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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built WaWas in CT..

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@CMCKENDRY_ESPN @jaycrawfordespn @SportsCenter @HannahStormESPN I wish. See if you have any pull during these 3 hour tours.RT @WojYahooNBA: After Lance Stephenson and Evan Turner scrap on eve of playoffs, Pacers finally take fight to Hawks. http://t.co/YcFltt7ZjEThis is the first time in 3 months the Bulls have given up over 100 points in back to back games.This is the first time the Wizards have lead a playoff series 2-0 since 1982.
@EF517_V2 haha! Sweet avi.Way to capitalize on a foolish penalty. #FlyersMeet @RedCrossBall Master of Ceremonies @KNegandhiESPN April 26 | @ctconventionctr: http://t.co/g4lujhNsOf #redcrossevent
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiOne reason why a benching is being discussed: Hawks scored more points in the paint with Roy Hibbert on the floor (24) than off (4) in G1.@ToddCommish @DamonBruce @pang @Helena_LB I think you're missing the point.@EastTNVol @HannahStormESPN sweet screen grab.@KBizzl311 thanks Kyle!@MunozClaudiap @nand @HannahStormESPN thank you Claudia. Great to be back w my partner.@BobbyDubbz @espn thanks Bobby.@PrajwalPant thank you. We had our 2nd boy.@BrendanCarr88 @HannahStormESPN @SportsCenter thanks Brendan, great to be back with my partner.How bout headline of the year. RT @pang: *Headline of the day* RT @Helena_LB Meanwhile, in Canada... http://t.co/v7TaGiRwLPCatch OTL twice today, in our usual 3pm spot on ESPN, and our OTL Special on the 10th Anniversary of Pat Tillman's death at 8pm, also ESPN.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCan't believe it's been 10 years. Rest in Peace. RT @CardsMarkD: Patrick Daniel Tillman 11/6/76 - 4/22/04 http://t.co/FkOnuRyJnsESPN will televise a Wild Card playoff game during 2014 season, the first NFL playoff game in company’s 35-year history.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Reverend504 skills. We are liveThank you! MT @mrscaudill2: I am so happy @KNegandhiESPN and @HannahStormESPN are back!! All is right again..congrats on the baby Kevin
@DougFeinberg @RebeccaLobo @karalawson20 @BarackObama also, it's only April. They set the bar high for the next 7 months.@KirkGimenez I did nothing, you're the man of the people. Always much love out there for you.@DougFeinberg @RebeccaLobo @karalawson20 @BarackObama my tie collection can be pretty intimidating.Great job Tedy! RT @JasonRomano: Congrats Tedy Bruschi on finishing the Boston Marathon today. Here's the breakdown. http://t.co/hMKzbYuBCG@KirkGimenez yo!! Welcome back brother.@Brooks_28 thank you. Missed it.Great to be back RT @NCOrangeMan: SportsCenter so much better w/ @KNegandhiESPNGood to be back home on @SportsCenter this morning.. Our coverage of the Boston Marathon begins at 8a ET w @RandyScottESPN and @ESPNMichele
By the way, is there a scarier holiday mascot than the Easter Bunnies dressed up in the mall for pictures?@lal_susheel @b1ggdan glad you did. All timer.So Pharrell is keeping the hat...Right now, it's Emery. Don't know when Mason is 100% RT @08_WFC_26: who's your goalie for game 3?Popovich gave me a hand written letter to give my Dad tomorrow. The whole Spurs organization is filled with class and great people. Thanks
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiPop is the best. RT @NBAonTNT: .@CraigSagerJr interviews Pop, who has a special message for his dad. http://t.co/worreXjzLR #GetWellSagerAnd the losing streak is over. Hard to believe the #Flyers get a W at MSG wo a Giroux shot but he set the tone. Aggressive for 3 periods.Great effort by Simmonds.What could've been.. MT @MattBarnaby3636: I hated Philly but man would have loved to have been a Flyer. #Passion@mikey30nv same to you.Happy Easter! Hope you spend it with family and friends.Well done TNT on that Sager-Pop montage.Congrats to Philly legend @THEREALBHOP on last night's W.. At 49, BHop is the oldest champion in boxing history..
