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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built WaWas in CT..

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@HannahStormESPN good stuff. Love it.@BabakNews some good times. I later produced shows for all of those guys when I was in college.
Thank you Taney Dragons. Head up high. What a run.On the right track MT @DanWolken: Temple will be a tough opener for Vandy. Great chance for Matt Rhule to get on nat'l radar- bright future.@jemelehill This look made my night @carichampionPercy is a 99 on that in Madden. RT @Penko_14: @KNegandhiESPN Yeah Harvin does that too hahaJeremy Maclin has a unique skill: he makes you hold your breath when he makes a big play and then again when he gets tackled.@ccsoup75 thanks soup. Jim is one of the best.@AriRoitman awesome.Think the Ice Bucket Challenge is losing strength? Yesterday, in one day, the ALS Association raised $10.3 million.. 24-day total: $41.8MHall of Famer Jim Kelly will join us live in moments on @SportsCenter following the news that there is no evidence of cancer..The Steelers challenge off the heels of the Bell/Blount news, their 6 back-ups have never had a carry in the NFL..
Vegas D is the story tonight..Austin is a grown man.@givitoomey @RealMikeWelch don't kid yourself, if it wasn't on ESPN, it would be on somewhere else. But be sheep and blame Espn. Smart.@givitoomey @RealMikeWelch over 300 credentials to the game. SI cover. Every network news show has covered this. Yup, all ESPN. Sure thing.Mo'ne Davis says she doesn't want to be compared to Jonathan Papelbon because he gives up runs. She is definitely from Philly.@GoodmanESPN @richarddeitsch I've done the 11a show too. Great taste.@richarddeitsch @GoodmanESPN you're raising her right Goodman.@mweiseman thanks bro. Had fun doing it.Before Mo'ne Davis' run in the LLWS continues tonight, @KNegandhiESPN takes us back to where her story begins. VIDEO: http://t.co/SSOrX7WPnR
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@JohnKincade haha! Eat for free at Wawa. Life is good.Had a great time @schacademy meeting some of @monedavis11 closest friends. Her real story tonight on SC at 6p. http://t.co/dlnEwEjXsl@MarkMcMillian29 thanks Mark. I might roll out there. Hope to.@Tom_McKean one tweet at a time.@MarkMcMillian29 thanks bro. Brings back some great memories.RT @AAJAsports: Tonight 6pm ET on @Sportscenter: @KNegandhiESPN's interview with the mother of @monedavis11 http://t.co/6KcUYVlRQNNo sport tries to connect to their fans more than NASCAR. This is smart, funny and useful for the new playoff. http://t.co/JEDtg4P7Oa1 playoff win in last 18 yrs.. Genius of Jerry MT @AP_NFL: Forbes says Cowboys are the first US sports franchise to top $3 billion in valueMike Carey told the NFL in 2006 he could no longer referee Washington games because of the team's disrespectful name http://t.co/okUJWAJBVG
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@BobbyDubbz I did not forget. Hang tight. It comes down to scheduling.@GjBatista next time say what's up.@csued37 @dhm just asked a question. Didn't add anything else.Yup. RT @GjBatista: @KNegandhiESPN Were you on South Street last night?Could you imagine Big Red doing this? RT @dhm: Chip Kelly, diving into a pool of ice water. http://t.co/jtoFLk1mdHDiggin this. Smooth. RT @zoowithroy: LET'S GO TANEY! http://t.co/eLI79vQcJo #LLWS2014 cc: @taneybaseball http://t.co/dCY1F7fZYy
Crazy seeing @KNegandhiESPN at #MarianAnderson today for @Monedavis11 's mom and the younger team! Show South Philly love 💯😎🏆🏀⚾️⚽️
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiOnly three black women have appeared solo on the front of SI since 2000 (over 1,000 covers): Mo'ne, Serena, Beyoncé in a bikini.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiOn location w/ @KNegandhiESPN in South Philly, home of 13-yr-old pitching sensation @Monedavis11; DP @aaronfrutman http://t.co/0T5nOw7zSo
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe next generation of Anderson Monarchs.. Home of @monedavis11 in South Philly, where #LLWS dreams begin http://t.co/wu2A9n99EzBraxton Miller says he will graduate in December & "I want to attend graduate school & then return to lead the Buckeyes next season"
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Matt_in_theHat2 thanks for the heads up.@HBJaguar thanks James@DaulMcm thanks GregJust landed in Philly (good to be home for a day).. Working on a @monedavis11 profile.. Great to be focusing on something positive@scanders85 again, you're making assumptions on what interests me and where I'm coming from.
