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@dannychau I wish I wasn't, but can't today. soon though for sure@dannychau just got the Sunset Beer newsletter and considered heading over there and hunkering down for the next 12 hoursI've started to take a perverse sort of adolescent pleasure in my occasional parking ticket. This is a sign that I am bad at rebellion@jeremypgordon you're the king of vine@minakimes good thing is, you just know that Rosemarie Dewitt knockoff mom has all sorts of gnarly shit going on outside that poster@alanna @rachelysanders I'm very into this@alanna @rachelysanders Rachel "Radical Sandcastles" Sanders@alanna @rachelysanders IF IT AIN'T OLD RADICAL SANDCASTLES AT IT AGAINThe outstanding rock and roll band All Dogs just released their LP and I recommend you listen to it, for your health about fantasy football and regular football and where the two intersect for Rolling Stone
@JesseDavidFox I didn't know this before and now my life is better
I GOT THE DRINK IN ME GOING BACK TO BACK ahhh yeah those are definitely worth seeing. New Beverley had a double feature last Friday, I think? but they're around@maxrsiegel I plan to! at some point. one dayPeople will justifiably focus on how amazing Moss is in QUEEN OF EARTH, too, but Katherine Waterston: so good! Cast Katherine Waterston!@rilaws we all have our C.R.O.S.S.E.S. to bear@_ob_yan no! not yet. but i definitely want to@rilaws I still need to see Tangerine and Phoenix but totally agree about Clouds. And Magic Mike! (And Lost River. Now I feel alone)That's pretty solidBut between EX MACHINA, MAD MAX, END OF THE TOUR, TOM AT THE FARM, and QUEEN OF EARTH, I've seen five movies I'd consider exceptionalHave definitely heard a narrative that this has been a slow (or even bad, though I don't think there's such a thing) year for movies so farIt's possible the only movie I'll see this year that impresses me more than QUEEN OF EARTH is when I see QUEEN OF EARTH in theaters@en_cohen agreed!Also looking forward to YOUTH because it will officially be the first movie I ever listened to a song about the making of before I saw itAnd Paul Dano's mustache game is strongYOUTH's trailer furthering the pretty good case that Paolo Sorrentino is a stylist as good as any
@celebrityhottub and under President Donald Trump, that world will be pretty awesome@BenMathisLilley MOVIES DON'T COME OUT ON MONDAY BRO@JakeSwearingen thanks Jake!@c_heller the sad thing is I could almost certainly do that@c_heller your vote has been logged. Fate of the newsletter TBD@CaseyArmington you got it right, let me tell you. thanks man@marincogan 😁@david_j_roth @NYMag @vulture much appreciated, my man@uuords YOU ARE GREAT@imjasondiamond thanks man, much appreciated@katiejmbaker @NYMag @vulture thanks!!!!!@A_W_Gordon fate of newsletter TBD@adambvary thanks Adam!@chaykak @NYMag @vulture thanks!!!@audevwhite fun fact: i've never used Slack before. Very excited@williamfleitch thanks, Will. Should be fun, and interesting, and hopefully even productive@davidlsims @NYMag @vulture thank you I'm very excited@YourManDevine @NYMag @vulture thank you!!!Also, I will be staying in Los Angeles! I haven't opened a juice shop yet, so I'm not ~legally~ allowed to leave anyway@NickGreene @NYMag @vulture it's risky for sure@NickGreene @NYMag @vulture well, the thing is, I actually am Zac Efron, so I've sort of doubled down on the whole thing@audevwhite @rilaws I'm just his alter-ego@lindseyweber hey we should hang out soon@ohheygreat @erikmal I'll still be in LA, actually! Which should make it even easier for me to get up to SF at some point. Which I should do@rilaws I'm not. Will be the New York Magazine in Los Angeles department@misterpatches thanks man, much appreciated@audevwhite SURPRISEI'm very, very excited to be joining @NYMag and @vulture full time as a senior editor / movies reporter starting MondayAlso, some changes:I wrote about the spectacle of Walton Goggins, tied to this weekend's AMERICAN ULTRA
@KTLincoln It's possible that story's just sponsored promotion for the new GODMODE release/essay:
Retweeted by kevin lincoln"ESPN Exclusive"This is a genuine masterpiece of a nascent form. It will be taught in schools one day
Really terrific profile of Claire McCaskill by @marincogan. McCaskill DISHES for this to impact celebrity profiling the way the surprise album drop impacted the album cycle
Retweeted by kevin lincolnThis is a very good list. Particularly co-sign UNDER THE VOLCANO and HHhH!! My new book Dear Emma is now available for preorder on Amazon.
