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Wilted and faded somewhere in Brooklyn.

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#FF to my friend @AvaAva2004. She's new to Twitter, and I'm trying to prove to her it's worthwhile.@k_ved Oh dear god, kved. NSFW! brb
Look at the flicka dat wrist https://t.co/RkFiI5DJ8I (vine by @GregSeals)
Retweeted by KatieI really imagine life would be lovely living in one of those puffy stroller cocoons.
Mommy http://t.co/LoadzHlHII http://t.co/T2roi7As2G
Retweeted by KatieUgh @kevinbacon has taken over like 5 blocks in my neighborhood5 bottles of prosecco that don't suck. http://t.co/KtK94t5YWQ http://t.co/rDNKsZANxW
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DEAD. RT @pbump: Good Vine. http://t.co/utzrZOz3FY
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug @tinydinosaurs double fave@Food52 @LuckyPeach @MindOfAChef I spy a Brussels!What this 82 year-old widow misses most is holding her husband's hands: http://t.co/s1K9TKeyJY
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When you've had a long day and your dog is the only one who will listen... http://t.co/p8LvbRq7S7@Krista_Doyle I've shamefully ordered food the other weekend, fell asleep, woke up 4 hours later with missed calls. Never did get my food :(Time-Lapse Video: Cats Lying in a Moving Sunbeam http://t.co/2oW9f0X3X2 via @neatoramaThis is the greatest Vine ever https://t.co/j9WtjORVrz Happy Monday
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@lastbadasstion Congratulations!@sdpowell1 Art Deco chic! But the necklace is unnecessary@doctorzaius OK. Now you're just pushing it.@FriendlessMean @darth Enjoy the show! :)@rowast @erinscafe Yes she does!@FriendlessMean hi. I'm right behind you, about to steal your nachos.You all have challenged me! Please stand by.@KWatkinsPC Not interested in that, but I ❤ awkwardness.Some guy is on his Twitter acct in front of me at this bar. Is it weird to follow him then tweet, "I'm right behind you." ??@jabriella 󾓧❤😋 http://t.co/lDj7wWigm9I'm making Beignets... in case anyone wants to bring me hot coffee to pair with them.20 incredible vintage photos of award shows during Hollywood's Golden Age: http://t.co/3Fim1MaJlK #Oscars http://t.co/meCmQ8FBFQ
Retweeted by Katie@hilarycakes Bring Coconut in a diaper and be dead-serious about it the whole time.
@WhitneyM02 Oooh and with Simon Camden!@darth @abjornsen Sir Elton John@juliakatherine excellent choice, Julia. I knew you'd like it! 😄@sdpowell1 @groditi that tulle one is incredible.@talktoskirt 😐@k_ved He ended up on the floor breakdancing. This man kept blowing my mind, I had to leave the gym.@k_ved Of course it was! No one will believe me, but the bro was dancing (probably to Drake) in front of the mirror, too.Omg I can't make this up. Bro at gym in knitted cap just removed his "TUMBLR" sweatshirt to reveal a tshirt that says "East Village" !!!!!@Kater_tot Also: men in knitted caps at the gym dot tumblr dot comSweaty man buns at the gym dot tumblr dot com@SoBendito 🙋
@juliakatherine GG all the way.@parva_x http://t.co/rRlZIzEmS1 You should be thanking whoever it is. So. Much. Leg room.@talktoskirt http://t.co/dtRwKxrmQY@ShanersMD @hgwnyc @jp730 @cameronbirch *whispers* "Fidelio"@jp730 @ShanersMD #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin http://t.co/9IJe0FM926@jp730 @ShanersMD I just want to subtly shake it a little bit while basking in 90's nostalgia. Is that too much to ask??@jp730 $7 Gin + Juice all night! But it's in... Brooklyn! http://t.co/q0DdvbIJhvUgh whatever.Would anyone like to go to a 90's dance party with me tomorrow?? I'm about 65% serious.@oandis @k_ved Oh and this: https://t.co/Osvgitkbco@k_ved We're big fans of that song in this office. TGIF, kved. Stay hydrated.@k_ved I really hope this is the song I'm thinking it is.@FoxyQuant Stunning. Congrats!
