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@berchman And dairy.@berchman Yup. And better for it, BertJust tried Dogfish Head gluten-free beer. I think they use real fish heads...Dearest Ya'll, Yes. You're an imposter. I'm an imposter. But no one fucking cares. Press on regardless.Getting ready... James Victore’s Designer Clearance Sale! This Sunday, October 26th at 36 South 4th… http://t.co/TYdB72x5Pp“: Here lies Thomas, he would have done great work, but he had to pay the rent.” @JamesVictore @99u http://t.co/TMcF0zXIzm
Retweeted by James Victore...and the one day I just got tired of doing what I was "supposed" to do.Pobody's Nerfect. Everyone has their own struggles. Be gentle on yourself and others. http://t.co/BJUrKO2Yhf@bernadettejiwa Har! That would make a good one, dearie!Thanks to amol and @KnotableHQ for a lovely dinner. http://t.co/VQQ2qcwIdq
My boy forgot his toe... So he made one. Puts me to shame. http://t.co/v7HdG5sABnThe key is knowing the difference. http://t.co/O01xPpge0v.@brandnewjen Excellent chatting with you today. Good luck with Brand New Ways Radio.@crossborder Answer is: Can't do it. Swamped.@FhsuAiga You must mean a different James Victore...I lead a very spartan life... And I still have TOO MUCH STUFF! WTF, as they say.Design History for sale. James Victore’s Designer Clearance Sale! This Sunday, October 26th at 36… http://t.co/adbwa8qjyv.@FhsuAiga I tell anyone who wants to speak publicly, "Smile, have fun and try to get paid." Anything is possible.@FhsuAiga Send pictures.@crossborder You wanted to talk about a cover?
@shiflett @jenmussari You're IN!@AniKuthi I think you are correct. Cheers, James@jenmussari Let's have lunch. Somewhere with paper tableclth where we can share notes on lettering!@willsh EXCELLENT!I wanna create a space for honest conversation about what it takes to be happy AND creative. BQ is just a start http://t.co/6xEzysltdEI have a Sharpie. Do you have a Sharpie? http://t.co/gdHiw8DwA7European catalogs. James Victore’s Designer Clearance Sale! This Sunday, October 26th at 36 South 4th… http://t.co/R5ktvysp2Z@Lockedown_ @99u Cheers, John.Take the drama out of your dharma. http://t.co/CqfaGv4NET #BurningQuestions@patrickiRoc Thanks for the kind mention, Patrick. Cheers, James.@scottbelsky A tempest in a teapot, as they say...@jvmediadesign Cheers to those of us who want to live our GD lives! And Cheers to you, Sherry.@elclinto @99u YES! Dude, you are sooo right. Where were you ten minutes ago...? Thanks and cheers, James....inability to see options in the face of circumstances is exactly why I wrote this piece. http://t.co/5JfebtmsQt See comments.@Signalnoise And I need to stop reading the comments!!!!@artistanxiety I have no money. I have a son and another on the way. His argument is BS. G'bye.
Dear @99u commenters http://t.co/5JfebtmsQt I'm sorry that your life has been reduced to paying bills. So long, you will be missed.@artistanxiety Huh? Wha?Read the comments. This level of pain and frustration is why I work so hard http://t.co/5JfebtmsQtCome see how beaten down by life and circumstances we can get http://t.co/5JfebtmsQt Read the comments.Yes, be practical and reasonable. http://t.co/5JfebtmsQt Tell your life you'll live it another time. When you can afford to.God forbid we chase our dreams. http://t.co/5JfebtmsQt Perish the thought.The comments to my recent @99u article make me weep for the lack of commitment to our lives and love of servitude http://t.co/5JfebtmsQtThe Secret of the Universe. http://t.co/BlN27au2wf.@JamesVictore makes me want to quit my day job more than any other single extraneous factor
Retweeted by James VictoreTake the drama out of your dharma. @JamesVictore http://t.co/T8kRKreU12 #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreGet a job. (or not) @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/aXigbTbm0iFrom the archives. A favorite image. http://t.co/25Np51taYVJames Victore’s Designer Clearance Sale! This Sunday, October 26th at 36 South 4th Street, Studio D3,… http://t.co/KjeLDjmtD1To take a job or stay freelance, Oh, the stress. http://t.co/psDpP3RbuU Today's Burning Question@wendymac we could share the wealth!A portrait of the beautiful @lvictore http://t.co/XeO2sqHqCv
