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Katie @Kater_tot Brooklyn, NY

a flower blooming in a dark room

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Papi just told me my dress was too short. I'm moving. Bye papi ✌@naufalsanaullah
@BromonaTheBrave Happy Birthday, Bromona! I have no doubts you're spending your day doing something awesome! 💅💄🎶🔮💰🐾 (paws are from Abner)#Yeezer brings together Kanye and Weezer — and it’s pretty great
Retweeted by KatieMe today at work #productivity❤❤❤😂😂"..describing her vagina with more words than I thought existed, & then amplifying its power by rhyming those words"
Reuse, Reduce, Reproductive Rights: How Abortion Can Help Save the Planet via @broadlyGet a guided tour of the Met—from Jay Z, Kanye West, and Drake:
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug I vividly remember this experience.
Hotline Bling in an Uber FTW! "Hey man, could you turn this up?" @naufalsanaullah@noahsolo Whatever, dude. That diner by your place is the equivalent of Kellogs in wburg and doesn't count!Manhattan diner culture is the best. You don't get vibes like this in Williamsburg. I scored shockingly low on that quiz. Looks like it's time for another series re-watch!@Jessica_Effect New business venture?
Smith Sister Saturday @Jessica_Effect 👯
@lastbadasstion @georgepearkes And excellent soundtrack. Great film. May no longer be on Netflix though."Never saw your meat." - Dining etiquette with my father"You take it away with you, complete." @nytimes on Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist, open today.
Retweeted by Katie@naufalsanaullah !!! I was *just* about to send you same tweet 😏☎❤
New favorite account: @EveryICD10And now, a shirtless Rick Ross spinning around on a hoverboard with his ankle monitor on:
Retweeted by Katie@ReformedBroker @montoyan @naufalsanaullah This colder weather is the perfect time to give 808s a second chance, Josh.I'm the worst. Going to hide in a cubbie with Abner forever.✌@Jessica_Effect The bearded Joaquin is the most dangerous
Love being in the company of @google employees who have the right chargers.@naufalsanaullah 🍋 Girl here doesn't even know who Sade is! @MsBelleBath: Oh well, she hasn't been sexed right.@naufalsanaullah This tweet was inspired by "never understood planned parenthood/cuz I never met nobody planned to be a parent in the hood"Our new hire's husband is a chef at @momofuku Ssäm Bar, therefore new hire is now my new BFF.@SarahNEmerson #11 and #13 are gold@MsBelleBath Your bedroom: A scene right out of Anaïs Nin's diary@ravelrie NEED those neons for the living room and my bedroomDemon child 'Anti-Abortion Pill' Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive
Retweeted by KatieWhy we need a new Lauryn Hill album now more than ever. #FADER100
Retweeted by Katie@MsBelleBath brb@ilkandcookies Not to mention the failure of aesthetic. Good sausage tho..Back to Pink. Here are 2 photos of your brand new dog, Abner!!! Please note him scooting his bum on the pavement. He's stinky, dirty, and peed on the floor this morning. I'll throw in a free steer pizzle to seal the deal.I have a dog who's currently up for adoption in case anyone is interested..@AllisonCain_ Happy Birthday, Allison!“It may not be true that people who try to fly always burst into flames and fall. I still see Icarus.” —Joan Didion
Retweeted by KatieBill Withers Talks About the Recording of His 1973 Masterpiece, 'Live At Carnegie Hall' Hope this wasn't my evil stepsister's doing.. Can't wait to see you, @iamfiscus, and Joaquin this weekend.R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix) (January 2003)
Retweeted by Katie
Dizzy Gillespie played @CarnegieHall with guests #EllaFitzgerald and Charlie Parker on Sept 29, 1947. #thisdayinjazz
Retweeted by KatieThis premature darkness is making me super #emo so steer clear, NYC!!!He's prepping to become @kanyewest's Veep! You're back!!! @_SalmaSays@k_ved @pcdunham ..But I don't care for their sounds collectively. "Fell in the Sun" is the best track. Love the vitamin D pun.@k_ved I'm listening now. Looks like @pcdunham isn't interested. I love phantogram & I think both artists know how to produce great music...Our brain’s secrets to success?: Unique support system promotes cortex growth, connectivity linked to prowess.
Retweeted by Katie@ComfortablySmug Abner would tear out the plush and destroy that robobear, but only out of pure love.@ComfortablySmug Slow news day, huh?Girl lunch 💅 with @msbellebath (@ P.J. Clarke's in New York, NY) Wade lip-syncs "This Is How We Do It" and absolutely KILLS it:
Retweeted by Katie@MsBelleBath LOLs
@WBURGTHTR Your film selection is seriously lacking this week..@ShanersMD @kylef @montoyan It is! Read the wiki link above, bruh@montoyan Seinfeld & Trill® > PBR&B > Netflix & ChillThis podcast introduced me to an interesting new term: "PBR&B." @NewYorkerWhat do today’s R. & B. artists share with the chart-topping stars who came before them?
Retweeted by Katie@naufalsanaullah 💣💣💣💣💣💣💀
i need this moon to get into an e-fight with drake if it really wants me to care about it
Retweeted by KatieWHAT IS IN THESE
Retweeted by KatieHe's still a dog.I took Abner outside under the #SuperBloodMoon in hopes of him turning into a human (you know, like a reverse werewolf)..@tinkermellie Happy Birthday, Melanie! Bad B contest, you in first place! 👑💅💄GOOD!!! He's a loser assclown. Catching the elite women fly down Bedford for the @nycmarathon is one of my most exhilarating memories in BK thus far. Inspiring.Shaggy playing in my local breakfast spot and I'm not even mad.@ComfortablySmug #BLOODmoon 💀@naufalsanaullah“This is a doctor-caused epidemic.” I like the xx because it's one X away from xxx, and I enjoy keeping the recipient's mind in that general vicinity.Abner and I are glamorously sleepy tonight
Not even trying thoBeautiful season of autumn. Windows open with a cool breeze. Neighbors blasting "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent, can't drown it out from my bedroom."And then she started feelin' herself like no one else in this apartment.""Music was my first language."—14-year-old Bryan Bedford #TEDxMet
Retweeted by Katie.@Gatorade payed for this ad space and it looks cool, but #brands. 😞 I was disposing of dead roses, so that was a literal tweet. But here's a related poem: roses can be just as beautiful as fresh ones
@grisuy @Rev_Xavier MO be like "got 45 minutes to get all dressed up..."@Rev_Xavier @grisuy "state dinner n chill"@Jessica_Effect you still in jerz? Just come hang w your sister. Don't you love me anymore?@tinkermellie LOLs gangsta shit ❤❤😍#IfKanyeWasPresident: Jan. 20 2021 - President West rocks the Yeezy 1450 captoe on CSPAN.
Retweeted by Katie@juanyfbaby Persistence pays off, bruv 🙌🏻❤️@juanyfbaby Someone used it on me and it worked!@Mboltonfanatic 👍 Take a pic I ❤ it@MsBelleBath Shower curtain is so bomb thoLeaving the office on a Friday like Boehner Love the fisheye lens on all of those '90s Puffy vids
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