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| @ikonika feat: @DaMFunK "I Know (That You Are The 1) "| On the new @Hyperdub 10.2 anniversary comp. LISTEN: https://t.co/dPets4EKh3
Retweeted by Hyperdub Find out where you can catch @Kodenine, @Ikonika, and more of your @Hyperdub favorites on their 10th anniversary tour http://t.co/c5ndO1DN80
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@Hyperdub 10 Year Anniversary is headed to sell out status! Hurry up New York! http://t.co/plegirsV2V
Retweeted by Hyperdub Getting to know the future of R&B with @Hyperdub http://t.co/9m4mP4XTjE
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@Hyperdub announces anniversary tour featuring Kode9, DJ Spinn, Ikonika, Scratch DVA, more http://t.co/2TCsS2jOp8
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@Hyperdub 10 tour coming to Hamilton for @Supercrawl... #Hypercrawl: http://t.co/Z40JlI7e8K
Retweeted by Hyperdub @creatortracey never📅NEW @Hyperdub 10: @mala_dmz @kodenine @DJ_Spinn @tasoteklife @ScratchaDVA @stareyezzz @JubileeDJ @ @VerbotenNewYork» http://t.co/nJmcwGgupi
Retweeted by Hyperdub Reviewed @Hyperdub 10.2 for @theQuietus http://t.co/R73TGoqxaz
Retweeted by Hyperdub @CigsUnfounded @kodenine @DJ_Spinn have a good one!A big thanks to @Hyperdub for the best Birthday present: @kodenine, @DJ_Spinn and Taso at the 'Sco in Oberlin Sept. 20th.
Retweeted by Hyperdub Cool review of Hyperdub 10.2 here c/o @theQuietus http://t.co/OZukmBYnN8
The second album in a 4-part series celebrating @Hyperdub focuses on shimmering underground music. @_Anupa's review: http://t.co/9dkRle3mwn
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hyperdub plots 10th anniversary North American tour with @kodenine, @ikonika, @DJ_Spinn, and @ScratchaDVA http://t.co/awr0AhSrbh @Hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@Hyperdub announces 10th anniversary North American tour dates w/ @DJ_Spinn, @KodeNine, @ScratchaDVA, @TasoTeklife http://t.co/BRY0bNzcrc
Retweeted by Hyperdub if you like @Hyperdub & you're in America / Canada this jpg is for U http://t.co/QE1gwpV3QW
Retweeted by Hyperdub Listen to @Hyperdub's 10.2 compilation courtesy of @Pitchforkmedia http://t.co/8hvNl9zIqr
Retweeted by Hyperdub So I see @Hyperdub @kodenine @ScratchaDVA @DJ_Spinn & @tasoteklife are coming to Los Angeles September 25! Going to party hard (again)
Retweeted by Hyperdub Here's an excellent breakdown of Hyperdub 10.2 - with @kodenine + the artists who made it - some good stories: http://t.co/qIN8JAcMroGet a track-by-track guide to the new @Hyperdub comp from label boss @KodeNine // http://t.co/kGdIRIvRoz http://t.co/XYL1tw4vtp
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hyperdub US/Canada Tour Sept 2014 http://t.co/mTj1BNQ2sq
Retweeted by Hyperdub Brendan Arnott (@brendan_a) reviews @Hyperdub 10.2 http://t.co/G56txalb4G
Retweeted by Hyperdub 【入荷情報】FHLOSTON PARADIGM / PHOENIX King BrittがFhloston Paradigm名義で<Hyperdub>より1stアルバムをリリース! http://t.co/Rmp0uIrpSK
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Fellony__ thanks
Hamilton's own @jessy_lanza has a new track on the @Hyperdub 10.2 compilation. Exquisite. https://t.co/jSM0IgZ2Tt
Retweeted by Hyperdub The next @Hyperdub compilation Hyperdub 10.2 is out now to download and on CD: https://t.co/Vl99BwQDsO http://t.co/aYt14n1jCF
Retweeted by Hyperdub Just announced! 8/22 ROAM V | 8/29 Beautiful Swimmers | 9/17 @kodenine - @Hyperdub 10 Yr Tour - tix on sale at http://t.co/y99iEd4DtU
Retweeted by Hyperdub 10.3 will be the soundtrack to slitting your wrists in a warm bath of champagne
Retweeted by Hyperdub Happy Birthday all around! @wahwah45s @FirstWordHQ @Hyperdub http://t.co/2A7EOihwrO
Retweeted by Hyperdub Tees in Totes just added: http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJGreat time at @WarpRecords party in Chicago ...played mostly @Hyperdub lol http://t.co/g8377SionO
Retweeted by Hyperdub Out today - Hyperdub's second compilation of 4: 10.2 - the R & B comp: http://t.co/yFwB0q6pOv
Here's a piece on the new wave of women in R&B which features @jessy_lanza Lanza from @Independent : http://t.co/KtxYskBbOi
Just off the phone to David Coverdale from Whitesnake. Wrong number.