@wendymac Aw, crap, Wendy. I just can't think of how to post all this over flow of design stuff and make it available. Luv ya, JamesA rare T for Amnesty International. A few for sale Sunday. http://t.co/XX22pzfiytGoing through the archives for Sunday's sale. @etapes cover. http://t.co/X4CCt1AVOaTake fucking responsibility for your creativity and power. Or quitcher complainin'. http://t.co/jAiiuI4W0E@rfosterdesign @99u Dude, Take charge and make shit happen.Just askin'. http://t.co/dX8J2uImhsFound in an old sketchbook. Possible SVA subway poster?... http://t.co/xfJokUw0osJames Victore’s Designer Clearance Sale! This Sunday, October 26th at 36 South 4th Street, Studio D3,… http://t.co/okXMi25ZEp@Signalnoise When we gonna bump into each other again?"Local Nerd Published in Silly Comic." cc: @JamesVictore #1994 http://t.co/75nGcnzrCz
Retweeted by James Victore@Signalnoise A NEWSPAPER ARTICLE!! You spoilt bastard...@jschwartzdesign Air Force Base, Upstate NY.@Signalnoise I hate to agree...@99u Thanks, gang.You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely. http://t.co/fvFKla6X7Z by @JamesVictore http://t.co/y7Uxr6aBH7
Retweeted by James VictoreMy first published works, at 10 years old. Northside Elementary School, http://t.co/FVHUnsf5FF
Poster sale coming soon. Both mine and from my collection. Some framed. Cash and carry. Stay tuned.… http://t.co/a5hFrKOn7ZTexas Yum Yum. Huge poster from 2004 exhibit. http://t.co/8OUisQY7XqI will not @JamesVictore http://t.co/L7vUHERliF
Retweeted by James Victore
Have you forgotten? http://t.co/cN4EFhYM2jSeek the muse. My weekend office. The best work happens here. http://t.co/4KH2CjFpYl
~3 years ago, @JamesVictore gave me a gift, and I decided to never open it. Sits on my desk, offering daily wonder. http://t.co/T53P7fDBlH
Retweeted by James VictoreThe signal to start looking sexy... http://t.co/Gu017YtKCi@scottbelsky The magic gets stronger.@alextarhini_ @scottbelsky It's not a book.Dip your ears in this, "Number One Lover" by my pal Jason Travis on Deer Bear Wolf Records. I got the… http://t.co/GeGJqFDukc@99u Thanks, gang!We love @JamesVictore's video series! Our favorite is "How to Stay Positive at a Job You Hate." http://t.co/W95hrnhkbA
Retweeted by James VictoreRT @99u: We love @JamesVictore's video series! Our favorite is "How to Stay Positive at a Job You Hate." http://t.co/QAVtlirxN5
Retweeted by James Victore@SarahPalisi It's one of my favorites, Sarah. Glad you like it. Cheers, James.
@tomhanks I'm in Studio 10. Drop by and say, "Howdy."My view... http://t.co/8IpYKw6DkS@2SidedGraphics I'm more of a slob than designer.Wardrobe! http://t.co/IvOuuWIk1b@sloppyperfect Go Diana! Yay.Check out @annetalhelm 's blog. A woman on fire with a mission. rock on, James/Nine years ago today, I was a completely different girl on an entirely different path. That day, I… http://t.co/qwNLJmIVe8
Retweeted by James VictoreKill the critic (just had yummy dinner w the wildly talented @JamesVictore) http://t.co/fDIRhobtQW
Retweeted by James Victore"Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." General John Stark. What is worse is never TRULY… http://t.co/YCE5UmaQjD
@TomMarple Thanks for your continued support, Tom. Cheers, James.@DRME_STUDIO "Top up your pep!" I love it. When is your 365 book coming out?
@codywthompson framed and for sale@SaraCaneDesign Stay tuned. We'll have another UK event in 2015. Cheers, James.@tmantxs Thanks for that, Troy. Now I am completely self conscious about my 'Howdy.' (Har, juss kidding)How to trust your gut AND take criticism. @JamesVictore #BurningQuesitons - http://t.co/6MPomrxXieA horrible accident! http://t.co/0N2PtvnFCYA horrible accident! http://t.co/dnhfAhBcWY@andreaswikstrom F the names. Just keep moving (tee hee).
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