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Cartoonist, puppeteer, ukuleleist, eater of chocolate mousse.

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Photo: ottermatopoeia: what a beautiful wedding My next book. http://t.co/nwJVRWuupx@rachkael @erikamoen @kateleth I LOVE them! Thank you so much— highlight of the weekend. You shoulda seen me when I found the 2nd layer.@goraina no waaaaayyyy every plate is insane looking. Every hand holding a fork is so weiiiiird! AUGH!@goraina TELL ME ABOUT ITWorking in a workspace cafe in Seattle while the Portlandia theme song plays. I think I am ODing on West Coastness.@gregthelen I spent all weekend being like "gonna go talk to Greg in five minutes" and then I goofed that up! So sorry! Next time!
Really tickled by this inadvertently collaborative comic by @ErikaMoen, @LucyKnisley, and me. http://t.co/o4MaXNRXZW
Retweeted by Lucy Knisleyfantagraphics managed to score me some more copies of my two newest books from their warehouse!… https://t.co/2m6NO7WIrt
I am close to being out of books! So I'm gonna do some teeny painting commissions at #ECCC. Come and get em! Only $30 http://t.co/2iij6Ra4RW
@ScoughtFree it was awesome thank youuuu!@fantagraphics hellllp I need more books!@ScoughtFree F12, if you haven't found me!My plan to sell everything at ECCC before Sunday so I can eat cheese at pike place has gone awry! 3/6 of my books are sold out. It's Friday.Tonight at 7pm we have @LucyKnisley in the store! We'll be discussing her newest, DISPLACEMENT & AN AGE OF LICENSE! http://t.co/6p4ab6txbS
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyAlso at #ECCC2015: @LucyKnisley, who will be HERE, in the store, tomorrow night, for a reading at 7pm! http://t.co/2ffek0vkzt
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@girlgonepostal I will sign them all for you! Yayyy!
@katechronister1 I'm sure I will. I'm there often, to visit my parents. I'll be sure to post about it when I've got one lined up!@katechronister1 I've already done many! I did two last month!LucyKnisley: My darling pal, @LonnieComics has launched his travelogue kickstarter! It looks tres cute. https://t.co/TZaNJumbMP
@sara_frances it's the best!Photoset: I’ll be tabling and doing signings at Emerald City Comic Convention this weekend in Seattle! I’ve... http://t.co/tUNFTHMiKhTidying the office, hanging some desk art. https://t.co/CvTpVxlkof
Photo: I actually think my 30 year old body can’t really handle the flood of emotions and hormones that the... http://t.co/b5s8iUbdSgFINE. Just fine. I'll just work at home through my neighbor's renovations it's fine. https://t.co/psmswdSGMT@tonybreed how... How do you dance to that???OHMYGOD it's a MIX of different covers of "raindrops keep fallin on my head." Help.Looking at a finished page, I often remember something about what was happening when I inked it. So these pages will always make me dizzy.The cafe is playing "raindrops keep fallin on my head" while I angrydraw and stew about being unable to go home until the fumes disperse.I am the WORST at working in public. I am the creep who listens to ALL THE CONVERSATIONS. My kingdom for some headphones.I have been fumigated from my home office due to neighbors refinishing their floors. I'm the cranky person at the cafe with a lightbox.
Would it be wrong for me to weigh my page stack? Would it be wrong to hug it? Finished the pencils… https://t.co/pAkADRkTGO@killianczuba It was so fun to draw you and you are beautiful and smart.Not yer mamma's wedding book, this one. #SomethingNew https://t.co/2DXoQzddzU
Signing & talking at Women and Children First tonight! 7:30pm at 5233 N. Clark, Chicago. Come and get my 2 latest! http://t.co/Ur7JLN1pys
@ame_something What? Hmm. @Challengers do you guys have any way to send shirts to Canada?Photo: I can’t decide whether it’s better in black or red, but I certainly am pleased with this rad black... http://t.co/iijuGW7OZc
The March Booklist Reviews are in! Displacement by @LucyKnisley, L&R 7 by @xaimeh + Beto, Spawn of Mars and more! http://t.co/P5gvrhcm9L
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley. @LucyKnisley talks about the two mirror image graphic novels that sprang from her travels. http://t.co/WI3wEX7xm2 http://t.co/sBROTAkAXW
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@avb Ooh! Rad, thank you!@faitherinhicks It is crazy weird and I have no idea how to feel about it. But yes, embarrassment is a factor. It's… a pun piece.@bemissh cool and yet very weird.Looked up my childhood apartment on a real estate site. The current tenant kept a huge piece of art by 16 yr old me hanging in the kitchen.@sailorpatti thank you!