Retweeted by kevin lincolnJust saw a scientologist rollerblading to the Church on Sunset, which means my day has already peaked
@lindseyweber @ChiaraAtik I would say that you are in a very small minority with that opinion, but I respect you for itCraig Finn and Patrick Stickles came by the office
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
Great Joshua Cohen essay on death of Culture as an idea + Vargas Llosa's "Notes on the Death of Culture" specifically ahhh word, yeah that was pretty intense@rawan it for sure uses her as a plot mechanism more than fleshes her out as a human being, but I think sometimes people are used that way@rawan you don't think so? I thought the whole movie pretty much hinged on Rebecca Hall's character and its empathy with her@rawan I can definitely see that. It has some baaaaad scenes, but the conceit and pacing and performances held it together for meWhich can be true, but, you know, there's plenty of diversity out there, good, bad, in between. Not every movie's a summer tentpoleI say that because I think we often get into this mode of thinking that all movies hitting theaters are the same, or similarLast four new movies I've seen: DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, THE GIFT, DIGGING FOR FIRE, and TOM AT THE FARM. They have very little in common!@DangerGuerrero is that a photo of Guy Fieri not-tackling Michael B Jordan or is that a literal manifestation of the contents of my heartThese ASC interviews with X. Dolan and his DP, Andre Turpin, are very very worth reading's almost daunting to consider how much is still left in his career, both as an actor and as a filmmakerI mean, it's not even fair to put it that way — Dolan's legitimately one of our best filmmakers full-stop, and dude's 26TOM AT THE FARM is terrific, and it's becoming almost comical how well Xavier Dolan's body of work compares to much much older directors
This is electric totally! no hard feelings, it really is an interesting question@owillis like, in some ways he's similar, but he also has this very fascinating Americanness that I think can be baffling to other countries@owillis absolutely. I mentioned the National Front and Jean-Marie Le Pen in there. It is interesting to compare Trump to foreign lunatics@owillis I would hardly say that Italy's representative of the rest of the world. In fact, I'd argue the oppositeAlso features Ralph Nader, who rulesMakes the very strong argument that we are all almost certainly underestimating Trump as a figure of appeal to the disenfranchisedChristopher Lydon's Open Source is a must-listen every week, but the Trump episode is great @VICE, I explained Donald Trump to the rest of the world, which, understandably, does not understand Donald Trump
@ZTracer tell me something I don't know, BB@en_cohen we need more cravenly ambitious and hyperemotional bands like this@ZTracer my key to multitasking: drink coffee while doing any other task@en_cohen I have a feeling I'll feel similarlynew The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die song is great, merits writing out their whole name did a deep dive into the work of Guy Ritchie, who, it's easy to forget, made two very fun movies 15 years ago
If you google "drake timeline," the third result is this, which is amazing i think it's very appropriate that this has more or less the same title as the Don Delillo football book END ZONE
@imjasondiamond @alexanderchee I haven't, but I certainly willWilliam F Buckley is so aesthetically villainous that it's hard to believe he was a real person and not a character's your regularly scheduled reminder that this is the greatest television appearance of all time am deeply indebted to Page Six for giving me the knowledge that Tom Brady took all of his Super Bowl rings to Vegas
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