Brutal.. RAJ! RT @JeffSkversky: Phillies have gone 4 straight games without an extra base hit - worst stretch in 46 years@fuzz3307 they're back to back champs. Until it changes, they deserve credit.The Pacers last 26 games: 12-14. The Heat last 25 games: 11-14. Two completely different vibes.Expecting Bird to send Parish in the Pacers locker room and start swinging.@JoeIrizarry well done. Huge success.It's not the crowd's fault but I can't remember a more lethargic atmosphere for a 1 seed at home. Pacers' body language: ready for golf.@KNegandhiESPN the Pacers are stale buttermilk biscuits
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@bugheavy24 thanksThe Pacers are .... (Fill in the blank)@bugheavy24 $100 million in endorsements.Mel knows. RT @AdamSchefter: On ESPN radio, @MelKiperESPN is making Tastykakes sound like they should be Houston's No. 1 overall pickThe NBA Playoffs also represent a time when Craig Sager shines. Thoughts and prayers are with him as he battles leukemia. You got this Craig@warfieldscott haha! That would be monumental.After a long NBA season, I haven't been more excited about the playoffs in years.. The West is stacked and there'll be one East upset..@Fox5Kyle @JonandSeanShow glad to be on. Had fun.I'll be on the @JonandSeanShow on ESPN Philly Radio 97.5 at 10:05 to discuss Sixers owner Josh Harris labeling this season a huge success.@JonandSeanShow @JonMarks975 just sent it to you guys.@JonandSeanShow @JonMarks975 of course. You have my number.@JonandSeanShow @JonMarks975 of course. Anytime.@JonMarks975 they succeeded in getting what they want and I'm glad they did. An owner can't publicly say a 19-win season was a huge success.
@pittalks one of my top 3 fav players.@pittalks @30for30 the old boston garden, I despised the C's. Great rivalry w the Sixers.Best thing about the @30for30 Bad Boys doc is this generation can understand a little bit of why we reminisce about the 80s NBA. Fun times.@85mf @mdschaeff you still don't say it.@JakeMarc23 @85mf @mdschaeff last year was all about Bynum, I don't blame Sixers owners for going for it.@85mf @mdschaeff we all know what he meant. There's a certain way of publicly addressing it. Let's see how "huge success" is used next 3 yrs@85mf @mdschaeff who spend their hard earned money watching them lose and then call it a success. People work hard for their $$.@85mf @mdschaeff I'm like Hinkie and the plan. The point is any owner that deems this a success sends wrong message to season ticket holders@85mf @mdschaeff if you read my tweet and understood the context, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm aware of the Sixers big plan.@85mf @mdschaeff last time I checked, you can talk about winning without insulting a fan base.@mdschaeff this is not a knock on the Sixers long term goals. You're missing the point of the tweet.@MPRoach @mdschaeff you're missing the point of the tweet.@TJQuinnESPN without cameras........ For now.@mdschaeff publicly, owner should say we'll never be satisfied until we win it all, disappointed but we are moving forward. That's honesty.@JakeMarc23 @jking303 @Jt856 jake, some just don't get it but you do.This is an amazing story. MT @seankjensen: Raised in brothel in India, 16-year-old has tryout w/ @ManUtd http://t.co/CYwg8gcBFqJordan's face processing that the Pistons were not gonna congratulate the Bulls is priceless. Nothing rehearsed. Just real shock.@jking303 @Jt856 yeah I guess you don't read/understand tweets and the point of what I'm saying.@CapelliNBA clearly you're missing the point. Thanks for weighing in.An owner should never say it after 19 wins MT @SieckandDestroy: if they finished w same record but lost, say, 8 in a row, it'd be a success?@NaismithLives yessir.@Sprouserj @wingoz who's being fake? If you read my tweets, there's a certain way to convey a message publicly to your fan base.@HesTooPowerful fully aware. An Owner should never say that after losing that many games no matter what. No matter what the plan is.@Jt856 who's we?? Not everyone agrees with it, especially publicly.@HesTooPowerful again, losing 26 straight games is not a public success.@Adam_Klug @PompeyOnSixers It's not a good look publicly.@tommy_bananas22 never said they would compete with them. They got what they wanted. Just don't admit it publicly.If your team tied a pro sports record with 26 straight losses, saying the season is a success is not a good look regardless of circumstance.I don't know if I would say that publicly. RT @PompeyOnSixers: "I think the season has been a huge success for us,"#Sixers owner Josh Harris
Set the DVR. RT @30for30: Miss tonight's #BadBoys premiere? Don't worry. Watch it tomorrow at 8pm/ET on ESPN.It's gonna be tough waiting until tomorrow night to watch this @30for30 Bad Boys doc. #DVRfail@thatgirljennab need to be more aggressive.@nilson_tyler never giving up but the offense has not been sharp.It's the game. RT @jamma789: such a bad penaltyAkeson, a game changer for the wrong reasons.Looking forward to it! RT @HannahStormESPN: what to expect tomorrow night on #FacetoFace at 7 ET @espn @SportsCenter http://t.co/6xO6zMeHkj@Asvp_keen @ESPNDari you're not the first and won't be the last.HEY please watch! @ESPNFrontRow @RobinRoberts visits fellow cancer survivor @StuartScott for Friday @GMA feature -> http://t.co/tlfxKjSZF4
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