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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@willselvatv looking good my man on the update. Hope you're well brother.@sharapovasthigh that Lakers team has an all time great. That's more of an indictment of that Lakers roster.Three more names to cross off Gator coaching search -- Brian Kelly, Bobby Stoops, Mike Gundy.
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Thoughts and prayers are with Eric Berry. Scary stuff. http://t.co/nIwMw9suBUBusy Football Monday w/ @SportsCenter - live at 9a w/ @HannahStormESPN & @KNegandhiESPN - bird's eye view b4 air. http://t.co/RyRGatQp9f
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiTalk about the Odell Beckham catch showed up on twitter timelines 1.2 billion times last night. @obj_3
@MadelynBurke @OBJ_3 well done.@KBizzl311 love that catch.Humans are not supposed to do this #ODB @OBJ_3 http://t.co/D0SQqgwNkDODB's catch gets even better on replays and it still doesn't do it justice.ODB is a freak. That's so ridiculous.@hbryant42 shows how Hollywood has run out of leading actors doing normal hero things. And why Stallone keeps making expendable movies.Fantastic piece by @domgoodridge.. If you love how sports connects family and fans, worth your time http://t.co/WrMPSOABoi@Ecalevol nice forearm ink.. And I'm serious too..The Falcons are 4-0 vs. the NFC South and 0-7 vs. the rest of the NFL.@jshack1025 @nfl @Colts @TYHilton13 I agree. What a moment.I dig the Bears throwbacks. One of the better ones.@RB_Mrs haha! Thankfully its after the Packers rout of the Eagles.@RB_Mrs great. If you need anything to help w the transition, don't hesitate.@RB_Mrs season over. when are you joining us?@AshokaESPN @Turk0219 @JasonRomano haha! The best.@foulky833 it was strong.Eagles are doing everything they can to keep the Titans in this game. And Tennessee is taking advantage.League knows it RT @LesBowen: Can't have Acho or Matthews covering TE. Big problem for the Eagles down the stretch. Play dime all the time?@Raginomicsss he certainly should fight for it. Cooper has been a disappointment this season.@Raginomicsss the tight windows feature the Mathews and Smith passes. The no window was to Cooper.That's the old Lesean. Open field misses.@Raginomicsss no, it's labeled a pick.Sanchez has not helped his receivers in the 1st quarter. Tight windows or no windows at all.@julij0hns0n ha! You're mom understands.@bubbaprog look forward to a post about it.@JasonRomano easy there Mr Jags, then Bye, then Struggling Giants before hosting the Tgiving game. Easy there.Anybody else feel the NFL shop commercial on the family w 5 different teams a bad case of parenting?3rd rd pick Josh Huff finally paying off with another Eagles special teams TD.@SandoESPN agreed but he has had enough pieces around him the last 3 years. Consider scrutiny #1 overall QBs face, he escapes nat'l focus.@SandoESPN so similar. Yet stafford doesn't get near the criticism cutler gets.Jordy Nelson has a TD reception in all 7 of the Packers wins this season (9 total). He has no TDs in the Packers 3 losses.Matthew Stafford is 0-15 on the road including the playoffs in starts vs. teams that ended the season with a winning record.The Eagles 6 homes game have been vs opponents currently below .500. Their 5 road games have been vs teams currently .500 or better.As he makes his 2014 debut today, no qualified WR is averaging more yards per reception than Josh Gordon since his rookie season in 2012.Want to turn your passion for sports into a career..#FF @RecruiterStacy @ESPNMikeD @ESPNrecruiterTP & @ESPNrecruiter_J to find out how!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiWhen you're Mayor 4 times, you've done something but I've always looked at Marion Berry's career in wonderment because of Chris Rock..Scandal-plagued former Washington mayor Marion Barry dies http://t.co/5k6jGZEbty
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@sprint tried to give you my business tonight but encountered terrible customer service.. New Commercials are effective, service is not..Kim Kardashian’s 1st marriage lasted longer than Melvin Gordon’s rushing record
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@pink_funk @DonteStallworth she's young. She doesn't consider Tennessee a rival. FSU, Alabama, Georgia different story.@pink_funk @DonteStallworth I told her the same thing: I said that's like me wearing Villanova or Dallas Cowboys gear.. NEVA EVA EVA EVA@pink_funk @DonteStallworth true Tebow test: she said she understood if he needed gear to workout. Guarantee no other Gator gets that pass.@DonteStallworth yeah it does. She will lose it when I show her. I will try not to laugh.@DonteStallworth my Gator wife is screaming blasphemy. Claims that pic is photoshop. To her this is a serious crime.Former Yale star and Cowboys RB Calvin Hill told me Harvard was a safety school. If our kids could be so lucky.
