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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@AtlantaKim Mine is.Here for three weeks. Guess I better search out a more practical room. http://t.co/Ok9XrVIXeESwift changes of terrain, mesas lifting and falling, bursts of green by stony rivulets. http://t.co/ubtmPOCaQmTearing along from ABQ to Santa Fe. A mighty fast fifty miles. http://t.co/qV2s4o2CmXMiss HotDog Chicago... http://t.co/nKRSdb7rHYWhat an embarrassment Boehner is.Note from Nora in the morning: "The plane is not going to crash."Many things wonderful in Santa Fe....including end of day fabulous thunder and lightning! Leaving in a minute.@whatoneloves Are you up? Have a fantastic time.
@whatoneloves @JanvierNoirI AM NOT RESIGNED TO FUCKING ANYTHING.@kyrstenlouchen It was wonderful to play. Yes, grandmothers tend to get a lot from the play, since Ann was a grandmother when she was Gov.@davidruston613 danger...@xtinaddicted That, too.@whatoneloves Hah! Thought of you today. Are you ready?@luh_spears @britneyspears Who is Britney Spears?#SundayArtExchange "Breakfast in the Loggia." John Singer Sargent. @MarthaPlimpton https://t.co/3LkqhhA1zH@TeresaMHendrix I AM people.@mcmsisemore You'd be surprised what can trump charm.@YourDailyBoo Booooooooooo.Ok., I'm packing. PLEASE< I beg you, don't distract me. It doesn't take much.@libnnc Mysterious...Ah, yes, the Mona Lisa, as seen thinking of an ice cream cone.@xtinaddicted I hope so.Past few days I've thot a lot about a very dear friend, from long ago. She just spontaneously called. #Electricity. #MissHotDogChicago.As I get my pedicure, I think of THESE gorgeous feet! #SheWhoWanders http://t.co/k67KGkoZTZ@mikeymosey that and a nickel gets me a ride on the subway. Kiddo.Perry is surging in the CNN poll of the 2016 GOP field, which explains why he sent troops to the border. http://t.co/UtUED0BAud
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@michaelurie Sweetie~leaving LA for 3 weeks to do an Indie in Santa Fe, back around the19th. Spect to see your shiny behind soon thereafter!MT: When we relearn the world after a loss, we feel things we had almost forgotten, old things, beneath the seat of reason. ~Meghan O'Rourke
He's a very cool guy. http://t.co/hKdOV182VU@whatoneloves so perfect.@whatoneloves the thought for pete's sake@HollandTaylor martinis are likw boobs - one isnt enough, three are too many.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorWhenEVER I have one of my rare hangovers, it's on a day when I have boring, pesky, maddening things I HAVE to do. #LawOfNature #GodLaffsIs it just me? Or does everyone ignore it when they think perhaps they'd do well not to finish their second martini?
@CountSnarkula thank you.@FullBloomMktg I loved it too.@CountSnarkula Thank you. It was a great satisfaction in my life.@MORNAFAN93 What do we all know about crushes?@FullBloomMktg miss her so. Mourn for her!1 yet I get, more than many who press to get?? from me, she really loved me & matters to me.@CountSnarkula He was a very young staffer for Ann Richards~was a great help with my play ANN. She meant so much to him. #AllYouNeedToKnow@CountSnarkula Oh, man. Can I come over?Phone yak with my dear adopted son, Patrick Terry,(he doesn't know) famous in Austin TX ~for all the best reasons. http://t.co/tL5fckW8wBhttps://t.co/uh3j7wseun
@tucker1025 For them to look really good now I have to be standing on my head.@1010ParkPlace I'll say. Playing her wore me out!@LydiasLyfe I love that this is playing in prime time now. Amazing 35 years after being 'unsuccessful!"@tucker1025 you're adorable. You certainly know that, don't you, Sugar?@ennwhycee they offer different things! City life is hard but invigorating. And of course there's the theatre. LA has the beauty of nature.It's hard to get a rise out of the Buddha, but this unholy mess might do it. http://t.co/3N06WPY2fo2:45 on a lousy Thursday afternoon and the desperate traffic is like a case of Ebola turned up in LA today. #OverIt@Sheldonrs @MichaelMedicoLA DONE?Why, yes, @MichaelMedicoLA is a ten. http://t.co/RXt6unXv6f@jourdankr SiTwo hours from Santa Fe. #MustSee #AVIS http://t.co/x12j5pOiypRobyn sees https://t.co/GJrqBuy6wP@JessieJZA #AndFrequentlyDullAndDumb@HollandTaylor “Never go to bed with anyone who loves Evelyn Waugh less than you do.” ~ my dear friend
Retweeted by Holland TaylorNote from Nora, in the night. "Never marry a man you wouldn't want to be divorced from."