Retweeted by Hyperdub @nutriot bass culture, Lloyd Bradley is good@ReprezentRadio @ManLikeP21 @therealMIXHELL Ikonika? @ikonikaBeen listening to the new @Hyperdub comp all day. So fresh! Get involved here >> http://t.co/Q12tGspMsN
Retweeted by Hyperdub #nowplaying on @triplej: @zzzarate - Pusher Taker {Ft. Roses Garbor} / Hyperdub 10.2 [@Hyperdub]
Retweeted by Hyperdub #nowplaying on @triplej: @DJRashad - Only One {Ft. @DJ_Spinn & Taso} / Hyperdub 10.2 [@Hyperdub]
Retweeted by Hyperdub @ninalasvegas thanks boss#FYI Playing lots of @Hyperdub and @TroubleandBass tunes tonight.
Retweeted by Hyperdub Many #FF congratulations to @jessy_lanza shortlisted for the @PolarisPrize @Juniorboys @Hyperdub #PullMyHairBack http://t.co/yIMO20FjCf
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@GinsengSadness yep - pretty soonWatch @ScratchaDVA's full DJ set at the #overdriveinfinitysummerhouse online now: http://t.co/IdP36d9n9S (cc @Hyperdub @RinseFM)
Retweeted by Hyperdub T-shirts and things for you Hyperdub / Burial - new styles! http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJ@scratchaDVA @Hyperdub 10 mix to get your weekend started http://t.co/C5luv8uDfD
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Kim_Everaert @ScratchaDVA they're on the site http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJOur look at the week's best releases features @Hyperdub, @darkentriesrecs, @BHeroique, @Werkdiscs and more: http://t.co/kju3Fyf0by
Retweeted by Hyperdub "Forward-thinking label celebrates its pop side." @guardian review @hyperdub 10.2 http://t.co/sLv6AVQCzB
Retweeted by Hyperdub Life-changing pieces of music just chilling on some low self esteem bedroom producers harddrive
Retweeted by Hyperdub #3 This week is Fhloston Paradigm's (@kingbritt) album-The Phoenix- from @Hyperdub. Check out "Chasing Rainbows" here http://t.co/H4FVz4YGO0
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Tonight: The Era and Teklife bring footwork to the art-gallery world http://t.co/fJ3wK5QHac
Retweeted by Hyperdub @DeejayEarl_ Ez - did u get those two emails I sent?@raihan_ thanks bro 👍♫ Just Announced: Paris, France - Aug 22 at Showcase http://t.co/9w1B2VD5kx
Retweeted by Hyperdub After 20 consecutive years, @ChannelOneSound's Carnival license is in danger. Gotta support: http://t.co/11gbADcRnu http://t.co/i6GNEfp1qA
Retweeted by Hyperdub @AIM_UK @winformusic signed and sent 👍Marshall Allen of the Arkestra compiles a new Sun Ra collection, mastered from the original tapes, coming Sept 22: http://t.co/008CbWzy2j
Retweeted by Hyperdub This week's In Session comes from footwork producer @DeejayEarl_. And it's predictably nuts. Download here: http://t.co/1ZAY4LMfeN
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hyperdub 10.2 - CD shipping for Monday release - http://t.co/TRcsxkj76b @Hyperdub http://t.co/exwHsySejt
Retweeted by Hyperdub Various artists: Hyperdub 10.2 review the forward-thinking label celebrates its pop side http://t.co/DitS6DFs15
Retweeted by Hyperdub Piccadilly's 'Top 5 Just In' http://t.co/coJsEczP8G @caribouband #Ptaki @Hyperdub @RufDug @KateBushMusic
Retweeted by Hyperdub LV - Live at The Great Escape http://t.co/HjDt63wr5j @LVLVLVLVLVLVLV @Hyperdub http://t.co/9EuvRyZQi7
Retweeted by Hyperdub Various artists: Hyperdub 10.2 review – the forward-thinking label celebrates its pop side http://t.co/0OIgKp2L1g
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Stream Hyperdub's Second 10th Anniversary Compilation on Pitchfork Advance #music http://t.co/qrrnnNLRDf http://t.co/c8UKC1Oxmu
Retweeted by Hyperdub Oooooooooh RT @Hyperdub: Hyperdub 10.2 streaming at @pitchforkmedia it's the song comp and it's great: http://t.co/xvcZzxilgF