@bethhetland RICH SHOE-MAN. Yes.@marris116 I certainly do! I'm a little under the wire with a deadline until June, but next year works! Email me at lucylou@gmail.Wedding movie research. #SomethingNew https://t.co/my7jzN8v9V
@RadnorHSLibrary @WayneArtCenter @RadnorMLibrary awesoooooome!Thought selfie https://t.co/unL3ENeYvt@korimichele @tonybreed I'll just photoshop out those stray cat hairs on every single page forever, thanks. Much easier than cleaning.@tonybreed Don't be outrageous— that is truly a fairy tale of improbable madness.@ryanestrada YEP. Or I make a tiiiiny little asterix to remind myself and then I forget why its there. Swell.Fairytale idea: a magical scanner that fixes all the mistakes you meant to clean up digitally.@machinaheart thank you!
@jessfink @geedeck @erikamoen YES!@iamericanboy yes! Jealousy@beckkramer Hello, I am sunday night and I am here to make you feel bad.@geedeck @erikamoen @jessfink Rad! LJ pals 5ever!Anytime I make a fluid line like @erikamoen or get some great anatomy in the style of @jessfink, I'm like "AW YESS, thanks Livejournal!"2nd: Artists who came up in the same circles and learned from each another for the past 10+ years might share some stuff. ♥️ those guys.Still cracking up over a review of my work deriding my drawings for looking too much like @JessFink's and @ErikaMoen's. First of all, THANKS
@iamericanboy @ihnatko @settern hooray, thank you!@ihnatko @settern @comixology It IS a very handsome volume…@settern chunky salt all the way forever!@Ihnatko @settern @comiXology hm, good to know! I'll let my publishers know.@summerpierre yesssssss@tonybreed that's me in a nutshell@settern YAYYY!
Hair/life goals. https://t.co/hH9t8W5yYt@fabionote that's a first edition, too! You can tell because the "i" has no dot!
@clayyount @sweetupndown9 @martyfnday Np! It's not something I cover all that much, but stay tuned for a book to come.@sweetupndown9 Ka pow! Yeah!@clayyount @sweetupndown9 @martyfnday Thanks for rounding me up, guys! FYI I've been out and bi for yrs. Married, but not dead!
@estellasrevenge You're the best— thank you!One Panelteer gives readers a guide on reading the amazing and talented @lucyknisley, http://t.co/WrXAltadW3 http://t.co/6sfM7VFaf6
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@heypanels This is so nice!
Had to check something in the dust of my ol' Livejournal account today, and I forgot that this was one of my icons. http://t.co/MvR3RKaUsQ@hyperbolictelly she's the david bowie of cats.This is what you get when you sit on my mousepad while I try to work, Linney. https://t.co/CIEuFVit1f
@schmaribov aw, poor little hamcat@othermomo agreed.My brother in law watched our cat while we were on our honeymoon. We got her back last night and now… https://t.co/LeychBfOAr
Photo: fantagraphics: It’ll be here before you know it! Chicagoans, mark your calendars and head to Women &... http://t.co/kD4khdHjHq
“@johnhorstman: Most common things said on our honeymoon, in order. #1: "Look how much sand I have in my swimsuit." #2: "I love you."” SAND!Guys, no big deal or anything but this was the greatest moment of all time. #SLOTH https://t.co/Y81S7yZEvs
South High School for graphic novel booktalks today! #notyourmamascomicbook #cemetarygirl @scottmccloud @LucyKnisley http://t.co/ioBkhWODHf
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@emibot aw thanks Emi! I'm so glad you dug it.@TheJenya @Challengers lookin rad! Can't wait to get my own when I get home!Rocking the hell out of my new @Challengers shirt drawn by @LucyKnisley this year: http://t.co/AG5Eh3c1lR
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@jmebressler yas!
@Allstarwomencc aw, I'm so sorry I missed you guys on skype! Next time I'll try not to be on my honeymoon!We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who made it out today to celebrate @LucyKnisley Relish. 😄💕 http://t.co/GQLQc6c4mI
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@smaxlrose aren't they always?
Perched https://t.co/vEJ7y3LvCm
@ericcolossal INEVITABLE.I did a lotta penciling today. https://t.co/S3ZtbaDpBU
Two graphic novel travelogues from sometimes puppeteer @LucyKnisley via@fantagraphics http://t.co/tFdAU19eDj http://t.co/eSmVq2pTg0
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@read2distract Yay! I hope you like it!
@saramielae Thank you! I'm so pleased you liked the books!
@ThatDaveJordan deadlines.You look at the stack, the stack looks back. #SomethingNew #Progress http://t.co/RijjbLPX3J
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