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Sarsgaard is on fire (walk with me)
@davidlsims if Adam Wingard directed a Fast and Furious movie I'd actually see a Fast and Furious movieFor the record, the article teased here: is this one about—where else—Times Square:
Retweeted by kevin lincolnPlease partake in the yearly ritual of watching hope slowly die in the Eastern Conference
@sundownmotel thanks man, much appreciated@sundownmotel this does make me think of an alternate universe where there are two identical Kevin Lincolns with rival careers
This @kylebuchanan interview with Andrew Garfield is so great
@scott_tobias NOW THAT SHOULD BE THE NEW COACH REBOOTIt feels like just yesterday that I was a young man thoroughly confused by how Luke Walton continuously had an NBA roster spotBuried-or-at-least-co-lede of Steve Kerr back-surgery leave story: Luke Walton will serve as interim HC Friedkin, Andrew Dominik, and David Cronenberg, aka my ideal potluck guests, all turned down True Detective
Following @davidehrlich's piece for Slate, I wondered if A24 can, in fact, save Hollywood--and what that really means this is a time when I really wish I had photoshopGod bless @jadabird for refusing to believe Cary Fukunaga's evasive True Detective talk
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@rilaws easy choice@rilaws Blake Lively@audevwhite get Elon Musk to fund your spacetakes@juliarubin i would like nothing more*Grub Street DietI think the things that inspire me most are Grub Street Diaries that involve a lot of tasteful day drinkingJosh Lucas' Grub Street Diary inspires me to be a better person hot take was born in Aude-Kevin slack, I want this on the record some thoughts!: addition to the SICARIO canon Schefter story is part Cubs profile, part account of how Kate Upton, pilots & Super PAC guys ended up drinking together
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Retweeted by kevin lincoln@andygreenwald @ChrisRyan77 @rwohan you ask how the hashtag is made. keep your eye on the tweet@andygreenwald feel like we should lock down an official spelling of SICCAARRRRIOOOO @ChrisRyan77 @rwohanSICARIO averaged a dynamite $30,000 per 59 screens this weekend. Last week, I wrote about what that means'm going to go to Mars and drink the Mars water
@iboudway will there be snacks? because I'm getting on a planeRead this interview with John Magary and then go watch THE MEND, the movie from this year I can't stop thinking about Chvrches Day!!!!!
🚬🐟 @ Wexler's Deli talked to Brit Marling and Hailee Steinfeld about THE KEEPING ROOM. They did not do the interview in their accents
I want to write a 100,000-word narrative non-fiction book about the hair of the men in THE BIG SHORT I only ask because it's a similarly lit Brolin performance@fierman :(@BenMathisLilley did you ever see INHERENT VICE?@BenMathisLilley fair. yeah I very much did not watch it in that frame of mind, so that stuff mostly skated over me@BenMathisLilley I loved itUnsurprisingly, @sternbergh's Tom Hardy profile is dynamite I wrote about the fascinating implications of per-theater box office, focusing on SICAAAARRRRIIIOOOO“When I decide what I wanna do in general with life, having followers could help." Salute @reeveswiedeman !!
Retweeted by kevin lincolnReally stunned that Peter Sarsgaard's coke sweats in BLACK MASS haven't been a bigger topic of discussion in the culture
@ldbahr hi! nice to meet you, in passing, without realizing it@ldbahr oh wait was that you after me???
I had no interest in the Ryan Adams 1989 cover album until I listened to it and realized it was superb and now I'm very interested in it@katedavisjones it's like the kids' game telephone, except with adults and coversI could listen to another 30 minutes of this it's close!@davidlsims scary-oFavorite movies of 2015 list as of today so so good@juliarubin movie starring emily blunt and josh brolin and benicio del toro whose name can only be shoutedSIIIICCCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
@SorayaRoberts trying to pitch my editors on a 6,000 word profile. really understand what makes him tick
Once again, you can read the entire Battle for Benefits series here. Thanks for reading.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnWrote about THE PERFECT GUY and the increasingly undeniable evidence that moviegoers respond to diverse casts
Deakins @andygreenwald niceJesse Ball, one of our most consistently underrated writers, got longlisted for the National Book Award! roadmap for all men who want to make the world a better place for the women they work with, from @jesshopp:
Retweeted by kevin lincolnDid you know: every time you tweet, Joe Swanberg has produced, written, shot, acted in, and edited a feature-length filmFun exercise: spend some time on Joe Swanberg's IMDB page and marvel at the comparative unproductivity of the entire human raceCongratulations to @Wesley_Morris, one of the best film writers on the planet, and to the New York Times, which is now that much better
@iboudway @AmosBarshad reasonable. @bobbyfinger is a genius
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@annehelen @AmosBarshad THE SAUSAGE GUYSIf no one makes a movie out of @AmosBarshad's Yankees Suck! story, then why do movies even exist is the greatest country on earth
The story of CJ Chivers is as remarkable as the ones he tells I like living vicariously through a television doppelgänger of myself@rachelysanders hey buddy@rachelysanders GOOD LUCK IMPERSONATOR KEVIN@rachelysanders wow, that guy does kind of look like meI wrote about Jason Schwartzman's dog Arrow, who is a great actor, and his star turn in 7 CHINESE BROTHERS
Just discovered @thescofieldmag, which did a whole issue on David Markson, one of ~the~ great American writers at least they gave Mark Ruffalo hair that looks like he went into a Boston Supercuts at 11 pm on St. Patrick's Day@rilaws would I watch a weekly series in which Terrence Howard explained quandaries? I wouldI love itHe is so bizarrely solipsistic that he has decided, not delusionally but arbitrarily, that the most basic tenet of math isn't coolWhich leads me to my CONCLUSION that it isn't so much delusion as it is the obscuring force of Howard's ego, which is inspiringly largeIt's both incredible and somewhat disconcerting, unless it's just Terrence Howard being like, "screw you all, I know math"Like, there are mistakes, and then there is seeing something that isn't there, which I'm pretty sure is what this isIt's such a bizarrely deliberate misreading of the fundamental concepts of MATH that it borders on delusionalLet's really think about this Terrence Howard "1 x 1 = 2" thing@HCheadle only in the way of JG Ballard's CRASH, in that I feel sexually enervated reading itThis is the tribute Djokovic deserves's my new column on Djokovic vs. Federer:
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@GrahamDavidA @yksnpnwrbrhsa we could start talking about Bill Frisell if you'd prefer@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA I know that. what I love is just how deep that commitment goes@GrahamDavidA @yksnpnwrbrhsa I'd read it for a High Life@KTLincoln @yksnpnwrbrhsa I hate you so much
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA did you guys know that Christopher Walken is in Joe Dirt 2? I can't get over it@GrahamDavidA @yksnpnwrbrhsa to be fair, I am eating this waffle while wearing a traditional Nepalese cloak@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA yeah that was mean@yksnpnwrbrhsa @GrahamDavidA smooth jazz Twitter@GrahamDavidA @yksnpnwrbrhsa think of this as adult alternative Twitter
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