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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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@MicahGrimes @Tweetbrk Must have both!@heyprofbow Ha! Yep...On another topic: This is incredibly stupid. No one would ever write this dumbass article about a MAN running. http://t.co/1OQsmDGIPY
Retweeted by L George@heyprofbow How many damn grand kids did Romney have? I never heard anybody wondering if Romney shouldn't run so he can hang w/ grand kids!Approx. 100 soldiers cont. working with 15-20 specially trained spotters at the #530slide disaster site. http://t.co/32PvwX0rPT
Retweeted by L GeorgeI think it's time to re-read A Hundred Years of Solitude. I read it years ago. I can't remember much except being mesmerized by the story.Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has died. He was 87: http://t.co/yOLZuClpDW
Retweeted by L George@LuthorCEO Thanks for introducing me to a new word (harridan). I'll pass it along to my teen when he takes the SAT... ;-)
@LibertyBelleJ Depends. Plan is to stay to help MIL w/ move from hospital to nursing home. That timing is still up in the air.@LibertyBelleJ Mount Vernon, Knox Co.The fun part of doing my taxes was writing off Cliven Bundy and his cows as dependents.
Retweeted by L George@LibertyBelleJ She needs to transition to a skilled nursing facility for about 2 weeks or so until she can go home. I'm staying till then.@LibertyBelleJ Luckily she is improving daily. The boys and hubby are heading back home tomorrow. I'm here for a few more.@LibertyBelleJ I'm in central OH right now. Our family was on vacay in Mexico when we got news MIL needed emergency surgery. It was scary.@BlackCanseco @thetrudz My 15 yo son plays blues, jazz guitar. He absolutely worships Muddy Waters, Son House, Blind Willy Johnson.@LibertyBelleJ Happy Birthday Miss J! Seems like it's been a tough year. I raise my glass to you; here's to a year filled w/ inner joy. :-)So damn cute. RT @LearnSomethlng: This is what a newborn bunny looks like. http://t.co/UPrRSKdYwa
Retweeted by L GeorgeHey #tcot here's the selfie that destroyed the dignity of the presidency forever. You're welcome. http://t.co/LVfnzbgPgb
Retweeted by L GeorgeIve been inspired by Rancher Bundy. I now send my dogs over to the neighbor's house to do their business. Whats hers is mine. Cause freedom!
Retweeted by L GeorgeHigh min wage state. “@WA_OFM: Labor market getting better in WA, UI rate (6.3%) continues lower than US overall. https://t.co/v5S4iozrG7"Extremist Views Go To War, They Don’t Come From Them" Another good post from @jaykirell http://t.co/REXWSQQ8Qk
Retweeted by L George@brianstelter @TVNewsLab One of many ways the GOP is trying to get more women's votes.
Almost too obscure, but clever nonetheless. “@UncleDynamite: Don't just pray for Owen. Pray for ALL the meanies.”http://t.co/ySmZATPmju: Harry Reid, Chinese Company Behind Nevada Ranch Standoff http://t.co/EJSkdEFEnz via @po_st
Retweeted by L GeorgePeter Bergan at @CNN is right: If Jewish Center shooter had yelled "Allahu Akbar" from cop car, Fox News would still be in DEFCON 2.
Retweeted by L GeorgeBasically conservatives define "tyranny" and "oppression" as someone stopping them from doing what they wanna do. That's it
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wow @usairways you guys celebrate passover differently huh
Retweeted by L GeorgeNot to be outdone by @USAirways, @AirCanada replies with it’s own image. http://t.co/aEJZH534Fk
Retweeted by L George@iboudreau Brave stand... ;-)Which corn do you want to eat? #GMO (top) or the borer-damaged, sprouting molded regular corn? http://t.co/yUvqpTQCo8 http://t.co/6mwa1S0EXn
Retweeted by L GeorgeA #GMO labeling quiz! If you can answer correctly we should #justlabelit ! http://t.co/OPdYS7c8nZ
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@RosieGray "they just think I'm trying to let make them look bad."@RosieGray Great follow up on your earlier Twitter exchange. I think you may have a typo in a quote in paragraph 5.Prayer is ritualized whining.
