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Viva la Deitche!! I like to be filthy on here bc my Moms hasn't joined yet.

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Found this & thought @SklarBrothers n Jon Hamm would love...Discussion on Baseball in the Gilded Age - @neiltyson Best Hashtag Wars EVER. #CherryPoppin"Let's dig a knife into our bellies, pull out our own guts, and then stare at our entrails until we realize we're all just humans." -Twitter
Retweeted by ladeitcheOne of my all-time favorites! Seth Rogen interview on @TheDailyShow is as painful as Seth Rogen's laugh. #ChewingGlassIsBetterNope, Trevor. Nope. #CueCards #MonitorFeed #NotBuyingItI'm trying out @TheDailyShow . Not sure about it. At alllll. #SuspectOnly that in you which is me can hear what I'm saying. ~ Ram Dass
Retweeted by ladeitcheLearn to light the candle. Rise with the sun.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe Lilly Awards Will Celebrate Women Songwriters with Concert Featuring Dozens of Broadway Artists @TheLillyAwards
Retweeted by ladeitcheTravel. Meet people. Eat. Laugh. Keep in touch. #WhatPhilsHaving
Retweeted by ladeitcheFully weeping. Please watch I'll Have #WhatPhilsHaving on @PBS if you love life. #Bravo!!!@maglicco Def were dolls...but amazing jewelry and glassware and pottery and paintings!!!!STOP YOUR FACES RIGHT NOW. YOU FOUND THEM, @MHoranRosenthal & @PhilRosenthal !!!!! #WhatPhilsHavingSo I love every man who cooks in Italy, apparently... Ben!! #Caveman #WhatPhilsHavingAnd now I will eat my leftover pasta in pesto because hunger. #WhatPhilsHaving #illJoinYouFun fact: my brother's Confirmation name is Sebastian. #WhatPhilsHaving@PhilRosenthal and I love @NancySilverton 's wardrobe, too!I'm still sore from the torta altesto workout. #WhatPhilsHaving
Retweeted by ladeitche"I wish I had meat here." *points at forearms* "Muscles of any kind!" - @PhilRosenthal #DEAD #WhatPhilsHavingOh gyod, @PhilRosenthal , I'm dying... "I'm not leaving" #RestStop #WhatPhilsHavingI had a wonderful day with @FabioPicchi and his mother. Could always use a 2nd family. Just in case #WhatPhilsHaving
Retweeted by ladeitcheAnd @MHoranRosenthal arrives!!! And I'm crying some more. #WhatPhilsHavingFabio's mama's house looks like @Rosagrazz & @ricograzz 's Mama's house, I bet... #Angela #WhatPhilsHavingUmm, how sexy is this chef Fabio? #VERRRRY #WhatPhilsHavingI actually want to know what YOU’RE having. Post your Italian food photos with hashtag #WhatPhilsHaving!
Retweeted by ladeitcheI'm crying remembering my trip to Tuscany for @StephanieJBlock & @SebArcelus' glorious wedding... #WhatPhilsHaving #ItalyIs4LoversSo excited for I'll Have What Phil's Having!!!! #PBSThe Shady Group That Played Pope Francis #antiquesroadshow and wondering why @maglicco is not with me...To fly we have to have resistance.- Maya Lin
Retweeted by ladeitcheHappy Monday y'all ! It's time to LEAP and I promise you THE NET WILL APPEAR !!! #acting #actorslife
Retweeted by ladeitche“@THR: New 'Vinyl' Trailer Previews Bobby Cannavale's Rock & Roll Company Goals” Yaaasss plsYou know you break out in hot sweats when someone even suggests legislating your guns? Now imagine if you had a uterus.
Retweeted by ladeitcheSee the boys together again in #MagicMikeXXL on Blu-ray tomorrow!
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe always colorful David Bowie, 1972.
Retweeted by ladeitcheSometimes my eye twitches and I think it may be my inner turmoil trying to escape.
Retweeted by ladeitcheYou may want no one to think of you, or care what you do, but you can't disappear. We need you. You need us. But relax. You're here with us.
Retweeted by ladeitcheGuns killed more Americans in 12 years than AIDS, war, and illegal drug overdoses combined
Retweeted by ladeitcheWe have to keep this conversation about changing our culture going. #DVAM2015 Thanks @jacksontkatz
Retweeted by ladeitcheReally important piece on mass shootings and threat assessment from @motherjones
Retweeted by ladeitche
If you have terrible things you want to say on the internet, scream them into the void instead:
Retweeted by ladeitcheUMMMMMMM YEEEEEEESSSSS. THIIIIIIS. you do can be done better - from a place of relaxation. ~ Stephen C. Paul
Retweeted by ladeitcheWe need to take an evidence-based approach to curbing gun violence, says @NickKristof
Retweeted by ladeitcheBe at peace in the midst of chaos and the chaos itself gives way.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAhem... The Second Amendment Is a Gun-Control Amendment via @adamgopnik
Retweeted by ladeitcheBe the source. Whatever you want to experience in yourself, be the source of it in the lives of others.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThings and conditions can give you pleasure but they cannot give you joy - joy arises from within. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Retweeted by ladeitche@survivorqueen isn't it?! One of my all-time favs!
