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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built WaWas in CT..

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Happy 50th Bday @wawa... If I could celebrate w a classic, iced tea, herrs chips, pretzel and some tastykakes, I would.. Move back to CT!
#BPDPublicSafetyAlert: #BPD confirming a male suspect in custody in connection to the unattended backpacks found at the Finish Line.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Mark_Schlabach I bet. Still weird for me.@Mark_Schlabach brutal. As I said this morning, the happy faces at the start is 2008.. By the end of the slo-mo, it's 2014.. Just Brutal.He's the man. So is JJ. RT @steakNstiffarms: My favorite Badger of all time... http://t.co/hnTtm57PhuHighly recommend watching the Boston Strong special on @OTLonESPN right now.@DevTomas @mjhallahan @brenteshbach like Baskin Robbins Dev, not all flavors are for everyone.@ChrisGesualdo @celtics Still to be determined for 4th or 5th worst record@jeremywhitcomb Still to be determined for 4th or 5th worst recordBucks have 25% chance of receiving top pick (worst possible pick is 4th overall).Sixers have a 19.9% chance of receiving top pick (worst possible pick is 5th overall) and a 96% chance of getting the Pelicans lottery pick.@JakeMarc23 @Caleb_Mezzy Phils can't spend that $ every year. They made sure to remind us of that. They're locked in now cause of bad deals@JakeMarc23 @Caleb_Mezzy agreed w most of the moves but not the misvalued spending. Also, RAJ passed on trades that could've unloaded big $@Caleb_Mezzy @jakemarc23 Royals are rising. Still not there yet. The Phillies are not the Yanks or A's. Braves model- spend AND develop.@kaymac_2123 @natachon congrats to you guys! Great meeting you both last night. Big things ahead.@JakeMarc23 @Caleb_Mezzy every player? Cosart? Easy to speculate on either side. Braves and Rays are in a class by themselves.@PatGallen_975 @CoreySeidman @Caleb_Mezzy and I've held back on some things. Since the Cliff Lee free agency night, it's been downhill.@CoreySeidman @Caleb_Mezzy the thing that gets me is after he overpaid, he then went cheap and isn't Billy Beane smart to do that & succeed@CoreySeidman @Caleb_Mezzy well said Corey. Open checkbook for RAJ was worst thing to happen to Phils. His boss also green lighting deals.@Caleb_Mezzy @coreyseidman sorry Corey that your timeline is being highjacked here.@Caleb_Mezzy @coreyseidman not debating that. RAJ has also made awful BP moves: Papelbon, Qualls, Durbin (2nd time around), passing on Eyre@Caleb_Mezzy @coreyseidman you said minor leaguers. I gave you one. Look at how RAJ has assembled this BP the last 4 yrs. Embarrassing.@Caleb_Mezzy @coreyseidman you don't think Jared Cosart could help this pitching staff??@Caleb_Mezzy @coreyseidman RAJ traded everyone.Start of slow-mo was '08.. then takes us thru the RAJ era MT @Deadspin: Phillies fans, having their souls crushed: http://t.co/sKzOKo47bJRAJ! MT @CoreySeidman: Biggest issue is Phillies literally have zero relievers who have the combo of good stuff & control"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me... All I ask is that you respect me as a human being." - Jackie Robinson
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiLine of questioning is ridiculous. RT @Deadspin: Calipari shuts down O'Reilly on kids who listen to "hop-hop stuff." http://t.co/fsLeUYY8d8
I want to share a difficult story with everyone and I hope you will see the potential for change and pass it on. http://t.co/v4a2KdO3sk
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@jonesbeachbum sugar teardrop.He wasn't in the Masters field but emergency Augusta fill-in beats Rory head to head over the weekend. http://t.co/97LXgnQfo0Top of the list. RT @meechone: still my favorite Joe Blanton picture http://t.co/kAAqBIat7eSo Joe Blanton is going to retire.. You will always have this: One of the loudest moments at the Bank.. http://t.co/iz3kM1tOPl
Jordan Speith, Masters runner-up, a "one and done" at Texas. Funny how NCAA never complains about golf and tennis doing it. Wonder why?