Retweeted by L GeorgeUm guys infectious diseases are a bigger immediate threat than genetically modified crops
Retweeted by L George@MavenMerida Or work 45 min, reward is one Netflix show. Repeat several times. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.@MavenMerida Set 30 min timer. Have goal of sorting laundry or whatever. Take a ten min break to music, dancing.@KagroX No. Of course not but it completes a (false) narrative so nicely that it doesn't seem to matter... ;-)
@scATX Seriously??
MT @StephenRamaley: #530slide fundraiser Papa Murphy's delivered by Seahawk Gregg Scrugs, who made time for a selfie. http://t.co/n4J7zU9Nl8
Retweeted by L GeorgeI have five words for you: Letterman. Leno. Odd. Couple. Remake.
Retweeted by L GeorgeWelp... “@awallenstein: Jon Stewart's contract ends in mid-2015, Colbert end of 2014. Conan's contract ends November 2015.”Charles Koch thinks ending Social Security, Medicare, and the federal minimum wage will lift people out of poverty.
Retweeted by L GeorgeIt's true. David Letterman just announced he is retiring in 2015. More soon.
Retweeted by L GeorgeSocial Media Explained. Finally and definitively. (Thanks @Mark_R_Woods). http://t.co/zdbgpby5WW
Retweeted by L GeorgeBREAKING: Harvard Law School "human skin" binding tested, turns out to be... sheepskin. http://t.co/uFFw4PDkBW
Retweeted by L George@flyingwithfish Thank you for that info.Commander confirms alleged Ft. Hood shooter is Army Specialist Ivan Lopez - http://t.co/DqYM8L3Kmq http://t.co/SCvktiodD2
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhoa. From Mike Mills, performing on #Letterman tonight RT @m_millsey Dave just announced his retirement #2015 #muchlovedave
Retweeted by L GeorgeOso landslide victim Summer Raffo's cats need a new home: http://t.co/N6c4AP7Hah #530slide http://t.co/pDh9CCWGKj
Retweeted by L GeorgeSometimes I don't know if I'm the cat or the kid. http://t.co/hbhLjmpXKy
Retweeted by L Georgebrb, moving to South Africa. “Lost baby elephant wanders into living room” http://t.co/3cmBhYSp9V http://t.co/81wlu2qLDC
Retweeted by L George@xeni Part of the problem is that science can't promise anything; it's bound to the truth. Woo can promise whatever it want.
Retweeted by L GeorgeNot because of “negative emotions,” etc. “@heatherwgaona: Will keep spreading the word: cancer happens because of cellular biology.”
Retweeted by L GeorgeCo-founder of Sandy Hook charity disappeared with $73,000. If you've seen Robbie Bruce, call the FBI at 203-777-6311 http://t.co/MA9qHFfMyD
Retweeted by L GeorgePHOTO: Alleged Fort Hood gunman Ivan Lopez http://t.co/cUunxuI1Dt
Retweeted by L George
Worried about possible deaths, county weighed buying out homes a decade before mudslide: http://t.co/2PdvzQFgV0
Retweeted by L GeorgeWorried about the prospect of a fatal landslide, officials once considered bid to buy out homeowners: http://t.co/tSMUMmadMU
Retweeted by L George@Night_ER_Ninja I know but somebody still has to pay. Right now it's taxpayers. Surely it's not fair to expect others to foot the bill.@Night_ER_Ninja Then how do they pay if they need emergency care?@nycsouthpaw Science=hardCan't wait!! “@SeaTimesFotoKen: Sally Power! #MadMen http://t.co/6ZyylQ8d9yjust to put US gun violence in context on sad days like this...Epidemic: Guns Kill Twice as Many Kids as Cancer Does; http://t.co/TBL3XV8FSp
Retweeted by L GeorgeOne at a time fellas RT @MattNewsHerald: Report of shot fired at Kent State University RT @vinceslomsky: http://t.co/HounMLU1HR
Retweeted by L GeorgeSlide alley. “@DeLeon_Times: New aerial map gives unprecedented detail of #530slide debris: http://t.co/o9cHf5pSSO http://t.co/ePxlks5w0tKent State University. RT @kentwired: Report of a shot fired near Bowman Hall. Stay away from the area & take shelter until further notice.
