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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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This Jeter farewell commercial by Gatorade is well done.. http://t.co/d4WJYfojZRWill we have another day of silence from the most powerful Commish in America? #whereisroger
@JasonRomano keep running the football.What's remarkable in the 1998 game 6 is Jordan missed a ton of shots in the 4th qtr. All short. He had barely anything in his legs. And then@JasonRomano may everything go well for you but your sports teams. You understand. Happy Birthday!@kevinfoedinger send out clips. Cold call stations. Plan road trips and meet station managers/news directors.You know its not that hard get!!!! Keep your damn hands off women!!!! God made women for you to Lean on them Not beat on them #RealTalk
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@sportsguru8934 thanks Casey.@sportsguru8934 good luck! Work your tail off.@sportsguru8934 off tomorrow. Internships and reps behind the desk.@kevinfoedinger phantom. We can communicate here. What's up?@sportsguru8934 good luck to you. Dream big man. Cause you never know they may all come true.UPDATE: Cardinals deactivate Jonathan Dwyer and release following statement: http://t.co/b2XRNz8kQM
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@BrittMcHenry haha! After an hour and a half of Peterson, I was just excited to talk about an actual football game. What a concept. Have funThe 1998 Finals will always be special. It was my first month doing live TV in my first gig. Great times.@longhornlady01 drove me nuts.Somebody would've complained in 140 characters. RT @ZABZC: @KNegandhiESPN imagine how great twitter would be on the "Im back" dayThankful twitter was not around during Jordan days.. There would have been some foolish trolling out there.. We all appreciated the skills..Jordan's final game as a Bull- Game 6 NBA Finals on NBA-TV right now. 2nd half still ahead. Bryon Russell look away.@YoHogg yeah, no one else is talking about it either. Got it.Remember when we all were counting down to the football season and fed up w the Manziel and Sam talk? I miss those days.Now official: Panthers DE Greg Hardy agreed to the exempt list, per source.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiBest column I've seen on Jameis Winston so far is this from @Corey_Clark http://t.co/YmmVSObIC8 #Seminoles #FSU #Noles
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@toddcap @LesBowen clearly you haven't watched the network or Olberman the past 10 days. But keep blaming Espn. Got it.Uh, dude.. RT @PaulPabst: Dude. http://t.co/MCbRc6S6Uh@WindyyCityyLA of course. But Ray rice disciplined 8-16 games and he may not be under fire.The biggest change in new NFL Drug Policy.. @nflcommish is out of deciding penalties..for both substance abuse and PEDs. Now neutral arbiter
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiGoodell's Wild West approach on discipline featuring subjective ironfist over consistent personal conduct code decisions is why we're here.@chrisgrabme you get offended that I called you something I didn't and then say I'm angry, a d and holier than thou? Sure thing. Good luck.@chrisgrabme you said fool. I didn't. I said foolish so if you're going to be like that, at least look up the right word.@chrisgrabme wasn't trying to offend. Look up fool and foolish. Two completely different things. Especially in this context of conversation.@AllegedButler you get it. That dude doesn't. Plain and simple.@chrisgrabme you think this has to do w one event? Don't be foolish.@AllegedButler @Suck_My_Petis plus this is not a isolated situation. But blame the media. Be a clueless sheep and blame everyone else.@Suck_My_Petis @AllegedButler yeah. Blame it on the media. We committed the crimes, inflicted the suspensions, acted foolish. Intelligent.--> MT @TravHaneyESPN: Winston isn't suspended if yesterday was his first behavioral issue. This isn't a "the kid just cursed" thing.@Suck_My_Petis you follow me. Not the other way around. So do us both a favor.Jameis Winston's talent: #1 overall pick good. Jameis Winston's decision making off the field: waiver wire bad.. Not a good combo for a QB..Not 1 RT @wingoz: Mark Wilf was just asked if corporate sponsorship played a part in this decision " absolutely not". Is anyone buying that?Jimbo sending a new message RT @SportsCenter: Jameis Winston suspended for first half of Saturday's game vs. Clemson. http://t.co/TK4SRbvj7aI said it on the air this morning, I'll say it again: Where is the Commissioner of the most popular sports league in America right now?Let's be real here: this was a negotiation, pure and simple. AP goes away, gets paid, Vikings get heat off, NFL parks him on a list.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi"This is a watershed moment, an epic moment in the NFL" = @AdamSchefter on Vikings/Adrian Peterson situationA LIVE @SportsCenter is coming up at 8am est this morning. @KNegandhiESPN and I have the latest on the #Vikings @AdrianPeterson reversal..