I love this guy. RT @JoelEmbiid: MVP rankings in a couple years http://t.co/losddvH4DKPolice in #Ferguson arrest Getty photographer Scott Olson http://t.co/87gf5TXVHa He took this iconic photo: http://t.co/BUKVrwTiH5
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@ESPNDari @GVMcElroy @SECbooger love it bro. Sent mine out a couple hours ago. Looking forward to Greg and Booger cooling off.Brutal for Cards D. RT @CardsMarkD: MRI on Darnell Dockett right knee reveals torn ACL. Injury will require surgery & is season-ending.@Tmichael26 lucky to call it my job.@joeyf1313 yeah, make this about ESPN. Come on dude. Forget every single national sports outlet that covers him. It's my opinion. Not espn's@joeyf1313 I judged his style. The way he plays. You decided he wasn't a NFL QB.You're judging a career in his 2nd game of preseason? Smart. RT @joeyf1313: @KNegandhiESPN what?? jeff garcia was an nfl quarterbackOn every pass and scramble, Johnny Manziel is Jeff Garcia 2.0. And that's a compliment.Thanks to all who challenged. Proud to raise $$ and awareness vs ALS. Donate! I challenge @HannahStormESPN http://t.co/vcoQyz5sRa@carychowESPN @lginn @MichaelKim120 @gnagesh @oriolegirl @AAJAsports 2nd that Cary.@sagesteele @thedude_snc @TomCrean @StuartScott @mcuban @SaraBareilles outstanding.The story behind the athlete and ALS Ice bucket challenge.. Watch this and you will understand why it's important.. http://t.co/HlDtkwAVyYSo who started the ALS ice bucket challenge? The moving story is next on @SportsCenter. Bring tissues.Good stuff MT @FieldYates: I've compiled all of the football/scouting terms into a document. Feel free to share, etc. http://t.co/38TvceMODVIncluding today, it's now at $15.6M RT @KNegandhiESPN: As of Sunday, the ALS Association says it has raised $13.3M in ice bucket donationsAs of Sunday, the ALS Association says it has raised $13.3 million in ice bucket donations - compared to $1.7M in that same span a year ago
I got tear-gassed good. Cop grabs me, drags me to truck and hands me water. "You media??" "YES" "hahahahaha Welcome to Ferguson!"
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@pkraynak alwaysThank you Taney Dragons for making Philly proud.. And Mo'ne is next..Oh man... It's gonna end on a bad throw. I feel for that Texas kid. Taney magic still alive.Zion Spearman delivers.Come on Taney!@JonDon323 the joys of a remote.@ShaunMichael80 keep reaching. I think you pick extreme takes for just a reaction.The genius of Robin Williams in Aladdin on Disney XD right now.@ShaunMichael80 never heard one person "crucify" Brady. Everyone knows Brady doesn't have stud WRs.No one is open for Cam.. we're going to hear that a lot this season.. Panthers didn't help him with these veteran wide receivers..@mypalfish @richarddeitsch no one said a thing about politics. It's about the rights of US citizens.@sgw94 I had to mute 3 games the past 2 days. Brutal.@RTL911 where did I say that was the top thing????@scanders85 if that's what you got out of my tweet than you misunderstood.@mizutgrfn that has nothing to do with this. So keep reaching. And foolishly justifying. And press the unfollow button anytime.@mizutgrfn good luck to you. And I do feel sorry for your disconnect towards human life by justifying being shot unarmed.@sandersandrew @richarddeitsch welcome to my current life.@richarddeitsch best days of your life.@mizutgrfn if you're using this pic to justify being shot to death while being unarmed, I feel sorry for you.@richarddeitsch congrats dad! More importantly, hope mom is doing well and the new additions are healthy and sleeping.@KNegandhiESPN it's possible to care about more than 1 thing at a time. Sports is the escape from reality many of us need.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@ealdrid1 look at the bottom line: results and dramatic attendance drop... Performance, dollars and lack of direction are not emotional.Feel foolish tweeting about sports when you read the continued police state in Ferguson, Mo and our Constitutional rights being violated.Phillies ownership/execs would continue to reveal how tone deaf they are if they keep/extend RAJ this offseason http://t.co/MJYD37BvAP
@OpenThisPitUp25 you know it.Approaching 5 months and my youngest has one thing down.. The dimples come with a price http://t.co/mgXg7j9waD@infamous04 happy birthday man!!With Friday’s loss, the Boston Red Sox are now 0-15 on Ben Affleck's birthday since the release of Good Will Hunting.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@brittneygriner congrats Brittney!! Nothing can touch that true happiness.@FoodGrade @c_e_rodriguez he's a good man.
If best meant absolutely out of your mind, then yes, best selfie ever. RT @mostextremepics: Best Selfie Ever http://t.co/ZUhp7lAL1T@vikramblings looking forward to it.Shoutout to @SimBhullar2 making NBA history today. He's breaking barriers and living the dream of many Indian kids. http://t.co/eM4Z7HNFnxEagle D can be frustrating because they give up short passes, but the scheme puts pressure on the O not to make mistakes. Like that pick 6.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiMo'Ne > every other mainstream news story this week. Thank goodness there's something good to talk about.Much needed. Proud of her and this team. RT @Jim_Gardner: Philadelphia's newest star. http://t.co/fXpHxgBsUa
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