@OwlScoop_com Brown has been impressive. So has Dingle.@Ev_Dunbar @seanflynn9 Okafor is the real deal.@OwlScoop_com dramatically different. Real hope. I just wish they had one true scorer like Christmas.@Ev_Dunbar @seanflynn9 a healthy Embiid could be but no one knows about that. And Nerlens needs time.Okafor is a franchise changer. You make room around him RT @seanflynn9: how would you find time for him, Embiid, Noel, and Saric?Temple has done a good job vs Okafor and I'm still impressed w the big man. If there was no lottery and #1 was guaranteed, I'd support 0-82.@jmlamb8 made excuses for Duke.. Never gave credit to Temple players.. I'm usually understanding about things but it was...lacking insightFellas from North Broad showing heart vs. Duke.@TheSportsHubb appreciate it but a change of plans. Won't be able to make it down. Bummed. Go Owls.@David_Rieder cool but a change of plans on my trip to the Barclays. Can't make it down. Maybe the next time. Thanks.@JamesMoodyJr @JayBilas I will be in Brooklyn praying. We have pulled off big upsets before against that Bilas program.@DaKineSully my head is not in the gutter. Talking football.
@floridafatboy thanks Rich!@RB_Mrs welcome to zombieland. Most exhausting and satisfying real estate in the world.@adnanESPN no gravitas!@adnanESPN formulaic biopic............................Entering the night Latavius Murray had 54 career rushing yds and no TDs. He surpassed that on one run.Ahhh, the Andy Reid screen game.. some things never change...@alexmcohen bush has done a good job. But even he has admitted that he was supposed to be a superstar.3 RBs who I thought would be NFL superstars: Reggie Bush, Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden. 1 of toughest positions to predict these daysWorld's Greatest Ice Cream Scoop RT @MeredithFrost: "It's cool guys, it will just blow off." (Photo: Gary Wiepert/AP) http://t.co/Q400VxkTS8YES!!!!!!! RT @EW: Better clear your calendar: AMC has given 'Better Call Saul' a debut date: http://t.co/LFHF7wHJPr http://t.co/nmhF6qqK7e@jhgf1976 thankfully no.@Rachel__Nichols thinking you and your entire family. Saying he was talented wouldn't do him justice.@DuranSports good job by you.@bomani_jones @Jrlanger I guess that guy thinks he's not responsible for anything out of his mouth.First this guy compared RG3 to Gandhi (please read a book).. Now going to bury his career.. So ridiculous.. http://t.co/kbOE7rxIpf220,000 tons of snow inside Ralph Wilson Stadium, roughly equivalent to 8 Statue of Liberty’s or 15 Leaning Tower of Pisa’s (@ESPNStatsInfo)@brooxlyn why the prison gang line? Be better than that.@vetshirtium love the shirt. Thanks. I sent out a tweet but accidentally put your Instagram handle on there. Check it out.@brooxlyn prison??? Easy there.Shoutout to @veteransshirtium for sending this reminder of the good ol' days of Sixers hoops. I needed it. http://t.co/UrOBl0IOX4I don't get the "bad" pro team vs. "great" college team discussion we encounter every year. The pro team will always win out.Watching the Sixers last night and I started to wonder - who will win first this season: Sixers or Raiders?
@longhornlady01 yup. Me too.@nolagirl50 be grateful.You can tell I live in the Northeast when I see snow pics from Buffalo and can only think about a roof rake.. Be safe Buffalo..@tyler_chadwick all good. Thanks.@greatsauce_92 @TIME @StuartScott excellent choice.@tyler_chadwick being in the news doesn't equate to impact.@tyler_chadwick didn't say they have to be a good person. Kim and Kanye could be good people or bad people. It's impact.@GerryBrooks it's sad.@Dubruh @TIME they should not be on the list of options. So many things going on in the real world changing people's lives.@jmlamb8 still terrible.@FemiKTVZ of course they are. That's the point.For TIME magazine to even pose those options to that question is depressing.Excellent choice. RT @LisaHorne: .@KNegandhiESPN Amen Kevin. Or Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace prize co-winner.Start w the group who landed a robot on a comet. End poll. RT @TIME: Kim Kardashian vs. Kanye West. Who should be #TIMEPOY?@HannahStormESPN @MissyMotha @GoodmanESPN I would've invited you in a heartbeat, but the timing of the draft coincided w the US Open sched
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