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Shout out to the dude who just lit and hit a pipe as he drove down Virgil--you, sir, are entirely without scruplesRewatched 'Under the Skin' -- it's still the best movie I've seen this year. Here's what I wrote about it in April: http://t.co/30IN2sG9od
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@en_cohen @netw3rk @jaycaspiankang if it doesn't, then what was even the point@jaycaspiankang @Giantandre @netw3rk *dies*@netw3rk @jaycaspiankang in other words, cool as hell@netw3rk @jaycaspiankang lolololololololol yeah Jay if you start cheering for Man U this year that would be like buying a Schaub jersey@netw3rk @jaycaspiankang https://t.co/7DajHvjV2C@jaycaspiankang @netw3rk Liverpool, Balotelli just joined Liverpool, it's got to be LiverpoolCaffe Vita in Silverlake playing thrashcore right now in an attempt to make all of us working here reconsider our labor on Labor DayIf you would like to publish a piece on the double-edged sword of John Oliver's virility, I will probably not read it, but good effortSmart @iancrouch piece on the double-edged sword of John Oliver's virality (not virility) http://t.co/VcJY2n8kbkMy dude @jeremypgordon is writing about books, and he kicked it off with a v sharp consideration of the new Murakami http://t.co/vPYrqnfWMy@TheTomasRios into it@TheTomasRios letting that keeper off the hook, my dude@AGoot18 this is why the whole "don't tweet" shit drives me nuts OK RANT OVER hi goot happy labor day@AGoot18 like, sure, everything's fucked, but that doesn't seem useful to me as an observation because we kind of have to soldier on anyway@AGoot18 in the guise of compliment Jennifer Lawrence because her body isn't "dirty" or whatever@AGoot18 and society doesn't realize what it's doing! it's unconsciously allowing some women to have a right to sexuality while others can't@AGoot18 sure, but it's ~how~ it's messed up that's significant. this is a classic example of society trying to tamp down female sexualityRe: @annehelen tweets, so telling/messed up how public holds mandate of judging what women have the right to sexuality that isn't "dirty"There was something ineffable about her sexuality that made it v. difficult to frame it as "dirty," no matter how nude
Retweeted by kevin lincolnSomeone just commented that "no picture of J-Law could ever be dirty," which is precisely the way that people responded to pix of Monroe
Retweeted by kevin lincolnHappy Labor Day! I wrote about BLUE RUIN, my favorite movie of the year so far, and how you should watch it today http://t.co/JZEhXFrUr3
@MattZeitlin 👍👍👍👍👍
@MattZeitlin a tweet will do@MattZeitlin let me know what you think@MattZeitlin have you seen Punch-Drunk Love? if not, watch thatHowever good you remember the Silver Jews being, they're better than thatMan City beat Liverpool and Stoke beat Man City, so by the commutative property, don't ever do math ever
“‘Look at THAT walking by. I’m trying to have sex with THAT.’” My @NYTmag profile of Jill Soloway is up at http://t.co/NEU0CZ16i1
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@juliarubin HEY i just like peanuts they're such a staple@juliarubin i like them in Dishes but plain they seem too decadent for me@juliarubin plain? i must quibble with thatReaching into a bag of cashews when you think it's a bag of peanuts is a surprisingly unnerving tactile experiencePeople are changing the titles of movies that go VOD so they'll get bumped higher up ALPHABETICALLY lol http://t.co/9UgoAKLb2F
Retweeted by kevin lincolnWho wants to fly a spaceship into the sun while listening to Cymbals Eat Guitars' "XR" on loop + then come out on the other side of the sun@JakeSwearingen @TheWire @TheAtlantic congrats, that's a good oceanI didn't even realize you could accrue twelve dollars in library fines, and yet here I am, with twelve dollars in library fines@MattZeitlin @ZTracer I must confess that I've never really understood the term@ZTracer twice a week, son. BIWEEKLY(?)@MattZeitlin hey girl@nbj914 haven't yet, will check it out and report back"What IS yogurt? Is the yogurt having sex, in my mouth, as I eat it? Is it some sort of dairy orgy?" http://t.co/BB53bFn8BU
Retweeted by kevin lincolnwhat I learned from all of this is that Goodell is an insane person and the NFL's conduct policy is so fucked http://t.co/3723CzQD2u
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@nbj914 not necessarily! i think it works hereWent long on RUBY SPARKS and Zoe Kazan and romcoms and male self-delusion for latest movies newsletter thing http://t.co/kRnztDA7bA@jordanginsberg I'll get the Kickstarter going@jordanginsberg "hey Kanye, you ever seen INLAND EMPIRE? how about LOST HIGHWAY? how about we make a video with Bill Pullman?@ben_rosen @charlotteborgen i just sort of weird solo-mosh'd over my coffee while listening to XR, it was weirdI'm going to mourn the absence of this David Lynch "Blood on the Leaves" video like a phantom limb http://t.co/2RlX82BnXO"He’s just riding the wave and not taking no for an answer" — something David Lynch actually said about Kanye West. David Lynch is a king
