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@CSSWG Invited Expert. @OReillyMedia author (ETA 2014). Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. Passionate about standards, code, design, UX, life.

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@thebabydino We need to stop it! For this cute puppy!@facebookistan Yeah, it does :D :PEvery time you refer to CSS properties as “CSS attributes” or to CSS declarations as “CSS commands”, a puppy dies.
@hamstu Hopefully soon! :)@joeaugie http://t.co/NGmCuqGOinUnbelievable that people are preordering my book even though there is no cover/preview yet & the descriptions need updating. Thank you guys!@kseso Anybody who visits the pen will see the credit on the bottom though ;)@kseso That’s pretty cool! I’ll add it to the blog post!I just pre-ordered: ' #CSS Secrets' by @LeaVerou Reply w/ #AmazonCart to add this via @amazon http://t.co/QfJLoWrA8O
Retweeted by Lea Verou@gregwhitworth Thanks!! *blush*New blog post! Image comparison slider with pure CSS http://t.co/0w2oFJxlEJ /cc @dudleystoreyAnyone tried @textual? Is it worth switching from Colloquy?@sarasoueidan @estellevw @csswg You can subscribe to the list, but not specific threads only :(@mathias https://t.co/BB9yXNmiVk But man, I hate their bug tracker so much.
@sarasoueidan @estellevw In any case, I posted to the @csswg list about it, just in case. http://t.co/QF3hCm6bpg@sarasoueidan @estellevw So? The resize property has nothing to do with JS or focusability.@viki53 @goldenapples Exactly.@estellevw @sarasoueidan Also, if you look at the bug reports, the behavior is certainly buggy.@estellevw @sarasoueidan What does selecting have to do with it? They are able to interact with the mouse, e.g. having a separate cursor.Always amusing when you test something and it turns out to be buggy in every browser you try it in. Case in point: http://t.co/YhKOd8Xt53@shanehudson @integralist Currently 6 months overdue. :P@skaterdav85 http://t.co/FzI7I9NZZO@integralist Yay! I know how that feels.Starting to feel like I might actually finish this book soon. 162 pages done so far! :)@brntbeer Glad to hear it! Is there any way to opt in to filename search now? It’s basically impossible to see how many @dabblet s exist :P@github Does Github Gist search also look in filenames? Doesn’t seem like it..@adobejulee Well, @juliancheal responded by actually closing his screen. Then of course, @adamcatlace fell on him. It was hilarious.’Nuff work for today Julian. Now close that screen and play with me! http://t.co/z5xRGOx5tc
Retweeted by Lea VerouI have ~10 apps in my iPhone that let me check in to @Foursquare. Ironically, the Foursquare app is not among them anymore. What a fuckup.
@dotproto @chriscoyier Nice work. You can use filter: drop-shadow() for the shadow, since (as you pointed out) box-shadow won't work.@chriseppstein @stubbornella @trek Crass yes, but unprofessional? It’s a personal twitter feed, non?@chriseppstein @stubbornella @trek That’s pretty awful, but not sure it’s sexist. It could apply to having sex with men too.@stordopoulos I’ve flown United Business a couple times before. It’s not the best, but still way comfier than Economy.Just bought my flights to @MIT for next month. I found Business flights at Economy prices!! Never thought I’d say this, but thanks @united!@chriseppstein @stubbornella Thanks! I just RTed @trek’s tweet as I agree with its content but I have no idea what the context is. Obie who?Not sure I can get on the bandwagon of excising the existence of *sex* from the tech community. That seems deeply & specifically American.
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Dear airlines, When “More options” looks like it will expand inline but it instead loads a new page, with all fields reset, that’s broken UXLaughing so much at @adamcatlace trying to catch his own tail.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@tom_livingston Nope, @espressoappWorking outside today, with the sunset as a backdrop. @ Michaelia Hotel http://t.co/GW4WWy2lqSLong overdue, finally a movie is in the works about Alan Turing’s life! http://t.co/9yC3gCFkzn Starring Ben. Cumberbatch as A.T. Can’t wait!@jmendeth When the finger is pointing to the moon, focusing on the finger is rarely a good idea.@jmendeth Please read this: http://t.co/TTZX4IICRM@jmendeth (s)he’s using a generalization for the purposes of the post, because that part isn’t relevant, Mr. Well Actually.Fascinating: Find any string in π: http://t.co/5Ts3SSPBVz How it works: http://t.co/JG1aQ8NGyZ Oh and happy π Approximation Day everyone!!Current status: http://t.co/kUM0RERAIp (IMO it applies to any kind of writing)…6x if you count the time spent shortening the previous tweet.Realized I just spent 5x more time to find a generic way to accomplish a # of similar tasks than it would’ve taken to do them 1by1. #xkcd974
@espressoapp When searching in project, Espresso searches certain binary types too, e.g. .ttc, .ttf.@LeaVerou implements classic Conway’s Game of Life in the browser in our new #PlaybyPlay: http://t.co/11rN67a4go http://t.co/os4TqtBLTW
Retweeted by Lea VerouCongrats @lensco for the @caniuse redesign!! Very nice work.
