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Happiness is a poor memory http://t.co/NIvcL8eyxC This week's Burning QuestionDearest @JuliaSagar Thank you for your very kind and humbling article. You were paying attention! xo, James.A very kind article from @ComputerArts 5 steps to finding your creative voice http://t.co/mXcrvdJPzf@robert_lowe Thanks, Robert. Have an opinion and put it in your work. Cheers, James.@bernadettejiwa Thanks, dearie. XO, me.@fieldinspired Thanks, Rich. Now go make work that matters!. Cheers, James@laumarcello @RoughTrade Laura, You are too kind. Cheers, James.Designer @JamesVictore's 5 steps to finding your creative voice: http://t.co/jhUM6dqOnM #reasons14 #burningquestions
Retweeted by James VictoreNew hero. @Mr_Bingo True story.@tweeclare @FromFormNL @wblut @Mr_Bingo We aim to please, Clare. Have a great day 2. xo, James.@mrpillustration @reasonsto Go get 'em, Mr. Phil! cheers, James.Me on the big screen at #Reasonsto Hooligan typography. http://t.co/mA8yipTUopHow to not let bad experiences define who you are http://t.co/NIvcL8eyxC Today's Burning Questions.@doorsixteen @skillshare Anna, let me know what you think! Cheers, James.I finally signed up for @skillshare just so I can take @JamesVictore's Radical Typography class: http://t.co/GD43Y3nKKW
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@Concledoc drop me a line james@jamesvictore.com. I'll give you the low down.@vickywoodgate Scarf courtesy of @slowfactory_ Thanks for noticing, Vicky.@Concledoc My favorite young hoodlum! You're not here? Dang. I have two gigs in London this week... can you make that? all my best, James@gromitski @reasonsto Thanks, Stu. Glad you are enjoying the conf. Cheers, James.Brillant first day @reasonsto. Can't believe it's gone so quickly. Talk of the day - @JamesVictore. Really witty & inspiring stuff.
Retweeted by James Victore@DesignApplause Thanks for the kind mention, DA! Cheers, James.inspirational speaker + #graphicdesigner @JamesVictore is giving a talk in #london on 5sept: http://t.co/Wt6bN7PYuN http://t.co/QRHeT2b76Q
Retweeted by James Victore@JamesVictore and @Mr_Bingo were my highlights today at #reasonsto. Incredibly talented guys with great personalities. Feeling inspired!
Retweeted by James Victoresuch a grand day out at @reasonsto inspiring words from @JamesVictore and abusive doodles from @Mr_Bingo
Retweeted by James VictoreDearest #Reasonsto Gang, you are totally amazing and kind and talented and deserving of greatness. You have a great Gift..@johnnybelmont Thanks for being a king and supporter of the arts. Cheers, James..@marcthiele Thank you for all your kind help and guidance today. Cheers, James.James Victore's Hoodlum typography lessons. Only 10 bucks. http://t.co/eEIv21xGWyThe greatest T in the Universe. https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi Trust me.This: “@develop3d: Inspirational speaker + designer @JamesVictore is giving a rare talk in London on 5 Sept: http://t.co/q9FZdvid4Z
Retweeted by James VictoreThe legend that is @jamesvictore at #reasons14. "In the particular lies the particular" http://t.co/E2qYzYpEcz
Retweeted by James VictoreAlways enjoy @JamesVictore's talks. "Don't try to be different, try to be yourself" #reasons14 http://t.co/V69f8dvBck
Retweeted by James Victore@MariadaGandra Howdy!Howdy @jamesvictore ! Terrific talk. Thanks for the awesomeness :) #reasons14
Retweeted by James Victore@jempomak Thanks for your help.Excellent end to the day by the man @JamesVictore Even got a 'shout out' #reasons14 http://t.co/wVzX9L8dW6
Retweeted by James VictoreOnce again the infamous show of @JamesVictore -- brilliant! #reasonsto http://t.co/MqSc8ZNfQK
Retweeted by James Victore"Namaste, muthafucker!" @JamesVictore #reasons14 #reasonsto
Retweeted by James VictoreWoah!... how good was @JamesVictore?! #reasons14
Retweeted by James VictoreYou don't gotta make shit up. The good stuff's in you. @JamesVictore Great talk. Funny guy. @reasonsto #reasonsto http://t.co/Clds47LbG4
Retweeted by James VictoreNo good work will come out of a committee, truth @JamesVictore #reasons14 http://t.co/LIcQhQlAx7
Retweeted by James VictoreLoving @JamesVictore’s talk at #reasons14 absolute genius, no BS. Refreshing!
Retweeted by James Victore"We are not for everyone. Just the sexy people." - @JamesVictore http://t.co/7cYngIvZYZ
Retweeted by James VictoreOur #MotivationMonday courtesy of @JamesVictore! Retweet for a chance to win a ticket to his flash event on Friday! http://t.co/Etl7CTA3JS
Retweeted by James VictoreBusy week of in-stores this week: @sinkane @arcirismusic @JamesVictore #BenjaminBooker @hyperdub @PulledHorses http://t.co/kbQDj3aOdQ
Retweeted by James VictoreI know an artist signs his work-- but this is ridiculous... #reasons2 http://t.co/SK9AO9UWra
All registered for @reasonsto tomorrow, claimed my @jamesvictore t-shirt too! http://t.co/BkSAA77Ffz
Retweeted by James Victore@problemdefined @LauraVictore You have the best ideas, Sam.
