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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@DavidWohl SVP makes jokes about it. But good for you. You defended his honor. I hope that made you feel better.In the previous 2 seasons, kickers missed just 13 total extra points. This year, they've already missed 17, and it's only Week 4.Another slow start could be ugly at home on Sunday vs. the Saints. we've done this dance before Aaron. Nice to hear from you.Brandon Weeden has lost 10 straight starts- longest active losing streak by any QB.Suspensions now over: Antonio Gates Greg Hardy Martavis Bryant Sheldon Richardson Rolando McClain Derek Wolfe Browns GM Ray Farmer
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe Rangers have won their last 10 games started by Cole Hamels,DeMarco Murray accounted for over 35% of Cowboys total yds last yr, highest % in the NFL. He has accounted for 10% of Eagles O, ranks 128th
@JakeMarc23 @JohnKincade @lkl2625 @BashirOnSports you asked for examples. You got some.@JakeMarc23 @lkl2625 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports that maybe the most foolish argument you can make. "Well nobody has it." Foolish.@JakeMarc23 @lkl2625 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports it does. When you don't have a QB of the future. Can't develop a 4th rdr. No OL depth.@JakeMarc23 @lkl2625 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports and Bradford? And cutting Mathis for no reason? And not drafting OL? Drafting Barkley?@JakeMarc23 @lkl2625 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports let's end it here. If you don't think the GM has failed, no need to keep discussing this.@lkl2625 @JakeMarc23 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports it does explain it. He wasn't good in 2015. League catches up to philosophy.@JakeMarc23 @lkl2625 @JohnKincade @BashirOnSports it certainly does matter when GM chip is failing w his hand picked players@lkl2625 @JohnKincade @JakeMarc23 @BashirOnSports they both are not good. Chip worked Foles perfectly in 27-2 season w Reid's players.@mtstephenson easy there. Just cause your 4-0. Don't get cocky.Oh Browns.All Day.While you try and reason the loss with what ifs, this was a collective failure. The Eagles are a bad football team right now.@Lizzs_Lockeroom of course. My squad is the one that needs more than hugs. Congrats.@FrankKnuckles my man!@reesewaters what a sorry game. Congrats.Kickers. Some lonely flights back home for a few.@reesewaters never. I would take eternal misery before that would happen.@damienwoody nah.. That was awful@AshleyFoxESPN I expect them to screw this up.Temple football is 4-0. Nothing else to say about football in Philly right now.@jasoncolletti24 @AshleyFoxESPN that's the point.Eagles defense on the field for nearly 42 minutes. Some things will never change.@AshleyFoxESPN he won't.@AshleyFoxESPN those defensive meetings sound like fun.@jamarhudson as bad as the field.Now to more serious news for friends who work or go to school at Philly area universities. trust me. I'm not. This has been a theme.Waiting for the Sam Bradford Cable/Direct TV meme to explain his 1st and 2nd halfs this season.An awful afternoon for NFL kickers so far.@RB_Mrs @AshokaESPN @jawsespn @LRiddickESPN certainly must see TV.He has potential to be very good in this O. For some reason, goes through awful lapses, then realizes he can throw Bradford miss the team bus before the game and join the Eagles at Halftime?Eagles went with Caleb Sturgis as their kicker, who was arguably the worst in the league the last two years
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Sean_Brace I'd still put in Sanchez. He had Matthews open on the previous deep throw, missed.And then Sturgis misses the XP. The Eagles just can't have good things.Finally.@TonyBrunoShow it's the little things.@GioMarciano15 good for you. I'm sure you feel good about yourself after that tweet. Good luck to you.@JohnKincade no excuse for this performance.@FieldYates @korveraintme 👍🏽Are the walls padded and sound proof? there's a difference between analysts and anchors. So before weighing in, understand a few things.Of course, he'd miss the FG.@IlladelphAC he made the catch w one hand. Unfollow anytime. I don't need to crack jokes about the emotional state of 6 yr olds. I'm good.Play Sproles at QB. He must touch the ball on every play, good things happen.You can have all the creative playcalls in the world, but if guys don't do the basics, it doesn't matter.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Realrclark25 I'm here. Not saying nice things. But I'm here.@GioMarciano15 never said I was an analyst. So I'd do some research first.Eagles offensive line has been dreadful but if you think Bradford would be better, you haven't watched the first 3 games.Go w Sanchez in the 2nd half. Enough excuses w Bradford. This experiment has failed.Chocolate Chip > Chip, the GM@Zafka31 unfollow anytime. I'm good.Demarco gets positive yards. Weird.If the Eagles defense goes off on the offense at halftime cause they're exhausted, I'd give them a standing ovation.Great scene from Silver Linings. @tthasselbeck better hope it's a shootout in Atlanta.@tthasselbeck @all_biz haha!! Biz wouldn't dare get fleeced.How do you confirm news about a starting QB change? Check the brother's fantasy line up. Tim Hasselbeck inserted Matt as his starter today.Matt Hasselbeck starting today- the line in Las Vegas moved from Colts -9 to Colts -3.5 vs. the Jaguars.@sgw94 so deep and Wilkerson is ballin@SECbooger appreciate ya. Send my brother from another mother-Dari some love.@SECbooger 100% accurate. I'm just soaking it up. Big Gators win. Our household is happy. Hope things are good my man.Waze is the greatest app ever created. It has repeatedly saved me time and $.@SECbooger patiently waiting for your Temple assessment. I'm here all season.
@kungfubamba @mcdev101 we can certainly make a case.
@rodstreater80 hope so. Nice to have the weekend w no worries. is 4-0 for the first time since 1974.Can't stop laughing. Especially when he waits for the defender. Classic. this crew in the mornings! Happy Friday! @ESPNImages @CariChampion @KNegandhiESPN
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@sgtsal65 didn't say it was. He still has to make that pass to brown. But they need a kicker.@JayTHairston2 appreciate it. No mushroom belt but you still gotta coordinate.This is excellent. More stories like this. the past three seasons, Justin Tucker has made the most 50+ yard field goals (12).Josh Scobee has now missed 10 field goals since the start of last season, tied with Blair Walsh for the most in the NFL in that spanThis whole week has felt like Groundhog Day but without Sonny and Cher, I've never been happier about a Friday in my life.
Big credit to Vick. No hesitation. Help get your boy in the end zone.Bell's patience and vision.@bubbaprog sorry to hear about your grandmom.@TheReal_GR3 yup.Fire Al Golden? Canes fans should be upset w what adidas did to their uniforms. They look tacky and cheap.Empty seats at Heinz?? How common is that for a Steelers game?@kylegauss dramatic. Adidas designs have no originality. Just throw something that's crazy and hope the kids think it's cool.@kylegauss that's Adidas for you. Awful.@CoachTownsell appreciate it!Thanks @KNegandhiESPN for being a part of last night's #magicbusgala! #endpoverty #sportfordev #educategirls
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiHonored to be a part of such a worthy cause and changing lives in India. made my morning. RT @JamesMoodyJr: Let's go, Owls. @KNegandhiESPN
$2M has been raised by @TheVFoundation for #StuScott Fund to improve outcomes for diverse communities with cancer!
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAn excellent look at how a Manager & GM can lose a World Series contender. @karlakakes56 it was my honor. Had s blast w the Stanco family.@MrGoalposts yup- because every person watching has played HS football. Sure thing. You got it.
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