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@andrewhfine you don't have a TV deal wo sponsors.Every pro sports league is about sponsorships. When that is threatened, action steps are taken. It always will be about the bottom line.
Props to @fansince09 MT @mkramer: How Twitter Helped Track Down Suspects from a Philly Police Surveillance Video http://t.co/kaO5ZQqUU3@keithlaw @RoyHalladay @zoowithroy @FanSince09 pretty remarkable stories.@FanSince09 If all of this leads to an arrest or arrests.. You are the man! Big shoutout to your followers as well for turning it around..The Orioles clinch their first division title since 1997.. Somewhere @notthefakesvp is making @kurkjian_espn giggle uncontrollably..The Nationals clinch and with a loss tonight the Phillies will clinch their 2nd straight losing season. You're the best RAJ.Is that bad? MT @FieldYates: Patriots host Raiders. Since Belichick was hired in 2000, Raiders have had 8 head coaches & 18 starting QB'sAlways felt Goodell survives this but public may have a hard time respecting any future punishment he hands out.. That's a major cred issue@SethWickersham @janesports you got it Seth.@katefagan3 @janesports and it will continue until sponsors drop off.@uconn51590 never once did anyone say suspend.Only NFL coaches can make this an "us against the world" discussion.So that's what he thinks this is?? RT @Deadspin: Jim Harbaugh: "We're not going to flinch" and bench Ray McDonald. http://t.co/DPfrMnKH0hMy man! #Templemade RT @wingoz: Plenty of good stories out there done by good people in the NFL.. like @MrKnighton2u http://t.co/oTajuBWCwE@SeanKorte it's the gift that keeps on giving.I've watched this more than a dozen times and still can't get over it... http://t.co/hvh220yajrThe morning after #MNF. @KNegandhiESPN and I have chugged x-large coffees, and put on extra makeup. Here comes the 9am @SportsCenter..
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiDarren Sproles 152 rec yds is the 2nd-most in a game in NFL history by a player 5-6 or shorter (Lionel James holds record) @EliasSportsNick Foles interception last night was the only pick thrown by a WINNING quarterback in Week 2 of the NFL..@MrKnighton2u @thekidmcmanus yessir.@thekidmcmanus I'm day to day but aren't we all. Brandon is gonna join me up front.@thekidmcmanus keep doing your thing. Speaking to the team in 2 weeks before UConn. Hard to believe it's only been 2 years. Blur.@caplannfl I tell you he was ten stories high if he was a foot
@thekidmcmanus how's that Denver life treating you?@ShaunMichael80 @JustinKennedy87 tell me it's not true. I've seen your track record with everyone.@JustinKennedy87 @ShaunMichael80 ignore him. Shaun is a master at trolling.@caplannfl I was the old man returning soup at a deli.Eagles in 2014: 1st half- outscored 34-6.. 2nd half- outscoring opponents 58-10.. You try and figure it out@caplannfl the opposite of halftime.I'll be chugging caffeine. RT @mik3_young: I'll see you at 9AM tomorrow @KNegandhiESPN #BirdGang@therealbeckster 9a tomorrow.Unreal. Weirdest 2-0 start I can ever remember.The Eagles play calling has been the only thing that has stopped Ertz tonight. Get him the ball.How does Sproles get through those windows???Reggie Wayne saved a pick 6. Now we have to guess which Nick Foles is under center.@pyromantic13 the gesture man. The gesture.Casey Matthews should not log on to twitter tonight and search his name. It's a Papelbon-Philly kind of love.@mandynmurphy 4:45am today. And tomorrow. You can do it. Watch me look tired tomorrow.Huge loss there with Kendricks out. Casey Matthews has problems taking on contact. Colts have to run right at him.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@mdat4040 did you read the tweet?That run was ridiculousBig night for big country fletcher cox.@GeoffMosherCSN so are the Eagles. Nothing predictable from Colts. D Always on their heels.@shawnvengoechea the division stinks.@mik3_young I hope to. The division still stinks.@TKTK56 I'm passionate.@Joe_Meets_World well at least the NFC east can make the playoffs.Closing out week 2 and one thing I know- the NFC East stinks. Like that container deep in the fridge that you refuse to take out stink.@NattieFink not confidentERTZ! RT @MoveTheSticks: I'm surprised the Eagles haven't isolated the Indy LBs in coverage. That was a major issue vs DEN.@LesBowen I agree@AshleyFoxESPN not good.After some costly mistakes, Cooper and Maclin need to step up and make some plays for Foles in the 2nd half.That was a great interception. Big big play there.Pitiful D in the Red Zone. Pitiful O in the Red Zone. 2nd half can't get here fast enough.
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