Off to London. Bringing my Queen. http://t.co/f2l8C0r2vNYou can have the whole Universe! http://t.co/KVgzrea7qR http://t.co/MXNszMyT6DGet your day started right. “The Universe Salutes You” by @jamesvictore will print. Cheers! https://t.co/RLGwLFM8Xc http://t.co/KZTISepG6j
Retweeted by James Victore“You have no friends. You have no enemies. You only have teachers.” - @JamesVictore http://t.co/46vrSij0aS
Retweeted by James VictoreGoing through the archives... http://t.co/U5k0LzDeMh
Welcome to the jungle. Hanging out, waiting for me girl, having a beer. A king's life. http://t.co/f0TKgkAz7xMy little creative self is feeling so inspired after #mxf2014 today! "Go towards the fear, but also towards the love" -#jamesvictore
Retweeted by James Victore@reasonsto that ain't the graphic... ugh@dotlung You will be surprised by my answer...@reasonsto Lead the way...Come work with me. 7 days till my London event. Register here https://t.co/Vgyl1HRZcP@soops77 @greenape sure7 days left before @JamesVictore changes your life. As long as you've remembered to book a space that is: https://t.co/SG2wmeVDYN
Retweeted by James VictoreReasons to Be Creative next week! Influxis sponsoring the #InfluxisDome http://t.co/Rejxu6lIce … @reasonsto #RTBCWorkshops and Early Registration begin SUNDAY!!! It's happening!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!! #reasons14
Retweeted by James Victore@bernadettejiwa Yup.@posttypography I dig your angle, PT.JAMES VICTORE: Acoustic political punk singer/songwriter #IfYourStudioNameWasABand @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreFeaturing @jessicawalsh @MikePerryStudio, @jean_jullien, @JamesVictore & 81 young creatives →http://t.co/RmumOHV51v http://t.co/u0ulJf7YZY
Retweeted by James VictoreI have the GREATEST fans in da world.. "you are what inspired me to create and not pay attention to my disability..."To free the world of boring typography... http://t.co/I6FWAt7EB7Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. https://t.co/0BClroV16H Joe Campbell.
If I were to believe my own press, apparently I am "Da Man."@84Oil Saturday, back the 8th.Leftovers. http://t.co/fkgAYYP5r3Preparing for the London Tour. http://t.co/1gK5czvTpaThe greatest T in the Universe https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi Available now.@abbisiler @ANNELAMOTT Anne is a a genius and major hero of mine!! Bird by Bird is bible for creativity.@84Oil Gotta sample? I'd love to help.
The smart, rad mofo's @xianhelms make a 99-pack http://t.co/QnNMTx9q7l God bless 'em!@annaraffNYC I really like your work. Bully for you.Lucie Lom, Revolution mag 1994. Plus ca change... http://t.co/yz51lJlfMI@MadeMyDay ...Is my name and email@annaraffNYC No, you are the best. Cheers, James.@MadeMyDay Send me 5 bucks and your address.@jamesdnesbitt dont bother, brother. No biggie..If it's on a sticker, it must be true. http://t.co/t3UtdyfZ5G.@BarrettABrooks Glad you like the work. The @MailChimp gang are great supporters of of art and chaos.Truth via #reasons14 artist @JamesVictore http://t.co/hXUqcZ3IEG
Retweeted by James Victore@AverySwartz @MailChimp Sure, We just need coordinated folks with heart and energy!The Universe Salutes You! https://t.co/Y783aK9qUi Is back!London, I'm bringing my fire and brimstone https://t.co/2IFcWGi4B7 Thanks to @MailChimp for their support.Crappy version of the 'N' word image http://t.co/dRgkPT220C@TheRyanBeck @VICE Wow. I've seen better versions of this. Thanks, Ryan and cheers, James.Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. @JamesVictore http://t.co/FLZQ8r2lk4 #BurningQuestions #HowToTrustYourself
Retweeted by James VictoreFight "the man" and create meaningful work from a personal perspective with tips from @JamesVictore's MAX session: http://t.co/1bnqegRdtV"
Retweeted by James VictoreJust freakin' brilliant wall http://t.co/eKkdLt78nM by by Cristina Pagnoncelli and Cyla Costa. Bravo Brazil!The family. Once in a lifetime opportunity to have a photo by @markmannphoto Thanks to @davidcurcuritohttp://t.co/WNfbP9Q1p1@pulrich Thanks for the heads up, dear. Cheers, James.
@wade_a_2nd It's okay... Next month's is a doozy!@soops77 Did Mark get back to you about Sept 5?Fight "the man" and create meaningful work from a personal perspective with tips from @JamesVictore's MAX session: http://t.co/TkJUQAfMey
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