Headed soon to Santa Fe, a town and landscape I love (along with virtually everyone else.) More anon. http://t.co/nbmkW5QlPj@HollandTaylor Cinemax seems to be running "One Fine Day" on repeat today. That is not a bad thing, I assure you.
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@drnancythaler What sights you have everywhere around you out there...@noblegraces ConciERGE??? Ain't no concierge at my house.@roughtradeX ordeal.@RaymondMcNeel wiseacre.@fly_befree Hello!@nategardner to get one's first passport means waiting till september for an appointment at the Beverly HIlls post office~ uhhh, 2 months?@Atwitisborn loved making that...
Don't let your passport go past expiry date, that's all I have to say. F*cked. If it's still active, just send it in for new one. So easy.@musicalmelissa good one!@ReneeDeborah @AudraEqualityMc Thanks... quite a night! I took a wild chance starting with that!@djlnyc hah@alisonlauree life is full of kicking oneself. Oddly, we don't seem to be pleased with ourselves when we do something good.
Later.@RaymondMcNeel I imagine I do. But I don't think I'd enjoy her. I much prefer the joyful relish Claire has in laffing thru it all. Swank.@TheBern123 yikes@djlnyc Lord!@DWR_ALO It's not a matter of nerve. I have plenty of nerve, for any occasion.@RaymondMcNeel No... I played Claire opposite George Grizzard 20 years ago and Julia many many moons ago opposite Kim Hunter's Agnes.@Otalia69 Well...I wish you had... I just never do. Rarely. I have to have a special reason. But I'm fine with ppl saying hi.http://t.co/qtR1W3pPKj@Jefflasserot she might, indeed... But that has nothing to do with my reticence...@MORNAFAN93 oh, I don't mind-- I just don' wanna do it.@WeTheLiving uuhhh, can't?? Well, he can, of course...It's Annie Lennox. It really is. No, I can't take another shot. No I can't speak to her. I WISH it were my style tho! http://t.co/9iLTnPljgDWe are watching the border. What has been the command to the Nat'l Guard? They we be acting only on orders.I hope the Nat'l Guard on the Texas border will be there as protectors, providing food, shelter, showers, 1st aid-as Sen.Van de Putte says.Re-watching "Elaine Stritch:Shoot Me" and I see @HollandTaylor 's name in the back. Miss her already. http://t.co/0MS62dBBRP
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@larrymac808 i haven't heard... What is it??Sen. Van de Putte left our mtng, called to speak to reporters re the governor asking for 1000 National Guard to the border- But 4 what task?All of us,one day~"Exeunt, pursued by bear." Elaine may have left the building, but she ain't gone. @SandraBernhard @LizSmth @ElaineStritchVia @LizSmth with gratitude: "ELAINE STRITCH, just before she died last week: “I don’t want a memorial service. Curtain down and that’s it!”@MazrimTaim86 thank you! What does goodwill do with scanned books? Is there a program for readers?? Interesting...@ReneeDeborah @AudraEqualityMc Took my mother to see her, & drug her right to the footlights at the end. Lena shook her hand! Mother flipt!Do the most powerful thing you can right now for women's rights, & your daughters' future ~GIVE to Planned Parenthood @PPact @PPFA POWERFUL.See @BillMoyersHQ /@CecileRichards interview~@PPFA = our best hope against shocking efforts to suppress women. http://t.co/WjLhYgkbn1"Rich people vote their self-interest in every single election. Why don’t poor people?" ~Edwin Lyngar
@HollandTaylor Cecile Richards is a powerful voice for womens' rights.Very eloquent,on-point arguments and rebuttal in this debate.
Retweeted by Holland TaylorAre you a mother? Daughter? Brother, sister ~a friend to a young woman? A thinking person? You must watch this story: http://t.co/WjLhYgkbn1Three gorgeous, cool, breezy weekends --in July!! How do we rate?Meeting tea time Mon~Sen.@leticiavdp Leticia Van de Putte, in L.A. What shd I tell her, y'all? (Besides You GO GIRL!) http://t.co/ULRY478vqs
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