trip over the furniture, but other than that... Wha--@jenniferbeals@HollandTaylor "I think God gives us children so death won't come as SUCH a disappointment" 😝 How was working with #MartinSheen?
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@noblegraces FANTASTICThirty? Years ago-- in the old bar at the Bel Air-Where a single cocktail secured the memory of a gaze forever. #TBT http://t.co/YRh5crtcHC
Me too! TY, MG @PlaybillMichael "Thrilled there'll be a tour of "ANN" Most captivating one-person show I ever saw!" http://t.co/jaDddUVCUp
@cjwerleman n every single GOP senator last week voted to support Citizens United, then claimed they were supporting the Constitution
Retweeted by Holland TaylorLong overdue, semi- annual tweet to @HollandTaylor, cause she's the bee's knees. http://t.co/jgmbP5gGuP
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAs one involved with Vietnam Women's Memorial, let Gehry do what he does BRILLIANTLY on DDE memorial. Bureaucracy kills art. @IStillLikeIke
Retweeted by Holland Taylor.@whirrrledpeas I search for findable things~as for other joys, some are like lightning, they aren't anywhere~ lightning comes from nowhere.
@noblegraces oh, now@jetfanfl ahah!5:30 PM. Hollywood. 99 degrees.@whatoneloves @JanvierNoir Once having met you, you are one with whom one would like to talk.
dining query meant for Mlle Janvier Noir. @JanvierNoirAnd where to dine? I hope with a companion.@JanvierNoir @quietude Chilly?What time did it start to get dark?@OfficialMaggieL Hello, Kiddo. Having a hard time?The beautiful glass breaks, the heart breaks, the day breaks... Our task to feel the beauty and the breaking~ as we live in the rising sun.A period of contemplation is not conducive to tweeting - To let go of searching for answers & decisions~choosing instead~ the blank canvas.@JeffGelberg I think perhaps it's YOU who titled that festival.@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves How're u goin to get thru customs with that body??!! & 'splain your hair~is it pulled back in some way? Or CUT???
@tucker1025 oh, Tommy...@noblegraces ha ha@DanaDelany Oh, geez, don't remind me I have to completely redo!!!!!!!!!!! Too hard.@laraemorton @JanvierNoir @Rambopolitan that's too good a word!@Rambopolitan si. Wed. drink?@unfoRETTAble who loves you, Miss?@HollandTaylor Werrrrk Miss.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@HollandTaylor Those shoes are hurting my fucking feelings. The rest of you is hurting my fucking knees. They weak.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@mayibecandid I wasn't being entirely candid. I do seem to have good genes. & I think I am really interested in what life gives and demands.
@NancyWonderful @Maggyw519 @Rambopolitan Oh, Nancy.@mayibecandid sex.@whatoneloves @Rambopolitan No, these are ivory silk Manolos. The Tony dress was silver and the shoes were Stuart Weitzman satin in silver.I believe you spoke of a drink, Rambo. @Rambopolitan http://t.co/cASFIz14RP@emercait23 sounds good.
I just fell in love with someone's grandmother. http://t.co/sBNf2rrp4z
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@DebraMessing @LucBerthelette always ready for more time with you. And if it must be hot...@LucBerthelette @DebraMessing What I remember from that shoot was the greatest heat wave ever in London and NO air-conditioning. Ppl dying.@LucBerthelette @DebraMessing high praise.
@ProducerPunk Good Lord...is that running somewhere?@CoquiTalksTrash @JanvierNoir xxxooxxx@SeerMax sometime soon I hope.@JanvierNoir your Boo-ness is very dear.Why are airport Bloody Marys so fabulous? LA bound from Newark, so very easy compared to JFK. http://t.co/m2yc2fLtlI@roughtradeX yes!Once in a very great while, just for the hell of it, God makes a simply beautiful eyebrow. http://t.co/lHAUFpYyQfPic of the day: After 72 years together, Iowa women can finally marry. http://t.co/yvjR8qgDGu http://t.co/Bda3W4BGv6
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNEWS: Sanders Proposes Wealth Tax: http://t.co/hmmoLtdhyx http://t.co/0BY8qB7lS8
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@camster02903 hmm. What are your virtues?
Chez Irene. http://t.co/3I7qLGhW3K@RhyminSimonGR the bus driver is older than you. Get real.Love on the run. http://t.co/m2BlPoekOC@1_SweetnSassy me too.@DrHornetBupp wow. Didn't know...@EveTChicago thank you. I had a wonderful time in Chicago...Bombing back to Manhattan. Jitney Ambassador. Seriously equipped. Wi Fi. Bathroom. Four outlets at each seat. Fast. http://t.co/ai2JAWdgkMRocks trying to evolve into hearts. Like the rest of us. http://t.co/ybuAXccCZ7@radiomartyb_b do I give a rat's ass?Pre Jitney nourishment. Chez Irene. http://t.co/bPQIL39yWVMy hostess has furniture for every function-- including cleaning out the icebox. http://t.co/mM9y7rPCqo@Rtreatwilliams cool pic. Love that kind of shot.Sunday morning love. http://t.co/DMWZVKJeAa
@JillyEdw overlooking Peconic Bay in Southampton!This is what gets plunked in front of me before rehearsal at Chez Irene. http://t.co/1OqVmLOpumhttp://t.co/TgZz6HNIoV
Sent to me by my dearest @LizSmth who attended and screamed with laughter at "It's Only a Play." Can't wait to go! http://t.co/aVD43qG1GJ@amimyami @54Below @BenSPLATT crushed???@JanvierNoir LOVE!!!@HollandTaylor What a great photo! It's as if a shade is being pulled down for the night.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@gepose the Peconic"Day is done... Gone the sun..." http://t.co/rWrrStUTSu
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