I proudly announce that my pets, @leaverou and @juliancheal set up a Facebook page for me! https://t.co/E8nako6uMb Purrrrrr
Retweeted by Lea Verou@sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel I meant: if (PrefixFree.Prefix == 'Webkit') { http://t.co/ORAA06MSa2.push('animation'); }@thebabydino @sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel Actually, they work for me too, I just checked your pen. Chrome 35@sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel Basically, Chrome was (is?) mis-reporting that it supported unprefixed animations.@sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel Even in Canary? I believe I saw the bug report being marked as fixed, but maybe I should check again.@sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel A temp fix is http://t.co/ORAA06MSa2.push('animation') AP only includes features from caniuse, so many r missing@sarasoueidan @hugogiraudel That’s a known, reported, & fixed in newer Chrome versions bug, only when Experimental Features flag is on.Oh sh!t, she caught me! http://t.co/f20LZcbeOT
Retweeted by Lea VerouRichard Feynman (1918-1988) American theoretical physicist known for his work in quantum mechanics & electrodynamics. http://t.co/lTf3AVp1Og
Retweeted by Lea Verou@thebabydino @HugoGiraudel I was curious, cause it seemed like a general gripe toward @prefixfree, not specific to that demo@HugoGiraudel Um, why? What's wrong with @prefixfree? @thebabydino @beesandbombs"gay people are ruining the sanctity of marriage" http://t.co/8BgzbWgOag
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Object.observe() is now in Chrome stable! Observe objects & be notified of changes with ease: http://t.co/FhmHcUakHO http://t.co/s9VdWLki06
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@seb_ly @juliancheal Come next year & stay at my hotel @MichaeliaHotel, friends discount applies to fellow geeks :DGetting some rest & Mojitos after hours of fun on this inflatable playground. Man, this is the life. @… http://t.co/wMgCc4C2JiThe bird's nest on our wifi has chicks! They're growing up fast. http://t.co/IHaddzTKBM
Retweeted by Lea Verou@murakamishinyu It’s useful to display an outline without affecting layout, like border does. I’ve needed it in figures a lot.@pardiml @emakon No, you need 1.700.000.000 databases with one table with one row each!
@amyvdh @juliancheal Unfortunately, we didn’t show him that play biting & scratching us is not ok early on and he does it more & more now :(@amyvdh @juliancheal Thanks! I’ve been reading articles about it too. He’s 7 weeks old now, so hope it’s not too late.@amyvdh @juliancheal if you think he’s cute and sweet, you clearly haven’t felt his claws and teeth :P He’s a devil with an angel’s face :P@shambolica What I do is none of your fucking business. Do I even know you? GTFO, creep.@MurakamiShinyu Any plans to implement outline in AntennaHouse?@thomasfuchs My skin just crawled and I gagged a little. Guess it’s PTSD.I can imagine a hell where you are forced to use the JS DOM APIs to create & modify SVG, as a form of torture.An easy, SVG-based way for pie chart - style loaders (and pie charts): http://t.co/RbB9LzsgxCDebating whether the new @airbnb logo resembles testicles, a vagina or an anus. I wonder what airbnb will decide on this …private matter. ;)@nono25nono @mpopp75 Add one?
The sooner you realize... http://t.co/CEfQulXfUn
Retweeted by Lea Verou@salvadordiaz Not sure what you mean.— Knock knock! — Race condition — Who’s there? (via @bantik)#Firefox 33's http://t.co/sqj4hZSxTN (by @LeaVerou) score with every feature turned on (in about:config). http://t.co/iN7HTfyxVL
Retweeted by Lea Verou@pgbovine Wow, that’s something I wouldn’t expect! That’s just sad. :(@jfrankcarr Somebody needs to report the bug to the @IE team.@jfrankcarr Does it work if you replace currentColor in the animation with #655?@pgbovine Hehe, I imagine so. And if it doesn’t make it look obvious enough, I guess it means it’s not written well? :)@filipearaujo I’m writing it right now for my book :PFresh out the oven: Animated pie chart-style loader with only one HTML element and <30 lines of CSS! http://t.co/12RKt5L7YDSolving a difficult problem is a messy process. Explaining it a posteriori makes it seem like a straightforward A to B, but don’t be fooled.@adon1sk Yeah, I know, I watched that earlier. But was way more impressed with Word Crimes, especially as they’re all pet peeves of mine tooIf you’re as impressed as me w/ the Word Crimes video, here’s a fascinating read about the visuals by @spaceparanoids http://t.co/DsAfVNFdCnLOVE the new @alyankovic video “Word Crimes”. Funny, good content & mindblowing art by @SpaceParanoids Watch it now: https://t.co/AhnfgypxBY
Yes. What he says: http://t.co/0kbcO789D0
Retweeted by Lea VerouWorking on finishing the first chapter I ever wrote for this book makes me cringe so much. I hope that means my writing has improved since!
Ohh you're taking a picture again! Wait —let me pose first! My left side only please! http://t.co/3vtTrVVYbn
Retweeted by Lea Verou@bdkjones Do people who bought CodeKit 1.9.3 need to pay the whole amount to upgrade to CodeKit 2? Will settings be preserved?@modernserf Well, I had the AntennaHouse renderer in mind but it applies to many things I guess.You realize a system you’re working with is effed up when you’re genuinely surprised when you get the expected results (once in a blue moon)@netroy Will do, as we’ve had issues with the DNS for @dabblet too (currently using @dnsimple for that, which does work) /cc @gandibar
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