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MoMA artist. Designer to brave clients. Advisor for igniting passion for work through creativity. Keynote speaker.

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The 2015 Dinner Series begins... Starting up the DS this morning! Charging forward.You can't find your way if you don't know where you're going. Have a plan. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore#Opinion: Do you have a plan? @JamesVictore says it like it is…
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You can't find your way if you don't know where you're going. Have a plan. @creativenestlin Thanks, dear. Cheers, James.@JamesVictore has the best newsletter out there. changed my life and inspired me to continue with @creativenestlin
Retweeted by James VictoreGooooooooooals! @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - shirt is brilliant: “How To Draw A Chicken” by @jamesvictore on @cottonbureau —
Retweeted by James VictoreDrop what you're fucking doing and make some goals! “@JamesVictore: Set goals, have a vision
Retweeted by James Victore#Repost @bkavulla Peek. Tis' coming ya'll. Makin' marks. @entrepreneur @jamesvictore #entrepreneur goals, have a vision can't score if you don't have GOALS YO! Behance... You're NOT following me? Geesh... big mistake. C'mon...The Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird @JamesVictore via @99U
Retweeted by James Victore@phyllismufson @99u Thanks for the kind mention, Phyllis! Cheers, James.
"WarwaghGrarrghgh" #MessedUpQuotes #starwars you living life— or are you merely watching it on your HDTV? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James VictoreIt’s not often that I show my work... at least anything further than Instagram. AND it’s very rare… @99u Thanks for the kindness, Caroline. Cheers, James.Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird @JamesVictore @99u This is how businesses are formed, you find your people
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Check. Check. Check and mutherfuckin' check. #Rumi a piece of @JamesVictore at @DwellingSpaces in Tulsa, OK. Love his work. #artisatool
Retweeted by James Victore"Don't touch my dolls..." #FontSunday: @JamesVictore’s kick-ass Plates & Platters series. @DesignMuseum #art #design
Retweeted by James VictoreYour excitement breeds excitement. Your pain breeds pain. Which would you like to spread? Just sayin'
"Make the Work." WW #MessedUpQuotes Cowboys
"Everything great in the world..." Proust #MessedUpQuotes Few Dangerous Ideas on Design Education your process and let your process love you. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
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Give me Security or give me Death free lesson. How to draw. Cheers, JamesNew show=New work. October 17th picturefarmpro in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Cheers! James.Heard in the studio, "It's a TAROT card thing... you wouldn't understand."Upcoming dates for Monthly Small Group Victory Labs Workshops in Creative Courage. Williamsburg,… Ideas on Design Education available online.
"All thinking men are..." Ernest Hemingway #MessedUpQuotes Ideas on Design Education: A Manifesto by @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreJames Victore EXHIBITIONist and Me."Why do you stay in prison when the door is wide open?"--Rumi Yaaay!! Go, Steve!Finally: JAMES VICTORE EXHIBITION-IST represents the best of of the last 20 years of James Victore’s…"Are you living life—or are you merely watching it on your HDTV?" @JamesVictore - Always there when you need him.
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@paperwerksart Kim, I dig your guts. Cheers, James.Yers truly photo'd by jtrav on the set of a different photo that will never see the light o' day. Aw,… you living life— or are you merely watching it on your HDTV? @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James Victore@brandesign82 Thanks, dude.Feeling Insecure? @JamesVictore - you living Burning Questions-- or merely watching it on your HDTV? Har....@stokedproject @99u And it's for sale!!@Random_Filmguy Excellent.... my response was, "It's not your life or job that's the problem-- it's your attitude to it."Sneak peek of new work. Painting by Robert Hunt. !!!Although I'm not financially secure, I need to watch this daily. It makes me want to quit my job and breathe again.
Retweeted by James VictoreDearest Gang, Go get what you want from life— it’s waiting to give it out ten-fold.@ONOGRIT And sometimes a gif.@ONOGRIT ...My work is a Gift.Give me Security-- or give me Death! Thanks, Micke.Mr @JamesVictore nailed it again, thank you so much!
Retweeted by James VictoreGive me Security or give me Death
#Repost @dobookco First look at front cover of #DoPreserve! Design by @jamesvictore (boom), writing… Darwin #MessedUpQuotes
@veraleung Luvya, darling."The best designers are interesting people first. Smart, funny and curious. Learn everything. Then forget it. THEN design." @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore"Weird is good, but only if we put it in your work." - Most kickass educator I've ever had @JamesVictore @printmag
Retweeted by James Victore@Lockedown_ You are a jeaniuos, John Locke. Cheers, James.I want someone on my payroll who follows me around and whispers in my ear, "Don't read the damn comments...""Happiness is good health and a poor memory." Albert Schweitzer and lots of other folksAccept your damn flaws. #nefarious means 'left handed' Thanks for the kind mention, darling! Cheers, James.Inner peace? Heck, just try to make good work, get paid well for it and be happy. That's inner peace enough....and smearing looks better. first words to me were, "This had better come off or I'll sue you." You only get one take…
Wet paint. This board goes on sale Oct 16. Stay tuned for details. #aintnorules #exhibition-ist're perfect. And by 'perfect' I mean completely flawed and fucked up like the rest of the world"Humans come before design." —@JamesVictore
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Looking good, Tom. @printmag Dangerous Ideas on Design Education by @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James VictoreThe Boss is coming back! Painting by Robert Hunt and know that all your efforts and failures are leading you in the right direction. @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore@hannahbraime @99u Thanks for the kind mention, dear. Cheers, James.You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely. via @JamesVictore @99u
Retweeted by James VictoreDangerous Ideas on Design Education by @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore#Repost sugru Looking for a little #inspiration? Look no further than #Sugru HQ! #inspirational @ELLEaus Ha! Too true. Cheers, James
I love happy clients #Repost @jamfactory Oh my, this is something I never even imagined I would see.… are perfect. And by 'perfect' I mean completely flawed and fucked up
@iamchrisgreen A very small mastery. It generally leads to "the way we do things" No surprises, no gifts.@iamchrisgreen Specialization = Boringization. Or, something like that...It's like I'm reading your mind... Burning QuestionsThere's a crack in everything,That'sHowLightGetsIn. ShowURflaws! #BurninQuestions #FeckPerfuction via @JamesVictore
Retweeted by James Victore@iamchrisgreen Can we talk...?"Howdy, I'm Jason Bacher and this is burning questions."
Retweeted by James VictoreA hero from my childhood. Yogi Berra 1925-2015. A great example on how to live, he had a pure joy and…"Help me be me." @TomMarple Relax know your efforts/failures are the right direction @JamesVictore @anthrodigimom01
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