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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@w3c happy birthday! Thank you + all who work on it for an interoperable, patent safe, international, accessible, open, multi-platform Web.
Retweeted by Lea Verou.@w3c Happy 20th birthday!!! You should have a birthday party at the MIT offices! :DToday in 1994 "1 October: World Wide Web Consortium founded" We are turning 20 today! http://t.co/Iqvvb36ejA #w3c20
Retweeted by Lea Verou@cramforce Yes, for exceptional circumstances, not as the *only* form of protection! That’s my point. :)@cramforce It’s called an “analogy” for a reason.@antjanus Other countries don’t really use checks (or eChecks) much. It’s usually wire transfer or credit/debit cards I think..@cramforce Having to reverse transactions as the only form of security feels a bit like using abortion as means of birth control.@antjanus Yup. Also you’re supposed to give your bank account # for wire transfers. It’s not private info at all!One of the scariest things in the US is that you can pay stuff with just your bank account number (they call it “eCheck” or ACH withdrawals)
Any Buffalo, NY Rubyists have a couch for me to crash on for a night or two during @nickelcityruby? #ncrc14
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@dremixam “About 251,000 results (0.27 seconds)”? Not moving or anything.@dremixam Doesn’t work…@LeaVerou google tilt, chuckle at the result, then cringe at how type renders
Retweeted by Lea VerouJust discovered a Google Easter egg all by myself! Google “blink tag” (without the quotes) and observe what happens :D@fyrd Huh, you’re right. Somebody needs to correct Wikipedia: http://t.co/qHoUahafTj@pennig @ryanstenhouse But…why? They’d be smaller & more flexible as vectors…@ryanstenhouse Eww, raster glyphs… We’ve really come full circle.@ryanstenhouse Aren’t these vector-based?!@leaverou I'd put money on animated emoji
Retweeted by Lea VerouI thought APNG was long dead, but apparently Apple decided to implement it in Safari 8 (!) http://t.co/9TgPY1vBMI I wonder what that means…
CSS was designed to be simple & easy, but the reality is a bit different… http://t.co/4nTjiTDpB6 (via @karger)
@justinavery Nope :( I just opened a 2nd paypal account…"bear in mind that it’s fallacious to assume that decriminalization of an act is encouragement to do it." http://t.co/LiaD8ZBvaQ @LeaVerou
Retweeted by Lea Verou“Sexism is not a quality of individuals, it is a quality of the society we live in.” https://t.co/lniz2Iy0DL@stubbornella Can’t believe they’re missing Ada Lovelace though!These photos and stories about women in tech are absolutely rad. So many contributions! I had no idea. http://t.co/1lYZ27Utq9
Retweeted by Lea VerouEver wonder why so many girls are smiley and pleasantly noncommittal? It's because the world kicks the shit out of you when you're not.
Retweeted by Lea VerouJust contributed a wee bit toward building a Tesla Museum by buying a cool Wardenclyffe tower tee! You can help too: http://t.co/DwkBOh1xSG
@KevinLozandier there isn't really that much to it I'm afraid. It just seemed like a cool idea at the time.@chrisburton Yup me too. But I understand where they’re coming from. There are so many crazy ones, you don’t want to get in their bad books.@chrisburton It’s not just you, but I wasn’t referring just to that exchange. I’ve had TWO of those today, for different things!So fed up w/ “Sorry you were offended” whenever I express ANY criticism. Are people so touchy lately that offense it the default assumption?@saronyitbarek Check the twitter conversation? It’s right there…@epicpoodle @saronyitbarek Please do not misrepresent what I said. I did not ask to be removed, I said I disagree with such lists.@epicpoodle See also: https://t.co/LfFj0TiEIW@epicpoodle Corollary: the options for women is either being on lists that are centered around their gender or not being in lists at all…@epicpoodle …gender neutral, that’s all. I’m tired of people making such a fuss about my gender when I don’t think it’s important at all.@epicpoodle I’m not offended easily :) And I know you meant to express appreciation, so thanks for that. I’d just prefer it if the list was…@epicpoodle Sigh. And I’m being tired of being treated as a female developer when men are just developers. I’m not defined by my gender ffs.@epicpoodle Thanks but what does inspiration have to do with my gender?@marcoaid90 Javascript, do you speak it? :p
@brookstravis @naman34 @amystephen My point was that this: http://t.co/ezOYAJpugx needs to stop.@naman34 @brookstravis @amystephen Yup. And lack of interest has its causes to very early in childhood. That’s what we should be targeting..@kindofone’s creative border-radius/reactive transitions game I demoed in a few talks is a nominee here http://t.co/PlpBISPBn9 Vote for it!@webreflection Don’t get me started on Apple’s fucking moronic “local app store” idea which is an endless source of trouble. /cc @AppStore@fremycompany @simonsapin @paypal Yeah, your point being? We’re all saying that no other bank does this.@LeaVerou @PayPal Please cite the actual banking regulation so we can read it and understand.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@fremycompany @paypal WHAT LAW?! My bank in Greece lets me change my address to one in the US. Same with tons of other people if you search.Lulz, @paypal hasn’t gotten the memo that people these days move around countries a lot: https://t.co/750dcXkm9T WTF Paypal?!