Yaaaaaaaasssss. you resist, persists. That is because, by your continued attention to it in a negative way, you continue to place it there.
Retweeted by ladeitcheNurse on bombing of Doctors Without Borders hospital: "I have no words to express this. It is unspeakable."
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe cast of #ahshotel at the premiere party.
Retweeted by ladeitcheOkay, who's going to The Broad w me?!? #OBSESSED the most unbearable feeling is to know you are right.
Retweeted by ladeitcheI have experienced that the quality of my life increases exponentially when I am willing to be vulnerable, close, and naked.
Retweeted by ladeitcheI have found that if you love life, life will love you back. ~ Arthur Rubinstein
Retweeted by ladeitcheToday, peace means the ascent from simple coexistence to cooperation and common creativity among countries and nations. ~ Gorbachev
Retweeted by ladeitche@leemounts @michaellondra @TheLoftMovie @netflix I'm the hussy @ericstonestreet sleeps with... *wags eyebrows*
2015 @ricograzz you must watch!!! email and ask why no female musicians are on the roster. Thank you. #womenmusicians #femaleartists #ladylove
Retweeted by ladeitche♡ you, @ddlovato ! of #Peeple, an app designed to collect unsolicited feedback doesn't appear to like unsolicited feedback.
Retweeted by ladeitche#WorldSmileDay #roalddahl Smile - it works!!
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe healing equation is spirituality AND political activism. It's political activism as a sacred act.
Retweeted by ladeitcheWe can't predict who will commit a mass shooting. Gun control is the only way out:
Retweeted by ladeitchePetition to add the words "well-regulated" to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution...OH WAIT.
Retweeted by ladeitche#RestrictGunsNotAbortions
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis gif has so many characters and subplots, it's like a Shakespearean tragedy
Retweeted by ladeitcheNot saying that @libertycounsel tricked @Pontifex into meeting #KimDavis. I am saying that we found a LOT of fake mustaches in her office.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThe weirdest thing is #kimdavis is has been LOUDLY on the phone with who she says is @Pontifex all week. She giggles a lot.
Retweeted by ladeitcheNow that I'm thinking about it... Do you think those flowers #kimdavis got WEREN'T from "100,000 Peruvians" like the card said?
Retweeted by ladeitcheAs of Sept 29th, 152 people had been murdered in St. Louis City. 141 were black. 103 are unsolved. #comprehensiveplan
Retweeted by ladeitcheI accidentally made caffeinated tea so I guess I'll be VERY AWAKE for my wild Friday night of documentaries and Victorian novels!
Retweeted by ladeitche@michaellondra you're not the only one... #EekAaahahhahaaaaaa TERRIFIED.Your life contains all the poetry and implausibility of the most outlandish fable you have ever read or heard told. You ARE a miracle.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThis is how I would die into the love I have for you. As pieces of cloud dissolve into the sunlight. ~ Rumi
Retweeted by ladeitcheA girl can dream... *sigh*, he has gay frieeends... #PopeFrancis ‘good’ jobs don’t poison communities and kill workers. #BanFracking #GoRenewable #SupportCJsLaw
Retweeted by ladeitcheObama asked journalists to chart deaths caused by terrorism vs. gun violence. So they did:
Retweeted by ladeitche42% of US bee colonies have died in 2015! Wake up! Save our hardworking bees from Bayer's pesticides! @NRDC #SAVEBEES
Retweeted by ladeitcheKonichiwa! Wonderful! Cc @KChenoweth #GunSense encounter has its own music. When you take someone in, listen closely. Music is playing. Follow the music and the encounter will bloom.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThere ain't no rules around here! We're trying to accomplish something. ~ Thomas Edison
Retweeted by ladeitcheI just want everyone to remember the tweets @sarahcolonna & I exchanged about a Yelp 4 people & how we hahaha'd so hard over it. #PeepleAppObviously, you have never met Tim Riggins, @FLOTUS . #FNL Hepburn in red. Photograph by Richard Avedon, 1961
Retweeted by ladeitcheI thought I could hear Lana Del Rey, but it turns out I'm just being haunted by the ghost of a girl who overdosed in a truck stop toilet.
Retweeted by ladeitcheThank you, @POTUS & @GovMikeHuckabee & company, PLEASE STFU. #commonsensegunlaws #NotOneMore
@mydata49 @MarlowNYC STFU.Forget Oregon's Gunman -- Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight At Him: #UCCShooting
Retweeted by ladeitchePlease, lock up your guns. Get a fingerprint safe. Demand the ATF prosecute illegal gun sellers. Demand a change. Refuse to live with this.
Retweeted by ladeitcheAerial Illusion of an “Underwater Waterfall” in Mauritius Island.
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