Retweeted by L George93 women @Microsoft victims of up-skirt photography. Suspect arrested. http://t.co/v7n5nQQkBD @mcnerthney broke the story on @KIRO7Seattle
Retweeted by L GeorgeShooter goes from Muslim to Hispanic. Right wing conversation goes from terrorism to immigration.
Retweeted by L GeorgeHouse Homeland Security chair McCaul tells @ErinBurnett on @CNN: 14 reported wounded, 4 confirmed dead including shooter. #FortHoodShooting
Retweeted by L GeorgeGood info. “@NormGregory: Washington #530Slide survivors envision shrine at disaster site | http://t.co/rXzTxtTd5M http://t.co/ZpplnjDyt1To opposing abortion because it harms innocent life, so does: ■chemical spills in our water ■no affordable healthcare http://t.co/dkrKZYTHH4
Retweeted by L GeorgeCBS has gotten word that the #FortHood shooter is dead... apparently a self-inflicted (gunshot?) wound. More on @KIRORadio at 4:30.
Retweeted by L George@Johngcole Well, to be fair, she IS Filipino, NOT Japanese so...you know...it's all good...[eye roll]A shooter has been neutralized and 3 people have been confirmed injured at the shooting at Fort Hood in Texas - Senior source.
Retweeted by L GeorgeStory: President Obama approves major disaster funding for Oso. http://t.co/rYMrxBBEqa #530slide
Retweeted by L GeorgeDallas TV: One death, eight injured, two shooters. Remember most mass shootings in last two years had early, untrue reports of 2nd shooters.
Retweeted by L GeorgeMy daily offering of thoughts and prayers to _____ in _____ injured/killed by a gun-wielding maniac/ex-employee. #gunsense@flyingwithfish OMG! You're brilliant! You are now my personal guru...@flyingwithfish Yeah, but not just me; hubby, and 2 kids. Flying to Cancun for vacay. Need rested, happy ppl... ;-)@flyingwithfish Need a hotel at LAX for 11:30 pm to 8:30 am layover. Recommendations?Swears, self-tugging and not enough Jesus.The horror! “@Sherman_Alexie: My book banned in a Boise, ID, high school. http://t.co/SnHRwywnCg@GlennF Oh right. My bad. I forgot. This is politics, not reality.@GlennF Just like anything, it's a choice. A choice of priorities. He should at least be honest with that.@stevesilberman It's funny and sooo true!! @lovegoscubaThere are likely more than a few good stories of greed/waste/incompetence down at city hall. But young journos today want to start in DC/NY
Retweeted by L GeorgeOr gentlemen, never know RT @JuddLegum ATTN LADIES: Putin is officially on the market again http://t.co/x9fre9UjMg http://t.co/X0IvdSorVs
Retweeted by L George.@RSherman_25 is one classy guy. He is unapologetically who he is -- smart, proud, humane. Continued success! http://t.co/sp4Tp5jOlp@Salon There are numerous typos in that article. Do you not have copy editors on staff?Mary Chapin Carpenter on Finding Inspiration http://t.co/EXMqIfzcjf
Retweeted by L GeorgeThat 2000 Nader vote really showed big money who's boss, eh?
Retweeted by L GeorgeOnce again @RSherman_25 shows - thank God - he's more interested in being a human being than a brand. http://t.co/sddRH8wZkR
Retweeted by L GeorgeHello, child services...you got any that make shoes?
Retweeted by L George
Storm cells headed to L.A. area, could cause mud flows in mountain burn areas: http://t.co/GIvEDbgqKz #nightblog http://t.co/aPl1sQKLiL
Retweeted by L George"We remain subject to the forces of nature like all the rest of Earth's creatures." - Daniel Miller | http://t.co/jTI9ysIatF #530slideAfter the 2006 Oso slide, geologist Daniel Miller presented study to residents. He was accused of trying to take their land. #530slideAn in-depth look at another way the rich game the system. http://t.co/0luWrQaNSS@KateReports @soundslikepuget Yes! And those folks w/ enough $ to hire big law firms or have imp political connections game the system.@FeyDoneAway @seattletimes Especially for those who don't exactly look like the vast majority of rural Snohomish Co.@FeyDoneAway @seattletimes Good point. I would like that same nuance for ppl needing drug treatment, food stamps, Head Start.@soundslikepuget @seattletimes What's sad is that we bail out institutions like big banks, or Big Oil, but the little guy gets screwed
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