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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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Last night Madison Bumgarner didn't go to a single 3-ball count to 17 hitters, his only appearance without a 3-ball count this season.Wrapping my head around the performance and the numbers from Madison Bumgarner.. Quite simply, he was Chuck Norris with a baseball..
The legend of Madison Bumgarner is a shutout inning away from being complete.Workhorse MT @Buster_ESPN: Leaders in innings in 2014 postseason: 1. Bumgarner 49 2/3 2. Ventura 25 1/3 3. Shields 25 http://t.co/kSrb7vv8yFHere comes Madison. The moment of truth for these Royals as they trail by a run.@JohnKincade never."Nice trade RAJ"- me after every Hunter Pence postseason hit. I've said it often this Fall.@ESPNRobertSmith both universal wonders.I want winners! Who ya got tonight in Game 7?NumberFire projects that the Giants are a 54.7% chance to win Game 7.The Giants are 0-4 all-time in World Series winner-take-all games.Since 1980, the Royals are the 9th home team to win Game 6 of the World Series, trailing 3-2.. All of the previous 8 went on to win Game 7..This is what it's all about. Good Luck! RT @CoachCox8100: @KNegandhiESPN We are ready Kev! #TakeTheCrown http://t.co/L1EVGElEda@KBrettAustin theo will get you Lester@KBrettAustin joe maddon!!!Whether they do it or not, the idea that the Royals are 9 innings away from a World Series title is remarkable and offers hope to many teams@jeramye @Adam_Jacobi yup and if you dare say a word about an investigation, there's an agenda to take you down.@wingoz it's a tired act.@Adam_Jacobi From FSU to A&M to UNC to USC to PSU to OSU to Cuse to etc.. Same theme from fan bases who think their school is above it all..@MikeModge no one wants to dare think their school/team is wrong.@JKLUTE1 it really is a sad state.The "Blame ESPN/Media for my school/team being investigated for breaking rules" tweets are just sad. Look in the mirror, not the messenger.@ESPNRobertSmith freaky, huh? Puts things into perspective.@AdamSchefter love the pic. Next time we need Maggy on with us.@rodstreater80 will do. Keep getting better.@rodstreater80 that's my man. Great dude.@BobbyDubbz that's a good man.Exactly 6 years later, I can still hear Harry http://t.co/HD65kmtRTnSince 1980, the Royals are the 9th home team to win Game 6 of the World Series, trailing 3-2.. All of the previous 8 went on to win Game 7..
Said it last week it's in the top 5 of the @30for30 RT @mikefreemanNFL: This Boz doc is unbelievably good.@mikefreemanNFL the best.Playing for Switzer in the 80s.. That must've been some kind of crazyYou can't have the Boz without Barry Switzer. This relationship created it all before Switzer realized it was too much.Peavy got 4 outs on 42 pitches. Long night for SF bullpen ahead.@Derosatheo11 peavy yelled home. Belt hesitated and looked home.Peavy panicked there. Cost him a big out.Kinda held my breath there with Aoki. That looked shaky in the corner.@Lizzs_Lockeroom twitter is starting to burn me out with these fools@Lizzs_Lockeroom I hear ya. The art of discussion with differing opinions is dead.@TheRealTMont ESPN has no influence on the committee.The Mavericks are so intriguing. Man, the West is deeper than I can ever remember.@TheRealTMont if you thought this ranking would push people to watch, you don't have the pulse of college football. They'll watch regardless6 of the top 10 will play at least one other top 10 team. These rankings don't matter. It's only the starting point.
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@TheRealTMont please don't be a sheep who just listens to made up conspiracies.@HockeyLover1122 who is this LaBron you talk about? Is he good?@TheRealTMont I didn't know ESPN had someone on the committee. Thanks for the insight.@jeramye exactly.The beauty of this 1st ranking.. It will be different next week and we'll have another debate about the new team from the SEC West..@MrMonroe88 still have time. Auburn vs Ole Miss is this weekend.It's the first ever ranking. This will all shake out, especially the SEC West.Oh my. 3 of the 4 from the SEC. And Auburn vs Ole Miss gets even bigger.