@Jessica_Effect Omg you'll tweet at me but not respond to my heartfelt text?!@jabriella And of course, a deep rouge lip@jabriella Ooh I like. I've got a black wool turtleneck sweater, black subtly patterned skirt, black lace tights w boots. Hair in tight pony@jabriella This is the look I go for pretty much every day.@kept_simple Haha it was either accidental or she's been trolling you for 2 years, which is admirable.@kept_simple You have to unfollow the band! Go to the Pet Shop Boys page and fix this at once!@montoyan @ARTownsend I don't watch Friends, but I do gallery hop in Chelsea with Ross and @lastbadasstion.@juliakatherine Enough to make me regret it today-- different bra styles, etc. I wish going without was acceptable in the office.Does anyone else get to work and really regret their undergarment choices?
@ComfortablySmug OR Abners in a pool of champagne. I'd convert for that...@darth Look! There's even one of Abner! (I've been saving these for when you woke up) http://t.co/xa6ulLm0xR@darth Not as sexy as this flask http://t.co/itQCVaMKAA@Nebrewska Oh my http://t.co/zy3zztI1wo@Nebrewska Oh dear God, I forgot Ash Wednesday. What a terrible Catholic girl I am!@Nebrewska Save it for Friday when meat is forbidden.@ARTownsend His falsettos are a little too much for me this morningFeaturing Waxahatchee, Florence, Kanye and more - 20 must-hear brand new tracks http://t.co/gtNAumZFT6 http://t.co/YgcCb5UbLQ
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It’s finally your chance: ‘Empire Records’ to become your real life at @RoughTradeNYC http://t.co/8Slg2uQg2N http://t.co/JSdFim2NIQ
Retweeted by Katie@grisuy Where does Milka stand? I'm kind of obsessed with it.@naufalsanaullah Their music section, @NoiseyMusic, is dope.@ComfortablySmug Just listened to "Alma." Victor Rasuk does such a fantastic job reading it.
@RBUAS Excellent essay, "To Girl, From Boy, with Love." I really enjoyed it.An essay about women and lying naked with a human you love or only maybe love: http://t.co/YL71xpkyyW http://t.co/Xx7MRZb2GT via @vice😏 RT @Brokelyn: Survey says Manhattanites are so thirsty for Brooklynites http://t.co/mshfjxZQW3@ComfortablySmug @TheStalwart http://t.co/UXlhSmnd0A
What's the difference between love and addiction in the brain? Nothing: http://t.co/YCdpXYOAd7 http://t.co/ibTUuEqtHM
Retweeted by KatieHow to Pick Up Girls: A Guide by Girls for Boys http://t.co/ZUMuMRDJN1 via @VICESee moving portraits of couples who've been married for decades: http://t.co/StKmaL69cX http://t.co/QjUnRze5gY
Retweeted by KatieA devastating Valentines Day read by Junot Diaz, whose writing speeds up the rotation of the planet. http://t.co/6odiABsxJn
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug @georgepearkes it's actually an excellent series, and most men that have given it a chance love it (fact).@ComfortablySmug I've pretty much convinced all ex-boyfriends to watch GG with me. No one has ever made it to season 7.Thanks, Bill. RT @billclinton: I hope you dance, especially today. http://t.co/yJSaYnPqU2@hilarycakes Same. I'm actually striving to achieve her look right now.
Every article of clothing on me is black right now (except for my socks. My socks have Brussels Griffon heads on them).@ComfortablySmug Delays in DM notifications 😏I recieced flowers to the office today from someone with a card stating "Happy Friday the 13th!" 💀❤@Gawker Why the potato though? 😕Stop eating candy hearts. Stop eating candy hearts. Stop eating candy hearts. Stop eating ca.. *teeth rot away*@hilarycakes Finally finished this piece-- thanks for sharing. Although it was incredibly intense, it was beautifully written.IT guy helping me over the phone basically admitted to not wearing pants thanks to the luxury of working from home... #HappyValentinesDayThis song sums up my general feelings toward the weekend-- http://t.co/NMRtXrcNyIValentine's Day macarons for the office 💋 http://t.co/WokbOowlEh@k_ved You think he's referring to views from a G6 or from the 6 train? Must be the latter...
@groditi @mnclde @georgepearkes I am always saying this about JFK.@jp730 They sell it at Williamsburg creamery and I've refused to try it. I like to keep my vices separate.@nycsouthpaw @nataliyanyc swiping right on that semi-attractive llama guy!‘My grandpa went to get his passport photos done but pressed the wrong button’ http://t.co/JZ2EvMtXRS http://t.co/jpuxYX5YSg
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A woman scorned is a scrotum torn. RT @NYDailyNews: Woman who tore ex-boyfriend's scrotum gets 2 years in prison. http://t.co/3Sb5VPMwFZ
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