Sass #a11y’s contrast function is a port of @LeaVerou’s fantastic Contrast Ratio site http://t.co/BBOPECY5ch https://t.co/DeYzHcrxbv
Retweeted by Lea VerouTech Feminist movement needs a reboot. No wall of shame, no swearing at people, focus on increasing diversity without alienating men.
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@snugug @sasscss Send me a link once you publish, I might RT it :)@snugug @sasscss Sure! Credit would be nice :)@erickpatrick Yes, please, thanks!@erickpatrick Links?Just had a thought: Is TDD the gamification of programming?That feeling of bliss when all unit tests are passing :)
TIL about the Pinocchio illusion: http://t.co/jYMqNQhNlN (look it up, it’s real! That’s why I love @SMBCComics!)@rockbot @izs please remove me from the list. It would be much more valuable if it only included women who, you know, actually Node.@collypops using a build tool written in Node is no more Node coding than using a tool written in C is C coding.@collypops Um, thanks, but I don’t really Node. I JS though :)
Deleted scene released yesterday that finally solves the pineapple mystery in How I Met Your Mother! https://t.co/T6mnAIGemn
People space-indenting make me angry. You like 2 spaces? Fine, just use tabs & set up your editor to show 2sp but let me choose 4sp in mine.
Retweeted by Lea VerouStarted taking my spam mail more seriously and now my penis is 75 feet long.
Retweeted by Lea VerouPlease pass a new law: “Science papers which are publicly funded are required to be made available to the public free of charge.”
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@naman34 @anddoutoi If designers do it, there will be no convention. If browsers do it, designers will complain…@naman34 @anddoutoi I think we both agree that using the color for this is a bad idea, for multiple reasons.@naman34 @anddoutoi That means they’re not familiar with the convention, probably because it’s customized so often by web devs.@naman34 @anddoutoi How do you expect to “see someone notice it”? Should they start a long discussion about it or something?@naman34 Um, last year when I didn’t make it, I had to wait *weeks*. If it was days, who cares.@naman34 @anddoutoi It’s not reasonable to expect from designers to have colors in their designs that don’t fit. Better show it differently.@jsnwp Is “this was the original design” an argument for “this is the best solution”?@bmitchelmore Non technically inclined people rarely discuss “small” frustrations. I think they assume it’s just part of using a computer.@bmitchelmore So the distinction of visited vs unvisited links has no purpose?@bmitchelmore Humans often react like this when they are frustrated. If you can’t handle it, try to pay more attention & not frustrate them.@jsnwp A browser thing, I think this info should be exposed via the browser GUI.@thomasfuchs Printing sucks in general. Even with specialized engines, like AntennaHouse or PrinceXML.@bmitchelmore It’s extremely frustrating when you say something and somebody understands the exact opposite and you’re like wtf.@anddoutoi That would be a great idea…if there were actually any good UIs for manipulating CSS. Most (if not all) are very thin abstractions@bmitchelmore That was exactly the point of my tweet. I, as a web dev, can do that. Average web users cannot. Therefore, it should be easier@bmitchelmore Lolwut? Reading comprehension: zero.@jesgundy Exposing it to CSS might, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about providing this info via some sort of GUI..@anddoutoi As web developers, *we* can do that. You cannot possibly expect this from the average Web user. Or do they not matter?Me: “Have I visited this link? Is this why it’s red? Let’s inspect it & check if :visited applies!” Dear browsers: This should be easier.@web_martin Well, lucky you!@web_martin Um, no, they could not, unless they ordered in the first few hours maybe. I did preorder, it told me 4 weeks to ship!Waiting at the Apple queue since 6am with my friend Neo, both working on our psets. Cause that's just… http://t.co/NYxb9eyYMi
@_mestevens Nothing natively supported by browsers, but there are some XML-based Music markup langs, maybe u can find a library?@hectorsito20 Why don’t you ask other people to retweet it, like you asked me?@matbeedotcom LOL ok you win :P@matbeedotcom @scrwd @bedbathbeyond Yeah, I understand that, but you gotta admit it is quite ridiculous. :P@scrwd @bedbathbeyond I didn’t buy just 1 egg cup, they shipped everything separately!@hectorsito20 No, sorry. As much as I want to help, I can’t flood my twitter stream by posting the same thing twice.@LeaVerou: Why does a $2 egg cup need such a huge box @BedBathBeyond?! What a waste of space & materials. http://t.co/2LRDmLGGvZ@programmerchick Yes, of course :)
@marcmintel you still can, just need to specify branch. See the issues@ireneista Because it's not very smooth. Unless u click “Explore timeline” first, scrolling doesn't work. Also, no hint. /cc @notepadwebdev@ireneista That said, I do think keyboard nav support would be nice and tweeted that to @notepadwebdev who made it@ireneista It doesn’t, its navigation utility is auxillary. Its primary purpose is showing your position. Primary nav is scrolling.@chris5marsh @notepadwebdev So cool. Tweeted it but no space for via :( Scrolling is a bit weird on my MBA. Keyboard nav would've been nice
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