@CESPN1 I agree.@IlladelphAC trusting Linehan.Cowboys have found the balance. And they stick to that plan no matter what. That allows Romo, Demarco and Dez to shine.@Picks_Of_Romo @JasonRomano over 900 yds rushing. Who would've thought I'm the one defending the Cowboy.And Desean had to slow down. That would've been a Touchdown.@JasonRomano @Picks_Of_Romo now now, easy there. He is the league MVP.Tough run by Murray. Really good gang tackling by Washington - fully aware of his fumbling problems. Washington has to capitalize.Colt McCoy is one of the nicest dudes you will ever meet. Tough challenge ahead, hope he has a good night back in Texas.This is very cool. RT @APgelston: 76ers opening night sneak peek @ Wells Fargo Center http://t.co/VQHUUr519S@LeahSecondo @ctchildrens @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo I'm lucky to call them friends and coworkers. Like you, my friend.Amazing time @ctchildrens today visiting kids stronger than many of us. With Ava, @karalawson20 and @rebeccalobo http://t.co/uQrDrbwDYtThe number of the day: 52. The Giants are only on the hook for $52 Million over the next 5 years for 25 year old Madison Bumgarner. A stealTallahassee Police Department investigating FSU starting RB Karlos Williams for alleged domestic battery
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@AshleyNicoleS17 unreal.@KP_Rivals maybe the best marathon/wine crawl ever.@JordanCarter32 @SportsCenter always a good time w Tim@KP_Rivals finally!!!! Good to hear from you. Latest marathon journey??@danajacobson @TBDintheAM @BrandonTierney would love to see the outfits of the people who are killing him.@bomani_jones I fell asleep in the middle of an early episode of season 4. That was my measuring stick to bail.@dannykanell brutal. And we'll have to see em forever when they show highlights of yesterday's game.Steelers wore 1934 throwbacks yesterday, Warren Heller that season threw for 511 yds and 2 TDs. Roethlisberger yesterday: 522 yds, 6 TDs.The number of the day: 52. The Giants are only on the hook for $52 Million over the next 5 years for 25 year old Madison Bumgarner. A steal.
Ridiculous. RT @Buster_ESPN: Madison Bumgarner in the World Series in his career: 28 innings, 11 hits, 1 earned run.Eagles are now an NFL-worst 34.8% scoring TDs in the red zone on 8-for-23. That would be Eagles' worst on record [RZ stats kept since 1994].
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiThat Peppers slant was a genius/crazy call. Genius if he catches it. Crazy if he drops it, then blow a TO, then get sacked and kick a FG@DanWeiner for some, that's postgame.@gconners10 haha! Some things I should let go. Some things I just can't.@brianros1 true. Intelligent discussion always welcome. That's why I respond.Awful news. RT @thebiglead: Oscar Taveras, St. Louis Cardinals' Top Prospect, Dead in Car Crash at Age 22 http://t.co/28uf1IXETC@atornetta no doubt.@shawn_ekwall the whole city should be.@atornetta exactly. Cardinals took advantage.@ByDavidMurphy flacco is the perfect example. Just get in and get healthy/hot in January.@brianros1 @ByDavidMurphy don't think the AFC is that much better. It's the league in general.@themindofporter you follow me. Not the other way around.@ByDavidMurphy in this league with how uneven everyone is, they qualify. Meanwhile, 5-2 works in the NFC but each week, more questions.@brianros1 not Chip's finest moment.@Bperk_32 took some chances in a smart league.Cards lost one of the best CBs in the game and their top WR and their D made some big stops. They got it done when needed. They're good.2 RZ turnovers. Failing to score from the 1. 2 big play TD passes allowed including GW w under 2 min left. That's too many mistakes.@_TheBill @JWaeghe still here? Are we at the trolling stage now? Remember I'm the worst fan according to you.@_TheBill @JWaeghe just cause you have thin skin is not my problem. Unfollow any time. I'm good.@BBri7 and the skin of pudding.This made me laugh. RT @_TheBill: @KNegandhiESPN @JWaeghe I'm sorry Kev but you're the worst Eagles fan I think I've ever witnessed6-1 is trash? Sure. RT @JWaeghe: oh please. the cardinals did nothing to deserve to win. the eagles beat themselves. cardinals are trash.@wedembirdz those are called mistakes. Unfollow, follow. I'm good.The Eagles didn't deserve to win. Way too many mistakes. The Cardinals are the real deal. They make plays regardless of injuries.@NickManJohnson I wish.No words on how that happens.
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