Say hello to @ericnus, who will be the Deputy Editor of @VICESports. He's only, y'know, maybe the best sportswriter slash editor alive.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnAlert me when Obama's wearing jorts"illuminati you can call them" RT @LesHorn: Speaking of Obama, Chingy thinks the U.S. government made up ISIS http://t.co/yLU3771L9B@en_cohen @lfitzmaurice @Jayson_Greene @kingcrabigail PRESSED AGAINST THE CALLOUS OF YOUR PALM, I RECONCILE [indistinguishable yelling]GOOD DOG http://t.co/WtRZfQ8W1MIn which Jeff Goldblum says to Jessica Biel, "Of course you know @LaurenBans!" http://t.co/p41h8eqIh9@marincogan @GrahamDavidA he is a hard man to persuade@GrahamDavidA uhh @marincogan should probably tell her cat to stop speaking to the press"What is the rate at which a good-natured meme decays into the grossest displays public ridicule?" http://t.co/mNqvnXl1cZ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnand it's not even for Fine, Great smh MT @sweetestsara EW premiered a new modern baseball video. Huh i guess this is what 2014 is like
GUYS WHAT ELSE IS GOOD LET'S TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT ARE GOODAnd I already tweeted out the Longform interview with Zach, but also, @maxlinsky kills this one http://t.co/VakSYIrKAC@ohheygreat 💎Just get used to me tweeting out the @ohheygreat A Year of Wednesdays essays, because it's going to keep happening https://t.co/ljZ2Ly6r0Q@JakeSwearingen @lindseyweber perfect, i'll keep rocking@rachelysanders @JakeSwearingen @lindseyweber ok@JakeSwearingen @lindseyweber hmm ok. i'll probably give it a go just because it is super compelling. TEAM ALICE (i heard this is a thing)@JakeSwearingen @lindseyweber also quentin SUCKS@JakeSwearingen @lindseyweber not a fantasy dork which I think is part of the problem? loved the real world stuff, underwhelmed by fillory@lindseyweber as someone who was SUPER into parts of the Magicians but a liiiiiittle underwhelmed by the end, should I continue?@williamfleitch @griersonleitch yeah, the movie... doesn't actually make any sense! but the pleasure of it compensated enough for me@williamfleitch @griersonleitch have you seen The One I Love yet? that's another killer on VODFor @griersonleitch, I wrote about two great indie VODs: "The Dog" and "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors." http://t.co/sGafPJP3xU
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BrianPinDC FOIA-petitioning Prestige Worldwide@rachelysanders that is you talking to your reflection@rachelysanders that is not a conversation, RachelHas the phrase "hella good hair" ever been used in the course of conversation by real, actual humans@russellbrandom i'm into itGetting some El Topo vibes from new Grimes video for "Go" https://t.co/WhR0beCssH http://t.co/tn3ceaOrejOne of my favorite writers — and Seriously Good Dude — @xzachbaronx on the Longform Podcast. SIRENS http://t.co/jH6ZTieWMWSay what you will about film, but at least Spike Jonze doesn't need to constantly answer questions about Theodore Twombly's future love lifeReally wondering if this total indebtedness to the audience's gluttony for information is going to start pushing auteurs away from TVThe messiah comes. "I'm here to save your souls," he says. Some bro calls him clickbait. The world ends"An officer on the street let the dog he was controlling urinate on [Michael Brown's] memorial site." http://t.co/aLgozSGGi1
@TheLincoln oh man. Jesse Ball. any Jesse Ball book, but ESPECIALLY Samedi the Deafness@jeremypgordon @drewmillard i respect your dedication and your hustle and also your weird tongue@jeremypgordon @drewmillard man Jeremy you've really let your hair grow since I moved. all over your body. also your pupils are huge@juliarubin @A_W_Gordon this is true I broke my hip when i was 12 years old because i am a weirdoPlease DM for any more facts re: @A_W_GordonAnd also over the course of three years of middle school @A_W_Gordon probably went 497-3 against me in various editions of MaddenI can also exclusively reveal that when I broke my hip in 6th grade @A_W_Gordon would help me carry my books up the hill near our housesGood on @TheTomasRios for bringing on @A_W_Gordon to write exclusively about libertarian animals in sports for Vice. v shrewd hire@rwohan @nbj914 fæv is pronounced "b e n g h a z i"I am joining @VICESports full-time as a staff writer.
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@hreins @MattZeitlin @Alannabean @audevwhite renata adler and jenny holzer and marina abramovich@MattZeitlin @Alannabean @hreins @audevwhite raj rajaratnam@hreins @Alannabean @audevwhite we're on the same page https://t.co/Am3I7ZvH8D@jordansarge "i'm proud to be doing the first Ice Bucket Challenge"David Lynch doing the Ice Bucket Challenge while drinking a cup of coffee. Somehow, he stays completely dry
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