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiHoly cow.. That WAS Neve Campbell! RT @Adam_Jacobi: How come Neve Campbell never sleeps on my shoulder? I’ve flown plenty of times. #MadMen@KNegandhiESPN Hey Kevin, Thursday my friends and I will be shaving our heads for cancer research. Can I get a RT? https://t.co/vA5mlZG2cV
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi3y ago, my friend @ESPNDari lost his infant son. He's raising $ for other parents in similar hell. Donate if u can! http://t.co/mw2heyQIUQ
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCongrats Bubba! Aww shoot, Your work around the office this offseason helped.. @bubbawatson @jtedscott https://t.co/WYUvpChvD3@sneakerseminole he's the greatest 3b of all time. I'm ok with it.Phillies Sweep, Masters Sunday and 1st cookout of the year... Yeah, checking off today as a win..RT @Natalie_Pierre: Yesterday Winston threw 56 passes in FSU's spring game. Today he gets the save for FSU baseball at Ga. Tech.@loisasaro the best.@AroundTheHorn congrats Tony! I know you will crush the next opportunity.@BFE_3 @Rand_Getlin Dabo's comments don't follow a grey area. They fit in the talking points of not paying athletes. Check Rand's timeline.@BFE_3 @Rand_Getlin no one said he isn't entitled to it. That's not the point, it's the reference that his players should not be entitled.@scanders85 I'm impressed he was the only idiot.@scanders85 that dude is not worth the time.@BlackFridayMGT yeah joking about terrorism is funny??? Whatever you say. Keep tweeting and proving my point.It's kinda scary how quickly the joke turned into a real issue and then into a bragging moment. No time for pause and understanding.14-yr old jokes about terrorism to airline. Gets reported. She melts down. Apologizes. Then brags about RTs and new followers. Our future.@Rand_Getlin that's rich.Dabo Swinney (who makes $3.3M) on paying players: "We've got enough entitlement in this country...I didn't get into coaching to make money"
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiCan't believe it's been 5 years since we lost a legend - Harry Kalas. Blessed I had the chance to work in the booth with him as an intern.@Yunkernuts @j_marra04 @975TheFanatic would love to do it.Appreciate it. Always fun w Pat and Matt RT @j_marra04: @KNegandhiESPN loved hearing you on @975TheFanatic. That has to happen more often!.Local guy @KNegandhiESPN on with @PatGallen_975 and @Tooch975 talking Phillies, Jimmy Rollins and the rest of Philly Sports World.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@GoodmanESPN we will right the ship.. As for the main liners--- blasphemy!! That will never ever happen.. Ever.@GoodmanESPN jealous. Enjoy it after a great season.@GoodmanESPN what is this sleep you talk about. Tell me more.@AdamDvorin born in West Philly. Grew up in Phoenixville. Yes, it's in my blood.Good for JRoll.. Curious to know what the fool said MT @JSalisburyCSN: Rollins shuts up heckler with walk-off homer http://t.co/vJfVL82srcMickey Mouse Clubhouse overload, comparing characters to Seinfeld.. Mickey=Jerry, Donald=George, Goofy=Kramer, Minnie=Elaine, Pete=Newman..
Bring it on. RT @KunkelW: Go Rangers. @KNegandhiESPNOh yeah, it's ready. RT @muls87: @KNegandhiESPN just heard someone say its too hot out...still have that iceball stored and can I borrow it?I don't take the sun for granted but I sure appreciate it more after this winter.@JakeintheDurtyD @SportsCenter @Sara_Walsh @JadeMcCarthy no offense taken. They are great to work with.
Of course. RT @Jim_ICE: Right RT @jhartzell2: http://t.co/uPmRVoLqKgWith 2 minutes left in the game, Roy Hibbert gets his first rebound........@gteare28 I already tweeted about Hibbert's ineffectiveness.As bad as the Sixers are, their uptempo O made Evan Turner's numbers look better than he really is. The Pacers are finding out firsthand.Is Roy Hibbert playing a role in Space Jam 2 and didn't tell anybody? What happened to him?@RB_Mrs no joke. 5 months of heartburn for mommy.@kubii14 thanks Kory@AGnett1 no joke@UConnPuneet thanks Puneet@DishNSwish absolutely DavidAfter the craziest 3 weeks of my life, finally some quiet morning time with my newborn and his ridiculous dimples.. http://t.co/pbSAXLi812
@RebeccaLobo studio doesn't have brakes.@robg0927 attaboy.New ride at Six Flags NJ features a world record 415 ft drop at 90 mph w a roller coaster going around you. I'm in. http://t.co/Fj59RQ4x0gRT @brianstelter: Stephen Colbert takes over "The Late Show." Five-year contract, CBS says.Proud to join @KenBurns urging all Americans to learn the #GettysburgAddress http://t.co/sojD3JziAM @ESPN #TheAddressPBS
Tom Izzo, @Adreian_Payne join hundreds at The Rock to honor @adorablelacey #LoveLikeLacey http://t.co/0BBI3svxO2
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThe #Heat started the season 14-5 & have gone 39-19 since... The #Nets started 5-14 & have gone 38-20 since
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiPrincess Lacey has achieved the ultimate victory. She now dances among angels.... The world is a… http://t.co/SAXeJ4D4zH
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi#LoveLikeLacey MT @SportsCenter: "Princess" Lacey, 8-yr-old cancer patient who forged a bond w MSU hoops, has died » http://t.co/4OATIEr9cg@harikondabolu "hit us with some stuff.. Be funny.." Wow, that dude really did some prep work for the interview. Keep doing big things bro..@uconn_mainiac @RebeccaLobo @karalawson20 thanks Greg@MarkMcMillian29 thanks BroThank you for all the tweets about our Tourney coverage. The entire ESPN crew on the air and behind the scenes make this gig so much fun.I had an amazing time in Nashville this past week, the city knows how to host a real party.. Trust me, I will be back again..@harmonr13 thank you.@DishNSwish thank you. Had a great time with everyone.@sagesteele @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo thanks Sage@Lives2Inspire @heydb @RebeccaLobo @karalawson20 @sportsiren @BrendaVanLengen thanks Lachina. The entire crew was great.@StuartScott thank you bro. Means a lot coming from you.
Coming up on @SportsCenter, @genoauriemma joins us on the set.13-0.. Print the shirts UConn hoops.. What a 2 decade run..The @UConnWBB finish 40-0.. It's the 5th perfect season in program history.. The rest of D1 hoops has done it a combined 3 times!@EFQZ yes. That was discussed.
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