Retweeted by Hyperdub New Tees - and some special cds and vinyl too - http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJ@DeejayEarl_ @kodenine new EP due later this year tooYou know it's a madness when @djlogansama takes over! Lock into his #SixtyMinutes at 9pm: http://t.co/vOKprnKbFE http://t.co/cEpqNd368w
Retweeted by Hyperdub @DeejayEarl_ i'll send you some of the stuff he did with @kodenine tomorrow :)Anybody ever listen closely to burial feat spaceape? Song is ironically Called spaceape - he was spitting deep deep knowledge #hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub keep the bloody racket down this is bloody chickentown
Retweeted by Hyperdub @iwaseasymeat address in the twitter contact info please@Hyperdub always strikes http://t.co/UDKWxgspJa with boss, Rashad&@DJ_Spinn&@tasoteklife, @jessy_lanza, @copeland657, Burial, @ikonika &more
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hyperdub 10.2 streaming at @pitchforkmedia it's the song comp and it's great: http://t.co/MElokNvnNMStream @Hyperdub 10.2, the labels newest compilation with a focus on R&B, now via Pitchfork Advance http://t.co/hNXvzoHUDF
Retweeted by Hyperdub David Cronenberg’s SCANNERS bursts into the Criterion Collection today! http://t.co/8BRnwkkUc5
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Hyperdub/@kingbritt fhloston p "letters" f/@piaercole on this week's #TheMainIngredient Radio NYC. listen here: http://t.co/hUvHVTBfEE
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@DJMoxie is back in the studio, joined this week by @Hyperdub's very own @ikonika... tune in! http://t.co/uWgcwN1BZZ http://t.co/YDHx8Cw2Sd
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@LaurelHalo plays the @Hyperdub 10 Year stage at #ST2014 http://t.co/etOl3xj6yG
Retweeted by Hyperdub Pre-order @Hyperdub 10.2 featuring Burial, @jessy_lanza, @ikonika, @DJRASHAD & more https://t.co/0SLna6dxGw http://t.co/l2TUb9yX8T
Retweeted by Hyperdub North American @Hyperdub 10 Tour dates for September incoming - hold tight!A good afternoon's listen for you here: @ikonika is on @DJMoxie show on @NTSlive this afternoon: http://t.co/h7RQKirCwM@iwaseasymeat email the address above please
flowdan is just the best isn't he
Retweeted by Hyperdub Check @jessy_lanza is shortlisted for Canada's @PolarisPrize http://t.co/H7l1R2BFdq good Luck !Shops been updated with the good stuff - exclusively from us - shipping worldwide: http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJ@gmreynoldsjr Thanks - interesting comparisons!If you like art and football then you'll hate our article about how much we hate art and football
Retweeted by Hyperdub Hear @BTraits on @BBCR1 play the lead track from @ikonika 's excellent forthcoming EP: http://t.co/drccj6AKtnNew and limited Hyperdub Tees + the last of the @kodenine & @codedskins Yellow Vinyl too in the shop: http://t.co/1whjTPZMgJ worldwide shipNice Spanish review of @kingbritt Fhloston Paradigm - http://t.co/i4Y8lV3Brw @Playgroundmag
"progressive and artistically committed" @brokenloop_as inspects @Hyperdub Hyperdub - 10.1 compilation http://t.co/tqxMAqyRJJ
Retweeted by Hyperdub
Locked into @RinseFM @Hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub Lots of love from the sunny Croatian coast to @ScratchaDVA @Hyperdub @RinseFM. Loving this new tune @kodenine
Retweeted by Hyperdub Right about now we have the @Hyperdub show on #RinseFM - let's GO! http://t.co/Q0ed1kM1SO & 106.8 FM London
Retweeted by Hyperdub @Hyperdub @ScratchaDVA @RinseFM locked
Retweeted by Hyperdub RIght - now that's all over - our radio show just started with @ScratchaDVA http://t.co/2qzVJhQzK7 tune in @RinseFM@bungatuffie Charlie Phillips: 50 yrs of African Caribbean funerals in London, looking for support. http://t.co/k8rogqk9KJ
Retweeted by Hyperdub Interesting work http://t.co/eeRlamkeKg
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